Westinghouse WST1800 SweepEZE Vacuuming Dustbin with Automatic Infrared Technology

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Product Description

No bending over great time saver automatic infrared technology with manual control option patented timed vacuuming cycle canister fill level indicator powerful 600-watt motor ideal for tile, wood, laminates, vinyl, and concrete

  • 600-watt vacuuming dustbin for hard-floor surfaces
  • Automatic infrared beam triggers a timed vacuuming cycle
  • Manual activation; quiet operation; pleated pre-motor micron filter
  • 2-liter dustbin; canister fill-level indicator; sleek, lightweight design
  • Measures approximately 10-1/2 by 7-1/2 by 16-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • It's okay
    I bought this for my mom. Overall she likes it. The only problems are that it scares the daylights out of her cats and it does not pick up kitty litter. This may not be the best product for someone with cats. Otherwise it's great....more info
  • Big sound.
    I bought this to keep around the birds cages. However, the sound when I use it freaks them out. Also, it's disturbing to anyone watching TV.
    Other then that it works great. ...more info
  • Best invention EVER!!!
    I have a beauty shop and this is perfect for all the hair. I thought that was the only use for this until my neighbor cleared his land and we got his field mice. Let me tell you this is the best mouse catcher on the market. If a mouse runs by and even slightly touches the auto switch...it gets sucked up. I am being serious. I have 3 of them in my house, but not just for mice. One in the beauty shop, one in my sons room for his bird, and the other in my living room. I put all hard floors in and it is the best thing I have purchased so far. Makes sweeping so much easier. Everyone should have a sweepEZE....more info
  • almost perfect little vac!
    This is one of the best inventions ever, especially if you own a cat.
    My cat was always tracking litter out of the box. So I placed this little gem right next to the box & a couple sweeps with the broom & VROOM....all gone.
    The only negative is that sometimes the electronic eye will get a little dusty and the vac will continue to run. Wipe it off with your finger and its fixed. I only have to do this every couple of months so no big deal. This may not affect everyone as I live in West Texas & dust is everywhere! This little vac also works extremely well with cat & dog hair. I've owned it for over a year & its still going strong. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...more info
  • Dandy Little Vac
    I bought this vacuum to use in the bathroom which I share with my cat's kitty litter box. It sits in the corner and after I clean her box I just sweep the spilled litter over to the vac and voom...all gone....more info
  • This dustbin is awesome!!!!
    I bought this because it was on sale and I wanted to try it. Now I want to kick myself for not getting it sooner. This is a gaget worth having. My husband even loves it. It makes sweeping up after 5 kids and a dog a breeze. It gets plenty of use and it still going strong. It is very user friendly and so easy to empty. ...more info
  • Love my SweepEZE
    I absolutely love the SweepEZE. I find myself sweeping my floors many times throughout the day because this little machine makes it so easy. Everyone who visits also loves how easy it makes the horrible sweeping chore so I've now purchased over 10 of them for family and friends. I can't imagine living without it....more info
  • Not as versatile as a cordless vacuum!
    I wanted to like this product. I looked forward to its arrival. The day it came, I unpacked it and raced to sweep my kitchen. Unfortunately, I was let down from the very first sweep. Whether on "auto" or "manual" setting, I have to almost knock the front of the unit with my broom to get it to turn on. Once on, the suction lasts 5 seconds during which I have to furiously try sweeping the debris in. Even then, it does not get it all.

    I suppose if I had back problems this might be a true boon -- until it came time to clean the unit, that is. In the meantime, I've reverted to using my broom and my cordless vacuum to accomplish the same thing... and I gave this unit to a friend who hasn't shelled out for her own cordless vacuum yet....more info
  • One of the best products ever
    This product gets my vote as being one of the most useful appliances one can ever own. We have a lot of kitty litter that needs to be sweeped off our kitchen floor, as well as typical array of dust and food particles that get down there. I have a bad back so prefer not to bend down to use a sweeping pan, and did not want to get a heavy vacuuming stick to slog around either. With this device I just use my regular old fashioned sweeper and tuck the crud into the intake chamber of the Sweepeze. Sensor automatically sucks all that in. It's powerful enough to take in big pieces of kitty litter without a sweat. Unit hides unobtrusively into a corner.

    If I had known this product exited earlier I would have got one years ago. It's a lifesaver....more info
  • Love this little beast
    We saw this item on HGTV program I WANT THAT. This is the first item wherein we both said, "I want THAT!" We have lots of dogs and cats and laminate floors. Sweep-eze is a fun little stand-up vacuum that works very well for quick sucking up of furry stuff. It is small and fits into space unobtrusively....more info