Hoover H3060 FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Hard-Floor Cleaner with Portable Detail Kit

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Product Description

All-in-one machine dry vacuums, washes and dries floors. SpinScrub technology, 15" widepath nozzle, Hose, hand grout tool, utility tool and telescoping wand tool included. Bonus brush block for grout cleaning - White/Alaskan Green

  • All-in-one cleaning system vacuums, washes, and dries hard-floor surfaces
  • 2-motor system; EZ Select dial; 15-inch cleaning path; fingertip trigger control
  • Interchangeable SpinScrub and grout brushes; separate tanks for clean and dirty water
  • Fold-down handle; portable detail kit and cleaning solutions included
  • Measures approximately 20 by 15-1/2 by 45 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Big disappointment
    I had researched in depth to find the right floor cleaner for our home. It was so disappointing when I used this for the first time. After vacuuming the floor, I still had to sweep. The vacuum hardly picked up any of the stuff on the floor. Washing the floor was better, but still not what I had anticipated. I think that maybe the machine wasn't working properly, because I expected more from this Hoover product. Returned cleaner to Amazon and received full refund. ...more info
  • Excellent Hoover FloorMate
    I absolutely love this FloorMate. I use it on my tile as well as my laminate floors and they have never been so clean. I particularly like the fact that I am not using a mop and having to dip into a bucket of dirty water. With the floor mate, it squirts clean water/cleaner and I am not just spreading around dirt on my floors. EXCELLENT PURCHASE!...more info
  • Hoover H3060
    I am very happy with the product but very disatified with Amazon. My cleaner arrived without a handle. I spent several days talking to Hoover before I finally received one. Amazon needs to check the contents of their boxes....more info
  • Vacuum with squeezee
    I'd read reviews carefully before I bought this item.
    I just thought that it would be better than carrying bucket and wet mop all over my place anyway and I was right on this part.

    The machine is lighter than I thought and it actually scrubbs - much better than rubbing with a mob or kneeling down with a brush. All parts are nice and compact.
    However there are several things I want to point out.
    First, I thought the small hand-held brushes(small flat and one for corners) also have motorised scrubbing function but they don't. They are just brush with squeezee which can suck.
    Second, one of the four brushes sticks out so the others do not contact floor properly.
    Third, when the dirty water fills a third of the thank, it starts leaking, so the tank should be emptied often.
    Forth, when I found missing corner or the machin cannot reach the borders, I have to attatch the flexible hose and extended arm. Unless go over all the borders and sides seperately, it's a big hassel going back and forth with the machine and hose.

    I hope the electric cord can be hidden inside the machine with spring winder as the way many other vacuum cleaners made so that the bunch of cord would not fall on the wet floor.

    ...more info
  • Just not that great.
    We have owned the 800 for about a year now. I am unsatisfied with its performance.

    My biggest complaint: the reservoirs are much too small. I don't have that much floor that needs mopping, and yet I have to stop repeatedly to empty the dirty water and put clean water in. A point in its favor, adding water and dumping the dirty water is pretty easy.

    My next problem is with the plunger in the dirty water reservoir. This is what stops the suction when the container is full. The problem is that jostling will caused the plunger to set even though it isn't full yet. You have to turn off the unit to fit this. It is very annoying.

    I've actually went back to regular mops, and have experimented with using my carpet cleaner vac instead. It seems to work much better, and its reservoir is huge, no unnecessary stopping.

    I'm actually surprised this thing is getting as high a reviews as it is. ...more info
  • Clean floors so easy
    A friend told us how nice this was for cleaning floors. It is better than they told us. Great for cleaning hardwood and tile floors....more info
  • Better than I could have hoped for!
    I love this vacuum. I live with my 91 year old grandfather and he is constantly leaving a mess due to his poor eye sight and starting to lose some hand eye coordination. I use this cleaner at least 3-4 days a week and it picks up everything from spills to crumbs and leaves the floor much cleaner that I could ever do in the short time it would have taken me otherwise. I've had it for just over a month and I don't know how I got by without it....more info
  • Cool but short-lived
    I loved it at first, it certainly does what it says it will do. But the top tank empties fast and the bottom fills fast. Very soon began mopping separately and using this to suck up water. That was best use for us.
    I used it only a limited number of times before it was parked in closet for a while. (I had surgery and spouse refuses to use new-fangled contraptions.) Got it out recently and it won't work. Just stopped suctioning. Cleaned it out every which way. Probably used all of 15 times total. Two years old, so warranty gone. Final analysis: a little too frail for the money....more info
  • Picks up the filth left behind by mops
    I own the 3020 model which is a bit simpler and smaller. I consider this as useful as my dishwasher -- and just like a dishwasher, you have to use it right to get the best results. I find it pretty simple. First pass picks up dry dirt - better than my regular vac. Second pass scrubs with soap solution. Third pass picks up the water and dries the floor. In case you're wondering if it works, you'll know when you dump the filthy black water out of the holding tank. I always think how disgusting it is that mopping left all that behind on my floors. Two things to remember, if you move it back and forth very rapidly, the tank can dribble out, but no problem, you can pick it up again easily. And sometimes if I pick up a lot of hair, I have to stop and unclog it. My floors stay cleaner longer than mopping. ...more info
  • good for large rooms
    Good product for a large open space (big rooms with no furniture). I was not able to use it in a small apartment. It was difficult to menuever around furniture....more info
  • Hoover Floormate - Gets Floors Really Clean
    This is better than a mop that pushes the dirt around. I do find the Lavender fragrance of the floor to floor solution freshens your home, unlike others who said it made them feel sick. It gets the floors really clean, picks up cat hair and stray bits of kitty litter. I got the detailing set with it and we have already used one of the tools to get under the metal covers that go over the heating pipes that run around the floor. The wide path nozzle seems to get a large area of floor at once. I have sealed wooden floors and tiles. I use another lighter vacuum to pick up debris first, then use the wash function and wet pick up as I go so I don't damage the wooden floors. My main complaint is that it is darn heavy. I would not recommend this for someone that has a bad back like me. I'm fortunate that I do the vacuuming part with my other vac and my partner does the washing part. The glide action is OK but too frequently it gets stuck back into the locked position. It is cumbersome to use on stairs and smaller areas. Despite these drawbacks, the floors do stay cleaner for longer which is great. I wish they'd make a new version that's lighter but has a larger clean tank, as the clean tank and waste tank are different sizes and the clean tank only lasts for half a bedroom....more info
  • Hoover H3060 FloorMate
    This is a great machine for touch ups. I scrub my tile ( and I have a lot of it) and use this machine in between scrubs. Saves me a lot of time and back ache. Instead of scrubbing the floor every week, now I scrub once a month. I have an elderly dog and this machine is excellent for cleaning up behind her.

    Pro: Great for small cleanups and touchups between scrubs

    Con: Grout attachment does not do a good job on the grout. The regular brush does better.

    Recommend: Yes...more info
  • Take Me For a Spin
    I now have owned my Hoover FloorMate for 8 months. I purchased this as a lighting deal, then tried to cancel after reading through all the negative reviews, but it was too late to cancel. My first use of the machine I followed the instructions, and pointers about putting the water in the tank and then adding the cleaner, and it took me quite awhile to do what is large area of tile between my kitchen and family room. I didn't even try to use it as a vacume based on the reviews, and used my regular vacume, then I cleaned the floors. But, I'm lazy and got tired of having to fill up the small dispenser tank which runs out of cleaner and water very fast. So, up to my old tricks, I just poured hot water and the cleaner on the floor and sucked it up with the Hoover FloorMate. Then with further occasions to use the Floormate, I have now resorted to just pouring hot water on my floor and not prevacuming and let the Floormate pick up the dirt and the water (I only do this when there is not a lot debris on the floor). Now I find if I just want a quick clean for my floors, pour the water on the floor and let the FloorMate pick up the water and the dirt. It does a great job, sometimes if something is stickey on the floor in the kitchen I might have to go over it a couple of times, but hey I would have to do that no matter what method I used to clean with. I now find I use my Floormate every time I need to clean my tile floors. The only thing I can't comment on is the grout cleaning feature, because I haven't tried to use it for that feature. I can now clean my kitchen floor in about 10 minutes no streaks and the floor shines. Family room takes longer because I have to move my furniture and rugs, but I have to do that anyway no matter which method I use to clean. ...more info
  • Amazing cleaner
    I origiannly borrowed one of the Floormates from my sister but realized how good it worked and had to have my own. I only use it as hard floor cleaner (not really as a vacuum) and it works terrific. It's amazing the dirt that collects on my floor. Used it once right after mopping and I was surprised at how much more dirt was on my floor. Worth every penny. I feel like I am getting the dirt up not just pushing it around with a mop....more info
  • Second H3060 Floormate SpinScrub 800, same poor quality
    If I could rate this lower than one star I would. The first quit working just past the warranty period. It would cost more than it was worth to fix. I figured fluke-they can't all be like this, right?. Now the second one is leaking water from inside behind the tanks in an inaccesable location and guess what? Right, the warranty is over.
    I have written to Hoover and they have not even bothered to write back. Apparently they make enough money on one or two time sales they do not have to worry about brand loyalty.
    I know they lost mine....more info
  • It really helped me
    I have reconstructive knee surgery and was talking to a co-worker who recommended the floor mate. It was so much faster than the old ways I washed the floor and safer for me. My floors are beautiful. I did call Hoover's customer service, because sometimes I have issues putting things together, and they were very helpful. If I couldn't fix my problem, they would have given me a local dealer to take the product to. I didn't need to do this, but it's still a nice touch....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I love my new hard-floor cleaner! It made a huge difference. We have 2 dogs that are always in and out of the house, so keeping the floors clean is always a challenge.

    Not only it is easy to use, it does a great job cleaning! My floors also stay cleaner longer. I have never wanted to clean my floors before...now I do, just to use the machine!

    The attachments with the kit are great for the bathrooms. ...more info
  • It isn't bad but I just dread cleaning the floors with it
    The reviews are love it or hate it. I myself, are inbetween. Here are my love/hate reasons:

    1. Get the floors very clean
    2. Dries quickly
    3. Initially it seems like a fun new toy
    4. It is sanitary because the clean/dirty water never mixes
    5. Works well on sealed hardwoods

    1. Very heavy
    2. Clean water basin is small
    3. Brushes do not really get into grout well
    3. The dry vaccuum does not work at all - never use it
    3. It clogs easily even if you've just vacuumed.
    4. Does not get into the yucky corners or hard to reach places
    5. Not worth getting out for a small bathroom job
    6. Time consuming process for large jobs - adding new water and dumping old often.
    7. Must buy cleaning solution

    So basically this floormate cleans well but after the initial "fun" of playing with a new gadget, I quickly decided this was too time consuming to set up and use on all my floors. Then again it is a pain to take out and set up for only a small bathroom and it doesn't get into nooks and crannies. For that reason, I opted to purchase the Bissell steam mop and have been very pleased with that item. Lightweight, ready in seconds and just use the washable pads. My initial idea was to use the steam mop for quick jobs and bathrooms and still use my floormate for the long deep clean jobs. Well, that was a few months agao and have just realized there are better mops out there. It isn't horrible but personally I don't think it is worth the cost.
    ...more info
  • I hope that I get it back in the box
    Very disappointed. More work than mopping my laminate floors. I guess I was hoping for a miracle. Plus every time I turned it off, it started leaking badly. Now I have to try to put it back in the box for shipping. Forgot to take pics of what it looked like before I took it out.

    Save yourself time and money. This is not working....more info
  • Doesn't really scrub very well
    This machine doesn't really quite work right. Yes, things spin around and water gets sucked up, but it really doesn't work the way you wished it would work. After it has been used for awhile things work less like you expect them to work ... yes, it's better than by hand....more info
  • Grout Features Have Major Issues
    Let me first say that I already owned a Hoover Floormate H3000 before ordering the H3060 model a week ago, and I like it a lot. I ordered this model because it had the grout block and handheld grout tool.

    First thing I did was attempt to clean my floor using the grout block. It didn't do a thing for me going over the same grout lines very slowly several times using Hoover's grout cleaning agent.

    Then, I used the handheld grout tool, and it actually worked very well. Although it was very time consuming, I was able to clean about one third of the grout in my house to where it looked new again.

    But then I looked at the handheld grout brush and could tell that I would need to replace it by the time I finished cleaning all my grout, or at best, I may have gotten 2 or 3 cleanings before it would need replacement.

    GUESS WHAT THE MAJOR ISSUE IS. YOU CANNOT ORDER A REPLACEMENT HANDHELD GROUT BRUSH FROM HOOVER OR ANYONE!!! You would have to buy a new H3060 just to replace the handheld grout attachment. You cannot order any of the handheld pieces (tubes, grout attachement, extension, the other brush, etc.) from Hoover. After looking on their website for the part, I called Hoover's customer service to confirm this. I also called an Authorized Hoover service center and they confirmed the same.

    Mine went back to Amazon. I'm not spending the dollars for this unit for a maximum of 3 grout cleanings. I'll just use the cleaning solution with a brush and use my older H3000 to pick up the dirty water.

    If you don't care about the grout features, go for it. It works fine otherwise, but this is a major selling point by Hoover of this particular model, so that's why it gets one star from me....more info
  • Love It!
    This floor cleaner is great! It's easy (and fun) to use, and it leaves a dry floor behind. I have tiled floors in most of the house, and the machine does streak slightly, but less so than other methods of mopping. I would recommend it to others....more info
    Ok, this floor cleaner is not perfect but what is?
    I have a 2 year old, 4 cats and semi house trained Yorkshire terrier.
    The Hoover floormate has revolutionsized my cleaning routine.
    I had been vacuuming my tile and laminate floors then mopping them with the old dish towel and foot method. My floors were clean but my joints (esp. knees and hips) were very unhappy. Consequently, I wouldn't clean as often as I should. I've used my floormate for about 2 weeks and I'm very impressed. The vacuum isn't the most powerful. But once you get the hang of it, it picks up very well. You HAVE to tilt the head up a bit to clear bigger objects like cheerios.... The squeegee gets in the way if you don't. Ok, the BEST feature is the WASH setting. I'm not kidding; this cleaner actually SCRUBS your floors for you. You can control the amount of water/cleaner that goes on your floor --- even if you use a lot, you don't end up with a SUPER wet floor. I haven't used the drying feature; I don't see the need -yet. The squeegee really cuts down on the extra water. You end up with wonderfully clean floors that dry much in the same way as conventional mopping. Finally, I can clean all my floors in a short time with NO JOINT PAIN. My baby can run around the house now and his feet aren't dirty! Yay!!! I can't recommend the Hoover Foormate enough. WOW!
    ...more info
  • Tile floor BETTER THAN NEW!
    We moved into a newly built house in Feb. of last year. We have approx. 1500-200 Sq. ft. of natural stone surface tile. It was quite a hassle to mop with a mop and bucket every week.

    I had mixed thoughts on buying this product after reading all the reviews, but went ahead and made the purchase hoping for the best.

    This product has made the task of cleaning our tile a breeze, and it does a MUCH better job than mopping. I now realize that mopping the floor did nothing but rub dirty water around the floor and leave a sticky film behind, regardless of what I used as a cleaning agent. Of course, mopping is also tough on the back and it is such a hassle to fill/carry the mop bucket and clean everything when I am done. The FloorMate has exceeded my expectations in every way. The floormate got the tiles even cleaner than when we moved into our newly built house. The FloorMate gently scrubs the tile surface with a small row of multiple spinning brush-heads at very high speeds, yet delicately enough to not cause damage. The first run lays down the cleaning fluid, and pulling back sucks the floor bone dry, all the while the little brushes are spinning at blinding speeds and the suction is picking up whatever is on the surface. You simply dump the resevour tank out a couple of times, which is much easier to do than expected. Refilling more solution is also a breeze. I actually look forward to cleaning the tile floors now because it is so easy and the FloorMate cleans the floors so deeply. It loosens dirt and grime that is embedded deep in the tile, and it also removes any residue. It leaves the tile clean,dry, and smooth. I've never seen tile that felt so clean and natural. The attachments are handy too ...they were even able to get light mildew spots out of the grout in our natural tile enclosed shower. Yes, that's right ...I used the FloorMate to clean my shower too ...nice added bonus!

    1. Lightwieght, easy to manuever and carry around. Relatively small too.
    2. Cleans floors deeply (you wille be shocked at the black, sludgy water that is removed from the resevour tank afer first usages).
    3. Doesn't take much cleaning solution. Cleaning solution is non-abrasive, which is important if you have natural stone tile like us.
    4. Easy to assemble for the first time ...put it together within 5 minutes of opening the package. Should take 10 minutes max.
    5. Very easy to clean FloorMate after done. Just snap of a couple of very small pieces and rinse them with water. Can snap them right back on to dry while assembled on the unit.
    6. Easy on the back. It is actually fun to use because it causes no strain and you know the floor is getting so extremely well cleaned.
    7. Well worth the money.
    8. Cleaning solutions are odor free
    9. Floors are left free of ANY residue when done. This is a first in all of my various types of cleaning I have ever done.

    1. One minor quirk is that when you are using the attachemnts and cleaning a location that is higher than the floormate, such as high on the shower walls for example ...every now and then the cleaning solution does not come out strongly due to gravity/air bubbles. You have to hold the attachment lower until the fluid comes out again and then go back to the high area. On a side note, the fluid only comes out when you push the release trigger, so you can control the amount that comes out at any time.
    2. I have read other posts that say these machines often break down after 6-12 months. That is the only concern I have at this point.
    3. Wish you could use Pine-Sol ...however, that would defeat the purpose because Pine-Sol leaves a strong odor and substantial film on the cleaned surface. The floormate results in a very different, chemical free kind of clean feeling. Probably perfect for people with allergies, etc.

    ...more info
  • A must have--worth every penny and then some!
    Before I start my review, I have to admit that I am somewhat of a clean-freak, so I wasn't sure a tool like this would work to my satisfaction. Was I wrong!
    I first saw a Floormate at my sister-in-law's. She raved about how great it was. When I borrowed it from her and used it myself, I was sold! I immediately went to Amazon and ordered one. Before Floormate, I used to do my wood and linoleum floors by dragging out my electrolux and vacuuming first and then sponge-mopping my floors. I always had the feeling that I was just pushing dirt around with a sponge-mop, so I would often get down on my hands and knees and do the old scrub-brush and rags routine.
    Now, I just set my Floormate on dry vac first to vacuum, empty the cup when done, and then switch to wash setting, fill the solution tank and go. When I'm done, the floors are not only dry, but also MUCH cleaner than they were when washed with with a sponge mop. Those little swirling brushes do the trick! I will say that I prefer my own wash solution to the cleaner included with the Floormate, but other than that, I am a die-hard fan. What a fast, convenient, and efficient way to get super-clean floors!
    PS: The attachments are great also--I especially like the wand for getting in hard-to-reach places. Storage of these extras is compact too--they sit on top of the Floormate when it's put away! Buy this machine!!!...more info
  • Hoover Floormate Deluxe
    The product is a step above the original Floormate, but just one step. It was shipped promptly and I would do business with this seller again....more info
  • Works pretty good, but several annoying design flaws
    There seem to be numerous variants of this machine about. Review is based on the model with the light green plastic, not the blue-green. Got this item to clean ceramic floor tiles which cover about 75% of the downstairs of a 3300sq ft house. Previously used a Shark S3325 'Ultra Steam Blaster' with the towel mop head attachment, but that was a waste of time.

    The SpinScrub actually does a pretty good job of washing the floor tiles, and an even better job of picking up the residual water afterwards.


    * Clean water reservoir too small. I have to fill it 3 times to do the whole floor.

    * Safety float mechanism in the waste water collection tank will 'false trigger' very easily, which results in the characteristic high-pitched whine and complete loss of suction. You then have to turn off the machine and wait about 5s for the motor to slow enough for it to release the float from the filter intake. This would happen about 20 times during an average floor cleaning exercise, which drove me nuts. This is by far the most annoying 'feature' of the unit.

    I resorted to circumventing the safety mechanism and tying the float valve up with a rubber band. This means that I can throw the machine about and get the cleaning done much more quickly, but the motor has taken a lungful of dirty water once or twice. It doesn't sound very happy now, and I can hear the bearings grumbling every time it's switched off. I don't recommend that anyone try this, as you might end up killing your machine or causing a small electrical fire.

