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Fueled by healthy public appetite for traditional melodies and quasi-ethnic roots, the crossover genre continues to flourish with this debut release from Ireland's Celtic Woman ensemble. The brainchild of Sharon Browne, Dave Kavanaugh (founders of Ireland's successful Celtic Collections label) and young Riverdance touring company musical director David Downes, CW's five young women musicians and vocalists offer up an ever pleasant, Eire-savvy fusion of folk, pop and classical influences. Avoiding the intrusive, club-beat/sex kitten window dressing of Bond, the ensemble tackles material that ranges from the expected (spare, lovely covers of "Danny Boy" and "Ave Maria") to more adventurous fare like "Nella Fantasia" (Ennio Morricone's vocal adaptation of his rapturous theme from The Mission) and Enya's "Orinoco Flow." Elsewhere, "The Butterfly" offers up fiddle-fueled take on their Riverdance parallels (which also get a workout on the live bonus tracks), if renditions of Downes' originals like "One World" and "Send Me a Song" and "Someday" from Disney's animated Hunchback of Notre Dame hew slavishly to the middle of the road -- which largely seems the album's easy-listening intention. --Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • Heavenly
    This CD costantly holds your attention it has a mix of rhythms and is lifted by heaenly voices. Those tunes which are not already familiar, soon become so. When you can loose your inhibitions this Cd is great to sing-along and dance to. Joyfull enough to cheer up the saddest day and a classic....more info
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  • Problems with Amazon.com
    The CD was fine, but I will not purchase anything more from Amazon.com until they stop selling materials promoting illegal animal fighting, blatantly peddling dogfighting videos as well as cockfighting magazines. These materials are not only offensive because of the cruelty they glorify, but their shipment is also a felony under the recently-enacted Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act. ...more info
  • Contagious!
    Celtic Woman is contagious! It is hard to listen and watch, just once. You will play it over and over again....more info
  • The Gifted Celtic Women
    I truly love this music. I cannot seem to get enough. My favorite song is a Soft Goodbye. It really moves me. This is a great buy....more info
  • A Real Winner!
    Clear voices, a fantastic fiddler and a super selection of tunes makes this a "must have" for the Celtic music affecionado. Brava, ladies!...more info
  • Celtic Woman
    Absolutely fantastic!!!
    I play it for background music in the house or for my listening pleasure while driving. So serene....more info
  • Perfection!
    Perfect voices in perfect musical layout. I get goosebumps listening to this one!...more info
  • Celtic Woman
    Great CD, as advertized, as expected, clear sounds, mailing time exceptional and enjoy I enjoy it fully....more info
  • They are the best
    They are the best at what they do. this CD will get a lot fo use....more info
  • CELTIC WOMAN's melodic sounds are clear and beautiful
    I ordered this CD for my daughater and for myself. My "ERIN" was thrilled to receive something she had loved for so long. Neither of us knew the other was even aware of this beautiful, clear CELTIC sound.
    I actually love the beginning music with the flute and harp as much as the rest of the clear, wonderful Irish music, sang in such a high soprano.
    The results are inconceivable for a human voice to reach....more info
  • Superb to the core!
    If you like something soothing to the soul, buy this DVD and CD. I can listen to it 24/7 and not get tired. Their voices are like heaven's angels singing to us. I am so happy to have received this as a gift and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves music that is soothing. Reminds me of Enya in some ways but a different style and very enjoyable....more info
  • Beautiful
    I am so incredibly pleased with this CD. The music is absolutely inspiring. I totally love it!!...more info
  • Gorgeous voices!
    Don't know how I happened to stumble across this find but I'm very glad I did. I love celtic music and this is a great CD to ad to your collection I think. Different takes on the folk songs are very interesting. Some I personally feel ruin the songs, others its just nice to hear. If you want to listen to beautiful voices and songs this CD is for you!...more info
  • Celtic Woman
    Their music continues to prove just how sweet voices can be raised in harmony and can envolk flights of fantacy as you listen to their music. For someone raised on folk and pop music from the years of protest over the Vietnam war it is a joy to be able to listen to music that is undrestandable....more info
  • The group that represents the way Celtic music is moving. God help us all.
    Maybe it isn't their fault are the problems I have with their presentation and singing voices a problem I have with this group specifically or the way in which music is headed in general? Wailing into the microphone with the same inflection doesn't remind me of good Irish/Celtic music it reminds me of an Irish Springs commercial.

    Its not that the group can't sing its just that they don't sing very well in comparison to at least 5 other better Celtic groups. Their rendition of whatever song they are singing is fine but the Chieftains sang it better and if they didn't the Dubliners did. Maybe at some point this group will improve but I rather doubt it.

