Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub 500 Floor Cleaner

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Product Description

All-in-one cleaning system vacuums, washes, and dries hard-floor surfaces / 2-motor system; EZ Select dial for switching between cleaning options 13 nozzle Size - 45H x 15.5W / Weight - 23 lbs. Hoover 1-Year Limited warranty

  • All-in-one cleaning system vacuums, washes, and dries hard-floor surfaces
  • 2-motor system; EZ Select dial for switching between cleaning options
  • SpinScrub and grout brush; separate tanks for clean solution and dirty water
  • 13-inch cleaning surface; fingertip trigger control; fold-down handle
  • Measures 45 by 15-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Broke after 1 year!
    I made the mistake of letting my mother keep my original Floormate. I had it for 4 years and she has had it for the last 2 years - and it is still going strong. I went to buy a new one when I moved across the country, only to find the original having been "improved". After 1 year with the 500, the suction completely gave out on me. I had it repaired. 8 months later, the same thing happened again. The quality on this new model is nowhere near what it was on the original. I have come to love the convenience of the Floormate, so I will be trying a different model. Hopefully that one will fare better than this one did....more info
  • Short lived convenience
    I purchased this product a couple of years ago and used it for about a year. I recently disposed of it because it was taking up too much room in my closet since it stopped working. I have gone back to using my mop!

    Theoretically it's a great idea - an appliance that vacuums and mops your floor! Practically here's what you do: you drag it out, plug it in, vacuum, clean out the receptacle of dirt, fill the reservoir with the cleaner, "mop" the floor, empty out the receptacle of dirty water, rinse it out and keep it for drying, rinse out the lint filter, and put it all away. With my mop here's what you do: You fill a bucket with water, get the mop out, mop the floor, rinse out the mop a couple of times, and put the mop away. Basically it's about the same amount of work except maybe you use a *little* more energy to mop.

    But here's the main reason for my rating: after a year of use, water started to puddle on the floor and the unit lost it's mopping function which is what I used it for mainly. It just sat in my closet since I didn't want to mail the vacuum back to Hoover and pay shipping costs to fix it. I finally got rid of it last week...more info
  • I've used 2
    I sold floormates along with other cleaning tools for a couple of years but I wasn't able to see them in action.....so I relied on customer's reports. Some customers told me that this was an excellent product and I never had one returned. I finally gave in and purchased one a few months ago. It was easy to set up out of the box.

    I have ceramic tile throughout the house. I also own a Flip-it and it did a terrible job and took forever to clean the large area. I tried the dry vac on the Floormate and I was shocked to see it pick all the dirt it came into contact with....as well as loose hairs instead of blowing them around. So I went over the entire floor very satisfied with that feature. Then I tried the wash feature. My pup had dirty paw prints all over the floor and I was looking forward to testing the Floormate on them. And again the unit prevailed and removed the dirt. And amazingly I did the entire floor never needing the wet/dry (wet pickup) feature, the floor was drying as I was washing....squeegee did an excellent job. So I poured water on the floor to test the wet vac and it picked it up immediately...once again pleased. The tank fills up just about the time I finish so there is no need for running back and forth to the sink. The floor was shiny and smelled clean.

    Now the downside with MY unit.... there is none. But a friend purchased one and it isn't nearly as good as mine (where I dropped 1 star). I tried it out and the dry vac seemed similar to mine....but it didn't clean the floor as well and the wet/dry (wet pickup) feature still didn't dry the floor completely after washing....which was a function that I didn't really need on my Floormate. I tried to convince him to take it back because it's my assumption that it's a faulty unit but they kept it anyways. So there's my suggestion, if it doesn't seem to get the job done take it back...it could just be the unit. ...more info
  • This is FANTASTIC. If you have hard floors - A MUST
    I have read all the reviews on this page and several other blogs on the internet. I knew what cons to look for, and to be honest, I didn't find any. The first time I used it, I did take it very slow and went with the length of the boards (not across the boards). I couldn't believe the dirt it picked up -- I thought my floor was "clean" when I started. (I used warm tap water and vinegar)

    I could see some of the cons people were stating if you went too fast. If you are WASHING your floors -- there is nothing better! Even if you have to take it a little slower(than regular vaccuming) - It still beats getting on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors or mopping the floors. It is soo much easier on your back and arms! Also, I think the tank sizes are perfect, I wouldn't want them any bigger - that would just make the size of the cleaner bigger and bulkier. This fits in my coat closet with my vaccum cleaner.

    I wish I had bought this years ago. I highly recommend it - just don't rush it.

    P.S. It also worked great on my bathroom floor--getting up the hairspray!
    ...more info
  • waste of money!
    I wasted my money on this item. It doesnt clean like the reviews said. It left water behind and I ended up having to go over it again. I don't like mops cuz its dirty. So is this, YOu have to clean up after just wasting time waiting for the floormate to TRY to CLEAN, and it takes forever to just scrub one area. I was hoping that the cleaner would make it easier, cleaner and faster. In this case it get a 0 for all of the above.Its easier,cleaner and faster to get a washcloth than to use this. Which was the whole purpose I was hoping that the floormate would rid me of! For the $$$. It needs to do more than just throw water on my floors, splatter them around with the brush and TRY to pick it up with the Suction. Sorry, just very upset i wasted my money, Don't waste yours......more info
  • Several Flaws Make The Floormate a Bad Choice for Laminate.
    I purchased the H3030 Hoover Floormate. I read many reviews on Amazon to guide my decesion.
    I personally don't understand why there are so many glowing reviews for this product. The following list kept me from enjoying the unit:

    1. The suction is not strong enough to pick up the water it puts down. Pergo floors do not like excess water. The flooring will buckle.

    2. The unit is hard to navigate.

    3. The unit puts dry and wet debris into the same chamber. The chamber is a soup of dog hair and dirty water after using it. The soup will make your sink dirty after doing a rinse to clean it out. Dog hairs stick to part of the chamber which you can't reach with the faucet to clean out.

    4. You have to keep the containers out to dry after you are done using the machine (or they will start to stink). You can't just empty the containers, put them back in the machine, and put it away.

    5. The cleaning results are poor (streaking is my main issue)

    6. I can mop the floor using my micro fiber mop and laminate spray cleaner in less than 1/2 the time it took me to use this device. You have to move the device very slow back and forth several times to clean and then attempt to pick up the water.

    Lance...more info
  • Leaks, leaks, leaks!
    I've had this Floormate for a year now. It was a floor model... no box or warranty. Buying it that way was a mistake. The brushes don't actually hit my tile floor. I think they just help to swirl the solution around as it comes out. So any marks that require friction to remove have to be cleaned by hand. The solution does come back dirty in the dirty tank so it does a fairly decent job cleaning the floor. It's easy and comfortable to use. When I first got the machine, I noticed a bit of puddling on the floor whenever the machine was turned off. I didn't think it was a big deal then, but it got progressively worse. Now it puddles very quickly, even when on, and goes through the clean solution in a very short time. Granted, I have a large kitchen floor, but I am filling the clean solution tank 10 times plus before I'm finished! Hoover has a problem with leaky machines. My Hoover Widepath carpet cleaner leaked like crazy! When will I learn? So I just got a Bissell Flip-It and will be trying it today. Bottom line with the Hoover... make sure you can return it if you have a problem!...more info
  • Not that good
    I purchased this floor cleaner 4 months ago. The first time I used it, the time spent cleaning my kitchen linoleum was excessive. The brushes do not contact the floor well enough to "scrub" it. They just sort of whisk the floor. The second time I used it, some stains were removed, but the vast majority of the black marks and food droppings stayed on the floor. It cannot remove a black mark from your floor.

    My solution? It is too late for me to return this item, so I will use it to vacuum up the water left over from the 12-inch floor scrubber that I will be renting from Lowes or Home Depot.

    The Hoover Floormate is designed for light-duty only....more info
  • Decent enough to clean floors at an affordable price.
    Got this for $119 so overall I am quite pleased with my purchase. My wood floors come out much cleaner than they ever would with a mop or sponge cleaner could handle. I live in a home that is completely outside-air ventilated with large windows so dust and dirt accumulates very rapid. My only complaint is how the plastic float valve that prevents waste water from enter the intake is very dinky, poorly designed, so that when you bang the unit against something or tilt the angle of the handle too low it will close up. You are then forced to turn the unit off and wait for the float to drop off its suction until you can turn it back on again. I've never seen a float so poorly designed in my life and I've used a lot of wet cleaners before. Otherwise, the brushes do their job well and while the wasterwater tank is small it's no more so than any other non-commercial unit out there. The clean water tank is small too but a bigger tank would just get cold faster and since this unit doesn't have a heating element on it (only much higher priced machines do) a smaller tank makes more sense. One other thing I didn't like is how one needs to be careful when removing the wastewater tank from the vacuum unit as there's TWO pieces that come out and it will literally collapse on you spilling the crud out onto the floor if you aren't very careful.

