Timex T5E011 Pedometer

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Product Description

Steps and distance traveled. Calories Burned. Ultra thin flip case. Counts steps (up to 99,999). Tracks distance in miles or kilometers. Easy-to-read. Integrated belt clip. Battery and instructions included.

Easily track your steps on your way to better health with this Timex Pedometer (model T5E011). Nicely compact and lightweight, it counts up to 99,999 steps, computes burned calories, and tracks distance in either miles or kilometers. It also features a flip top case with spring loaded belt clip, easy-to-read display, and an included battery with up to a 10,000-hour battery life.

  • Lightweight pedometer counts up to 99,999 steps, computes calories burned
  • Flip top case with spring loaded belt clip
  • Tracks distance in miles or kilometers
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Up to 10,000-hour battery life (battery included)

Customer Reviews:

  • well worth the money
    i bought this rather skeptically. i didnt want a cheapo pedometer that would break, but i didnt want to spend too much either. i read most of the reviews, both good and bad. i ordered this timex pedometer almost a month ago and i am more than pleased w/ it.

    dont be discouraged by the one star reviews other people have written. is the pedometer 100% accurate? no, but i find it hard to believe anything could count exactly every step you take w/o being attatched to your shoes. any pedometer is a device meant to give a good estimation/approximation of steps taken.

    this is a great, reasonably priced pedometer. its also very durable. i wear it on the waistband of my pants while at work and it stays on through constant movement, scraping against things and exposure to extreme heat and cold. the package even included an extra battery, which by the way, i havent had to use yet. worth the money...more info
  • Annoyed...it broke
    I was annoyed because I assumed this would be a decent device. But only a couple days after getting it, the clip DID snap off. Hubby fashioned a new clip using velcro. But now it seems to never have turned off and the battery is dead. Wouldn't it be nice if things worked long enough to get your money's worth....more info
  • Best Pedometer I've Used
    I have been using the Timex T5E011 Pedometer for several months now, recording my total steps as part of my health program. I run and walk on a daily basis. I find it very accurrate. I even washed it with my running shorts (a common problem!). I only had to replace the battery.
    1. Easy to open cover protects buttons from resetting. A big benefit over expsosued button models.
    2. Accurate measurement of steps will walking and running, both on the street and on a treadmill.
    3. Good price.
    4. Comes with an extra battery.
    5. Resistant to damage from dropping. I drop it all the time when I take my running/.walking shorts on and off. It's never broken.
    6. Flat, black, smooth profile does not get in the way when wearing it all day or look out of place in public.
    Belt clip is flimsy where it attached to main body of the pedometer. Could be a little beefier. I caught my first one on my desk at work while sitting down, and had to buy a replacement.
    ...more info
  • Works good
    I am very pleased with this Pedometer. It has been doing a good job accurately counting steps. So much so that we ordered another one for my wife. ...more info
  • Accurate low cost Pedometer
    most accurate I have ever used, only reason not 5 stars is clip is very large and tends to get knocked loose...more info
  • Great while it lasted (clip broke)
    It was great while it lasted. I can still attach it to my belt with a rubber band, but the plastic surrounding the hole for the metal pin snapped after just 3 months of light use. I found accuracy to be quite good and consistent (when compared to my coworkers models, with my bicycle odometer and counting steps). I'm disappointed it broke so easily....more info
    This is an extremely poorly designed pedometer. I sent the first one back because it was registering steps if I just swayed my hips or even if I held it in my hand and just moved it back and forth. I contacted Timex who told me it sounded like it was a defective unit, so I contacted Amazon and they sent out a replacement immediately. The second one does the exact same thing! I will be sending the second one back too, but for a refund this time, not just an exchange. With a brand like Timex, I would have expected a much more reliable product....more info
  • pedometer
    Easy to use, easy to read, reset, etc. I find that this pedometer encourages me to walk a little further! It's fun to see how many steps you actually take a day!...more info
  • Works Great!!!
    This is the first Pedometer that I have ever purchased and I use it for walking only. I must say that this unit was easy to set up is accurate and works great. It is very accurate from a per step perspective, I have to assume that the calorie counter works as it says it does. This unit also provides accurate walking distance in miles or kilometers as well. I have been using this unit for over two months now and the clip is still as strong as when I opened the box. If your looking for a Pedometer for walking I would highly recommend this model....more info
  • Worked fine for a couple of only.....
    I was looking for a pedometer that had a spring clip and a cover to avoid accidental resets. It worked perfectly the first 2 or 3 times that I went walking. Then it seemed to gradually count less and less of my steps so I tested it and found that it was only counting about 80% of my steps. I tried it a couple of more times thinking it might be a fluke occurrence. I re-tested it again and the count was down to 40%. Tried a few more times with the same results. It was never dropped or bumped, it just stopped working. Useless to me. Returned for refund....more info
  • Good Buy
    This is the 5th pedometer I've owned. It is the only one that has been consistent. It is also very easy to use and interpret.
    ...more info
  • Set a goal and you'll find yourself taking the stairs..
    I love this pedometer! I've only ever used one other kind from a class I took and this one is very similar. It does it's job and I've loved owning one! I work out a lot but I found myself working out even more to reach certain goals I set at the beginning of the day.. :)...more info
  • Timex Pedometer
    The Timex pedometer is totally useless for my purposes. I found that when walking on concrete or hard surfaces it is fairly accurate. But I live in Colorado and mostly walk on unpaved trails, grass, etc. After purchasing this pedometer, I noticed that it was in major disagreement on the number of steps involved walking various trails I had walked for years using other pedometers. After doing some experiments on various surfaces it became clear to me that on softer unpaved surfaces this pedometer was totally inaccurate being in error by as much as 50%.

