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Customer Reviews:

  • Does what its supposed to
    When taken as directed, it definitely boosts energy - and makes you kind of jittery at the beginning. Does not work miracles by itself, its just an aid to an exercise and healthy eating routine. Does seem to curb appetite a little, but its not going to interfere with regular meals. DO NOT take it on an empty stomach and expect to get work done, especially at first. You'll be bouncing off the walls. The effects do mediate with time though, after a month or so it has little effect. Take 2 weeks off, and the full effect is back again....more info
  • Don't solely rely on Lipo 6
    The first three days I felt slight heart beats but more importantly I got sweaty palms (REALLY sweating so much that wherever I touched was "steamed" by my palms).

    It did not wake me up.
    I did not lose any weight.

    BUT I did not workout. So I guess it is upto how much effort you put in for exercise. ...more info
  • waste of money
    like most weight loss product these were a wate of money.on the plus side they did a fair job a suppressing my appitite but I did not lose even an ounce.No side effects either no head aches or shakes. ...more info
  • Hydroxicut Hardcore is better!!
    I've tried this Lipo 6 but I have not felt the same results as the ones experienced with Hydroxicut Hardcore. Anyway I will give this brand another chance: I've bought Lipo 6X to see how it goes....more info
  • Lipo 6
    Great product. Was recommended to me by a fitness trainer & competitor. I've only been taking it for 2 weeks with not much weight to lose. I just needed to tone. I plateaued so I started taking Lipo 6 and I lost fat around my waist area and started seeing my 6pack for the first time. I didn't experience any bad side effects. My appetite decreased. I LOVE Lipo 6....more info
  • No Change
    I ordered these for my husband. He took the product as directed until they were gone. He's an active person, and he eats very few sweets. He has not experienced any weight loss with this product....more info
  • NOT so great
    Well, after reading the reviews I decided to give Lipo 6 a chance and at the same day I got it at [...]. I took it for 3 days and I noticed that I went down 1.5lb, but at the third day, I started to get dizzy and I almost fainted. Seriously, It was one of the scariest moments in my life, cause I was by myself at home and while I was sitting in the couch watching TV, my vision started to get darker and darker, so I got up to drink something and get some fresh air but I could barely see where I was going cause I turned blind for like 20 secs. I reaaly thought I was going to pass out and have a heart attack cause my heart was beating way too fast. I am pretty healthy, 5/6'' and I am 140lb and I just wanted to lose about 5 to 8lb. The pills contains too much caffeine and makes you feel like running the whole neighborhood but at the same time it made me very nausea, thirsty and I had to pee every 15 minutes. By the way, I am a regular coffee drinker (didnt drink any coffee while taking the pill), so I thought that the caffeine wouldnt bother me at all, but it did. Anyway, I guess it works for some people but it was way too much for me. ...more info
  • Still waiting
    I purchased this item at least 3 weeks ago, and I tried it in the beginning, and it did NOT help at all with my cravings, and I actually gained weight!! Then, I decided to work on my diet for a week, then I started taking them again, only one in the am and one around 1:30. I did begin to lose a little weight, but I am gaining again because of my cravings. I DO NOT believe it helps at all with cravings or it is an appetite suppressent, but it could work for you. I am going to finish the bottle and hopefully will have lost about 10 pounds....more info
  • Excellent fat burner
    This is an excellent fat burner, it delivers results really fast but remember you must exercise in order to use this product and be sure that you don't have any heart issues....more info
  • Impressed
    I have played sports and been active my entire life, exercising 5-7 times a week since I was in 7th grade, but I couldn't get my appetite under control. I think that is the main thing that works with this, i don't really know if it burns fat, i think not eating as much and exercising makes fat disappear, but this is serving it's purpose for me no question as an appetite suppressant and an amazing energy boost for my workouts. I've been doing more interval workouts and my 3 mile time has gone from 22 minutes to just under 19min in under 2 weeks. I started at 146 lbs (im 5'3") and now I'm at 141, this happened in 2 weeks, which is the fastest I've ever lost weight.
    I havent told anyone i'm taking them, i'm kind of embarrassed, but i was happy and in a good place before I started taking them, it doesn't feel like a mentally or physically unhealthy thing thus far. I am eating between 1200 and 1500 calories a day and exercising 30-120 min a day, the only thing that's changed since starting to take the pills is my calorie consumption has gone down, but it's not to an extreme, 1200-1500 is a healthy amount of calories i think.
    Anyway, i wanted to make a point to review this after trying it out for myself. I read a ton of reviews and I was afraid a lot of them were maybe written by people hired by the company or something.
    Definitely don't take it within 6 hours of bedtime. My problem has been that I exercise late so if I take it too late I have to take melatonin or a unisom.
    If you're active but you eat too much or if you're active but you're fitness is suffering because you don't have the motivation to push yourself during workouts, then I think you will be happy with this product. ...more info
  • Yes, it works
    I tried this for two months and I lost about 15 pounds. Of course, with regular training at the gym also. I will recommend this product....more info
  • Good Stuff
    I got turned on to this by a friend of mine, and this stuff really does help. I started taking this stuff and exercising more and now I am in the best shape I have ever been in. It could be just a mind set that I am in but I believe this stuff works. Take it for a month then take about two weeks off then start again and I am here to tell you this stuff helps. I have been taking it for 6 months now and I have gone from 225 to 192 it....more info
  • Good product, but did not work for me for fat loss
    Easy to swallow pills, but didn't result in fat loss, despite this it gave me an increase of energy every time I took it...more info
  • review
    This product did supress my appetite quite a few times. It mostly helped when I would go to resturants or eat fast food. I found that I became fuller faster than usual. On a day to day basis it did help only a little bit. I eat very healthy to begin with and exercise 6 times a week. This product did not help with my weight loss nor did I feel like it gave me any added energy. ...more info
  • heart burn city
    I took the recommended dosage for this and it made me very nervous and edgy in the afternoon. Fortunately I was able to fall asleep at night but woke up in the middle of a night with the worst stomach cramps I have gotten in a while and had to go for the Zantac just so I could sleep at night. I guess my stomach isn't that strong, but the only difference in my usual heart burn free diet that I've had was lipo 6 so something in there isn't right for me. ...more info


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