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The Dyson DC14 vacuum offers strong suction, durable construction, and the best innovative solutions to common vacuuming situations. Dyson's 'Root Cyclone' maintains powerful constant suction. It's suction is channelled right to the edges of the cleaner head, unlike many uprights. Its specially-designed whiskers, angled to reach down between the skirting board and the floor, flick the dust from the edge into the airflow. For copacetic cleaning, Dyson's offers the best. The pre-motor filter removes particles down to 0.1 micron and is washable / The post-motor electrostatic filter traps harmful carbon emissions from the motor. This filter never needs replacing. The intake nozzles of the DC14 tools direct high velocity airflow down into the carpet pile. This has two main advantages -

    *You pick up more because the directional force of the air agitates and dislodges dust
    *The airflow is continuous even when vacuuming curtains or upholstery preventing them from becoming stuck to the cleaner
Lifetime HEPA filter - Air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air you breathe. Clear bin - There are no bags to buy / You can always tell when it's full / It is easy to empty Height - 44.86 Width - 14 Depth - 13.38 Weight 18.56 lbs Motor wattage - 12 amps. The power of a vacuum cleaner is best measured in airwatts (suction power). Motor wattage simply tells you how much electricity a cleaner uses. Bin capacity 0.71 gal Cord length 35.4ft Maximum reach 52.4ft Manufacturer's 5 year warranty
  • All-floors upright vacuum cleaner with motorized brushbar
  • Root Cyclone technology ensures powerful, continuous suction
  • Quick-draw Telescope reach; edge-cleaning whiskers; wide channel
  • Hygienic 5/7-gallon dust bin; lifetime HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
  • Measures 13-3/8 by 14 by 44-6/7 inches; 5-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Would not recommend
    OK, so after a lot of research and looking around I decided to get a Dyson DC-14. I thought that the construction seemed to feel a little flimsy, but I would give it a try after hearing so many people rant and rave about it.

    The first one that I had broke after about 20 minutes of vacuuming. The beater brush cracked and made a terrible noise. Now I do not have thick carpet and I was not using the vacuum aggressively. So I thought, ok I got a lemon. I will try another.

    The second one lasted about the same amount of time and began to make a loud rattling again from the beater brush area. After some investigating the beater brush was warped and rubbing against the plastic housing.

    So I took it back and got a full refund. If you are thinking about buying one I would go to a local store. Be careful what their return policy is. The store that has the target on it will give you a full refund. The store that offers the best buy will only give you store credit.

    As I mentioned the vacuum itself doesn't feel very solid. Everything is plastic. The beater brush and housing is made out of plastic and the entire unit just doesn't feel like it would last a long time.

    Another interesting fact about these vacuums is that if the belt breaks you can not change it yourself. You have to take it to a service center or send it in.

    I would recommend looking at a Panasonic or Ricca. I bought a Panasonic and it is very heavy duty and can be serviced very easily....more info
  • Thorough cleaning.
    I bought the DC14 All-Floors to replace an old smelly (bag) Hoover with little suction and a bag-less broken Dirt Devil, and I love it. I've owned just about every vacuum there is (except the Kirby, I just don't think anyone should pay that much for a vacuum), so I did the research and decided to try something different. It's different alright. The first time I used it, I was shocked at the amount of dirt, dust and dog hair that it picked up. I haven't had it very long, but right now, I'm very pleased and don't think I'll ever go back to anything else.

    It's a little heavier and bulkier than it looks in the pictures, but very easy to carry and move around, more so than other vacuums I've had. The placement of the handle seems to balance the weight out nicely. The main reasons I bought this vacuum are: long hose for high ceilings and fans (it really does stretch out to 17 feet) and all floors (with one quick movement I can go from carpet to wood). The head is too big to fit under the furniture, but so were all my other vacuums, so using the wand isn't anything new. However, I love the fact that I can simply slide the wand out and unsnap the hose without having to stop to unplug and replug anything - fantastic.

    The owner's manual is pretty self explanatory. It gives all the parts, placement of parts and maintenance suggestions plus a trouble shooting guide. It was very easy to put this vacuum together and I was using it five minutes out of the box. Like anything else, preventive maintenance should insure that it lasts and works well for a long time. I like that Dyson offers a five year limited warranty.

    We'll see how I feel in a few more years, but for now, I absolutely love it....more info
    I can't believe that Dyson makes vacuums like this! I researched vacuums for 3 days, and finally decided to buy the Dyson because of the positive reviews. Maybe it's my bad luck, but after ONE WEEK, I am returning my 2nd of two of these vacuums, and finding another brand.

    Not once, but TWICE, the rotating brush cracked. The first vacuum I got through my first room no problem, and halfway through the second room the vacuum started making a horrendous noise. I looked to see if anything had been sucked up inside the brush (odd, since the carpet was brand new), and found the brush cracked. Worried, but optimistic that this was a fluke, I took the vacuum back to the store (Dyson support was a complete joke... the woman actually accused me of dropping it off of my truck! HA!). I exchanged the broken vacuum for a brand new one (same model) and took it home. Two days of vacuuming my two rooms, and I suddenly heard the horrendous noise again. I knew right away- and sure enough! Same exact thing- a cracked rotating brush. TERRIBLE!

    I spent $350 on this vacuum (the Dyson support rep seemed to think I should be happy that I got the vacuum so "cheap") was about $349.50 more than I would recommend anybody spend of this hunk of junk.

    This piece of garbage is on it's way back to the store, and I'm on my way back to the world of vacuum reviews....more info
  • I love my new vacuum cleaner!
    I have had my Dyson DC14 for a month now and it is wonderful. It is easy to use once you get used to it. I really like the wand and hose. I see a lot of complaints about how heavy it is. I don't think it is any heavier or bulkier than other upright vacuum cleaners. So far, it seems easy to maintain. I also purchased the attatchment with the beater bar to use on my furniture and it works great. I am amazed at how much dirt is actually in my floors and furniture, it's kind of disgusting. But with the Dyson, I am eliminating that problem. I think the price isn't bad either....more info
  • Junky piece of plastic!
    I was so excited to get this vacuum and now I am so disappointed in the product! After only 4 uses, a piece of the handle that holds the hose attachment in place has broken off and now the vacuum cannot be pushed in the upright position. The bulkiness and weight of the vacuum made it tough to handle in the first place, but now it is almost impossible to push it around the room and it is impossible to pull it towards you, without it falling apart! I am totally disappointed in this product. Save your money and buy something else....more info
  • Junky piece of plastic!
    I was so excited to get this vacuum and now I am so disappointed in the product! After only 4 uses, a piece of the handle that holds the hose attachment in place has broken off and now the vacuum cannot be pushed in the upright position. The bulkiness and weight of the vacuum made it tough to handle in the first place, but now it is almost impossible to push it around the room and it is impossible to pull it towards you, without it falling apart! I am totally disappointed in this product. Save your money and buy something else....more info
  • Nice engineering, average performance
    I just returned a Dyson DC14 Animal to Costco because I was unimpressed with certain aspects of the vacuum. First, it picked up slightly less stuff than my old HEPA bagless Dirt Devil that cost me $150. I found the long hard extension wand to be too long and clumsy to use and the 17 foot reach advertised is very dependant on the length of said wand. It was extremely hard to push at times depending on the carpet fiber density. The beater bar clutch system is extremely annoying; I transitioned from standard pile carpet to an inexpensive oriental style throw rug and the beater bar clutch disengaged the bar with a very very loud ratcheting noise. When I disengaged the beater bar manually, the machine is very hard to push. My old vacuum would just navigate over both surfaces without a fuss and was much easier to push. When I took the canister apart, I could see where the small holes in it could clog easily as others have noted. I did not think this machine, while very well engineered in many respects, was worth $400+ dollars....more info
  • I love it...
    Lets just say I didn't realize how gross my floors were. I have 3 dogs and I had to empty this canister 8 times, yes 8 the first time I used it. I had to take out the trash when I was done. My house is small, it took me an hour to vacuum. With my old vacuum I thought the normal 15 min. was sufficient. Boy was I wrong, I couldn't believe how much stuff was in there and it is sooo easy to empty. I would recommend this to everyone. Especially if you get it for a decent price. I've used it 4 times total at once a week so far and even had to empty the canister like about 3-4 times each use (I do have 3 dogs). Needless to say I am pleased with the suction, we have old carpet and I sometimes think my dyson is going to eat it! :) Hope you buy one, it's awesome....more info
  • Very good so far.
    My Hoover Windtunnel bagless's motor burned up yesterday so I went vac shopping today. The local Sears had a sale going on that ends after today so I went there. First looked at cheaper, mostly bagless--then at more expensive Hoover HEPA bag models. Never thought I'd even look at a Dyson but the 5 year warranty caught my eye, plus I'm asthmatic. The salesperson was actually very helpful and answered a bunch of questions while demoing the attachment wand and emptying procedure. On sale for $339, plus a 10% discount (I work part-time at Lands End) and I was down to $309 plus tax.

    Works great, most of my furnature is pretty low and my Hoover couldn't get under them anyway. No bags, clean the filter every 6 months, and works way better than my Hoover did for not much more money.Happy so far.

    I thought I would add as a few others have noted, you can connect the accessories directly to the hose instead of the wand and this makes it easier to use in tight spaces. AS far as the weight complaints from others, this is lighter than my Hoover bagless and way more manuverable. If you want light, buy an Oreck or a sub-$100 lightweight. ...more info
  • Dyson Upright Vacuum
    High priced but an excellent product. Our carpets looked new again because this sweeper cleans and lifts the carpet better than any vacuum we have ever tried. The 35' cord, and the ease of emptying the dirt container make it easy to use. The only negative I can think of is the awkwardness of extending the hand wand from the handle....more info
  • very disappointing
    For a company that champions themselves on good design, I was really disappointed when I started using the Dyson. The cord has to be completely unraveled in order to use the hose...so you've got 20 feet of cord dragging around all the time. The machine is SO heavy and doesn't turn very well, making it exhausting to just push back and forth. The suction is so strong, that even on the carpet setting, I can't use it near the edges of area rugs, or it will just lift off the ground and make a terrible noise. The wand on the hose is too short, and the coils in the hose are too strong, so you have to bend over and end up with a back ache every time you use it. I keep finding myself hunched over in a terrible posture! The floor mechanism is pretty high, so it doesn't fit under the lip of the cabinets in our kitchen, or our bed, or our bathroom, or our couch, so all rooms require that I use the hose attachment. By the time I'm done vacuuming, I'm exhausted, sweating, my back hurts and I wish that I could have my old Kenmore back!...more info
  • Amazing!
    I've owned this vacuum for over 2 years now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's worth every penny! I am the mom of 3 little ones... I use it at least once a day. The hose comes out easily, making cleaning up messes a cinch. The suction is so good that I have to be careful when doing rugs or smaller things or it will suck too hard. It does take some cleaning to keep it working well, but it's well worth the effort. It is a little heavy, but the handle helps make carrying it up and down stairs easy. Overall, I'd buy the same one again in a heartbeat! Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Consider the negatives before believing the positives
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R22MU8EWRHRU12 I've owned my [refurbished] DC14 for a month now. I vacuum roughly twice a week, a small 2-bedroom condo with about 2/3 carpet and 1/3 tile floors. This vacuum seems to do a great job on both surfaces, although on the carpet, I honestly don't notice a huge difference over my previous Bissell Cleanview. I would describe its carpet performance as "good" meaning I don't know what else I could ask for, really.

    For my tile flooring, with the brush-roll off, this does a surprisingly good job. I primarily am picking up kitty litter and hairs on this surface, so I can't vouch for too many crazy types of dirt. I do know it only takes 1-2 passes, where my Electrolux stick vacuum (battery-powered) takes several.

    The dirt container is very easy to empty and cleaner than my previous vacuum, although still not really *clean* as you have to touch the dirty area to close the container back up.

    My main gripe so far is with the hose/wand piece. I feel like this was a very poor design choice. Yes, it provides a lot of suction power; more than my previous vacuum (although I think this may be partially due to the smaller tube diameter at the end making the suction seem stronger). However, I'd take the maneuverability of my old wand any day. This thing is really hard to maneuver when you HAVE to extend the ~2-foot-long long metal tube to use it (trust me, you have to extend it). This puts the actual tool 2' away from you, and as many of us know, getting right in there with the tool/suction point is often the best way. Being two feet from the suction at all times makes it frustrating to use (see video). It's almost like this wanted to be part upright, part canister vac. It fails at the canister part, and sort of fails at half of the upright part as well in a sense that the wand functionality is greatly reduced.

