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Product Description

The Valeo 55 cm balance/body ball makes a great addition to your everyday workout routine to improve strength and posture. It can be used for a wide range of functions, from a desk chair to an apparatus for your weight training routine. The design provides a low-impact method for working on Ab and lower body strengthening and toning exercises. The 55cm model is designed for people 4'11" to 5'3" tall. Each box includes a wall chart illustrating step-by-step exercise program and a high volume air pump.

Strengthen your core, improve your posture, and enjoy your exercise routine with the Valeo 55-Centimeter Body Ball. The ball comes with a wall chart illustrating a step-by-step exercise program for easy learning and with a high-volume air pump so it is easy to inflate and deflate the ball. Whether you use your body ball for specific exercises, as a desk chair alternative, or for stretching, you are sure to enjoy the high-quality construction and great performance of the Valeo Body Ball.

When used with specific exercises, body balls can help develop your core strength, balance, and coordination. Body balls can stimulate healthy muscle growth, develop agility, and increase your flexibility so your muscles and joints remain functional and safe from injury. With exercises as simple as sitting on the ball and bouncing lightly, core strength is developed as your body must continually find and maintain balance. Body balls also help you find and maintain a neutral lumbar spine position, helping to ease lower-back pain and develop better posture. From merely sitting on the ball, to following the step-by-step exercises on the illustrated chart, the Valeo Body Ball will become an integral part of your fitness routine.

Designed to be used by individuals from 4-feet, 11-inches to 5-feet, 3-inches tall, the durable ball has a 55-centimeter diameter. The ball is easy to inflate and deflate with the included air pump for storage and portability. The ball is easy to clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Valeo has been developing fitness products of uncompromising quality and value since 1988, and the 55-Centimeter Body Ball Kit is no exception to this standard.

How to Size a Body Ball for Your Height

  • General height guidelines: Match the ball to your height--the taller you are, the bigger the exercise ball. Here are some loose guidelines:
  • 55 centimeter ball: 4 feet, 11 inches to 5 feet 3 inches
  • 65 centimeter ball: 5 feet, 4 inches to 5 feet 10 inches
  • 75 centimeter ball: 5 feet 11 inches and up
  • Follow the 90-degree rule: When you are seated on the ball with your feet flat on the floor, your hips and knees should form a 90 degree angle with one another.
  • Consider your own body and how you intend to use the ball: If you are near a height division, consider the length of your legs, as well as how you plan to use the ball. For example, if you intend to exercise while standing up or lying on your back, the smaller ball may work better, while the larger ball may work better for sitting on the it.

    What's in the Box?
    Valeo 55-centimeter body ball, wall chart, air pump

  • Features:
    • Valeo 55 Centimeter Body Ball comes with a wall chart illustrating a step-by-step exercise program and a high-volume air pump
    • 55-centimeter model is the optimum size for users 4-feet, 11-inches to 5-feet, 3-inches tall
    • Ball provides a low-impact and highly effective method for strengthening your core abdominal and lower back muscles
    • Ball offers a wide range of functions: desk chair, training ball, and baby bouncer
    • Sturdy rubber ball cleans easily and is stable for exercises

    Customer Reviews:

