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This uniquely concentrated, versatile hair rejuvenator contains 100 percent Ojon palm nut oil to improve the condition of damaged, color-treated, or processed hair without weighing it down. Fortifying, rebuilding, and nourishing, it leaves hair extraordinarily shiny, silky, and manageable.To use: As a Deep Conditioning Treatment: Warm a teaspoonful in the palm of your hands (more for longer hair) and distribute onto dry hair, from scalp to ends. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, and shampoo well.As a Leave-In Conditio Warm a small amount in the palms of your hands until it becomes a lightweight oil, and distribute thoroughly through towel-dried hair. Style as usual.As a Shine Enhancer: Heat a very small amount in the palms of your hands and smooth over the surface of dry-styled hair.

Customer Reviews:

  • Did nothing for my hair except add high shine...
    I recently tried this product again, as a little sample was provided in the Tawaka Discovery Kit (I only liked the Conditioner from this collection). Anyway, the smell was so repugnant that I felt nauseous for several hours after applying a tiny amount to my dry hair. Luckily for me I just applied a little and used a decent hair moisturizer to cancel out the effect. Also, this product made my relaxed hair feel brittle. The only thing this "treatment" provided was high shine that was almost unnaturally "too shiny"! If it wasn't for the shine factor, I would rate this product at most a 1-star. ...more info
  • HappyHappyBlackAndNappy
    My scalp has been dry since I was a baby. NO OTHER product on the market has ever moisturized my scalp without weighing down my hair in a greasy, gloppy mess. I have dealt with itchy scalp even after conditioning shampoo and reconstructive conditioner. My hair would feel great but my scalp was not soothed. Now I have no dryness, itchiness or flaking.

    I tried the WEN conditioning cleanser in the spring of 2007. It broke off hair so badly that I had to wear a headband to cover the fact that I had NO BANGS! So I thought it would be a good idea to give up relaxers to give my hair and scalp a rest. My hair was even more unmanageable while I tried a gentle relaxer this fall (2007). I got the Ojon hydrating conditioner sample from Sephora in November 2007 and it made my dry hair "swing like a white girl's" even though it needed a wash. So I bought the restorative hair treatment to moisturize my scalp and hair and did so daily for the next week. Then I went back to a permanent relaxer and I didn't burn. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I FELT NOTHING, NOT EVEN A TINGLE! Usually there is a trade-off: base the scalp and get less straightening or don't base and burn like the dickens! Why go through all that pain and still have your hair poof in humid weather? That alone is worth the cost of the product and the smell. Now I have something that's good for my hair and my scalp. For that I can forgive smelling a little like my dad's ash trays and musk.

    The first wash after the relaxer, my hair felt even better and I used less product. I love that.

    Another great thing is that I get superb curls in seconds without any extra product, holding sprays, etc. Even though I use super hot (gold) curling irons, my hair never dries out.

    So if your hair is moderately distressed you won't need much to start and if it is very distressed like mine WAS you'll probably only need alot in the beginning and then be able to taper off quickly.

    JUST TRY IT!!...more info
  • Love it, Love it, Love it!
    Worked great on my severely damaged hair. I really thought I was going to have to cut it all off. I damaged it with bleach and Ojon has put my hair back to it's original condition. I don't use it exactly like the instructions say. I followed another person advice and I put a tad bit on my towel dried hair and leave it in. Sometimes, I put a little more, knowing that my hair will look greasy, but, I'm not going anywhere and I want the extra condition. The smell is unusual and didn't like it much in the beginning, but, I got use to it. Great product over all....more info
  • Ojon Hair Treatment
    This product is worth the money. Thought the scent is not all that appealing this product does wonders for dry damaged hair. After I used this treatment my hair was soft, shiny and more managable. ...more info
  • Pleasantly suprised, mostly...
    I read a lot of reviews before I bought this, and was expecting a lot, but I was still suprised at how little you need to really condition deeply. I liked knowing I was doing something good for my dry, curly, coarse hair, so I left it in overnight. As I combed it through, it didn't feel good like a normal conditioner. But the next day after I washed it out, it felt silky and wonderful and it still does days later. I will probably use this about once a week, and I didn't mind the smell. I'll probably do a whole "me" night and exfoliate and mosturize my skin with cocoa butter and smell like Charlie's Chocolate Factory for a while. :P My boyfriend liked the smell, and also likes the touchability of my hair now. The last time I colored my hair, it turned too red, and I could swear that the one treatment actually did strip a little bit away. Awesome for me; may not be so good for you if you're trying to keep in dyed color. Overall, I highly recommend it. Just buy the small one from Sephora; it will last you months and months.

    FYI the only reason I'm not giving this a 5 is that I really wanted the wooden comb that they show in every darn picture. It is NOT included and I was bummed. Regardless, the product is good....more info
  • African-American Hair
    I am writing this review from an African-American perspective. At first I was skeptical, even resistant to try it; especially, when I was told that it was for "all hair types." When products say this, it is generally not the case for black women.