    The difference is a question of media machines; too much of their presentation is just preaching to the choir with something like PBS behind you there is no need to improve your performance because the people who are watching you or buying your CDs would have done so anyway. They will also stay on your side until the next new thing comes along anyway. ...more info
  • Unlike anything else I've ever heard
    I have always loved Celtic music and the Irish folk tunes for their magically charming sounds, but these women raise the Celtic genre to a new level. The four vocalists' voices are all beautiful and incomparable - distinct. rla has a wonderfully soft and soothing voice as can be heard in scores like Siuil A Run, one of my favorites; Mav has what I would call a crystal clear voice (She Moved Thru' the Fair); Lisa is equally talented and sings most of my favorites; Chlo? has a remarkable voice which is made even more so when considering her young age. And of course, we can't ignore Mirad, the fiddle champion, who always steals the show. Their music has an alleviating effect and I often listen to them when I want to relax....more info
  • Very Pleased with my purchase
    The cd I purchased arrived very quickly and was as advertised. I am very pleased. Thanks...more info
  • Celtic Woman CD
    This is a wonderful CD. I am so glad to finally have a copy of the Celtic Woman music. It's so good to listen to it....more info
  • Celtic Woman
    I heard a Christmas song on the radio and was hooked by the clear sweet voices and harmonies. I couldn't wait to get this CD--another delightful experience....more info
  • Good Performance
    I had seen Celtic Woman on PBS some time ago and liked it so much I just had to get the CD.
    ...more info
  • Beautiful
    The Irish lass in me loves the genre. The singer in me loves the artistry. Since buying it, I have given this CD again and again as a gift to friends who love music, Celtic or otherwise....more info
  • sailing away through the cosmos of my soul
    Celtic woman is an album rich with atmospheric delight that fuels the flame of desire in my groin. In the still moments of the night, the Celtic Woman and I traveled starspeed through the cosmos...the cosmos of my soul. Of the stars we made a nest, and I gave it to my lascivious little girl-child with the passion of midnight lovers in a lavishing and spontaneous tryst. It was like seeing the world from the first time...so distantly from our cosmic love nest. This incandescent love affair would have been nothing without the shimmering and enchanting beauty that is...Celtic Woman.

    Lush...extravagant...heavenly...enchanting...captivating...mouthwatering...paralyzing...tantalizing...enrapturous...electrifying...tearing...jolting...violating...opening...closing...raging...typing...wiping...crying...cleaning...organizing...disorganizing...energizing...regionalizing...immigrating...love-staining...bleaching...breaking...tapering...circumsizing...exhasperating...womanizing...shoe-sizing...myrrhmizing...unescaping...unleashing...power-washing...gaping...bleeding...fermenting...mummifying...people dying...niggas starving...bitches bleedin'...gettin rich or dyin' tryin'...deodorizing...and not to mention, breathing the crisp air of originality....more info
  • Easy Listing
    I enjoyed listing to this album. It is just as enjoyable as the album "A New Journey" and the DVD at the castle is wonderful!...more info
  • Celtic Woman review
    If you love this group, this CD is absolutely wonderful. Would definitely recommend it....more info
  • If you like Celtic music, this is a must have!
    This is a great c.d. for any fan of the Celtic Woman group. The collection of songs range from soothing and peaceful to lively and energetic. Great all around!...more info
  • Beautiful music
    Celtic Woman is one hour, five minutes and ten seconds long and was released on March 1, 2005. Celtic Woman reached #1 on the World Music charts and remained there for 68 weeks, #1 on the Top World Albums, #54 U.S. Billboard Comprehensive Albums, #125 Top Internet Albums, and #75 U.S. Billboard 200 Album charts. This is beautiful music to listed to. The Irish women sing the songs to a perfect tune. The CD comes with sixteen songs and two bonus live tracks. The two bonus are: The Ashoken Farewell/The Contradiction and Si Do Mhaimeo i (The Wealthy Widow). A bunch of the songs are song in their native language (Gaelic); which makes this CD even more beautiful. I highly recommend this CD to anybody. I am giving Celtic Woman an AAAA++++.

    1. Last Rose of Summer (Intro)/Walking in the Air
    2. May It Be
    3. Isle of Inisfree
    4. Danny Boy
    5. One World
    6. Ave Maria
    7. Send Me a Song
    8. Siuil A Run (Walk My Love)
    9. Orinoco Flow
    10. Someday
    11. She Moved Thru' the Fair
    12. Nella Fantasia
    13. The Butterfly
    14. Harry's Game
    15. The Soft Goodbye
    16. You Raise Me Up