    ...more info
  • Awful floor cleaner
    My parents recommended the floormate to me when I moved into a house with some tile. They have one and they think it works well. We, however, think that it is awful. First, it does not save any time - in fact, it takes more time than mopping. Second, it does a horrible job - the scrubbers don't do much at all. Third, the wheels get dirty, and then when the floor is wet and you go to dry it, the wheels leave streaks of dirt on the floor. Finally, you have to change the water very frequently....more info
  • Hoover H3030 FloorMate
    I love it and it does a great job. It is easy to use and maintain....more info
  • weak scrubbers ...weak vac...gone through 3 gaskets already
    I have purchased two different Floor Mate units. One as a gift and one for myself. They both started out excellent scrubbing and drying. Not any more! I have purchased three gaskets because the rubber is so soft on the cleaning head that it wears out fast. Now, on both units the squirter hardly sprays water and floor is not getting cleaned. Also, on one of the units the large hose that is between the head and the base of the unit has split..and we cannot figure out how to remove it to replace it. I have always purchased Hoover products and now will think twice before I purchase another! The vac is very weak as well....on both units! I am very dissapointed. ...more info
  • Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub 500 Floor Cleaner
    Wow, I love it. No more hands in dirty water. No more spreading dirty water w/ mop. No more killer back ache. After I got this I even went to 3 friends homes, cleaned their floor. All 3 are placing an order....more info
  • Satisfied Customer
    After using this product for one month I am completely satified. It far exceeds my expectations. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Floormate
    On/Off button needs to be held for a couple of seconds before it starts. Scrubber brushes don't clean the grout that good....more info
  • Great Product
    Cannot believe how clean my floors are now. Easy to use, easy to clean up when finished. Recommend highly....more info
  • Better Thank Mop & Bucket!
    I may add a review later since I just bought this yesterday, but for now here is my view on this product.

    I originally went to the store to purchase the Conair Lysol cleaner mop since it seemed to have terrific reviews. When they didn't have it I switched over and dished out the $$ for this. I do think it is a little on the pricey side for sure. $100 - $120 would have been better.

    The first time you use this, be prepared to take some time as I did until you figure it out. It is easy to assemble, and if your floors were never cleaned with anything but a broom & mop, it will take a good going over (moving things) to get them into shape. My assumption is that now they were done once good, it should be much easier to just do routine maintenance with the vac.

    We have Pergo floors in the dining room & hall and vinyl in the kitchen. I felt it did a good job on the vinyl and a great job on the wood - however the wood took longer and it took patience to get a routine going. I only came up with streaks in 2 small area's so I went over those in about 2 seconds with my 'normal' method terry cloth and they were fine. I know why this was....this was a heavy traffic area and even through regular cleaning, it was grime that just took time to get up.

    I don't even think you realize this with a regular mop and bucket....you think you are cleaning until you get this unit.

    So... Pro's
    -more fun to use for sure

    -dries the floors fairly well...sure beats waiting for it to dry and my kids running over the floors!

    -no more mop & bucket...woohoo


    -I don't bother with the dry vac...I just get my own out (or broom) because I hose the corners good. I feel this would be good to use for dry vac if you were really maintaining on a daily / semi-daily basis and didn't have kids or pets lol :-) If you are only going to use it once a week and have these, forget it!

    -tanks could be a little bigger. Although I didn't mind changing them out and probably won't need to do it as often from now on, I can see why people with a whole house of these floors might need to.

    Overall, I think it was a good purchase so far. At this point, I would recommend it just because my Pergo floors look terrific!...more info
  • Floormate does poor job
    I still have to scrub the vinyl kitchen floor. This machine only works for touch-ups. You have to buy special cleaner for the machine, which really annoyed me. The special cleaner doesn't do a good job in the kitchen. The machine and the special hard wood cleaner does little for washing dirty hardwood floors or vacuuming - a dust mop picks up better than the vacuum feature. I'm sorry that I bought it.
    Customer service is horrible. When I called customer service to find out what the user manual meant by "don't use solvent cleaners", they only said to use their product - they wouldn't comment on any of the usual kitchen floor cleaners that you can buy in the grocery store and use with a mop and bucket. They wouldn't even comment on using eco-friendly vinegar in their machine. I followed-up with a letter to the company, asking what they meant by solvent cleaners, and instead of answering my question with an explanation in a letter, they mailed me a bottle of their cleaner. No letter at all....more info
  • Floor Mate review
    This Hoover floor mate is a great all in one machine to make it easy to clean kitchen and bath floors...more info
  • Tile floor washing
    The machine did not do a good job of scrubbing or
    of vacuuming up water...more info
  • definitely worth it for pergo style 'wood' floors!
    Our new house has Pergo-style wood floors in a very light maple color in the kitchen. With two small children we get plenty of food thrown on the floor, then walked on, sat in, etc. Traditional Mopping left visible residue (gross) and streaking on the floor. It was really noticeable due to the color of our floor and reflection, etc. The Floormate has been great! We use it almost every day. It probably takes as long as conventional mopping, but with way better results. The tricks i have found are to use very hot tap water and to dilute whatever cleaner you're using beyond what the mix cup tells you (to avoid streaking). We have also used Mr. Clean floor cleaner with the floormate (maybe against recommendation) but diluted it quite a bit. The key to good results with any of these type of machines that put down water/cleaner and pick it up again is to find the proper speed. If you move the machine too fast you won't give the unit time to suck up the liquid and you'll get streaking. You will have to sweep first though depending on your lifestyle... the dry vac feature of the floormate is virtually worthless. The fun of using the floormate vs. mopping/scrubbing on hands and knees is undeniable. I actually enjoy using it! As a very finicky consumer, I was impressed with Hoover's quality of construction as well. The fold down handle feature lets us tuck it away in the closet under hanging jackets, etc. I would recommend to anyone who is having trouble getting their light colored Pergo style floors to look nice!...more info
  • Not as good as I hoped it would be...
    the vacuum loses suction at times, and I have to turn it off and restart it in order to get it to work again. When it does work, it does a great job scrubbing the floors. Not sure why it is losing suction, I cleaned out all tanks, but it still has problems. ...more info
  • Another useless piece of Hoover crud
    No Hoover engineers' brain cells were abused in the design of this machine. By trying to be all things, it consequently doesn't do anything well. The vacuum is below the ability of the battery operated ones on infomercials. It would have difficulty picking up M&Ms, raisins and Cheerios. The scrubbing brushes are kept so high by the outside rubber guard and base wheels, that they barely touch the surface - rendering them completely ineffective. It does squirt the cleaning solution, but has difficulty picking it up. The canister sizes for the cleaning solution and pick up of same are TINY! Look to empty and refill after cleaning 1/3 to 1/2 of the floor of an average size room. If you have someone like Tim the Toolman, have him remove the base wheels and get those brushes to the surface. Also, reconnect the wires so that the brushes are turning when wet vacuuming. It keeps the dirt from settling and drying back into the floor. Overall - this is a 98 pound weakling that needs courses from Charles Atlas....more info
  • Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub 500 Floor Cleaner
    Delivered on time---at the right price. Works as advertised...more info
  • Works great!
    We have used the Floormate a couple of times on our tile floor since we purchased it. It is easy to use with the Floormate cleaner. You do need to wipe up some of the water with a towel afterwards, but it is a lot easier than getting on your hands and knees to scrub!...more info
  • Original Floormate Better
    Plastic components were damaged easily. I received two units with damaged components. It also does not seem to pickup water as well as my original floormate. The float arm needs to be dampened because quick movements cause the float to close, even with no water in the pickup tank.
    The single selector (dry pickup, scrub, wet pickup)is an improvement over the original...more info
  • Hoover H3030 FloorMate
    The FloorMate arrived in good condition on the date expected. It was easy to assemble and comes with a good manual. I used it to clean my Linoleum. The results were clearly better than I have been getting with a mop. It was very easy to use and left my usually sensitive back feeling fine. It took a little longer than I expected -- probably because it was the first time I used it. I'm very satisfied with the product on a whole. Here is a tip for others: The cleaning solution is available on the shelf at Target stores and is less expensive than any place else. ...more info
  • Better than manual mopping
    I hate HATE mopping. This helps me do the task BUT it doesn't do the best job on my tile floor. How3ver, I'm keeping the cleaner....more info
  • Hard Floor Cleaner
    I got this for my daughter's birthday and right after she had gotten laminate flooring installed. She says it does a very good job and she's happy to have it. ...more info
  • Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub 500
    GREAT! We bought the 1st (original) model and it was great until it pretty much died due to over-use. I'm much more pleased with this upgraded version. I can really tell the difference in how much cleaner the floor feels (it has a much better agitator), how much better this model dries the floor, and is generally more heavy duty. I will never go back to the old way of mopping floors after having a Hoover FloorMate!
    The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was because half way through any cycle the machine makes a clunking noise and it sounds like the agitator/squ-weegie pulls up and I feel like it doesn't do as good as a job as before this happens. Once I turn it off and push it back into its upright position, and turn it back on -- it works just fine again. It's kind of pain when it happens but not enough to send it back! I love it!...more info
  • It's Ok But Not Good For Hardwood Floors
    It DO NOT SUCK UP THE DIRT. It just Doesn't quite get the dirt of the floor when i use the dry vacuum. No matter how many times i go over the dirted area i doesn't pick it up. And if the dirt is in a corner forget it. Pleeeaaaseee don't even waste your time and just get the dirt up some other way.