    I finally assumed that I had a defective product and decided to send it back to Timex, although after looking at other reviews of this product this may just be a piece of junk that can't count steps accurately on varying surfaces. After consulting my Warranty I discovered that the repair was free of charge but:

    "Please include the following with your pedometer to cover postage and handling (this is not a repair charge); a U.S. $7.00 check or money order in the U.S. . . . "

    What a second. They're charging me $7.00 on a $13.16 pedometer to repair or replace it, although they refuse to call it a repair charge. I'm sorry but this is outrageous and I'm going to toss this thing in the garbage and find another product that works....more info
  • Without any others to compare to, it's pretty good
    I use the timax pedometer. If I attach it to my sock or my shoe with the top side up it counts perfectly. The instructions say to place it on the waistband and it doesn't work for me there. Maybe I don't sway enough. ...more info
  • Works great...
    This little pedometer is very convenient for slipping on your belt or waistband, and just forgetting about it for the day. I love the feature where you can just flip it open while still attached and see how far you've walked. I'd buy this again....more info
  • Easy to use
    I have been trying out different pedometers (5) to find one I really like. The Timex is the least complicated and easiest to use. It is also very accurate. I find the spring loaded clip very secure, even when jogging. All in all a good product at a reasonable price. ...more info
  • Good Buy
    This pedometer is good. It works well, looks good and was a great price. It is really helping me in realizing how little I really move during the day and is motivating me to get more exercise. I'd recommend this to anyone that is looking to loose weight or just get healthier....more info
  • Step counter---Timex T5E011
    When I wear this device at the same time as an Omron H5-112 this device picks up about a thousand more steps during the day than the Omron. I do not know which is the most accurate....more info
  • Skip this one
    Bought this locally, at EMS store. Battery died after 3 weeks. Fortunately, store took it back and credited my VISA card with no problem. This may be an inexpensive unit, but if the batteries cannot last a month, it will quickly cost more for batteries then it did for the original unit....more info
  • Pedometer
    I was very disappointed, I was only able to use this product for a few days when it fell off and upon hitting the ground it broke. Needless to say I had to order a replacement. I purchased one that had a better grip on whatever it was clipped to. This one wasn't tight enough. ...more info
  • Pedometer review
    Couldn't be simpler to use. Previous reviewer said you can't replace the batteries, but you can. Just read the instructions....more info
  • Great for knowing how far you've gone in a day!
    This is my second pedometer and I'm very happy with it. It's super easy to use. You set your stride length and your weight ... and away you go. It's amazingly accurate as far as being able to calculate distance ... and therefore I trust that the number of steps and calories it calculates must also be accurate. It's fun to know where you stand at the end of the day ... I mean ... who knew that clogging for 2 hours takes 10,000 steps!!! And that just putzing around the house all day takes 2,000 steps ... If you want to do the 10,000 steps per day recommendation, you need one of these. I always thought that walking around the neighborhood every day was good enough ... and it was a revelation to know that I wasn't taking nearly as many steps as I thought!!...more info
  • Timex pedometer
    This pedometer is very inconsistent. I walk a similar path every day, in various direction, about 2 miles. Some days it reads .67 miles and some it's 1.97. The instructions are to wear the device on your hip, and I do. My older pedometer just needed a battery. Lucky for me. I went back to the old one and the Timex will end up in a drawer. ...more info
  • niffty little device
    After calibration, it works nicely. Gives miles (most important),
    steps and also calories. Easy to use and reset. Good 'ol Timex....more info
  • Nice product
    Nice product. Well made. Easy to use. It's surprisingly fun to keep track of your step count. ...more info