Billy Blanks - Tae Bo Kicks

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Studio: Gaiam Americas Release Date: 05/03/2005 Run time: 39 minutes Rating: Nr

Customer Reviews:

  • Kids loved it
    My class of grade 1/2s loved it. Perfect on rainy days when they can't get outside to burn energy....more info
  • Tae Bo Kicks - are High Kicks
    I am an elementary physical education teacher and this video is great. It is very comparable to the first video Tae Bo Junior. Great for days when your gym is being used by others. In addition it is a great workout before and after long breaks. The kids really get into Billy! ...more info
  • Billy Blanks, tae bo for kids
    I teach physical education at a local elementary school and have used it this year for rainy days. It has been a big hit!!! Would definitely recommend it!...more info
  • It gets them MOVING!
    My son is almost 10 and overweight. I bought the DVD to have something in the house to get him MOVING. And Billy Blanks is great! My son actually likes the DVD and some of the exercises are familiar to him from P.E. class. For an overweight boy it does the job starting out. As you go along you can always double step or increase repetitions if you need more intensity. It's worth the purchase! Especially if you're trying to incorporate an exercise routine and healthy habits....more info
  • We love it!
    What a great workout... it keeps my 4 year old going for at least a half hour, and I can work out right along next to her. We have fun :)...more info
  • great exercise for the kids
    I'm very pleased with this video. I wanted to find a form of exercise that would be fun to do together with my sons....more info
  • Great for my third graders!
    I teach 3rd grade in Florida where we are supposed to fit in 30 minutes of sustained physical activity daily. The kids really get in to this DVD! Its fun, and Billy Blanks makes it easy for the kids. I don't think they realize they are working out!...more info


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