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The Original Wood Exercise Sandal from Original Dr. Scholl's(R) is a true legend in footwear for its simple style and its legendary comfort. leather upper in the classic one band slide sandal style, with signature slide locking buckle for a precise, secure fit. The first sculptured wood sandal with a raised toe crest, which encourages a gripping action that helps shape the legs. 3/4 inch built in platform, 1 inch heel. Rubber traction outsole.

An original American classic, the Dr. Scholl's exercise sandal is perfect with so many outfits. It features an adjustable leather strap with a suede-lined padded backing for a comfortable fit. A gleaming metal slide buckle and polished rivet details add a touch of shine. The contoured wooden outsole has a specially designed raised toe grip that encourages calf and leg muscles to exercise just by walking. So, the more you wear them, the better your legs will look. And because the textured rubber outsole is slip-resistant, you can wear them just about anywhere with confidence.

About Dr. Scholl's
From the moment its iconic exercise sandals hit the shelves in 1968, Dr. Scholl's has been a brand synonymous with comfortable footwear and healthy feet. Today, Dr. Scholl's offers comfortable footwear in a variety of fashionable styles that range from casual to elegant to fun and funky. At the same time, Dr. Scholl's continues its tradition of utilizing the latest podiatric medicine and research to revolutionize the way Americans think of, and care for, their feet.


Customer Reviews:

  • a must shoe for women of all ages
    I owned a pair of these Dr.Scholls when i was in my 20's and now I am in my 50's. They are the most comfortable shoes ever. If you have foot problems....these will relieve them. Get a pair....more info
  • OK,but..........
    Well,the first time I wore these for a couple of hours I got a blister on my big toe.I just put a bandage on and didn't wear them for 2 days.The first time I wore them for several hours at a time,I went on a long walk with a friend,and when we got home I noticed the rubber bottom by both heels had completely rubbed off~leaving bare wood.I was walking on a paved surface,so it should not have torn off that easiy.They are very comfortable once you get used to them...but the workmanship is kinda shoddy.I'm just hoping I can take them to a shoe repair place and have new rubber put on the bottoms....more info
  • Dr.Scholl's sandals
    I received these sandals just a few days after I ordered them. I have very pleased with them and the quality is even better than before. Thank you for such prompt service and for having these sandals. I have been looking for them for years....more info
  • workmanship issues
    I bought this in two colors. The white ones are great -no problems. The black ones rub and are uncomfortable in one spot....more info
  • Old is new again
    I own a pair of the original Dr. Scholls sandals from the 60's and I still wear them. I love the new red ones I bought and I'm wearing them everywhere. They are the best shoes for exercising your ankles because you have to grip with your toes to keep them on and it works great. ...more info
  • good, only slightly painful
    My first pair of sandals was a real vintage pair I snagged from an estate sale. They were too small for my feet but I wore them for years, they never broke, my parents had to throw them away because I guess they were pretty ugly by then.

    My newest pair was the white. The buckle tarnished quickly and the leather became dirty soon, so I will next purchase a darker shade.
    The suede on the interior lining (across the top of your foot), is going to blister you. I tried using a suede brush to sand it down a bit. This also helped with the evening out of the shoes, because due to differences in the leather one was hard and stiff, the other was soft.

    I also used these at the beach quite a bit, and the white color cracked. I tried to use white polish to fix it, but that ended up sticking to the brass screws on the side. Now they look pretty tacky. But they are easy to wear.
    Wear them enough to get used to them and you will find them to be easy to wear with anything, except maybe a formal dinner (but depending on your dress, u may be able to pull it off).

    The size is easy to figure out. I can't say I notice if they are slightly too big or too small. Make sure you tighten them up enough so that you don't step out of them, because that can cause some mega hurt, in my experiance. Also they may knock up against your nubs on the sides of your ankle.

