Generic Honeywell Furnace Air Filter HWP16254 FC100A1029 FC200E1029 -- 5 Pack (5 filters) -- MERV 11

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Our Price: $105.99

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Product Description

Synfil Generic Honeywell Air Cleaner Replacement Filters offer convenient alternatives when replacement of the original filter is necessary. Synfil?s generic replacement filter offer the same performance but at almost half the cost. Synfil pleated replacement filter provides MERV 11-efficiency. Actual Filter Size: 16" x 24 7/8" x 4 3/8" (16 x 25 x 4).

  • MERV 11 Efficiency
  • Superior Performance & Price Guarantee
  • Made In USA
  • Generic Replacement Filter
  • Actual Filter Size: 16" x 24 7/8" x 4 3/8" (16 x 25 x 4)
Customer Reviews:
  • Make sure you get Merv 11 and not Merv 8
    Bought a 5-pack about a year ago and when it arrived (and after I blindly installed one) I noticed that I had received a 5-pack of Merv 8 filters instead of Merv 11 as advertised. I contacted company and they offered a full refund on the unused filters, but no option was offered of getting the Merv 11's like I needed, they were not in stock (go figure). If you live in a dusty location (like Dallas Texas) you might want to contact the company first to confirm that you will indeed get Merv 11 filters, because there is a big difference. I kept the Merv 8's and they have been a huge disappointment.....will buy elsewhere next time....more info
  • generic honeywell filters
    Appear to be good, fit is a little off from oem (tight) which may require difficulty in removal. We'll see then....
    Other than that, this is a good price for an item that's still overpriced whatever the current source.
    Still a shame that efficiency has to be so much more expensive. ...more info
  • Seem fine
    I really don't know how to judge how well they work, but from looking and touching they seem high quality and they seem to do the job. I have no reason to assume these aren't a good value. ...more info
  • Just as promised...
    The product arrived as promised. Not terribly sexy or prone to description/praise, but it was exactly what I expected. Thanks....more info
  • Excellent filter
    Bought these for my home furnace...very well made and comparatively inexpensive...Buy five at a time and save $$$...more info