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Indigo Prophecy is a paranormal thriller that lets you become multiple characters and view the experience from multiple viewpoints. Incredible film-style design pulls you into the story, until you're intimately immersed in the game. Your actions will affect the plot and create a scenario-driven, interactive experience.
New York City is stunned by a string of weird murders, all following the same pattern: Ordinary people kill total strangers in public areas. Lucas Kane becomes another of these killers when he murders a stranger in a men's bathroom. Covered in blood, Lucas regains consciousness with no memory of why he committed murder. He must solve this mystery before being incarcerated for life. Over 50 stuntmen and actors were used for the game, to create the most realistic, high-caliber, Hollywood-style action sequences

  • Chose to play as one of four main characters - Lucas Kane, Detectives Carla Valenti or Tyler Miles, and Lucas' brother Marcus Kane
  • Play through 44 bone-chilling acts and manage the mental health of each main character -- make the right choices and you'll maintain their psychological balance
  • Multi-view split-screen allows players to see what is happening in a different area of the game while playing a separate level
  • Motion Physical Action Reaction(MPAR) allows players to make the same movement as his character on screen - creating a physical identification between player and character
  • Physical Action Reaction(PAR) interface is used during minigames -- move the analog control sticks in the proper direction in order to succeed

Customer Reviews:

    Indigo Prophecy is a rather interesting title. It thinks outside the box, it's different from all other games, you are never given a weapon; instead it requires a lot of thought and quick reflexes, and it's the only game that actually qualifies as a game of drama.
    WHAT THE GAME IS: Well, it qualifies as an adventure game, but you can't exactly pigeonhole it into what kind of game it is, it's that unique. It's January 2009, in New York City, a series of murders involving ordinary people who kill total strangers in public places is occurring. There is no connection between these murders other than they all follow the same ritualistic killing methods. One of the protagonists in a game; Lucas Kane; becomes the latest person to kill someone in a public place. For no apparent reason, Lucas kills a man in the bathroom of a restaurant, so he must avoid capture from the police. The story also stars two police detectives; Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles; who are working on the case and they are playable characters as well. The game is all about quick reflexes and strategically (not to mention frantically) carrying out your actions and choosing what the characters say during a conversation.
    GRAPHICS: These graphics don't look that great, even for when it was released in 2005. The textures are lousy and the animation is stiff.
    MUSIC: It's good and it sets the drama mood as well as for the frantic moments of gameplay.
    SOUNDS: Mostly just talking.
    GAMEPLAY: Okay, let's just get the bad part out of the way, the controls are awful and are very difficult to get used to. The gameplay relies almost exclusively on the analog sticks, I'm not kidding. Almost all the movements and actions are done via analog sticks. But once you get the hang of the controls, the game turns out to be quite an entertaining piece of work. There are no guns, no weapons of any kind. The gameplay revolves around the everyday lives of Lucas and the two detectives. Whether it be relationship problems, going to work, working on the computer, analyzing evidence and crimes, drowning your sorrows in alcohol or drugs, saving people from drowning, hiding evidence, having strange visions, engaging in conversation, opening things, listening to music, playing guitar, and avoiding becoming an emotional wreck this drama title has got all of this and more. It requires a lot of use from your brain, so if you only like the old Xbox for shooters, you won't like this game because it has no weapons.
    OVERALL: If you like games that are out of the ordinary, this game is definitely worth a look if you please. But be warned about the controls and camera problems. I wish developer Quantic Dream had spent more time fine-tuning the controls, but what's here is just fine and quite entertaining. I honestly would be more than willing to play Quantic Dream's upcoming Heavy Rain, but the question is, when does it come out, and will it go multi-platform (So far it has only been announced for PS3)?
    THE GOOD: A game that is surprisingly smart, inventive, innovative, and quite interesting as a drama game.
    THE BAD: Awful controls and squirelly camera....more info
  • A truly novel game-playing experience
    Most of the other reviews have done a good job in describing the game and the concept behind the game, so I'm going to take a different tactic.

    Indigo Prophecy is a unique game, that tries immensely to be an interactive, fluid gameplaying experience that merges the adventure genre with the action/thriller genre, and succeeds.

