Glentronics PL-1 Intelligent Plant Light
Glentronics PL-1 Intelligent Plant Light

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  • Plant light; automatically changes amount of light depending on season
  • Just set season once; internal computer chip starts daylight cycle, simulating nature's clock
  • 9-watt, full-spectrum fluorescent bulb mimics sun's rays for optimum growth
  • Patent-pending design; sensor indicates when plant needs water
  • Accommodates plant up to 14 inches tall in a 5-1/2-inch pot

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great in the office
    We purchased the Intelligent Plant Light and liked it so much at home, I purchased one for my office. It works great with African Violets, my plants are thriving like never before, thanks for such a great product!...more info
  • Great value!
    I love this product. For a low price, it's easy to set up, easy to use, adjustable, turns it self off and on to mimic four different seasons, and has a watering indicator. Perfect for apartment dwellers....more info
  • Glentronics PL-1 Intelligent Plant Lamp
    Nice lamp for medium plants. Automatically turns on and off so you don't have to remember about it. It also tells you when your plants need water by flashing a green light. Light is adjustable for seasons and although I haven't had it long enough to see how this feature works, I assume that the light time is extended as the seasons progress into summer. Originally I bought this light for starting seeds but the light length is short and the seeds really need the long lights that fit the width of the trays. This is much better for small to mediun sized potted plants that require sunlight. ...more info
  • 2 weeks, already broken
    I bought this for the office, brought it in in the box. Unpacked it here, plugged it in and it lit up. Set it to spring. Two weeks later and it is not lighting up at all. tried different sockets for the plug. Nothing. Since it worked for a week I threw the box away so now I can't return it. Lame. Never buying Glentronic again. ...more info
  • Product as advertised
    Received the light and instructions quickly. Product appears to be of good quality. Price was definately better than others available. ...more info
  • Fairly neat, but no way to adjust the TIME!
    When I bought this lamp (for a mini rose), it seemed to have every option covered. When I got it, I found a couple of faults, one a major problem: the minute you plug it in, the timer assumes it is dawn, around 7 AM (Midwest time), and it starts its daylong timing from plug-in.

    When you plug it in at 4 PM (as I did), the lamp still thinks it's dawn! I gave this to my mother who cannot reach down to unplug and plug in the lamp at dawn. Stupid error on lamp maker's part. They should have included a way to set the time, not only the season.

    Second: The water probe needs to be almost falling out for a plant like the rose. If set in all the way, it calls for water ONLY when the soil is completely dry (cacti?)...another not too intelligent way to operate on what are obviously small potted plants. This might be ok for a huge pot, but not on the mini rose.

    We've kept the lamp and I cross my fingers that it works as stated, re: adequate amount of light. I like the all-in-one features: the adjustable height, the fact that it is a fluoro, with true daylight color, the water tray with pebbles to raise up the pot, and the color and size which seem to blend in almost anywhere. The little yellow rose looks nice when if only I can get back to Mom's house at dawn to reset the timer (unplug and replug) so that she can see the plant all day!

    Otherwise it seems to be pretty convenient for someone who does not have a green thumb, or has a "black thumb" as the blurb on the package says.

    One more thought: this lamp is very hard to find on sale anyplace other than amazon...all (99%) roads lead back to amazon. I wrote to the mfgr about this and was given a very limited list of geographic locations for purchase, none of which was even close to where I live (CT). It was on wait-list at amazon!...more info
  • Not only I am happy
    Not only I am happy with the lamp. My violet is magnificent under the light..... I do not have to remember watering the plant, or turning on and off the switch... The thing will remember me to water and will go in automode for the on and off part.
    ...more info
  • Bonsai light
    If you are a beginner,as I am. Taking care of a bonsai is harder than taking care of kids. This is a nice light and times the light for the plant. Well worth the money....more info
  • Suggested combination buy isn't a fit
    The bonsai plant that Amazon is suggesting to buy in combination with this lamp won't fit the space. In fact, the base is really quite small, so you'll need to be careful if you're buying it for a specific plant....more info
  • Honest comments from a bonsai expert
    This "plant light" may be okay for a low grown plant that needs little light, but is definitely not as good as it claimed for most bonsai trees for the following reasons:
    1. The 9 watt florescent light is not sufficient for bonsai (as a full grown tree).
    2. The sensor only works in regular potting soils but not bonsai soils since bonsai soils promote drainage.
    3. Although the pebbled base holds water, it only provides a minimum of the surrounded humidity to your tree since the place is not enclosed.
    4. The said "Intelligent Four Seasons" light has never been useful indoors since the indoor's temperature has never changed as it has done in nature. That is, your tree will not go through dormancy indoors; an insufficient light during winter will definitely kill your indoor tree.
    Get a 50 watt Phillips made Agro-Lite plant light bulb plus a humidity tray in your local hardware store instead. It costs you less than $10; and, it will provide a better result. Even with the help of the plant light, it is recommended that your bonsai tree needs sufficient sunlight in order to thrive!
    ...more info
  • Orchid savior
    Glentronics PL-1 Intelligent Plant Light
    This light is the best for plants, I used it to revive some damaged orchids I bought on sale. It also doubles a nightlight for my nochternal miniture hedgehog "vinnie"...more info
  • A Fine Product
    The Glentronics plant light is everything it is advertised to be. Given it's smaller size it should probably be considered a supplement rather than providing all the "sunlight" your plant needs.