    However, as a black woman with processed hair, I have found Ojon to be a superior product. It gives it the light gloss/shine we often chase after; however, without the oiliness you find in other products.

    I love it, they have found a faithful customer in me and I'm telling everyone I know about it. ...more info
  • Stinks so bad
    I tried it at my office as soon as I got it in the mail to find immediate relief of my dry ends. Then it his all the girls who tried it with me. The smell. I did love the shine and softness, however, it has a very odd smell to it that has made me rethink this product. It smells like old lady nursing home. Very funky, very gross. So gross I can't use it anymore. I tried spraying perfume and applied lotion around my face as well as put my hair in the tightest bun, but the smell was overwhelming. If only it didn't have that odor, I would try it again....more info
  • decent but not great
    It was a decent product, but I think there a lot of other products that can produce the same if not better results....more info
  • Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment
    My six year old daughter calls this her "magic hair medicine." This stuff WORKS, no doubt. This stuff also smells like a sweaty old man smoking a cigar. BUT...what no one has mentioned, is that its indication is to leave on 15-20 minutes or overnight and then WASH IT OUT in the morning. You can use it as a leave in, but if you don't like the odor, just wash it out in the morning and use your sweet smelling styling products. It's worth finding some way to manage the odor in order to reap the benefits....more info
  • Wow, worth the money (if you've got it)!!!!
    This stuff works! I used this when I over-dyed my hair and had a total frizz problem that I was convinced NOTHING ELSE could fix. It not only corrected the frizz every day, but it completely improved my hair!!!!! I no longer use it only because I don't color my hair anymore and it's currently summer so my hair is fine without it. But in the winter I still buy it when my hair gets a little dry. Just make sure you apply it very sparingly. A little bit goes a really long way, which is also good because it lasts forever. Now, you know how they say "necessity is the mother of invention." Well it's true, because one day I ran out of this stuff and didn't yet have the money for an expensive refill. So, knowing that the main ingredient was olive oil, I thought I'd make due for the time being by applying a few drops (not much at all!) of extra-virgin olive oil to my palms, rubbing it together until it warmed up and then applying it to the ends of my hair. Wow, it really worked well! Now when my hair gets a little dry, that's what I do when i don't want to pay for the high-priced Ojon again (however, the Ojon does work better). So, if you're strapped for cash you may want to try that first - But if you have the money, this stuff does work. It made sense to me when I later heard that one of the Olsen twins' hair dressers tells her to put olive oil in her hair when it gets really dry and frizzy. ...more info
  • Won't ever go without it!
    I am a huge fan of Ojon products, but this is my favorite! I love how silky, shiny, and strong that my hair is now that I've been using my treatement (along with the Detox Recovery Cleanser) weekly. It's so wonderful. I know that some people don't like the smell but it isn't that bad, especially if you wrap your head in plastic like I do. I sleep through the night wearing the treatment, and I don't have any problems. I've also heard complaints about people that the treatment stays in their hair after it's washed. I use a Pureology shampoo and Ojon conditioner, and I've never had any problems. I think that if you use this treatment, washing it out with a very watery shampoo like Herbal Essences or Panteene ProV. If you're trying this out, I would suggest getting a value pack of Ojon with the treatment as well as their shampoo and conditioner so that your hair will be completely clean. It is also really great for people who have colored hair. I am a redhead, but I dye my hair a brighter tone because my hair tends to become dull. The first time I used this treatement, I came into work and my mananger asked if I had colored my hair. It enhances every aspect of you hair that you would want, like color, shine, and strength. I would definitely suggest that this for anyone who wants beautiful, healthy hair....more info
  • Can't stand the smell
    I would rate the conditioner average to below average for fine curly hair. Returned it because of the smell. Rancid chocolate may be okay with some, but not me....more info
  • Nothing Special
    I paid $55 for this stuff and expected it to be pretty amazing. Well I was very disapointed. I have hair down to the middle of my back, fine strands and thick and I knew it would be hard to get the conditioner in since it is somewhat wax-like, well not liquid is what I mean. So I thought to myself that the effort would be worth it. Anyway I got it through my hair and did some chores and watched a movie, I had it in my hair for about 4-5 hours. I washed it out, didn't feel anything intially, waited for my hair to dry and it looked/felt no different than before I used this product. I have used this product a second time since then, and I had it in my hair through my whole work day, and still the same result. I didn't mind the smell at all, but it does smell somewhat like coffee. The only reason I will continue to use this product is because I refuse to throw it away when it cost so much money. Maybe by the last application I will finally notice a difference.

    Bottem line, don't waste your money, and I would never buy this product again. This is coming from someone who knows her shampoo's. ...more info
  • Best Hair Treatment Ever
    I have: long, thick, fine hair that is naturally wavy. I don't color my hair but I do get frizzies and split ends, and some dryness. I tried this product out after receiving a small sample with a [...] order, and fell in love with it. I -love- the smell, and was surprised that other people didn't seem to. I vastly prefer it to some of the faker, more chemical smells that a lot of shampoos seem to use.