    Let me take a step backwards. If you're like me, most adventure games (especially anything by Dreamcatcher) turn you off because your character can't "die" - the worst case scenario is that you reach a puzzle that you can't figure out. This has the effect of nullifying the tone of suspense that such games work so hard to accomplish. Furthermore, most adventure game obstacles can only be overcome in a particular way, allowing for little or no deviation from the course. I had these problems with Still Life, which was about an FBI investigator trying to track down a serial killer. But, while this game is similar in tone to Still Life, I think Indigo Prophecy is hands down the superior one because it successfully sets an eerie mood which is enhanced by the perception that anything can happen at any time.

    Indigo Prophecy manages to do this in several ways. First, there is a time component to many of the situations. In this way, it is reminiscent of the Hitman games, where events are triggered by the passage of time rather than by the approach of the character into the vicinity.

    Second, you can interact with the environment in numerous ways, and how you do so can have dramatic or miniscule effects on what happens.

    The control design is interesting. From what I understand, it is more troublesome for the PC version, but the X-Box version is not perfect either. I think I understand why the creators did this: they wanted the game to be less about button-mashing, and more about immersing the player in the action. But here their attempt backfired: their "Simon Says" color system, while interesting in the sense that it requires a like degree of coordination as the act expected of the character, has the unwanted effect of forcing the player to focus on the color indicators than on the action itself. So, ironically, the game distances you from the action instead of immersing you into it. They would have been better off just doing it the Silent Hill way.

    Nor am I a fan of their alternating Left/Right button pushing for exerting physical acts like swimming and lifting. I often play video games at night while my wife and kids; you'd be surprised how loud rapid alternating button pressing can be, especially at the speed demanded here.

    My critisms are relatively minor and did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the game. I think the creators really made something special here, something that I hope will have an influence on future games. It is obvious that this game was a labor of love for the director, and I admire both his aesthetic and his desire to bring a new level of interactivity to video games - something that most games are sorely lacking. This game is easily one of the best I've played since getting X-Box, right up there with Halo, Silent Hill 2 and Morrowind....more info
  • Snakes and Trigger Keys
    I bought the Xbox version of Indigo Prophecy simply because the machine doesn't get all that much use. I prefer adventure/rpg games and they are scarce for the Xbox, to say the least. Unfortunately, the game was clearly written for the PS2 and then ported to the Xbox with little thought about gameplay. This time Atari took a good game and definitely did not make it better.

    Let's do the good parts first, since Indigo Prophecy really is a good game on many levels. The game's inner story is based on an actual legend associated with the change of Mayan eras. Into this new era is supposed to be born an 'indigo' child who will come with a prophecy that will grant great power to those who would listen. Add in a lot of human sacrifice and a dollop of paranoid plot to take over not just the world, but the universe, and you have Indigo Prophecy in a nutshell.

    Oracles use randomly chosen instruments to carry out sacrifices, and this is the story of Lucas Kane, who suddenly finds himself a murderer and must elude both the police and assassins from a secret clan long enough to find out what happened to him and why he suddenly has strange powers. Pther key characters are Lucas' brother Marcus, and two police investigators, Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles. The player get's to control all of these characters, often in the same episode. The story is good, and the modern noir settings and sound are as well. Where this game runs into trouble is in the action game play and artwork.

    Action is managed by to different operations, either following directional sequences displayed on the screen, or in rapid toggling of the two trigger keys. On any of the typical Xbox controllers these operations are more irritating than challenging. Accomplishing significant parts of this game involve being totally focus on the few square inches of screen where the progress of the challenge is displayed. So there you are in the middle of an action sequence and you can actually miss most of the action. It wasn't until I happened to look at my PS2 controller that I realized all this activity would have been much smoother if I had played the PS2 version of the game.

    Artwork is low detail even for a PS2 based game, and looks even weaker on an Xbox. This is odd, considering that there isn't a lot of intricate action to eat up computer time that could have been dedicated to graphics. Atari chose to make this game on a slim budget, and the story, while strong, isn't enough to make this a real winner.