    In regards to the wet vacuum. Its up to you how much water you want to wet the area that you want cleaned by pushing a button at the top. And when your done the feature that is suppose to dry the floor does nothing. The floor stays damp.

    It's like the only thing the vacuum is good for is the wash feature that I can't even enjoy because of the hardwoord floors I have. It did clean the dust and some dirt off the floor and left the place smelling clean, but also let the floor so damp I regretted using it in the long run.

    I honestly want to sell it back. I no longer want it. To me it wasn't worth the money I spent on it.

    EnJoy and Think Twice....more info
  • Really good product!
    I read all the reviews on this floor cleaner, along with reviews on the others available in the Hoover line. This got the best reviews by far, and I could see why as soon as it arrived. It assembled easily, was easy to use, and did a good job on my hardwood, and vinyl floors. No, it's not perfect, nothing is, but it beats the heck out of getting down on your hand and knees. You can't beat this one!...more info
  • not satisfied
    This is the second time I am using the Spin Scrub. It does not soak up
    the water like it should. I still have to use a towel to absorb the water. I had a Hoover scrubber about 20 years ago which did a much better job than this one. ...more info
  • Hoover H3030
    Excellent job of cleaning and very easy to operate. Also very cost effective in comparison to other retail dealers....more info
  • Not very happy
    I bought this product to use on my sealed hardwood floors. It is cumbersome and bulky to use. Also, it does not pick up all of the dirty water so you have to "dry" the foor with a terry mop which adds yet another step to the already long process - vacuum, wet scrub, water removal, plus dry with terry mop. I'll stick with my old cleaning method of spritz floor with cleaner and mop with terry mop. My floors didn't look any better when I used the floormate! :-(...more info
  • Hoover Floor Cleaner
    The product is as advertised, and we are very happy with the Amazon service....more info
  • Nice Helper
    This machine is great on hard wood and the tile in my bathroom. I am not so happy with the grout scrubber. It doesnt seem to clean that as well. It also did not work well on the tile in my kitchen which is a high traffic area. The tile is stone and is not a smooth surface. Once I thought I was finished I wiped it with a wet paper towel to find it was still dirty....more info
  • great
    very good floor cleaner i searched for a good price and a good cleaner it did not let me down...more info
  • Good when it works
    I bought this from Amazon and wished I'd got it from a local store instead. The first time I used it it worked for 45 minutes or so and then it stopped working. At first the spray would not spray (the bottle was not empty), the trigger felt a lot harder to push, and then after a bit it powered off and would not power on. (I wonder if that was a cutout for overheating.) It worked again the next day but I took it in for repair (under warranty). Best Buy are an authorized repair place for Hoover. Had I bought it from them I could've just exchanged it. Instead they kept it for three weeks and then declared there was nothing wrong with it. I have used it once since and it worked then. I was also alarmed by the fact that the serial number on it does not match this kind of Hoover (according to Hoover). It made me wonder whether I had a cheap foreign ripoff product. When it works I like it, but I wish I could've exchanged this one - yes perhaps I could've exchanged through Amazon but that's such a hassle. ...more info
  • Does not work nearly as well as the original
    After reading the other reviews, I am wondering if I have a defective model. Here is our experience with this machine:

    We've had a floormate since 2001. We loved our original floormate, so when it conked out, we bought this model. It DOES NOT clean the floors, at all! The "new and improved" brushes don't even touch the floor most of the time. It doesn't suck up the excess water as well as the older one, so you're basically just pushing dirty water around the floor. We are so dissapointed, we've went back to cleaning on our hands and knees....more info
  • best invention since the dishwasher
    This machine is the best invention since the dishwasher. It saves so many steps. No vacume or broom or mop or rags needed. I use to cringe when I cleaned the floor and then cooked and got the floor dirty. with the Hoover Floormate I dont mind cleaning my floors. It is as simple as running your vacume cleaner. I can`t get over how easy it is. My hardwood floors that are 47 yrs old shine like they are wet. I was going to cover my hardwood floors because it was to much work. Well needless to say they are staying bare. This is a must for anyone with hard surface to clean. Its GREATTTTTTTTT ...more info
  • What an Invention!
    I have a huge kitchen and cleaning the vinyl floor has always been a major chore. I bought the Hoover H3030 and the floor looks better than it has in years. It is slow as some reviewers mentioned but it is worth the time because the floor gets clean and dry. Mopping might be faster for some but all the dirty water stays on the floor and you have to figure in drying time. I wash a section; dry a section; move to the next. I can do the entire kitchen (18' x 12') in 45 minutes. Mopping was not really faster because I had to change the water several times. I recommend the Hoover H3030. ...more info
  • Not good on grout
    I purchased this floor cleaner specifically to use on the white tile floor and (formerly) white grout. It did a great job cleaning the tile itself. Unfortunately, it did not make a bit of difference on the grout, which is just as dirty as it was before I cleaned it with the Hoover floor cleaner. It looks like I'll be on my hands and knees with the bleach and toothbrush afterall - - very disappointing!...more info
  • cleans great
    i love this thing and keep it in the kitchen ready to use. it is light weight and easy to use. it is nice looking and has a long cord so i don't have to stop and move the plug.

    nothing in this world is perfect and it is possible to leave water on the floor but the wet pick up works well after you wash if you really want a dry floor. glad i bought it. much much better than mopping. you know the floor is clean when you use this, bare feet will tell you that.

    i also have a brick entry that is about 6 by 20 feet and it does a good job on that too although with the grout it leave more water, but hey, i don't want to mop or scrub that floor any other way!! for me this is the way to do floors....more info
  • I'm happy with my purchase
    I did a lot of research reading reviews and such and decided on this model for the price as well as function. I used it today for the first time and am very pleased. I have not tried on tile so can't help you there, but I can imagine the brushes would get it clean. I used it on linoleum and wood. After cleaning the linoleum I wiped it with a wet white paper towel and it came back absolutely spotless. Now for the wood floors. Well, my wood floors are in terrible shape and I'm biding my time to replace them. I'm not worried about ruining them as they already are. I just wanted them clean. It didn't pass the white paper towel test but let me tell you they look cleaner than they ever have. I think the dirt just must be embedded in them. The water I dumped was just mud and I couldn't believe the sand on the bottom. And it removed some tough spots from my wood floors. It dried within probably 5 minutes, but I think when I use this on my laminate floors I will still follow behind with a towel just to be sure. My only complaint is that I went to the website to find out more information like what types of cleaners can be used safely in it and there is very little information. As of now I would recommend this to everyone looking to get their floors really clean.
    ...more info
    Love it. It's easy to use, saves the back and does an excellent job....more info
  • Like this floor cleaner!
    I think it does a good job because the color of the water it picks up. I was looking for something for my tile floors and this was the only thing I could find to help as an alternative to old fashioned mopping. I like it, one thing I wish was better is the size of the clean water and dirty water compartments. I can't do the whole floor on one tank but my kitchen is very large. It has a grout brush and I like that because I have wide grout....more info
  • Loud and takes forever
    I don't know if my machine just wasn't working, but I was constantly pushing the spray button, and the floor barely got wet. After a half an hour of loud noise, my husband said, "Honey? Doesn't it normally take you five minutes to mop? Maybe we should return that thing." I was so bummed because of all the stellar reviews I had read, and I thought my life would change. Bed Bath and Beyond took it back the same day with a smile. ...more info
  • Tiled floors
    We have only had this a month but it appears to do the job on our expanse of white tile. We had the tile professionally cleaned and grout sealed before we bought this.It is a little loud, but tile echos a lot also. No complaints so far....more info
  • My mom wishes she had one!
    I received this item for Christmas and have really had good luck with it.I did have to scrub my white grout first with a Mr.Clean Eraser and then have used the machine every two weeks on my floors and the grout has never been so clean!Also works well on linoleum.I do not find a problem with the dirty water resevoir .I think it holds more than the cleaning one does and does not have to be emptied more frequently .I have bad knees so, this has been a real time saver for me.I think it cleans floors better than the old hands and knees method.Worth the money to me!!...more info
  • Tile & Grout Solution
    I have about 60 square feet of 6" tile with about a 3/8" grout line in my kitchen. Getting down on my hands and knees with a brush in order to get it clean is such an onerous job that I was seriously considering replacing it. The secret to this type of machine is that it vacuums up the dirty solution leaving no residue. The first time I used the Floormate it did a good job on a very dirty floor. The next day I hit the grout with some additional industrial strength degreaser and then ran the Floormate over again and the floor hasn't looked this good in ages. Since then I am able to go over the floor and keep it very clean in about twenty minutes painlessly. No groveling around on my hands and knees. The Floormate also worked well on Oak strip flooring in the rest of the house.