    The overall quality seems good, but maybe not good enough if you're paying around five hundred bucks. I got mine for half of that, and I feel like that's about what it is worth, to be totally honest. It just hasn't blown me away any more than any other vacuum I've ever used.

    I see that many like to do the "Dyson test" and vacuum with one of these directly after their previous vacuum and see what it picks up that the other left behind. The problem as I see it with this test is that the reason you bought a new vacuum is because your old one was underperforming to begin with. Therefore, I wouldn't be too impressed that your brand new vacuum picks up a whole lot more than your old worn-out one. When jumping from my old old vacuum to my Cleanview I experienced the same thing. My Cleanview still worked fine when I switched to this and thus, I didn't notice a huge difference at all.

    -Suction seems very strong (although not hugely different from previous vac)
    -Dirt canister super easy to empty/attach
    -Holds a lot more than previous vacuum without decreasing suction power
    -Cool attachment that has a "velvety" material on it to help get hairs and such off of fabrics
    -Good on tile floors
    -Ergonomic handle is more comfortable than before
    -Relatively quiet when in use

    -Wand tool unwieldy and hard to use (although attachments are good)
    -Annoying noise when in upright position (due to wand vent)
    -Cord must be COMPLETELY unwrapped to use wand tool
    -No light on front (is this a con?)
    -Dirt cup mechanism could be a bit cleaner (somehow)

    P.S. Sorry I said "unwieldy" so much, but it's just true!! =)

    Update 8.5.08: Since I originally wrote this review I realized you can actually detach the handle from the flexible hose portion, which removes the long metal telescoping piece from the equation and allowing a lot more control. However, while this piece is removed I cannot easily switch the vacuum back into upright position without re-attaching it. Poor design on this piece alone would warrant a rating of 3.5/5 in my opinion. I would certainly look for a better implementation in a future vacuum. ...more info
  • A pain in the neck
    I bought this vacuum about 3 years ago, and while I'm impressed with the amount of dirt it pulls out of my carpets, 3 years of hassle with this hulking, hard-to-manage behemoth is enough for me. I'm now shopping for something more ordinary. My BIGGEST problem is the hose attachment, which I dread using every time (and have to use all the time) - it is such a chore to prepare the hose for use. Unlike my old Hoover, which required only pulling the end of the hose out of its housing and flipping a switch, the dyson requires you to pull a the long extension tube out of a very tight-fitting hose, and then disengage it from the plastic piece at the end of the hose, and then reattach that plastic piece to the opposite end of the extension tube... and when you're done, you have to reverse the process. Sound complicated? It is. My mother was trying to help clean one day, and after 5 minutes of head scratching, gave up. And because everything fits together very stiffly, it's physically very difficult to do. I'm a healthy young person, and I struggle every time I have to do this. For that reason alone, I'm giving up on this thing; I'll keep it in the basement as a secondary vacuum, and get something lighter and easier to use for the rest of the house.

    Other cons:
    - Very heavy, a pain to carry up and down stairs
    - It doesn't come with an attachment for vacuuming stairs, so you'd have to lug the darn thing up to each step and vacuum, which is a MAJOR chore, or shell out another $45 for the appropriate attachment
    - When I get to the edge of my wall-to-wall carpeting, or on area rugs, it sucks so hard the carpet gets caught up in it, and it makes a HORRIBLE, VERY VERY LOUD ratcheting sound that scares the living daylights out of everyone in the house.
    - The hose is long, but not very stretchy, so not practical to use for stairs. When I do use the hose, the unit almost always falls over
    - The bottom portion is so tall, not only does it not fit under furniture but it routinely scratches and scrapes them up
    - Dust gets caught in the canister and you must reach up inside to get it all out (I think I'm going back to bags)
    ...more info
  • Dyson DC14 vs. DC15
    Today (March 22, 2008) Fry's Electronics store has both All Floor REFURB DC14 ($250) & All Floor REFURB DC15 ($300) on sale. I purchased both. Like everybody else, I first vacuum my carpet with my 11 year old Eureka Sanitaire ($400) commercial vacuum cleaner. Then I vacuum with the Dysons, WOW, double WOW! The amount of dog hair picked up was unbelievable! I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it! I really, really like the see thru plastic. To see what is picked up and when it should be emptied.

    DC14 vs, DC15 comparison
    Motor Noise
    The DC14 noise was low enough for my wife and I to talk in a normal voice while vacuuming. With the DC15 my wife and I had to raise our voice to hear each other.

    Weight and Push-Pull
    Picking up by the cyclone canister handle, I could not detect any difference in weight.
    The DC14 push-pull is much easier. The DC15 does require more body strength. However, the DC15's BALL does give you greater flexibility.

    Telescope Wand and Flex hose
    I hate the Telescope Wand! I remove the wand and connect the tools directly to the flex hose. The DC15 flex hose is attached to the body, at the bottom, and pivots out when you pull on the hose, giving the hose better flexibility when using the tools. Versus the DC14 hose snaps in and is rigid at the bottom.

    Brushbar head or Brushbar housing
    Reasons why I like the DC15 brushbar head better then the DC14 brushbar head.
    When I vacuum our 5x8 rug with the DC14, it sucked up so strong, it pulled the rug against the brushbar to stop it turning, and the belt's safety mechanism slipped, causing a very loud noise. The DC15 brushbar housing is designed different and continued to rotate. I don't mean the DC14 vacuum is stronger, but the DC15 brushbar head is different, with its direct drive versus belt drive.
    We have kitchen tiles against our family carpet. When I was vacuuming the carpet with the DC14, I backed up onto the tiles, and the brushbar head came off the carpet (on a pull motion), then as I pushed towards the carpet, the head caught on the high edge of the carpet. I repeated this and half the times the DC14 head would catch on our high edge carpet, the DC15 never did.
    I also vacuum the stair's carpet holding the dyson unit as one would hold a shovel. This means I am vacuuming with the brushbar head, not the mini tool head or not the mini turbine head that comes on the animal model. Holding the dyson unit (like a shovel) is not easy but the results are worth it. The DC15 head pivots giving it greater flexibility, over the DC14. But the DC14 was easier to hold. I also like the see thru plastic on the DC15 head. I could see when hair and thread were wrapped around the brushbar without having to tip it over to view from the bottom.
    The DC15 housing is low profile versus the DC14, thus allowing you an extra 1-2 inches under the sofa.

    Other diff
    To switch off the brushbar, to go from carpet to bare floor, the DC15 switch in next to the handle's On/Off switch, on the DC14, it's on the brushbar housing.
    On the DC14, when you are ready to vacuum the carpet, I would take a step forward and use my left foot, to press down on the brushbar housing, and pull handle down. On DC15 backside, there is a large yellow plastic pedal to step on with my right foot, and then pull handle towards me.

    Cyclone canister
    Same canister on both DC14 & DC15. The DC14 inside plastic is yellow, the DC15 inside plastic is gray.

    My wife like the DC14 better due to it's easier to handle and less noise.
    I (husband) like the DC15 better due to it's better turning and hose flexibility, and the DC15 brushbar head.

    I also reviewed Consumer Reports and Consumer Search. Both gave BEST BUY to Eureka Boss SmartVac. I looked at model 4870, wow, it's so cheap looking. There is a difference in the plastic between Dyson and the others. Consumer Report also gave Sears Kenmore 35922 a higher overall score then the Dyson. I looked at this model, and its looks like a very good vacuum cleaner, much better then the Boss 4870. But I still think as a long term investment, a Dyson will have a better return on my dollar and my satisfaction.

    Oh yea, since I do 98% of the vacuuming, we kept the DC15 and returned the DC14.
    ...more info
  • Dyson is a wonder
    Never had a vacuum that worked so well. Extremely lightweight and easy to push, yet it is very efficient. All the Hoovers we have had in the past few years were bulky, constantly breaking down and never were as good at bringing up the pile or cleaning as deeply. The extra $$ are worth it....more info
  • I spent $500 on a F------- Vacuum!!
    Well, I just spent $500 on a vacuuum, and I can say, even though it broke my wallet, it is pretty much worth it, this is THE BEST vaccum I have ever owned. What made me purchase the Dyson is that I have terrible allergies, and the carpet in our apartment was not being vacummed regularly, mostly because we would buy them every 6 months or so and they would all break down.

    The Dyson is a completely different animal. First off it is built solidly, made mostly out of aircraft grade polycarbonite. The colors are a bit weird, but who cares? So like I said before the apartment doesn't get cleaned often, we had bought another vacuum, an Eureka Boss 4D, and it stopped working one day for unknown reasons, I think the apartment was just too damn dirty, and we have lots of pennies all on the ground.

    I will have to protest the "Never lose suction" motto that Dyson keeps slinging around. It should read, "Difficult to lose suction". To all those other idiots writing reviews, it is common sense that a clogged filter will lose suction, just in the Dyson it is a lot more difficult, but it is possible. Long story short, it picks up a ton of dirt, no bags to fiddle with, although, depending on how dirty your carpet is, you will have to empty it more often. On first pass, I filled the container, and getting it completly clean involved taking the filter apart seperatly from the barrel, and washing it with a wet cloth. other than that, is this worth $500? Yes, because you can't get another brand name that can clean like this. I know from experience, over the years I have owned at least 20 vacuums. I do think Dyson would sell a lot more vacuums at $300 though....more info
  • Dyson DC14
    Dyson DC14 is my first vacuum cleaner that really picks up the dirt & dust. It is amazing what you can get out of your carpet & drapes. My husband loves it so much that he is vacuuming the house now. Just tell you a little funny story-when my husband was vacuuming with the Dyson on the carpet & it looked like it was not picking up things, he went through a "hissy". First thing out of his mouth was "we are going to send it back". So I got the book out to see if it needed to be cleaned (this was the third time we had used the Dyson). Everything looked fine and then we realized the guage was on floor and not on carpet. Sure makes a difference to have the right guage. Still thankfull that he still wants to do the carpet....more info
  • Dyson DC14 (full package/white) Full review
    upon opening the box, it's evident that they put alot of thought into this machine, there's all these little areas that open and things that do other things. It's kinda like a transformer of vacuums as silly as that sounds. The hidden extendable wand in the hose is a nice and innovative feature, though a little clunky and cumbersome it still seems like a nice alternavite to separate wands that push together. All of the attachments fit nicely onto the machine without getting in the way. There are alot of features on these machines that allow for maintenance, repair and cleaning of clogs and such, which is also well thought of Dyson.

    I do have to mention, this machine is a whole lot of plastic, seems like decent plastic for the most part, but there's alot of little clips and "springs" that are made out of plastic that I have to worry about. Some of these parts are reliant on bending and flexing to operate, which to me, is just a matter of time before it will "bend" one last time and break the next.

    ***In fact, I had something break on mine the first hour I had it out of the box! It's a little elbow that disconnects on the suction line to allow clog removal, it had two small clips on either end that you are to squeeze and it slides out. (I need to mention that these types of clips are everywhere on the machine) As I began to feel the clips flex (as the tension is from bending plastic) I felt a sharp >SNAP
    This all leads to the next part of the review, the warranty. I immediately called Dyson, got a real english-speaking operator who actually seemed like the had a clue and maybe even some sense! I was amazed! After about 2 minutes of giving my info and serial number of the machine, I was signed up for the (now) 5 year warranty, which was a huge reason I bought the Dyson to begin with. I simply explained what happened, and I was relieved to know that I could expect a whole new part in the mail in about 7-10 business days. So maybe what...5...10 minutes and the problem has been solved, seemed very reasurring to me.

    Operating the Dyson is actually very smooth and quiet, I was impressed. It seems like there is decent shielding around the motor to keep it from being annoyingly loud, it sounds like it's got some power, but you can hear yourself think too. The weight of it isn't an issue at all, it's supposed to be about 20 pounds or so, but it rolls along juuuust fine. The whole experience of using it is smooth in fact, it feels nice and easy to push around. Then again, being a solid 220, I can't vouch for the elderly and how it may be for them, but it seems easy enough that anyone can use it. The Dyson pulled a whole lot of dog hair, dander, dirt, and god only knows what else out of the carpet. In fact when I smelled the canister, I was embarassed at how gross it was, I think it sucked up stuff from the people who lived here before me ;) The cyclone action seemed like a gimmick to me, but after vacuuming several canister-loads and inspecting the washable filter (another good idea) I really didn't see much at all on there, I am baffled how it does this, but it does, saving you from constantly cleaning filters (i.e. Dirt Devil). You really only have to keep the brush clean from hair, wash the filter every so often, and lubricate it from what I can tell.