    Overall, this is a three and a half star game on the Xbox, but a solid 4 on the PS2. Good entertainment, but not particularly memorable....more info
    I just finished beating this game today, on the 18th sunday. The game was amazing, the voice acting is great and the fact that its like a choose your adventure books makes it even more fun. I can't get over it. I noticed the version I played appeared to have full nudity don't think that will go over well here in the US...but I highly enjoyed it. With the nudity is the greatest! YAY!...more info
  • Indigo Prophecy (Xbox)
    I've beat this game twice already, and still love the game. You can approach the game from quite a few different levels and do different things.

    But overall, this game has an amazing storyline and plot. It keeps you hooked, because you see what happened, then you just have to keep playing because you want to see what happens next in the story. Thats the good thing. The graphics are pretty good. I didnt see no flaws in them. The controls, can be a pain SOMETIMES, but hardly ever. The sound in the game, very good. The sound fits the theme of the game perfectly. Very good on that part.

    The game is REALLY fun, the simon says sequences, get you more into the game and the scene thats happening. And talking to people is also fun, when you talk to them you usually have a couple different answers you can answer to their questions. Which sort of reminds me of my favorite game, "Shenmue". But this game is VERY good, and should not be passed up by any gamer....more info
  • Should've been made differently
    The "moviestyle" concept is great, and the music, mood and characters are really top notch. It actually manages to get one emotionally involved (at least a little more than games usually do)

    But it has too many flaws to live up to the hype.

    * The camera. It sucks balls. When your outside u can sweep it 360 degrees around, pretty good but a classic 3rd person perspective with movable camera would have been better. The real downer is inside (which happens to be where most of the game is set). The angles are residentevil-style stuck ones, though you can change between a few different angles with a button. But this is very confusing, and frustrating when you're supposed to perform a task in a limited amount of time.

    *The hammering of left/right triggers. During action sequences you need to keep peppering R and L buttons like a ping pong-professional parkinson-patient to avoid failing. This is NOT funny, and should've been abandoned in the NES-era already.

    Also, in connection to the above mentioned hammering, you push left and right thumbsticks in directions as appears on the screen (fast, and in correct order to avoid failure and "gameover") - this makes you totally focused on the little diagramme to follow, to make sure you push right - and this in turn, makes you totally unaware of what happens in the background (the action). Talk about waste.

    I wish the producer(s) of this game hadn't been tripping so much when they decided over the games mechanics. Because it could have been so much better.

    Next time we want these issues fixed. And also, for being a game that brags about how you can "interact" with most things and people, and "open-ended" storyline... it's really not that open and interactable. It all follows a thread, you can just do things in different orders.

    Quit boasting, and take the good parts from this game, and combine them with a new story, but leave the elements of dissapointment behind!

    // Daniel, 23, Sweden...more info
  • Amazing and Original
    Finally a game that is different. It's nice to take a brake from shooting games and racing games. Indigo Propechy is the first game for the Xbox that is really drama based. Sure there are games with drama, but also action. This game is like watching a drama movie where you control what happenes in the movie. On another note, ignore idiotic reviews who base this game on nudity. Anyone who would by a game because of cartoon nudity needs to get a life. ...more info
  • Fun but Short
    I purchased this game because I had heard great things about it. The gameplay was great. Movement is a little odd, but once played for a bit it gets easier.
    I like how you play the parts of the different people in the story line. It adds depth to the story playing both sides, thinking to myself, "if I do this with the cop...will I make the fugative get caught?"
    I have only 2 problems with the game...
    1. It doesn't seem that the choices you make really make that much difference in the game other than capture or death in that scene.
    2. Much too short for the kind of gamer I am. I beat the game in approx. 8-9 hours of gameplay. I beat it the same day I bought it and a friend is already borrowing it because I told him don't waste the money on such a short game. I also unlocked ALL the extras (videos, pictures, etc.) the first time through, and don't plan on playing through again.

    Over all, great game. I would like to see a sequal! But with longer gameplay and perhaps more consequences for your actions....more info
  • Great Game
    Indigo Prophecy is an awesome game/interactive movie. As I played I really began to care about the characters. The music and atmosphere are awesome. I only have a few minor complaints. My biggest problem was the left/right button mashing sequences toward the end. It was alright when they were spaced out but the back-to-back ones caused me no small amount of headaches. I got so fed up with this in the last sequence that I just stuck with the mediocre ending instead of trying to get the good one. Overall though, it was an awesome game....more info
  • NES version worst of all.
    I played the Xbox version at a friend's house but I don't have an Xbox so I had to get the NES version.