    * Brushes are too soft. To pick up stubborn stains, e.g. dried popsicle residue, I have to hold the water trigger on, put my foot on top of the brush head and glide the brush head from side to side across the dirty area. This means that the stain gets literally thousands of scrubs from the brush and it eventually relinquishes its grip on the floor.

    * Dry pick-up setting is almost worthless on anything other than the minutest of dirt particles. It won't even suck up un-popped popcorn kernels.

    * It's loud.

    * Tool storage thingy is completely useless - just took up space in my laundry room - I tossed it into the attic.


    * It does clean a tiled floor slightly better and slightly quicker than a traditional mop. Seeing the filthy water in the tank is satisfying.
    * Picks up residual water very well.

    Recently it stopped picking up altogether, and I thought I'd trashed the motor. Was pleased to find that suction head was just bunged up....more info
  • Love my Floormate
    I just got this machine and I love it. It has two sets of brushes, one of which I used on my wood floor, the other on my rougher tile. It cleaned beautifully and clean up of the machine was a breeze. ...more info
  • Beats a Swiffer or mop any day of the week!!!!!
    I got this REAL floor scrubber when my Chlorox Mop died. I was tired of pushing dirt around the floors anyway. I don't care what the Clorox and Swiffer commercials say, they spread dirt around the floors! I got this scrubber with the additional attachments as we had just moved into a huge house with LOTS of tile floors. For starters I would say that the Floormate itself worked great! My floors were actually clean! When I took a wet paper towel and rubbed it over the floors that I had just cleaned it came up clean! Yea!!! Not complicated or hard to use. The cleaning solution was readily available in stores. One thing I would say to people considering this product is DO NOT BUY the attachments. I thought they were a joke and didn't work like the main machine at all! They just take up space. I used them once around the bathroom and got very disappointing results. Buy the plain Floormate instead. You will be very happy with it. It is time consuming to clean the floors, but at least after your efforts, they really will be clean!...more info
    We really have never been able to get our grout clean short of oxyclean and a toothbrush. That becomes quite cumbersome when you are talking about 800-900 square feet of tile.

    I assmebled the machine by myself. I didn't read the directions. I went over the entire floor on "dry vac" first. I was absolutely not impressed. So unimpressed that I almost packaged the whole thing up and took it back.

    However, I thought as long as I had it, I would give the floors a quick mop. Well, the mop wasn't quick (or quiet), but the grout looks like I have been scrubbing it with a toothbrush all day. I had mopped a few days ago so the floors where clean. Well, I thought they were, but the collection tank tells a very different story. Even in an unused entryway that was visibly clean, the used water was FILTHY! I think part of the problem all along had been pushing the dirty water around the foor when mopping. Even thought I changed the water frequently, it seemed dirty again almost immediately.

    I will probably keep my swiffer vac for dry clean up, but I LOVE THIS MACHINE. I only wish the price was a bit less and it was a bit quieter. I used to mop while the kids napped, but will not be able to with this. I paid just under $200....more info
  • Really nice
    This really really cleans floors very well and dries them nicely. The vacuum feature worked fine for me! It doesn't get behind toilets, I was thinking that I could get it back there somehow, but the tools work okay. I use a scrubbing sponge to get the edges. This cleans the floor so well you could eat on them, and I have big stinky dogs. Before using this, you could still see the dirt on the floor, but this cleaned them up great with ease. I'm thinking of firing the cleaners after using this product. It's so easy to use, fun to use, and cleans the floors so well. ...more info
  • Hoover Floor Mate
    This is the 3rd Hoover Floor Mate we have had. So far it is the best one....more info
  • Great Dry Vac, but Terrible Wet Vac
    I have owned the H3060 now for several months and the dry pickup is great and the unit moves easily across our tile floors (our entire home is tile). But under the wet vac mode it is extremely difficult to push across the floor. They really need to install a "power assist" under this wet vac mode if you are going to get through your whole house. For small jobs it is probably OK, but definitely not for an entire home....more info
  • It works!
    I like this scrubber a lot. It works great on hardwood floors clearing away muck like minor spills that have dried, etc. My next project is attacking dirty grout in bathrooms, which I hope will be as successful as cleaning the kitchen floor was....more info
  • Good machine
    I used the machine first with the grout brush on our ceramic tile. It did an excellent job and brightened up some grubby spots significantly. It then was used on the hardwood floors in an 80 year old house which had been vacant for two years. I was quite pleased with the result after a single cleaning, though I did go back and do them a second time. One review had pointed out how frequently the water had to be changed, and that was a bother in a large room, but the result was worth the time and nuisance. The wet vacuum was very effective (a concern with floors as old as I was cleaning) and there was no splashing from the brush apparatus to the walls. It IS heavy, and it does leave a puddle if you do not park it on something absorbant when finished. It was no problem to substitute another non-solvent based detergent for the regular floor cleaner when the manufacturer's sample ran out. I have not found as high a quality substitute for the grout cleaner locally though. Overall I have been very satisfied with the performance of the machine....more info
  • great product
    I love my new floor cleaner. It takes alittle getting used to it. But it cleans my floor great....more info
  • This has literally changed my life...
    Prior to finding and ordering the Hoover FloorMate H3060, I cleaned the 2,000 square feet of tile in my house on my hands and knees as I felt that was the only way to get the floors really clean. After months and months of this painstaking work, with wounded knees, a severely arthritic back and my entire day and weekend being spent trying to recovering I was determined to find another method before I was crippled and I'm only 40.

    While scouring Amazon one day I came across the 3060, read the reviews, some good, some great, some not so good but I was desperate so I decided to take the plunge and risk it. Boy am I glad I did! This machine, which is light as it could is not perfect by any means but it is pretty darn close.

    The Way it Works:
    There is one compartment for the cleanser and one compartment for the pick up (dirty water), you fill the cleanser compartment with cleanser (how much I will go into in the next section) and very hot water. You turn the knob on the side to wash/clean, step on the "recline" button, press power and off you go. There is also a trigger on the handle to shoot out extra cleanser for dirtier or stained areas.

    Tips for Best Performance:
    In this section I would like to discuss how this machine works best, for me and hopefully this will also help you!

    **** Prior to doing anything I run my dyson vaccum over all the floors to pick up all dust etc. The wet cleaning will work best if you do this otherwise it will basically be pushing dust bunnies around.****

    First I will start the cleaners....
    I believe the instructions tell you to put a capful or a capful (using the cap of the cleanser compartment) and a half of the Hoover Floormate cleanser then fill to the line with very hot water. I have tried using MANY different cleansers from Mr. Clean to you name it, I've tried it. I can guarantee you that they do not leave your floors "looking" as good as the Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner. Here is why: All the other cleansers will leave a film with this machine unless you go over it extensively with the rinse cycle which is now turning about 20 minutes for 1,000 square foot job into 40 minutes and not much return. Secondly, for our house the intense smell that is left from any type of amonia cleanser is enough to put the entire family on respirators - it's a good form of torture if you are having some house guests you want to leave quickly - it will leave their lungs and nose burning. As I mentioned I've tried them all with this machine and have always gone back to the Hoover Floor Mate Hard Floor Cleanser as it cleans very well and does not ever leave a film. But, I use a lot more cleanser than they recommend, about 3 capfuls (which when you see the capful is not much). I should also mention I am cleaning a grooved tile that looks exactly like hardwood with a fairly thick grout line and a polished porcelin tile that looks like marble with a very very thin grout line.

    The "pick up" compartment...
    In various reviews you will read some people mentioning that the "pick up or dirty water" compartment needs to be emtpied often, this is true. I typically have to empty it twice while cleaning 1000 square feet. To me, this is no big deal. You look at the large compartment thinking that you would have to empty it when it's full, not so. This machine will fill the compartment less than half and then it will make a very loud continuous noise, the brushes will stop spinning and this is your clue...it's basically screaming "EMPTY ME"! I VERY carefully take the compartment out, carrying with two hands (one underneath) and dump it in the toilet and then flush, simple as that. *TIP make sure you pracitice taking it out when it's empty so you are very clear how to do it and where to hold onto it because you don't want to do what I did my first time and spill the filthy contents all over the floor (which you can easily do if you don't hold it tight and know how to take it out).

    The pickup...
    I also own a Hoover Steam Cleaner for carpet and by owning that which is great (though with limitations), I can confidently say that this machine does an excellent job of picking up the water/dirt BUT I have a 4 year old and polished tile which is very slippery when wet so to be safe I scoot along the floor on a towel to make sure the floor is extra dry. For very wet area's I will also turn the dial to wet pick for just that particular area. But, in general you push forward for clean and back for pick up though it pretty much picks up even when not pulling back, it's that good. *** Please note, I did read a few reviews saying that during pickup the suction is so strong it's hard to move the machine. There is a reason for that...Once the floor is dry there's nothing to suction up - this is normal. If you experience this, it's because the area is dry already OR if you are just beginning to clean it and this happens make sure you've got both compartments in securely AND that you have the dial switched to clean/wash. Otherwise, again this machine is EXTREMELY light.

    The brushes, grout cleaning, and the "portable detail kit"...
    It comes with two sets of brushes, one regular one that supposedly gets deeper into the grout. If there is any flaw to this machine it is that it does not really clean STAINS out of the GROUT very well, everyday dirt yes, ground in stains no. But, if you clean your floors regularly with this machine, it will keep your grout very clean (I have white grout and it looks just like the day it was put in). The main brush set is excellent, the brushes that are supposed to work on the grout are not great, I never use them anymore. In regard to the brushes you really should clean them after each use for best results. I just throw them in a clean bucket with bleach and very hot water and they are like new. In regard to the portable detail kit, my advice is throw it out or store it somewhere because you will try it once out of curiosity thinking it's going to be great but it's terrible, it does not have enough power to work at all and will be a lot more trouble than it's worth.

    Dry Pickup/vacuum:
    This machine is also equipped to work as a regular vacuum and it actually works very well. I do not use it as a main house vacuum, I use my Dyson for that. Prior to cleaning the floors with this machine I will run my Dyson over them and use the attachment in all corners and on baseboards, as it makes the wet cleaner function much better. As I am "wet cleaning" I also find area's that I missed and use this machine in dry vacuum mode to pick up and then switch right back over to wet to continue on.

    As I said before it takes me about 20 minutes tops to do 1000 square feet and I am very meticulous (this time also includes emptying the container and possibly refilling the cleanser should need be). This machine is so great, I can't get over how well it works. I have had no problems with it at all and have had it for about a year and a half. Again, if you don't expect perfection rather a great product that will make your life a lot easier, you will be very happy with this purchase!

    ...more info
  • At last ! Clean floors!
    We have 4 ferrets, 3 cats, 1 dog and 3 humans, including a teenager, living in our house, so as you might expect, our floors get DIRTY. I got the Floormate on a Friday Sale deal in the hopes that it might help me keep up in the war against filth. I'm very glad I got it! Certainly, it is not as good as getting down on your hands and knees with a brush, so it only gets 4 stars, but the Floormate does a pretty darn respectable job, nonetheless. It is a heck of a lot easier than getting down on my hands and knees, too, which means I'll do it a whole lot more often, which should help make the difference.

    We have tile floors, 2 different kinds, and the floormate worked fine on both. It successfully cleaned up a sticky area where a drink had been spilled and had only been quickly wiped up and left for several days before we had time for a real cleaning, so it was a sticky mess with dirt ground in. A couple of slow passes with the floormate and my floor was clean and no longer sticky. Yay!

    All in all, this is a great purchase for me. I am very glad I got it!...more info
  • Love IT!
    I have the first model they came out with and love it, and I love this one as well....more info
  • Hoover H3060 Floormate
    I absolutely love this product, it has made cleaning an absolute breeze for my tile floors. The attachments reach deep to clean the grout. I would highly recommend this product to active family lifestyles with pets and kids....more info
  • Works good but will not buy it again
    I bought this product after reading the reviews from previous buyers, but is not as they say, is kind of heavy to move from room to room, the spinscrub does not have enough power. I went to a local store and I found a better hard floor cleaning, small, light and alot more cheaper....more info
  • Not for me...
    Read most of the reviews before buying this, thought I could live with most of the downsides, but found otherwise. I found the dry vac mode too weak to pick up all of the debis. I had to sweep up small stuff that really should have been drawn in the vac. Also found the unit tough to turn becuase the back wheels seemed to prevent (rather than enable) a good swivel action.

    Next, I tried the wet scrubbing mode and was surprised at how hard the unit was to push once it sucked against the floor (vinyl). In vac mode it was easy to push forward and back but in scrubbing mode it was MUCH harder to push.

    Other drawbacks were - finding a storage place for this large unit; it is heavy; dragging the electric cord around.

    Given the cost, effort to prepare the machine, operate and store this unit, I found I prefer my broom and mop after all....more info
  • works as advertised
    This is a terrific product. I had some very embarrassingly dirty vinyl floors (I hate to mop, and always put it off)...so I thought, maybe this will inspire me to finally clean my floors regularly. And it did just that. It scrubs the grime off the floors, then sucks the floor dry. I love it. The reason I hate to mop is because of the scuz that gathers in the corners, and stays on the floors...and of course the dirty water. The elimates all that grossness and frustration. Next, it really does a fine job of cleaning. I used both the regular and grout brushes, and find both do the job they're intended. I'm particularly impressed with the grout cleaning brushes. Also, the suction goes out to the edges of the machine, so no more dirty corners that need attention. HOWEVER, this still isn't the best part...the BEST part is the tool kit, which comes with a handy caddy. There is an extension wand, and two clever cleaning tools that allow you to reach into hard to get to corners, and around the toilet. Fabulous. I also used the mini flat tool to clean my bathroom tile, and with the exception of the drip of the solution down the tile, it worked quite well:) It's also ridiculously easy to set up. If you can put together a 10 piece puzzle with your kids, you can set this up even without the instructions. It's very easy to clean and fill. I've also used this with products other than Hoover cleaning solutions, including a basic, cheap degreasing solution...just about any solution will work with this unit. Complaints? Not many. The machine is a little heavy--about as heavy as any vaccuum. I wish the solution tank were a little larger to hold more cleanser. That's about it. It's fun to use, and gets the job done. No more dreading the mop!...more info
  • why would anyone scrub floors again!?
    this machine can scrub and clean your hard floor surfaces, and I wonder why anyone would mop or scrub a floor again!...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    I bought the FloorMate for my wife... she was complaining of back pain for having to sweep and mop the floors. We live at the street level so our floors need to be cleaned regularly... a lot of street dust accumulates easily. I was skeptic at first... but decided to try it myself. I ended up cleaning the whole floor myself.

    This vacuum did the job and was easy to clean after finished. My only complaint would be that the water reservoir is quite small, so I had to refill twice. I like in a small 700 sqf apartmet... so if you live in a bigger place... be ready to refill at least 4 -5 times every time you clean your floors. Aside from that minor issue... this product is worth the investment....more info
  • works well on wood and vinyl
    I was impressed with how well it worked on vinyl and wood. Looking forward to trying it on ceramic tile....more info
  • Not perfect, but much better than a mop.
    After receiving my floor cleaner and reading the directions for assembly and use, I really thought I had made a mistake. It seemed like it was going to be a bit cumbersome, but after the initial use, it was so easy. It's not any quicker for me than using a mop or the like, but it does a great job and I LOVE the drying feature! You just have to take your time, go slow and be patient, but the end result is worth it. However, I'm not that fond of the little tools that came with it. They are a good size to get behind toilets and such, but they don't have much scrubbing power?? I'm still very glad I made this purchase (and it was delivered pronto)....more info
  • Wonderful product and timesaver!!
    After filling a kitchen closet with all sorts of mops and sweepers I finally decided to indulge myself with this wonderful Hoover Floormate Spinscrub Hard Floor cleaner. Its absolutely great!! For all of us who want really clean floors but either don't or can't get on your knees to scrub them, this is the tool for you!! I have vinyl and hardwood floors and was pleasantly surprised at how well this product cleaned and dried my floors. The Hoover Floormate offers a dryvac for picking up the last bit of dust or particles on the floor before you wet it, it sprays scrubbing cleaner on your floor while 6 fast spinning floor brushes do the scrubbing (capturing the dirty water in a removable receptacle), and dries the floor, removing any leftover moisture with the on-board wetvac...all with a simple turn of a switch. Very simple to use, lightweight with a folding handle for easy storage. Also has a super set of add on attachments for cleaning grout on tiles and for tight spots behind toilets or other tight corners. Its an A+++ product that I am very pleased with! I've already recommended to several family and friends!!...more info
  • OMG!!
    Really, I wish I had one years ago. I can not believe the results,2 large dogs, one parrot, one kid & most of all one husband. The grout cleaner is amazing, it hasn't looked this good in four years, when we moved in. The only regret I have is I didn't get it sooner. Oh, if I had known how well it worked I would have paid double. ...more info
  • Much better than a mop
    I am typing this as my husband uses it to clean the floors. For me it gets a huge huge plus in that my husband enjoys using it. He thinks it's fun. I use it also, but clearly its much nicer when hubby does it.

    I put the thing together myself, in about 20-30 minutes, it was not difficult at all.

    We have about 400sq of sealed hard wood that we use this on. Two cats also so the place does get dirty because their little paws track kitty litter all over the place.

    This thing requires you to vacuum first with a GOOD vacuum, i use the Bissel Healthy home (we love that vacuum). After you vacuum fill up the tank and its pretty easy to use, not a lot of effort needed on the users part.

    The only reason i am giving this a 4, is because i find the tools to be USELESS! They just do not get the job done, they require A LOT of manual labor and scrubbing and so on to work the grout and corners and stuff. I find it much easier to spray on some sort of super cleaner let it sit then use a mop/towel/ whatever to wipe it off.

    So overall its great, we use it monthly , but that is because our space is small and vacuum does a good job on its own for us.

    Also, do not get this as a replacement for a real vacuum...more info
  • Mama Hoover FloorMate, Where You Been All My Life?
    In 1999, we moved into a funky old house with a terrazzo floor in the kitchen and dining room. Terrazzo is polished concrete with (usually) small pieces of some eye-catching mineral. Our floor is dark gray with flecks of mica. Terrazzo is particularly challenging in the cleanliness department, and indeed represents a multigenerational cleaning trauma in my family: my mom said she used to dread doing hers in the 1960s.

    Our terrazzo had not been truly clean from the moment we moved in until the glorious day the Hoover FloorMate arrived. Having been warned by the reviews on Amazon (and, really, where on earth else would you get an electrical appliance any more?), I took it slowly and read all the directions as I was assembling and testing. As the plastic does look a wee bit less than robust enough to cross a continent, I was careful not to force any of the parts into place, and kept going patiently until I figured out exactly how everything should look, move, fit, and work.

    First pass across the floor. It's a little louder than a vacuum, but nothing I couldn't endure. Wow, the terrazzo isn't really that dark a gray. Ugh, look at the receiver tank, there must be dirt in there from the Eisenhower administration. I found that I wasn't even having to suck up the water; I'd go forward across the spot, then in reverse, and the reverse pass would get the water up, leaving the floor easily able to air-dry.

    The machine, thanks be to the appliance gods, even folds nearly flat so it's easy to get under stuff like our raised kitchen cabinets (they really, really wanted to show off this floor). The gunk in the receiver tank would gag a maggot. The eight-ounce bottle of solution included with the cleaner got used up that first night, but we were left with a startlingly clean ready-to-wax terrazzo floor. A bit of buff-free wax on an applicator, and we're ready for visitors.

    One of our dogs, an Aussie shepherd mutt named Lucy, likes to sleep on the terrazzo, as she has long fur and we live in Texas and it stays cool. I made a lot of noise and fuss and removed the appealing stink she had spent many a year laying down, and it took her several days to forgive me. She is now happy, and exploring new and unaccustomed corners of her floor to claim for napping.

