Valeo Dual Ab Wheel

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Two non-skid wheels for stability and durability. Cushioned rubber foam grips for comfort. 1" spacer between wheels for added stability. Strengthen and tone abs, shoulders, arms and back.

Valeo's Dual Ab Wheel is ideal for anyone looking to strengthen and tone their abs, shoulders, arms, and back. It features two wheels for added stability and comfortable plastic grips. Assembly instructions are included.

About Valeo
Valeo introduced its very first product--the original Classic Belt--in 1988. Today, the company builds on that solid reputation by continuing to develop and deliver products of uncompromising quality and value. Valeo offers an extensive line of both fitness and workplace safety accessories to help you perform your best. From back supports to jump ropes, Valeo is your source for all of your wellness needs.

  • Helps to strengthen and tone abs, shoulders, arms, and back
  • Plastic handles provide a comfortable grip
  • Features two wheels for added stability
  • Assembly instructions are included in the package

Customer Reviews:

  • AB Workout
    This machine really works your Abs. At first, you will have some back pain, but after that everything is okay!...more info
  • Great product, Even better price
    Someone told me about the Torso Track II. When I went looking for it, I couldn't find it anywhere, besides...ugh...ebay. I started wondering if there was a reason they cannot be found anymore, but have yet to find one. However, while looking, I stumbled across this magnificent ab wheel! 1/10 of the price and does the same job. Many people had issues with the handles not fitting, but I read the reviews before I purchased it. And, therefore, had absolutely no problem with that.

    If you aren't working your back and arms, start off doing a few a day and work up to more.

    Pay attention to your balance. I recommend using it against a wall or other sturdy object, to prevent you from going to far and straining yourself or falling over.

    Also, make sure to use your lower back, do not let it dip or you will wind up hurting yourself.

    I starting using this for lower back problems, which have gone away almost completely. Even my chiropractor approves!...more info
  • Excelente!!!
    Es una herramienta facil y util a la hora de ejercitar las abdominales, funciona a la perfeccion. Y en poco tiempo veras los resultados....more info
  • Not the best tool for the job
    I got it today. Its a real hassle to assemble, I was very persistent and managed to put it together in a concentrated effort. It actually may be impossible for some users to assemble.
    The rubber tubes providing hand support and hold the central wheels in place are very difficult to put on. Also the central wheels are a little shaky since there is nothing really to hold them in place and their base is not very wide. This is a very strange design choice. I have seen other products that worked much better.
    Other then that it seems to be working ok....more info
  • Nice complement to the push-up.
    It's recently been bumped up a dollar or two in price but is still a decent value, as Amazon consumers have attested by making the Valeo wheel the #1 seller in the category of sports equipment. Obviously the word is out about the superior quality of this particular wheel, since Amazon carries many other, comparably priced ab rollers made by various manufacturers. The device is not as heavy and rugged as it may appear in the photos, and it requires 5-10 minutes assembly time. But it's sufficiently durable and free-rolling to be effective at its main task of "torso toning." I doubt that it's any more effective than properly performed push-ups, but it's a welcome variation on that tedious routine. Use the Valeo wheel at home or in a dorm room or just about any place where it's impractical to keep weights or a Bowflex machine. And be realistic in your expectations, regarding it more as a complement to, or variation on, rather than a replacement for the push-up. (Save the push-ups for the times when your traveling and living out of a suitcase or flight bag.)

    The instructions for assembly and use could be clearer, larger in font size, and more thorough about technique and exercise time, but I doubt any of that will matter once the device is ready to roll. Like many exercise gadgets, it's likely eventually to make its way to the attic or the most remote corner of a closet, but the cost of the item still makes it easy to claim that it's paid for itself....more info
  • Works well, but largely unnecessary
    This device certainly gives a good muscle burn, and actually works the lower back more than the abdominals. This is something to consider if you have back problems.

    Now, while this device IS indeed effective at what it does, after having used it, (with other abdominal exercises,) for a number of months, I can say that a good number of bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, and plank exercises will just as effectively work your abdominal muscles, for free.

    To get the flat tummy we all want, I am afraid no machine is going to be a magic bullet, (since you cannot spot-reduce,) and this is one more example of that.
    ...more info
  • Defective by design
    It was really hard to assemble. The handle cover was too tight and would not come in. ...more info
  • Abs are definitely tighter
    This ab wheel does the job. Not sure how the results will be several months down the line but after 5 weeks of use I've definitely noticed a difference. Both my arms and stomach are tighter and harder. A great piece of equipment considereing its size, portablility and effectiveness....more info
  • Great Ab tightener
    This works well if you stay with it and are patient. Don't overdue it at the beginning or you will be really sore....more info
  • Worked exactly as advertised
    I wanted something that I wouldn't have to invest time in setting up, would not fall apart, and would work well. This did all of the above. I put it together in 2 seconds, everything was a breeze, and it works well. Great product for what I was looking for....more info
  • Hard to put handle on
    In theory it is a great product and I am still able to use it. When you assemble it you have to slide the second handle on to metal bar to hold the wheels in place (it is similar to a rubber bike handle on an old school huffy). It is very hard to slide on all the way. My handle hangs off the bar by about an inch so this causes the wheels to shift position, not a huge deal, but would be better if it assembled properly....more info
  • Inexpensive but not so comfortable
    The handles are made of very hard plastic which will leave marks in your hand if you don't hold it right. Besides that, however, the construction is sturdy, it doesn't wobble when you use it and it certainly does work your abs. It was inexpensive too. ...more info
  • Ok for cheap wheels
    The quality isn't so great on this product. I was 1/2 an hour late to work today because I was trying to learn how to use it. It's pretty much the worst unicycle I've ever had and almost impossible to ride....more info
  • Excellent
    This is an excellent ab wheel, but how something this simple can be screwed up is beyond me. It comes with directions, but all one has to do is look at the parts, it's amazingly simple to put together. Not to mention it gives an amazing abdominal workout....more info
  • Shmeh
    Well, it's cheap simple, and doesn't take up very much room, but I haven't found it to be as effective as just a 10 minute pillates ab routine. So, shmeh- It's fine I guess. Yeah. It's fine. ...more info
  • This is a nice addition to a home gym.
    Inexpensive and challenging, but not the only thing one should do to improve abs. However, it is priced right and sturdy! Good buy!...more info
  • It works, but you've got to use it.
    I have a similar two-wheel roller, purchased back in the 1960's for about the same cost -- wheels a tad wider, but that doesn't affect how it works. This is a great aid for strengthening and toning back, abdomen, arms, and thighs, as you get down on your knees and roll the unit back and forth -- and you decide just how far back and forth you can go comfortably -- you still get the benefits. (And if you find yourself lying on the floor, it just means you went too far forward -- lighten up a little!)

