Bissell 3600A Barbie Real Vacuum, Pink

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Product Description

The Barbie Real Vacuum is a REAL vacuum adapted from BISSELL's popular GoVac rechargeable vacuum. With a rotating brush, adjustable handle and the versatility to switch from an upright to a hand vacuum in seconds, this vacuum is handy for all ages. It is Barbie Pink and speckled with her signature daisies. The Barbie Real Vacuum is recommended for children six years of age and older. Girls will have good clean fun with this Barbie-style vacuum. Converts to a handheld vac for cleaning stairs and small areas. Great for carpets and bare floors. Unique charging base ensures always ready to use * Rotating brush safely cleans all surfaces * Easily converts to a hand vac for stairs, upholstery and auto interiors * Full power cleaning for up to 12 minutes per charge * Easy Empty dust cup with washable filter * Barbie design * cUL Certified

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner with rotating brush roll cleans both rugs and carpets
  • Based on Bissell's popular Go Vac ultra-lightweight vacuum
  • Easily converts to handheld vacuum; bagless with easy twist-off dustcup
  • Rechargeable battery; washable filter; 9-inch cleaning path; for ages 6 and older
  • Measures 12 by 8-1/2 by 43-3/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Awesome for kids...
    Well, I won't lie. I found one unused in it's original box at a yard sale and paid $2. I had it on my wish list here, so felt really lucky. My daughter loves this, and loves helping with housework. And, to my surprise, my husband loves it for little messes he finds (no idea why he doesn't grab the hand vac but he prefers this one to it).

    So, I can honestly recommend it. And, I would have paid full price eventually for it, especially now knowing how much use it gets.

    The little cup holds plenty for a quick cleaning....more info
  • Great Product
    We bought this for my now 6 year old daughter for her birthday and she absolutly loves it. She loves to help me arround the house and every time she see something that can be vaccumed up she will. It acctually works and is really easy to empty and will pick up almost anything. I would recomend this product....more info
  • What I expected
    I bought this for my daughter's 8th birthday and it is exactly what I expected. Yes this is a Bissell product, but let's face it, it is meant for children and has a small head and is run off of a charge, it is what it is. I thought my daughter a bit old for this at first, but I thought, "what the heck, if nothing else she can vacuum her room" and that's exactly what she does. I have 4 daughter's who I rely quite a great deal on for help around the house as I have Rhuematoid Arthritis and a bad heart. And my girls a tremendous helpers, but my baby was always feeling left out. This Barbie vacuum allows her to feel like she is accomplishing something. No, it can't suck paint off the walls, but it does clean up my 8 year olds' room quite nicely. She plugs it in and knows to keep it charged. She also likes to do the stairs with her vacuum as the other, normal upright and the shop-vac are both to big for her to manage on her own. Many toy stores sell cleaning toys that don't do anything, but say "Dirt Devil" or "Mr. Clean". At least this Bissell vacuum works. And where others rant that "it doesn't work" or "doesn't suck up anything," you need to remember that it is meant for children and it works fine for them. Like I stated earlier, it is what it is.
    It gives my 8 year old a feeling of accomplishment, like she is helping out like her 3 older sisters. After all, isn't that the ultimate goal, for the children to feel good about themselves, a strong sense of worth?
    Worth the $39.99, to make my girl feel good about herself. P.S. (Just as good for a boy)!!! ...more info
  • Barbie Vacuum is great!
    I bought this for my 3 year old because my niece loves hers. And, my 5 year old got the Scooby version for Christmas. It is great! I use it too. Instead of driving me crazy to run my big vacuum, we now have three going at once! And, they loved cleaning up the pine needles that had fallen from our Christmas tree, especially as we hauled it out. (But, we did have to empty the vacuums often!)...more info
  • barbie vacume cleaner
    My daughter loves it. She is 8 and now she vacumes all the time. I works really well. You do have to charge it quite a bit. It does not stay charged for a long time. But I feel it is well worth the money....more info
  • Cute Vac for Kids
    my 4 year old daughter loves her new barbie real vacuum. She has vacuumed with it every day since she got it for christmas. The only thing that I have noticed that is a negative for it is that it doesn't keep a charge for very long (5 minutes or less). Other than that it is a great toy that can help keep your house clean too....more info
  • Great even for little ones
    I bought this for my daughter who is 2 1/2 because she loves to clean. And let me tell you. She absolutely loves it and wont put it down. One great thing for little ones, you can shorten the handle so that even a wee little one can push it without having a huge handle. It picks up really good as well. I would recommend it....more info
  • This is a great vacuum!
    I bought this for my daughter as a christmas gift. She thinks it is just awesome. I can't get her to stop vacuuming ( it's not a bad thing). It is rechargable and the instructions states that you will have 12 mins of run time. The first initial uninterrupted charge will take 24 hours and every charge after that is 12 hours. She is very happy with her new vacuum and I would buy it all over again....more info
  • Bissell Barbie Vac is a winner in my book
    I purchased the Bissell Barbie vac for my 8 yr old daughter. She absolutley loves it. Every little piece of crumb or paper that hits the floor she gets out her vac and it picks right up. The first day she got it I couldn't believe all the dust and hair from our cat it had picked up because I had just vaccumed the day before. It even came already charged just long enough for my daughter to test it out, about 15 min. I would definitely buy another one, and it's so easy for her to turn on, by pulling the handle down to vaccum position, and then off, by pushing back up to standing position....more info
    I purchased this for my daughter, and boy is it a cute idea!!! And it even worked okay, that is for just over 1 yr. Yep, just past the limited warranty. So I called Bissell and they informed me that there are no longer parts available for this model and my only option was to BUY a new one.