    • Dog Proof Fun
      I have a border collie and a 2 year old boy. Both love playing with balls. The border collie will play with the boy, but has chewed up literally hundreds of balls. We belong to a health club that has large exercise balls and our boy loves to play with them. This gave me the idea that maybe this ball would hold up to both the boy and the dog. Sure enough, the boy kicks the ball to the dog and the dog noses it back. Since the ball is too big for the dog to bite, it is holding up to thier play. The ball is taller than either the dog or the boy, so it is entertaining to watch them play catch with this big ball. ...more info
    • Good, but not right size
      Good product. It does what it is meant to, but I am 5'11" and it is a perfect size for me. It is advertised as for people much taller then me. This would be much too small for them. Only complaint is that when you use the pump to inflate it, it makes a really high pitch noise. But that is only minor because it really does not take long to blow up....more info
    • I love my big red ball!
      I love my big red ball so much, I got one for my brother.
      It's sturdy, BIG, comes with it's own pump and it's red. Yay!
      ...more info
    • Disappointed
      This Valeo Body Ball(blue) was used by my daughter who weighs less than 100 pounds. She takes an acrobatic class and used the ball to help her excercise and stretch. The ball began to deflate after less than a week of use. We are going to try to inflate it again but would not recommend this item....more info
    • Professional Quality, comes with pump, Nice!
      Is a professional quality ball, works good. It comes with a pump and a sizing band so you can and know how to properly inflate it (which by the way was also a good cardio exercise.)...more info
    • ball is good, pump is not
      no complaints about the ball itself, but the airpump leaks-- i had to borrow my friend's to pump it up. ...more info
    • It works as a chair for me.
      It works well. Its good for a chair which is what I bought it for. The tape it comes with was too big. It never got tight around the ball. ...more info
    • Gma Darling
      I'm 5' 8" and I think the ball is too big for me. I'm scared to do the exercises where I need to lay across the ball. Otherwise I love doing exercises on the ball....more info
    • The ball
      The ball it self is great it is the pump I found not so great. It is very hard to use and it fell apart many times. The ball could use something to stop the air from coming out after you have filled it. But the ball is great. ...more info
    • great product
      I use this ball for my 4 month old baby and it does the job great. No complaints at this point....more info
    • valeo fitness ball
      I love the ball. My only issue with the ball is that I probably should have gotten the larger ball even though the 65 cm ball is made for my hieght (5'9") I find that since I am larger and lovelier weight wise the 75cm ball would have given me a bit more height during my workouts putting less strain on my knees and neck when doing crunches. ...more info
    • Too small for me; go up a size if you're on the line
      I wasn't sure which size to buy; the description advised a 55 cm ball for 5'1" to 5'3" and a 65 cm for 5'4" to 5'7" or something. I'm on the borderline at 5'3 1/2"-ish, but I ordered the 55 cm because I didn't want it to be hard to maneuver doing leg work. I should have ordered the next size up. My fiance (who is a physical therapist aid and inflates these balls all the time at work) inflated it for me and when I sit on the ball I am too low to the ground to do crunches or anything (my thighs are not parallel to the ground so my butt is too low and I slide right off). I weigh 115 lbs. so I know I am not too heavy for the ball. Ladies, if you're on the line, go up a size! ...more info
    • Toxic smell!
      I can't speak for the functionality of the ball because as soon as I took it out of the box the plastic smell made me sick; just try opening a new shower curtain liner and multiply that smell by 10. My intuition also tells me that anything that reeks like this is toxic to inhale. I left it out for 3 weeks, even washed it but to no avail. Anyone sensitive to toxic chemicals or plastics should steer clear of this one.
      Nu-Source has a similar body ball that doesn't stink. If you have the same reaction to the Valeo plastic I recommend you try the Nu-Source instead.You can find it on info
    • Not Burst Resistant
      I didn't realize this wasn't burst resistant like several others I have ordered when I ordered it. It is clearly thinner than the burst resistant versions and a little scary to use for that reason.
      It was my fault for not realizing that "burst resistant" was not part of the description for this ball. Although really I don't even know why they sell this type. The burst resistant balls are not significantly more expensive, but they do provide significant piece of mind.
      I will use this ball as a desk chair, but I will not use it as a part of any workout.
      ...more info
    • size matters
      Like other people I bought this ball expecting it to be 75 cm in circumference, but it did not inflate to the full size. I purchased mine brand new on ebay for much cheaper and it came in an amazon box.... hmmm... You might save a few $$ if you go there (metroplextrading). I will be trying it at my desk to help with posture and the pain of sitting at a computer for my full time job. I also plan to use it on breaks to do quick exercises. One nice feature that was included was a chart giving examples of various exercises that could be done with this ball. ...more info
    • awesome
      no review at this point, but I have to say the ball has been giving a great satisfaction on my idea to loose some wait.
      thx...more info
    • ball split into two equal sized pieces
      I enjoyed the ball for about three weeks, but I discovered it split in two pieces one day for no known reason. I plan to get another, but not this brand....more info
    • Valeo Body Ball
