HELEN OF TROY Regular 3/4 inch Professional Brush Curling Iron with Ergonomic Handle for All Hair Lengths (Model: 1511N)

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Product Description

This quality Helen of Troy professional appliance has been designed and tested for performance, durability and handling ease. Creates smooth, curls and waves.Features:- Regular 3/4 inch Barrel for Adding Volume and Body- Cool Tip for Styling Control- Lifetime Heating Element- Strip Bristle Design ensures Fast Heating for Long-Lasting Results- Pilot Light- Ergonomic Handle- High/Low Heat Settings for All Hair Types- Solid State Circuitry- Extra Long, Tangle Proof Swivel Cord

  • Regular 3/4 inch Barrel for Adding Volume and Body
  • Strip Bristle Design ensures Fast Heating for Long-Lasting Results
  • Lifetime Heating Element
  • High/Low Heat Settings for All Hair Types
  • Extra-Long, Tangle-Proof Swivel Cord
Customer Reviews:
    I paid $16.95 for the item then $8.69 for shipping, total $25.64 which maybe would not of been so bad if the item was worth it. But it is not.. I wanted the Gallery Series Professional Brush Iron model no. 1711N but it seems HELEN OF TROY stop making the gallery series ones. Well that was a big mistake for them !! The lady that does my hair is not pleased at all either. As a matter of fact they all where not pleased down there. They are the ones that got me using the Gallery Series products { iron and brush } and for the first time I could use a curling brush on my hair and the curl would stay !!! Never before in 53 years !! So the one I ordered does not get as HOT and there for the cruel does not stay .. SO IF ANY ONE KNOWS WHERE I CAN FIND THE GOOD ONE [ GALLERY SERIES ] 3/4" size please let me no. And if you have fine hair like I do, don't waste your money!! My hair dresser can get it to do good either, so no its just not me !! oH AND YES THEY WHERE PRICED THE SAME TO..

  • Excellent product !
    Great curling brush iron - the best quality one I've ever used. I have tried several brands over the years because I really like these as a styling tool. This is by far the best quality one around. I have several sizes for different parts of my hair and to use for different looks....more info
  • Works well as a backup
    I got this for my Mom and she likes it to use as a backup. It was very cheap....more info
  • Great Performance
    This curling brush is great for fine and/or thin hair. It gets hot enough to do the job, but not so hot that it would burn your hair. The tip only gets warm, not so hot that you'd burn your fingers while guiding it. My only suggestion for any improvement would be to make the cord a bit longer. It also is very easy to clean; if you turn the tip, you can slide out the individual brush strips (one at a time) to enable you to wash those. I would not recommend doing anything other than wiping down the metal shaft with a moistened (not wet) cloth. Of course, make sure it is cold and unplugged when you do this!...more info
  • curling brush
    I like the Helen of Troy curling brush very much. It is very hard to find curling brushes in the stores in the sizes I use. The only problem I have with them is that the tip of them get very hot. Other brands that I have used were cool to the touch....more info