    I didn't use it as a leave in, but did the deep conditioning treatment, and afterwards I kept flipping my hair forward over my shoulder, both to smell it and to just feel how amazingly soft it was. This product left my hair looking healthy, shiny, and gorgeous for days. I get a fair number of compliments on my hair in general, but after I used this stuff I was getting stopped on the street. Everyone from the lady at Starbucks to my professor mentioned how beautiful my hair looked. I highly recommend it.

    I have tried a lot of hair products, including some (like Fekkai's glossing cream) made with olive oil, and had better results with Ojon (though I do like a lot of Fekkai products). Other products I recommend are: Healthy Sexy Hair shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner, Jonathan Product Anti-Frizz Serum, Origins Happy Ending conditioner, and Fekkai products for curly and straight hair, depending on your mood :) Products I don't recommend include Suave and Fekkai's Glossing Shampoo (left my hair shiny all right, but frizzy.)

    I would suggest ordering it from Sephora, as they carry several sizes, give samples with all online orders, and are very, very good at taking returns, even if you've tried the product out and just don't like it....more info
  • OMG...Ojon....The Best Ever
    When I first saw this product on one of those TV home shopping shows, i was sold. This product from Ojon exceeds what they said it would do. The smell is incredible. It is light and weightless. As a deep conditioner, I have never found anything that comes close to what it can do. The texture of my hair has changed back to it original form, like when I was a baby. It is light and silky, shiny, full of body and movement, and it makes my twists looks fresh and new all the time. Everywher I go people ask me if I have just gotten my ahir done and the fact of the matter is that my hairs is overdue to be redone. This product works wonders for dry, damaged hair, processed hair, like mine....I love it and I am an Ojon man for life....more info
  • you have got to be kiding, it feels like wax.
    I was a hair stylist before I had my babies and since then have tried to find The natural hair system that would work for me and my family, but this sure isn't it! It feels nice when you rub in your hands and then you apply to your hair and then you wonder why in the world did I put this in my hair. I could not even blow dry it. It felt just like I had poured wax all over my hair, It took a few times to wash it off. Don't throw your money away on the restorative hair treatment, maybe, just maybe the other products in this line are as good has what people say they are. I only tried this one product this one time, I won't dare do that again, and I got the big $55 dollar jar too. What was I thinking?...more info
  • My hair eats it up
    I was hooked from the moment I tried a sample of this product. I got a little packet when I ordered something else from Sephora and it turned out to be my favorite item, never mind the other things I got delivered! This is a treatment for dry and damaged hair, but I would use it even if I had perfect hair, it's simply that good. The tub is filled with a thick paste that I scoop up a bit at a time and massage in my hands to melt it, and then I rub it on dry hair, mostly on the ends and through the middle. I use this mostly at night before I go to bed, I rub some in and twist it loosely and dream of shiny locks. In the morning when I shampoo the hair is extremely soft and flowing, very smooth ( never mind years of abuse and coloring - after using this my hair seems to go back in time before all of that) and silky soft. This can also be used as a deep conditioner before shampooing, not everyone might want to sleep with this on, just make sure to apply to dry hair and then wash out, not the other way around. Some people might wear this in their hair during the day ( a tiny bit) but it would probably make my hair stringy and I like it to be smooth and straight but not flat. I use this a few times a week, even one use a month helps.

    The scent is magnificent, at least to me. It smells like coffee and chocolate, really heady and strong, as I said before, I have no problems smelling like a cake, so fine by me. This is a fun thing to use for those who enjoy all sorts of beauty rituals, it's expensive but I am happy to pay for something natural that pays back to the people who make it. Portion of the profits goes directly to the Tawira tribe, I always respect companies who treat people with dignity and give back, so that's why I'm not going to follow other reviews who say you can get all these ingredients in a health food store - which is false ( not only do you need many but they are not cheap, and then you have to play chemist? No thanks...) because it's never going to be the same thing. Ojon Palm oil used in this is actually rare and all the ingredients are just perfect, for me there is no need to mess with something that works to save a few pennies.

    - Kasia S.
    ...more info
  • From damaged to healthy in just one week!
    I have a lot of fine, strawberry blond hair that falls beneath my shoulders. After years of daily washing and drying, using heated rollers and flat irons, home coloring (including a few disasters!), and a home straightening kit, my hair was badly damaged. I began using the Ojon Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner daily and immediately noticed that my hair was softer, had more body, and had shine again. I found the scent to be rather neutral, though everyone's body chemistry is different. While I wish the shampoo lathered more, I am now used to it and know it works.

    After a few days I decided to purchase the Ojon Revitalizing Treatment, which I used as a leave-in treatment overnight. I woke up to hair that reminded me of my childhood: incredibly soft and super-shiny. That day - one week after starting to use the Ojon products - I went to get my hair cut. I have seen the same hairdresser for six years now, and every time our opening exchange is the same: she asks "How much can I cut off?" to which I respond "How much NEEDS to be cut off?" To my surprise, she commented on how thick and healthy my hair was, and that she was just going to give it a trim. In the six years she has cut my hair, she has NEVER used the word "healthy" to describe it! I left the salon in shock, and completely thrilled with my "new" hair!
    ...more info
  • It is all in how you use it.
    Everybody has different hair. This product is suitable for all types with one caveat: experiment based on your hair type. This is basically a concentrated palm nut oil paste. Obviously, people with fine hair don't need to slather it on. The original Ojon treatment is a conditioning product, not a styling one.

