The Step F1010W Original Health Club Step
The Step F1010W Original Health Club Step

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Product Description

  • Stepping surface: 14" x 40"
  • Adjusts from 4" to 6" to 8"
  • Supports up to 200 lbs.

Used by more than 18,000 health clubs, the F1010W Original Club Step will help you get to your fitness goals in no time. The lightweight, instantly adjustable Step platform has a slip-proof, durable mat on top, and non-marking rubber floor pads on the bottom of the platform and the blocks. It has a generous 14 x 40 inches stepping surface that adjust to 4, 6, and 8 inches. The teal and purple platform and blocks are made of high density polyethylene, and they support up to 200 pounds.

About The Step
The Step is America's original aerobic fitness step system and is widely used by individuals and over 18,000 health clubs. The Step has a patented design for adjusting and stacking platforms together making it suitable for beginners and advanced steppers alike. The Step aerobic activity involves low-impact, high-intensity exercise - recommended by physical therapists and fitness professionals.

What's in the Box?
The Step Original Health Club Step

Manufacturer Warranty
90 days

  • Get on your way to Step fitness in your own home
  • Platform and blocks are made of high-density polyethylene
  • Slip-proof, durable mat on top, non-marking rubber floor pads
  • Purple and teal; 14 x 40 inch step surface
  • Adjustable to 4, 6, and 8 inches in height

Customer Reviews:

  • Great for increasing your heart rate
    This step is great at really revving my heart rate. After following the advice in "Younger Next Year" I have been working out an hour per day. It was becoming hard to get my heart rate where I wanted it to be when I was on the treadmill, so this step is an awesome addition that really gets the job done! With normal effort my HR is in the 140s (I'm 34). I just go back and forth between the two (treadmill and step) and have been seeing and feeling great results.

    P.S. It is very, very stable.
    ...more info
  • Professional size step makes all the difference
    I've been doing step aerobics for years on the smaller econo model. Having a professional sized step makes the routines more fun and more challenging. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The different heights make it versatile enough to use it in circuit training workouts, too. It's awesome...everybody who loves stepping should have one....more info
  • Great Step!
    Well, I am now 34 with two kids under age 3, so I needed something at home to workout with. I used to be heavy into step classes, and all of them used steps like this one. Years ago, I bought some cheaper step that I never really liked, and therefore rarely used. But, this one is great! If you are serious about getting a workout program going at home, it pays to spend the money and buy a quality step....more info
  • Best price on around
    If you're a step aficionado, this is the step you've used at the gym. If you've never stepped before, you may be tempted by the smaller steps price, but don't be. They are small and won't accomodate the space you need for simple step moves. This step also can double as a flat bench for lifting weights, ab work, etc., which only adds to it's worthiness. At $79.99, it's the best price found anywhere, and with no shipping, it can't be beat. I ordered mine on a Sunday evening and the package arrived on Wednesday morning. All around, this purchase was a win-win. ...more info
  • Aerobic Step
    I recieved this product in less than a week; great product and I would highly endorse this seller....more info
  • The Best Step Ever!
    I love it! No other step is as good as this one! Highly recommended!!...more info
  • Love this Bench!
    I just purchased this bench and absolutely love it. It is just like the ones at my gym, is very sturdy, and doesn't take up a lot of space. This is awesome! Well worth the money....more info
  • Exactly what I expected.
    The price was a little better than for new Steps of the same size elsewhere. It arrived very quickly in perfect condition. It was exactly what I needed....more info
  • Same as at Fitness Clubs
    I use it as a bench for doing weights and it is the same as the ones at the fitness clubs....more info
  • Totally love it!
    I just love my step! It is a really great way to exercise and release stress. ...more info
  • Love this Step
    Waited quite a while to buy this and am very happy that I finally caved and purchased it. I do a lot of step workouts and I like the varying heights, the cushioned step and the length. ...more info
  • Sturdy
    Sturdy, nice big surface area to lie down on and do ab work, and it is actually the same one used in my gym!...more info
  • Worth the extra money spent
    After reading the prior reviews I bought this Step and I have to agree that it is definately worth the extra money. 100% gym quality. I tried a friends model that was a different brand (smaller and not quite the same as far as being sturdy) and was disappointed. I'm very glad I bought this one! Free shipping and fast... Thanks!...more info
  • cool!
    Love this step. It is actually bigger than the one I use in the gym!! It is sturdy and I love it!!...more info
  • Great product
    This step is well worth the investment-- I used to try and work out on a teeny home step and it just wasn't practical--- or safe! This huge, club size step makes your workouts more effective and more enjoyable. Its sturdy and much better for your workout....more info
  • A step up!
    The step is awesome and I love the "tread" on it, as it makes it very easy to step up and down safely. I also love the extra "risers" that come with it and really get a great workout using it. I would purchase it again!...more info
  • Full size step great for home use!
    "The Step" is the only step that you should consider for your home workouts. It can be used for everything from bench presses, to cardio+weights, (as seen in Jari Love's workouts). I love my step and I don't do the typical aerobic step workouts. I don't like all the jumping around and figuring out coreography. I belive that this is the most use I have gotten out of one peice of exercise equipment other than my dumbells and my treadmill. Invest in some good workout dvd's and appropriate clothing and you will have nothing but success! ...more info
  • Step F1010W
    Excellent product. Very professional and durable one. Very happy with the product and enjoying the workout. Thank you. Lakshmi....more info
  • Great step
    This is a sturdy step, easy to use, lots of ways from low, medium, high and incline. Lightweight and stores easily. Highly recommend if you are an avid stepper like me....more info
  • Great product if you're under 200lbs
    The good:
    It's lightweight, assembles easily.

