Jane Fonda Collection: The Complete Workout & Stress Reduction Program

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Two of Jane Fonda's popular VHS programs all on 1 DVD! Program includes Jane Fonda's Complete Workout and Jane Fonda's Stress Reduction.Running Time: 131 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre:?HEALTH/FITNESS UPC:?085365503625

Customer Reviews:

  • dated but fun workout
    the outfits and hairstyles are scary in this DVD . but the workout is great....more info
  • Total body workout
    GOod Video. Really worksyour complete body. The stress reduction program is alo very good for the days you want to minimize the workout and reduce stress. Overall good just need to get the steps and might take two to three attempts before you get it. But It's Fun ...more info
  • Not what I wanted-- but not that bad
    I was looking for a different Jane Fonda workout...but this one is kind of fun, actually it has two separate workouts on it and the price wasn't that bad. To be perfectly honest it is worth its price just to see the outfits and hair from the 80s!!

    I don't see why they don't put all of her old videos on DVD....more info
  • Jane fonda rocks!
    Wonderful dvd...Now i can exercise with jane fonda and throw away my dusty video version!...more info
  • Reliable workouts for all ages
    I've owned (and worn out) many Jane Fonda workouts over the years. The Complete Workout/Stress Reduction and Personal Trainer series are now both out on DVD and I rely on them. Because I'm "a little older now," I particularly enjoy the Light Aerobic and Stress Reduction routines on this DVD: low-impact aerobics and stretches. Easy on the joints, etc., but not boring. The Personal Trainer series also has excellent low-impact and stretch routines. I recommend both DVDs....more info
  • Too much or not enough...
    I recently purchased this to add variety to my exercise DVDs. After I talked myself passed the cartoon looking characters, I found that the high intensity option was too much jumping for this 54 year old. The low intensity option, however, didn't even raise my pulse. I was frustrated that I wasted a perfectly good hour, set aside for exercising, on this DVD. ...more info
  • Oldie but Goodie
    I've done this every morning for nearly 20 years. Now I multi-task i.e. I do the workout while I watch the morning news. It wakes me up, keeps the weight off and leaves me feeling great. I imported it to my i-pod and take it everywhere-even to the park at lunch!...more info
  • This DVD is Great!
    This DVD is a replacement for a VHS I had of one of Jane's workouts. This one has TWO workouts and is exactly what I need to get going on my goal of trimming 10 pounds. Even better - With this DVD I have the option to choose how strenuously I want to workout on any given day. Check it out for yourself!...more info
  • Oldies, but goodies
    I was so thrilled to see this on DVD finally. So, naturually I just had to by it. I had a lot of Jane Fonda's work outs on VHS years ago and finally the tapes snapped one by one because of being so old and worn. I looked for them on DVD, but didn't find any until recently.

    After doing the DVD, I still absolutely love these workouts. They're a little corny, but they're fun, effective, and you really get a good workout. At the same time you're not so exhausted that you can't stand up by the end. I felt energized and strong after. Of course, it's funny to see how styles have changes, i.e. the HUGE hair and some of the outfits and accessories. So, I got a good chuckle along with a good work out. :)...more info
  • Oldie but a goodie
    I used to own this tape but wore it out and was delighted to find it in dvd format. I've tried countless other videos by such outfits such as Crunch, Self, The Firm, Samba Party, and Billy Blanks and find that Jane is still the queen. She provides a variety of routines and fitness levels from which to work and she's clear and concise. However, I think it's just her constant nudging to get better, instead of the yelling or cheering in your face, that really sets her apart. She challenges you and yet lets you know that it's all right if you're not quite there yet--don't worry, you'll get there. I whole-heartedly recommend this dvd as well as Jane Fonda Collection: Complete Personal Trainer Series - Low Impact Aerobics and Stretch; Abs, Buns & Thighs; Total Body Sculpting. They truly will be a great addition to any fitness library!...more info
  • so glad this is finally on DVD!!
    I have used this video for many years and still think it is the best on the market for a complete body workout. You get quick complete instruction during the aerobics part - which foot is moving next and in which direction, etc. There is no jerking and the tempo is just right. I love the warm up, and cool down parts, which are so important, and the COMPLETE stretching out section so there are minimal sore muscles next day. AND, it is a GREAT trip back to the 80s hair-dos and outfits - so fun! I wish they'd do a reunion video - wouldn't that be fun? I've been watching all the participants for so long, I feel like I know them! It would be cool to see them today.... I also love the abs workout on this video with the different positions for different parts - upper and lower abs. ...more info
  • Okay workout, too much fake squealing!
    I wanted to enjoy this workout - I love workouts that include both cardio and strength training - but the "eee-yahs!" were just ridiculous. What makes it even worse it that it is obvious these sound effects were DUBBED IN afterward! You never see anyone actually making those sounds -- in fact, everyone seems to be to busy concentrating on what they are doing to stop and give a "yee-hah!" about it. I also found the big blonde who led the high-impact aerobics to be somewhat fake. Ride 'em cowboy?!? It seemed to me that the brunette who led the low-impact aerobics was also mildly irritated at her "partner's" over-enthusiasm for aerobics. Oh well, at least the DVD didn't cost me very much!...more info
  • awesome throwback!
    I am so thankful that I decided to get this. I remember doing this TAPE w/my mom when I was younger (she still has them, I just found out today). The hair styles & clothes made me crack up...not just that it was ridiculous style choices, but that I also remember dressing the part. The video itself is a great workout. Work up a good sweat w/the high impact, the weights section is still good (although I don't have ankle weights...do they even sell them anymore?). More dance like. Yelps & Ha yelled in the background to keep you going. How much more fun do you need a video to be? Gotta get this....more info
  • Jane will always be Jane
    I used some year ago all the Jane Fonda's workout in VHS. Now I am starting with DVD... as I am not going to any Gym Club for the past 3 years, I decided to come back to Jane... and I think she is great! You really workout with her!...more info
  • A classic
    No dwarf tossing or sinister trainers in the background like "Radu", controlling the Females. No fancy graphics.

