T3 Cuatro Pelos Tourmaline Paddle Brush #83611

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  • T3 Tourmaline Brushes Combine Tourmaline infused bristles with a ceramic barrel to create the ideal tool for smoothing, shining and polishing. Lightweight, advanced results.
Customer Reviews:
  • T3 Cuatro Pelos Tourmaline Paddle Brush
    A really hard to find A-List item that lives up to and compliments the T3 Tourmaline line.
    A Perfect paddle brush for backstage work or putting hair up, smoothing it back or for a little more grip than the regular paddle brush during blow drying for extra smoothing power on not so straight hair.
    Works in conjunction with the T3 Bespoke Labs Dryers: Evolution & Featherweight.
    The dryers activate the infused Tourmaline in the brushes for extra dose of Tourmaline powered hair smoothing Negative Ions.
    I and some of my Editorial Stylist friends at first had thought possibly the whole T3 thing was just a bunch of Hype like the GHD line of products which are huge in the UK.
    We found GHD to be cheaply made, unfortunately don't hold up to backstage work, aren't really definable or special in any way and rely heavily on their
    "Resurrection" Multi Million Dollar Ad Campaign but fall seriously short on performance....
    We were pleasantly surprised!
    Once you either power up one of the Bespoke T3 dryers or use one of the amazing T3 Duality irons you can see and feel the difference immediately and will be a devoted fan for life, as well as a T3 addict and have to have everything they make!- LOL ; )
    Get this Quatro Pelos (4 bristle/hair) along with the regular T3 paddle and you will be set. ...more info