    Let me tell you, as much as I love this system, it's just not the same. With just 25 colors (48 color palette) to work with, you'd think they'd use all 25, but it doesn't look like it. I don't think they use all the available sound channels either. This is in sharp contrast with the Xbox, which has more processing power than the onboard computer of Space Shuttle Discovery, or so I heard (in Discovery's defense, the shuttle was cheaper).

    The game starts out with a prompt, and describes the environment around me. Dark, gloomy tower ahead. I'm likely to be eaten by a grue.

    What the hell does that mean, anyway?

    I'm starting to think the Nigerian I bought this from was lying to me.

    GRAPHICS: 1/10
    SOUND: 2/10
    GAMEPLAY: 4/10

    no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests...more info
  • I have never been so impressed with a video game.
    This game is quite impressive. It has so many different ways of doing things. It has a very good story, and the characters are good. This game is amazing, and i recomend for murder/thriller game lovers....more info
  • Captiviting story
    I was a little hesitant with the description of this game. It made it sound interesting but so often the description oversells the game - not in this case. I was so engrossed in the storyline that I was finding myself sneaking whatever time I had just to play. The added twist of playing multiple characters meant more story to immerse myself in. I cannot say enough great things about this game. The graphics were wonderful, the story will keep you coming back for more. This is one of those games that I am so glad that I had the pleasure of playing that I could have easily overlooked....more info
  • Most Original Video Game Released in Years!
    Indego Profecy is by far the most unique amaglam of video game and movie ever created. It's very reminisant of Dreamcast's original "Shenmue", with quick time events, alternate endings, and various storyline paths. The realism is amazing with emphisis on cause and effect, you're only given a few moments to choose your path with stunning reprocution. This is the first game I've expirenced to play killer and detective. the game is built to where you can't easily give up on one side making extreamely easy for the other to win. the real-world physics and forensic exploration is very in depth, but surprising simple to navigate through. (most buttons on controler arne't even used?!) The story and voice acting are up to movie caliber. If you're looking for something a step away from the typical survival horror, this is a must buy. It is a very thought provoking, psychologically driven thriller. Highly recomended!...more info
  • starts off strong then falters at the end
    I actually just recently sold my copy when I got this invitation to review. Indigo Prophecy was a pretty fun and interesting game. The story was what sold me and the "choices that affect the game" approach. Much of the gameplay is similar in a way to Shenmue. There's a lot of exploring and minigame sequences for action scenes and forth. Most of these mini games are done like Simon Says and the ever so grueling L and R tappings. These give you somewhat of a sense of realism while playing the game but that doesn't make it too much fun. The fun really comes in having a variety of choices and seeing what happens when you do this or do that. The characters you play as have a mental state meter that goes up or down depending on what happens. Why yawning knocks off 20 points to this is beyond me but overall a neat feature. The story starts off intense and gripping at first but then starts to get strange and seems a bit rushed. I don't want to spoil it for you but you'll see what I mean once certain deaths occur. In any case I'd give this game a rental. It's fun for what it is but the L and R sequences and the storyline at the end doesn't make it a keeper. You should be able to finish it relatively quickly....more info
  • Virtual Toothache
    Fahrenhiet is a game with a good narrative structure and a reasonable script that's utterly destroyed by its uniquely irritating system of keyboard based controls. If you're old enough to remember the awful 'simon says' game of the 1970's then you'll understand what I mean.
    Simon says was a portable console about 12 inches in diameter that displayed a series of flashing lights in sequence - players followed the sequence, which became increasingly complex as the game progressed, resulting in fatigue, irritation and general neurosis. Fahrenheit has chosen to rehabilitate this nightmare of yore, to the detriment of the game and the annoyance of players. Even worse, many sequences in the game depend on an even worse modality of torture - the rapid alternation of left and right cursor keys. So having immersed yourself in the convoluted detail of the plot you can find the game grinding to a paralysing halt because you're unable to manipulate cursor keys at 40 cycles a second. Depressing, and very irritating.