      Exactly what they described! I love this ball. Its great when you want to get a quick stretch or a good work out. Plus you can multi task, use it as a chair at the computer and you can burn while you type!
      Pumping the ball up alone is a good work out....more info
    • Excellent, sturdy 75cm ball and good price too!
      I am very pleased with my ball. It does inflate to 75 cm even though it doesn't look like it will inflate to that size. Fortunately, I have access to a compressor with an air hose, so I inflated my ball-in a few seconds to the correct size using the air hose and the piece of plastic they included as a guide. It's perfect! I actually deflated it just a touch so it would be softer because it is quite firm when inflated correctly. It's also much sturdier than I expected. I use mine for back stretches, back-bend style mostly. It's big enough to give a nice gentle stretch and I must say that my back is definitely feeling better and my posture has improved. I would definitely recommend it. ...more info
    • Great workout ball
      I purchased this ball initially to do pilates on the ball. It comes with a poster that explains several exercises and stretches that you can do on the ball. Its sturdy, and is a pretty pearl color. The pump is not that great - takes a lot of time and will come out of the ball if you're not careful, so we used a different pump. The ball itself is great and at a good price. ...more info
    • Great
      Make sure you get the right size! Remmeber that the actual size will be lower once you sit on it. This ball comes with clear instructions and a punp which is great!...more info
    • Great Ball!
      I love this ball! I find that I have to pump it back up after a month or so, but maybe it's just how it's supposed to work? I really enjoy this ball paired with Gaiam's Balance Ball DVD. Great workout for the core!...more info
    • Very pleased!
      I am so happy with this ball! It is just as nice as the ones used in physical therapy. It came in a box with a little pump, directions, measuring tape and a color poster of illustrated exercises. I was a little nervous about pumping it up, but it didn't require a lot of strength to do it so the pump was great in that way. The pump is not heavy duty, and a couple times the tubing popped out of position, but it was very easy to pop it back in. The measuring tape helped to make sure that I did not over-inflate it. The ball itself is well-made and I am not at all afraid of sitting on it. Believe me, I would be afraid of falling if it didn't seem secure! It came with an extra plug, in case I ever have to replace it. The poster is really nice and gave me extra ideas for ways to exercise. I wasn't expecting that so it is a nice bonus. The price is also right- it was cheaper than another brand that is carried locally, and that one doesn't come with the poster. Since the product is the ball and not the pump, it is highly recommended. ...more info
    • Exercise Ball
      Good sturdy product with a great wall chart for doing exercises. A bit difficult to inflate to the proper size. Directions for that part were not clear....more info
    • Only good for small people!
      This is a decent ball, but not if you're over 150lbs. The rubber is thinner than some other companies (like Gymnic), so the ball tends to flatten out when you're using it, giving very little resistance. I have a Gymnic ball as well, which holds shape beautifully, and I'd recommend that. ...more info
    • Birth ball
      I bought this to use as a birth ball. I haven't given birth yet, so I can't attest to how much it helps with that, but I can say that I love sitting on it right now. Being 35 wks pregnant, my back hurts a lot. Sitting on this ball instead of a conventional chair seems to help a lot. I even sit on it at the computer desk sometimes....more info
    • Fabulous Ball
      I have been working out using a ball since the birth of my daughter almost two years ago. What I didn't realize was that I was using the wrong size. I am 6'0'' tall and have been using the smaller sized ball the whole time. At any rate, I ordered this one, and am VERY pleased. It gives a great workout and seems to hold air quite well.. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is that pumping it such a pain! I worked on it, and my husband and son both stepped in and it still took forever.. But, as far as that goes, it can't really be helped.. Overall, it is a great product!...more info
    • exercise ball
      I bought this to stretch the muscles in my back. It seems to be doing the trick. I have problems with tight back muscles....more info
    • love the ball hate the pump
      I love the ball. It is a great size and color and works very well. The pump is terrible. I spent an hour attempting to pump up the ball with very little success and eventually gave up getting my Facilities Department to pump it for me with an air compressor. However, I am now sitting on the ball at work and loving it :)...more info
    • order this if you are short
      only order this if you are less than 5'3" which i am - it is actually a bit too small for me altho i can use it ok for my purposes - my grandson inflated it easily with the foot pump sent with the ball - good strength and texture...more info
    • Good buy!
      Good product for a fairly standard price. This was delivered within a reasonable amount of time and came with easy, straightforward instructions for inflating. ...more info
    • Cheap plastic inflator breaks! The ball isn't any good if you can't inflate it!
      I purchased this ball about 6 months ago. It took FOREVER to inflate it with the manual inflator they provide. Even with the use of an automatic air pump (which there is no adaption for on this ball), it took forever and I eventually had to go back to using the manual inflator, which, by the way, is not efficient because it requires you to give short quick bursts of air either by hand-squeezing or stepping on it. After I inflated the ball to full capacity it leaked some air out over time, but it was still usable.