    My hair is dry, coarse and relaxed. When I first got the treatment, I put it on my ends to fortify and smooth them out. That worked okay. The real magic happened when I had washed and conditioned my hair and was blow-drying it. Once my hair was halfway dry, I applied the treatment throughout my hair, brushing to distribute the product. I then finished blowdrying my hair. Somehow, my hair was shinier, more moisturized, and more elastic(less breakage). And it stayed that way until I washed it again!!

    Yes, there is a smell(cocoa butter/sandalwood). If you don't like "natural" smells, don't buy it.

    At least at Sephora, you can buy the small jar for $21. ...more info
  • I love this product! I am white and have coarse, dark, colored
    hair. My hair is about shoulder length. I use this product about three times a week. I put about 1/2 tsp amount in my hands and rub them together until it is a liquid then put it on the ends, massage my scalp, and then go down the length of my hair. I put it on before I take my bath and I think the heat helps it absorb. At least that is the excuse I use to lock myself in the bath and soak in bubbles! My hair is very soft and managable. And this is the first time in years I haven't had problems with my hair color (dark warm brown) fading out before the next touch up is due. It makes the hair look oily while it is on, which makes sense it is an hair oil treatment, but it rinses out nicely. I wouldn't use it as a leave in conditioner unless you use a really small amount. The directions say as a leave in to use the amount of a piece of rice. I haven't tried that yet. I use the body lotion of this product as a leave in, though, and it works great. I am glad I bought this product and will continue to use it. I keep about 2 tablespoons in a travel size container in the bathroom and the big container in the refrigerator. Nothing in the directions says to do this, but it says the product is "high in antioxidents" and it is an oil without a preservative. So, since it lasts so long and both of these (antioxidents and oil) breakdown in heat, I just do it. ...more info
  • Not so magical
    I bought this product because my stylist (Ulta Salons) recommended it. Then i decided to come read the online reviews to see how good of a product it was. Nevertheless i have to say that i didnt see any differnce in my hair when using this product if anything i was experiencing more breakage. I have permed african american hair. I am not impressed at all. However, thanks to the other reviwer that broke out the ingrdients, i have started making my own conditoner and hair oil and that had been working GREAT!!!! Regarding the smell i do not mind it at all....more info
  • Saved my hair!!!
    Let me first say that I truly am not a fan of the "aroma" this product has and I do wish this was something that was made known before I purchased this. Having said that, the benefits of this product out weighs that one negative.
    After squirming over the price, I brought this product after my hair began to fall out due to stress and it became a vicious cycle.
    The more I stressed, the more it fell out and the more I visited my beautician the more I became convinced that I should just shear it off and start over.
    The first time I used it, it was at home and I made a horrible mistake... I figured more was better and learned that more was TOO MUCH.
    My hair was left feeling greasy and it took two washes to remove the oil.
    Now I use this product no matter what I'm doing to my hair.
    My solution to this was to take it to my beautician and enlist her help.
    We began using the product in a three step process:
    She used it after rinsing out the chemical relaxer, as an intensive conditioner and once again before she sets me under the dryer.
    I, personally, began using it as an intensive overnight mask, wrapping my hair in Saran wrap and sleeping in it.
    Now my hair didn't grow overnight but within a month I wasn't screaming to cut my hair off and by the second month it was no longer shedding into the sink every day.
    When I compare the price of Ojon to the cost of all the "Deep conditioning treatments, hot oil treatments and Anti-breakage" treatments" on top of my routine hair care at my beauticians, the compliments, as well as the health of my hair is well worth the price and I can definitely ignore the smell.
    Not to mention knowing that when I do visit my beautician the product she's using is mines and mines alone and no one else can reproduce the shine that this product produces....more info
  • Great Product for Hair...
    I love the OJON RESTORATIVE HAIR TREATMENT! After receiving a small sample packet from Sephora, I tried it and I was amazed! I have dry, thick, coarse, frizzy and poofy hair that must be tamed with some oil based product, which usually leaves my hair looking really greasy.

    But with OJON my hair was soft, shiny and mangeable, and looked like hair, rather than a fright-wig, so I went out and bought a jar. Although it is a little pricey, it lasts a long time--since a little goes a long way.

    You can use it two ways: either as a leave-in conditioner or as an intensive conditioning treatment that you leave on for a set amount of time and then wash out.

    The reason I didn't give OJON 5-stars was because of the smell. Although most reviewers said that they like the smell of the hair treatment, I can't say the same. At first, I thought I could get over the smell because the benefits far outweigh the scent. But the more I used it, the more the smell started to get on my nerves. It's not a bad smell, but it smells very unusual. It kind of smells like really strong coffee or like frankincense and myrhh incense. Anyway, the scent really lingers if you use the treatment as a leave-in.