    Without an appliance to clean this floor, I would never, ever have gotten this done: scrubbing on hands and knees is dispiriting, especially when you consider that it's impossible to get the floor truly clean that way. Mops, brushes, buckets, Swiffers: that's like taking a squirtgun to a forest fire. This is the real deal. Yeah, you'll have an expensive appliance just to clean tile and hard-surface flooring. But I assure you, nothing else works this well....more info
  • It is what they claim it is
    They instructions were clear and it worked very well on my tile floor. It did a better job then my mop and unlike the mop it was fun to use. ...more info
  • Finally Clean Wood Floors
    There is a noticeable difference in the cleanliness of my wood floors since I have been using this cleaner. Previously, when using Swiffer pads alone, I noticed that when wiping up spills, the cloth was dirtier than the spill would warrant.

    The FloorMate is doing a wonderful job in cleaning my floors. I am amazed at how much dirt is coming up off my floor. I have been using Murphy's Oil Soap and have no problems with foaming.

    I also tried it out in my bathroom. I used the grout attachments, but I wonder if there is any real difference. I'll try the regular floor brush heads next time to see. The wand tended to collapse when pressed on while fully extended. That was a bit annoying but not a show stopper. Also, I discovered dirt tended to collect in the area where the wand attaches to the unit, so it would be good to monitor this for accumulation.

    The attachments live on a caddy rather than the unit. Now that I have been using the machine I appreciate not lugging around the extra bits and pieces when I don't need them. I leave them near the bathroom, where they are used, so there is less to carry up and down the stairs to my hard wood floors. Everything has a nice home on the caddy and it is easy to carry. This reduces the weight and bulk of the FloorMate, which makes maneuvering much easier.

    - easy to use
    - floors dry very quickly
    - floors are noticeably cleaner
    - no discernible impact on wood finish
    - wand great for getting into corners
    - easy to assemble
    - very easy to attach wand, change brush heads
    - very easy to transition between dry, wet wash and wet vacuum
    - reusable filter

    - smallish water reservoir, requiring more frequent filling
    - not sure how well it is working for tile walls
    - wand is moderately useful, nice to have but tends to collapse with pressure
    - tends to leave a small puddle where the machine is turned off
    - top water reservoir is a bit fiddly to get into and out of the machine

    I am very pleased with the FloorMate. I finally feel like I have clean floors....more info
  • Save your money and buy a Scooba instead
    I purchased 2 of these when they first came out. I gave one to my mother. Within about a year they both stopped working. They easily become clogged and try as I might, I just couldn't return the suction to any level. It just pushed dirty water around the floor. I contacted Hoover and they could care less. So I threw them both out. Total waste of money.

    I have since purchased 2 iRobot Scoobas and they have been outstanding for over a year and a half. Not only do they clean better than this piece of junk ever did, they are completely automatic. set it up, come back in 45 minutes and the floor is clean and dry! All the areas can be easily cleaned so you never wind up with the situation that happened with the floormate. Also, it takes up less than 1/10th the storage space.

    Do yourself a big favor, before you invest in a Floormate, checkout the Scooba.

    No, I don't work for iRobot. I just hate being ripped off like I was with the Floormate!...more info
  • A mixed bag
    You have no idea how much I wanted to really love this machine. I have 3 dogs, 1800 square feet of tile, a bum knee, and bad wrists. This seemed like a great solution I could really love. It ended up being a love hate relationship. There is about as much good as bad.

    As far as getting my floor clean, it really does a good job. All the dirt is gone. I checked with clorox wipes and found absolutely no residue on the floor. I cannot get that with hand mopping unless I change the water every 3 mintutes. I am able to accomplish this very effective cleaning without hurting my writs by scrubbing or killing my knee on my hands and knees. It is also extremely simple to fill and empty the canisters. That's about where the love ends and the hate begins.

    It takes me longer to use this than the old routine of Swiffering every where (and I still have to Swiffer under sofas, etc to get the errant dust bunnies so they don't hop out later) and then mopping with wash cloths all over the floor.

    My arms get sore from pushing and pulling after a while so I cant do the whole house at once. You laugh, but imagine vacuuming a big house 4 or 5 times (which is what you do to vacuum, mop and dry the floor) and see if your arm doesn't get tired!

    There is only one cleaner I can use with it and I hate that. I cannot find it anywhere around here that I would normally shop. Thank goodness it came with 2 little starter bottles.

    Even though the motor is plenty strong, the brushed are pretty wimpy because they are designed to be safe for wood floors. I'd like a lot more umph on my tile if you know what I mean.

    Are your floors perfectly flat? No? Neither are mine. This means some spots don't get as dry. This is especially true around the grout, though overall drying time is OK.

    Finally (and this is what bothers me most) I can see circular marks all over my beige tiles when the sun hits them. This takes away from the fact that they are clean signifigantly. Who wants swirl marks all over the place??

    If I had not chucked the packaging, I would haul this thing back to Costco and buy some really nice knee pads!!...more info
  • Nice improvement!
    I had one of the first Floormates which I purchased when they first came out. I worked very well, until I just plain wore it out! I could not stand being without this product, so I bought this higher end version of the Floormate, and it works great! Definitely a recommended purchase/product....more info
  • Wow, I'm hooked and I was skeptical of its value when buying this
    I bought this for my wife thinking it was sort of a silly idea and that it couldn't work all that well. After using it I can attest that this thing works extremely well. We use it on our hardwood floors and bathroom tile. My favorite part about this product is that when you pull up the rugs and use it you finally get rid of those faded (walked on areas) vs deep color (under the rugs)look in the hardwood. I can only assume that this is cleaning deeper and not leaving the waxy residue that over time was giving our floors a dull color (and mind you this was with using all sorts of expensive and fancy "non-dulling" products). I have no complaints that I can think of other than having the tool caddy seems a bit goofy to me- some system where the tools travel with you would be preferred, but I guess I can't think of how you would execute that so I'll let Hoover off the hook....more info
    I have a big house all tile throughout; plus 3 dogs and two cats. I like keeping my floors really clean (kinda contradicting for a person with 5 animals!); however, this product, I LOVE. I have had other Floormate versions, but this one is great. Not only the noozle is bigger, but the cord is longer and the caddy works, although I really never use it.
    It is a wonderful product, a little bit loud, but picks up all the animals hairs, and all dirt with the dry setting. I LOVE IT!...more info
  • Hoover H3060 FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Floor Cleaner
    This floor cleaner/vac is great. I has saved me a lot of time when cleaning my hardwood floors. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money!!!
    This product takes twice as long as a regular vaccum and mop. I felt that by the time a did a dry vaccum, wash floor, dry floor, and then clean the unit. I could have long been done the old way. Not good enough to get yet. Good idea, still needs work....more info
  • Excellent
    Hoover H3060 FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Floor CleanerThis a wonderful machine, we recently built a home with alot of floor area, hardwood and porcelain..this machine saved the day, it vaccumed,washed and dried instantly..Glad I bought it.Love it!!!!...more info
  • Cleans and Dries Tile Floors Better Than the Rest
    The Hoover Floormate 800 washes and dries my ceramic tile floor better than anything I have tried. The dry vacuum feature is not very powerful compared to my Miele and Hoover Flair, so I don't use it to dry vacuum at all. However, the wet cleaning is very effective and worth the purchase. Because the Floormate applies only clean water to the floor which it then suctions up into a separate tank, it is more sanitary than a mop and bucket. The floor also dries quicker because less water is left on the floor. Only my canister steamer leaves the floor drier than the Floormate, but my steamer doesn't clean as well because there are no spinning brushes and it doesn't suck up the dirty water like the Floormate does.

    The spinning brushes are gentle on the tile, so if there is a sticky spot on the floor, I have to leave the brushes spinning on that spot for several seconds before they thoroughly get it up. There have been a few occasions where I had to use my fingernail on a piece of gummy candy that adhered to the floor (kids), but I would have to do that with any method of washing the floor. The brushes are on a spring system as a whole, but they do not get into the grout which is at a lower level than my tiles. Yet, because the solution sprays out and is then sucked up, the grout is getting cleaner than when I use a mop. The grout also dries faster so I know the vacuum has good wet suction.

    When washing the floor, it is helpful to first go back and forth over, say, a 5 foot section with the sprayer and brushes on, then use the suction only setting to go back over that section to dry the floor better. This is not necessary, though, if you don't mind leaving the floor only about as wet as a sponge mop would leave it. A nice feature is that you control with a button when the solution is being applied so you don't waste the cleaning solution or get your floor too wet. I don't think the Floormate takes any more time than a mop and bucket because there is no wringing and redipping of the mop which saves time. You will have to refill the clean water/solution tank and empty out the dirty tank several times if you have a large or especially dirty floor, but this is very easy because the tanks are not very large. I just remove the tanks and carry them both to the sink. It still amazes me how dirty the water is compared to when I used a mop and bucket. The Floormate requires less effort than using a mop because it is easy to maneuver and instead of using your arms and back to scrub a stain, just let the Floormate sit on that spot and scrub for you.

    The Floormate is somewhat heavy if you have to carry it up or down stairs. It is also loud. Cleaning it after you are finished is simple. Just rinse out the tanks and let them air dry. If you don't dry vacuum your floor well enough before cleaning, you will have to remove the brushes and suction head to clean the lint, hair and debris out. This requires more effort, but keeps the suction at its peak.

    I would give this cleaner 5 stars if it had tiny little spinning brushes for just the grout lines that worked the same way as it does for the rest of the floor. It does come with an attachment for grout, but it is no more effective than scrubbing on hands and knees with a stiff toothbrush....more info
  • easy to use
    very good product. easy to use and does a nice job. wish i would have had this cleaner sooner....more info
  • Best Floor Cleaner in Town

    This is by far the best hardwood floor cleaner I've ever used (uh, by the way, it's the ONLY one I've ever used)........but it's a humdinger.
    Between my puppy and my grandkids, my floors can get pretty dull and dirty. I used to mop my floors the old fashioned way and even when I washed my mop head and soaked it in bleach to make sure it was absolutely clean before using it, after a few mops I just seemed to be skimming the surface. Not to mention all the trouble of wringing out the mop, changing water, etc,etc,etc. I wish the reservoir were bigger but I guess if it was it would make the unit heavier and more cumbersome to use. It picks up almost every drop of water and the floors looked shiny and new again. It's the best investment I've made in a long,long time!
    Be sure to use only the recommended floor cleaner and you can find it at Home Depot for about 7 or 8 bucks for the 48oz. size.
    Emptying the dirty water isn't so bad and the reward is seeing that dirt that used to be on the floor go down the drain. It does such a good job that I don't even have to clean the floors as often.
    I used my Amazon Visa card that sends me gift certificates (you get a $25 GC every time you charge $2500 and if you use it for everything and pay it off each month, it's just like getting free money back). I used 4 of them on the Amazon site and saved $100 so it was like getting it half off the already discounted price on Amazon. That's an unsolicited plug for the Amazon Visa card. Hope that's allowed!

    Texas Grandma of 7 ...more info
  • I love this machine
    A friend received one of these for Christmas and told me that I should get one too. I always read the Amazon reviews and most were positive. I love this machine. It cleans my floors better than I do with a mop and it is quicker and easier than I thought it would be. If you have tile floors, you really need a Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub....more info
  • Not Impressed
    At first I really liked this product, however after 4 or 5 uses I started having problems. 1) you have to empty the tank alot 2) the unit stopped picking up the water consistently 3) if you use the vacumn feature the dirt gets wet and clogges up the tubes. Great idea but alot of design flaws. ...more info
  • Nice upgrade from older Floormate
    I purchased this model to replace my previous Floormate that recently died after about 5 years. This is a huge improvement from the older one. The controls are located in easier to access locations and the tools work really well for those hard to reach places like behind the toilet. It has too many good features to be able to mention them all. It was really simple to assemble with no tools being required. I would really recommend this as a solution for hard to clean floors.

    10/30/2008 - Update to my earlier review. I recently moved to a house that has ceramic floors and found that the Floormate doesn't work all that great on ceramic. I think the suction has a hard time dealing with the grout lines so it leaves a fair amount of water behind. I would still recommend it mostly for wood floors and vinyl but not ceramic. ...more info
  • Hoover Floormate 800
    This is my second machine (I upgraded and passed on my older model to my daughter.) Love that it vacuums, washes and dries all at once! And the attachments are a great addition. ...more info
  • Hoover H 3060
    The unit is just ewhat I was needing for my wood and ceramic floors. I have used it on both and am very, very pleased with its operation and the results it gives in floor appearance and cleaning....more info
  • great product
    Fantastic. I have owned an older version that died and this was the replacement. It has a wider front end and frankly works better than the old one. This is a must for houses that are all solid floors....more info
  • Excellent functionality with quality only very good
    This is my second machine. I recommend it for first time users and for repeat customers who want to upgrade. It's easy to use & does a fine job. My two year old machine worked great. Construction on both machines is a little too delicate (cheap?). Be a careful and it will last doing a good job of cleaning. ...more info
  • Bad unit?
    After all the positive reviews I read here I thought this was the floor cleaner for me. I have VCT flooring that I normally get a professional in to clean a couple times a year and I wanted a floor cleaner I could do the job myself with. I can only think that I got a bad unit, but Hoover keeps disconnecting me, so I'll never know....
    The dry vac stopped picking up after 30 seconds. You could see it blowing stuff out of its path.
    The wash cycle, even with the solution mixed at full strength in spite of the smell, didn't do anything. It sat, it spun, it trickled cleaning solution on the floor, but it didn't remove even minor dirt. I even tried pressing the brushes into the floor more, kept the trigger pulled to dispense more and more cleaner and ended up taking the backside (brush) of a regular sponge mop to remove a coffee stain. As a matter of fact, I put the cleaner in the other room and did the whole floor this way. Maybe this unit is designed to maintain an already clean floor???
    The wet vac worked well for drying the floor off, but it would lose suction after getting only a couple inches of dirty water in the resevoir.

    Looking for a floor cleaner that will clean a dirty floor? Look further. This one is too much money for only the wet vac to work moderately well. Thankfully Amazon has a great return policy!...more info
  • Great machine!
    I really (really) dislike doing the floors but this machine makes me look forward to doing them. I like how you can see the dirt getting sucked up. It does take a long time but it's not back breaking work like before. I use it on my hard wood floors and linoleum (sp?). Highly recommend! ...more info
  • The Cleanest Clean
    For that really clean floor this is the best way to get it for two reasons. First, no dirty water is ever used in cleaning the floor. Second, because the floor is dry when done, all the loosened dirt is removed from the floor...no residue. We have a lower level covered in tile squares. It used to take forever to clean and get it thoroughly dry. Now it takes half the time. I still use a mop for daily pick-ups. But I use nothing else for the cleanest of clearn floors. Additionally, Hoover customer service was great with some initial glitches. Problems? The cleaner and return tanks are small but not excessively so. I can do my 10 x 13 kitchen with one, sometimes one and a half tanks of cleaner and two empties of the return tank....more info
  • Can not believe my floors were this dirty!!
    I purchased this hard floor cleaner after looking at all of my options. The brushes and attachments are what sold me. From the first time I used this machine I could not believe my floors were this dirty. I mop and steam regularly, but still the brushes got into every nook and cranny on my vinyl floor. The price is more than what I wanted to spend, but for what you get - attachments and all - it is well worth it. ...more info
  • The only way to clean your floors
    The floormate is fantastic. You never put dirty water back on the floor.

    When you see the filth this thing picks up, you'll be amazed.

    The caveat is that it is so good, you have to constantly clean out every place it sucks up dirt. It can clog easily if you have pet dander or long hair all around. You must also empty the reservoir after each use or it will stink up your home.

    The absolute best way to use this is in conjunction with a swiffer and an electric broom. First, sweep the floor with an electric or regular broom/dust pan. Then, use the swiffer if you have the time.

    After you've removed any "large" items from the floor, cleaning with the floormate will be a breeze and you will have less debris clogging it up.

    You don't necessarily have to sweep/swiffer first, but it's wise since you'll have less maintanence on the floormate when you're done.

    Use the Floormate once a week and your floors will sparkle. ...more info
  • easy & quick
    Have all tile floors in home and this really does a nice job and leaves floors looking beautiful....more info
  • Does a good job for me
    I use this machine every few weeks for a more thorough scrubbing. I use it on my vinyl floors and my family loves the way it makes the floor "feel" after I use it. I'm a finicky neat nick and love the ease of this machine.

    A couple of things that I'd like to see change are the size of the water tanks and a "flexing" head would make corner cleaning easier.

    It does a good job for me. I am even thinking of using it on my sealed hardwood....more info
  • This thing is awesome
    I'm not much of a floor cleaner but with 17 month old twins I had to bite the bullet. This thing gets the floor shining spotless in MINUTES. Also, if something is spilled on the floor it sucks it right up so you don't have to use towels/mops/etc. I can't imagine life without it....more info
  • Makes cleaning floors easier
    I have had my FloorMate for almost a year and it hasn't given me any problems. It seems to clean the floors in a breeze. No mop buckets or dripping mop water everywhere. It also has a dry vacuum that you can basically vacuum the floor without having to sweep. I usually will sweep my floors first since its lighter and then vacuum up the mess. I also like the facts that it will suck up the water/cleaner instead of having to wait till the floor dries. The product does need to be cleaned out every once in a while to free it from clumped hairs and such but what product doesn't need an upkeep. Great product so far....more info
  • Hoover H3060 floormate
    My husband loved it and said it was worth the cost! That's an accomplishment. He has done our 2000 sq ft of tile flooring since we moved to Florida 2 years ago. This machine did a very good job in in half the time with 1/3 of the effort (which is very important to him). Also it allows me to do the kitchen floor myself which needs to be done more often than the rest of the house. I am very happy I made the decision to purchase this machine....more info
  • Husband Loves It!!!
    We have all tile floors and it can be a pain any time of year waiting for the floors to dry - now it only take minutes with the powerful motor for the wet pick-up - it probably works even better on totally flat tile (ours is textured). It makes you realize how much dirt you spread with a regular mop and bucket. Now the floors are CLEAN!! And its a breeze to clean up compared to the smallest Floormate (borrowed a neighbors to try one out first). Has a long enough cord so you can get across a good sized room without having to change electrical outlets. Haven't tried attachments yet, but hope they are easy to use. Only problem is the bulk of item and attachments. Definitely not for someone wanting a small item or if you have little storage space - it takes up same space as a larger upright vacuum cleaner. And for all you guys out there - my husband actually uses this. He really likes that we don't have to wait for a long time to walk across dry floors and that it is easy to use and clean up. Definitely worth the money!!!...more info
  • Great little machine!
    I purchased this floor cleaner because I found it difficult to use standard mops and the throw-away kind didn't get the floor clean! This is easy to use and cleans very well. It missed five stars simply because it doesn't have a set of brushes for heavy scrubbing; however, going over the floor twice achieved the desired result....more info
  • Doesn't suck
    This is my third Hoover Floormate and maybe mine is defective but I do not find that it sucks the water up the way it should. I went back to my old Floormate without the rotating brushes and found it actually did a better job, was lighter weight and easier to use, got into smaller areas (between toilet and wall in some bathrooms), left much less water on the floor and was almost half the price. According to Hoover I can take it in for service that means driving over 30 miles each way. I definitely would never be without a Floormate but this one I can do without....more info
  • spin and scrub
    This cleaner really does a great job of washing floors. The dirt gets sucked up and never sees your floor again. I really love mine....more info
  • Hoover Floormate
    Love it! Can't believe I ever cleaned my floors with a mop and bucket. Ok, I didn't, my husband did... This is so clean, lightweight, easy to use that I actually volunteered to do the floors!...more info
  • Clean Floors!!!
    In order to get our floors as clean as this machine does using conventional methods we would have to spend hours and hours on our hands and knees scrubbing as hard as possible, and changing the water constantly. I am so impressed! Our floors have NEVER been so clean, and we have a cleaning lady come in at least once a week. She is at our house for three hours just cleaning floors. This machine will save us a lot of time and energy, energy we would rather spend doing other things besides cleaning. Also, it vacumed up dirt that our very powerful central vacum sustem didn't get!...more info
  • A piece of dirt!
    My grout did not get cleaned. The brushes didn't make full contact with the grout. The brushes are shaped like a bowl that is upside down. Only the rim of the "bowl" actually makes a light contact. After I removed the cleaner from the grout line, it looked like a dashed line. I held the cleaner in place for 30 seconds. I placed pressure on the brushes and I even took off the nozzle. The brushes need to be longer and fuller - a shockingly stupid design error. The only way to clean the grout line with this cleaner is to leave it in place for 30 seconds and then move a centimeter over every 30 seconds to get the full line clean. Multiply that 1 grout line by 12 inches on a 14' x 17' kitchen floor and that is a lot of linear feet! I figured it would take about 3-5 minutes to clean a 12 inch grout line.

