Jobar Ceiling Fan Vacuum Attachment - JIB7700

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Product Description

Ceiling fan blade vacuum attachment cleans both sides of fan blades simultaneously with powerful suction gripping fingers faster and more effectively than ever. Hinge design attachment fits vacuum nozzle or hose and grips fan blades, inhaling dirt particles so none escape. Eliminates problem ofdust fallout. ABS plastic, 8 x 3 x 71".

  • Unique suction design cleans both sides of blade at once
  • Hinged vacuum fingers fits blade snugly for easy cleaning
  • Attaches to all vacuums
  • Eliminate messy dust fallout
  • Designed in USA
Customer Reviews:
  • What a joke! Did they ever test this before selling it?
    This is poorly designed and is obviously an untested product.
    The end of the cleaner is pinched together, and there is no trigger release to OPEN it and slide onto the blades, so you really need someone holding them in place for you, or they spin around as you TRY AND TRY to get the attachment onto them. It would be funny if it wasn't so annoying!
    Alternatively, you could climb up on a ladder and try to hold them while vacuuming with your other hand...but then you might as well wipe with a cloth, since you're at the ceiling anyway!
    Once you manage to get it on the fan blade, the dirt sticks to the attachment's velvety surface and does NOT get sucked into the vacuum. I had to remove the attachment and vacuum IT.
    It's a total waste of money and time....more info
  • Ceiling fan blade cleaner?
    What a piece of junk!!! Don't buy, doesn't work. Save your money. We threw it out....more info