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Though the owner's manual offers comprehensive illustrations for self-treatment, the 30 minute TheraCane DVD offers a thorough visual demonstration of the effective uses of the TheraCane. This DVD covers TheraCane benefits, proper uses and precautions and thoroughly demonstrates the proper positioning of TheraCane's 6 balls and techniques specific to deep massaging various parts of your body, including: back, neck, shoulders, midsection, arms, legs and feet.

  • We've lowered the price to make it easier for you to obtain these useful additional instructions and demonstrations. If you've never used a TheraCane before, this DVD can show more ways than you could think of yourself, demonstrated by TheraCane's inventory, Dan Hennessey
  • Thera Cane not included and is sold separately
  • Review all uses or go to a specific body part e.g., back, neck, shoulders, legs, etc.
  • Also demonstrates proper stretching techniques with the Thera Cane

Customer Reviews:

  • Modern Medicine has become a greedy financial institution.
    Although not the most professionally produced video, it is simple and to the point. Anyone who has any kind of muscular, nerve or skeletal pain using some common sense and this "tool" can get significant results in a short period of time.

    No doctor has EVER explained where my pain was or how to alleviate it (except with drugs or surgery). This video explained how this tool and a small amount of time every day can produce remarkable results....more info
  • Helpful
    I owned the Theracane for about a year and used it on my back where needed. I did not have any direction, merely used it on sore areas. I watched the DVD and it was helpful to show all the areas of the body that could be worked and the best way to address problems. Worth $5 if you don't want to take the time to read a book but would like to receive the benefits of the product. ...more info
  • Surprisingly (and Disappointingly) Unsophisticated
    I suppose it was worth the $5...just barely! It's wonderful that this DVD used the creator of the tool to describe its health benefits and a professional athlete to demonstrate how to use it. But, I have to say that it was like watching a bad school play--that your own child isn't even in! It was almost painful to watch them pretending to be spontaneous!

    Besides being cheesy, it also moves much too quickly. There was no way I could keep up with all of the positions they are trying to demonstrate. And as another reviewer mentioned, there are no "chapters," so if you want to see something demonstrated again, it's a bit of a hassle.

    However, it IS better than nothing. I did catch enough info to realize that I was not using it correctly, and that there are very many different ways it can be used. I would have preferred a highly detailed booklet, instead. I actually couldn't watch the whole thing, because of the poor quality (seriously, it's like one of those locally made car dealership commercials) and the speed of instruction....more info
  • Five Stars Cane!
    This an excellent tool to self massage yourself. It is very steady and very controllable. You can really reach in with it. I tried different canes and this is the best one. Buy it for yourself and your friends and they will love it!
    Don't forget to buy the instructional DVD. It is really helpful in learning the proper way to use it....more info
  • 4 stars, not 5 because the DVD needs updating
    I've been a thera cane user for 8 years now. It's a wonderful tool to use when I get those back, neck, and shoulder knots but I never fully understood the extensive applications of this cane until finally viewing this DVD. The DVD is very clear in how to properly use the cane. If you own a cane, without a doubt you will learn some new applications and be able to apply them immediately. I would recommend to the copyright holder of this DVD that they update it quickly because the styles and the cinematography leave a lot to be desired. ...more info
  • Beware!
    TheraCane Instructional Video - TheraCane Instructional Video
    For the most part this dvd is okay. There are other portions that are difficult to see however. I would not waste anymore money on this. It is a good thing that I got the dvd before spending money on the cane. Buyer Beware!!!...more info
  • It was somewhat helpful
    I guess I would buy it again at $5.00, but I wouldn't spend much on this DVD. It was helpful in showing how each of the Thera-cane knobs could be used. But you only need to see it about once or twice. (The Thera-cane is fantastic, though.) If you really want to use the Thera-cane to its best advantage, buy the "Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Clair Davies, Amber Davies, and David G. Simons. That book and the Thera-cane have given unbelievable relief from many pain problems I had thought I would have to live with the rest of my life....more info
  • Worth $5.00 but no more
    A few good pointers/suggestions on how to use the cane. The presentation was a bit cheesy (the introduction by Bob Anderson of Stretching fame) and too quick for me to keep pace. I had to constantly press the pause button to see what the presenter was doing. The vidio quality is also very dated. It looks like it was made in the 70's. Overall, for 5 bucks or less, I'd recommend it. The Thera Cane therapy tool by the way is awesome. Anyone can figure out how to use it. ...more info
  • good information
    Useful information. Lack of chapters makes this a primitive dvd- you just play it or stop it....more info


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