Calphalon One Nonstick 10-Inch Everyday Pan
Calphalon One Nonstick 10-Inch Everyday Pan

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Product Description

Concentrate on the dish at hand without worrying about sticking, staining and tough cleaning with Calphalon?'s 10" Everyday Pan. Crafted using a revolutionary process, the interior and exteriors are infused with an advanced nonstick polymer that provides superior durability and versatility. Medium to heavy gauge aluminum heats fast and evenly with no hot spots. Cooks with little to no oils or fats for healthy eating. Safe for all your kitchen utensils, this pan features ergonomic stay-cool handles and flared rims for easy pouring. Domed tempered glass cover. Oven safe to 450 degrees. Lifetime warranty. Model CR1380.

  • Interior and exteriors are infused with an advanced nonstick polymer that provides superior durability and versatility
  • Ergonomic handles stay comfortably cool in the stovetop
  • Stain resistant, inside and out
  • Metal utensil safe;Oven-safe to 700 degrees
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • My favorite pan
    As soon as I saw this pan here on, I was hoping it would be my favorite pan........and it is. I've never had an "Everyday" pan, but it truly is that, and the size and shape are perfect to sit right on my glass-top stove and be out of the way but handy to grab. I've only had it for a couple of weeks, but I'll come back and edit my review after a few months. I use stainless Cuisinart pans for everything else, but a little non-stick skillet is vital for a quick breakfast sandwich, etc., and I'm used to having to replace them (even the expensive ones) every few months. We'll see how this one holds up. ...more info
    What a great pan for such a great price! Just wish someone could come up with a hard anodized outside surface that doesn't stain. Be careful ... keep it away from oil on the outside. But such a pleasure to use! And cleanup is so easy! Would purchase again in a New York minute!...more info
  • Wonderful pan
    I love this pan. Perfect when cooking smaller portions for 2 people. Nonstick is great. Easy to clean. Now I also want the 12 inch. Can't beat the price for such quality....more info
  • Great All Purpose Pan
    This is actually the 2nd one I have purchased. After 5 years of nearly daily use, we finally wore out the teflon on the old one. After a couple months of using the new one, I feel it is even better than the older model.

    We own several other Calphalon hard anodized pans, including the 12 inch pan of the same shape. You need to take a little more care with the non-stick, and it won't be a "forever" pan, but for everyday use, you can't beat the convenience.

    If you have only ever used thin-walled pans, you will wonder how you ever got along so long without it.

    If I had to own only one pan, this would be it....more info
  • Everyday Favorite
    Most of us have a favorite cooking utensil, knife, pot or pan. Some we even leave out just to have when you need it in short notice. My everyday, calphalon one nonstick is just that pan. It has an almost permanent resting place on one eye of the stove but for one simple reason: it is the best to have for the most part. Mine is several years old now and without equivocation it is as clean today as it was when first bought. That is of small relavancy when you compare its ability to cook the food you prepare. That is the most relavant issue and this pan excels with vigor....more info
  • My best pan yet!
    Prior to purchase I read the reviews which indicated this is truly a non-stick pan. It has lived up to the previous raves. I tested the claim by cooking eggs with no pan spray, sure enough, they came out beautifully. I use a 10" pan a lot cooking for just the two of us, the size, and stay cool handles are perfect! ...more info
  • Really nice skillet
    I'm very happy with this skillet. I'm not sure if the description clearly identifies the lid as being glass. That's a really nice feature....more info
  • Great Pan!
    I bought this pan knowing that I love Calphalon. This pan is great and multifunctional....more info
  • scarred pan/dented lid
    I received the pan today and was disappointed to see that the lid was dented on the inside and the pan itself had a spot where the nonstick was flaked off. It's such a hassle for me to return items, and this one is heavy. I don't understand why items are not checked for defects. If the pan did not have defects, I think I would love it. ...more info
  • Superb pan!!!
    Calphalon One is outstanding! After years of inexpensive pans that warp and chip easy and do not clean easy, it is refreshing to have a pan that does it all: well made, heats evenly, clean easily, handles heat well (no warping!), etc. We purchased two other Caphalon One pans (12 inch and 13 inch) and haven't looked back. We use at least one of the pans almost daily, certainly one of our best kitchen purchases ever....more info


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