    The Floormate is the perfect solution to my problem. The only reason I give it 4 rather than 5 stars is that it, like almost everything else, is made in China. I have to admit that I am impressed by the quality so much that I would gladly pay a premium to see made in USA on the box. ...more info
  • Beats mopping!!
    In the beginning I was a little frustrated because I couldn't get it to wash. It just didn't want to get the floor wet. So it took me a few times of taking it a part and putting it back together. I read the directions very carefully so don't know why it didn't work the first time. Once I got it running it works fine. It really cleans the floors better than mopping. If you have scruff marks you do have to go over it a few times, which is a little bit disappointing. But you have the same problem if you are mopping. It is nice that it does dry the floor fast. If you like to walk around in socks you will see the difference because your soles will be clean and with mopping that doesn't happen, no matter how clean you thought it was when you use the mop....more info
  • Pretty Good, Easy to Handle
    This is a very attractive appliance and very easy to handle. The reason I only give it 3 stars is that I find the cleaning to be mediocre at best. I first tried this out on my bathroom vinyl tile floor, which really never gets dirty, but then gave it the acid test on my kitchen vinyl flooring...I have 3 dogs who track in lord knows what and 12 muddy feet making tracks. OK, I have to say, my floor looks better when I use my PVA mop on it since that doesn't streak. The high-traffic areas of the kitchen floor had streaks and the machine didn't get too much dirt out of the "pebbled" areas of the flooring. Maybe you need a couple of washes to get the dirt out of the pebbling, so I am going easy on the machine on that score. I also compare this to my Bissell Flip It (the heated model) and I have to say, the Bissell does a superior job to the FloorMate on my floors and the Bissell does a much better wet-vac job as the floor is practically dry. The FloorMate left the floor a lot wetter but it still took only about 5 min to dry. I might add this purchase was made for use by foster families of a dog rescue...I chose this model with one family in mind who has bluestone floors throughout the house, as I believe this machine will work better under those conditions. I didn't use the Hoover supplied detergent as I thought it smelled pretty bad; instead, I used the Bissell formulations which are completely safe in this machine as well. My recommendation is this FloorMate is OK, but I'll stick with my Bissell Flip-It.

    The family with all the bluestone floors tried this out and said it was "fantastic," and their floors "have never been so clean." They highly recommend for tile....more info
  • A must-have
    I love this FloorMate. I feel like my floors are really clean with this wonderful product....more info
  • Better then Hoover H2850 FloorMate powerbrush300
    I bought the Hoover H2850 FloorMate 300 last christmax, it wouldn't pick up all the water. Thinks god, Target accept my return without any question (Amazon will not give me this kind of service ! )
    yesterday I bought this newer model Hoover H3030.
    WOW, what a great floor cleaner, now my floor is clean and DRY.
    highly recommond it, for the price and works great.
    ...more info
  • Why This Is A Great Machine...
    I thought I would write a rather lengthy review for those of you that are on the fence about this product.

    Our house has tile in almost all rooms. We also have a house FULL of pets. It has always been a pain to mop.
    I have to lock up the animals to give the floor time to dry... I also have to lock up my husband so he doesn't walk all over the wet floors lol. We have so much tile that it would take forever to vacuum, mop, rinse, and then dry mop to get up the water. But really, the worst part of mopping is this: how exactly do you really get all of the dirty water back into the bucket? If you really think about it, at some point or another you are swishing dirty water around. So what you think is a clean floor - may not be that clean after all.

    I think your own expectations of this machine will determine if you really love it. I use this machine in a different way than everyone else. I don't really use the detergent dispenser, except when I have a little spill or quick clean up. Here's my process, and then why I really love the machine: 1.) I mop the floor like I normally would (soppy wet) 2.) Use Floormate to suck up soapy water and also scrub the floor at the same time. 3.) Rinse Floor with mop and clean water (again soppy wet) 4.) Use the Floormate on "wet pickup" to dry the floors. This may sound like a lot of work for some of you, but it hardly takes any time, and this process takes me far less time vs. mopping the floors the "old way."

    Here's why I love the Floormate:

    1. When mopping, I always encounter some stray dirt or crud that I missed with the vacuum. I would hope to pick it up on the mop, but sometimes renegade dirt would just end up moving around on the floor. The Floormate sucks all of the stray dirt/crud/pet hair up while scrubbing or rinsing.

    2. By using the Floormate, I KNOW I am not swishing dirty water around on the floor. You're sucking all of the grimy water up for a really clean floor. It's an eye opener when you empty the tank and see gray, grimy water. Yuck-O.

    3. The particular model is very sturdy, and easy to use. I didn't find it heavy at all.

    4. When I use the Floormate (the final Wet PickUp), my floors need only 5 minutes to dry.
    I don't have to sound like a nag yelling "get off my clean floor!"

    5. It takes far less time to mop and I dread it less

    The only negative comment I have is that you will end up emptying the dirty tank constantly.
    I empty mine several times per room. But for me this trade-off is worth it. Perhaps Hoover will reconsider this tank size in a future version of the Floormate.

    Again - all and in I give the Floormate 4 stars! I love it!

    REVIEW UPDATE: 12/1/07
    It's now almost a year later and I still love this machine... no problems at all with it at all. Highly recommended....more info
  • Hoover FloorMate H3030
    I have both tile and vinyl floor covering on the main floor of my home. The high traffic areas are on the vinyl and always need extra work. The FloorMate does a great job on all the other areas, but not as well on the tough areas as I had hoped. I used the regular floor cleaner solution first time around, then the tile & grout solution to see if there was any difference. I didn't notice much difference. The high traffic areas will still require extra attention with a stronger, concentrated cleaner and elbow grease.

    I was very impressed by how little water was used and that the cleaning water was always fresh. The convenience and efficiency of filling the tank one time and dumping one time was a great asset.

    The machine is a little heavy, and I almost get a blister on my thumb each time I use it, but it's worth it.

    The vacuum part is okay, but doesn't reach corners and under counters. I prefer to use my regular vacuum first, then wash the floor with the FloorMate. The same problem occurs with the FloorMate when washing - it doesn't reach into corners or under counters.

    It's a great tool, but be aware that you will need to do a little washing by hand/mop to reach corners....more info
  • great product
    This is one of the best products I have purchased. It does an amazing job of cleaning our Travertine floors and is very easy to use. I am embarrased at the amount of dirt that is in the waste tank! I have recommended this product to all of my friends with hard surface flooring, it really is a great tool....more info
  • Great Floor Machine
    Simple instructions, easy to assemble, uses it's own floor cleaner that is easy to obtain.Cleans floors beautifully leaving them smelling fresh.Also dry vacs and wet vacs.Would highly recommend to everyone.Beats a mop!...more info
  • FloorMate Review
    A pretty good product. Though not as powerful as I had hoped. The dry pick up setting could use a lot of improving. I am not dissatisfied with the product, just thought it would perform better than it does....more info
  • HOLY COW!!!
    I spent a lot of time researching this item before I actually bought it, and like many people, I was apprehensive because I had read many lukewarm reviews. But Amazon had such a great sale, I figured I had little to lose. WOW!! I LOVE THIS MACHINE! I mopped my floor on Sunday and my Floormate arrived the following Wednesday. My floor looked clean, so I wasn't prepared for what came out of the dirty tank when I emptied it. Shocking! It was full of crumbs and hair, and the water was dark grey. It was embarrassing! The Floormate was a cinch to use, and did such an amazing job, I can't imagine ever going without it. It went together easily, worked perfectly, scrubbed off film that I didn't realize was there, was a breeze to clean afterwards, and my kitchen vinyl floor has a reflection that hasn't been there since I bought the house! If you're concerned about the reviews you've read that say it doesn't work, ignore them! You'll be so happy with the Floormate, you'll vow (as I did) NEVER to mop the conventional way ever again! It's awesome!...more info
  • Does the job!
    I had the Bissell Flip It for about a year and the motor recently died. It did a pretty good job and I was happy with the job it does on my tiled floors. I didn't buy it again because of the short motor life and instead purchased the Hoover Spinscrub 500. It cleans just as well and I am equally happy. Both clean water chambers do leak a bit at times but it's worth not having to wash the floor with a mop and bucket. I do prefer the narrower base of the Flip It for getting behind the toilet or between furniture which the Hoover's wide base cannot do. Knowing this now, I probably would have ordered the Hoover Floormate with the hose and attachments for this purpose and paid the additional money because it's probably worth it. Other than that, I am happy with this purchase and am hoping that the Hoover motor lasts longer than the Bissell's. I'll keep you posted if if doesn't!...more info
  • Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub 500 Floor Cleaner
    Very easy to use. Timely shipping to meet the holiday need. Excellent product - would highly recommend....more info
  • Love this machine!!
    It's lightweight and I don't think my tile floors have ever been cleaner. ...more info
  • Hoover FloorMate well suited for light tile cleaning
    I needed something to ease my day to day mainanence of the 3200 ft of tile floor in my house. The Floormate does not do well for cleaning up heavy buildups of dirt, but makes quick work of light cleaning. The water tanks are a bit small, but easy to handle. Pretty noisy (like a shop-vac). A lot nicer than hand scrubing and towel drying. ...more info
  • Waste of Money
    I purchased this item with the hopes it would get the white ceramic tile in my kitchen clean. It was extremely easy to put together, and that was the only good thing about the Floormate. Honestly, my floor gets cleaner using the Wet Swifter, then it did with this item. The water tank constantly needed refilling, and it was very loud and bulky. After I used this item I had to rewash my floor using a standard mop and some Lysol.
    SAVE YOUR MONEY !!!!...more info
  • Hoover Floor Cleaner - Not Perfect
    I found the Hoover H3030FloorMate SpinScrub 500 Floor Cleaner to be a basically effective cleaner, however, I have several reservations. Its worst characteristic is inconsistency in the pickup/drying function. Generally, the floor comes out clean, but sometimes the pickup (of water) works, and sometimes it doesn't. The unit is heavy, nd somewhat difficult to manuever as a result. I think that if the drying function was corrcted, I would absolutely love this machine....more info
  • FloorMate saves my back !!
    We have a lot of ceramic tile in our home and washing it with a mop and bucket killed me. Now with the Hoover floormate 500 it takes less time and does a better job !!The chemicals are a bit costly but worth it....more info
  • Happy Daughter-in-Law
    I purchased this floor cleaner for my daughter in law, who works full time and has a very active (and messy) 3 year old. She was so excited that she went home that night and cleaned her floors. She reports that it is the easiest and best hard surface cleaner she has ever used. There is no drying time, so she doesn't have to worry about anyone tracking up the wet floor or slipping. One time over the floors and they are vacumned, mopped and dried. She highly reccommends it to anyone with wood, tile, vinyl or laminate flooring....more info
  • Better than a Mop, Easy on hands and knees!
    The more you use the spinscrub the better the floor looks and feels....more info
  • Older model was better
    This SpinScrub is ok but my older model picked up better. I have to use a mop to finish drying up the floor when I finish cleaning it. I would not have paid the full price for it but it wasn't too bad with the discounts I got from Amazon. I wish you could get around tight areas (behind commodes) with it....more info
  • Great if you don't want to labor so hard to scrub the floor
    Overall, I'm very satisfied and would buy this machine again. As previously stated, it does take time to clean floors even with the Floormate. You will move over your floors much slower than you would in vacuum mode if you want to allow the machine to scrub your floor. Admittedly, to use the machine effectively takes longer than I expected, which is why I gave it only 4 stars. However, when you stop to think about it, how could anything scrub the floor and suck up the cleaning water as quickly as it would just vacuum the floor?