    I then got my old toothbrush and scrubbed the grout lines and used this cleaner to clean up the left over sudsy, dirty water. Paper towels are cheaper! The actual cleaning of the tile was okay, but I had to go over many spots frequently. The suction of the dry vacuum isn't all that great.

    The best part of this cleaner is the soft handle, perhaps it's comfortable because you have to hold it in place for a long time to get results. My favorite part of this 4 hour attempt to clean my tile is that once the containers dry, it is all going back in the box to be returned.

    If this cleaner was $20, I'd keep it, otherwise, it's just another poorly designed product that will fill up landfills.
    ...more info
  • can't live without it
    The floormate 800 has become my new best friend. I can clean edges and corners so easily. I no longer need to get on my hands and knees to scrub that spill. Thank you hoover....more info
  • Hoover Floor Mate
    I recieved the unit on time and it worked better than I anticipated....more info
  • Great!
    First of all, I have lots of ceramic tile, a Labrador retriever, a wife with long, curly hair and live in sandy ole Florida. Also, I'm a former Wet Jet user that had to find a new product since Proctor & Gamble cheapened-up their new pads so very badly.
    So ... the dry vac part is very good, although I still use a regular vacuum before cleaning (but I have area rugs, too). The machine had a tendency to streak a little at first but I attribute that to having to get up all the dirty film that the Wet Jet left behind. It's fine now and, best of all, it gets every single one of those annoying creature hairs that other methods just push around. Finally, it's not at all messy to use and I can get right up to area rugs and furniture without danger of soaking them. Floors are left very, very dry. Machine clean-up and maintenance is easy.
    Now I wish I could say that it's a timesaver. For me, it's really not. In fact, it probably takes a little longer than many methods (to do the job well, anyway). However, the satisfaction of those squeaky-clean floors makes it a good trade (at least as far as I'm concerned).
    If you find the Hoover cleaner doesn't go very far, try 1 ounce of CLEAR ammonia per tank. I think it does as well, is way cheaper and has less tendency to streak. This doesn't violate the warranty which only negates the use of solvent based cleaners.
    (As far as old, stained grout goes ... let's get real, shall we? Show me any machine that'll clean that.) ...more info
  • Floors Are Spotless--But Hoover SpinScrub is Poorly Made
    Pros: Very Clean Floors, Easy to Assemble

    Cons: Cheaply Constructed, Questionable Service

    Recently purchased the Hoover H3060 FloorMate SpinScrub 800. I found it easy to assemble and no tools needed. Initially I could not turn the unit on and called the 800 number for help. I was told that Hoover has been acquired by Dirt Devil and they had no service guides for Hoover products. When I asked when they would be able to help Hoover customers, I was told they had did not know and suggested I find a local service center. My son then reassembled the handle and the unit did start. Next I tried washing my tile entryway and found that the cleaning solution would not spray onto the floor. We adjusted the handle again until we were able to spray the cleaning solution. The unit cleaned the tile very well and then easily removed any excess liquid. Moved on to a laminate wood floor and the results were outstanding.

    The SpinScrub continues to clean floors well and it's wonderful not to have all the bother of mops and buckets. But the unit is finicky and sometimes simply turns off while in use...........time to adjust the handle again! Getting the solution to spray continues to be a problem and no help from Hoover/Dirt Devil!

    I would gladly pay twice as much for a well constructed floor cleaner and hope Dyson has one in the works!
    ...more info
  • LOVE IT ! !
    I can't believe I waited so long to buy this product, I have been reviewing and researching this product for a long time and I finally bought it and WOW what a difference it makes, goodbye mop and bucket. I have approximately 1500sqft of hardwood and with this product I actually enjoy cleaning my hardwood floors. I have been telling all my friends and family to get one ! Way to go HOOVER ! !...more info
  • was pleasently surprised
    I really like this machine, in that I don't have to do the back breaking part of mopping,scrubbing. It is heavy and takes longer than picking up a mop, but much more sanitary than scrubbing a dirty mop head all over my tile. I am pleased with this hoover and would reccomend it....more info
  • Good for surface cleaning - not a deep cleaner
    I was a little worried after reading the mixed reviews here, but I went ahead and bought the floormate anyways. As a cleaner, it actually works great. It cleans the tile floor well and the grout better than a mop, leaving little water residue. It is not, however, any faster than if you were to sweep and then mop, but for those of us who HATE to mop, it's a nice alternative.

    My main complaint is that if you have a lot of pet hair in the house (we have three hairy pets), it tends to blow the hair away instead of picking it up, and the filter gets clogged with hair quickly. However, if you do a quick sweep for pet hair and big debris, then use the floormate, the results are overall good....more info
  • No Vacuum switch
    The vacuum never stops doing it's job when the machine is on. I would like to be able to turn it off, spray on the clesning solution and scrub the floor. Then vacuum the cleaning solution and dirt. But this unit vacuums up the solution as you're dispensing it....more info
  • Great Product
    My wife and I have all hard wood floors and have tried several methods to clean. These include mop, wet swiffer, and vacuums. We eventually resorted to hands and knees scrubbing with a sponge. This took a long time and was hard work. This floor cleaner is equal with the hands and knees method. We vacuum first with a more powerful dry vacuum then use this to clean, which is why it is only four stars....more info
  • STINKS, wait til you need service
    Doesn't clean worth beans, it fell apart. I called customer service, on hold for over 40 minutes, then told "SORRY" they are in a conversion, customers aren't important, I can take it to Montreal Canada for service!!! This thing is less than 6 months old, I live in MAINE!!! Warranty? There is NONE! They were SO RUDE, so uncaring. I will NEVER buy a Hoover product again.
    ...more info
  • Disappointing performance.
    This product got a lot of great reviews and was the reason why I purchased it.

    However it had very poor suction power, in fact it would blow dirt away from the edges. It was also very heavy to maneuver around. The solution reservoir was too small and had to be refilled often. Cleaning the tanks takes a very long time. The attachments are useless since hose is not long enough the machine needs to be repositioned frequently to be near the area you want to clean. There was also leaking water on the floor every time after turning the vacuum off. Finally, it saved me no time at all. It took longer to do the floor with this vacuum than it would have if I used a broom and mop....more info
  • It was worth every penny I spent
    I love this product. I clean my hard wood floor every once a week and vinyl sheet. It did an awesome job. Some review said that the wet vacuum doesn't work very well. Mine did, I just go slowly and the result is very dry. So I am happy with this product....more info
  • I loved it.
    I just love this floor cleaner. I use to use the old mop and bucket. But this thing does it all, it take up less time, you don't have to dry out the mop, no waiting for the floor to dry and best of all my floor stays cleaner longer....more info
  • Floormate 800
    Very good Vacuum and Liquid management. Believe water collection tank design could be better. Must remove with 2 hands or all your hard work is back down on the floor again....more info
  • Works like a champ
    I would recommend this to anyone. It works as advertised. I use it on my laminate floors that until now I could not get as clean as I wanted...more info
  • It works well
    I found the floor cleaner relatively easy to use and did my whole floor. I have half laminate flooring and half tile, so I used it on both. It did a pretty good job on the laminate flooring and a really good job on the tile. It left the laminate a little streaky, but I am still learning how to use this thing. I am interested to see if my 2nd attempt goes better. It was definitely better than mopping. I would recommend this product for someone who has a large amount of hard surfaces, I think you will like its convenience....more info
  • Floors Made Easy
    We have lots of ceramic tile. My wife used to use extra large sponge mops and became frustrated when looking for replacement heads, both locating and replacing. I inherited this chore from her, and I tried Swiffer Wet Jets. They went bad after about 18 months, and you buy another. My wife complained about the smell. They did not do grout, and the grout required on-your-knees work with chemicals and tools, and it looked bad in places. With both of these methods, the floor was wet afterwards.

    With the Hoover H3060, it does it all. It scrubs tile and grout, and picks-up the liquid from the floor too. The tile floors look great and the grout is clean too without getting on-your-knees.
    ...more info
  • Clean floor
    The unit was complete it box. Little assembly and it started to work easily. The wet vaccumn is great picked up the dirty water quickly. Much better than a hand scrub....more info
  • Absolutely Great!
    The situation:

    50+ year old house. Wood and formica floors throughout with significant warping. 6 cats, 2 dogs, 1 ferret, and the occasional Great Dane foster dog, all having the run of the house. I'm a clean freak who hates to clean; suffering from moderate repetitive motion damage in my knees, hips & elbows.


    I suck at assembly, if the instructions say 20 minutes it'll take me 2 hours and there will be parts left over. I put this together in 30 minutes with no problems.


    Main appliance was great. The dry vacuum picked up everything but some broken plastic pieces (yeah, one of the dogs was the culprit). The scrubbing option got all the dirt up even on the warped sections with minimal work on my part. The wet vac was outstanding again, even on the warped sections. I owned the 1st generation FloorMate before this, and I had to always follow-up with towels even when it was new. This generation got 98% of the water up.

    Attachments were somewhat problematic because of my carpel tunnel syndrome, but look to become easier to take on and off with more use.

    Unlike other reviewers, I thought the grout attachment was pretty good with the exception of the wet vac cycle. The hole is tiny and I had the choice of either going over the floor on my hands and knees to get the excess water up or resorting to the towel method. I chose the towel.

    The smaller swivel head attachment was also very good and the wet vac worked better than it did on the grouting tool.

    Overall, I'm extremely happy with the FloorMate and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Not bad...
    Cleans well, but does not have much suction to dry vacuum or pickup leftover moisture. Pricy for the performance. Stick with the Swiffer WetJet, works just well....more info
  • Excellentk tool
    This tool is ideal for really cleaning hard surface floors. It does an excellent job and has solved our problems cleaning these floors. The only drawback is that it is heavy and the cleaning fluid is expensive. ...more info
  • Defective Unit
    My unit was obviously defective. Brushes would spin, but no solution dispensed, as well as the unit turning itself on and off. Went thru all the trouble-shooting techniques in the book, nothing worked, although the attachments/hose dispensed fluid and had suction. Must've been something wrong in the connection in the fluid-flow switch on the handle. Thank goodness for Amazon's return policy!...more info
  • My hardwoods never looked like this...
    I've been cleaning my hardwood floors with the recommended mop for four years. One time with the FloorMate and they shine like the day they were refinished. A week after the floors were cleaned, a realtor told me she had never seen hardwoods that look as good as mine. In the kitchen I could never remove the gray from my white linoleum. One attack with the FloorMate and the linoleum is also as white as new. I can't recommend this highly enough!...more info
  • Doesnt clean grout
    Easy to use but isnt powerful enough to properly clean dirty grout. Even when switching to the grout brush and using the hoover grout clean chemicals. Tiles are nice and clean but grout is still dirty. ...more info
  • Ceramic Floor Cleaner
    I am very pleased with the Hoover SpinScrub cleaner. It does a nice job of cleaning and extacting dirt from the ceramic tile. It is easy to use
    and quick to store.

    Only product recommendation would be to have a cord "hook" on handle
    to keep cord out of way when actually using the machine....more info
  • Money or Time Saver...........Works for Me
    Before purchasing the floor mate. I was a swiffer user. And a happy one. However the cost of swiffer products can run high. When one uses them five days aweeks. We just laid new tile floor in 2/3's of our house. So I started looking into floor vac's for hard floors. Upon checking out the floor mate. I learned I wanted the Hover Floor-Mate 800...It seemed to do it all. And it does. Having the hose use as well helps to get around the toilet. We also tiled the shower walls. The floor-mate cleans the walls effortlessly. I did my homework and shopped around for the best pricing. Which was found at Amazon..saved on the shipping as well as the total cost of the floor-mate..I'm now able to get a drity job done with ;ittle effort and very little cost. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I am pleased with this product. It cleans the tile really good. The grout cleaner is okay. It will not get your grout back to its original luster but it is still a great product. There is no need to do a dry vac by the time you finish the room if you go back over it the floor is pretty much dry. You can get the cleaning solution at Walmart cheap. Overall I am very satisfied....more info
  • Better than clean
    I have alot of tile and this is the only way to do such a large area. I am on my second one, forget the bucket....more info
  • great cleaner
    I will agree with the other reviews that the dry vac could use some extra suction, but, I primarily purchased it for my kitchen and hardwood floors. I works great on them!...more info
  • Does the Job!
    I think this product works great with one exception. The only problem I have with the machine is that it leaks a little water back onto the floor after it is turned off. It cleans great and is very easy to use. I think that it is well worth the money....more info
  • It is easy to use but does not clean tile as quickly or as easily as I had hoped.
    Assembly is not difficut but cleaning grout was not easy with the Floor Mate. I was hoping this would simplify cleaning but cleaning the grout lines can require some extra effort. I haven't used it on the laminate floor yet but it look like it would be easy. The floor cleaning bottles that came are only sample sized and will not last long....more info
  • Very Good Product
    The machine is easy to use. It got my tile floors and my hardwood floors very clean. It made my life a lot easier. (No more sitting on my hands and knees scrubbing.) The only drawbacks were emptying the dirty water (a little messy) and when using the machine to wash the floors sometimes the machine would seem to lose power for a few seconds then be ok. It's still easier and better than the old fashioned way. I would recommend this product....more info
  • An OK floor cleaner
    I have used this cleaner for 2 years and it is good for large area jobs. The brushes have one speed and intensity and that makes for an average performance on a really dirty floor and it is too harsh on my wood floors. It requires refilling and emptying the tanks and then cleaning the brushes after each job. This machine leaves a puddle of dirty water when left standing every so often. It takes up a lot of space in my utility room and I would have been better just buying a Hoover carpet steam cleaner that has spin & scrub brushes. I just tried that out and it works just as well on my linoleum floor....more info
  • Fantastic
    The Hoover Floor Mate makes mopping easy....and it does not kill your back. It is the only way to mop....more info
  • Hoover H3060 FloorMate
    My husband and I have reached an age where we can no longer scrub floors on our hands and knees. Our vinyl floor has a pebbled surface and we needed something to really scrub it to remove embedded soil. This Hoover H3060 Spin Scrub 800 Floor Cleaner is absolutely perfect. It is easy to set up and the actual cleaning is simple. Cleaner is sprayed on the floor, the machine then scrubs the floor, the dirty water is removed and the dirty water is sucked into a separate container. The floor is spotless, dry, and has a good clean feel.
    I would highly recommend the cleaner to anyone....more info
  • Much improved over previous model
    This is my second Floor Mate and this model is much improved. I really think it does a great job of cleaning tile floors. ...more info
  • Floor Mate is amazing!
    I love this thing. It does what it says. We have wood floors and tile in the bathrooms. This makes cleaning so much easier, and the tile never looked better. The floor is dry right away! The only wish I had was that Hoover was more helpful in suggesting other cleaners compatable with the Floor Mate. I emailed and asked if Murphy's Oil soap would work, and the response was "we don't recommend it". I'm not sure if that means don't do it, or they aren't recommending someone else's brand? It would be nice to not have to order their solutions, or feel like I have to cut it to make it last. Other than that - this is a great product, and Amazon has the best price by far!...more info
  • Hoover floormatespinscrub800
    Makes doing the floors a breeze. No more hands and knees and backaches!A definate must for cleaning machines for the households. Wished I'd got it sooner!...more info
  • Does The Job
    The best feature of the Floormate is the wet pickup. Instead of spreading all the dirty water around with the mop this picks it up into the reservoir. The downside is if you have a large area to clean you will be emptying and refilling the cleaning solution about every 10 minutes of scrubbing. I have about 1200 square feet of tile it takes me about an hour to clean it to my liking. It does a nice job, but it is not a breeze. If you have something a litter harder to clean you still need to use a brush or cloth to scrub it up. The Floormate will not do it. You need to clean all the parts of this Floormate every time you use it, or else the dirt, hair, etc. gets hardened in the brushes and is a real pain to clean. I found that you need to clean the filter and dry it, or it smells musty. All in all it is a good cleaner and does the job. I would recommend it if you have a small area to clean, but then again if you have a small area to clean it is probably just as easy to do it on your hands and knees!!! ...more info
  • Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Floor Cleaner
    This prodoct is a must for anyone with hard surface flooring. We chose this model because it has the attachments for cleaning hard to reach spots and cleans a wider area. This is our second FloorMate, and this next geneeration unit has a number of new features not available on the original FloorMate. We just love the 800 model and have recommeded the HooverFloor Mate to a number of friends and neighbors who have tile floors. ...more info
  • hard to find
    i love this floorcleaner, we have tile floors and its great,sucks up the dirty water so no waiting to walk on floors ever, great in fla. with the sand and dirt from the yard. i am over 60years old and easy to handle. had trouble finding it in any store, always backordered, but not here,good fast delivery,very pleased with it all....more info
  • Love it!
    Very light weight, easy to use and does a great job. My floors are sparkling without the effort of mopping or the hand and knees approach!
    Can't believe the residue that was left from mopping. Get your floors truley clean..use the spinscrub 800....more info
  • amazing effortless cleaning
    I used 4 quarts of household vinegar and Hoover H3060 FloorMate to clean 1200 sq ft of mostly laminate hardwood flooring and some vinyl flooring after my Yorkie got sick and vomited from room to room. I purchased this hard floor cleaning machine to ease cleaning struggles. Heretofore I've used Swiffer mop to wash and buff my floors; consuming at least 2-days to complete whole house. Today I completed whole house with this Hoover in one afternoon; very shining & clean with only a few streaks. I like this Hoover a bunch and anticipate using it every 4 to 6 weeks with weekly swiffer dusting. Dry sweeping is available, but not necessary as wet scrubbing & wet suctioning is quite effecient. I have MS and needed an easier way to clean & buff my floors; this Hoover is the answer. I disconnected the float which seemed to prematurely disconnect the suction in wet & dry modes. Caution: empty suction tank each time you add liquid cleaner (vinegar). To suction most completely pull the Hoover toward you slowly. My flooring is two-years old and is more clean tonight than before....more info
  • Good product!
    The newer model is 90% better than the first model.
    The tank for the cleaner and the tank for the dirt and cleaner are so much easier to remove. The control for the wash cycle and pickup cycle are so easy to turn than the older model. One complaint the stop valve in the pickup tank seems to shut down the pickup before the wash tank is finished. I always feel like the floor is cleaner than using a mop....more info
  • Best appliance ever invented!
    I admit that I was skeptical that a machine could get my floors cleaner than I could. Not only does it do a great job on smooth vinyl flooring, but our 600sf plus rough-textured ceramic tile has never been cleaner. The vacuum setting works OK, but not as well as my "heavy duty" vacuum. But I wanted a hard floor washer and dryer, not a new vacuum. My husband had just cleaned the floors three days before I used it for the first time, and I couldn't believe how black the water was in the return compartment. I've been using Armstrong floor cleaner in it, and about half the recommended amount.It seems to work better than the Hoover cleaners, and is much less expensive. It's also available at most supermarkets.I would recommend the 800 to anyone with tile floors that are very rough-textured. My tile has not been this clean since it was first installed! Great product....more info
  • Floor mate 3 in 1
    Great product. Cleans so thoroughly. 3 in 1 great. Love the suction of the dirty water. Wish the canister of cleaner could be bigger to change less often, but........................wonderful product....more info
  • Great service from Amazon!
    This is my second Hoover Floor Mate, I had the 3000, I bought this one because after many years of weekly or more often cleaning of my 2000 square foot tiled home, it finally gave up--poor suction, would not dispense fluid. Got a FANTASTIC price after comparison shopping on EBAY and all over the internet. Amazon delivered the item 4 days after I ordered (over the holiday weekend!!) I do not use it to vacuume, still use my regular vacumme so I can get the bigger stuff (bird seed, kitty litter, etc) But I LOVE the new attachments and grout cleaner tools!! I could not live in this house with 4 dogs, 6 cats and 3 birds without it!...more info
  • I love it!
    I originally bought the scooba and loved it for a week until it started to malfunction. It was too fussy and I knew that in a matter of time it would be more trouble than anything. (I would rebuy it in a second though if they got the troubles worked out) ...Then I read about the Hoover floormate and decided to give it a shot. I LOVE IT. First let me say I HATE TO CLEAN...I have an entire house of off white tile and grout and it is a nightmare to keep clean. My husband's job was to clean the floor with the big industrial mop and bucket on wheels...it never seemed that "clean" to me to push the dirty water around then dip the mop in dirty water. Now I have a renewed interest in cleaning the floor with the hoover. I love to watch the dirty water get sucked up instead of pushed around. I can do my kitchen floor 3 times in a row and still get dirty water even though it appears clean. The only thing better than a hoover to clean the floor would be a maid to do it for you. ...more info
  • The Best Gets Better
    The improved FloorMate has fixed a number of problems with the original. It is much easier to use with the improved function selector, the convenient On/Off switch, the easier empty collector tub, the wider collector nozzle and the additional accesories for smaller tasks.