    Emptying the canister is also another very convenient and innovative thing; you simply grab the handle, thumb the lever, the thing slides out, then there's a little button you push down which slides a plastic rod down the side of the canister and the bottom pops open releasing all that crap you just sucked up. It works great, seemed very clean (though I seem to be the only one who doesn't dump a bagless from up high creating a mess somehow) But this canister is the only one I've seen where you can lower it into the trash can and release everything in a sanitary way. My only concern is; the rod is plastic, the button plastic, and the latch which the rod pushes on is plastic. And by latch, I mean a simple plastic tag that bends as the rod pushes itself underneath it to open it. With all these plastic, bending parts, I have to worry alot about whether it's really going to hold up in the long run.

    So, the Dyson seems like it's a smooth, effective, and well thought out machine. Only problem is, whether the manufacturing and materials are as well planned? This leaves a potential buyer with something to consider, very likely having peices of the machine wear out and break off from time to time (my humble opinion) but having a great support staff and a longer 5 year warranty to back you up should this all happen. I feel I would worry quite a bit more about whether it was a good purchase if the longer warranty weren't in place. Otherwise, I like the way it's designed and it seems to perform well enough. I said "seems" alot during this review, because I can't make a true judgement about this machine until further down the road, to do otherwise would be presuming too much this early, so at this point it seems like a good machine with some material flaws and a good warranty.

    I have to wonder...if they had made this machine out of more metal and such, I'm sure the price would be too high and it would have recieved complaints for it being too heavy. So even though it has a light design, but it's still over 20 pounds, maybe it's because it has a big, reliable motor in it perhaps??? Anyway, that's all I can think about, I can recommend this vacuum -with the 5 year warranty....more info
  • Do not spend the money on this machine
    I was very excited to finally be able to purchase a Dyson on November 5, 2007. I have had this vacuum for 2 months, and it has been used to vacuum carpets once a week in my home. It has not been abused, yet while I was cleaning the hallway yesterday, the front left hinge just broke off and landed on the floor. The vacuum now does not steer. I called Dyson customer support and was instructed to bring my vacuum to an authorized service center 50 miles away from my home, and had the service rep argue with me about the distance. I was also told "that's all dyson can do" and when I asked if I was supposed to be paying for this repair, he said he didn't know. This is totally unacceptable customer service, and what's even worse is the vacuum has not been used or abused!

    The claims Dyson makes about superior suction are also not true - I have stood there trying to vacuum up a pine needle from a Christmas tree for 5 minutes, as the machine never sucked it up. I finally ended up picking the pine needle up off the floor and putting it in the garbage myself. What did I just spend $500.00 on a vacuum for, again?

    My husband, who is a mechanic, looked at this machine and said it's very cheaply made and poorly designed. He predicts if we get this repaired, the next thing to go will either be the hose or the brush roller as both of them are already worn.

    I will never buy a Dyson product again. I just spent $500.00 on a vacuum I can't even use because it broke after I owned it for just over 2 months.
    Don't buy one! ...more info
  • OMG - What more can I say???
    I got my Dyson DC14 today and put it together in a snap. I played around with the machine for about 15 minutes to get a feel for how things worked and then I was off and running. I took it into my bedroom and did a 3x5 area rug and then to the hallway to do 2 - 6' runners. I usually use a heavy duty shop vac with attachment to do these rugs, but never again. The Dyson got so much dirt from 3 rugs that it nearly filled the container. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I can hardly wait for the weekend to clean my whole house with it!!...more info
  • There should be less plastic
    Now that I have had my Dyson DC14 for a little over a year and a half, I am now not as happy with it as I was when I bought it. A couple of months ago, the beater bar started to make a slight noise than seized a short time later while I was vacuuming. After experiencing sticker shock of slightly less that $50 to replace it (parts cost only), the blower motor is now starting to make noises.

    The beater bar issue was created by hair getting caught up in the gap between the rotating and stationary portions of the beater bar at each end. There wasn't very much buildup but enough to cause friction and heat which eventually started to gall the plastic and allow it to deform and jam down inside the gap.

    Mind you, this vacuum is not being used on a constant basis. I usually vacuum my house normally every other week or so and do keep a very clean house. I have one cat who is a shorthair and he does not create much extraneous hair.

    The first surprise of the needed beater bar repair was the cost especially when having used the product for only such a short time. The second surprise involved trying to locate the replacement part because Dyson apparently failed to set up a common factory parts distributorship here in the US. It turned out to be a crap shoot to find anyone who possessed a reasonable parts inventory. And most of them were out of stock on the beater bar (does that tell you something?) By surfing the web I found a few appliance companies who do sell some parts at significantly higher prices so ended up purchasing a new Dyson brand beater bar from a seller on eBay for about $15 less.

    The third surprise was the tortuous effort required to replace this bar (the vacuum employs a clutch assembly which is buried up inside the main portion of the vacuum) because you cannot remove the belt from the clutch shaft thereby having to stretch it to pull the bar out from around it. I learned later that Dyson also sells a "special tool" to do this at also a significant cost. So the average user either has to make the choice to learn how to replace the beater bar or spend nearly 25% (~$100) of the original cost of the vacuum to have it repaired at the local vacuum service center - if they can get the parts.

    I was a little skeptical about buying a nearly all-plastic vacuum. I now am even more, especially for such a high price. You're paying for the "neat" design, not the few dollars of plastic. I do agree that Dyson does have a vacuum that maintains suction much better than bag types but I think they should constrain their base products to simply that - the suction portion of the instrument and either leave the mechanics of the rotating components to the "big boys" who employ sound mechanical design and metal components or start using more metal in their own designs. A Dyson tank vacuum? Possibly.

    Recently I have attached my old Eureka Roto-Matic tank vacuum power brush head to my Dyson via its hose to the stored wand on the handle of the Dyson vacuum. I have found that the Roto-Matic beater bar (which is totally made out of metal) has longer brush bristles and does a significantly better job of removing dust and hair from my carpets as compared to the delicate little bristles on the Dyson bar. Granted, it looks a little strange and is awkward at times but the combination of an aggressive beater bar and strong suction cannot be beaten. And by doing this I am also not heading for another $50 Dyson beater bar replacement in the next several months! I have owned the Eureka for nearly 30 years now and have only had to replace the $4.00 beater bar drive belt three times. Much more economical!

    Yes, it has great suction. But plastic has been over used in this product. And I really have a problem with servicing a literally new vacuum after such a short light-duty service life.

    Recently a friend purchased the DC14 "Animal" which was not being sold at the time I bought my DC14. They told me that Dyson had apparently redesigned the beater bar assembly and that they did not see any gaps in the areas I was having problems with. Ah! Another product bad design discovery after so many people spend nearly half a grand on the original DC14? But I also learned from another review posting that the brush assembly on that unit may be air powered. Is that true? I hope it has more power than the expensive plastic Dyson air-powered brush attachments which also break rather quickly.
    ...more info
  • Happy!
    I did just buy this vacuum yesterday, but it does live up to the hype so far. My house breeds dirt as we have one extra furry dog, and three kids all under age five. It did clean really well, and I love the extension wand for the stairs. The dirt cup empties so easily and without kicking up dirt everywhere so you don't need to vacuum again like my old vacuums! The only thing that I don't like so far are the fact that you have to remove the wand from the extention tube (which is really not that difficult-just an extra step) to get under cabinets as the vacuum doesn't fit under the cabinets. But that is a small inconvenience for actually having a vacuum that works and does not frustrate me at every turn! Dyson did a great job fixing pretty much everything that annoys you about your current/old vacuum. I certainly don't think this is going to make me like vacuuming, but I can do it without being frustrated! Definitely worth the price and the wait. Like another reviewer, I used my 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond and I am saving my receipt so if anything goes wrong, they will replace it. I like Amazon, but you can't beat that deal!...more info
  • dyson dc14 all floors cyclone
    This unit is everything we expected to get. Fantastic design and simple to clean. No filters to plug up. It is 'hands down' over the multitude of vacuums we've used over the past 30 years!!! Nothing on the market is better than this out there. ...more info
  • It really IS all it's cracked up to be!!!
    I've been wanting a Dyson vacuum for a long time now and I was finally able to afford one thanks to the many Lowes gift certificates my husband and I received for Christmas. I couldn't wait, so we went yesterday to get it. I'd originally wanted to get the DC17 Animal b/c of all the pet hair we have from our Boxer, but decided instead on the DC14 since most of our flooring is wood or tile. I figured that if the majority of the flooring was carpet I could better justify the $130 price difference, but since I mostly wanted it for our area rugs and bare floors I decided that the DC14 would probably suffice. Well, let me tell you...it DID NOT disappoint!!! I first tested it on our main area rug in the living room (same rug my husband had just vacuumed the day before with our poor performing Dirt Devil). I could not believe the amount of hair and dirt our old vacuum had left behind. That rug is 5x7 and the Dyson's canister was nearly half full! Gross! So of course that made want to vacuum the rest of the entire house. I vacuumed baseboards, blinds, above all the doors...everything! My husband said that if he'd known that this vacuum was going to get me so excited to clean he would have bought one for me a long time ago. :o)
    I highly highly highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. It does not disappoint! Happy cleaning!!!...more info
  • good Christmas present
    This was purchased for my parents who have a hairy dog and needed something to work. We just opened it tonight and dumped out the canister several times full of hair- good job!...more info
  • Great power and options!!!
    I originally used someone elses Dyson and I liked it so much that I purchased one for my mother-in-law. I currently own a Kirby, but when it stops working I will definitely buy a Dyson. The features like the extension wand, bagless, onboard attachments and hepa filtration make this a great value. The suction power appears to be as good as my Kirby, for which I paid twice what I paid for the Dyson....more info
  • Great product
    We installed a thick new carpet and quickly discovered it was difficult to maneuver our fairly new Hoover vacuum through it. So what we needed was a strong vacuum that was easier to maneuver. After reading about many, we settled on the Dyson DC14. It definitely moves easily. You wouldn't be able to use it as an exercise machine. As importantly, it appears to be keeping this thick carpet clean....more info
  • Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
    I think this Vacuum is much better than the commercial ones that are out in the market now!!!!! I know due to I have had 5 or more in 10 years and they do not last at all, this did due what it said it would do. It picks up the dog hair and goes almost seemly between tile and carpet!!!
    ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    I cannot say enough about how wonderful this vacuum cleaner operates. I was a little worried about spending the money for this product (after all, it's a vacuum cleaner), but after receiving the product and using it, I am more than satisfied with it's quality and performance. The vacuum cleaner is not bulky, in fact it is very light to carry and push. The suction is phenomenal and emptying the container (no bags!) is a breeze. It was very easy to put together (only a few pieces to snap in place), and on it's first run through the house I couldn't believe how much dirt was pulled up. The carpets look brand new after each run. This vacuum cleaner is definitely worth the money and I am more than pleased to have purchased it. No complaints at all....more info
  • Great on dirt, dust and dog hair
    We live in the country with 3 dogs that spend most of their time in the house with us. We constantly battle dirt, dust and dog hair, but our Dyson has never quit.

    PROS: In over two years, the suction has never decreased. It picks up everything, and makes our carpets look wonderful. It is very easy to transfer from floors to carpets. You will be amazed at what it picks up. The "trigger" release for the canister makes it easy to dump into a trash can with minimal mess.

    CONS: It is difficult to switch to the hose. You have to remove the handle completely to utilize the hose. In order to remove the handle though, the cord has to be completely unwound first. This can be a pain if you just want to use the hose for a quick job.