    If they made an unscented version of this product, it would blow away any product that was similar. But for now, I just deal with the scent and use it every now and again as a booster.

    Aside from the fragrance, OJON RESTORATIVE HAIR TREATMENT really works wonders!
    ...more info
  • Won't work well on all types of hair
    When I first opened this product I was excited about the little pamphlet inside. It looked like I was getting some special exotic oil that would transform my thick wavy blonde hair into a sleek glossy mane (like the woman on the box).

    Upon first whiff, all was well. The product had a nutty earthy smell that seemed mildly pleasant. Unfortunately, when you put it on your hair, there must be some sort of chemical reaction, because the smell morphs into something awful like burnt popcorn. My boyfriend said it smelled like stale cigarette smoke.

    As for the results in my hair: I have very thick hair. It is slightly damaged (colored), but not a disaster. I found that Ojon was WAY too heavy/greasy for my hair. Even after a thorough shampooing it still felt like I had oil residue (and smell) in my hair. I think this product would work much better for someone who has relaxed hair that is coarse in texture. Or for someone who is used to the build up from stying products.

    Even then, $50.00??? I can get a blowout for that price and have my hair look awesome. Or a new pair of shoes......more info
  • Great Moisturizer for African American/Curly/Kinky Hair
    I tried a sample of this product on my super curly natural hair and it was absolutely WONDERFUL. As far as the odor, I LIKED IT, it smells EXACTLY like incense and cocoa butter. I have some in my hair right now and I am constantly sniffing it. Even when I open the jar and warm it in my hand, I inhale the fragrance. It smells very earthy, very rich and very warm, like cocoa butter and patchouli mixed with a little cinnamon and shea butter. I would hate for people to miss out on this great product based on what the previous reviewer said.

    My hair is VERY VERY SOFT... I use it as a general moisturizer and my once frizzy kinky curls have been restored to touchable softness. I encourage everyone with dry frizzy curly hair to invest in this product. You will NOT be disappointed. A great investment for natural hair......more info
  • This treatment is BEYOND amazing!!!!!
    This restorative hair treatment is absolutely wonderful, and I can't wait to see the results after using it for a month.

    I've used Carol's Daughter on my daughter's hair whose 15 months old for about 3-4 months on my daughters hair, and whilst being somewhat pleased, I wasn't overly excited about the results. After using CD's products, it looked great that day, but after that....it looked as I didn't do anything with it...just a dry as the day before I washed it. Although still using it, a friend still saw how dry may daughters has was, so she recommended OJON. She mentioned that my daughter had the same grain of hair as her grandchild and that I should try it. My daughter has a very curly yet soft grain of hair, almost like that of a bi-racial.

    After only using it for a week I've noticed a HUGE difference. Her hair is no longer extremely dry, and untangles very easy. Her hair doesn't sound like someone is eating an apple when I put the comb to it anymore. And on top of that her hair is growing very healthy. I definitely can see her hair growning where there was once a dry and slightly bald patch. Since she's so little her hair is growing fast.

    So, needless to say, I am very pleased with the results and if this item was ever discontinued I've been a very sad customer, because I've tried all the other brands (carols daughter, just for me, pink oil moisturizer, blue magic) yet none of them give me these results without being overly greasy which makes it look very natural. Too much grease....just doesn't look appealling and unatural.

    Thanks OJON! After only using the product for a week, I can imagine what her hair would look and feel like after using it for a month!...more info
  • dont get suckered in look elsewhere PLEASE
    IM usually not so much the type to write reviews.. as i work 12 and 16 hour shifts....

    I saw this on QVC one time and i dont have much money to splurge on things as expensive as this but bought it for myself as a christmas present last winter...

    my hair is thin, fine.. and i would havr to say this did nothing at all for my hair !!!!! NOTHING..... it did not moisturiz4e it did not leave a shine. aboslutely NOTHING the only thing it DID seem to do was weigh it down

    my bf doesnt like the smell of it but in my opinion if something smells horrible but does a great job then id ont midn the smell but this didnt do any form of job !!