    But all in all, these are the classic sandal that won't go out of style. They spoiled me and now I find it very hard to wear uncomfortable shoes, no matter how cool they look. ...more info
  • Original Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandal
    I used to wear these daily in the 70's and so bought a pair when I saw them on sale. They are still as comfortable as the originals (some of which I still own and use - they last a long time) but the uppers are now vinyl-topped leather instead of all leather like they used to be. Thus, they probably won't last as long as the originals. I really like them and they go nicely with jeans or dresses. ...more info
  • Loved them in the 1970's and still love them!
    I've always loved Dr. Scholl's Exercise Sandals. I haven't worn them in quite a while, so after receiving this pair, I put them on and wore them all day long. They REALLY do exercise your legs and buns! My lower body was SORE the next day, just as if I'd gone to the gym the day before!...more info
  • Good shoe but soft sole
    I have been a fan of Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals for over 25 years, but I must admit I am disappointed with the quality of the new soles. The wood is excellent, smooth, and feels great, and the top strap is still a top quality leather, lined with soft suede. However, the sole is a very soft material that easily picks up rocks and gravel, which become deeply embedded in the sole, making it difficult to walk and occassionally twist my ankles, until I can pick the rocks out--usually requiring a screwdriver. Some are so deep, that I cannot get them out, and others leave hole in the soles. I can't wear the shoes in my house once they have been outside, because the embedded rocks will damage my floor surfaces. Also the heel of the sandals has already worn through to the wood in only two weeks of very light use, becasue it was so soft and now they are very noisey to walk in on cement. I will have to use Shoe Goo to build up the sole again. On the one hand I was very happy with them--as they were almost everything I remembered and expected in comfort and fit, but I am very disappointed with the poor quality of the new, soft, sole material, which clearly is not suitable for a (an outdoor) shoe sole. ...more info
  • Fun
    These are fun shoes, really retro, kind of clunky, but kind of elegant at the same time, and pretty comfortable once you get used to them. They're a nice change of pace from the usual flip-flops, which are getting to be monotonous. And they look better with a skirt than flip-flops--a little dressier, but still casual. I wear them while running errands and just love them. ...more info
  • Nice shoe for a good price
    I have never owned a pair of original exercise sandals from Dr. Scholl's before, so when I tried them on, I was happy how comfortable they were despite the wooden platform. They are adjustable to fit wide feet such as my own, and the arch support is comfortable as well. I developed a blister on the side of my foot from it rubbing on the leather but for the price of $14.00, I guess I should not complain. This is a good quality shoe....more info
  • Good to be back to wear Dr. Scholl's shoes
    I couldn't say any more that I am so glad to wear it again. it brings my memory back when I used to wear the Dr. Scholl's shoes. Now, I am wearing. It fits great and comfortable....more info
  • Great foot savers!
    These sandals are great. I have worn them for years and find that they help back strain as well as foot problems. Also good for the legs....more info
    I have been looking for the Original Dr. Scholl's Women's Original Exercise Sandal for 3 years. I had a pair for 4 years, but lost them in moving.Finally , I have them , they are the best and comfortable I ever had....more info
  • I love these shoes!
    I always wanted a pair of genuine Dr. Scholl's exercise sandals and I finally have a pair! They look and feel so sexy. I found a great price and the shipping was fast, too. ...more info
  • Great pair of shoes, for the most part
    I love these shoes for their comfort and ease of getting on and off when I'm on the run. The one thing I would change is that the clasp that makes them look adjustable does not seem to open. They're a little loose around my toes, and I'd like them just a smidge tighter. Other than that, they're my favorite pair of shoes....more info
  • a blast from the past
    I'm glad to see that Dr. Scholls are still around. They are very comfortable and look great on the foot. I happy that there is more of a variety in colors. Thank you for keeping them alive....more info
  • A Comfortable Classic
    These sandals are very comfortable. They are suitable for everyday, casual wear. The adjustable width and wooden sole make these shoes a pleasure to wear. I got these in black and they go with many different outfits. Nice quality, too!...more info
  • amazonaholic
    Amazon is my favorite website. I can find anything I need and have always had great service and great products. The few times I had to return something, it was hasslefree....more info
  • I want one in every color!
    Blisters: The suede part is soft; that didn't give me blisters at all. But I can only wear these shoes 3-4 hours at a time, before I get blisters on the bottom of my foot (like where you get it if you wore high heels).

    Muscle power: Still, I wear these to school, and I can feel the burn in my legs when I'm rushing to my classes (cuz I'm always late hehe). My legs have become more toned, muscular, and fit.

    Sole: The bottom sole did not last long for me, but no sole lasts for that long on concrete anyways. Especially if you drag your feet sometimes like I do. Doesn't matter, I still wear them even if it's down to the wood!

    Weight: The wood gives the shoe some heavy weight so you have to pick up the shoe with your toe grip when you walk. If I stepped on your toes with these shoes, it WILL hurt :D

    Buckle: I had no problem with the buckle, I mean, the box even came with instructions on that. No rocket science.

    Look: At first glance, I didn't think that these shoes were that sexy, but when you paint your toenails and show them off, it's actually quite sexy with your foot showing some skin.

    Size: They are really, really true to size (length-wise). I have narrow feet (B), and only the tightest buckle will fit me (unless you're wearing socks... but who would wanna wear socks for these? It looks silly... okay I did it once).

    Noise factor: You definitely can hear me if I'm coming on hard ground.

    Overall: These shoes are great! ...more info
  • Excellent - Buy directly from Amazon
    I bought my Dr. Scholl's on the page that ships them directly from Amazon, and I couldn't be more pleased. The price is less than half of that from other sources, and the sandals arrived with the promptness and quality that I always expect and receive from Amazon.

    The sandals feel as good as I remember them feeling when I wore them constantly as a teenager. I came back to Amazon today and ordered a second pair!

    I would give this 6 stars if that option was available! ...more info
  • They don't make 'em like they used to.
    I read some complaints here about how the adjustable strap wouldn't adjust on these suckers, and I wanted to give some advice on that.

    I too owned a pair of these things back in the day, and all I can say is, they don't make them like they used to. Clearly, the older ones were of higher quality because the buckle was easier to deal with.

    Here's how you adjust the things: Take a pair of kitchen shears and tuck them under the buckle, and carefully twist the shears under the buckle until the entire buckle just pops off. It's cheap metal, so you can bend it back into shape. Then pull the hole you want over the metal post thing, and slip the metal buckle back on. It's done.