    All in all though, I would DEFINITELY recommend this vacuum. It may be pricey, but you get what you pay for!!...more info
  • Love it.
    Met then exceeded my expectations. Well worth the money. Bought the older model (new) since it is so much cheaper than the latest and greatest and although I have no basis for comparison to the other Dyson models, it's a HUGE improvement over my regular vacuum cleaner....more info
  • returned it
    I tried two Dysons and returned each of them and bought a Miele. My primary issue was that the vacuum made a horrible sound on one rug in my house, and unfortunately, it was the den rug which required the most vacuuming. I also found it heavy and tempermental.
    Main dislikes:
    * heavy
    * a high "nose" prevented me from vacuuming under furniture, even a tiny bit
    * a wide "nose" that prevented me from vacuuming between bits of furniture without moving it
    * on lower pile rugs it took a few sweeps for it to kick in and suck - I sometimes had to step on it to start suction
    * it only sucked up stuff directly underneath it and didn't get "scatter" - it sometimes blew dust bunnies away from the machine and I'd have to chase them
    * I had to tilt it back and up to get larger things like cheerios - otherwise it would just push them along
    * you had to clean out the barrel every time if you sucked up food items or slightly damp foodstuff (I have kids, you get some gross junk on the floor)
    * using the telescopic hose with attachments meant taking the entire handle off and switching stuff around - I got tired of playing "transformers" every time I needed to reach a corner. I'd have to do all the rugs first and then go back and do the hose attachment cleaning.

    The folks at Bed, Bath and Beyond couldn't believe I was returning a Dyson, but I did find one salesperson who told me that she's met a few people who haven't been entirely happy with it. For $400 I want something that it convenient and pretty darn incredible. The Miele I have now is smaller, lighter and has a bag (both bad and good) but it seems to be fine for my hardwood floored and area rugged house. The only thing I miss so far about the Dyson is it's really long cord....more info
    This vacuum is just amazing! I originally hesitated to spend the extra money on a top of the line product like this, but I am so glad I did. I am ashamed to say that I had no idea that my home was as dirty as it appeared after first using the Dyson DC14. I could not believe how thoroughly it cleaned. Our home has a combination of grouted tile and carpet. the Dyson works exceptionally well on all types of floors. I like the hose set up and how the attachments stay where they are supposed to stay in their little compartments. I use the hose and an attachment to clean my garnet colored furniture which shows dirt, etc. very easily. Dyson was very efficient getting the furniture spotlessly clean. Nice reach with the hose and wand for getting into our vaulted ceiling areas (webs and such that accumulate in the corners.) I am impressed with how it does steps too, making this chrore very easy with the long wand and flexible hose. Easy to go from carpet to tile settings too. Bottom line, this machine is well worth every penny I spent on it and would without question recommend it to others. By the way, after searching the internet for the best price, THIS was the best price I found, beating some quotes by $150 at a well known large department store advertised "sale" on the very same item!! Buy it HERE!!...more info
  • Great vacuum
    I bought the DC14 a couple of months ago, and I'm very happy with it. The price discouraged me a little, but I knew if the vacuum was as good as they say, it would be worth it. And it is! My carpet is only 2 1/2 years old, and I keep a clean house, so I am amazed how much this vacuum pulls out of my carpet. I vacuum once or twice a week, and there's always a surprising amount of dust and hair in the bin when I finish.
    I'm also very happy that I can vacuum my linoleum floors with much less frustration now. When I tried to vacuum them with my old machine, the dirt always flew behind the vacuum, and I had to chase it. The Dyson doesn't do that. It sucks the stuff right up without throwing it around.
    I read a lot of reviews for the dc14 before I bought it. I read that some people had trouble pushing it across the carpet. I think it moves great - but you have to turn the knob back to "carpet"! Also, people said it was hard to assemble - if you can push a hose into its slot and snap the attachments into their places, you're ready to vacuum! The other thing is the filter - the instructions tell you to rinse it occasionally.
    My home feels healthier since I started using my Dyson. It's a great vacuum!...more info
  • Dyson is great, but a little awkward
    I love my dyson. It picks up everything wonderfully. My only complaint is with the telescope handle and hose. I fight with it all the time and pulled the vaccume over onto myself once, which was not pleasant....more info
  • Dyson DC 14
    I was hesitant due to the price of this vacuum, but after having several of $100-$200 vacuums decided to give it a shot. Out of the box setup was quick and easy, it only took a few minutes.

    At first we questioned if it was working, because we couldn't hear the click-click of dirt/sand we were used to. However, after a while we looked in the canister and I was surprised at the amount of very fine dust that had been picked up. It also is very good at picking up hair. Both my wife and daugther have long hair and this vacuum picks it up easily.

    So far I'm very satisfied with the Dyson and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Don't Believe The Hype
    This vacuum lost suction in the hand held part the 3rd time I used it. We've taken it apart and can not locate a clog. Now I have to go pay to have the entire thing taken apart to see what's wrong. The guy who runs the vacuum repair shop here says that Dysons clog all the time. Next time I spend this much money on a vacuum I will check it's rating on Consumer Reports. Expensive lesson learned. ...more info
  • Unbeatable Vacuum Cleaner
    Can highly recommend the Dyson DC14. I had the previous model DC07 which lasted more than 10 years without any problems at all. This improved model is just as easy to use if not easier. The flex is really long which is an advantage. Its much easier to empty than the DC07 - also the suction goes right to the edges. I have tried many vacuums over the last 40 years and can definitely say that the Dyson is unbeatable and I wouldn't consider anything else. They are also very easy to change a belt and the occasional maintenance by myself (a mere housewife) to clean out any fluff from the workings is the simplest operation and helps increase its life.

    Delivery was excellent and it arrived on time.

    Don't be pursuaded to go for a cheaper immitation - remember 'you get what you pay for'. If this model lasts as long as its predecessor it'll be worth paying the extra for something so reliable....more info
  • Really good but could be better
    The DC-14 is a really good vacuum and powerful but it does not do exactly what the ads say. It will practically "suck the color out of the carpet" but eventually it WILL lose suction. Mind you that takes a long time but eventually dust builds up in the air channels and suction starts to diminish. The good news is that the unit comes apart and is pretty easy to clean.

    Some people have complained about a loud, horrible noise. This is common. I called Dyson and they said that it's the clutch on the beater bar drive ratcheting to save the belt. So to save you replacing a $5.00 belt they use a ratchet clutch that costs however many dollars. Dyson said that the clutch tends to slip when vacuuming shag, deep pile, oriental rugs, Berber carpet, sculptured, in short, any carpet you might actually HAVE! The solution they give is to pop the bottom plate off and pull out the seal strips - they look like really fine licorice. It works but really... this is the best engineering they can come up with?

    The basket just pops off and stays closed until you get it to the trash to dump it. You never have to touch the dirt. That's a pretty cool feature.

    But the things IS a bit heavy and a cord reel would be nice. All in all it's a good vacuum, just not as state of the art as they ads say it is.
    ...more info
  • So far so good....very good!
    We've only had this vacuum for two days, but we are liking it a lot so far! It has dealt a bit of a blow to my self-esteem, though, since I couldn't believe there was that much dirt in our carpets even though I just vacuumed using our old vacuum a few days ago...yikes! It was nice to be able to leave the vacuum at the bottom of our carpeted stairs and just vacuum on up without lugging it along like I used to have to do. I highly recommend this vacuum...and we got it shipped free three days after ordering from [...]! You can't beat that. It was on sale for the same price at Sears (130 miles away from us) but why pay tax and gas money? [...] is great!...more info
  • a little dissapointed
    I just recceived my DC 14. I expected very strong suction power. But I have to say, both my wife and I are quite dissapointed. It does not even pick up as much dirt as my previous $80 eurika bagless one. I did check that it was set for the carpet. I tried to find gear selection (high, medium, low, etc), but did not find any.

    Another annoying thing is: when you put it upright and turn it on, the suction power goes to the wand: You have to bend it to vacuum the carpet.

    Maybe I got a lemon one. But anyway, we are dissapointed with its suction power....more info
  • It broke! Not worth it at any price....
    After a few uses, the beater bar started to make an incredibly loud sound which is supposed to mean the bar needs to be cleaned. Even after cleaning, we always have maybe five minutes of vacuuming until it makes that sound and shuts down again.... It works only if we use the bare floor setting without the beater bar.... Not worth it at any price.......more info
  • It's worth the money
    It's not perfect but it has amazing suction and so I gave it 5 stars.

    It's bulky and heavy and it is not the best vacuum if you have to haul it up stairs a lot; not recommended for anyone who is frail, elderly etc. unless you have one-level living. I have an L shaped stairwell and I'm very glad I do because the vacuum will not sit on the stairs without your help and the hose doesn't extend far enough for the vacuum to sit at the landing of a regular staircase. The attachments don't stay put which is really irritating so I have them in a little bucket where I store the vacuum. This vacuum moves differently than standard ones which is good and bad. It really does clean all floors and it moves nicely but it won't glide under a bed and you can't tilt it back to lift the suction part, it stays on the floor always.

    I recommend that you practice everything before vacuuming. For instance, emptying the cannister, I ended up with a pile of dirt on the floor. But once I figured that out, it really is very cool and easy the way you empty it. And the attachment "gun" I've had my vacuum for 6 months and I still get a little confused when I have to use the attachments but it is also very cool the way it all works. What I love most is that when I vacuum, everything comes up ( it has not sucked up my carpet like others have experienced) and the carpet looks so clean!

    The true test for this vacuum was pine needles at Christmas time and it did a phenomenal job. It got them all easily and even sucked up little branches and yes it still works like it's new! You can see everything it sucks up in the clear cannister. If you are sick and tired of mediocre vacuums, this one is so worth the money! Definitely try to find free shipping or use your Kohl's charge to get 10% off or go to Linens N Things when they send a 20% coupon in the mail. This Dyson is listed at $350 on Amazon and that's pretty good. I bought it in July 2006 for $380 on sale....more info
  • Great Vacuum, but not the best
    The Dyson is a great product. While initially skeptical about the plastic appearance, it is quite durable. My biggest complaints are no cord catch for when your line is partially extended and it is not self propelled. While I have not had any problems, I do say that my previous Vacuum was a Eureka litespeed bagless. I have followed the Dyson with the Eureka and picked up more dirt. Of course, I did the same with the Eureka and found a few pieces. So, the Dyson is a good vacuum, but not much better than my $79 Eureka, which I still keep for when my wife is not watching. ...more info
  • the sceptic says "thumbs up"
    We have two pets at the moment and our old vac didn't cut the mustard. I had my doubts, but enough people spoke highly of it and we had more than enough gift cards to make the purchase.

    We couldn't believe the difference. It not only got up ALL the fur from our nice white carpet, but any of the extra fuzz that new carpets seem to have in abundance. Honestly, the best purchase we've made since we bought our cars....more info
  • Exellent Machine!
    I have been a single parent of a handicaped child for the last nine years. I have to cook, do laundry, care for my son, and do house work. I never realized before that all these years I have been waisting my time pushing around the various vacuums that I have owned! I purachesed a DYSON 14 All Floors model last week, and let me tell you...I don't impress easly but this vacumm is the top dog of the BIG dogs. I was thinking that NO loss of power ment that it would stick to the walls if i put it there...WRONG! It glides effortlessly across my 2 year old pile carpet not catching or draging, but gliding. It picks up the dirt and other various things that seem to be attracted to carpet like lint, food stuffs etc. My carpet hasn't look this good since the day it was installed. I'm glad I bought a DYSON as anything else is just a waist of time, you go thru the motions of vacuuming but your not picking up what needs to be picked up, because your every day vacuums that have a bag in them start loosing power as soon as you turn it on. Not to mention the dust that is kicked back into the air. But the discharge from The DYSON HEPA filter is so clean. I didn't see any dust in the air like i did with my other vacuums! I'M IMPRESSED! The tools all have a place and they stay were there placed. It's easy to switch from the upright mode to using the wand. You can't ask for an easier way to empty the holding tank. I'M IMPRESSED! It is by far the BEST vacuum on the market today....Can you tell....I'M VERY IMPRESSED!!
    ...more info
  • Great vacuum, but shop around...
    My unit arrived yesterday, and I tried it the minute I got home. It works great as advertised, but also has it's drawbacks as others described (weight, hose, etc).

    There are plenty of good deals online... I went down the list of the authorized resellers on Dyson's website, and quickly found some very competitive ones. A little skeptical at first, I finally decided to give it a shot and bought it from a site that offers 30 day return policy.