    Well, I told them I am not likely to do that, since it only lasted a year!!! We didn't even get to use the handle extentions that come with it. What a nice addition to the landfills!!!...more info
  • Not durable enough for the average youngster.
    I had the same problem another reviewer did. My daughter stood on her vacuum and wiggled the handle back and forth (like she was having a ride) and the plastic housing holding the handle broke off. I didn't contact Bissell in the one year time, in fact I didn't contact them at all. Maybe I should still give it a try. It was real fun and worked well other than that, but this made it unusable (no more handle). So if you get one, good luck trying to keep them from "riding" it. It just seems to be a kid thing....more info
  • My 17 month daughter loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We saw this at a Ronald McDonald house in Oregon. My daughter was there for heart surgery. She found this vacume and used it all over the large kitchen and dining room. We had to have one for our home. She is just like Mommy and it even helps out us parents with the little crumbs that fall to the floor - because it really works....more info
  • Works Well But Read On
    I purchased this vacuum as a gift for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas last year. It works great, especially on hard surfaces (hardwood and laminate flooring) and is easy to operate. My daughter enjoys using it and helping around the house. The one drawback to this vacuum is that where the handle connects to the vacuum, it is held together with a relatively weak design. My daughter liked to put her foot on the vacuum and pull on the handle quite hard to shut it off. She also stood on the vacuum and wiggled the handle toward the front of the machine. The stress of that movement (by a 4 year old) broke where the handle connects right off the vacuum. We glued it back together several times, but even with careful use (my daughter learned to be more gentle with the vacuum) it kept breaking. I called Bissell to see if there was a replacement part and there was not. Since we called within the first year of ownership they sent us a new vacuum - we were pleased with their stand behind their products. Now we stress to everyone that we need to be careful with the handle and where it connects to the vacuum. It seems as though something designed for the use by children (who, by nature, tend to be a little rough on their stuff), should be designed to be a bit more durable, especially at the part that technically is the on-off switch.

    It is also important that if the battery dies out completely, make sure the vacuum is all the way off before plugging it in to recharge it. The cord and vacuum get hot and could pose a hazard. Really, folks, we are responsible people and don't break everything. We love the vacuum and recommend it for any family who has a daughter who loves cleaning. This is a great product....more info
  • Kids can help clean house too!!
    I bought this for my daughters 4th birthday and I am so glad that I did. You must charge it for a full 24 hours the first time you charge it. You can adjust the length of the handle for your kid and then for yourself (I love to use it too). There are no cords to worry about and it picks up really well. Watch the dirt holder because it fills up quickly and it is small....more info