    But it's B.S., folks. They weren't worth the $30 bucks, in my opinion. You shouldn't have to mess with them like that. Not sure I'll get much mileage out of them, either. I liked them back in the 1970s, but now I think they look really stupid, for some reason. Maybe I'll use them around the pool in my building, or walking up to the store. Other than that, I would not recommend these shoes. ...more info
  • Not What I Remembered
    I purchased these sandals because I recall how comfortable they felt back in the '70's; I used to live in them! The day I got my new Dr. Scholl's I took them out of the box, adjusted the top and off I went about my chores for the day. Ouch! They didn't feel the way I remembered. But I haven't given up. I'm wearing them a little each day to get used to them again. I know in no time at all I'll be enjoying them again!...more info
  • I just don't get it..
    I truly never understood what was so great about these shoes. Before I got them and wore them, I liked them better.. After wearing them, I realized they were just plain.. clunky. I clunk around in them all day. I haven't worn them in a while, needless to say. They ok in the comfort department, but not great. And, as some other reviewers mentioned, I was never able to get the hang of easily adjusting the strap. I only tried a few times, because, again, I didn't wear them all that much, but still. There are cuter shoes in the world that don't make you feel so dumpy and frustrated....more info
  • not like i remember them...
    These were a bit of a disappointment in that I remember wearing these as a teenager and LOVING them..I liked the idea of wearing wood, plus I used the muscles in my legs so it kept them in shape, but they seemed (after 30 some odd years) heavier and if you don't get the leather, they look a bit cheap. Plus, my foot kept sliding off of them so, the rubber worked better for me. ...more info
  • Dr.Scholl's sandals
    I received these sandals just a few days after I ordered them. I have very pleased with them and the quality is even better than before. Thank you for such prompt service and for having these sandals. I have been looking for them for years....more info
    my fav shoes- I can wear them to dress up or to dress down... the review about how to adjust the slasp was very helpful too...more info
  • I LOVE!!!! Them
    I owned an origianl pair back int the 70's. Last summer I looked all over online until I found them here. I purchased a pair and wore them everyday until the snow flew. As a sign that spring is really here, I have gotten them back out and will wear again until winter. I am order a couple of more pair this year so I can have a varity of colors. You do have to break them in though. I think it'm more your feet getting use to them as I had to gradually break them in again this year or the bottoms of my feet get sore....more info
  • The buckle is ridiculous!
    I know Dr. Scholl's sandals since I was a child and guess I had 10 - 15 pairs over the years. Lately, after a knee injury, I had troubles wearing sandals or flip-flops and thought I'd try these sandals again.

    I got a better price on Amazon than from the manufacturer's website, but I HATE this buckle! It took me numerous attempts to change the width and it does require quite some strength to push the pin up while pushing the buckle down at the same time.

    I wish Dr. Scholl's would have kept the original, easy closure (the ones that are used on regular men's belts). Otherwise, these sandals are wonderful and give your foot much more support than these unhealthy flip-flops. My knee says "thank you", my fingers are not too happy :)...more info
  • Tried & true must-have: THE ORIGINAL EXERCISE SANDAL!
    I really love these, I finally have a pair again. They haven't changed at all and that's good, I like that they haven't messed with it. Although they do have more conventional styles of shoes for those who won't go the way of tradition. I had a pair of these when I was a teenager. I used to wear them with shorts, skirts, jeans. They make this wonderful wooden clopping sound when walking, which is fun in itself. Your toes will grip the front to keep them from sliding off. Which brings up a point...if they slip off while you're walking or in a fast stride it's gonna hurt like nobody's business. I've had that happen a few times in my day and it is very painful. But I survived. Ya live and learn. Enjoy!...more info
  • dr. scholls exercise shoes
    love the shoes. actually fell in love with this shoe back in the late seventies early eighties....more info
  • Finally
    I loved these sandals back in the late 70's. Worn them everywhere. Recently I developed a nerve problem in my heal and needed a shoe with support and comfort. These are just the ticket. I have no pain while wearing them and are just a wonderful when I need a break from shoes. Can't wait for summer to get here to wear all the time. Planning on getting more colors for spring....more info
  • Blast from the past
    I searched everywhere for the favorite of the early 80's. Amazon had the best price on the great comfy casual sandle that actually makes your legs look good. My kids saw them and thought they would be uncomfortable. Then both my 13 and 18 year olds tried to take them from me. I don't understand why they are not still sold in stores. When we used to buy them, the stores were always sold out of them quick. Great Product!
    ...more info
  • comparing-and how to adjust
    I made the mistake of wearing the new pair without breaking them in; also I needed to adjust the width! As a result I have many blisters. My old pair I love, love, love--but I notice my old pair does not have wood on the bottom. I think these new ones will be fine after I break them in--to adjust the strap---I put my hand under all of the leather and I pushed the pin from under the buckle upwards while at the same time pushed down on the buckle ---this enabled the buckle to slide. The pin that goes through the hole and the buckle is bigger on the top and gets narrower as you go down sooooo you need to push the pin up to enable the buckle to slide....more info


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