    ...more info
  • It's like I have new carpet again!!!
    We purchased this vacuum this evening and it looks like we have brand new carpeting. We could see a difference with the first swipe of the vacuum on our carpeting - ALL THE DOG HAIR WAS GONE!!!! My whole family has taken turns vacuuming different rooms in the house - We've dumped the filter after each room just to see how much dirt we actually had and were completely AMAZED!!!! Our carpet looks like it was just steam cleaned. Thumbs up - worth the money!!!!!...more info
  • Wonderful
    I bought a Bissel bagless vacuum, but after reading so-so reviews on Amazon, I returned it to the store, unopened, and bought a Dyson DC14. I've gone through too many bad vacuum cleaners to risk getting something unreliable. I was impressed with Dyson's 5 year warranty, and find it easy to handle. I don't find it too heavy or awkward to use on stairs, as some reviewers stated. In fact, it's lighter than the Bissel that I returned.

    I thought that it might be overkill for us, as we don't have any carpeting in our house, just hardwood floors and area rugs, but we've been very impressed with the Dyson so far. We tested it in a room we're renovating, a room with hardwood floors and a large amount of very fine dust on the floor, and it worked very well. We have 3 cats and a dog, and were blown away when we vacuumed our area rugs. We had to empty the canister after each rug. We have a cream colored area rug which was so worn and stained that we thought we'd have to throw it out, but it looked like new after vacuuming it with the Dyson. These are rugs that we had been vacuuming on a regular basis with our old upright, rugs that we thought were fairly clean.

    I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because I find the telescope wand a bit awkward. It's easy enough to access, but if I get more than a few feet away from the main unit, the hose pulls the rest of the vacuum with it. The only way I think I could use the full 17 feet of hose is if another party held the vacuum in place while I pulled the hose away, which obviously isn't very practical....more info
  • Great suction, not suitable for all
    We loved how great the suction of the Dyson was. I thought my house was very clean but it proves otherwise. What did not work for us is that if you have alot of areas like low beds, cocktail tables and the toe-kicks on all of our cabinets the nose of the vaccum is too thick to go under so you need to take out the extension hose too many times. If this is not the case in your home then you will love the cleaning ability of it....more info
  • Dyson rocks
    I have to agree with all the reviewers. They have pretty much said all that is needed to be said. We have (3) DC07 in my family. Being the cool guy that I am, I ordered the DC14 just to be different. The vacuum is great. My only complaint is that it is heavy. I am not a weak man or anything like that. But I would have to say the DC07 would be suited for most of the general public. Both machine does the same wonderful thing. It is just that one is more bulky than the other. Plus you also save about $50 with the DC07.

    I don't feel like paying for the return shipping, so I am going to keep my DC14. But should have gotten the DC07. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Made
    Ths is the best vacumm made! It is incredible in the amount of dirt, dust and pet hair it picks up! I NEVER knew how discusting our carpets really were! YUK! We had a Eureka BOSS and vacuumed all the time and the Dyson was like magic!

    First we vacuumed just a small 9 x 9 area on a thick rug and had to empty the canister! At first I thought the Dyson was eating the rug as so much dirt came out with pet hair etc. but it was in fact dust and dirt!

    It is hard to vacuum areas other then an open area and I do not like the telescoping hose. I take the attachments and attach them to the very end of the hose and that works fine, leaving the telescoping hard tube off. Or use the telescoping hose under furniture and beds, works great. Be careful with fringe on the carpets!

    I think this vaccum is miraculous overall! I do not think there is another vacuum with this ability to clean. Perhaps commercial vacs are this powerful I do not know but it is a pleasure to know that the time and energy spent vacuuming is actually really cleaning! I did our entire large home and emptied the canister 8 times!

    It also really helps to vacuum SLOWLY! Let the machine really work. When you vacuum slowly it is amazing how much you pick up instead od quickly running the vacuum over your carpet! The carpets look like new and the whole room even feels and smells so much cleaner....more info
  • Just got mine yesterday....
    And I couldn't be more pleased....

    4 out of 5 stars because the instruction manual sucks about as much as the Dyson.... tongue in cheek.

    But, I have swept up an incredible amount of dirt, dust, and dog hair today and I am very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Best vacuum by far, and great customer service
    I bought my Dyson over 2 years ago - when they first came out. I have 4 young kids who love arts and crafts, so a good vacuum is a must. I can happily say that I haven't had a problem with my Dyson (at least that their awesome customer service department couldn't fix within days). You DO have to clean it - especially if you are working with very fine dust (when we bought a new house, I had to vacuum up all the drywall dust, never did loose lots of suction, but with a good shaking (outside) it was good as new). I've had 2 parts break - one was the original stair tool (a problem with the original manufacturing - they've since changed the design) and my original hose had a small hole (possibly from stretching it out too far to do all the steps at one time?) Both times, I called Dyson customer service, expecting to be charged for ordering replacement parts - and both times they UPS'd me the new parts without charge, and only took minutes to find my name and mailing address (make sure to register your product!) The ONLY drawback I've had - my daughters have very long hair, plus I sew, and both the hair and the thread get wrapped around the rolling brushes - but that would happen no matter why type of vacuum you had. A quick clip with the sissors, and the debris pulls right out - and you're ready to go. If mine Dyson ever died, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another.

    My original review was written way back in 2006 - and I must say - I STILL love my Dyson. Yes, after all this time, I needed to replace the hoses - and yes, I had to pay for them - but shipping was quick, and I was able to figure out how to change the bottom hose and the back main hose in minutes. Now - I'm sure if I didn't stretch my hose from the bottom of the stairs all the way to the top - the main hose would have probably lasted longer..... but I'm still pleased !...more info
  • Probably the best vacuum out there
    I probably haven't tried to many vacuums before, I'd say i've used in varrious settings maybe 7 different ones aside from Dyson in my time, but of those 5 were all proffesional vacuums and I will say Dyson has been the BEST I've used.
    Now thats not to say the item is perfect, so first my complaints.
    - When upright it isn't to amazing at cleaning edges. I still need to take the hose out for that, I'd say its just avarage at that, its no better then my last vacuum at this.
    - To use the hose you have to unwrap the entire cord!! This is my BIGGEST pet peave, when you want to just clean up a little mess that becomes quite a pain.
    - Its hose is very stiff making it hard to stretch out.
    - Even though it rolls better when pulled along then any others I've used it still tips over frequently if you aren't careful how you pull it.
    - The brushes underneath still get my long hair wrapped/clogged/twisted around it. SO I do need to clean this part out however I needed to do that on my other vacuumes as well and this is much easier to get at to do it.
    A thing to consider is the maintnence of the filter. I don't need to clean mine as often as they reccomened (they reccomend every 6 months, I cleaned mine after a year and it was very clean but I just use it in my house) I think everyone should already know there is maintnnce and weigh this out when buying ANY bagless. With a bagless you save money from buying bags and make less garbage for the dumps. With filters on bagless models they can either be replaced when dirty (costing you money again, and making more garbage waste which basically renders a bagless advantagless) or you can get a model like Dyson that you just need to clean the filter. The lid pops right open for this, you run it in cold water, squeeze it out and set it somewhere to dry. Filtered bagless vaccums clean out more allergens in the air, however if you aren't careful when emptying a bagless you will have dust flying around. Your call.

    now the goods:
    - Its light weight (especially compared to most profesional vaccums I've used which were heavy and bulky)
    - its baggless (and big bagless)
    - It really sucks, by that I mean it picks up pretty much anything and everything! It has the strongest suction I've seen and I'm always amazed at the stuff it gets up that I don't see.
    - Its hose is long and so is its cord.
    - It quiet comapred to other vacuums (its NOT silent but it doesn't scare my kid or awake the man downstairs when used on carpeted floor)
    - it picks up all my hair and the large things I'm to lazy to pick up. (I have VERY long hair and it gets all over, on my last vaccum it would clog the pipes/tubes. As well I don't like to pick up everything I see, a crumpled paper, a tooth pick, chunks of food, small rocks, pins, whatever. If its small enough to fit in the tube it will pick up. My tubes have never gotten cloged.
    - Its easy to clean: if it does ever get clogged the pieces are easy to snap open to clean them out, even underneath.
    - It's easy to maintain and saves on bags (I prefer bagless)
    - It works good on hard floors too. (I use it in my kitchen all the time.)
    Now I don't know If you'll think its worth the money or not, I think they are quite pricey (good thing I got mine as a gift) But I love mine and think its the best vacuum I've ever used....more info
  • It's been a long time since I've been rendered speechless....
    But today that all changed when I accompanied my mom to our local Sears to get her glasses fixed. On our way out we caught sight of dysons product line and decided to take a look. Now, I had been reading alot of info online from my fellow consumers and the consensus has always been positive. But alas the cynical side of me (which is a BIG side) thought a vacuum is a vacuum is a vacuum. The sales lady was very sweet and showed us the different products. At first my mom almost gave in and got the "animal" however after reading more details online ( Thanks to all you "amazonians" ) I knew it was no difference in the animal and the DC 14 other than the higher price for the 'animal'. You get a different accessory (still available seperately) and a bag of dysons cleaning powder. We decided on the DC 14 and we rushed home where I immediately set upon the box like a hobo on a hotpocket. Tearing the box open and assembling it ....I noticed assembly is a snap. Just follow along with the "beginners" guide for initial set up. After that I plugged it in and started vacuuming away. At first I noticed ease of use. The materials used in the dyson really make it light and manuverable. The sound is nice and quiet and outside of the usual "whooshing" sound there's a low pronounced humming sound. I thought I had did something wrong however it's normal ( I finally actually READ the instructions ) and all a part of the magic. Now...to the performance. Like the title of my review I was rendered speechless and this is something of a major feat when it comes to any household product. I looked at the side canister and noticed a fog like buildup within the canister. It was dust. ALOT of dust to be honest. And hair. And other little pieces of "stuff" that this contraption was pulling from the carpet. I vacuum many times and consider myself to be borderline psychotic when it comes to cleanliness. I figured my regular vacuum was doing the job. After all, I just vacuumed last night (July 25th) in the TV room. But just a half hour ago the dyson was picking up stuff so fast and so quickly that the canister has gone ABOVE it's max line. Now I have to clean out the canister and I can't wait because I don't have to worry about going and buying a replacement bag. The overall design is smart and almost sexy. The accessories that come with it all attach to the vacuum itself leaving out the trouble of looking for them. The cord is long and easy to tie up when you are finished. Storage is easy as well. My conclusion is that this is the last vacuum that you need to buy. There simply is nothing better on the market. Shame on that vacuum company ( it's name rhymes with coover ) who's president stated that they should have took dyson seriously and bought the design only to shelve it away from the general public. In other words, their $500 million dollars a year earnings from propietery replacement bags could be saved by never telling the public about such an invention and keeping us in the dark. And now dyson has the last laugh as well as my respect and gratitute. And you will too once you buy one for yourself. A wise investment. A+ and SIX stars! ...more info
  • Beware of the belt!
    I've enjoyed my Dyson for more than a year now. However, the belt broke recently, and this repair cannot be done on your own. It must be brought to a shop. Luckily, I'm still within the two-year warranty, so it was covered by Dyson. The repair shop told me that this is a common occurence with the Dysons and can be a somewhat costly repair. I noticed that they never talk about the durability of their belts in the product description. ...more info
  • Finally...well-spent money paid for a vacuum
    Excellent product as far as suction on carpet. I first considered the DC15 but did not care for it when trying it out at our local Sears. Something I highly recommend everyone do. Try it out first! We ended up deciding on the DC14. I did not find it as heavy as others seem to state in their reviews. My '04 Bissel, this was replacing, was much heavier and was terrible as far as suction. Oh sure some things could be changed about the Dyson. I tend to accidently hit the on/off button while trying to move the vacuum while using the hose. Cord management should be improved but the cord length IS great. I wish it was a lower profile unit (without having to buy an extra attachment). This may have been mentioned, but I was told that all the DC14 units are the same. The only difference is what extra attachments come with it (oh and of course the color). I first considered buying the 'animal' version because, well, I own a pet, and assumed the animal version had more suction and was designed to pick up pet hair and dander better. But they are the same unit and one is not better at picking up hair than the other. So, I got the standard all-floor unit and will buy the other attachements if I feel I need them (Note: as of Oct 2007, I still haven't bought those attachments). I am so glad I did not pay $125 for another wimpy vacuum. Finally, I have purchased something worth the money or maybe it's even a bargain at that price. Now when is Dyson going to come out with a shop/car vac?...more info
  • BUY !! The DC14 is best "all around" buy!
    I researched other units for 2 weeks+, engineer background who over-analyzes everything, and this vacuum won me over...got it on sale (phew!) for just over $350 and am now glad I spent the $$. After many Eureka's (in the $120 price range) and 1 very heavy Hoover (never get one again), this Dyson blew me away! Dyson is GREAT for cat hair, has smooth transitions from hardwoods to area rugs / rooms with carpet. For the cheap, thin rug by the door, just turn the knob to hard floors so it doesn't suck up the rug! Best Features worth mentioning - 1) it's QUIET! I never realized how loud other vacuums were, until the Dyson. You can put kids to bed and probably get away with running this vacuum! 2)love the "quick release" of the hose and the 3 standard attachments do all common cleaning - I use it to reach corners, behind dressers, dust baseboards, dust ceiling light fixtures, etc. 3) very long power cord... 4) great power - had mine for 3 months, and it's great. I think I love this thing! The carpet pile has actually re-lifted, and I can see tracks again!