    A BIG WSATE OF MONEY i cant even believe this guy who owns the company gets away with selling this !! Suave shampoo and conditioner for 99 cents works 10 times better than anything form the Ojon line ! what a BIG JOKE !! Please dont waste your haird earned money folks...I SUGGEST AND HIGHLY ADVISE IF YOU ARE BEING PERSUADED AND SUCKERED INTO THIS THEN ONLY BUY IT FORM SOMEWHERE THAT YOU CAN EASILY RETURN IT !!!
    ...more info
  • All hype
    After seeing the Ojon products several times on TV, I finally decided to purchase this kit with the shampoo, conditioner and restorative hair treatment as well as the volume foam. I could not wait to try them. I gave the products week of steady use, and found that everything dried my air out. I have naturally wavy hair that I color. It tends to be dry, but not overly dry. The restorative hair treatment made no difference in my hair what so ever. I did only use it with the deep conditioning method, the smell while not terrible was stronger than I liked so I didn't keep it in my hair all day. I did leave it on for 3 hrs, and found no difference in my air at all. I have had much better results by putting Jojoba oil in my hair for ? hr than I did with this product. The "Ojon" oil is just American Palm oil (Elaeis Oleifera) which is widely used in many food and beauty products. It is way too expensive for the poor results. I have read many reviews and see that a lot of people seem to like it, but I think it is all hype. I do not recommend, save your money! ...more info
  • If you can't afford it, then dont' buy it.
    First some background information that I am only giving out in hopes to help others like me.
    I am half Mexican and half Black, my hair is naturally curly and I 'relax' my hair just enough to 'calm' the curl down at the root.
    I have been to all types of hair stylists (black, hispanic, caucasian etc.) every one of them has a favorite product that will help your hair and that they swear by............ until the next sales rep come to visit them with the next great product.
    I am also at the age that I have to now cover the gray with color in between relaxers. Needless to say, the color coverage and the relaxing have done my hair in.
    Did I mention that I also swim?
    I have tried serveral shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners, frizz serum, & shiny slippery stuff.............ANYTHING to give my locks some moisturize.

    A few months agao, my hair was BAD, the worst I have ever seen it....it was frizzy and damaged. I thought I was going to have to cut it off. If you have curly hair or know anthing about ( interacial hair) then you know that it's not always easy to grow in a healthy manner.
    One, is b/c you always have to cut off the damage and it's usually when you get a good length going.
    Two is that curly hair always look shorter than what it is.
    I decided to try this new hairdresser and she suggested Ojon. Not the shampoo or conditioner but the Ojon RESTORATIVE HAIR TREATMENT. Since there was a OJON starter KIT available, I thought I would try it all.
    I DID, and out of everything in the kit, the Ojon RESTORATIVE HAIR TREATMENT is the product from Ojon that I like the best. At 1st due to the damage, I SLATHERED it on. I put it on in the morning, when I got home and before I went to bed. I started to see the results within a week or more. My hairdresser had no idea that I had taken her advice about the product........... when I went back to her, she noticed the difference right away. She also told me that she learned how good it was when one of her clients developed cancer and was going thru issues with her hair due to the chemotherapy. If you look out for your local flyer from Ulta cosmetics, they usually have samples. Also, don't' use it when you are about to dye your hair. For some reason, the dye wont' take as well.
    I went thru the small jar from the kit and then got online and ordered two of the 5 oz jars. My hair went back to normal and better!!!! I use it when I swim alot or when I am in the sun too much. It is oily so I use an old pillow case when I slather it on.
    I found that you can use it for new scars, elbows and knees. I mean.......it is an oil!
    My husband likes the smell and I like it as well.


    YES, it's expensive. YES, it smells.........you either love the smell or hate it. Maybe you can follow the recipe that another user gave out. Maybe it is just Palm seed oil and some other oils that someone or some company put together. Maybe you will get some results by using lard or sunflower oil or whatever. The point is IT WORKS. It's an OIL. It's thick. It's going to stay in your hair for maybe more than one washing.

    You dont have to use it all the time just use it when you have to.

    I say, give it a try.....buy it from a reputable store and ask about their return policy. Most stores will take back product if it has been tried and not liked. They probably won't take it back if you have abused the store policy by using all or most of it and then tried to return it.
    ...more info
  • Great Hair Treatment
    The Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is my little secret. Whenever my ends are dry, I use a little restorative hair treatment and my ends turn silky smooth. I use it overnight before washing my hair with Ojon Ultra Hydrating Shampoo and it makes a big difference in how my hair responds. Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is a must have for African American women....more info
  • A secret for stunning hair..
    I really really love this product. It is the first rub in moisturizer I have ever used that smooths in evenly without leaving a sticky, slick feeling all over my hands. I think it actually has helped my cuticles as well.. But, it works wonderfully on frizz and damaged ends. It really seems to smooth and repair them....more info
  • Worked When No Other Did
    Yes, you have to get used to the smell. It reminds me of sandalwood. This stuff is the best conditoner for my hair!

    I have thick dry hair. Coloring and highlighting had taken it's toll and dried my hair. I tried this product as an overnight conditoner at times [I put my hair up then]. Normally after washing my hair and drying it I warm a small amount in my hands and apply to my ends, only lightly grazing the top of my head.

    The ends of my hair are extremely soft. No crunchy damage showing. I use velcro rollers after to add oomph so my hair has shape. Even with this small amount I thought there was too much product in my hair... but my friends commented on how great it looked an said they wanted hair like mine. Whooaaa!

    If you are a person who like green fragrances and light, light airy smells this might not be the product for you.