    Fahrenheit has attempted to blend a progressive, cinematic narrative with a series of infantile keyboard controls. The resulting mess combines tedium with stress in a unique synthesis.
    Don't insert this game into your PC, take a trip across your apartment and firmly insert it into the toilet bowl. If you flush hard enough it'll disappear....more info
  • Not typical
    If you love movies with a twist you'll love this game.The story,Action,Qte{Quick time event),Sex,Brief nudity this game has it all.A must play!!...more info
  • Terrific melding of games and movies
    There have been games throughout the years that have truly done something original, different and completely engaging. It always seems to be that these games fall by the wayside in terms of popularity which is a shame. Indigo Prophecy falls into this category as an original game with a fantastic premise and incredibly exciting gameplay.

    Never before have I played a game that was so interactive in its story-telling. When trying to describe this game, I would point to God of War, a PS2 game in which there were scenes where you have timed button presses that would move forward a cutscene. It helped bring you into the story, the cutscenes so that it was you that were doing all of the cool acrobatic manuevers killing the hydra. Another game that used this to a lesser effect was Resident Evil 4, for example with the knife fight that you had to push buttons to keep Leon safe. Indigo Prophecy takes this idea and pushes it to the extreme.

    IP is basically and incredibly interactive movie. It mixes the adventure genre, which is seldom seen on console, and movies and melds them into a cohesive and incredibly engaging story. It starts off with a bang as you immediately find yourself killing someone you don't know in a diner. You feel like you're not in control of your actions and as a result you have a body in a restroom and a policeman drinking coffee in the restaurant. What do you do? You're free to act from here on out. Do you leave the body and rush out? Do you hide the body? What about the blood? What about the blood on you? What about the knife? When you leave do you pay your bill? You can take care of all or none of the options above. And the story will be different, sometimes marginally sometimes drastically. Oh, and by the way, that cop sitting outside needs to use the restroom and soon the screen will split and you better be out of there before he makes it to the restroom.

    This opening sequence exemplifies everything this game is about. Choices, story and gameplay all merged into one. But innovation doesn't end there. As soon as Lucas (the murdering protagonist) is free of the diner, you take control of two police detectives who investigate the scene. You can switch between the two on the fly and you have to find clues, make theories and basically do everything in your power to catch Lucas. Its this give and take gameplay, where you have to play one side against the other, that truly gives the game a sense of urgency and excitement.

    Going back to the God of War example, when you have cutscenes in this game, you better not put your controller down. Gameplay pushes forward the story-centered bits as well. Whether its doing a simon says type control scheme to manuever your character past cars that are hurtling toward him, alternating between the L and R trigger as fast as you can to save someone who's drowning or using the R stick to make dialogue choices on the fly (you're timed) to hear all you can, the game makes sure to bring you into the story. Its very effective and really ratchets up the tension.

    If there is one sore spot in the game its the graphics. While not bad, exactly, they don't necessarily push the Xbox in the way that this last year of Xbox life should. It looks like a first or possibly second generation Xbox game. Artistically the game is good. The characters in the cutscenes move really well and realistically. And there is never a moment of lag or skipping seen in a lot of games today. The character's faces have some nice emotion to them and the graphics aren't stellar, like I said, but they do a decent job. There's a ton of aliasing, however, which is sad.

    Another sore spot is the controls. When you are in direct control of your character (i.e. actually moving them as opposed to having control of the cutscenes via button pressing) the game is pretty loose. It reminds me of playing the old Resident Evil games. You have the cinematic camera which causes some confusion as to which direction you should push your character. As a result, you will do a lot of figure 8s in the game which can cause a lot of problems when you have to hide the evidence because a cop is at your door and the timer is going down. Character animation while moving is also very stiff and a big difference from the cut scene animation.

    The audio is terrific, however. While the box says the game does not run in 5.1 in game, I think it lies. My receiver lights up whenever 5.1 is being used and its always lit with this game. And it sounds like 5.1 is being used. The voice acting is absolutely wonderful and professional. Each voice matches the character and it helps enhance this feeling of playing a murder mystery movie. With voice acting becoming so important in games today, this is most welcome and really helps sell the game. Musically, the game also excels by using the very talented Angelo Badalamenti to score it. That name might not mean much on the outset but he has created scores to many Hollywood movies including most by David Lynch (Lost Highway, Mulholland Dr., Twin Peaks) but also Dark Water, Arlington Road, etc. The score is absolutely beautiful and moving; it really fits in with what is happening on screen.

