Pure Essence Labs - Ionic Fizz Magnesium Plus, World's Best Absorbed Magnesium 342 g., 60 servings

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Customer Reviews:
  • This is helping me soooooo much
    I have chronic back pain that is made worse by irritable bowel syndrome IBS. Magnesium is calming to muscles and helps keep me relaxed. It keeps things moving along. I am very inconsistent when it comes to taking supplements. Even though I have only been taking this occassionally, I have been regular every day. I read somewhere that 70 percent of us are magnesium deficient. Maybe I am no longer deficient and am now able to metabolize optimally? Time will tell. This stuff tastes kind of like crystal light and when I drink it warm, I go straight to sleep and sleep like a log. Whatever position I go to sleep in...that's the way I wake up. I feel rested too. I have been recommending it to people for years for aches and pains, but only recently did my back pain and digestion get so bad that I had to take my own advice and buy some more of this stuff. I will buy it on Amazon and save next time. Magnesium is one of the cheapest supplements you can buy but if you are like me, you would prefer not to take any more pills and go with a product highly recommended. For what my opinion is worth (a real person who doesn't work for the company) , there you go. ...more info