    Cautions to be aware of: 1)if you're used to bags, frequent emptying of the cup is annoying, but easy to do and worth it for the power 2)it could be heavy to carry upstairs, but rolls really easy and smooth, like it's lighter than it is! If you go into it knowing these things, it's not a problem!

    You will like this vacuum!
    ...more info
  • Hello Dyson!!
    Sooo, my Hoover died yesterday and I unexpectedly found myself in the market for a new vacuum, again. I had been researching online and decided on a Bissell lift-off since my biggest struggle has always been the stairs. I got to the store and found they were out. The fellow asked me why I was so interested in that particular model anyway so I responded with the stair requirement as well as my allergies to both types of dustmites. He proceeded to tell me about the Dyson. I was concerned about the expense since it was twice as much as the Bissell I was looking at, then I found out the price of the replacement filters, $30 a pop. I couldn't tell from the forums where I had researched the vacuum since it's rarely in Canadian dollars and here I was in a store that sold them. At that price it certainly wouldn't take long until the two cost me the same anyway. So I brought home the Dyson.
    There have been some complaints with the Dyson and I think it's all about perspective. For instance I'm 5'5" and to some that's tall for a girl, in my family, I'm a midget. I have no trouble handling the Dyson and not only am I short, I'm a notorious wimp. The Dyson is actually lighter than my Hoover and the Hoover had just as much trouble getting under things. The light on the Hoover didn't do anything for me either. I'd recommend that if getting under things is important, get one of those little swiffer carpet cleaner things since you're not that likely to find a lot of ground in dirt or stir up dust in those locations anyway and use the hand tool every so often to get it done well. (or if you're small like me just crawl under and breathe deeply, jk)

    My favorite things:
    - the wandy thing; not only is it cool, it does an excellent job on the stairs, no more lifting the vacuum with me because of the long hose which I found easy to use. On the bottom stairs though it wanted to follow me so it was a bit wierd at first but once you're higher up and the vacuum is against the bottom, I had no trouble with the hose and stretching it to where I needed it. I also had no trouble with it on the second and third set of stairs either. It was so easy I was doing all the baseboards too just for fun. It's also cool that the roller turns off when you're using it, we did a nice job of destroying the lino with the old one when we were doing the stairs.
    - suction! non stop! it picked up a ton of the fine dust my other vacuum missed the day before as well as some dog hair. We bought the house from the dog owners a year ago and the steam clean and regular vacuming had failed to get these renegade leftovers. The fine dust from the different rooms (since of course you don't have to dump as often as my old one) kinda reminded me of those jars with layered colored sand, there was SO much!
    - cleaning; with my allergies to dust the old vacuum may have had allergen filtration, but that doesn't protect me when I'm wacking the filter against the side of the house and getting the canister out to dump it, both of which had to be done everytime I vacuumed. The spring loaded canister dumping mechanism is brilliant! No more stuffiness/tiredness after cleaning day from the allergies. The hepa filter looks easy to clean too so I almost can't wait the several months it will take until it's time to clean it.
    - detachable parts for clog killing; my old vacuum would get clogged ALL the time, we'd have to take parts of it apart with 2 different screwdrivers and then stab it with a coat hanger in all kinds of wierd angles to declog it. Vacuums will get clogged, especially if you live with furry friends so it's nice to know that when it happens, it's super easy to get where you need to be to clear the obstructions. I didn't even have to read the manual to find this handy parts.
    - the little edge brushes; obviously this is not as good as going around with the wand for when you want to do a deeper clean but it certainly does a good enough job so that you have the luxury of not having to use attachments EVERY time like most vacuums I've used. It also doesn't seem to attack my bed skirt as violently as others have.
    - auto shutoff when the motor gets hot; this is especially good considering that's what killed my Hoover yesterday

    Bye bye Hoover, Hello Dyson!!...more info
  • Superior Design
    All my past vacuums especially my last Eureka had a few design flaws. Like the tilt back button that was a chore in itself to push down hard enough to work. The little plastic cone inside the collection container broke way too soon. Plus it would just shut itself down when it became over heated which seemed to happen rather quickly sometimes.
    The new Dyson seems to have eliminated those flaws. There's no hard to push tilt back button and the collection container is readily emptied. The only problem I have is that it like all my other vacuums doesn't clean along the sides of the carpeting against the base-board. Enough dog hair collects there every week to make a whole new dog! Overall so far I'm happy with it. ...more info
  • All in all, we love our Dyson
    We have had our basic, yellow Dyson for about a year and a half now. We purchased it after my daughter had a false positive on a lead poisoning screening. A later, more accurate blood test revealed that she was actually fine, but the whole experience caused us to become better informed about living safely with lead in our 1920's home. I had been seduced by the Dyson ads for a number of years. During our lead poisoning scare we learned that a vacuum with a HEPA filter is important when you live in a house with lead paint. The Dyson has a HEPA filter with the specific requirements that enable it to deal safely with lead dust. Regular vacuums without HEPA filters simply recirculate harmful dust back into your home and actually make things worse by stirring things up from the carpet and spewing the finest particles (including lead) over all the surfaces of your home. We chose to buy the Dyson since it was only a little more expensive than the Oreck with the HEPA filter and we liked the bagless concept and the cutting edge vacuum technology of this remarkable machine. It definitely doesn't feel as solid as my old Hoover but who says a vacuum has to be heavy? If you have to haul your vacuum up a flight of stairs, as I do, you will appreciate that the Dyson is really pretty lightweight. Having read some rave reviews prior to my purchase of the Dyson, I kind of expected it to be more powerful, sucking up stuff from the depths of my carpet that I hadn't even imagined existed. I can't say that I have been really wowed by its power. However, it definitely does the job at least as well as my old machine, which I had never had any complaints about, excepting its lack of a HEPA filter. One complaint with our Dyson is that it makes a horrible noise for a bit after sucking up a particularly large piece of something or the edge of an area rug. This does not happen very often. I also wish that the Dyson had a retractable cord and the way things need to be put together to use the attachments could use some tweaking, but all in all we love our Dyson. There is no such thing as a perfect vacuum. For me the Dyson comes pretty close. For us, the HEPA filter was key. Don't think your kids need to be eating chipping paint to get lead poisoning. Just the regular friction created by opening and closing of doors and windows with lead paint releases fine dust into the air and onto the surfaces of your home. Dust loves sticky baby and toddler fingers and isn't too proud to settle on their toys. If you have young children or grandchildren and think your home may have lead paint don't hesitate to have it inspected. If you do have lead paint educate yourself about how to live and deal with it. Some easy ways to start are washing kids' hands frequently, especially before eating. Don't chip or sand loose paint that may contain lead. If you have a painting trouble spot, consider hiring a painting contractor who knows how to deal safely with lead. If you are planning to remodel your home, consider hiring a contractor who knows how to deal safely with lead. It is also a good idea to move out during the renovation if possible. One of the greatest ways to control your kids' exposure to lead is to keep your home as dust free as possible and vacuum frequently with a vacuum with a HEPA filter such as the DYSON. If lead is a concern, keep this in mind when you empty the dust and debris from the bagless dirt chamber. My husband empties our's outside, away from the kids' play areas. He forms the best seal he can with a garbage bag, empties, ties securely and puts it directly into one of our outside cans. Then he pops the clothes he was wearing by themselves into the washing machine and runs it. Lastly, he washes his hands and arms. This may sound sort of absurd and over the top, but lead poisoning is a big deal and our kids' health is worth a few extra steps and precautions. Sorry to those of you who just wanted a few sentences to tell you that the Dyson is great, which it is, but I can't miss the opportunity to offer a little lead advice, especially since I think wanting to live safely with lead is a great reason to buy a Dyson. ...more info
  • Love to clean
    I own two big dogs that constantly shed hair and about 2 years ago I bought a brand new Kirby vac hoping that it would help with the problem. It didn't do as well as I would of liked, so I borrowed my Mom's Dyson DC07 Vac and I was amazed at how well it did. Since then I have bought the DC14 and I can't stop vacuuming because I love it so much. All the attachments are so easy to use and now I really do love to clean everything....more info
  • Had to have another Dyson!
    I already own a previous model, but I love these Dysons so much I had to get another one just for the upstairs. My husband and I recently bought a Full-Kit model DC14 at Costco, which is basically the same as the DC14 all floors upright except that it comes with a full kit and a slightly different color scheme.

    This model is much improved over the previous DC7 we own. And we love its performance. With a minimum of maintenance and care, these vacuums seem to be quite hardy. We've had the previous model for three years. And its performance has not slowed down.

    We have three indoor cats and live in a townhouse. Cleaning dander and cat hair has never been easier with a Dyson, and one of the best features is the telescoping hose for stairs and high walls and corners. Love it, love it, love it.

    One of the common complaints I've heard from people is that Dysons cost too much. Gah. Quality goods cost money. We now have two Dysons and wouldn't think of owning any other brand of vacuum -- they were both worth the price, and if we ever have to replace one, we will buy another Dyson without hesitation. ...more info
  • Wonderful for Pet Hair Pickup
    It took me over a year to decide to spend the money on the Dyson. With 5 inside dogs (beagle, poodle, lab/shep mix and 2 shelties) I deal with a tremendous amount of animal hair. I was purchasing a new vacuum each year. The Dyson totally outperforms anything I've ever used before. The amount of animal hair, dust, dirt, etc that it picks up it amazing. (You'll understand with 1 use) The Dyson is self cleaning so you do not have to replace the filters often just clean them periodically. With all my indoor dogs I do have to clean the brushes often or it doesn't pickup that good. I highly recommend this vac to ANYONE who has indoor pets that shed....more info
  • Filth Whirling into the Vortex
    Two days ago, the old Eureka wheezed its last and went up in a cloud of black, acrid smoke and sparks. It had always seemed like a reasonable machine but really, what could truly survive the dust of West Texas and the hair of five surly felines? We were soon out on the hunt for another vacuum with all of our research skills running at full throttle. "Consumer Reports" said one thing about Dyson-rating them well below brands like Hoover or Kenmore. Online reviews from this site and even real, live owners said another-that the Dyson was a pretty darn good machine. Somewhere in the body of evidence, we decided on a Dyson and went out today and got one. We have now officially run the DC14 through its first trial.

    First off, regarding the price...OK, so it was a bit more expensive than our grad-student budget might have allowed; however, we used one of those 20% off "Bed Bath and Beyond" coupons and that dropped the list price of $429.99 to somewhere around (pre-tax) $345. As of this posting date, the best Sears could do was $408-a $20 limited time discount. Of interest as of this posting date is also Dyson's limited time offer of a free car cleaning attachment kit-that's an $85 value. So, the financial wasn't hideous...not great if you're on a budget...but not hideous.

    As for the details, our house is:

    1) the recipient of new carpet within the last year. The filth of ages hasn't had eons to build up.

    2) vacuumed/dusted at least once a week. C'mon...5 cats?? You pet people *know* what I'm talking about.

    3) serviced by one of those tower-style HEPA air filters. Hey...it's West Texas and there's 5 felines...I'm looking to keep the dust and hair quotient at a minimum.

    We assembled the Dyson, and let the games begin: a good portion of West Texas' best grit was soon in the cup and certainly there was enough fur that, if desire presented itself, I could knit a sixth cat or a nice vest. We sat like slack-jawed yokels and stared into the cup at the horror show of filth that had been lurking in our house. In a fast run-through of a 1000 sq. ft. house, we filled the cup to about the "Max" level in 20 minutes.