    What this game does best is meld the story-telling of a movie with the gameplay of video games. It exposes the limitations of both and yet uses the best of both to create an engaging, moving and very interactive story. For me, this game is a perfect building block for video games. I can overlook most of its flaws because it is so different, so exciting and so damn cool. It warrants a 5 star review simply because of what it did. I would most heartedly recommend this game to those who love a good story, like action adventure games and want to be impressed with what video games and movies can accomplish together....more info
  • Nice Change, but Fell Short
    This game is an interesting concept but I think it fell short on actually being fun. More a movie then a video game the graphics and the cinematography are great. I played the whole game through simply to find out how it ends.

    The problem with the game, was there really wasn't much playing to it. You steer the character around until you see an action option, then you click it. The only real 'thinking' you do is to try to quickly read the conversation options and pick one, before your time runs.

    The action sequences are simply following the on-screen prompts of moving the directional pads left-right/top-bottom. I found this to be the worst part of the game as you miss all the action going in the background as you try to follow these prompts.

    I give them an A for effort, but I think they need to try again.
    ...more info
  • Great Concept but Needed More Testing
    Indigo Prophecy deserves kudos for thinking outside of the box. This merges an adventure game, a thrilling crime drama and reflex action together. Unfortunately, the results are a bit sporatic.

    First, the basics. You are an innocent man - but somehow you wake up standing over a dead body, knife in hand. Obviously you killed him - but why? You're not the only person asking this question. You can switch between three other characters in order to solve this crime.

    The game is a "movie". The tutorial takes place in a green room situation where you learn how to move and interact. There are flashbacks, thought-overs, foreshadowing and many other movie gimmicks. If you love movies, this is great. It helps to immerse you in the feeling that you are interacting in an epic situation.

    There is a lot of dialogue here, and you lead it along. You have a series of options you can choose from, and depending on what direction you choose to go in, the storyline follows you. In that sense, the game is really quite open and you can have a great impact on what happens.

    All of these situations are great in theory. The practice is a bit different.

    For starters, the game's graphics are really not that wonderful. I realize that in many games it doesn't matter - but this is supposed to be a gritty crime drama. With all the amazing XBox games out there, to then go "backwards" to this one is quite noticeable. It detracts from gameplay to have pixellated objects to interact with when you're talking about human lives on the line.

    The game, for all of its freedom of choice, is very linear. It starts right from the beginning. You're in your apartment, evading the cops. You want to hide a bloody item of clothing and do up the bed. But wait - you can't pull out your blankets if you're holding something in your hand! You can't put that item down either. So you have to run across the room to the washing machine - put it in - then run back to the bed and pull that across. They have a set order they expect you to do things in. If you don't, you keep failing and restarting until you get it right.

    The movement makes this doubly difficult. You enter a room and forward is up. Go into another room and forward is left. The cameras don't follow with you naturally. It adds extra frustration to the constant restart cycle.

    The game design is very innovative. Again, I praise them for thinking outside the box and creating this rich, dramatic environment. However, they should have spent a few more months in testing and design, so that the rest of the game was brought up to those same standards.

    Don't get me started on the left-left-right-up-right sequences required in order to do certain tasks ...

    Note: this does play on the XBox 360.
    ...more info
  • A very pleasent surprise from an unknown developer comes.....INDIGO PROPECY!!
    Though many may think this game is worse than it appers; those people need to play one of this year's most suspenful games.

    It stars as you, Lucas kane, comitting a murder a the local diner. Though, when the murder is over, he feel like you were possesed and the story keeps getting from that. There are certain things, like how you respond or how long it takes you to respond to a question or remark. The people can suspicious from how are acting-that is a given.

    Also, there a meter in the game that measures your mental balance. If that meter goes to the bottom, you're dead. That's understandable. The game has humor too, and thatis important in some occasions, so you can laugh and not be shocked all the time.

    As i said before, the story is excellent. Written and directed by David cage. The story really keeps the game intresting becasue if the story was bland, i don't i would be praising , as I am now.

    In the game, you have to find what is wrong with you, and see what caused you to kill an innocent man. ANd you eventually find that out and it's rather shocking. And all i can say, when that climatic part comes, you'll be on the edge of you seat.