    P.S.: yes, my old one still works beautifully after 40-odd years, and this one should last years too.

    ...more info
  • Pretty Good Workout
    Honestly I was surprised at the crappy quality of this thing; the only thing holding the wheels in place is the rubber handle, so it's a little floppy. It serves its purpose though, I guess.

    The workout it provides is pretty good. Got this thing today, did a few sets with it, and can definitely feel it in my abs, though you have to watch your form carefully as it's easy to arch your back.

    Works the shoulders and arms pretty hard, too....more info
  • Ab Wheel....
    Bought this program after reading one of those "Get 6-pack" stuff online. And it gives a nice workout! Heard about it...wasn't too sure about it but it's worth it! As a person who works out regularly i recommend this equipment for any1. Easy to assemble! Have fun..hope this helped......more info
  • Definitely works, be patient & do it right
    Best exercise for tighter abs. Using it for 4 weeks now and definitely seeing the improvement in my abs.

    Ease of Install: Very easy & quick. Don't know why other reviewers said it is difficult. Maybe there was some problem years ago. The instructions ask to use some oil on the steel rod before slipping on the handles.

    Posture: Make sure you are using it in right posture per the instructions provided on the small paper inside the box. This is very necessary if you want to see an impact. Pay attention to the DOs & DONTs. I wish Valeo had provided these instructions on a bigger size paper & in a more readable text size & font.

    Exercise: The key is to stop for a second or two in fully stretched posture in order to work the abs. It might be difficult initially, but you will surely get there in a week or two.

    Mythbuster: Using ab-wheel only will not result in a 6 pack or flat abs as seen on the models on the box. You need to do cardio to burn the fat. Ab-wheel will work on the abs internally and make them tight. One health coach told me that your abs become visible when your BMI is less than 8%. I am not there yet, but working on it. Hope you get there soon.

    ...more info
  • Gets the job done...
    Assembly is a real work out my gosh i had to spray the handle with wd40 to get the foam grip on... my gosh it was difficult to put on... but after thats over its a pretty good concept... the workout does seem promising based on after effects... the wheel is a bit shaky but that can be dealt with... overall an okay buy......more info
  • Caution required, but does the job
    While I was hesitant due to the less than stellar reviews on here, I thought I'd try it. Assembly is the worst part of this product. I got a tremendous hand work-out trying to get the handle on in order to secure the wheels in place. Took a good 30 to 40 minutes of constant pressuring it on, millimeter by millimeter. Once it was on and I used it, I was amazed. I feel a difference after doing just 10 or 20 "rolling motions" back and forth. You do have to be careful of your back when extending too far forward, but this does a great job of toning the abs and arms. The Valeo white label on the handle should be better placed. After wrenching the handle on and using the piece, it continues to wear off quickly in your hand. Other than those challenges, I actually really like this alternative to the boring sit-up....more info
  • Gives a Great Ab Exercise
    I didn't have any problems putting it together mainly because I read the reviews here at Amazon before purchasing one and saw a review where someone used a small amount of petroleum jelly to help the grip slide in.
    The wheels may seem a bit shaky but, when its being used and your weight is on it, it'll do its job. And don't worry the wheels won't slide off the sides.
    I didn't have any experiences using an ab wheel before so at first I was wondering why a lot of people would have difficulty with this device when it seemed like a simple enough exercise. I was completely wrong! At first, It was really hard to do those full extensions and I could feel my abs burning (which for me, is a good sign which means its getting worked out pretty good) and I felt my back being toned too.
    Overall, it does its job well. And its an exercise piece that's small enough to store easily and its absolutely worth the money. Its a great buy!...more info
  • Best ab workout I've ever tried
    I've tried all kinds of machines at the gym and of course sit-ups and crunches from practically every position available, but this is hands down the best ab workout I've ever found. My old gym used to have a couple, and they were almost always in use because people loved them so much. This particular model is a cinch to assemble - just use a dab of hand lotion to slide the grips on snugly like the instructions suggest. That's all there is to it. I can already tell my abs are going to be sore in a day or two, which is a surefire sign that I got a great exercise. Sometimes the best solution really is the simplest one!...more info
  • Not for a Novice
    I wanted to find a challenging (yet innexpensive) piece of equipment to work on my abs. This wheel works very well and gives you a challening work out. As with all work out equipment, follow the instructions carefully to prevent injury.

    I was a little worried after reading other people's reviews that it would be difficult to put the handles on, but I had no problem with this. The company must have listend to your comments and added extra lube to make the handle grips go on smoothly.

    Over all, I find this to be a great product. ...more info


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