    The old Floormate worked the best and this new model is even better. I would recommend it to anyone with ceramic, hardwood and tile floors....more info
  • It actually works
    I bought this machine to clean 1800 sqft of Mexican tile, some of it outdoors on a patio. The tile is in a harsh environment, getting exposed to beach sand and sea salt, especially the outdoor stuff. It has 3/4 inch wide grout lines, and is uneven. Previously, it was cleaned with a mop and bucket. The Floormate gets it cleaner than the mop, and its much easier to use. The wide grout lines and uneven surface do make it hard for the machine to pick up all the water it puts down, though. It sometimes loses suction as you pass over a grout line or uneven spot. No problem, just go over it again at a different angle, or have patience and it will dry on its own, just as if you had mopped it normally.

    This machine will not work as your primary dry vac, though. You need to sweep up with another device before you use the scrubber. If there isn't too much dry debris on the floor, you can skip the dry cleaning stage and go straight to wet, but you'll have to clean the gunk out of the dirty water tank. I sometimes prefer this to having to vacuum the floor first, and then scrub it. If there is too much debris on the floor, you need to vacuum first, though.

    We have a parrot, and this thing will clean up dried on bird potty and dried fruit from the tile. It helps to presoak it in water, though. It will do a nice job with the much easier stains from foot traffic and drink spills, without pre-treating.

    Do not expect it to do all the work, however. You will need to go over the tougher stuff more than once. I use short strokes on the tough stuff, and take long backward strokes on the easy stuff. Its still easier than mopping, and the constant clean water supply gets your floor cleaner.

    Bottom line, it actually works. ...more info
  • very efficient
    I am very happy with the Hoover H3060 FloorMate. It is very efficient. My floors appear to stay cleaner longer. I use vinegar and water for the cleaning solution or Lysol 3 in 1 diluted in water. Works great!...more info
  • No comparison
    I purchased this floor cleaner a few months ago and I'm very happy with the result I see after I clean my floors. It's stays clean longer and the shine speaks for itself. I recommend this product to everyone that likes neat beautiful clean floors....more info
  • Hoover H3060 Floormate SpinScrub 800 Review
    This product has very little to recommend it. The attachments are virtually useless--they do not spin or scrub. You are better off purchasing hand scrubbers from Walmart. They'd be cheaper and occupy less room. The cleaning solution that is made for it is also worthless. It is possible to use tile cleaner instead (it won't damage the machine!) and this works better. I still have to use a hand scrubber in combination with the SpinScrub in order to get my tile floors clean!...more info
  • A Must for tile floors!
    This is my second Hoover floor cleaner. This one covers a much wider cleaning area than the original model. I love the cleaning ability this product has but the wand attachment is flimsy and difficult to get to stay telescoped out to a decent length. I wish it had more water capacity, however, one application does cover a good amount of floor. I use vinegar, Pinesol or Lysol floor cleaner and it works well instead of the Hoover floor cleaner which is more expensive.
    If you need a quick and easy way to clean your tile or wood floors, then this little tool is a must! You can go from dirty to clean and dry floors just minutes before guests arrive!
    Try it, you will love it!...more info
  • It works!
    I have a house full of hardwood floors, cleaning them is not so hard, but leaving them looking good without streaks is a real problem, the spinscrub takes the work out it, it's quick, easy and not horribly noisy. I am amazed that it removes so much dirt, particularly kitchen spills such as dried jam or other sticky junk that would normally have to be scraped up before mopping. Its kind of a bulky thing - I wish that the attachment storage was differnt it just seems awkward to have the attachment holder on the front of the machine requiring removal before you can use it, but I can live with that...more info
  • My floors look great!
    I have purchased and returned the Bissell flip ease and the flip it. I am going to keep the Hoover Floor Mate.

    The Floor Mate was easy to put together (no tools required), and it is easy to use. I found that it cleaned my floors very well and left them dry.

    I used one of the attachments to clean around the litter box and toilet, and it worked fine. The attachment did not leave the floors as dry, and it took me a minute to figure out just the right technique to suction up the water, but I did get it.

    If my flooring were all tile I would just use a mop because I think it would be much faster, but my floors are laminate, and it is important to keep them as dry as possible.

    I gave this a 4 and not a 5 because the dry vac is pretty bad. It really does not suction well. It pushed cheerios around the floor unless I tipped the front end up and came down right on top of it. It did not pick up the small, light stuff at all. I had to get my vacuum out to get everything up. I really need something to "mop" the floors, so I will keep it despite the flaw.

    Also, the clean water tank is very small, so it must be refilled often which is really not that big of a deal.

    If you have floors that can't have a lot of water on them, then I would recommend this product. If you have floors that can take water and not be damaged, then I would suggest that you stick with your mop unless you are willing to spend more time (and money)to get your floors clean....more info
  • Love it!!
    I think this is great. I still get down on my hands and knees every 2 weeks to get in a thorough cleaning, however this does do a good job in between and helps to keep the large traffic areas clean. I find it easier to just use my hand with a sponge or a rag to clean around furniture legs, but if you have a lot of tile or hardwood to keep clean this is a definite must have! Also, forget using the hoover cleaning solution. It is expensive and unnecessary. I use a water and vinegar solution instead, it works just as good and leaves no residue and its a lot cheaper!! If my floor has really dirty areas I just spray the area with a cleaning solution that I make with dish soap and water and then go over it with the Floormate Spinscrub. It scrubs the floor and rinses the cleaner that I sprayed on the floor and sucks everything up. You can also use a mix of dish soap and water in the machine instead of the hoover cleaning solution. I like to use as little detergent as possible in the machine because that way the floor is not building up a residue, which is why I prefer to spray the floor with a cleaner than "rinse" the floor with the water and vinegar. I have tile, so I dont't know if this would be good for hardwood,but it works great for all other hard surfaces. Overall, I think this is a great machine and am glad I purchased it!!!!...more info
  • Can't live without it.
    I researched and shopped for about 6 months before buying this floor cleaner. Now I would never live without it. Get this thing, it's worth it. We just bought this house and I wasn't sure what was on the floor but I only imagined the worse. The dirt this cleaner picked up let me know my imagination was right. Now I have a clean fresh feeling around the house because all the floors are clean. It's worth every penny. I would have hired somebody to clean the floors and now I don't have to. Read the directions and go slow and you will love it. No more mopping!!!...more info
  • Bottomline: Does a great job...
    I like the floormate. It does a great job. Only drawbacks for me is that it makes a lot of noise. Like a jet airplane engine... Might need ear protection! It gets heavy, if you've got a lot of floors to do. Haven't used the attachments yet--seems faster just to wipe behind the toilets/ etc. I especially like that it's an all-in-one machine. It vacuums, cleans and dries. It doesn't put dirty water back on the floor like traditional mopping does....more info
  • Great cleaner
    This floor cleaner is awesome. I use it on linoleum and tile about 1-2x monthly. Highly recommended for ordinary household cleaning. Easy to use and clean up after....more info
  • Takes the work out of cleaning floors!
    I was flipping channels and saw a lesser model of this on Home Shopping Network and it looked great. But then I checked online and this one had more features that I liked and this price was the best one online because shipping was free. I still don't clean my floors as often as I should, but when I do, this makes it so much easier. I have a Hoover carpet cleaner which I have been using, but it always left the floor sopping. This does a wonderful job of cleaning AND of getting the water up. And I also never flip channels (the remote wasn't working) and I never write reviews, so trust me, this is a great product!!!...more info
  • Outstanding!
    It has made a real difference in the level of clean I now experience. The mop and bucket just wasn't getting the floor really clean. Truly one of the best buys I've made this year!...more info
  • Love it!
    I bought this after reading tons of mixed reviews on it. I don't know where those reviews went. i got it yesterday and paid 177 for it. I do have ceramic tiles with grout lines and though I used the gray brush I didn't use the grout cleaner. I wasn't impressed with the cleaning of the grout which is why I gave it 4 stars but I disagree with the post that said if you have ceramic tile don't buy it. Just realize its not going to do a detail job on the grout without extra effort. I will try eventually with the grout cleaner but getting the grout spotless isn't what I was looking for. I mopped the floor yesterday on hands and knees with a scrub brush and when I used the machine this morning on the same floor the water was filthy. I thought that floor was pretty clean. You can feel how clean it is now. It got up the spots of dried on food after about 3 passes. I thought it did just fine sucking up the water. The floor wasn't bone dry after using the pickup mode it had a damp sheen to it. but there were no puddles left on the floor and the floor was dry before 5 minutes were up. I have 3 kids under 3 and 75% of the house is ceramic tile. I need to mop daily to keep the majority of the dirt up since my littlest one still puts everything she finds in her mouth. so this will make my life much easier and I am very glad I got it. Also the quick drying will save on the falls. I don't know that I would pay 200 for it. I would probably have gone with the cheaper model if I didn't find it for the price I did. But I am very happy with it and do not regret the purchase at all. It will definitely get a workout....more info
  • Hoover FloorMate H3060
    I love using a hard floor cleaner versus a mop. There is no comparison. You are putting clean water on the floor rather then using the same dirty water over and over and cleaning out the mop over and over. The only negative to this product is that it is a little heavy. It does work good though....more info
  • I CHANGED MY MIND less than 1 Star
    UPDATE DECEMBER 2006: If I could give this product zero or negative stars, I would.

    Initially, I thought it was going a fairly decent job at cleaning my bamboo wood floors, and at least saving me effort with the wet pick-up function.

    However, after noticing many dirty spots remaining after the cleaning cycle, and going back over the "missed" spots repeatedly, I realized that the brushes didn't even touch the floor surface; all the brushes do is swirl the cleaning solution around, creating a thin layer of foam on the floor, but they don't actually SCRUB. I tested this theory by placing a sheet of ordinary plain copy paper on the floor, saturating it with the cleaning solution, and "cleaned" over it with the FloorMate... the paper didn't move; the brushes never touched it. I re-read the instructions, thinking there was some adjustment I was unaware of, but there is no way to adjust the height of the brush assembly. It's prepositioned, stationary, and you cannot change it up or down.

    After having to go back over the supposedly cleaned areas with a cloth or regular mop, I gave-up and just threw this piece of junk in the recycle bin. A total disappointment and waste of money.

    Right out of the box, I hate the Accessory Tote. It's one of the most poorly designed accessories of this type that I've seen. It's bulky, over-sized for no good reason, and virtually useless. It would be easier to carry the few extra tools by hand or tucked under your arm rather than lug this stupid thing around the house. The product description and illustration in the Manual gives the impression the Tote fits onto the machine for storage; it doesn't, it simply sits on the floor relatively close to the machine. It could very easily have been designed to be much more compact and to actually fit onto/connect to the machine for storage and portability; or, the machine could be designed with individual storage areas for each accessory tool, just as are most upright vacuum cleaners.

    Other than that, this machine performs fairly well and is much better than the mop-and-bucket method for cleaning hard surface flooring....more info
  • Great Floor Cleaner! A great time saver.
    I was a bit skeptical when I purchased this new contraption. The promises seemed too good to be true. But, I was not disappointed. We have a lot of ceramic tile in our home. And, the previous owners picked the colors: white tile on white grout, not my first choice. Since moving into our home 6 months ago, I've struggled with keeping the floors looking clean. I'm happy to say that the floor cleaner has lived up to my expectations. The stained grout in the high traffic areas is still the same color, but the floor cleaner's brushes do great work with picking up anything we have since spilled on the floor. And with a toddler and an infant running around here, that's a tall order!

    The cleaner does everything at once, vacuum, spray, wash and squeegy! What a time saver for those hectic days. The attachments work well, although, it's a chore to use them, and then clean them. I only use them on the "heavy cleaning" days. I pull the cleaner out for a quick wash around the kitchen prep area, high chair and toddler booster seat after dinners and it works quickly and efficiently. I just leave the floor cleaner in the upper compartment for daily use, but the waste compartment needs to be dumped and rinsed after every use. It's quick, though! And, well worth the time. If you leave it, it will smell (which is obvious thinking about all the "gunk" it's sucking up!)

    The cleaner does a great job on dog and human hair, dust bunnies, food, sand, and even muddy paw prints. Larger things, like leaf pieces aren't as easily sucked up. My biggest complaint is the loudness of the machine. It's not any louder than my regular vacuum, but trying to get the floors cleaned while the children nap isn't possible. Plus, as I stated before, the attachments work well, they're just combursome to clean and use. They're not practical for daily use....more info
  • hoover floormate
    Works as designed. Only clitch is the anti spiphon valve in the return cannister prematurely closes down, stoppping suction. I weighted the valve and that corrected the problem somewhat....more info
  • SpinScrub 800 "Very Poo" versus the SpinScrub 500 (Excellent)
    The 1st SpinScrub 800 we received was damaged (had to be damaged by Hoover as the packaging showed no signs of damage).
    The 2nd SpinScrub 800 we received did not pick up water (or picked up the water very poorly) - Very Disappointed with the Hoover H3060 Floormate SpinScrub 800 Floor Cleaner.
    We didn't go for a "3rd" machine ..... Instead, we ordered the Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub 500 Floor Cleaner - We have one of these already (for downstairs) and it is FAR SUPERIOR to the Model 800.
    Our recommendation - Buy the Model 500 and Pass on buying the Model 800.
    PS - Amazon service has been "top rate" as they stand behind the products they sell....more info
  • Can't live without it!
    I love this floor cleaner! I hated to mop with a mop and a bucket and wouldn't do it as often. I actually like cleaning my floors now with this! Throw away the mop! I have two toddlers and I am constantly cleaning up juice spills and anything else they throw while eating. It is extremely easy to use and it is lightweight and easy to clean. I have been recommending this to ALL of my friends who have tile. Bigger water tanks would be a great feature, but then it wouldn't be so light and easy to use, so I still give it 5 stars! ...more info
  • Works just like more reviewers said it does
    I had one of those Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman moments this morning. My wife and I were rushing to get ready to go to the birthday party of a toddler, and a tiny can of Coke balanced on a shelf fell to the floor and exploded without any of us hearing it in our open kitchen pantry.

    I come into the kitchen while my wife is playing with our toddler and say, Oh, no, whatever has happened? I piece the narrative together--the can slipped off, hit the floor, exploded, covering the floor and adjacent objects with Coke spittle--and then grab our amazing new Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 800 Floor Cleaner! (Go, Hoover. Go, Hoover. Go, Hoover.)

    We just bought this thing a few days ago because our house is full of wood floors and we don't have an upstairs utility sink. It's frustrating to mop, and it's very labor intensive, too. We have a good vacuum cleaner, but with a toddler, we need to mop regularly. The reviews on this particular model were pretty good, and I understood its weaknesses.

    It's actually pretty fabulous. It's a dry vac, wet vac, and scrubbing vac. You use a cleaner that's supplied in small quantity, and which Amazon reviewers recommended substituting half the recommended does with vinegar, and thus you're always spraying clean liquid on the floor. Spinning scrubbing brushes break up crud and dirt on the floor, and the wet vac sucks it into an easy-to-clean separate compartment. A separate set of attachments and hose plug into a side panel so you can access hard-to-reach places. There's also a separate set of grout scrubbers (both for the main unit and the hose).

    I tackled the Coke explosion (which had no Mentos involved, thankfully), and within about five minutes, the floor was gleaming, cabinets cleaned, and with a little elbow grease, all trace of proprietary high-fructose corn syrup beverage removed. I turned my beatific face to the invisible camera and said, "No more waxy yellow build-up!"...more info
  • It's great!
    I received my Floormate yesterday and it's great! It was easy to assemble and easy to use! I'm so happy to get rid of brooms and mops! The only reason that it got 4 stars is that I found it to be a bit heavy. I'm a petite girl and I found it a bit heavy, but other than that, it's perfect!...more info
  • Not as good as the 3000
    I have never written a review before, but felt compelled to do so with this. I have had a spinscrub 3000 for 3 years and used it to death. It was a wonderful product and worked very well. I was a little excited when it died so that I could update to the better model with grout brushed etc.
    I was SO disappointed with the newer model. The suction was terrible. I don't know if this is because it has the ability to add attachments or if it is another problem. With the older 3000 I was able to vacuum, scrub and suck up water all at once--no separate steps. With the newer model, I couldn't even get it to pick up the smallest debris. Also, the water tank filled up much more quickly than the old one and the water didn't look as dirty which confirmed to me that it wasn't working as well. I was almost swayed to keep it when I tried the grout brush. It worked well, but it is a special attachment and it does nothing that a regular brush and pail of water couldn't do.
    I just returned it and am looking to buy the much cheaper 3000 model again. I strongly advise you to save your money and get the lower model....more info
  • No more scrubbing on my hands and knees -
    I know one reviewer wrote that nothing replaces scrubbing on the hands and knees - but I'm thinking this does it for my house. Once a month, I regularly scrubbed with my bucket and scrub brush - yet within weeks, if something were to spill on the floor and I wiped it up with a papertowel - there would be black on the towel from dirt on the tile floor. I also mopped daily with one of those clorox mops - but it just didn't do it. With 4 young kids, a spotless kitchen is not in their vocabulary. They paint in my kitchen, do arts and crafts, including glue and sparkly things, plus I have a husband who doesn't know the first thing about cleaning up after himself in the kitchen. Add to that the pool that is open and inviting to all the kids friends every summer, and you get lots of little feet tramping across the floor. This floor cleaner is awesome - you can vacuum with it - but I prefer to vacuum my kitchen floor with the rest of the house, and use my Dyson. Then, a simple fill up from the hot water tap and some cleaner (look for my review online about the cleaner - do NOT buy it in the stores) and you're off. The first couple times I cleaned, I moved slowly, and got off dirt that was ground into the grout that I'd never bothered to pick out. Even dried playdooh came right off. After that first week - I realized that the soles of my feet were no longer turning black. AFter 2 weeks of use (I used it every 3 days at first) I let the kids wear their white socks in the house again. Amazing. I still haven't used it in the bathrooms to see how all the attachments work - but for what it can do in the kitchen alone - it was well worth the money....more info
  • Hoover H3060 Floormate
    I've had two earlier versions of the Floormate. They seemed to pick up the wet water better. This model doesn't do quite the job they did on pickup. This is wider and I do like the attachments (and the nifty storage rack) to get under things. I have sheet vinyl throughout the house due to a wheelchair bound family member so use it daily. Being wider has it's pro and con - faster on the big areas, but harder to get into spaces that the older version could manage. Go SLOW if you want a decent job done. Clean up with the new version is much improved and easier! Like the easy way the dirty water container comes out and apart to empty. Advantage is that you aren't just slopping dirty mop water around so floors feel and look really nice. I will ALWAYS have one in my house! Makes life easier! ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    First of all the Amazon price is lower than the warehouse store prices. Secondly, the product measures up to Hoover quality. Thirdly, and most important, are the results produced by the machine. I gave this as a gift to my daughter who is an extremely picky housecleaner. After her first use she was effusive in her praise. She followed the instructions to the letter first dry vacuuming and then washing and drying. When she finished she attached a white microfiber cloth to a mop and damp mopped the floor. The tile floor was approximately 400 square feet in area and the white cloth remained white without a trace of soil. This machine is a winner....more info
  • better than mopping
    I had been wanting one of these forever! Have all hardwood floors, a dog (that is muddy 50% of the time) and 2 cats. So, hubby brings this home one night, had it together in about 15 minutes, without even swearing once. After reading directions, I set to cleaning the floors. After my first use, I was rather disappointed and ready to return it. THE DRY VACUUM FEATURE IS WORTHLESS!!! Instead of sucking up the cat/dog hair, it blows it across the floor!?! Ok, so I wasn't really wanting a new vacuum anyway, it was the wash/dry feature I had high hopes for. So now I set to washing the floor...again, rather disappointed; did one small section, grabbed a rag, rubbed it on the floor, and whatcha know? Dirt. And the floor looked like it had a residue. So, I think, well this was alot of money wasted and put the whole thing away.

