The Step F1011W Original Health Club Step

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Product Description

Step Aerobics is a great, simple way to boost your metabolism, work your cardiovascular system, and lose weight. This step trainer comes with a durable, non slip surface and adjusts from four inches all the way up to eight, to accomodate users of all fitness levels. When youre done, the whole system is compact enough to conveniently slide under your bed or store in your closet.

Used by more than 18,000 health clubs, the F1010W Original Club Step will help you get to your fitness goals in no time. The lightweight, instantly adjustable Step platform has a slip-proof, durable mat on top, and non-marking rubber floor pads on the bottom of the platform and the blocks. It has a generous 14 x 40 inches stepping surface that adjust to 4, 6, and 8 inches. The black and gray platform and blocks are made of high density polyethylene, and they support up to 200 pounds.

About The Step
The Step is America's original aerobic fitness step system and is widely used by individuals and over 18,000 health clubs. The Step has a patented design for adjusting and stacking platforms together making it suitable for beginners and advanced steppers alike. The Step aerobic activity involves low-impact, high-intensity exercise - recommended by physical therapists and fitness professionals.

What's in the Box?
The Step Original Health Club Step

Manufacturer Warranty
90 days

  • Get on your way to Step fitness in your own home
  • Platform and blocks are made of high-density polyethylene
  • Slip-proof, durable mat on top, non-marking rubber floor pads
  • Black and gray; 14 x 40 inch step surface
  • Adjustable to 4, 6, and 8 inches in height

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Step!
    This is the exact same size and type of original health club Step as used by Cathe and other instructors in the majority of thier home workout dvds! I had the home-size Step first and didn't like how unstable it was due to the smaller size, so I purchased this one from Amazon. It is more stable and safe to use if directions for use are followed correctly. Hard sturdy plastic with rubber traction, came with 4 risers. Besides stepping, its great to use for a weight bench. Amazon shipped it fast too! ...more info
  • Just what I expected
    It is working well and taking a beating. And so is the Original Health Club Step. I have been looking for an exercise program that will fit my lifestyle - and at home exercising is the way to go for me, so when I decided to buy a step, I wanted it to look like and behave like the ones I'd seen at the gym. This one is exactly like those, takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Its life will be long and hard....more info
  • A Quality Product
    This step is a quality piece of equiptment. It is sturdy and strong and can manage a large amount of weight. Also, when you are doing aerobic moves on it, it does not topple over and come apart like other steps that I have used. It also stores easily under a bed or in a closet and thus, does not clutter up your space. In addition to all of this, it is easy on the eyes as it is black and grey in colour....more info
  • BEST home exercise equipment, hands down!
    To the reviewer who said you can make something like this for $20 or less, well, clearly they don't do step aerobics. This step is designed to absorb a lot of the shock of the moves, making it safer on your joints than wood. There is a nonskid mat on top. It is also sturdy and rated for up to 300 pounds. The step can be used for cardio or double as a weight bench. Additional risers can be purchased to build it up higher. Yes, it is expensive, but so very much worth it for the design and technology that went into making this safe for any level exerciser. I have been using my step for 10 years, and it's still going strong. It's made to last!...more info
  • The best step to own.
    I researched all my options for step benches and this had more to offer than the rest. The black & grey color of this version is a huge improvement over the cheaper multi-colored outdated version, I'd pay more for something that looks 100% better. I like the multi functional use as a weight bench....more info
  • great product
    I just purchased The Step F 1053, and it is nice quality. I got it at Walmart for under $30! ...more info
  • Ninety dollars for this is unreasonable
    Ninety dollars for this is unbelievable. For less than $15 (that is less than one sixth the advertised price) someone with NO skill could make an equivalent product from pine 4x4s and 1x12s in 30 minutes or less. It may not be "cool", but it'll get the job done. Are you more interested in getting fit or having cool, trendy, and frivolous toys?

    Avoid this plastic albatross. It will be destined for a garage sale near you within two years. Go to your local hardware store, spend half an hour and $20 (and maybe learn how to work with your hands a bit) and get what you need without supporting this craziness...or--just go for a walk for free.

    Save your hard-earned money....more info
  • Sturdy Step Platform
    I truly like this platform. I owned a Rebok Step platform for years that I thought highly of but I gave it to a friend and bought The Firm Fanny Lifter (the blue and purple one) to save space. While the Fanny Lifter was great (and is - I still use it for leg presses, lunges and other strength building exercises), it was not stable enough for the step workouts I like to do. I have some Cathe Friedrich and Christi Taylor workouts that you need to be able to do some travelling to get the most out of the routines. Also, it is more stable on my less than level 100 year old wood floors than my Rebok platform was. I would recommend investing in this platform to anyone that will use it. If you are new to stepping, perhaps try a class a few times before spending the money or try the less expensive, shorter version. I have seen it for $20-$25 at discount chains. Personally, I have been step training for 20 years (I'm 41) at different impact levels and have no problems. For higher impact I train on the 6" level and lower impact on the 8". My 9 year old cocker spaniel also uses it to get on and off the bed. ...more info
  • This is the best piece of exercise equipment I've ever bought!
    Like many others, I was reluctant to spend this much on what seems like such a simple device, but it is worth it! The Original Step is the best! It's longer than a lot of other steps. The top fits very snuggly on the risers & has a nice non-slip surface. Best of all, it gives a bit when I hop on it. I've modified many of my step routines, putting the high impact move on the step instead of on my basement floor. It is so much easier on the knees! Find a few good step videos you like & you'll be good to go! has a wonderful section of video & instructor reviews. ...more info
  • Good step
    This is the same step I use at the gym which is why I bought it. Very sturdy with non slip risers and non-slip step. I have not used smaller steps, but my concern was that I would not have enough foot space, this step has plenty....more info
  • The Step, Sturdy, Dependable
    I ordered The Step F1011W hoping it would be identical to the sturdy Step's used at the health club. It was all I hoped it would be. The 4 included risers give me plenty of adjustments to vary the intensity of the workout. The Step is solid under foot on all parts of the stepping surface with no wiggle or shake, making me feel confident as I hop, jump, and step through my program. I tried a mini version of The Step (made by the same company, I think), but in this case, bigger is better. The larger size enables The Step to double as a flat style workout bench as well. When not in use it slides under my furniture....more info
  • exactly what I needed
    I couldn't wait to receive my health club step so I could exercise my dance step moves at home. The step is exactly what I wanted - comes with 4 risers, and is sturdy enough for advanced moves. I couldn't find this anywhere in the sports stores, so thank you Amazon!...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted!
    Perfect. And I'm so glad they aren't the corny looking violet and teal, 80's throw back boards. Only one gripe: a few of the rubber mats that stick to the top of the board had come up. I just stuck them back down and they seem to be fine now. The best part was the super saver shipping! I can't wait till Amazon has some more to sell....more info
  • First class step of the highest quality
    This is one GREAT product! A very stable supportive step for any basic or advanced moves. A serious illness kept me from stepping for almost three years. I have since regained my health and am stepping with confidence, thanks to this quality product. Worth every penny of the price. ...more info
  • The One and Only Step
    No step board, nor step deck will replace this original Club Step. It is stable, shock absorbent and anti slippery. What you find at your gym. It came with two risers. Amazon had the best price. I've seen it all over the web for $130.00...more info
  • Step
    I really like this product. It's long and wide and stable. Just what you need for an advanced step workout....more info


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