    It's a cleverly engineered piece of equipment, without a doubt. In terms of weight and maneuverability, the Dyson was far superior to the Hoover models we "test drove" at Sears. Certainly, it's going to take me-The High Priestess of the Vacuuming-a bit of time to get used to its design and functionality. However, if today's trial run is any indication, I think we're going to be very satisfied customers. I'll post back in a couple of months to see how the longitudinal study results fare.
    ...more info
  • Lots of Suction Power
    I bought this vacuum about a month ago. It replaced my self-propelled Hoover Windtunnel, which I hated.

    The pros are that it vacuums well (I have cats), I don't have to empty each time I vacuum like I did with the Hoover, emptying the canister is fast and easy, I don't have to clean a filter every time I vacuum like I did with the Hoover, it's quieter than any other vacuum I've had in the past, it's easy to push and it does my hard floors better than my old vacuum. All my old hose attachments fit on this, so I use them rather than the ones that came with this vacuum. I'm not impressed with their onboard attachments. For one thing, the floor attachment is too narrow.

    The only thing I don't really like is the bulkiness of the power head when it comes to baseboards that are recessed under cabinets. It doesn't go under anything. I've thought about putting some felt on the sides of mine so it doesn't damage the wood as I vacuum alongside of the cabinets. With the head so large, it's a must to run along the baseboards with the hose end. The knob that switches the vacuum from hard floors to carpets seems to be the biggest issue. If they would have made the nose of it a little longer or the profile shorter (I think they have models that are lower), it would be perfect.

    Other than that issue, it's been great.

    ...more info
  • wow..that's a whole lotta suction!!
    I just bought it, and I'm pretty amazed at how much power this thing has! I tried out the DC15 in the store first, and I didn't really care for the ball...I felt like I was fighting with it, and I didn't like how the brush part was so separate from the main apparatus..it would lift up easily because it was so light...and talk about noisy..the DC14 is much quieter than the 15. It's so light and maneuverable, it just surprised me how great the suction was. I can't believe some think this vacuum is heavy..the one I had before was a beast of a Kenmore, and it weighed much more than this. Lifting the Dyson up the stairs is a breeze to me...I guess others have just had really small vacuums. Do be wary of the suction though when vacuuming around drapes, throw rugs, shower curtains, clothes, kids toys, etc...it will suck up anything in it's path and hold on for dear life! :-) It didn't clog though when I accidentally sucked up a few tissues..they went right into the chamber no worries...couldn't say that about my old one, it would have definitely stopped up and required the use of "the claw" as we affectionately named our handy clog grasping tool..which was used much too often to my dismay. I'm thinking I will be able to retire it..finally....more info
  • First Impressions + Updates (6 months later)
    6 month Update: I accidentally dropped the Dyson 15+ feet from the balcony onto the living room carpet and, incredibly, nothing broke! I reattached some pieces that came loose, started it up, and it has been running fine ever since.

    It was a good chance to clean out the hair that accumulated in the brush bar, which should be checked frequently.


    We just got the DC-14 Yellow today and I wanted to share my first impressions:

    - The instructions were actually a bit confusing despite their best attempt to convey steps through pictures rather than words. Fortunately there really aren't a lot of moving parts to the machine; it just takes a few minutes to figure out the assembly and use of the attachment hose.

    - After first use, I was surprised that 1) it's not nearly as loud as our previous vaccuums. You can hear the "sucking" sound more than the motor, and 2) it's very easy to push -- almost so easy that it made me a little skeptical about its suction power. I haven't tried "the Ball" model but I can't imagine needing it given the ease of use of the DC-14.

    - The DC-14 doesn't have the issue with losing the setting between carpet and bare floor. Set it once (must be done by hand though) and it stays that way.

    - The bare floor setting is a bit frustrating as others mentioned -- the exhaust shoots the dust bunnies far away from the unit before you can suck them up. I found that it helps to hold the handle much closer to horizontal so the exhaust is directed upward.

    - I'm not impressed with the attachment tools. The crevice tool has a hole in the side to prevent objects from sticking, but it sacrifices a lot of suction power. Also, I think I'll stick to using the handheld Dirt Devil on the stairs.

    Overall I'm pretty satisfied so far, and most impressed with how easy it is to use. It's just not the Second Coming of Vaccuums that it's hyped to be. :-)

    *** Update: One Month Later ***

    I have really learned to appreciate the Dyson much more since my first day with the unit. I figure out that you can remove the long attachment wand from the hose, and connect the attachments to the hose directly. This has made it much easier to use for areas such as the stairs and in the cars.

    While I still don't care for the crevice tool, the other two attachments are great. The floor attachment is especially useful. When I am done with the stairs, they look like a tiny vaccumm just cleaned them. I do like using the wand to get under the beds and to reach tall areas such as sucking up cobwebs from hanging lights. One negative: the unit gets LOUD when using the attachments.

    I agree with the other poster about the size of the vaccumm base: it's too tall to fit under _anything_ other than 4-legged chairs. I have to be extra careful to not nick up the wood base of the bed, whereas our old vaccuums could fit easily underneath.

    I am really quite pleased now. The suction power seemed to actually improve a bit since my first use and the carpet seems to feel softer than it did before.

    To get a good price, look for a sale on kohls.com and use use an online discount, which you can generally get by having their store card.

    My favorite feature is being able to switch between the floor suction to the attachment so quickly. I never used to use the attachments on our old vaccuums, but this one is relatively painless to go between. If you notice a dust bunny shoot up in the air (from the exaust blowing down in front of the canister), just set the handle upright and extend the wand. Presto!...more info
  • Amazing! strong and powerful!
    Time to be upfront, I researched a new vac for four weeks. My sister and I put in new carpet, paint , appliances and fantastic Persian rugs in our seven year old house. I am a dog trainer and have threes shelties as house pets, two cats, one meduim furred and live with a mother that refuses to take her gardening shoes off in the house.( I like to be barefoot)
    I fully expect any vac that lives with me to be dead in three to four years. This is a given, and oh, my sister had asthma and allergies, I run a full house vac 2 to 3 times a week.( I do keep the shelties groomed and trimmed and the cats too.)
    I love a clean house. My house never smells.
    I bought the dyson at the local store, so I could return if it was not the right thing.
    Its the same size and weight as my old sharp vac, (ignore the weight complaints, this is what a real vac weighs).
    The suction is stunning, anyone with a vac over three years old should not be surprised at how much stuff is in the carpet.
    What was scary was watching a brand new Hamadan 150 count Persian rug lifted in the jaws of this beast and shook. Like it was a cheap thin rug. scary.
    I worked for two hours and now know how to work this incredible beast, like driving a real car for the first time.( In my life I have owned 7 vacs, including a rainbow).
    Heavy area rugs must be vacumed backward, from the top to the bottom nearest you, push 6 inches, pull 12 inches. Heavy area rugs must be done very slowly!!!! ( forget cheap thin rugs, this machine will eat them).

    Directions for the wand extension are poor, took me an hour to figqure out how to get the extension back on command.
    I love the length of the wand, I hate doing stairs and floor board. I de furred my sisters room, base boards, under the bed and all the crannies. The wand made it easy as and fast to do.
    The only potential breakable part I see is the canister bottom, and sides,and hinge, it feels a bit fragile. (don't knock the tools in the garbage with the dirt.)
    So it was a good buy, I paid $428 at the local fred meyer. I love the bagless, Love the wand extension, love the cleaning power, ( will be carefull not to destroy the rugs).
    wish I could fiqure out how the belt is changed, that should not be a service call.
    ***** three months later its going strong, the interior filters are a bit clogged, so i can vacumn the area rug most of the time. great buy*****

    **** one year later, still running strong! sister broke the bottom off the canister yesterday, she is small and got impatient and banged it on the tall garbage can! replacement is $$$40 from dyson. now you know, don't bang the bottom! bottom roller is apin to take out and clean, which I need to do a lot, with all the fur. (two of the shelties lost alot of fur this year) many compliments from my clients about how nice my house is, and " it never smells like dog or cat" now WHEN WILL DYSON MAKE A CARPET SCRUBBER?

    the best life advice I got in my twenties was " BUY Good vacumns, and replace them when they break."
    ...more info
  • we love it!
    I vacuumed a 9 x 12 carpet with a new bag in my best $400.00 Hoover, twice. Then I did the same area with the Dyson DC-14 Animal. The Dyson was full when I finished. I was amazed. It also does a great job picking up kitty litter. I am going to buy another soon....more info
  • Definetely the best out there!
    I have heard and wanted this vacuum for awhile now and finally decided to dish out the dough. For some odd reason, I really enjoy vacuuming and cleaning my house so this Dyson DC14 definitely does the trick. The suction is fantastic and it's really light. I had a $99 Dirt Devil which boasted the bagless technology but was nothing compared to the way the Dyson is designed. After I use it, my house actually smells cleaner and fresher. It's strange but the air system really works! There are so many other vacuums that run in the $200-$400 range so just go for it and splurge on this one! It's worth it!...more info
  • OMG, this vacuum rules
    Sucks like no other & feels extremely light. I vacuumed with our old vacuum, then with the Dyson and the Dyson picked up quite a bit of dirt still. The wand is great and has extremely high suction power. The only downside now is that I can't stop vacuuming.... Hope that helped, now I'm off to vacuum :)...more info
  • Right tool for the job...
    I have had my DC 14 for about 6 months now. As a middle-aged bachelor with few visitors to my home, cleaning my home ranks well below watching NFL football on the weekends. My home has a mix of berber carpet and hardwood floors. I have never spent this much money on any cleaning tool...

    My initial impressions were slight disappointment and reflected on the one and two star reviews I had read here. But, after six months, I can comfortable say this vacuum cleaner has become very intuitive and effective. Stairs, hardwood floors and dusty trim boards get the treatment easily.

    I would highly recommend this.

    The only improvement I would like to see is a little longer hose....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    I have had this vacuum for over a year and I have not had any problems with it. I have a Golden Retriever and a cat that does shed and my Dyson has not clogged up ever!!! The only problem I have with this vacuum is the noise it makes when something gets hung up in the rotation but that is a small issue and wouldn't give it up for the world. When I need a new vacuum, which I do not believe will be anytime soon it will be another Dyson. I have had many other vacuums and this one really is the Royalty of all vacuums. The price is high but in the long run you will save on not only bags but also the purchasing of vacuums every year. ...more info
  • Slightly dissappointing
    Bought this vacuum a year ago and it already needs to be replaced. I use my vacuums a lot and I'm hard on them and this one couldnt keep up. I vacuum bird seeds and nuts and dog hair several times a day. So this vacuum has had more than normal use. It is made almost entirely of plastic.

    Dyson claims it doesnt loose suction over time, which is probably true if you keep it clean and it top operating condition all the time. But it does need to be cleaned often. The brushes do get clogged up with pet hair and the canister and filter need to be cleaned and emptied often.

    The tools are simple to use but the design allowed my vacuum attachment to break early on. The tool is designed so the hard tube rubs against the flexible hose and wore it out. The attachment heads also broke off early on.

    I would say that if you are using this vacuum for normal everyday use, keep it in top notch condition and clean, that it will last long and be effective. But if you are using it for pet mess or using it often, you will be dissappointed.

    ...more info
  • Best vacuum for Dogs
    We have 2 black dogs that are constantly shedding. This vacuum has made a huge difference in our carpet. Before, with a hoover vac, we could still see black hair after we vacuuming. Now - there is none. It is an amazing difference!...more info
  • What a machine!
    Wow! My wife used the Dyson for the first time this morning. I was not at home. She was so impressed she saved the canister full of lint and dirt to show me how much it picked up. She loves a clean floor. I made her a happy woman! (Truth: My wife, Debbie wrote this because she was so happy with this machine!)...more info
  • Best of the Best..DC14 All Floors
    Its true...this is really something.

    We have hoover windtunnel, vacuumed our carpet in the afternoon and went to Bed Bath and beyond. Bought the DC14 all floor model, came home and tried immediately this new DC14 and could not believe the dust it captured in the cup..... We just vacuumed the carpet 2 hours back!!! and thought our carpet was clean....yeah right!!.
    Its so light and smooth on the carpet and hardwood, vacumming seems so easy now. Its also less noisy.

    WE also tried all the attachments (tools) and works great, easy to use.

    Ofcourse its expensive but i think its worth maan!

    ...more info
  • 2 words for you....Dog....hair
    I have two dogs (border collie & yellow lab), so needless to say, I fight dog hair all over my house! We purchased this vacuum 8 months ago and I have never once regretted it.