    Today, after a good nights sleep, drag the thing out again. I used only 1 oz of the floor cleaner that came with it and 1 oz of vinegar. This makes a difference...you do NOT need 2 oz of that cleaner, that is what seemed to leave the residue. I also think I wasn't using the trigger enough on my first attempt, to get enough solution onto the floor. You have to go slow also. After dumping the dirty water, seeing all the "silty" stuff that this thing sucked up, I was/am VERY satisfied with this product. You could NEVER get that dirt off the floor by mopping. That alone makes it worth it. You really don't save too much time, because again, you have to go slow and do small sections of the floor at a time. But I am amazed at how clean and fresh my house smells after use! I am taking a star off for the dry vacuum feature, because, well, it is advertised as a dry vac too...something they should just do away with on this. (I haven't used the attachements yet....I'll let ya know!)

    ...more info
  • A great disappointment.
    I purchased this machine after reading several user reviews. I had understood that the Hoover 3060 was not quite perfect, as more than one person suggested that the "dry vacuum" function should remain dormant, recommending instead that the floors be swept manually prior to washing in order to avoid reducing the suction strength.

    Led by the overall enthusiasm for this product, I decided to purchase. I was, however, somewhat surprised when the wet vac function appeared to do less than a stellar job of removing the solution. An inspection of the recovery tank furthermore revealed the presence of debris but not a drop of water. A perusal of the manual failed to adequately answer the questions which arose from this situation, and I began to imagine that the machine might actually be functioning as intended. After all, the presence of debris in the tank indicated that the suction was functioning. It was not, however, until I attempted to clean my linoleum kitchen floor that the true inadequacy of the machine became apparent. There was no mistaking the swirling patterns of dirty water on the surface which resulted in a floor which looks far worse than before I had begun to clean it. I am therefore rating this machine 2 stars simply because the solution spray function works adequately, and the vacuum clearly picks up debris. Why it should therefore fail to pick up the water as well remains (at least for the moment) one of the great mysteries of modern technology....more info
  • Should have bought one years ago.
    We have a lot of tile floors in our house. This machine works great on tile floors. I wish we bought one years ago. You pull the trigger to squirt the cleaning solution on the floor. The machine scrubs the floor and sucks up the extra cleaning solution. When its done the floor is dry in about 5 minutes. The machine is very easy to clean when you are all done....more info
  • Very good on tile floors
    The Hoover Spinscrub did a fine job cleaning tile floors including grout lines. Very easy to use and does a better job than the old non powered brush floormate...more info
  • Terrific product as long as you realize its limitations.
    I am an independent general contractor for 23 years, not exactly the target market for this product (lady of the house) so I will give an objective review from a man's point of view who makes a living flipping properties and works exclusively with power tools. I bought this product for my home which has engineered floors (Pergo) and have a short haired dog and long haired cat whose sole purpose in life is to eat, poop, and shed. We (Wife and I) like most of you have zero time to mop floors. This item was purchased new at Sams club for $199.

    First its fun and you see results in the container immediately so you have your incentive. Now please read the following criteria if you intend to purchase this product. You won't be sorry.

    If your floors have ground in dirt such as linolem, stickyback or VCT tiles: Do not but this product(You'll need floor stripper, black scrubbing pad, wet/vac and an expensive sand/stripper rental and experience handling the above machine).

    If your floors are ceramic or porcelin tile with grout lines: do not buy this product(Expensive small rental sander/stripper and beach based formula product and experience handling above machine or bleach based formula Tylex and elbow grease).

    If your floors are not level or have seams between floors: do not buy this product(You'll need floor stripper, black scrubbing pad, wet/vac and an expensive sander/stripper rental).

    Ding* ding *ding* If you have new or newer linoleum, engineered (pergo type) or hardwood floors with very tight seams read on.

    The beauty of this machine is its ease of setup, use, and cleanup while replacing mop and bucket, scrub brush, and wet/vac. Unlike a swiferr (sic) it doesn't push dirt around or trap it; it get rid of it once and for all. The Hoover 800 machine uses very little water/product, scrubs (lightly), and picks up water/product pretty well leaving the floor safe to walk on immediately afterwards. Drying time is about 5-10 minutes

    This machine does an better than adequate job at picking up light dirt (pawprints) and leaves the floor adequately safe to walk on immediately after use. The formula does not leave a shine. I use a product named Rejuvenate which is the best on the market bar none. This is seperate second step for finishing floors I suggest. The suction is surprisingly good for light wet vac wannabee. The scrubbing lifts topical dirt but will not lift dried dog food (fingernail scrape). Set up takes 1 minute and is very easy.

    If you can use a vacuum you can use this product as it is very simple with intelligent design features. It has 3 options 1. Dry Vaccum (its no Dyson Animal so a seperate vacuuum to pick up dog/cat hair is suggested) 2. Scrub feature which you pass over each floor area twice and 3. Wet vac which usually requires one pass. Its simplicity are all three are onboard (thus replacing a light vaccum, light scrubber or mop/bucket and subsequent wet vac. An 8x10 room can be completed in 5-8 minutes running the onbord dry vac once,the scrub option twice over the floor and passing the onboard wet vac over once to pick up 90-95% of all water remnant.

    Clean up consists of emtying a canister and rinsing out the schmutz. You may have to pick out the cat hair like I did.

    All in all an excellent machine provided you have the floors mentioned above....more info
  • Love it!
    I have used this twice on my hardwood floors an dit has worked great. It does not leave a shine, but that is ok with me. It dries the floors fast. I don't know why other reviewers have problems. Now if you quickly roll it back and forth like a vacuum it will not pick up the water. You need to go slow and you may need to go over it again in the wet pick up mode like the instructions suggest. I do see what people say aboutloosing suction, but it only happened twice to me. The first time th tank was getting full and the other time I lifted it off the floor alittle bit to get over a hump.
    Now the tools are just ok. They do work at cleaning behind the toliets and tight spaces, but the suction is not great. I still gave it 5 stars because it works for me and was money well spent....more info
  • Not industrial
    We had to decide whether to send this one back, and decided it was worth keeping, barely.

    The tile floors in our house are not perfectly flat: they have a little texture to them, and the tile scrubbing brushes of the floor cleaner sometimse don't dislodge dirt unless you bend down and pick at it. The extension wand supplied with the machine feels flimsy and doesn't work as well as using a hand scrub brush. The "tile floor cleaner" liquid supplied leaves the floor feeling sticky, and we found it difficult to gauge how wet the floor was getting when using the main trigger or the wand. The machine contains a bagless vacuum cleaner, which means that emptying the pickup container is a yucky mess.

    The way we have found to use the device is to use a spray bottle of whatever cleaning solution -- vinegar and water seems to work well -- and fill the machine's tank with clean water only. Then we can clean the floor and use the machine to rinse....more info
  • Love IT!
    I've never owned a hard floor scrubber before and I have to say that I wish I had bought one years ago. This Hoover FloorMate is great! I damp mop my floors just about every day and I had just cleaned them the day before it came and it still pulled dirt out of the texture and crevises in my linoleum. I used it on my upstairs bathroom which has ceramic tiles and it did a wonderful job on it as well. I have been trying to get the grout clean ever since I moved in here. I even got down on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and strong cleaner. Anyone that had any trouble with there's didn't read the manual before operating it or got one with a factory defect. There are no other options for problems with the machine. It's Great!!!!!...more info
    Excellent performance!!! The detail kit cleaned filthy grout to like new condition without a lot of effort. Same for the tile scrubber! Best money spent!! ...more info
  • Hoover FloorMate 800
    This model 800 works better than the older 3000 model, tanks remove and go back on easier, still not enough capacity in the tanks for me, I have to fill and empty the tanks every 500 square feet of tile. The wider brushes speed up cleaning and the brushes do a better job getting into the grote then the older model, still only does a marginal job with the grote. Does a better job overall than trying to clean with a mop and bucket. Hopefully this one will last longer than the 1st model fm3000 which had a bearing go out on the motor around the 2 year mark....more info
  • Great for large areas of hard flooring
    I am very happy with this machine. I have three large tiled areas on the first floor of my house. I was getting tired of mopping with dirty water and waiting forever for it to dry.

    Here are the pros:

    1. Easy to use - anyone should be able to use it with no problems.
    2. Lightweight - I have back problems and this is not difficult to lift.
    3. Can be used in bathrooms - I use it on all of the tile in my master bathroom.
    4. Cleaning solution has a light scent.
    5. You are always using clean water to scrub with.
    6. Floors dry quickly due to wet pick up./
    (I'm sur there are more - but you get the idea.)

    Cons - these are the only two cons in my opinion
    1. There is a sensor in the wet pick up tank to tell you to empty the tank. (for water/electricity safety purposes.) On my machine this sensor can get stuck and cause the machine to sound like a shop vac when it is not full. This is easy to fix. (just turn it off and shake it a little.) But it can be annoying.

    2. I wish that they made a coarser scrubber for those of us with floors that can handle it. The brush it comes with is soft and can take a while to get sticky things up.

    Over all - I will NEVER mop again. This has easily cut my mopping time in half and has made the job easier to do!! I would recommend it to anyone who has a lot of tile - hardwood - laminate etc......more info
  • Hoover 3060 FloorMate Review
    I ordered this machine with some trepidation after reading what others had to say in their reviews. I also decided to upgrade to this system over the smaller unit which sells for less money. However, after using it for the first time to clean over 2700sf of tile and marble, I am very happy with the machine on most accounts. Yes, one must move slowly to accomplish the best cleaning job, but that is true of doing it by hand as well. I start at one wall and follow the row of tile to the other wall, move to the next row, and so on, until a room is completely cleaned. This way, I do not forget where I last cleaned, nor do I miss any spots. It goes at about the same pace as using a buffing machine on tile floors. The nasty, dirty water collecting in the lower reservoir is testament to the job the Spin Mate is doing.
    The negatives: the cleaning solution is overpriced and the reservoir doen't hold very much. I had to refill 9 times to clean my floors. The add-on tools are pretty useless, they just seem to spray out cleaning solution without much cleaning taking place.
    The positives: No dirty mop water left on the floor! No scrubbing on hands and knees! The grout brushes do a very nice job on my grout lines, which are all done with brown-toned grouts. Thank goodness I had sense enough when putting in these floors to stay away from white grout!
    My summary: if you are patient enough to let this machine move at it's own pace across your floors, and you do it in a systematic way, you will be very pleased with how clean and fresh your floors look and smell.
    By the way, a long-time janitor friend told me to always use only a dab of cleaner in proportion to water when doing floors, as the cleaners build up over time resulting in a sticky mess. Therefore, I used only 1/4 of the recommended cleaning solution in my mixture, and used very hot water.
    Hope this helps anyone else who is considering this cleaning machine.
    ...more info
  • Great Job!
    Fabulous! It doesn't do the work for you, but if you're willing to put the time in it does a fantastic job. I'm not sure why someone would have the problems I read about when researching this machine. Read the directions and go slowly. I haven't had a problem with streaking, cleaning, suction, etc. I have huge areas of textured tile and I couldn't be happier. Even my husband commented on how good the floors feel after cleaning. I love it!...more info
  • I am a CLEAN FREAK.......Great idea but......
    I gave this 2 stars only beacause the machine is a great idea BUT!!!!!!!>>>>>

    Here are my thoughts on this machine:

    *Too big and bulky and does not get into tight spaces*

    *May do the job a little quicker BUT it does not do the job better*

    *Cleaning solution does not have a pleasant smell*

    *Does not pick up items heavier than small dirt and hair(it would not even pick up an elbow noodle that was on the floor)*

    *Does not pick up things well in general. I find it to just push dirt up against the wall at times*

    *Leaves marks when washing the floor*

    *Did not get the floor any cleaner than using the SWIFFER or a mop*

    *I thought beacuse of the rotating brushes it would of at least gotten a sticker off the floor... to my surprise it did not*

    *You need to go over it several times in order for the floor to be even a little bit dry*

    I have not tried the attachements yet but I am not looking forward to it.

    In general I am not satisfied at all with this product and it was not worth the price.

    I think that a regular broom, dust pan and the Swiffer wet jet are probably the best bet.. I even tried the Swiffer sweep and vac too. It is awsome but it does not hold a charge for too long and it takes a whole day to recharge it. If the Swiffer vac held a charge I would have not gotten this machine. I dont know what I will do with this thing now. Maybe contact the manufacturer I guess.

    Oh I forgot to mention you have to refill the clean water tank and empty the recovery tank way too often during every use and you have to clean the filter out too much during use....more info
  • Don't make the same mistake I did.............
    I've owned the original Hoover Floormate for several years, and it served me very well. When it finally broke, through no fault of it's own, I didn't hesitate to buy another one. At the time, about 1 year ago, the SpinScrub 800 was so new that the only way to buy it was through Sears online.
    I waited with great anticipation for it to arrive. When it finally did, I immediately set out to clean not only the floors but the grout as well.
    Within moments of turning it on, the receptacle tank would shut off. I called Hoover, and they said they'd send me a replacement. After a couple of weeks, I received a piece which I couldn't possible replace on my own. Hoover suggested taking it for service, the nearest place being about 30 minutes away.
    Already this was starting to be ridiculous - a brand new unit which cost me about $279.00 and was unusable. Next, Hoover sent me a replacement tank, for the SpinScrub 500, though. By the time I started using the machine, the new receptable tank still shut off, but now I found that the machine completely lacked the suction needed to pick up any water on the floor.
    Since I was obviously under warranty, I brought the unit into the Hoover service center, where they kept it for 2 weeks. The technician said " I certainly hope you didn't use this as a vacuum, because this will clog up almost immediately."
    Well, I had never used it as a vacuum, but indeed it was clogged, and I was charged $50.00 to fix it as Hoover does not cover clogs in their warranty.
    The tech also said that he's been repairing quite a few of these for the same reason.
    Well, I got it back and guess what? It still doesn't pick up the water.
    I went out yesterday and bought a new Floormate H3000, and the difference is night and day. That works, the SpinScrub 800 does not. And, the Spinscrub 800 is much heavier, and much more expensive.
    This is a classic example of taking a really good machine, and making it into a horrible one. Sometimes things can't be improved. The SpinScrub 800 is like a bad sequel.
    I am resigned to having wasted close to $300.00 on something which is completely unusable.
    Hoover is completely unsympathetic to my complaint. They've told me that no one else has voiced any problems with the SpinScrub 800. I don't understand how that's possible, since I can see from the reviews listed here the same common issues....more info
  • Waste of Money
    I am so disappointed with this machine. I bought it thinking it would be convenient not having to bring out the mop and pail BUT this is heavy and a pain to use.It also doesn't work all that well for me, I find it doesn't clean as well and I can get the floor MUCH cleaner using the mop and pail.I am selling it and returning to the good 'ol fashioned method. I had high hopes....more info
  • No more mop for me!
    I love this product. I read all the reviews and did extensive research before buying. I have 800 sq ft of floor to clean. I also have 3 cats and 3 dogs and an active 11 year old boy (and a daughter in college and a husband who loves to track in mud). My floors have never been this clean. I did not expect the vacumn to rival the one I have (Dyson Animal); I vacumn as usual and then use the SpinScrub. I use one oz (instead of the recommended two) of cleaning solution per tank. It takes two to three tanks to clean the floor (depending on dirty they are). It is loud - so is my Dyson. I have not heard a quiet cleaner that worked.
    The tools work well, too. I have had none of the problems I read about in some of the reviews. I guess if I were to nitpick the tanks could be larger...
    It is helpful to read the directions. Overall I LOVE it and I love my clean floors!...more info
  • This thing has changed my life!!
    I'm actually serious -- it saves me so much time! Now instead of schlepping a mop and bucket, I just use this thing to vacuum, wash then dry my hardwood and titled floors. And it really dries the floors so well it's erie! It doesn't clean like I do but it does the job well enough that only every 3rd cleaning do I pull out that mop. Another problem is that the clean and dirty water tanks are too small - I have to fill and empty it 3 times for my living room but only one filling is needed for the bath. However, I might be complaining that the thing was too heavy if they made the tanks any larger. Also, I have a old place with a few uneven areas on the floor that the scrubbers cannot clean well but I get around it by taking my foot and applying pressure to the top of the spinning scrubbers. But that's about it with the problems. Love it! Love it! Love it!...more info
  • I love this floor cleaner even if it isn't perfect.
    I have about 2500 square feet of tile, four dogs, and boys. I also work full time. Keeping up with the floors was impossible so I purchased the Hoover Floormate out of desperation. I agree with other reviewers that it isn't perfect, but it keeps my floors decent with a minumum amount of work. It is also perfect for cleaning up when one of the dogs has an accident when we are extra late getting home from work. After I wash the floors with it, I like to get down and feel how smooth and clean they feel. I also love the smell of the cleaner although, as others have pointed out, it is outrageously expensive. I think, if I could only have one floor cleaning machine, this would be it.

    It does, however, have some problems which others have pointed out. It tends to puddle a tiny bit when left sitting, but this doesn't really bother me. I also never use the dry vacuum. It is easier to sweep up the sand, dirt, and dog hair before using it. It also fails to clean the grout to my satisfaction and may not get up the ground in dirt. It is still my everyday cleaner of choice though.

    I am, however, unwilling to live with the dirty grout and ground in dirt that builds up in the heavy traffic area. But unfortunately, I lack both the time and inclination to handscrub these areas. Therefore I have another floor machine to solve these problems. I use it only occasionally but it certainly fills the gap left by my Hoover Floormate. My other floor cleaner is the Oreck Orbiter. It came with a ten year warranty and annual tune ups for the ten years the warranty is in effect. I have the orange scrub brush which scrubs my grout and cleans even ground in dirt effectively. It also has a nice soft pad that buffs and dries the floor. When I am doing a super cleaning job. I scrub first with the Oreck, followed by the floormate to pick up the newly scrubbed dirt, and then buff with the Oreck. I just put water in the Floormate when using it that way.

    I might add that I can also use the Oreck to scrub the pool deck and front patio.

    Together, these two devices handle all my floor cleaning problems.

    ...more info
  • Great Little Cleaner
    I have carpet, ceramic tile & a little linoleum in my house. While my Dyson vacuum cleaner works great on the carpet, I was looking for something to help clean the other floors without the backbreaking mop & bucket routine. Enter the Hoover H3060 FloorMate SpinScrub 800. After reading the reviews, I decided to take a chance. I was not disappointed. It is quick & easy to use and does a respectable job of cleaning. When it comes to dried spills or other tough to remove dirt, sometimes I still have to get down on my hands & knees and scrub. But as a whole I love the cleaning power of the FloorMate. ...more info
  • Plain and simple
    Plainly a pain to use. Simply a waste of money. I had to re-clean the floor afterwards. An Eraser sponge which costs $1.00 works better than the grout cleaner on this machine. What a waste of money....more info
  • Good Product
    The machine works well for our tile floors. I would recommend it for any type of hard surface floors. ...more info
  • Good Product
    I have used it about 3 times now and it seems to work good. I have not used the hand tools yet though. It does a pretty good job of scrubbing and is very easy to use and store. I would buy it again because it is so much easier than a mop and bucket - you can whip it out and clean the floor and bam your done. I don't have anything negative to report. Like I said, I would buy it again....more info
  • This saves the knees and back from aches.
    As most of the other reviews have said the suction is low and the noise is high. With that being said the suction is more than enough to suck the water up with the aid of the built in squeegee. The results are a fast and quick clean up of my wooden floors with very little trace of dampness left behind. Just realize this is a wet floor cleaner, and does a good job of it. It is not designed to be an effective dry vacuum cleaner, so expect to sweep or vaccum the floors before starting, with something else.
    I was impressed by how much dirty water was picked up with this cleaner when the floors didn't look all that dirty. I don't know about the durability yet but my first impressions are very favorable. It works....more info
  • Back to the Broom
    I bought this expecting to be able to vaccuum up dust and kitchen crumbs and then clean the floors. My house has all hard floors, tile and wood. I have to sweep first because all the floormate does is blow the dust and crumbs away from it. So forget it if your looking to quick vacuum with it. It scrubbed the tile floors reasonably clean, but it was really time consuming and not as clean as one would expect with scrubbing brushes and as for the wash solutions included I ran out before the kitchen was done and I was following the directions. I have a very small kitchen too. Now for the wood floors. Forget about it. It cleaned some,..but left scuff marks and then to my dismay it left the floors wet enough that there were little white spots from where areas stayed wet too long, and it left the floors very dull, I had to go back and use quick shine to get back the shine on them. I would definitely pass on this although it is nice to not empty buckets and muscle it up with the mop, it just isn't worth the cost for so little a payoff,...the engineers really need to go back to the board on this one....more info
  • I wish I wasn't so disappointed!
    I bought the H3060 SpinScrub 801, which I'm assuming is an improved version of the 800, at Target for $239. I decided ahead of time that it would be totally worth it if this product did all that it claimed it would, and I knew I could easily return it to the store if I was disappointed.