    Just good old 1980s hair and 1980s music. Cassette players and leg warmers. ...more info
  • One of the best work out videos..
    I've been working out with Jane Fonda's fitness video for the last 11 years... and the result afterwards is really something. I actually saw my body transform!! Though i stopped 3 years ago and gained some weight afterwards, i m really looking forward to working out with Jane Fonda's fitness videos again now it's on DVD! Don't go wasting money on silly videos that you'll finally end up throwing away! The Jane Fonda Collection is the IN thing!!! I'de give 10 stars if possible!...more info
  • Great workout DVD
    Jane is great to work out with. She gives such excellent directions throughout the entire workout and what a great workout. ...more info
  • Talk about flash back ;-)
    Right back into the 80s here. I used to do Jane fonda when I was little with my mom. I was excited to see it on DVD to try. Unlike a lot of the newer videos I have.. I really like Jane because she tells you why you're doing what you're doing (ie. she points to the muscle groups.. tells you what they're for... how to know which weights to use).

    Compared to videos today-- this ones a bit cheesy ;-) I laughed a lot. But the workout is still there-- and so is the info....more info
  • Something different...
    I just did this workout for the first time and I spent a lot of time laughing! The first sight of it was the best. The 80's look! Once I got past that it wasn't too bad. Not an intense, strenuous workout by any means, but it was kind of fun to do all these "old school" exercises. Just the plain old aerobics, the grapevine & the ponies, I haven't done those in a while. The instructions are a little hard to hear with the "rockin' music". There is a separate section for arms, lower body & abs that is again, not the hardest, but better than doing nothing at all I guess! The DVD is not something I would base my whole exercise plan on, but to throw it in maybe once a month for something different won't be so bad. It was just a fun change of pace....more info
  • jane fonda dvd
    the item came in a timely fashion, was in excellent condition and nd appropriately wrapped....more info
  • Jane Fonda Collection
    The content is a fantastic exercise routine. The only flaw is that every time I want to start the exercises I have to wait for all the titles and there is no way of skipping them....more info
  • she is a legend
    jane fonda has still got it even better now on dvd great workouts i just wish she had her original workout on dvd her very first workout was brilliant and i would love to get it somehow...more info
  • Enduring Workout
    The best I ever looked was when I was using this video everyday. I wouldn't recommend that knowing what I know now. It is important to know that I've never been past the intermediate level. I've been using The Complete Workout video for 15 years (since 1990)!

    This is a 70 minute workout with an option to break it into 2 segments of 55 minutes, doing a warm-up, upper body, aerobics (30 minutes), and stretches on one day, and aerobics (the same 30 minute segment), lower body, and stretches on the next day. Abs are included in the lower body workout.

    The aerobics section is broken down into High Impact and Low Impact with an instructor demonstrating each at all times during the aerobics section. This allows you to grow with the video.

    The upper body is excellent and all you need are some hand weights preferrably two sets one lighter, 5 lbs. maybe, and one heavier, 8 lbs., for an average person. Some of the upper body exercises will be more beneficial with heavier weights.