    Most of my house is hardwoord, and living in a tropical humid environment, I am not always up to manually cleaning my floors with my wonderful miracle mop when the heat and humidity are high. Cleaning with the miracle mop or on my hands and knees would be faster, but when the weather is muggy, having the Floormate means my floors will get cleaned.

    In 2 months, I've never had it leak water, and it sucks up water from the floor just fine. e have a short haired dog that sheds a lot in the heat and it does a fine job getting all of that. I no longer have preschoolers so having larger things to suck up off the floor (like Cheerios) is not an issue for me.

    The vacuum mode works adequately on hard floors (have not tried carpet as it was designed to clean carpets - seems some previous reviwers of this product do not read their instructions) - though I do prefer to use my Filter Queen with attachments that can better get into small spaces.

    It will get dried spilled stuff off, but allow the brushes some extra time to work on the spot.

    For the $100 it cost me (Amazon was offering a $25 off coupon at the time) it was well worth buying....more info
  • Power cleaning floors
    I am pleased with my purchase of the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub floor cleaner. It is very well made and of good quality. It is easy to take apart and clean for storage and folds up to take up less space. I also was pleased with the price and fast shipping from Amazon.com.
    On my white ceramic tile floor however, I had to supplement the floor cleaning liquid by spraying down some "Fantastic with bleach" cleaner to remove some dark staining....more info
  • FloorMate SpinScrub
    This floor cleaner probably works great on a lot of floors but it didn't work for mine. The grout on my tile floor is too deep I guess because it doesn't clean them or the ridge marks in my tile. The brushes are just not strong enough (they are made of very soft fibers to prevent scratching I'm sure) or long enough to clean out the grout and ridges. I contacted the company to see if they made any different set of brushes and they don't. I love how it works and I'm sure it does a great job on a lot of floors. It just didn't work on mine. ...more info
  • Hoover H3030 Floormate
    It would be nice if the water pick-up storage were a little larger. It certainly doesn't replace scrubbing on your hands and knees and getting into every tight little area. However, I love it. Sure beats scrubbing on my hands and knees 3 times a week. It does a pretty good job and I am happy I have it....more info
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning Machine
    Not a bad product, but it should be used for light duty jobs only....more info
  • Great Price & Value
    This model is superior to the of about a year ago. Works fine. However, its grout cleaning ability is questionable...more info
  • My floors have never been cleaner!
    Very nice product. My floors have never been cleaner! Instead of pushing dirt around as I always felt I did with a traditional mop, this actually vacumms up the water and dirt leaving the floors very clean. I even tried it on my hard wood floors and was very impressed with the job it did. The only drawback that I can see is the amount of time it takes to wash my floors. It seems to take me a good hour to clean the floors thoroughly, but it's well worth it when you see how clean the floors come out. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Have been waiting years for a good floor cleaner
    This floor cleaner works very well, I had a hoover carpet cleaner that leaked like crazy, so I was leery about buying a hoover.
    I live with three shelties, two cats and a mom that likes to wear boots in the house. The dyson vac takes care of the rugs, but the kitchen floor gets bad. The shelites run in from the yard that way,I will cook, clean, and do anything but the kitchen floor, same for my sister and mom. We keep a clean house! but our backs are not great anymore, and with a mop we are pushing dirty water around.
    Well we plugged this in yesterday and cheerred!Clean water to dirty water, so easy!! I use the dyson first, then the vac on this gets the dust puddles just fine. I had to do all the base boards on my hands, no problem.
    Truly the yuppie gadjet for woman over 45 with bad backs.Yes it takes time, but all house cleaning does. The floor just looked incredible, we keep a neat house, but that floor was a problem.Now my mom 75 and my sister 52 can clean the floors, soo cool.
    So if you have vinyl flooring this is a good buy, I may try the gout cleaner brushes on the garage floor this spring.
    ...more info
  • great
    I am a mother of five under five, and this product has been a tremendous time saver.Great for cleanig up juice spills on kitchen floor. Easy to use, great results, does infact leave the floor dry. Larger kitchen floors require you to refill and empty the tanks at least once. You have to assemble it yourself, but it was not that difficult....more info
  • I like the theory, but it isn't any faster
    I like the theory of this machine (not cleaning the floor with dirty water), but it is just as time consuming, if not more so, than mopping. Then you have to clean out the machine. I would recommend buying, but don't expect it to be a "quick clean"....more info
  • Not so happy
    The floor cleaner worked well for awhile and its not particularly easy to use. The vacum doesn't work very well after some repeated use and nor does the water dispenser. I was very happy at first but became less and less as time passed. Even when it was new and out of the box it was very time consuming
    This is not a very good product. I like Hoovers products but not this one....more info
  • It works, simply said.
    I purchased this handy tool to clean up after a family of 8, complete with multiple dogs and cats. Our upstairs is over 2,000 square feet and all in some sort of hard surface. The mop wasn't working for us, even the 'new' insta-mops that are currently marketed.

    After reading reviews on line, I gave it a shot. I was amazed. I use it as I would a vacuum, no more - no less. The floors dry quickly (much needed, due to dog paws) and it's so nice to be able to go from 'wash' to 'dry vac' with the turn of a dial - very helpful for hitting that section that your spouse seemly overlooked when vacuuming. Also a plus - when dry vacuuming, this vacuum does not create a draft and 'push' fur away from the vacuum.

    While some have commented that the wet/vac portion doesn't suck up a lot of the water, you do need to make sure the gasket/filter is snapped in place tightly and that the return tank is in place tightly. I have had it happen a few times where it hasn't, and it does make all the difference in the world.

    After cleaning with this SpinScrub, there are times (for company) that I will wax the floors, using a insta-style mop for the job. The mop's white cover doesn't get dirty - at all. The floor is totally clean. I was amazed.

    Clean up and ease - of - use are unbelievably easy. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Best purchase of the year!
    I recently moved into a new apartment with over 500 square feet of tile floor. I was a bit scared at first with the thought of cleaning the floor with tradition bucket and mop or on my hands and knees. I was reseaching on the internet and came up with the Hoover H3030. I read all the reviews on Amazon & also review website on the internet. Because Amazon had such a great deal, I gave it a try.

    I finally tried it out and was really impressed with how well it worked. It is like vacuuming but at a slower pace. The noise level is like a typical vacuum too. But I just put on headphones and listen to some music.

    It picked up lots of dirty from the floor. This make mopping a more tolerable process. I think that it does a better job than I will every do. If you are one of those super clean freak that need to sterilize your home like an operating room then you might find this machine to be sub-par. But if you are like me and hate to clean then please give this machine a try.

    I do have to run my swifter quickly around the edges since the Hoover can't really reach those area.

    In short, this is a great machine. I would never go back to traditional mopping methods. And for <$100, this is a great buy....more info
  • Miracle appliance for tile!
    After reading all the reviews, I bought this product but expected to be somewhat disappointed... but I'm not! I love my new Floormate!!

    Some of the PLEASANT surprises were:

    1) the very very long cord, which allows me to get more done between moving to a different outlet.