    The bad:
    It shouldn't be used with weights if you're over 200lbs.
    I'm around 210 and standing in the center, it sinks and flexes way too much.
    Stand in the middle, towards the edge and you sink into it (I do).
    It isn't as sturdy as the Reebok version. The base blocks make it easier for it to tip over while you're using it....more info
    I like it . It's pretty sturdy with a nice wide base. It stores easy underneath a bed. ...more info
  • It does work
    This product does its job, but is costly. To justify the price, you can think the demand of this product is not high enough, and is not easy to break down and need quite a space in the warehouse.

    Note that this product does not have DVD as printed in the box....more info
  • Nice workout
    Having tried the step box I can not be more grateful for this product, it is sturdier, and the rubber on top of it makes it hard for you to slip or hurt yourself.
    ...more info
  • amazing workout
    I can't get to the gym anymore, and when I do they do not offer enough step classes. I love step, so i bought this step and a few dvds off of amazon and i work out almost every night. I love it! This is the best thing I bought in a long time....more info
  • OK step
    This step is OK, but not as good as the Reebok step. The ridged deck tends to catch on the soles of your shoes and you have to be careful to seat the step on the risers just right. If you need to turn the step during your workout, you can't do it quickly because the risers don't attach, they just sit under the platform. Still, it's a way better step than those cheapie $19.95 plastic ones. Sturdy and stable as long as you get the risers in the right place....more info
  • The Step
    Just like the gym! And the price was reasonable. It also shipped quicker than I anticipated....more info
  • Get this step. It is awesome
    This step is totally awesome. If you are looking for a step, look no further than this one. I originally bought the smaller version step at half the price, and it did not work very well for me at all. All of the step workout DVD's I own and workout to, use the original health club step. So when I was trying do those workouts with the smaller step, I was not able to do all of the moves, because of the shorter platform space. But now that I have the full size step, I am able to perform all of the moves on my DVD's and the workouts are now so much more fun, enjoyable, and safer. So do yourself a favor and just spend the extra money and buy the original health club step to begin with. You will not regret it! ...more info
  • Very sturdy and definitely worth the price
    This product is the best. It's very sturdy and very good price for the great quality. Definitely recommend this product. ...more info
  • Good-n-sturdy!
    I've used this step endlessly at the gym so I knew it would be a quality product. It has not let me down....more info
  • Just what you'd expect
    There were no surprises here. This is the same step you find at health clubs and it works just the same. It doesn't slip or scuff my wood floors....more info
  • This is my new favorite toy!
    I had searched high and low for this particular kind of step with absolutley no luck, despite the fact that step aerobics are not only hugely populer, but this particular step model is the most widely used in gyms, home exercise videos and on Fitness television. It was simply no where to be found at every major (and even minor) store I went to which sells fitness equipment. They all carried the smaller 12x25 inch step, and I needed this larger 14x40 inch step for a wider variety of exercises. These include not only step aerobics, but also chest presses, tricep dips and many other exercises. This in fact serves and as both a step-up and a weight bench, is easy to assemble, and adjusts to three seperate heights (additional height can be added on by purchasing additional raisers but I won't be needing those). This step is strong and sturdy and the surface effectively absorbs the shock of high impact exercises. I am able to stand on the very edge of it for doing calve raises without feeling like it's going to tip over with my body weight.

    I was even further impressed that it arrived within slightly less than a week of ordering it - and during the week of Christmas at that. This step is so much fun to use and I am absolutely in love with it!

    Rating: Excellent
    ...more info
  • excellent step!
    love it! sturdy and strong step... I get a great workout using it. It 's totally worth the money. ...more info
  • I love this step!
    This step is exactly like the ones at the gym. That is the reason I bought it. I also have the smaller home model. I don't like it at all. Don't waste your money on it. This one is great!
    Good solid piece of equipment. ...more info
  • Great step!
    This step is very sturdy, just like the ones I've used at Lifetime Fitness in the past. Absolutely no complaints so far. Seems to be a quality-made item. I would highly recommend. Just make sure you have room for seems so much smaller when it's placed in a huge work out room at a gym vs. the confines of your own home. At least in my case. Just something to keep in mind. It'd be cool if they made this in some other comptemporary or neutral colors, other than the cheesy 90s aqua blue and purple...still, a quality piece of equipment! ...more info


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