    The lower body is also an excellent workout. You may want a mat for the lower body work if you do not have carpet.

    All exercises can be done with or without weights, and you can add weight to all for increased resistance and a more strenuous workout.

    The ab work is challenging enough to take you through the intermediate level.

    The Complete Workout uses traditional exercises including: arm raises, bicep curls, shoulder shrugs, push ups (choose on knees or not), leg raises (inner and out thigh), buttock compressors, lunges, sit ups including obliques, and much more.

    Jane is the best instructor I've ever seen. The movements are never rushed, the counts are the same for both sides of the body, and she is great about reminding you of proper form! The video quality is not amateurish and is of the highest quality.

    I can't tell you about the Stress Reduction Program just yet as I have just ordered it with The Complete Workout on DVD - to replace my aging VHS. I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with The Complete Workout especially if you prefer traditional moves. You will "Feel It"! Speaking of which, I feel $11.68 is good price for 2 workouts that you may never get tired of! Also, check out The Firm which are highly rated....more info
  • Maybe OK if you're a beginner -- but SO dated!
    I LOVED Jane's original workout (now out of print) and used it for years. I might still, if it were available on DVD. But I didn't like any of her subsequent workouts, and about 12 years ago I graduated to The Firm tapes, which are better in a lot of ways and certainly more effective, especially for the upper body. Still, I wanted to give Jane's workouts a fresh look and thought they might be worth owning for "lighter" workout days. But sorry, this one is too easy -- especially the very low-intensity aerobics -- plus the 1980s perms and tacky outfits are the WORST, and there is too much silly whooping and sound effects from the cast members. On the plus side, Jane does give excellent form pointers, and this is a good intro to weight training if you've never done it before. So, if you're a beginner and not bothered by whoops and "Yow, baby"s and jungle-print leotards with matching headbands, you might like this. ...more info
  • I still do both of these - great to see them out on DVD!
    When I worked out for lunch in the breakroom today, a new coworker came in to heat up her meal and started doing grapevines with me. "Can I join you tomorrow?" she asked. "This is so fun!" Yep, I was doing _Complete Workout_.

    I have relied on VHS and DVD workouts to keep me in shape for over ten years, but long before I got my first VCR, I had read Jane Fonda's workout book and was doing her workout from a cassette with my friends. Jane was pretty revolutionary back then, telling us that it was OK to be strong and healthy and that not everyone was going to fit into some cookie-cutter mold. Good advice today, too, if you ask me.

    These two workout programs are two of my favourites! _The Complete Workout_ gives you an arm workout with weights, then about half an hour of lively and varied aerobics. There are different instructors to show different levels of impact/effort. The last section gives you a good leg workout. There is nothing weird or hard here, just simple fun with a certain amount of effort involved. Jame shows lots of variations and she gives useful tips for effectiveness and safety in the arm and leg toning sections. I have been doing this program off and on for years.

    The _Stress Reduction Program_ gives you about 20 minutes of super-simple aerobics. This is the one I go for when I say, "I'm too tired. I don't feel like working out today." I tell myself I'll just do the first song. But I have never not finished the 20 minutes. After the aerobics, there's a stretching section that lasts 15 to 20 minutes. It is very relaxing and Jane gives very detailed instruction about what the stretch is supposed to do and how it is supposed to feel. She provides modifications, too. I personally never use the last session, in which Jane does a guided relaxation exercise, although the techniques presented therein I have found useful.

    Back when I first began working out, I didn't particularly care about Jane's past or her personal opinions, except as they were related to health and fitness, nor do I now. I am glad the videos are being turned into DVD's. It makes it a lot more convenient and easy to work out with Jane!...more info
  • Work your whole body in one fun workout...time will fly!
    What a fun throw back to the 80s! You'll get everything in this workout, big hair, belts with leotards (why did you need a belt with a leotard?...who cares it was the 80s!), leg warmers, it's got it all.

    This is a very fun, anything but boring workout. The workout is broken up into two parts. The first half of the DVD is a weight lifting routine. Light weights are used and Jane gives great instruction on lifting properly. The second half of the DVD is the low impact aerobic routine. There are eight to ten people working out on the DVD with Jane and everyone is enthusiastic and has great energy. Jane takes turns leading the video with two other women. This breaks things up nicely and keeps things moving. One half of the room is doing the workout for beginners and the other side is for more advanced exercisers to follow. This is a fantastic workout for those just beginning to exercise and those who are intermediate and advanced that want to experience a lighter workout. ...more info