    2) the dry vac actually DID work for small stuff... after the other reviews I assumed it wouldn't work. It obviously won't get heavy duty dirt and wads of pet hair, but it got cupcake sprinkles up out of my grout in the my kitchen & small pine needles just fine.

    3) I am VERY impressed with the ability to easily "dial" the feature I want: dry vac, wash, or wet pickup. Once the floor is wet, I can keep "scrubbing" it with the wash dial position, without continuously having to add more water.

    4) the wet pickup not only picks up the water, but blows air on the floor to dry it. This feature is AMAZING. I can get the floor dry so the dog doesn't run footprints through the freshly cleaned floor, and the kids don't slip on the tile!

    5) this machine is a great size... I can fit it under most furniture (the handle lays down quite a bit), and it also manuevers around the toilet in the bathroom just fine! I thought it would be bulkier and difficult to maneuver, but it's not.

    I've been cleaning with a mixture of 1/4 vinegar to 3/4 hot water, and my tile is looking cleaner than ever. It dries quickly with no streaks. I am using the grey grout brushes only, as my house is 70% tile.

    I do want to clarify that the grout brushes will get surface debris out of the grout, but won't actually get any deep down dirt in the grout. Cleaning grout deep down will take bleach as other reviewers said.

    Overall, I am very impressed by this product! If you are on the fence between this one, and the lower priced green one, I think there is no comparison... I've seen the green one in action, and it didn't clean that well AND left icky streaks over the whole floor.

    This purple one - worth every penny!...more info
  • Okay, but not as good as advertised
    i had such high hopes for this product. i saw it advertised on the trusted home shopping networks and i do have to say i got it for a phenominal price here at amazon. i got it for 116.00 dollars and free shipping. amazon isn't who the issue is with though. you would think with 6 rotating brushes and solution that any stuck on food or mark would come out, right? thats how they advertise it atleast. but its not so true. i'm not saying nothing comes off the floor, just some things you either have to work for a long, long time or just give up on. i do my floors weekly, so its not like im leaving food stuck on the floor for months at a time. but it does not get EVERYTHING up off the floor like they claim. also, the grout cleaning solution and brushes.....FORGET IT! THEY DO NOT WORK!!! unless i am a complete idiot and doing something completely wrong my grout hasn't come clean or looked a bit better after using the solution with the grout brushes. i am happy for the people who have had wonderful results, but for the price i expected more. i like the separate resevior for the dirty water and it does get my floor cleaner then other mopping methods. it does do a general good job. but they fail to tell you on the presentation that the only way to get your floor "perfectly dry with one stroke of the floor mate " is to use it on wet pick up. if i am mopping, need to get stains or food off the floor i want it on wash because on wet pick up the brushes stop rotating....and it doesnt get it 100% dry the first stroke. the presentation is completely misleading in those areas. it does clean your floor, but it definitely isn't this wonderful machine i couldnt live without. if it wasnt for the shipping cost, i probably would've sent it back, probably. like the other review said, dont expect miracles! ...more info
  • It Really Does the Job
    We have a new house with a lot of vinyl flooring, so I really wanted a nice floor cleaning machine. I'm very glad I chose this model. It pays to investigate the various FloorMate models, because there are differences in power and number of recovery tanks. The H3030, it seems, has the right combination of features.

    All of the product claims are accurate. It effectively vacuums debris before you use it as a floor cleaner. The solution tank is easy to fill and install. The instructions suggest using slow motions as you clean, and that is good advice. This isn't, after all, a commercial strength scrubber, so you can't go too fast. However, when I used slow strokes the little spinning scrubbers did a nice job of removing any floor grime. Much of the water is sucked into the recovery tank immediately, but even more is removed when you select the "wet pickup" mode, which turns the scrubbers off. Any remaining moisture air-dried within minutes, much faster than when I used a sponge mop. I also liked the fact that the machine didn't leave a line of wet debris after every pass, which was a problem with the sponge mop.

    As we don't have tile floors, I can't judge its performance on grout.

    The machine is easy to assemble, and to disassemble for cleaning. It's noisy, but that's the only thing I'd fault it for. I tend to have bad luck with new appliances, but not this time. I'm very pleased with it, and don't hesitate to recommend it....more info
  • Good Idea, Disappointing Results
    One machine that does it all - dry vac, scrub, wet pick-up. Sounds good, but I was disappointed in the results. Let me begin by saying that I have white, textured tile all over the house. While the machine certainly picks up a lot of dirt (as evidenced by the black water in the recovery tank), it leaves a lot behind and with white tile that's a problem.

    I still had to scrub manually after I used the machine. And, by the way, I had to use almost all the 8 oz cleaner that comes with it to do all the floors. I later discovered that vinegar and water works just as well, maybe better. The manual was confusing as to what brush to use for tile. It said to use grey brushes, but the brushes were white and blue. The blue brush was labeled for grout which, the lady I spoke to at customer service, said she thought was the right one. Both brushes seemed rather soft for tile. When I did it manually after using the machine, I used a brush with stiff bristles that was more effective. The second time I used the machine, I switched to the white brush which, while just as soft as the blue, had many more bristles. It worked better, but still disappointing.

    Contrary to what some people have posted here, I thought the dry vac worked well - not as good as my regular vacuum cleaner, which has a hard floor setting, but good enough. I agree with the many others here who say the the automatic shut off kicks in when the recovery tank isn't near being full. The stopper plugs the whole prematurely and stops the suction. You have to shut the power off, wait a few seconds for the stopper to fall from the hole. It's annoying. The wet pick up works OK.

    I am returning the machine. I've decided to clean the tile as follows: First, use my Eureka vacuum cleaner - which is very good - to pick up the loose dirt and dust. Then, using a pump spayer, lay down the vinegar and water solution over a 5 or 6 foot square section of tile ata time, and scrub with stiff bristle brush on the end of a long mop handle so I don't have to get down on my knees. Then I will pick up the dirty water with a wet vac. The cost of the pump sprayer and wet vac is less than the cost of this machine.

    Let me repeat - I have white tile. If you have dark tile this machine may be adequate for you.

    One other thing, before I got the floor mate, I tried a steam cleaner I got off the net. Steam Vortex I think it was called. They told me the cotton pad you use to go over the floors with the steamer would last for about 50 uses. After one use it was frayed and had three holes in it. I returned the machine.

    Hope this was helpful....more info
  • FloorMate
    The FloorMate is a good addition. I like that it sucks up all the dirty water from the floor as opposed to sloshing it around with a mop. Some extra scrubbing is required for tough stains....more info
  • works great
    I had a previous cleaner that was about the same price, but this one is a lot better. It is amazing how you can mop the floor and then use the Hoover and see how much more dirt it picks up. I told my sister about it and she is going to buy one....more info
  • Hoover Floormate
    I had to remove the overflow switch as the vacuum kept shutting off, like the retrieval canister was filled. Since then I have had no problems and it works fine...more info
  • Hoover SpinScrub Cleans Well and Saves Time
    This machine cleans our hardwood floors better than when we clean them by hand. It takes a fraction of the time and physical energy to do the job. It's also easy to clean up afterwards....more info
  • Makes mopping a breeze..............
    Hating to mop... the Floormate makes it easy for me to maintain my various floor types... the hardwood looks beautiful as does my tile floors. The best part is I do not have to wait for the floors to dry when I am finished... in a couple of minutes they are dry and looking beautiful....more info
  • Great Mother's day gift
    Yes, I love getting things to make my life easier. So when my husband got me this for mother's day I was excited. I absolutely love it. I'm not sure what he paid for it, but it was/is worth the money.

    There is only one teenie tiny drawback which I expected. It is not meant to deep clean. It is not a deepfloor cleaner. Spills, "vacuuming" hard floors and general mopping are what it is for and it works great!

    The tank is also a bit small so it can take a few trips to the sink to finish your house. My house has no carpet and about 1800 square feet so it tends to take me a while. I don't mind especially given that once you empty the first overflow tank you will NOT BELIEVE what you actually mop your floor with using a bucket and a mop.

    As you can tell from my rating the advantages far out weigh the disadvantages. I have and will continue to reccommend it. ...more info
  • Way better than MOPPING or SWEEPING!!
    Just got it today and already cleaned to the kitchen to test it out. I got this one bc my neighbor highly reccomended it. Well so far it seems to be okay, but I am a little confused to the "grey" brushes it reccomends to use for tile...???...all I got was white brushes. So I am not really sure if I am seeing the best results possible. But, all in all it is a product that seems promising for happy, clean floors in the future. So maybe tomorrow I will finish doing the rest of the house???...more info
  • Clean floors are easy
    I just used my floormate H3030 for the second time and I am still amazed. I thought my floors were clean with the swiffer, but I was wrong. After the first use, the floors were cleaner. My family even noticed that they felt different on their bare feet! I have 2 dogs and 2 children along with a husband, and I never knew how clean the floors could be and how easy it is. I debated on spending the money for a while, but with the free shipping and the 25 dollars off, I bit the bullet and I am happy that I did. I would recommend this product! ...more info
    I bought this H3030 model to replace my H3000 model that just died after five years. It was only $ll7 after a $25 instant coupon and the shipping was free. It would have cost me $l82 at Target with sales tax, so I saved $65. It came yesterday, and I tried it out today. It is useless for cleaning grout. The grout cleaner and grout brush did not get my grout clean, but it still does a good job on the tile. My main complaint is that the shut-off float in the water recovery tank keeps closing when there is barely any water in the tank, so I have to turn off the machine to release the float, which is a real pain in the rear. This happened at least six times while I was cleaning my kitchen floor, but the tank did not need to be emptied. I never had this problem with the old machine. Even so, it still beats mopping any day. All that ever did was push dirty water around and hurt my back. The grout cleaner has an unpleasant odor and my kitchen still stinks six hours later, so I will continue to use my ARMSTRONG ONCE 'N DONE FLOOR CLEANER that I used with my old Floormate....more info
  • hoover 3030 does not honor warranty without reciept
    I have two of these machines. It works great . Only the second one i bought would not release . It was brand new, and i had bought it at a going out of business sale. I had no warranty papers when i bought it. I called the company to let them know the handle would not release. I did not have a reciept and they said it could not be fixed under warranty.
    I have several hoovers vacums and have never had a problem. I also have one of these at my other house and it works great.