    I've never had a problem with it "losing suction" as other reviews have stated. I empty the cylinder after every use though, so maybe that's why.

    I have normal pile carpet in the majority of my house, but we also just put a frieze in our basement. It does fine moving from one type of carpeting to another. I also love the bare floor setting and use it in my entryway and kitchen.

    The way that the hose seperates from the main part of the vacuum so that I can do my staircases is fabulous!! No more toting another unit just to care of that chore.

    I recommend this 100% for anyone! ...more info
  • Best vacuum ever
    This vacuum rocks. Very low noise, almost no dirt leak outside. I have seen the vacuum literally pick up the carpet where it's cleaning. Easy clean up and beautiful looking. ...more info
  • Beware that Dyson too will get CLOGGED if not properly maintained
    Dyson is a great product but it's certainly NOT perfect. The 'Never lose suction' tagline is a marketing ploy, since Dyson too will get clogged and lose suction if not properly maintained. All other vacuum machines will NOT lose suction either if the filter bags are replaced often enough.

    Overall, however, its performance beats all other vacuums (including the over-hyped Oreck, which is simply a rip-off) hands-down.

    - Every few months, the user must clean out the central cylinder of the very fine dust, or it will get clogged and lose suction. The way you do this is by removing the dust collector and then separate the core cylinder from the glass casing. Use another vacuum to suck dirt out of the little holes on the side of the cylinder. Also, if you look up the cylinder from the bottom, you'll see caked dust collected at the top of the cylinder. If you gently bang the cylinder (upright) on the floor, you'll be shocked how much fine dust (about two cups worth) will fall out of the cylinder. Use the other vacuum to suck them away. Also, take out the 'permanent' filter and wash them. They, too, get clogged with the very fine dust.

    - The machine is very heavy and bulky, and it's quite a chore to transport it between floors. The hose extension is very awkward to use because the point of bending is near the tip. The high profile of the vacuum head makes it impossible to vacuum under the bed, couch, etc.

    - The instruction manual is poorly written, and setting up and maintaining the machine takes a steep learning curve. Dyson should include a video instruction.

    - I, too, and concerned about how much carpet fiber the Dyson is tearing off the carpet, which you can clearly see in the dust collector. However, you can also see the amount of coarse and fine dust it's picking up as well. One impressive feature of Dyson that lived up to the hype is that it will pick up much dust from carpet that was just cleaned by a regular vacuum machine.

    - Dyson rarely goes on sale, but I bought mine at Sears, which had Dyson on sale last year for $379. Also, buy the regular Dyson and avoid the 'Animal', which is a rip-off. The rotating brush that comes with the 'Animal' is air powered and is too weak to work well on the stairs.

    Summary: If you have a large house with a lot of carpeted areas, then Dyson is for you. You may also build some muscle by carrying this behemoth up and down the stairs. However, you may need another vacuum for the stairs and also for a quick clean up in the kitchen.

    ...more info
  • Well Worth the Money
    I recently bought this vacuum at Costco. It is great! It manuevers very well, easy to push, feels lightweight as you push it. I agree with another reviewer, I don't know why you would need the ball model. It really does move well. It was very easy to assemble.- just a couple of snaps. The suction is great. I had a Hoover Wind Tunnel. I vacuumed with it the night before I got the DC14. I vacuumed the afternoon I got the Dyson (had to try it out!) Much to my horror, I ended up with about 3/4 a canister of dirt! Eew! I am a bit of an obsessive vacuumer - at least once or twice a day with my dog & 2 little ones. I couldn't believe that even with vacuuming as often as I do, I still picked up so much! YUCK! Great Vacuum. I would recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • WOW, what power!!
    I have to say this is absolutely the best vacuumm I have had. Although it is a bit expensive, in my opinion, it's worth the extra price. I have 2 dogs that shed continuely. When I first got my Dyson, I filled up the canister 4 times just vacuumming my living room, before it was done! I don't think my previous vacuum had been doing anything at all! This Dyson literally was lifting the carpet off the floor with it's powerful suction! I was thorougly impressed, and I feel much better about laying on my carpet knowing that it's vacuummed clean.
    The only drawbacks that I found was that the design is too high, so it doesn't reach under the lip of my kitchen cabinets. I have to switch to the wand to get the 4 inches or so under the cabinets. I also think that the set up for switching to the wand could be better. It works great, it's just a bit cumbersome to switch over to.
    I definatly would recommend this product!...more info
  • The best Vacuum that SUCKS everything! !
    Pros. ::
    1. Sucks Everything.
    2. Ease of use.
    3. The handle attachments (streches 7 feet)

    cons: (not really too bad)
    1. Price (i got it for 345 from Amazon, not bad for me!)
    2. Little heavy to carry over the stairs (from my Wife's input!)
    3. Sometimes if you run it over a Rug, the rug gets sucked by the vacuum and makes it hard to push the vacuum. We have hard wood floors and did not have any problems so far.

    ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    This Vacuum is one of the best products I have ever bought -I dont care much about vacuums but this thing is WELL worth the extra bucks if your sick of buying vaccums ever year - It is so well designed and so much thought was put into the function of it - It is by FAR the best vaccum EVER MADE - I have a hoover at work and it is the worst piece of lowest bidder garbage I have ever used - spend the extra buck fifty and get a dyson you wont be sorry....more info
  • Good suction, little pricey loud noise!
    I had been debating getting a dyson for awhile. A special came up soI finally ordered. Total was $270.
    Pros, great suction, certainly picked up more then my old vacuum in a side by side test.
    Cons, kind of hard to get the attachments, and hose out. Also I bought this because we are in a rental home while having a home built. The carpet is older and thicker and the vacuum will make a loud noise because of the carpet length. I have read this is a common problem with this model. I have tried it at a neighbors with carpet that is not as thick and no noise.
    Overall a bit pricey. I say it works 25% better then my old vacuum and cost 5 times the price!...more info
  • well worth the money
    hi all, I read all the reviews and the specifications of some specific vacs and decided on the "all floors" model because I do not have any stairs or pets. I use the dyson on hard surfaces with an floor attachment from my Kenmore and it fits perfectly.

    The DC14 is built with so much thought to convenience and usability, and you can see the engineering expertise that went into it. Good points: does indeed have so much suction you wouldn't want more. I almost had to pry one of the attachments off a sink counter because it had grabbed on so tight. Very easy to empty the bin, very easy to attach any attachment, very easy to take the wand the go over your rooms top to bottom, and the machine doesn't move when you pull the hose. The cord is so long..I think it might be 25 ft ? Very easy to move while vacumming (don't understand why you would need The Ball which I did try by the way), and carrying it with the handle is also simple; the center of gravity to hold it is ergonomically correct.
    Bad points; hmmm...some might say the price tag is the bad point, but seriously you get what you pay for. I also appreciated another user in this forum recommending the coupon offered at Bed-and-Bath. I indeed used it for a grand total of $84 off the $399... (thanks !) Bottom line; I highly recommend this vac and I am very glad I got it....more info
  • The best vacuum money can buy!!
    Well I bought the dyson and it is all it is cracked up to be. The suction is incredible - while it does not leave the conventional vacuum cleaner marks on the rugs it really does pick up an incredible amount of carpet fibre, dog hair, dust, etc. The ease of use is also very high. Both my wife and I find it easy to handle and not heavy in the least. We have a large, short haired, constantly shedding dog and the Dyson is simply the best vacuum at picking up the small, sharp hairs that seem to stick on everything. I use the small brush attachment to vacuum the dog (he loves it) much easier than brushing. I highly recommend purchasing this vacuum - bought mine at Costco and found that the extra year of warranty and extra lifetime filter make it a better deal than most other places. We had a Hoover Windtunnel and I can't even compare the two. The Hoover was good when you cleaned the cannister and banged out the dust that covered the filter and just started vacuuming but after you collected even a small amount of debris the suction was no where near the Dyson's constant suction. Consumer Reports rating can't be accurate - Dyson is without a doubt worth every nickel....more info
  • Effective and easy to use
    I have two black dogs who seem to shed all year long and I live in Arizona. If your weather forecast never uses the term "dust storm" then don't talk to me about dust. I originally looked at the "animal" version of this machine, but a comparison of the two showed the only difference was the color and the animal having two otherwise optional attachments as standard equipment. I didn't need the low attachment and from experience with a comparable Hoover tool, the turbo brush is all but worthless so I decided to save $129 and went with this model.

    I previously had a bagless Hoover Windtunnel, but quickly found it's not all that easy to empty the dirt container and it loses suction quickly. It uses a dual stage filtering system where larger objects like hair are caught by a screen then dirt and dust are captured by a paper(?) filter. The second filter gets so clogged with dust that I always had to remove it and beat the heck out of it on the edge of the trash can to get enough dust off to get any suction next time I cleaned. The Dyson is fantastic! Push the button, give it a shake or two and everything drops out easily.

    I saw some reviewers on other models state the machine was heavy, didn't have a retractable cord, didn't have a headlight etc. This machine is lighter than my Hoover and I found it much easier to push around. It's also much quieter. I never saw an upright that had a retractable cord so all you ex-canister users, deal with it. I've never felt you had to spotlight dirt in order to vacuum it and I don't vacuum in the dark so the lack of a headlight didn't bother me. It's just different so people will have to get used to it. Some folks said it was hard to assemble and the instructions weren't very good. This is not rocket science. You only had to assemble like two things and they were pretty straight forward. I had it together in around 10 minutes.

    The telescoping wand is nice for vacuuming up high like ceiling fans and around the edges of the ceiling, but removing the wand in order to put attachments directly on the hose for doing things like furniture , shelves, etc. is a bit of a pain as it's not very easy to do. I think I would have preferred a more standard attachable wand.

    As for power, you can't beat it. Another reviewer stated he had to run over hair, threads, etc a couple of times. I didn't find that to be the case. While that was necessary for my old Hoover, the Dyson suctions everything up on the first pass. It always amazes me as to how much hair and dirt this thing pulls out of the carpet. As for throw rugs, most vacuums are pretty worthless on those. On the Dyson you need to turn off the rotary brush and stand on an edge of the rug to keep it from getting lifted totally off the floor.

    If the vacuum holds up for the long term then it's definitely worth the money. It's got a two year warranty and I guess only time will tell, but so far at least I'm impressed with this machine....more info
  • Best Vacuum Out There
    It seems like every vacuum I bought in the past lost its suction after a year or two and no amount of filter-exchanging and cleaning ever brought the machine back to full efficiency.

    So I spent the extra money on the Dyson. I figured the almost $500 would be worth it if it lasted more than five years and didn't lose suction. Well, after four months with it I am quite pleased. No more running the vacuum back and forth over a tiny piece of grime or a thread stuck in the carpet. This thing picks up all noticeable grime with one pass.

    One small peeve is the extendable hose. Often it does not want to bend the way I want it to bend to clean stairs, for example.

    All in all a very well made and powerful unit. Highly recommended....more info
  • It is OK one.
    It is OK, not as great as I expected. It is quite, and easy using. but not as powerful as I thought. It still needs to go couple run to clean hair and other small light stuffs....more info
  • Sucks rather than blows!! (I mean that in only the best possible way)
    What a Godsend. After four years of a Hoover Windtunnel that just seemed to go into shutdown after the first month of use, I had doubts that another bagless vacuum was the way to go. This, however, is not just another bagless vacuum - this is the Mercedes-Benz, the iPod, heck - the Shaquille O'Neal of all vacuums.

    We have a small pet whose fur constitutes a large problem. A typical run through the house with the old Hoover would only get its bagless chamber about half-full (or half-empty, depending). The first run through with the Dyson and all its attachments picked up THREE canisters worth of pet fuzz and other dirt.

    This vacuum is also set apart by cleaning attachments that WORK. Don't fully trust the Consumer Reports issue that everyone in the market for a vacuum seems to have read at some point which puts the Dyson around 10th - the Dyson's pickup on floors is beyond compare, its attachments are both functional and useful (the telescopic reach to ceilings being a major plus) not to mention powerful, and our carpets have never looked cleaner. Yes, it's expensive, but it's worth every chuffing penny. At $400+ this is still a much better buy than the latest $300 Hoover Windtunnel model.

    Once again, the British have more than proven their worth to civilisation-with-an-s. The Dyson landing upon our shores may not be as heralded as the Beatles arrival at JFK, but it may well prove to be the next-best British import of all-time....more info