      Then after some time I deflated the ball so I could pack it up when I moved. I just got the ball out again and tried to inflate it with the manual inflator provided. Well the inflator broke because it is made of thin cheap plastic. And since the ball does not have an adaptor for either a bicycle pump or automatic inflator, I have no way of inflating this ball again! What a bummer.

      I have a feeling that a lot of people giving such high reviews have only had the ball for a short time. Yes, it is a good ball once you get it inflated, but be prepared for the inflator to break. I highly suggest finding an exercise ball that either has a sturdier inflator or can be adapted to be used with a bicycle pump or automatic inflator. ...more info
    • Stability Balls
      We like the prodcut, but two of the twenty six popped the minute we blew them up. We have several we have not blown up and I'm nervous they will pop too. I'm sending the two back as I believe they are defective. The other are working out nicely....more info
    • The right ball...the wrong color!
      I ordered this product and no where did I see anything but a blue ball. I wanted the blue one. Hey, if it's going to be in my living room for daily exercise use...I wanna like the color. It's BRIGHT RED! So I'm keeping it, but my face is just as red as the ball!...more info
    • It's a well made ball!
      The ball is great once you blow it up.
      The pump that comes with the ball is nearly 100% useless. I went to the gas station and blew up it no sweat! If you have an air compressor at your home it should be a breeze.....
      ...more info
    • Firm and easily used
      I bought this ball and it was really nice. It had a chart for some exercises with the ball and a band to reach the desired and right size of the ball. The bump is simple and easily attached.
      The size (55 cm) fits my length (5.1) as recommended....more info
    • A cheap alternative to a therapy ball.
      My son suffered a brain injury and requires ongoing therapy, alot of which we do at home. An average therapy ball cost upward of $70. This exercise ball fit the bill at a fraction of the cost. We use it for stretchings, balance work, weight bearing, and simple play. A welcome find. Child is 3' 4", 48lbs. Works great as a therapy ball for his size and weight. Can not vouche for its intended use as an exercise ball for an adult, as I have not employed it in that fashion, though I can say it has held me and my child in a seated bounce (approx. 225lbs)....more info
    • Valeo Body Ball
      Product was received with a broken connection on the inflation deviseValeo Body Ball (75 cm)...more info
    • good value
      good for the cost. haven't used it much, but it works just as well as the one I use at my gym. recommended....more info
    • It does it's job.
      I bought this ball to use as a replacement chair for work. The normal work chairs aren't very comfortable.

      The ball itself is well constructed. The plastic is thick and I don't have to worry about it getting punctured. The only problem I have with the ball is can become a static cling and everything sticks to it.

      The device that came with the ball to blow it up is a nuisance. If I had an actual air-pump at work, I would have used that instead. It takes forever to blow up a 75cm ball with the included pump. It also made this high-pitch whine from the air passing into the ball. After I was done blowing the ball up after I got it, the tube that you use between the ball and the pump broke. Needless to say, the quality isn't the greatest.

      However, the ball gets the job done and the price is fair....more info
    • Great exercise ball!
      We purchased this ball to assist with ab workouts; I did my research and read tons of reviews on many other exercise balls and this was a great purchase. I probably should have gotten a smaller one since I'm 5'3", but the size does not seem to be a problem because my workouts are just as effective! My boyfriend is 5'9" and it works perfectly for him. Although the inflating did take some time, we had no problems with the pump and the ball has maintained it's shape and is very sturdy. I'm very satisfied and recommend this ball!...more info
    • Good, but the pump sucks!
      The ball works well and the included measuring tape and basic exercise chart are nice added touches, but the included pump sucks. It broke after my first use! A bicycle pump would probably make a nice replacement, but I'm rather disappointed by that kind of shoddy workmanship. ...more info
    • Professional Quality!
      After using an exercise ball (for the first time) during physical therapy treatment for back pain, I decided to buy one for home use.
      This Valeo ball is of the same quality as the professional brand used by therapists. It's sturdy, stable and has the flex-factor to accomodate different body weights.
      Be sure to select correct cm size for your height when purchasing.
      The package comes with an air pump and measuring tape to ensure proper inflation.
      I highly recommend! ...more info
    • good for core strengthening
      You can blow the ball up bigger than it looks like it can hold. USE THE MEASURING TAPE -- it's okay! :) It won't work well if it's softer than it should be. Good buy --cheap, ships fast, works well. The air pump, the measuring tape and an exercise chart are included. ...more info
    • Big Ball for big man
      I'm 6'5" and 275 lbs and this ball has no problem holding me up through my exercise routine. Works very well will little medicine balls sold by same company. The pump was a workout in itself and if the ball bursts, who cares, it was ten bucks! I'll just get another one. Overall, I really like it, and it does wonders for my back!...more info
    • I love this ball.
      The ball was perfect for my height 5'0. The pump was easy to use. This ball is just a joy to exercise with. And if you want ideas, YouTube has a lot of free videos with the ball. Can I say that on here? Anyway... Good ball!!!...more info
    • makes a good desk chair!
      I bought this ball to sit on at work. Now everyone knows I'm on the ball. It's good- keeps me from slouching too much, and is pretty comfy on the tuchus. I probably don't have it inflated all the way, but I like it the way it is. The one thing I didn't love about it is that the pump thingy it comes with doesn't seem all that efficient. But whatever, pump it once, and you're done except for occasional touch-ups (pump-ups?).

      In case the sizing matters, I'm 5'10" and I don't think a smaller ball would have been good. I thought about getting the 65 cm, but was deterred by the Amazon ratings....more info


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