Koblenz The Cleaning Machine Floor Polisher 2-Speed - P820A

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Product Description

The Koblenz 820A is a very veristale cleaner. The most poular use of this machine is to clean, scrub, and wax bare surfaces floors. The machine has a 120 oz. solution tank that you can fill with your favorite floor cleaner. The Koblenz 820A can also be used to shampoo carpets. Simply fill the solution tank with carpet shampoo, and change the brushes to the shampoo brushes, and scrub your caprets clean. The machine does NOT have any extraction feature, so you will need to use another machine to extract the shampoo from your carpets. 1 Year Parts and Labor warranty included. Nice starter kit of all pads andbrushes included also.

  • 4.2-amp brush cleaning floor polisher
  • 120-0z tank
  • Includes 1 pair shampoo brushes, scrubbing brushes, tan polishing pads and lambswool buffing pads
  • Provides professional results with little effort, scrub, wax and shampoo features; can be used on all kinds of floors, including carpet
  • Package Dimensions: 43 .25"H x 12 .25" W, 7 .25" D
Customer Reviews:
  • does Okay, better than anything else I've found
    Very easy to set up and use. I bought this system to clean my tile floors and grout lines. The brushes spin, however, there is not enough weight to push the brushes into all the grooves. I plan on using it frequently for a while and hopefully I'll be able to get most of the dirt out, but I think I'm back on my hands and knees to get that grout clean. This machine can't get it clean but maybe it can keep it clean once I scrub it out. ...more info
  • Great machine!
    This cleaning machine/polisher is great to remove tough carpet stains and also to buff my laminate kitchen floor. No more tempermental steam machines for me....more info
  • Great machine
    I use it to apply paste wax to hardwood flooring. It works great....more info
  • Great machine for home use
    My wife and I live in S.FLA with an all-tile home. The grout and tile are white. Normal mopping cannot clean out all of the dirt in the texture of tiles and truly causes the grout to become dirtier with mopping. I used the hard brushes and sprayed each grout joint with a cheap (private label Publix brand) stain and mildew remover ($3/bottle). I let the cleaner set for awhile, but not long enough to allow it to dry/evaporate. I turned on the machine and merely let the cleaner do all of the work. It cleaned up most of the grout, did a fabulous job on the tile. Once in awhile (not often) I had to rest my foot on the machine to put a little more pressure on the floor. After floor dried, I needed to do minimal touch up work on hands and knees. It save me a lot of hard- hands and knees scrubbing....more info
  • Great for scrubbing
    I have 200 sq feet of Italian tile flooring that took me 8 hours to hand scrub to get looking clean (cleaning the grout was especially troubling). After doing a lot of research, I realized this near-industrial tool was what I needed.

    I also have an older dog that sometimes goes on the carpet. I used this machine with Koblenz Carpet Shampoo and Koblenz Deodorizer (2 different products) and the spots and urine odor are gone. Great tool for touch ups.

    This machine is a SCRUBBER. It will lay down liquid for you and scrub for you, but it won't remove the liquid. For tile floors you'll have to mop up the liquid yourself. For carpets, you vacuum the cleaning residue.

    I HIGHLY recommend this product. It is smartly engineered and manufactured to do a single type of job. It has a metal "chassis", brass bushings, and the reservior tank is made of sturdy plastic. I haven't had anything break, but if something does break, parts are available on line and should be easy to replace.

    I really like the Koblenz shampoo and deodorizer, but the Koblenz hardsurface cleaner is unnecessary - Mr. Clean works as well or better than the hardsurface cleaner on my tile floors. My first attempt at cleaning the tile, I used the cleaner sparingly with the hard bristle brushes and didn't like the outcome. The second time I cleaned the tile I used the soft bristle bushes with a liberal amount of cleaner and the tile came out fantastic. So, if you get this machine, you might need to experiment before you're happy with the outcome. ...more info