    The game isn't perfect and this what's wring with it: SHORT. I bet if i played it non-stop for two days i could have beat it. There are 44 chapters, each of which are mildy long, but it's just really how long it figures YOU to know hat to do. So if there's a sequel that's the one thing they have to improve.

    The replay is good though. This almost diminshes the fact that the game is hort becasue you can go back to a certain chapter that you felt you wanted to do something different. No problem you can do it. Some more of the extras are: music from the game, artwork,movies, and scenes. So, this is plus.

    The graphics are both good and sub-par. The good first. The background and enviroment are beautifully rendered. In the opening scene, i actully thought the snow was real. It was very realistice. Now on the to not so good. The chracter models aren't anything special. The graphics of chracters are GTA type, which if you don't know yet is not good. they are just on the borderline of still being acceptable ,but they still are pretty bad.

    The sound is pretty good and helps(well definetly) to help you get scared and wonder what's around the corner. A door creaking, water dripping , and even hearing people talking in the dark are some of the ways the audio is great. It's very important to have exceptional in a horror/psycological type game. If the sound is terrible, then the game is basically ruined because the player can't get scared if they can't hear it realistically.

    Indigo Prophecy is a fun and enjoying game and i hope we see more of david Cage and quantic dream. aka let's see a sequel

    FINAL SCORE=9.1...more info
  • Wonderful game, Highly recommend!
    The game controls were not as hard as I thought it would be. The story line was great and the characters are very life like. Good buy....more info
  • Great Story....but....
    Can this really be considered a game?

    Indigo Prophecy is a movie. It says so right in the main title screen. Fortunately, it was made in video game form because I don't think it would've done too well on the big screen. However, as a video game, it makes for a great dramatic presentation. The characters are believable, the voice talent is some of the best I've heard in a while, and the story is simply gripping. As I was playing, I truly felt for the characters in the story, especially the ones you control. The game sort of plays out like the sims (without the action sequences of course). You control your character and pretty much have free will as to where they go and what they interact with. Unlike the sims, however, your story will eventually end the same every time.

    That being said, this game isn't really that fun as a "game." The action sequences and question choices seem more like a tedious task than enthralling gameplay. In fact, it's the game's biggest downfall. I can overlook the character graphical detail and the mouth movement that is worse than a Neversoft game, but I can't overlook the fact that the action sequences where I am forced to "DDR" with my joysticks or repeatedly pull the left and right triggers seem so unnecessary and unexciting. Plain and simple, this game is not fun. It has a great stroy, one of the best in a while...but it fails as a game because the gameplay is horiffic. I wish that I felt like I was controlling the character (which, as the creator says in the tutorial, is the idea), but I just feel like I'd rather do it myself than being rewarded for "bopping it" correctly.

    Rent it....more info
  • Addictive, Original but Short
    Indigo Prophecy is a game like no other. It truly gives the feeling that you are playing a moving instead of a video game. Your decisions will alter the outcome of the game and often they can lead to your demise. The graphics of the game are excellent. The controls are simple to use but there's a tutorial to train you on the basic moves if needed. The storyline is original and engrossing, the voice work is about as good as you'll find in any game. This is more of a RPG than a standard action game. You won't get into battles head on, but rather you will play a series of "simon says" sequences that you can pass or fail depending on your dexterity. There is a flaw with this type of combat system in that the guide shows up on the screen and you are so focused on trying to master the moves that you miss what is actually going on in the game.

    You'll play as different characters, the lead, a presumed murderer and the cops that are tracking you down. This adds interest to the game as you will diligently try to escape the cops one minute and the next you are desperately looking for clues to try to catch the character that you just played. Throughout the game, you'll have to make decisions: conversation topics, actions, etc. For the most part, each decision alters the game outcome so you have to think about what could happen in the long run but you will only have a limited amount of time to do so. The game plays like a movie and unlike most games, the cut scenes are not transitions into the next chapter but are actually the game itself. Indigo Prophecy is a bit short, however there is significant replay value as making different decisions can completely change the outcome of the game. It is obvious that there was a great deal of time and thought put into the development of this game and it clearly shows. This is one of the most original, clever games created for any platform. Give this one a try....more info