    I do not usually go for heavy fragrance but I am glad I took the chance on this one!...more info
  • May change hair color
    Watch out if you have colored hair. I used this on my chemically treated and color haired, expecting it to not affect the color at all. But after a few uses, all of my past hair coloring mistakes had been stripped to the forefront! My hair color looked awful again, just like before I'd gotten the mistakes corrected. I stopped using this and now I'm having to go back to get my hair fixed again. Shame on this company for not warning their customers. Please be careful ...more info
  • Even great for non-ethnic hair!
    I love this stuff. I use it once a week on my long highlighted blonde & fine hair. I go to the hairdresser every 8-10 weeks, and after using this and other Ojon products for a couple of months my hairdresser could not believe what great condition my hair was in. I like super long hair, and keeping it looking great is really important, and I am convinced that this product helps a ton!...more info
  • Worth the money!
    Let me start by saying I have the worst hair imaginable. I have mixed Caucasian and African American hair that is super-kinky, not that curly smooth kind. My hair is relaxed and fried from relaxer and hot irons. I color it brown/black to give it some shine and make it look healthier. I have to use tons of shine products and smoothers on my hair.

    I bought the ritual kit and started with the restorative treatment and left it on overnight. I washed/conditioned it in the morning with their Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner. I didn't like the way my hair felt so while I was still in the shower I used my Wen Cleansing conditioner (from Chaz Dean). When I blow dried my hair, all I can say is WOW! My hair has a nice color and shine to it and is soft and looks healthier. It doesn't look stripped and dry like it usually does. My hair has a nice bounce, isn't greasy at all and looks good for a change. I added a tiny amount of the treatment to my ends before using the curling iron on it and my hair looks great. I highly recommend this stuff. I would just buy the treatment though and use your own favorite Shampoo/Conditioner with it as I didn't think their shampoo/conditioner were anything special.

    There are people that complained about the smell. It smells like a hazelnut caramel macchiato to me. It wasn't over powering though so it didn't bother me at all. Don't let the smell scare you away. If you have fried hair, you need this stuff! ...more info
  • Best Product on the Market
    I've read the reviews, and it seems that only people with thick, coarse hair think this is right for them. Well, I have very fine hair that is chemically processed, and I've tried literally every product on the market. This makes my hair extremely soft and FULL! So far I've only used the restorative treatment, but after seeing the amazing results it gives, I'm ready to try the whole line.

    It smells to me like mocha coffee, and I absolutely LOVE the smell, when I'm using it I run my hands through my hair and sniff them constantly - my husband laughs at me. I do think it's an earthy smell that some people would not like, though. It's kind of like patchouli, you either love it or hate it.

    I know the price tag is a bit daunting - but a little does go a long way, so it lasts forever. And it's helping a tribe in Central America to thrive - that helps you feel a little better about spending the money. ...more info
  • Finally!!! Something that works!!! Natural Curls look their best!
    I am black with mixed grade hair (it's not kinky but has tight curls). I grew out my relaxer and only have color in my hair. I have been trying for over a year to find the right products that would give me naturally curl look that was not frizzy or dried out. I tried all sorts fo things I finally got it!!

    1. Use the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment - Apply and leave in overnight (I parted my hair in sections to make sure it was completely saturated)

    2. New morning wash it out using Redken Real control Shampoo and Conditioner

    3. Towel dry hair and starting from the back of the head, parting my hair in about 4-6 sections.

    4. In section of my hair I applied 3 products. Redken Fresh Curls Curl Refiner, Redken Ringlet No 7, and Redken Glass 01. And let air dry.

    Now I know this might sound like a Redken review but here's my point... I did steps 2 - 4 before and it was always close to my desired look but never right. It was only when I used Ojon that I finally got the hair I was looking for. There is NO sign of frizz, puffiness, or dryness. Now I can wear my hair naturally with confidence. I wish I would've tried this product sooner.

    The only down side is that Ojon smells like cigarettes and chocolate to me. ...more info
  • Brown Magic
    I have been using this product for about 1.5 months and really like it. The smell is different kinda like coffee and brown sugar. My hair is really smooth after using this stuff....more info
  • works well, smells divine, but way too expensive
    Yeah, it works. But the thing is, I can get the same wonderful conditioning results with a cheap little jar of coconut oil from the african-american hair care section of my local pharmacy. I think I'll save myself 50 dollars and stick with that.

    One rave though: the scent!! Omigod this stuff smells AWESOME. If they made a perfume or body lotion with this scent I'd consider splurging....more info
  • This stuff works really well!
    I've tried some other hair treatments before to help repair my badly dammaged hair and this one has given me the best results! My hair was especially bad from coloring, blowdrying, styling, and I swim everyday too, so my hair takes a beating. I knew my hair was dammaged but didn't realize how much until I tried this product. After using it, my hair was silkier and smoother and looked SOO much better! I'm embarassed at how bad it looked before! This product is easy to use and very convenient and immediately improved the way my hair looks. Plus I like the way it smells.

    My favorite other products:
    ...to look younger, Relastin Revitalizer
    ...to feel younger, Bongers massager
    ...to live longer, Weil Daily Anti-Oxidant Tablets
    ...more info
  • If people would just read the label.............
    First, let me list both the pros and the cons of using this hair product.

    PROS: 1) The product consists of 95% of all natural ingredients that will benefit your hair much better than those alternative synthetic conditioners found on the cosmetic shelves. 2) It can definitely work on all types of hair - especailly ethnic hair which tends to be on the dry side & therefore would need more emollients.