    But when an item is brand new and the company won't believe that I just bought it and tells me they can't help me. That makes me question if i should continue to do business with a company that doesn't care about their customers.
    ...more info
  • Better then a mop!!!!
    Just got it out of the box and cleaned the kitchen floor. Works great, some scuff marks needed to be hand scrubed to remove. The only negitive thing I will say is the cleaner does not smell real good. I would rather a pine or citrus sented cleaner. This is the best price I have found and I looked at all the discount stores. I like it and will use it often....more info
  • We love this
    We have all kinds of vacuums and cleaners - but the best is the Hoover H3000....
    This vacuums, cleans and dries.....it is fantastic.

    I hope you will enjoy yours as much as we do ours....more info
  • Don't use on Marble
    At this point I am very angry. The cleaner states it can be used on marble. I used it on my marble foyer and now I have streaks all over it. It looks terrible and Hoover is of no help! They tell me to talk to the manufacturer of the marble! I have tried several things on a small area of my floor and so far nothing works. So be very cautious when using this cleaner on marble. It did work reasonable on my ceramic tile, but I am sick over the marble....more info
  • Great product
    it's amazing how much cleaner the floors get. I got this for our second home which is a lot smaller. I wanted to take it home & my husband said no way, buy another one!...more info
  • Wonderful cleaner
    This machine is easy to use and does a great job cleaning tile. Just ok at cleaning the grout. ...more info
  • Trust me on this one!!
    We have a 400 square foot tiled Florida room and two large dogs who are in and out the back door constantly, in additon to many visitors. Over time their dirty paws had darkened the colored grout considerably, and I was looking for a solution to cleaning it without breaking my back (I have enough to worry about around the house).
    After laboriously reading the reviews on both the H3030 500 and the 800, it seemed as if the general consensus was that both were good products. Granted, there were a couple of negative reviews, but I thought 'oh well you can't please everyone' and ordered it anyway.
    Oh boy, was I wrong... If you are not concerned with cleaning grout, then I guess this would be okay for you. But even then, the reservoir doesn't hold much and depending on the sqare footage you have to clean, you will find yourself emptying and refilling frequently. It didn't even TOUCH the grout, the rotating brushes were no stiffer than a hairbrush. When it arrived I was really excited to try my new machine, and then I was massively disappointed. To top it off, the handle comes to you in two pieces, (unassembled-it easily snaps together) but it doesn't come apart to ship back, so it won't fit back in the box! Plus we lost the $18 shipping fee to return it. TOTAL waste of time, energy and money. Don't make the same mistake. ...more info
  • Happy with it...
    We have laminate floors in most of our house, but we used to have carpets where there's laminate today. So we've gradually gone from needing to vaccum to needing to use brooms and cleaning tools like the Swiffer. Those that have tried it know that the Swiffer can become quite an expense with its supplies (pads and liquid). So we decided to sell our good ole Roomba robot (since we officially had little use for it any more) and decided to take this Floor Cleaner out for a ride.

    I can't speak about long term use with it yet (it's been a little less than two months since we got it), but so far I can say it does a pretty good job and we are happy with it. There's no "free lunch" and so is the case with this product, meaning it still needs to use a cleaning product to do its job, but at least it doesn't require a change of pads and it does a visibly better job than the Swiffer!...more info
  • Worth It! Does a very respectable job!
    I researched buying a floormate for almost 2 years... I saw both excellent and poor reviews and didn't know what to make of it all. Now, 36 weeks pregnant, and refusing to pull out the mop and bucket, I purchased this item from amazon (arrived in 2 days by the way, with standard shipping checked! Amazing!). I just finished washing my immense kitchen floor (with 13" offwhite tiles with 1/4" WHITE grout lines). I am IMPRESSED! I did have to refill/empty the tanks half way through but that took all of 1 minute. I was ashamed at the amount of dirt it picked up! Advice... take your time... since you don't have to put any muscle into like a regular mop, go slowly and give the scrubbers time to do their job. Use hot water, too. I never knew anyone that washed with a cold water mop, but the directions don't mention using any certain temp water. No leaks, easy to operate. What a relief! Now to see how it does on all the hardwood in my house.... but the kitchen tile was the REAL test as far as I am concerned....more info
  • Don't Buy This Vacuum Before You Try
    I urge you to try before you buy this vacuum. I recently purchased 2 of the Hoover Floormate 3030 Spin and Scrub cleaners.I allowed the favorable comments to help me decide that I would buy this vacuum.I have hardwood floors and laminate and 2dogs.I thought it would be just perfect.I can't tell you how disappointed I was.Nothing and I mean nothing worked as advertised.Dry Vac kept plugging up and in order to get it to vacuum again,had to turn off and on repeatedly.I tried the wet wash it was horrible.Just moved the dog hair around and floor was still dirty.I gave one to my sister and she tried to vacuum up small bird seed and it would not pick up those tiny seeds.She tried to wash the kitchen floor and the liquid would not dispense.When I asked Amazon for a Return authorization,Amazon said I would have to pay shipping because since there was nothing wrong with it.If there is nothing wrong with it, it should work as advertised.If you are set on trying the floormate, go locally and buy one so you can return it without too much hassle or cost. I don't like being the bearer of bad news but don't want a purchase to cost you like me. Becky Long
    ...more info
  • Floormate H3000 is MUCH better than SpinScrub 500
    I have had an H3000 for over a year, and I have been very happy with it. It scrubs reasonably, and leaves the floors nicely dry when done.
    So, when the opportunity presented itself to get a newer model at a great price, I figured I'd give the old one to my sister, and keep the updated one.
    Well, no matter what I do, the NEW SpinScrub 500 simply does not pick up water as well as the original H3000. It leaves streaks and a fair bit of liquid on the floor. The original gets things almost completely dry with no special effort, but this one is just not up to the job. The scrubbing part seems about the same, and they improved the wastewater tank so it's easier to clean, and I do like the fold down handle. However, none of that matters since it really doesn't work as well as the original.....

    My advice: Get the H3000. It's a really great product. Avoid this one like the plague.

    ...more info
  • So Much better than the first one
    Once you have it you will never mop again. The separate tanks for fresh water and dirty water work great. This new one has a powerful motor compared to the last model. The brushes do not damage the floor- a great buy! Easy storage. ...more info
  • CLEAN! OMG! My floor is CLEAN!
    Ok, my husband and I recently got into a huge argument! He is starting a new company so, budget is really TIGHT! So, we let go of our cleaning lady (whom we had employed for 5 years and came once a week at $75 bucks a pop...I know I know) and I was determined to do the cleaning myself. That being said, I recalled I detested the mop and the swiffer did as the mop did, push dirt around the floor and inevitably, into my grout. EEEEW!

    So, the other day (like 2) I cleaned the kitchen and MOPPED (yeah...gross) the kitchen floor. I mean really used bleach and everything! I let my daughter down to watch me in the kitchen and when I picked her up off the floor after 10 minutes, the top of her feet were....BLACK! EEEEW! I thought I got all that?

    Desperate, I wanted to beg my husband (on my hands and knees) for him to reconsider my dilemma and hire our cleaning lady back (even though she broke all my CorningWare and broke some tiles on the counter and floor and is always putting my tank tops in my husbands and I wear a small him a large...and she always get my pots and pans all mixed up....), PLEASE! Immediately even! However, I considered the above mentioned "problems" and was still seriously considering begging him to reconsider and rehire her!

    Being prideful, I decided to do some research online on the FloorMate by Hoover. I read and read and read, contacted Hoover and corresponded my concerns and read and read some more. I decided, what the heck, it's gotta be better than that "mop" thing. So, against many readers' suggestions, I ordered the FloorMate by Hoover H3030. I ordered this May 16, 2006 and received it on May 17, 2006 even though I checked off the 5-7 days delivery time (yeah...cheap again...new company..tight on budget?). I literally ripped it out of the box! I pulled out the instructions and followed it like a bible! I even used, as one user suggested, HOT water.

