Casabella 28010 Zoom-Broom Hard Surface Floor Sweeper

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Product Description

Casabella's Zoom-Broom picks up both large and small particles from linoleum, tile, hardwood floors or low pile carpeting. An innovative inner mechanism works while pushing both forwards and backwards. The bristles (which are replaceable) are designed to not scratch the floor. The floor sweeper generates 2000 RPMs without electricity. It reaches under cabinets and comes with an easy-to-empty canister. About Casabella: Who would have thought a floor sweeper could be enticing? Or a mop? Casabella did. For your "beautifulhouse", a collection of sophisticated products, splashed with color and designed with durability in mind. Made of quality materials, these rugged sweepers, washers and dusters are made to last - and with their fun colors, might even have you looking forward to cleaning day!

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Width: Head: 10 x 10-in.
  • Length: 45-in.
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Cleaning & Care: Replaceable bristles, wash dustbin
Customer Reviews:
  • Didn't work very well -- we gave ours away
    It was cute and seemed like a good idea, but didn't work very well. We ended up giving ours away. ...more info
  • I would give this a 'Fair' to 'OK' rating.
    Unlike the Bissel reviews(I never had a Bissel), the handle is all metal and screws together. Except for the brushes and some screws, the sweeper appears to be all plastic, including the gears. There is no furniture guard (rubber strip). Dirt, etc pickup requires 2 to 4 passes and is fair to ok; do not expect it to get everything every time. Also, it will not pick up dirt near the baseboards as there are no side brushes. It's a little noisy when operating. If you plan on hanging it on a hook when storing, then be aware that the dirt catcher has a tendency to fall out if you plan on folding up the sweeper part so it is flush with the wall. Its natural tendency is to fold open like when you are using it. The very top of the handle (where your hand goes) has two overlapping pieces, but only one piece has the hole to hang it from, so you may need a special hook to hang it. We have only had this for 2 days.
    It is light and easy to use. If you are careful when hanging it, you can hang it flush to the wall without the dust bin comming out. ...more info