    CONS: 1) Most of the ingredients (see below) that this product is made of can be found at your local health food store or ordered on-line from a herbal supply company at a fraction of the cost that Ojon is requesting. 2) The main ingredient in this product is simply oil. It's the same concept of the "hot oil treatment" but marketed in a different way in order to make Ojon seem more exotic. The fact is that using any oil - e.g. olive oil, coconut oil - will give you the same results.

    Now, I am going to break down the ingredients label so that you can see what you are paying for.

    Ingredient #1: Elaeis Oleifera is American Palm Oil. It is native to the tropical Central & South Americas and is a very low cost oil (10 cents per oz) so therefore it is widely used in many industries such as food, candles, & cosmetics. It is very emollient & leaves a non-greasy shine to the hair & skin. The entire base of this 5-oz jar is made up of this palm oil, so the cost is estimated to be no more than a total of 50 cents.

    Ingredient #2: Lecithin is a natural emollient that is heavily found in egg yolks. It has great conditioning properties & feeds the skin & hair natural carbohydrates. Many local health food stores sell it for about $2 for a 16 oz bottle. A little goes a long way, so for or a 5 oz jar of oil, only 1/4 teaspoon of lecithin is required.

    Ingredient #3: Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Ascorbyl Palmitate, & Citric Acid are types of preservatives that many cosmetic industries are required to use to make sure that the oils do not go rancid. They do not contribute any benefits to the hair - they are only additives to ensure the product stays fresh longer.

    Ingredient #4: Serenoa Serrulata (Saw Palmetto Extract), Citronellol (roselike odor derived from citronella oil), Linalool (liquid distilled from certain essential oils) & Parfum (a man-made fragrance) are all used to give this product it's unique "smokey" scent. Since most of this fragrance base is synthetic (& cheap), these ingredients do not contribute that much benefit

    Ingredient #5: Prunus Africana. This may be the only ingredient worth paying attention to. It is an herbal extract derived from the bark of an African plant that many men have used to treat prostate illnesses. It has anti-swelling & healing properites. I would predict that this ingredient is added to promote balancing to the scalp, or to add a natural coloring to the oil (as most herbal extracts will do). But, since there is only a miniature amount used in this product, it is highly unlikely that there is enough to add any benefit whatsoever.

    Now that I have listed a breakdown of what you are paying $55 for, it is up to you whether you want to try this product or not. It's not a bad product, but it's definitely not the greatest or most original product either to justify paying that much money. My suggestion to you is to go to the local health food store, buy some natural oils & herbs for about $7, and create your own conditioning hair oil. Apply it to your hair the same way that you would apply this Ojon (as a pre-shampoo treatment) and not only will you get the same if not better results, but you will have enough money left over to go towards something more practical....more info
  • This stuff is AWESOME!
    I just recently started using the Ojon line within the last month or so. I have medium length VERY fine hair. This stuff does wonders for my hair! I now love to run my fingers through my hair, and I love to smell my hair.
    I agree with others - the restorative treatment smells like a used ashtray. However, it works like a charm - makes my hair soft and bouncy - and I actually have some volume to my hair! I only leave the treatment in my hair for about 20 minutes then shampoo it out. I use the Ojon volumizing shampoo and it smells wonderful!! I have had a number of people tell me how good I smell!!
    I went to get my hair cut just a week after I started using Ojon, and for the first time my hairdresser didn't tell me how much build up I have in my hair or how dried out it was. She told me my hair looked really healthy! The benefits FAR outweigh the smell!
    ...more info
  • Miracle treatment
    I have fine hair, and this did nothing to make my hair oily or weigh it down. It helped emphasize my natural wave and eliminated the need to heat-style. Plus, no frizzies! One thing to keep in mind: This is a PRE shampoo treatment, so make sure you use it before you shower and then wash it out. Your hair shouldn't get too greasy if you wash it out. You can also warm a little in your hands and pull through your ends as a hydrating styling product. The smell is a little "unique," not bad exactly, but you can always wash it out with your favorite-smelling shampoo. However, the whole line by Ojon is good, so I'd recommend the shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream too. ...more info
  • It Does Work!
    I purchased this product a couple weeks ago and have used it twice since receiving it. The first thing I did when I got it was open it to smell it because I had read so many bad reviews on it just because of its smell. To be honest, I don't mind the smell at all. It IS a bit unusual and does have a little bit of a smokey hint to it, but it's not at all as bad as most people make it out to be. I completely agree with the person who compared the smell to 'mocha coffee'. For those of you who purchase this and can't get past the scent, just bare in mind that it does wash out completely.

    As for how my hair felt afterward (I leave mine in overnight), it really did feel much softer and smoother. You also notice that you have less 'fly-aways' and any broken hairs will lay flatter on your head. It DOES NOT leave your hair greasy at all (something I was worried about). Just remember to evenly distribute it throughout your hair by combing it through really well, root to ends, until all of your hair is saturated. When you do wash it out, bare in mind that you won't notice any difference until your hair is completely dry. Once it is, you won't be disappointed!...more info


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