    I should start by saying that cleaning the floors in my house takes forever and this product sounded like the perfect solution. Our house is small, only 1200 square feet, and all the floors are concrete. It's the new way to do floors in warmer climates--the foundation is grinded and polished, then stained and sealed. Because we chose to have the floors stained a dark gray, literally every footprint, dust particle, and dog hair shows. I was tired of my elaborate several-hour cleaning routine which consists of sweeping with a flat dry mop, vacuuming corners with a shop vac (the suction is great but the attachment is small and cannot cover big areas), and finally mopping with an industrial mop that I purchased at Home Depot. This machine sounded so great and I had such high hopes that I let it sit for a week. I didn't want to use it because I didn't want to be disappointed--I was having too much fun imagining how much easier this machine would make things!

    Alas, I returned it to Target today after trying it for the first time. It just didn't do a very good job. The dry vac didn't pick up as much I would have liked, but I could have lived with that had it done a good job of actually washing the floor. But it didn't. It streaked everywhere and the floors just didn't look very clean. It also took a really long time, just as long as sweeping and mopping with a regular mop. This would have been ok with me if my floors were clean when I was done, but I was so disappointed that it took the same amount of time as what I was doing before and it didn't do as good of a job.

    I think this machine would probably do well for maintenance cleaning. Had it not cost so much, I would have kept it for cleaning the floors a few times a week just to stay on top of the dust and dirt and hair. But I didn't feel like it was worth it to have paid so much and only keep it for light cleaning. For anyone who has a lot of hard flooring to clean, I would recommend going to Home Depot and looking at their industrial cleaning products. I use a dry mop that covers a large area, the kind that is used in large stores. This picks up most of the dirt and dog hair. Any canister vacuum can get corners that the dry mop can't. After the dry mop (which is really more like a flat push broom, I guess) I use an industrial mop with the yellow bucket and wringer that is commonly used in business establishments. It makes the mopping quick and easy, doesn't hurt your back, and no trips to the sink are necessary. It also does a great cleaning job. If the Hoover could have done just as good of a job but taken the same amount of time or even longer, I still would have kept it in order to eliminate so many steps. But it really didn't even compare--when I was done the floors were streaked with film and they didn't shine.

    I'm glad I tried the product because now I know that nothing beats the old-fashioned mop and bucket. There's a reason people have been using that method for decades. I was surprised to read that so many people gave this product a positive review. I'm wondering if they have light colored flooring which doesn't show streaks as much. I'm also a perfectionist, so maybe my idea of clean is different than other people's, but I know there are plenty of you out there who like a really clean floor just like I do! Like I said, I'm really disappointed because I was so excited about the machine. I'll definitely try the next machine that comes out claiming to do it all for hard floors, but until then I'll just stick with my sweep/vacuum/mop routine....more info
  • The review I needed before buying
    I had extremely high hopes for this machine. I have wood floors throughout the house and tile in the bathroom, kitchen and a huge sun porch. I also have 3 cats and a 17 month old baby. I work full time, our house is a fixer upper and as I mentioned, I have a baby. So I was looking for something to clean my house and save me some time (without hiring a maid).

    So to start out with, yes, this does clean the floor. Yes, it does put clean water (with solution) down on the floor and sucks it up. So you are never cleaning with dirty water. To be sure, the floors are dirty because the water looks similar to what you see in a carpet cleaner: hair, dirt, sand and just overall dirty water after cleaning.

    So why am I so disappointed with this machine? Quite a few things bother me after paying around $200 on the internet with shipping for the Floormate 800.

    #1 The dry pick up doesn't work very well. You would be much better off with a regular vacuum cleaner. The floormate doesn't have a high clearance, so it won't pick up things like cheerios. It is basically only good for dirt and hair. Also, it seems to spread the dirt (as in it blows it away from the machine before it picks things up). I would think Hoover, a vacuum manufacture, would do better on this feature, but hey, I was wrong.

    #2 The cleaning cycle: I expected it would scrub. It does not scrub at all. Even with the "tile" cleaner brush, it does not scrub. My tile is white. Not off white but white. No, I didn't install it. Therefore, the grout looks awful dirty all the time. So I expected the grout cleaner solution and the tile brush would do a good job on my floor. Wrong. Like I said, it is clean, but it didn't scrub the tile at all. Also, it won't scrub the floor. Any spots that you would be down on your knees scrubbing up, you still will be. Even something like my toddler's milk puddle from the day before wouldn't scrub up with the cleaner. Anything that slightly sticks to the floor, won't come up. It just doesn't scrub at all. Very disappointing.

    #3 The drying cycle: works fine, just like a squeegee. Picks up most of the water and does help it dry faster.

    Additionally, I agree with a previous post about the machine. The design of the dirty water tank is flawed. The top does not stay on the tank when you remove it from the machine, so don't try to carry it by the top because you will end up with dirty water all over the place.

    So overall, do I like the machine? It's ok. I wouldn't pay $200 for it. If I had not paid $15 to ship it and probably a similar amount to ship it back, I would have returned it. I'll still use it to clean the floors, but as I said, it doesn't scrub it. So expect to be down on your hands and knees to get those stuck on, dirty spots and to clean your grout good.
    ...more info
  • Not The Greatest Invention
    I bought this for our small office with linolium tile floors. The unit is not heavy enough or have stiff enough scrubbing bristles to be very effective. After trying several times and going very slow unit would not clean drip spots or scuff marks. A good old fashion mop did a much better job. Unit would probably be good for only mildly dirty floors. Vacuum feature would pick small light items such as loose dirt or dog hair but not a small leaf. I am packing up item for a return and see if there is anything heavy duty on the market at a reasonable price....more info
  • Just finished my first use, which will also be my last.
    Well, it seems that people either love this floor scrubber or they hate it, there doesn't seem to be much in between. I have read every review and tip all over the internet about using this floor scrubber, and I thoroughly read the instructions before starting. I think I was pretty educated as to its flaws, which I thought I could live with. I bought this for my hard floors only, since I have a Bissell steam cleaner for the carpets.

    It is fairly complicated to set up but if you take your time and follow along with the book, it's not bad, just takes about 20-30 minutes. I'm the least handy person on the face of the earth and I put everything together, including the tool caddy, by myself.

    My hard floors are Pergo tile. Yep, that's right, tile. The quirk about them is they are coated with aluminum oxide, which makes them extremely durable and indestructible, but it also means the dirt gets trapped and is really tough to remove. With two dogs tracking in Washington mud and debris right through my kitchen, I could see the embedded mud trail from their little paws. I expected this to be a tough job, so I went directly to the grout scrubbing brushes, although there's no grout with Pergo tile floors. I vacuumed the floor first, not with the Hoover FloorMate, but with my usual cannister vacuum.

    First of all, you should know the cleaning solution foams and bubbles up like crazy, so put the hot water into the small tank first, THEN add the cleaning solution, contrary to the manual's instructions (see, I told you, I read the book and followed it carefully!). I used the grout cleaning solution since my floors were too filthy for ordinary cleanser. I had planned to use Armstrong Once `n Done after I ran out of the supplied solutions. Okay, solution loaded, grout brushes attached, floor vacuumed, ready to go.

    The first failure was the small floor swivel too, which attaches to the hose and telescoping wand and then into a convenient side opening. I thought I would clean the edges and corners first. WRONG. The cleaning solution didn't come out of the hose/floor tool, it came out of the main floor brush area and puddled there. The attachment I was trying to use was securely locked into place so that wasn't the problem. I quickly determined this was a waste of time and removed it, giving up on getting the edges and corners clean.

    On to floor cleaning with the regular grout floor brush head. I had pre-sprayed the doggie mud tracks with Castrol Super Cleaner, which will eat through the worst dirt or grease you can imagine. The floor cleaning commenced, and this FloorMate did a good job. The appliance itself is darn loud, more so than vacuum cleaners, so be advised. I did the recommended very slow cleaning, about a 4x4' section each time, switched to the wet pickup for each section, and continued on. I did manage to get pretty close to the edges of my cabinets so I wasn't too concerned about the previous floor tool failure.

    Another annoyance was every time I turned the unit off, it left little puddles. All parts were securely clicked into place, so I don't know if the dribbling and leaking is the nature of the beast or if I have a defective/leaking unit. I also encountered a bizarre high pitched sound at times, with no apparent cause or reason, I had not bumped the unit, I hadn't run out of solution, the recovery tank was never full, there was just this awful and inexplicable screaming noise. Each time it happened I turned off the unit, turned it back on, and it stopped for a while.

    My floor is pretty small - maybe 8x15'. I had to fill up the cleaning solution tank three times - it's definitely not large enough for even small floors. I also emptied the recovery tank when it was about half full. I found out you have to be extremely careful when pulling the recovery tank away from the unit, since the top part, which acts as a cover for this dirty water recovery/collection tank, has no way of being secured. The top just sits on the recovery tank. Thus I almost spilled filthy water out, twice. That indicates very poor design. The top section of the recovery tank is also where the filter is, which can also get clogged with dirt, so you need to keep an eye on it.

    The best part of the whole operation, which took about an hour of actual cleaning and pickup on my small floor, was the wet vacuum/pickup. It does a good job of that, and normally these Pergo tile floors take 6-8 hours to dry. I'm not exaggerating, it's true. The floors were dry by the time I finished this cleaning ordeal.

    This thing is quite heavy for me, a tiny lady - it's almost 25 lb., then of course add the cleaning solution and dirty water to that weight. The products specs say the cleaning path is 15" and that's accurate. The unit is about 12" deep from front to back, and the clearance is about 4" high. That will give you an idea of how much floor space it requires when in actual use, and how much clearance it would require if you need get under low tables and cabinets. The whole apparatus with the regular floor scrubbing head is useless on stairs, of course, although I tried it on my somewhat wider and deeper three steps into the kitchen, to no avail. I had to scrub those myself, since I couldn't use the hose and brush attachment. If you buy one of these you might have better luck with the hose/wand/small brush attachment on stairs and such.

    The on/off button is easy to find and use, as is the lever that is used to squeeze out the cleaning solution - both are on the handle. The handle tilts back nicely, but I also found out when the cleaning solution tank is half empty or less, the cleaning solution won't squirt out from the bottom properly unless the handle is in the fully upright position. That was quite an unpleasant surprise too, quite inconvenient to say the least. The 27' cord is plenty long but it also kept getting caught underneath the back rubber wheels. I did try to keep it in my other hand but there was too much other activity going on!

    I do like the very handy tool caddy and all the extras fit perfectly on it. The caddy rests on the front of the unit when it's time to store it away. The two bottles of cleaning solution are only for starters, so don't expect anything more than one cleaning from them. You most assuredly don't have to use their expensive cleansers, on my third fill I used the Castrol Super Cleaner.

    Like others have mentioned, you should take the unit apart, rinse everything thoroughly with hot water when done, including the brushes, and let it all dry before reassembling.

    All in all, the unit has so many quirks, gotchas, and possible defects, plus is extremely heavy, that it wasn't worth the effort expended. I don't mind spending the money if it's easy to use, but this was a terrible and tiring ordeal. Yes, my floor is sparkling clean but I can't face doing this ever again. It's going back to the store and I'm getting a Hoover FloorMax instead, which I've owned before....more info
  • Worked well, prepare to devote an entire afternoon....
    I had high hopes for this product. 20% of my 2600 sq ft. house is ceramic tile. DO NOT purchase this item if you have a moderate to large area to clean! The tank is very small and requires frequent refilling (as well as emptying of dirty water). The process is tedious and slow. My appx. 520 sq ft. of tile took about 16 to 18 refills! Each time, you are adding cleaning fluid as well. $$$ !! (One hint: you do NOT need as much as the instructions indicate. My floor was sticky with residue after using so much soap.)

    The cleaner worked fine. I thought it dried the floor perfectly. But, considering it took so long due to all the refills, the floor would have been dry anyway. Wasn't great on grout, but wasn't bad either.

    Not sure how long this will last either. I "bumped" it against the wall at one point and it started making very loud whirring noises and stopped cleaning. Being the mechanic that I am, I gave it another "bump" and, fortunately, that cured the problem. At least for now....more info
  • Still Not Working
    A few days after receiving my FloorMate, I put it together. It took about 2 hours to assemble. I tried to use it to pick up the loose debris on the floor before attempting the wash function. It picked up less than my Swifter and seemed to blow things all over and I got VERY frustrated. My husband tried it and determined it was defective or something was loose. He called Hoover and they said to bring it to a service center. The alternative was disassembling and packing it to return to Amazon, a daunting prospect right before Christmas. I just got it back last week and still have not tried it. At this point it is too late to return to Amazon and I hope it works. There is nothing worse than a vacuum that blows dirt all over the floor. I will hold my breath and try it next week, almost two months after purchasing it. I am not a happy camper and probably will not buy another Hoover product....more info
  • An over-priced wet/dry vac
    We recently bought a home with a lot of ceramic floor tile, so I bought this item last January, paying around $250 for it. I am disappointed with both the quality and performance of this machine.

    The Hoover cleaner that it supposedly requires is expensive and not readily available. Save your money and use either Armstrong Floor Cleaner or NON sudsy ammonia. The detergent container locks securely about 30% of the time; requires multiple tries (read:spills) to make it stay on. The wand cracked after 1 use. The hose connection, like the detergent cup, does not latch securely, rendering the small tools ineffective, since the cleaner cannot be dispensed or removed. Neither the floor nor grout brush (mounted on the upright unit) is effective in cleaning the grout in between tiles.

    If your floor is very lightly soiled, it may work just fine. The best thing I can say about this machine is that at least you aren't using dirty buckets of water to clean your floors!...more info
    I was stupid enough to give Hoover FloorMate an another try. Well, I learned a very expensive lesson AGAIN~! When I first purchased a FloorMate 3000, I was very unhappy. It did not clean at all. The brush was too weak, and lots of water streaks. No power in wet or dry vacuum setting. I have hard floor in my entire house of 2000 Sq Ft. I needed to find me a time effective solution to take care of the floor. I am not shopping for this kind of machine anymore. I found regular sweep and mopping is MUCH BETTER. It is MUCH more Economical, and does a BETTER job. Also, it takes about a same time to do the cleaning. Do NOT get a LAZY idea. Do NOT waste your money. I am telling you~!!! Please learn from a Stupid lesson student. DO NOT DO IT~!!!...more info
  • Worth the extra money!
    We bought the Hoover Floormate with Spinscrub today and started cleaning our kitchen floor immediately. It did a great job on the floor and even got out some very set-in dirt that I have previously had to get on my hands and knees to scrub by hand. The SpinScrub attachment was very good as well. It worked quite well on the grout, even very dirty grout. The floor dried very quickly, better than my last floor cleaner. I highly recommend this product. It is worth a little extra money for the quality....more info
  • Definitely Not Worth Price
    I bought one of these from the local Target (to make return easier) after reading somewhat mixed reviws here on Amazon. I thought $229 for this was pretty expensive; however, I only have two carpeted rooms in my 9 room house and have really wanted to get one of these since I first saw them advertised. The one good thing I can say is that the wet suction is excellent. Problem is, it just doesn't clean well. The "floating" brush heads hardly make contact with the floor and found that on my white kitchen tile floor (I know - I absolutely hate it - white!) it had a hard time just cleaning filmy footprints from tracking in dirt/snow. It does wet vac well and left floor pretty much streak-free, but just doesn't clean well enough. The handheld attachment for grout works well but is not any less work that my old way of grout cleaner and an old toothbrush. I still have not found anything that doesn't leave my laminate floor in the dining room without streaks. I guess this was about the best, but still not impressive enough to spend over $200. This might work well for last second touch-up when company is coming, if they are pretty clean to start with, but for this price it ought to actually clean a dirty floor! It is going back as soon as I can figure out how to refit the pieces back into the packaging....more info
  • Does a good job
    Does a good job of cleaning my tile and sealed wood floors. I upgraded to this model because of the grout cleaning brushes-they do not seem to work any better than the other brushes as they don't really get down in the grout lines. But the grout cleaning liquid works quite well as do the attachments. This machine makes cleaning floors so much easier I'd hate to give it up....more info
  • Works great
    I love the way this worked. It lived up to everything that I expected it to be. However, I would only suggest to hoover that they incorporate a retractable cord. I would like to see them make a more "firm" brissel as well for the vinyl flooring. I would hand have recommended this product to everyone that has the flooring type I have.

    For the wood this could not be matched my any other product on the market as far as I am concerned. ...more info
  • it's a really LOUSY dry vacuum
    It is bad vacuume for Dry floor. If we spend money for a Vaccum cleaner, we expect that it should do atleast the basic work, that is vacuum the dry floor quick and best. Washing comes next. But this is a very lousy dry vacuum. It pushes the dust away rather socking. I think the claim of dry vacuum should be taken away. For Washing and wet socking is good, but not good for dry vacuum....more info
  • A nice tool for making hard-floor cleaning fun!
    Update 1/21/07: Amazon won't let me, but I would downgrade this item from 4 stars to 3. This is a "good" machine, certainly capable of cleaning all the hard surfaces in my house relatively well and quickly as long as there are no stains that are really "stuck on" like spilled ice cream. Check the Hoover Steam Vac All-Terrain, it is more expensive but check the reviews to see if the performance is better than the shortcomings I have listed below and what others are saying. The advantage of this new model is that it also cleans carpet, but if it can't clean carpet or hard floors reasonably well, it's $300 not well spent.

    Update 6/21/06: after a little more than 1/2 year of use, I sympathize with those who have found this tool less than they thought it would be, however there are many reviews available and I've read most of them; aside from a few negative reviews that totally baffled me, I think the positives and negatives mentioned generally have been well-considered and having these reviews available is very valuable to a potential customer. I believe the Floormate keeps my hard floors cleaner than any other method, but if embedded or tightly-bound stains exist, this tool will not remove them. The Floormate will keep well-maintained floors looking perfect. It is not a vacuum cleaner, so vacuum your floor before you use the Floormate. I've settled on Mr. Clean antibacterial cleaner, it doesn't foam much and is pretty inexpensive. Google on "floor machine" and you'll see that commercial units that employ the same principles as the Floormate are $1500+; I hope this helps put in perspective what you're buying and what isn't reasonable to expect, as well. Overall, I think the Floormate is a good value and I hope Hoover makes both the cleaning and recovery tanks larger in future models. Other than that, the following older material still applies:

    Ok, I'm a gadget-hound and the nicest gadgets I've found are the ones that allow me to enjoyably do things around the house that visitors have offered to do...out of pity. The Floormate 800 is one such tool; I was thinking about the upcoming iRobot Scooba, but (like an iPod) the price is very high once all the addons are considered - plus the Floormate's been well-received and the Scooba isn't even out as I write this. The Floormate took about 30 minutes to assemble. Anyway...my floors are linoleum (just-installed Marmoleum), sheet vinyl flooring and polyurethaned birch. The Floormate handles all of them well. I use a weak solution of Simple Green (lemon scent) instead of the Floor-to-Floor. Some observations: (1) use a regular vacuum in the wash area first, unless you can't actually "see" any dirt, (2) keep dispensing cleaner while washing and work the machine slowly, overlapping about one-third of each stroke; very important to work slowly!! (3) use the wet-pickup until the area is thoroughly dry, especially wood floors, (4) when adding cleaner, put the measuring cup into the reservoir and tip upside down, this prevents the concentrate from dribbling over your hands, (5) run the machine until dry, I was getting a little bit of bad odor while using and this stopped when I made sure I ran the machine dry while using. Particularly with the Floormate, make sure you read over the owner's manual before using it.