    17. The Ashoken Farewell/The Contradiction
    18. Si Do Mhaimeo i (The Wealthy Widow)...more info
  • Breathtaking music!!
    I can hardly breathe when I'm listening to Celtic Woman! Brings out the Irish/Scotch in me even when I'm unsure there is any. These women have such clear, true voices. I have 3 of their CDs now & don't regret buying them. They're all very good. ...more info
  • Melodic and haunting
    Found these gals on public t.v. They are just wonderful. In a time when you can't make out most vocals of current pop music, you'll enjoy being able to understand and appreciate these lovely songs and very gifted singers....more info
  • Angels
    I recently bought this CD. It arrived as promised in mint condition. This is one of the most beaufiful group of women to sing ever!!! I listen to this every day. They all have voices like angels. If you love Celtic music , then this is the CD for you....more info
  • Features the Incredible Fiddler Mairead Nesbitt
    This is a wonderful CD containing a variety of traditional Irish, classical and contemporary music. The majority contains vocals by some of the most talented soloists Ireland has to offer, but some of the tracks are fantastic instrumental numbers by the groups violinist, Mairead Nesbitt. She will delight you with her traditional sound and her mastery of the instrument....more info
  • Fabulous!
    I absolutely love this CD and will definitely purchase more Celtic Woman CD's. They are not only uplifting but calming at the same time. I listen to it over and over and over again. It never gets old and always seems to help me lift my mood. ...more info
  • Quasi-Celtic Easy Listening,As Seen On PBS
    "Celtic Woman" came onto the scene a few years ago,a feminine Irish ensemble with cool names such as Orla,Meav,and Mairead.It capitalized on the previous successes of Riverdance,Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance" and of course,the great Gaelic diva herself,Enya.

    Despite the beauty of their singing voices,this "Celtic Woman" group offers NOTHING new--in a sense,they're a New Age,easy listening cover band.Not all of their material is Celtic ("You raise me up"&"Ashoken Farewell"),and none of is original or their own.It's popular hits as sung by Irish women.

    May the buyer beware of some of these awful covers-
    1)"May it be" is given a rendition that would make even Enya cringe on a bad day.It's sappy,slowed-down&sounds fit for a soft-focus Frodo/Galadriel love scene for the Lifetime channel.It's Lady of the Rings on the Channel for Women!
    2)"Orinoco Flow"This is one of my favorite Enya songs.It's not meant to be sung by a choir,or at least not this one.It's quite bombastic&puts Andrew Lloyd Webber to shame.It's "Orinoco Flow",NOT "Memories" or "Music of the Night."
    3)Disney's "Someday" Why am I not surprised by the cover of a syrupy Disney song?It's blarney.
    4)"Nella Fantasia" The original in "The Mission" is a tearjerker.This version is perfect to accompany shopping.
    5)The "Ashoken Farewell" from Ken Burns' "Civil War" makes this album practically shout,"We're a PBS speshul!"

    The only covers that work are "Ave Maria","Harry's Game" and "Danny Boy." If you like ORIGINAL Celtic music (or even Celtic New Agey music),go for Enya's first four albums&Clannad instead....more info
  • Celtic Woman--Great Music
    I thoroughly enjoyed this CD. I enjoyed it so much I bought another to give to a friend. The music is just fantastic....more info
  • Outstanding collection of songs!
    I purchased this on a whim while in Iraq just before St. Patrick's day. Now I wake to this wonderful collection of music every morning! ...more info
  • Beautiful music
    My wife and 4-year old daughter love this music, too. We've been to see the group in concert - well worth the money....more info
  • Love these girls!
    Their voices are so pure, so angelic. I am completely mesmerized when I hear them sing! ...more info
  • An Enchanting Sound:
    The enchanting celtic sound flows perfectly from each song in this album: Some are up-beat and lively, and some are slow and solemn - but each song captures the essence of the celtic spirit. The soloists differ greatly in individual style and ability, yet each performs their own song with a sound that makes you think, "Perfect" in every sense of the word. If you love celtic music or light classical, you will love this album.

    Nella Fantasia is a classic, and the young singer's control and placement on the climatic note is particularly admirable. Siulil A Run is a favorite of mine: the parts in Gaelic are simply amazing, and the rhythm feels much like rain. You Raise Me Up is another favorite of mine. The truly celtic element adds much to this song when compared to other popular renditions. The Soft Goodbye and Someday are both very moving pieces that are hard to forget, but, honestly, all the songs are equally intriguing and beautiful.

    As best as it can be described, the music is open and spacious, mystical and enchanting, relaxing yet invigorating... simply put, beautiful....more info
  • celtic music
    I am sceptic of what people call celtic music today but this cd of celtic woman brings out the true celt in us all.If you enjoy the sounds of the celtic artist Enya then you will enjoy this cd....more info
  • Celtic Woman
    Less Anglican music than "A New Journey"...enjoy their voices very much...great vocal range and very clear...more info
  • Angelic sounds
    This album, in short, is a great conglomeration of different Irish music and instruments native to the land. The voices of these ladies can only be compared to angels and the sweet, soft vibrato of their harmonic sounds blend so well together!...more info


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