Trillium Worldwide TWI-7001 AutoVent Solar-Powered Ventilator
Trillium Worldwide TWI-7001 AutoVent Solar-Powered Ventilator

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Product Description

AutoVent SPV silently and efficiently eliminates stale, stuffy air from inside your vehicle, even on the hottest summer days! While your windows remain securely closed this unique solar-powered ventilator draws hot air and odors, including pet and tobacco odors out of your vehicle and replaces it with fresh air from outside. Since AutoVent SPV runs directly on natural, FREE solar energy, there's no drain on your vehicles battery and no batteries to replace or recharge ever! Installation is easy! Simply attach the included weatherproof fitting strips, place the unit on top of the window edge and roll the window closed. AutoVent SPV helps to preserve and protect your vehicles interior, valuable stereo and electronic equipment from the damaging effects of extreme heat build-up. AutoVent SPV also assists in reducing the strain on your air-conditioning system during start-up. Please note that this product loses effectiveness on cars with tinted windows. This is due to the fact that solar energy cannot penetrate through the tint.

  • Runs directly on FREE solar energy
  • Removes hot, stale air, humidity, pet and tobacco odors.
  • Installs in seconds on most vehicles
  • Helps preserve and protect your vehicle interior from the damaging effects of heat build-up
  • Assists in reducing strain on your air conditioning system during start-up

Customer Reviews:

  • high hype but it is a wipe
    several things wrong with this item, first the solar cell is highly directional, will only power the fan when the window angle is within 15 degrees of direct path if car is parked on flat surface and translates to about an hour's running, unless you move the car to again align the window. I bought 3 units for three different cars, (make model and year all different) but with same results. same problem. so many design flaws I wonder about if any serious testing was done. other than the apparent .. got idea, built in the garage, tested with the light bulb, sold to people...more info
  • Trillium Worldwide TWI-7001 AutoVent Solar-Powered Ventilator
    This item does not work with even light tint on the window. Must have direct sunlight or fan will not operate....more info
  • Bad customer service!!
    I cannot give a complete review of this product because I never received it, however I was charged for it. I tried to contact the seller with no success!...more info
  • Solar Powered Car window fan
    We have only had this operating for a few days in the driver's side window of our small van camper. Very easy to install. It certainly does work, as long as we park in full sun - which is often unavoidable as we travel! It is not a strong fan, and since it is silent (no motor!) we have to check to make sure it is operating. But it is certainly a lot better than no fan/no ventilation while we are parked. I would not want to leave a dog in a parked car and rely on this to keep the dog cool. But it does help keep the inside temperature down somewhat. Well worth a try, and I am a fan of solar powered anything....more info
  • Worthless. Paid money to throw it away.
    I bought this because I was delivering food for a living, and I had to park on the streets in the summer time. My car would get unbearably hot. So, I purchased this in desperation; hoping it would prevent my constant dehydration.

    FIRST OFF, it requires you to cut this rubber stop so that it'll fit your car window. If you don't, according to them, then it doesn't work. Which doesn't make sense, because air flow is air flow.

    SECOND OFF, it does not run on Solar Power. It runs on photo-senors, which is different, because photo-sensors require a certain amount of light to power the circuit. And though, this is the same as Solar Power, it is not the same function as Phot-Voltaic, which is that ANY light, triggers it.

    THIRD OFF, it simply doesn't work. I still had a tough time grabbing the steering wheel and my seat belt and the like. The only drop in temperature, occurred when the windows were rolled down; NOT because of this product, but because there was natural air flow. And to test it, later, I put it up against focused light. The fan DOESN'T PUSH ANY AIR! It just whirls around, making a faint noise as it laughs at you (metaphorically, of course.)

    Don't buy; I did, and now it's at the bottom of a dump, with a TV from 1974....more info
  • STOP
    I purchased 2 of these and the fan, if there is one, does not work. Don't buy this item....more info
  • The worst!!!!
    Right out of the box it was a piece of garbage. The sun isn't strong enough for this thing....more info
  • Not worth buying!
    We purchased it and tried to get it to fit the window and had a hard time. It barely moves the air inside the card at full noon so its still HOT in the car. Its cheap and does not meet expictations, DONT BUY IT....more info
  • Not Impressed
    Looks good on paper, but the units really don't work well. I purchased two, and the difference in the car's temperature not much. The fams turn only in the brightest of light when the car is oriented 90 degrees sideways to the sun, which is not always possible. The cases flex when the window closes so the fan won't turn, so fooling around with them to get them just right takes time, then water can leak in if you get a thunderstorm because the fit isn't tight....more info
  • A better idea....
    Why buy a cheap fan, when you can use your car air-conditioner;
    without, losing gas milage. Here's how.. Just use our air
    conditioner dehumidifier and leave the air conditioner turned off.
    This will draw in moist air from the outside, dehumidify the air
    and blow out cool air to the inside, with no MPG loss. The battery
    does all of the work. Turn you fan to the position you want for
    air flow, then turn temp knob to auto and turn off air conditioner.
    Your dehumidifier will still work. It will really get chilly inside on
    a hot day. May not work in dry climates. When the moisture is
    extracted from the air, it cools down the air and you have an air
    conditioned car. Works great. Pass it along. ...more info


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