    I haven't tried the grout brushes, however others here have seemed satisfied.

    If all this sounds like a lot of work - it isn't. As others have noted, I am surprised how much dirt this tool picks up, even on birch floors that I thought looked pretty clean to begin with. Hopefully Hoover will increase the size of the wastewater reservoir and apply a little more suction - not that the suction was bad, but it's so important to get wood floors totally dry and I think more suction would be helpful.

    This machine's worth the money - not for time saved, but for doing a better job in the same amount of time, leaving the washed area quite dry and very clean and making disposal of the dirt as easy as can be. It's winter here and just being able to keep the outside grit from the roads off these new floors, as far as I am concerned, is worth the cost of the machine.

    I recommend spending the extra for the 800; I've used the hand tool for getting behind and around the toilets and other tight spots in the bathrooms. If not using the Floor-to-Floor solution, use caution in selecting a cleaner - I don't think it would be a good idea to use anything with acid or chlorine in it. The owner's manual also cautions this is not a machine to dispense wax with! Make sure you have plenty of cleaner before you use this machine for the first time, because I think you'll really like it for the specific type of jobs it was designed for.

    Update 12/16/05: Here's another tip and suggestion for Hoover - when the wastewater reservoir is nearing its capacity, which is roughly two inches deep because at that point the checkvalve will activate to protect the motor, be careful when removing the reservoir; the small lip that exists for grasping the reservoir should be made a bit wider and deeper to allow for the weight of the wastewater. I almost spilled the dirty water all over the floor at least twice. Additionally, this is a noisy machine, noticeably louder than the 5-year-old Hoover upright vacuum I use. There are muffling techniques that some wet-dry shopvacs use and I think Hoover should utilize these techniques, as well; I keep a set of hearing protectors hooked onto the handle, they're inexpensive and sold at most hardware stores. Other than these minor concerns, the Floormate has proven to be a cleverly-designed, very useful and convenient tool...excuse me...gadget! BJ's currently sells the model 801, which substitutes clear blue plastic for the 800's clear green and apparantly comes with some extra Floor-to-Floor solution, however I can't see any other differences from the 800 and I think Amazon's bottom-line pricing is quite fair. One final note for today: a few reviews have noted poor dry-vacuuming ability. I agree and seldom set it on "dry vac" anymore, but if the area to be washed is dry to begin with (as opposed to a mud room that is already wet in spots), a quick pass with a regular vacuum is all that's needed. Perhaps the engineers that developed the Floormate can put their thinking caps back on and create a tool that has the dry suction of their upright vacuums with the wet scrubbing and finishing ability of the Floormate, that can easily and swiftly move between dry vacuuming and wet-washing. Now that would be something, but perhaps their thinking is that such a machine could be a hazard when working on any surface, such as carpets, that could be harmed by accidental wet-washing.

    12/24/05: Another design tweak seems in order: when wiping the floor dry near thresholds of unequal height (which often can occur when the threshold separates floors of different material, such as linoleum meeting hardwood flooring) and the Floormate's wheels are resting on the higher flooring, the wiping squeegee does not do a thorough drying job. I suspect some sort of spring-loaded redesign of the squeegee would remedy this; in the meantime, a workaround is to keep the Floormate on the lower floor and work a two-foot strip by the threshold until dry and then continue working the rest of the lower floor. Also, if possible, keep the unit running on "wet dry" if moving it to another area, to minimize drippage from the suction area; if that's not possible, a simple solution is to turn off the Floormate and wrap a clean towel around the suction area. These are all minor problems with a tool that does such a wonderful job of "focussed cleaning" and I hope to keep this review updated with constructive criticism as I get more experience with the Floormate....more info
  • Best floor cleaner yet
    I bought the FloorMate 3060 as a replacement for my five year old FloorMate 3000, which finally gave out. I highly recommend spending the extra money to get the 3060. The vaccuum cleaner is much more powerful and can even get most dirt from the floor edges (if you point the cleaner head-on). The hand tool is surprisingly good and was really helpful cleaning the thin areas of tile to the sides of the toilet. The 3060 also did a great job of scrubbing my nasty pet room. I would recommend using a regular vaccuum first on any extremely dirty area (lots of pet hair, pine shavings, etc) to avoid clogging the vaccuum. The vaccuum is fine for normal amounts of dirt....more info
  • Could I love a machine more?
    Man, I hate to clean house. I recently built a three story home with nothing but wood floors and vacuuming alone wasn't cutting it. I was less than interested in having to vacuum and get a mop to clean the floors squeaky clean, so for two years I did the least I could.

    My FloorMate 800 came last week and within minutes of trying it out I was amazed. First at how disgustingly dirty my floors were, but then at how incredibly easy it was to get squeaky clean floors without the mop and bucket. In no time I had the entire house done and the floors felt smooth and clean under bare feet.

    Then I tried it on my bathroom and entry tile floors using the Grout Cleaner and got amazing results. The floors looked great and squeaky clean!

    Natually, a machine can't get everything off your floors. It it could, it would have the effect of a sander. Not exactly what you want.

    I highly recommend the Hoover FloorMate 800. I know there were issues with previous models, but Hoover listened to all the complaints and the 800 works incredibly well.

    BTW, if you own an older FloorMate, check with your local Hoover service provider. There are some updates/fixes you can get....more info
  • I'm over the mop
    My husband bought this for me after using my mop. I have extremely arthritic hands and wringing a mop put me out of commission for the rest of the day. I have 1900 sq ft of tile and this machine works great. It's easy to use and even the trigger doesn't hurt my hands. I couldn't believe how dirty the water was and I had just mopped the floors. We live on 3 acres and have a dog,cat, and birds and grandkidlets. I'll never be without this machine again. Cleaning the machine is easy as well. The only down side is the small tank but that's not that big of a hassle. It vaccuums well and cleans the water up easily. It's easy to push also. I read the reviews and did the research and this is the best buy he ever made....more info
  • My white ceramic floor is now spotless
    I finally broke down and purchased the Hoover FloorMate last month. I was using the Swifter dry and wet mops and got tired of my floor looking dirty. I must admit - that while it was not as easy as I hoped - the results were worth the work. My floor is so hard to clean that I basically used the grout cleaner hose attachment for the entire floor. No wet mess remained. I plan to use the cleaner every other week. It took a little time to assemble due to all the attachments but once assembled it is quite easy to use. Unfortunately I do not have good closet space so I store it in my basement until the next use - but I look forward to cleaning my floor again. I definetely recommend this item if you have hard to clean floors like me - it sure beats the old hand scrubbing on the knees that is required for the same result. ...more info
  • Dikwakwadi
    I bought this floor cleaner last week on the strength of the reviews herein at Amazon. I used it for the first time today to clean about 800 sq ft of wood flooring. I give it three stars because it's a really LOUSY dry vacuum. The float thing in the reservoir/dirt catcher keeps clogging with debris; I could only fill it about 1/4 full with dog hair and sand before I had to empty it. I was so frustrated in vacuuming that I stopped to research how to return it to Amazon.

    When I found that Amazon wouldn't take it back (be warned), I decided to try its floor washing and drying capabilities. It redeemed itself. It's a fantastic floor washer/dryer--easy to use and very effective. I hope it does as well with the dirty bathroom and kitchen tile.

    Because its excellence with floor washing, I'd buy it again. But in the future, I'll use a broom first . Having to compromise in this low tech way is disappointing. My recommendation is that you buy it--but don't expect it to work well as a dry vacuum unless you have but the barest minimum of loose surface dirt to clean....more info
  • Works Well
    We have used this product for several weeks now, and so for has worked very well on our hard wood floor....more info
  • Defective Product
    This cleaner did a great job scrubbing my linoleum floor the first time I used it as a scrubber. The auto shut-off kept engaging when I tried to use it as a vacuum. Then, the next time I used it as a mop/scrubber, the same problem started with the auto-shutoff. I checked the manual: the tank was not full, the filter was clean, all parts were attached properly. Hoover offered to have it sent to a repair center (a 30 days old cleaner), which I was not willing to do (particularly since part experience with the same repair center meant at least a six week wait). I have returned the item to Amazon and am looking at getting an older model (3010). A friend has one and is thrilled with how it works. I've read several reviews where people are unhappy with auto-shutoff (plus when I called Hoover and described the problem, the first thing they told me was to try turning it on with the handle lowered--indicating to me this is a "known" problem with the cleaner--no, lowering the handle did not help.) Also, when using the cleaner on laminate, it did not suction as well as it did on the linoleum and I had to go over the floor with a dry towel (according to Hoover website, it is safe for laminates.)...more info
  • Nice work, Hoover
    Today, I purchased the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 800, put it together, and went to town on my hardwood and tile floors. I have a big sloppy (almost always wet) lab, 2 indoor cats, a very active husband (sand, dirt, mud, and beer are common on the floors) and I have long hair. I did not know if I could find a vacuum to handle the load, but I did! The SpinScrub 800 did a great job picking up all the hair, and a good job on the tiny pieces of cat litter by the cat boxes. I have no complaints about the suction.

    After I finished vacuuming all the debris up in dry mode I prepped for the wet vac. In no time at all I was up and running in wet vac mode and it did a great job on both the tile and the hardwood. I used the solution on the tile, and a vinegar solution on the hardwood and I love the results. I am very very pleased. I got out the detail kit in the bathroom and it did as advertised around the pedestal sink and toilet. The only tool I have yet to use is the grout cleaner, but oh I will soon.

    The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 is two-fold. 1) I can not believe the tiny bottles of solution that comes with the vacuum. There was not enough solution to do my small beach home. 2) I am hoping the next version will have a different filter. I have a small trashcan of hair on my floor and I did have to clean the filter often. However, making me clean it often kept me sweeping because I was amazed of how much grime is on my floor.

    I recommend this vacuum to anyone that has tile or hardwood floors and own another vacuum that will take care of carpet/couches....more info
  • Hoover H3060 FloorMate SpinScrub
    I have a Boxer than drools everywhere and we have all hardwood and tile floors. This machine is fabulous...the tile looks cleaner, feels cleaner on your feet,no residue. Hardwood looks shinier. Only problem I am having is finding the Floor-to-Floor solution that goes in the machine. ...more info
  • Wonderful-Greatly improved
    I had the earlier model, which I liked, but this one is wonderful. I have tile floors, not wood and the grout brush and the attachments are a great improvement. You won't believe the amount of dirt in the recovered water....more info
  • Heaven Sent!
    I love this product and it's been ages since I got excited about cleaning and mopping my floors! This machine is fun to use and extremely effective in its purpose. I love going barefoot on my hardwood floors and this gets all the dirt and gets them squeaky clean. I have plenty of dirt opportunities with dogs, cats and a husband that leaves a wake of dirt behind him! The main reason I purchased this was to make cleaning my floors easier on me. When I used a traditional mop I would have a backache for 3 or more days after cleaning. I thought this machine would make me have to compromise in the through job I look for. I'm a very picky clean freak and this machine surpassed all of my expectations! If it can meet and succeed in meeting my expectations I think it can please anyone! Squeaky clean floors, no backache...life is good! :) Angela Evanston, Illinois...more info
  • So glad I spent the money!
    I received my Floormate today. Got home, husband had dinner ready, I ate, then put it together. Took about 20 minutes, only becuase I fumbled around with one of the parts. Read the direction first before putting it together! Vaccumed, really nice. Mopped really great. I've 3 dogs who shed constantly. Not only did it collect what little was left over from the dry vaccum, but it didn't leave hair all over the floor and those little sponge mop lines once the sponge gets dirty. Everything worked like it promised. The wet vaccum was wonderful. How nice it is to be able to walk across a floor right after it has been mopped and leave no foot prints. Am I impressed, yes. It didn't save me time, but it sure saved me being on my hands and knees after I sponged mopped just to get those nasty leavings! Thank you Hoover!...more info
  • Floor Mate
    I am very happy with my new floor mate. It is everything I thought it would be and more. I have used it numerous times and would recommend it to anyone with ceramic tile floors. Always be sure to empty the dirty water container other wise you will loose suction and the floor dries quite rapidly and you have to start over with the wet and then vac. I never thought my floors were as dirty as the water shows.

    This is great.

    Thank you ...more info
  • Why'd they wait so long....
    This piece of equipment should have been invented about 50 years ago! I started with the original FloorMate, which was wonderful. This one is even better because it has the wand and attachments. This would also be great for someone in a wheel chair. The cleaning is as good as when you used to get "down on your hands and knees" scrub...and the vacuum part sucks up all that nasty dirt!...more info
  • WOW!! Clean Floors at Last!!!
    I read all the reviews for this product before I purchased it and decided on the 3060 because it had the extra attachments. I was skeptical as I had bought stuff like this before and nothing has worked.

    Well, all I can say is WOW! The grout in my new kitchen was already discolered from 2 kids under 3 and 2 giant dogs and the floor always felt gritty even after repeated moppings I guess from the new grout. I went over the floor once and it IMMEDIATELY was so clean and nice to walk on. The dry vac picked up most everything off the floor, including tons of dog hair and crumbs. The the scrubbers cleaned everything and the extra wet vac setting pretty much completely dried the floor immediately. There was still some grout that was discolored, but the grout accessory quickly cleaned it right up.

    I've used this on my entire downstairs. Tile, laminate hardwood, and real hardwood. This machine did NOT scratch my real hardwood as I feared it might and it worked so well on the laminate hardwood that I could barely tell where I had already cleaned because it dried so fast.

    The filter set-up and waste tank is EASY to take apart and clean. I couldn't even beleive the amount of nasty black water with yuck in it that this machine picked up. No more pushing around stray dog hair. Whatever the dry vac missed, the wet vac got. I will never push around dirty mop water again.

    The machine is VERY light and all the edges and wheels are a nice soft rubber which makes sure you don't scratch your cabinets or baseboards or chairs. The accessories are easy to attach and use. You will have to refill the cleaning solution container pretty often. I used an average of a container per room....but it's quick and easy to do and it's really using no more than a mop and bucket...probably much less water than that.

    Again, I can't praise this product enough. Now I do't have to worry what my kids are sitting/playing in on the floor anymore!!!...more info
  • This thing is AWESOME
    I had the old floormate but saw they had a new model with many improvements so i got it. I liked my old one but the pedals were hard to use and it did not have tools. I bought the new $230 model (h3060) and love it. they addresses both of the issues. WAY TO GO HOOVER!...more info
  • Floormate
    I had the old floormate model 3000 for 2 years..But the switch that controls the wash and dry vacuum would get stuck..and finally the vaccuum wouldn't dry up the foor or wet it. I bought the new 800 floormate and they redid the switch..made it a knob..which I think is better. The new floormate seems to work alot better..the base is a lot wider..and the attachments make it easiler to get into tight spaces like behind tables..The only thing is the cord gets in the way while cleaning..Otherwise it's great for tile floors....more info
  • Dirty Floors No More!
    I just got my SpinScrub 800 today (4-22-05) I have never had more fun cleaning my floors. I have over 600 sq ft of porceilin tile, the Floormate cleaned them all.

    As for any new product make sure to read the manual to learn how to operate properly. At first I was using the wrong solution, and brushes. For tile you use the grout solution, and the grey spinscrub brushes.

    I have all new tile that had a lot of grout residue, and the SpinScrub 800 took it almost all off. There were a few places that I had to use a rag to get up the heavy grout residue. Overall the machine worked graet.

    I have not used the attachments yet, but plan to, and they look like they will do the small corners great.

    I would have given it a 5 stars, but they scimped with the cleaning solution. Hoover only gives you two 8 oz bottles for $204.00. They should give you the 32 oz for that kind of money.

    I used to use a Siffer Wet Jet, and this does a much better job. Not to mention that the FloorMate does all the work. No more pushing back, and forth (Hard on the Back). I had back surjury six months ago, and I need something that was going to easy to use in a physical sense. The SpinScrub 800 will definately do the job.

    I was able to get the Top of the Line model for the same price as the middle model. Amazon had a $25.00 coupon, free shipping, and no tax.

    Amazon...more info
  • Easy to use, but doesn't do a great job.
    The floormate 800 is very easy to use. You fill the clean tank with water and solution, turn it on and start scrubbing. However, the scrubbing brushes barely touch the floor. This machine does a great job on moderately dirty floors, but if there's any sort of heavy dirt - the floormate does not scrub it away. I've been using the floormate to do the general cleaning on my floors, but then I have to get on my hands and knees and manually scrub all of the tough stains. A Mr. Clean Magic Easer took out every stain that the floor mate could not.
    As for the scrubbing attachments, they do work well (especially the grout tool) but they seem a liitle flimsy and I hope they last....more info
  • Forget the mop and bucket this is so much better!
    We're a 2 person 2 cat 1 wheelchair household. We track in a lot of dirt and mud (especially with my wheelchair). After reading the reviews on the Hoover H3000 Floormate, (pros and con's) we decided to go up one step as the info on the box mentioned many things that would have made even the people giving negative reviews on the 3000 Floormate happy. There is a new grout cleaner attachment and hose/extension wand attachment for vacuming and wet cleaning that works great. We don't have much grout, just in our bathroom. We do have sealed hard wood floors through most of the house and either tile or vinyl in the rest. All we want is to keep it clean with minimum work. The idea of mopping the old fashioned way just seems outdated and it really doesn't get things clean when you put dirty water back onto the floor. This though was a splurge - meaning it isn't necessary to life, it's a convenience.

    Wow, are we impressed! We expected the vacuum to not be powerful but it is! It picked up everything, cat food, people food, cat hair, dust bunnies, cat litter, you name it. Then, you simply dump the dry crud out of the bottom refuse tank and add water and cleaner to the top tank. Then just wet clean. It's a fantastic change from lugging around a mop and bucket of any kind. It gets our floors squeeky clean and shiny. We both have asthma and THIS enables us to clean more often. We run it on dry almost every day and on wet a couple times a week at least, aside from picking up spills. I can't tell you what a change this is. We've gone from barely keeping up with the floors to a "eat off the floors mama would be proud" type of clean. Best part is it only takes about 10 - 15 minutes to complete both the vacuum and wet cleaning.

    Perfectionist alert - We left our italian marble floors, perfect grout etc for the maid in our mansion in Florida. (joking) If you want perfection with grout or anything it takes more than any machine normally, it takes a person with a toothbrush you pay to clean it. Do yourself a favor and do what my grandmother did for 20 years and use a solution of bleach and water and just pour it on it, it gets white in a minute with no scrubing. Of course, colored grout is a different matter.

    No machine will be perfect. This though does the job you buy it for - to clean floors. It's great for everyday normal families and anyone who doesn't expect perfection. As for the review before this one that says the suction is bad and the brushes don't work, they must have bought a defective machine because this one works perfectly and cleans great. We're never going back to mopping with a mop and bucket again....more info
  • Disappointed in supposedly basic capabilities
    I just purchased my Floormate 800 (3060) yesterday (March 23,2005) and used it the same day (was excited to test it out on my predominantly Italian porcelain tile/marble diamond living room/bathrooms). Even with the dial correctly in place, it did not suction in even lightweight dust balls or confetti. So I just manually swept the entire living room and performed the wash/scrub feature. It unfortunately did not scrub the floor stains well- I had to leave the vacuum on top of the stain for a longer period of time and apply pressure so the brushes can actually remove the stain (simple water stain). It appears there is not enough pressure applied by the spinning brushes onto the floor. I tried the neat grout tool with the Hoover grout cleaining solution - it didn't remove the grey water stain (from mopping)- my grout color is beige and was initially sealed. I'll try it again today - give it one more shot. It looks like a return. I hope Dyson can produce a similar vacuum that works. But Dyson is too expensive while the hose and plastic parts do not appear to resist wear and tear for long. I wish the hose was a little more thicker. I'm afraid the metal spring/coil in the plastic hose will readily wear the plastic hose out....more info