    The computerized seasons timing that turns the light off an on is a plus. The only (minor) drawback is that when you plug it in it and switch to the season you want it will always be starting at the solstice or equinox date (e.g. Dec 21st for Winter) That's not terrible though as you are going to be no more than 45 days off and you can simply restart it on the next solstice or equinox. This timing feature is going to be especially helpful the further North the user. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I love it plus its been the talk of the office for a few weeks noW!...more info
  • Light works perfectly for a Venus Fly Trap
    I am on my second year with this product, using it to raise a Venus Fly Trap indoors. I am up early so it was no problem for me to plug it in early enough to synch it up with the sunrise. I keep the bottom of the tray filled with water and my plant has been growing well for two years now. I would recommend this light to anyone who wants to grow healthy plants indoors. ...more info
  • Very good product.
    I'm very pleased with this; its a nice compact design and the light not only helps my plant bloom but you can see the colors much better. My African violets live in the NE window so they get the best light but I spent most of my time in the SW room of the house, which has inadequate lighting. With this lamp, I can rotate my best blooming plants into my area without interrupting their natural cycle.

    The timer is a small problem though. You have to find out when sunrise is and plug the plant in at that time to synchronize the light with the sunrise. Its not a big problem for me but I should think there would be an easier way to handle that.

    EDIT: Okay the timer is more of a pain than I thought... we've had several power outages lately and each time i have to reset the lamp at dawn. If the manufacturers read this, please add a small clock and or a way to leave the light on all the time so I can just use a timer.

    STILL, I very much recommend this product because my violets are blooming like mad and it looks very nice. ...more info
  • intelligent plant light
    I now have 6 of them. Wonderful way to get your plants to flower. If you love orchids, try it....more info
  • Success
    While I am notorious for 'killing' bonsai trees, this little lamp has helped me nurture a bonsai for several years! Amazing. Great product. I'm especially pleased that replacement bulbs are available....more info
  • Love it...
    Unlike another review, I had my plant light from Amazon within a few days. It has worked like a charm in the 2+ months that I have had it and I just love it. It is the perfect answer for my office which has no natural plants are thriving!...more info
  • Fun Item, Great Gift!
    I bought one of these recently for myself as an antidote to the snowdrifts. I have a beautiful begonia under it and the begonia is thriving and blooming beautifully. I just bought another along with another begonia for a friend who has been super helpful and he's delighted too. I'm going to get another to try a super tiny tomato or herbs. Highly recommend one for the fun of it, especially if you have low e glass in your windows as many plants don't do well behind it. The full spectrum bulb may perk you up too!...more info
  • Doesn't work after changing the bulb twice
    I have replaced the florescent bulb twice after the original one quit working. I believe that the bulbs would work if the device that charges the florescent worked, but the light just flickers without turning on fully. I've now spent money twice to fix a problem that remains unresolved. So, the plant light worked great until the bulb went out. Then you might as well purchase a new light, otherwise good luck trying to get it fixed. ...more info
  • A great invention
    I could not keep a bonsai alive for more than 2 weeks. With this light I have been able to keep my bonsai alive for more than a month and it is flourishing. I love this item, especially the "time to water light". Thanks to a review I read, it is best to turn on in the AM because it goes the length of a day during the day. If the electric goes off, be sure to wait until AM to turn on. Also makes a unique accent to your room. I highly recommend....more info
  • Takes too long to ship
    Amazon took 3 weeks to ship this item to me. Then another week for delivery. Total time was one month. Nice product, but I'm just warning anyone expecting to get this in a reasonable amount of time....more info
  • Plant Minder
    What I like about this plant light is that it is automatic and is really helpful not only for a plant set under it but also next to it. The light is adjustable as well and monitors light and water. I use it especially in the winter months for an indoor bonsai plant....more info


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