Remington? Model 365 Mini-Dehumidifier

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DRY UP! Protect guns and other valuables from rust, mildew and rot. That's the mission of this Remington Mini-Dehumidifier, the easy, effective way to keep a cabinet, gun safe or closet dry. Compact unit (5 3/4 x 1 1/2 x 4 1/2") uses absorbent crystal technology, clean and safe; Protects for 30-60 days before re-charge needed. Color-coded indicator tells when needed; Self contained, no cords or batteries. For recharging, plugs into household outlet and is done in approx. 10-12 hrs.; Sits on floor, also comes with hanging attachment; UL-listed. Remington 5-year warranty. A smart investment for guns and more... order ONLINE before the supply dries up! Remington Model 365 Mini-Dehumidifier

Customer Reviews:
  • Good for small spaces
    I ordered this item for my gun safe. I was supprised to see it quickly turn pink. I had no idea how humid it was in there. If it continues to remove humidity at this rate, it will be worth the money. It recharged in about twelve hours as advertised with the crystals turning solid blue again. yes, I would buy another if I need one. My gun safe holds ten long guns and seven pistols. I may buy one more or a larger one to replace the one I have if need be. It took seven days befor I needed to dry it out. It did what Remington said it would do.
    Doc 1...more info
  • Great for a confined space
    I bought two of them for my gunsafe, and they seem to be working just fine. I've bought several things from Sportsman's guide (via Amazon), and I have no complaints....more info
  • Works good
    This dehumidifier works pretty good, no rust so far in my gun safe so thats a positive sign eh? I noticed that mine needs to be plugged in to dry almost every 2-3 weeks. I am in California so I don't think I am in what some would call a humid climate...Either this thing works really good or its not quite as good as Remington claims...either way, just check it every couple weeks, plug it in for 8 hours or so when its full and its ready to go again. Pretty good product, I am glad I bought it :)...more info