    I had to empty my container twice and refill the solution twice. As you can see from the pictures I've provided (the after had slightly damp grout lines as they are not sealed), I am so shocked at how CLEAN the floor is! I mean it doesn't just LOOK clean it FEELS clean. Down to the grout! I have tile that is slightly textured and they are NOT sealed nor are the grout lines. The tile is taller than the grout by 2/16". This machine got in there and scrubbed out all the yuck! Oh, and sucked up all my shepherd/rottweiller mix dog's hair. My husband was all "wow" when he got home today. I told him that I was so happy to have this machine and even though I paid a bit for this machine, it is so totally worth it (still cheaper than my local store at $169.99 for the lower model even!)! I can't be happier.

    I am amazed that others had such a hard time with this unit. I wonder if they read the instructions clearly cause, I would guard this machine with my life. You would have to pry it out of my death grip to take it from me!

    So, if you are like me (slightly OCD) and are a clean freak, this machine might just be the "one"!

    So...off I go to throw out the old, nasty, dirt spreading "mop" thing out! Yay!

    So, thank you Hoover and just take a chance guys. Try it for yourself.

    By the way, my daughter is 8 months old and picks things up and shoves it in her mouth. Now you know WHY I needed this machine!...more info
  • WORTHLESS on hard floors DRY VAC
    I paid $169 for this after wasting $59 on a Hoover Empower.

    I have ONLY hardwood and tile floors in my house. I bought the Empower, and could feel it spraying dirt back on my legs while attempting to vacuum hard flooring.

    So, back to the store I went. I saw this SpinScrub, and thought, for $169, designed for hard floors, it should work.

    Well, it DOESN'T. I didn't waste and time or energy on mopping with this thing, so I can't speak as to those functions. I just tried vacuuming a hard woor floor and ended up chasing bits and pieces of schmutz all over the room. This one is going back today, and I'll stick with a decent Kenmore canister with bare floor attachment.

    If I worked for Hoover, I would be ASHAMED and EMBARASSED by such a LOUSY product. Does anyone actually TRY THESE THINGS before committing prototypes to mass-production???...more info
  • Great for the lazy housekeeper (me)
    With a houseful of dogs,lots of dirt gets tracked in -- far too much for me to deal with using my anemic little sponge mop, though that is all I'd ever used. I got this cleaner mainly for the tile floor(haven't even used the dry vac), and it does a better-than-OK job. My kitchen floor is cleaner than it's ever been. This device doesn't get into grout crevices, but so what? The grout's dark anyway! It removed the ground-in dirt from all those furry paws quite easily.

    Assembling and using the machine is easy. The plastic seems quite sturdy, the design well-thought-out. Having more of the cleaning fluid included would have been nice, but I'm probably not going to use as much per tank as the directions said. Any not-sudsy cleaner would probably work.

    As the directions say, vacuuming the floor before washing seems very important to remove anything that might clog the filter and break suction. I didn't sweep very well, and had to clean out clogs several time(my bad). The weak link might be the brushes, since it's hard to tell how long they'll last, especially under hard use. However, I'm happy with the Spin Scrub, especially at the price.

    ...more info
  • Major disappointment
    Very disappointed with performance of Model 3030 Floormate SpinScrub 500, particularly the scrubbing action. Brushes barely touch floor and are virtually useless trying to remove grime from tile floor. Vacuuming action either in DryVac or Wet Pickup mode seems underpowered. Final straw was when I went to local retailer to ask him to look at machine. His response was to say he had stopped selling this model as it was giving his store a bad name. Hoover should discontinue this POS....more info
  • Good for quick jobs...not much else
    The Hoover FloorMate is good if you need to get your floor clean quickly. If your floor is really dirty, however, you'd be better off to stick with a mop. It also leaves water marks on ceramic tile, and I have to dry it with a towel after cleaning....more info
  • Better than a Mop!
    Just thought I would throw my two cents worth in, we live in Florida and we have all ceramic tiled flooring and it was quite a job cleaning the tiles with a mop and bucket so we decided to purchase something that would do the job with a little less effort. It does make the job cleaning the tiles a lot easier definitely! It reduces your work load to about half, there is work involved and a learning curve to get use to of when to apply the cleaner and how long to go over an area.
    I would give this a thumbs up though and it seems to be a good product.
    Be prepared to dump the water periodically because it seems to fill up quick. Does not do any magic to grout though, but the cleaning solution for grout does work if you go over and over it!

    ...more info
  • tugboatgal rates CLEAN
    First of all, I'm a perfectionist, so I expect a LOT from a trusted name like Hoover. I have a very nice Hoover vacuum cleaner, which I've had for three years, and it is nothing short of PERFECTION in all areas. So, I figured this Hoover product would live up to it's claims. I purchased the Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub 500 NEW from a "new & used" source here at Amazon, and of course, had only the best experience with the purchase process.

    Upon getting the machine, I opened it, inspected it thoroughly, and read the directions/instructions from front to back, even though I was super-anxious to just dive right in and use the thing. It seemed simple enough, and the instructions and "helpful tips & hints" were easy, clear and, indeed, helpful.

    Now, a little history of my newly remodeled house, so you know what kind of conditions this new floor cleaner was going to be facing - I have THREE VERY LARGE DOGS, in an 1,800 square foot house, which has been newly re-floored with very expensive sealed pecan hardwood and marble tile. NO CARPET TO BE FOUND. The dogs all love to stick their entire faces in their water dish & slurp until they're full, then dribble their "face water" all over my kitchen tile and family room hardwood floors, which leaves water spots, and big doggie foot prints everywhere. Combined with the dirt the dogs track in, AND the sawdust and new-construction dust garnered by my boyfriend's DIY projects, you can guess how dirty the floors get & how quickly they get that way.

    Now, for the actual REVIEW of this wonderful floor cleaner: I LOVE THIS THING!!! I have not had ANY problems with the DRY VAC setting on the cleaner - again, I'm a perfectionist and have a Hoover vacuum cleaner that would suck a golf ball through a 100-foot garden hose, and I WAS NOT disappointed by the dry vac suction on this floor cleaner. It sucked up ALL the dry dirt on my floors. I did empty the dirt cup of dry debris, as recommended, before beginning the wet-cleaning portion of my chores. The machine fills with solution & water EASILY, does NOT LEAK AT ALL, and both the dirt/dirty water collection cup and the clean water tank are easy to snap in and out without spilling or leakage. It also DOES NOT LEAK when left sitting with a FULL tank of cleaning solution & a full tank of dirty water overnight. It about killed me to leave it that way, being the clean freak that I am, but I wanted to experiment with this, since so many of the reviews I read said the machine leaked when left standing overnight with water in it. NOT SO, at least in my case.

    Both the hard wood floor brush attachment AND the tile/grout brush attachment work GREAT. DO NOT interchange them one for the other - this is one of those times when the instructions should be followed TO THE LETTER. Both brush attachments have very specific uses and should be used as intended for best results. Both of the cleaning solutions (tile/grout) and (hard wood floor) smell great and work great.

    The squeeze trigger to deposit clean water & solution on the floor was easy to squeeze, no problems there, but you just have to experiment with it a bit to get the right amount of water out of it for your particular need. The more water you put on the floor, the longer it will take to vacuum it up with the wet vac setting - but it is by NO MEANS as difficult or time-consuming as some of the reviews make it sound.

    The wet vac function is INCREDIBLY GOOD. Yes, you do have to go over the floor a few times to get the water up, but hey, compare these two scenarios: Scenario #1: Dry vacuum your floors, then pole mop by hand with what amounts to basically dirty water after the first few passes of the mop, and then let them air dry while not be able to walk on them for who knows how long, and risk "cleaning yourself into a corner" and not being able to reach the sink or move until the floors or dry; or Scenario #2: stand in a continuous upright posture, pushing something no heavier than a light vacuum cleaner around, and get your floors shiny & perfectly clean in one step, while being able to walk FORWARD across clean, dry floors as you go? Hhhhmmmmm.

    While cleaning the floors in the entire house, both tile and hard wood (again, 1,800 square feet), I had to only empty the dirty water tank and refill the clean water & cleaner tank TWICE each. That's it. It takes all of about 2 minutes to empty both tanks - super simple & quick. It took me just under an hour to completely clean the 1,800 square footage, including emptying dirty water and refilling the machine with clean water & solution. AND this thing got ALL the DOG HAIR AND DIRT IN ONE PASS!!!!!

    All the plastic parts snap on and off easily & quickly - and everything on the machine seemed to be quite good quality (again, I'm a perfectionist, so I was expecting a LOT right off the bat). Also LOVE the rubber tires on this machine - no worries about scratching my new hardwood floors! Wonderful!

    I am on a mission to either find out what other cleaners besides the prescribed Hoover products can be used in the machine, or to find a good, steady supplier of the two Hoover brand cleaners used with the machine. If I find something, I'll let you all know! Of course, I'll start with AMAZON.com!

    PS - if you have pets, hopefully they are either afraid of the noise of a vacuum cleaner / cleaning machine and will stay away from you while you're cleaning, or you will have to put them in a room where they can't walk back & forth across your wet floors as you clean them - my dogs ended up being "sequestered" in my bedroom while I cleaned the floors, poor babies - they were "forced" to sleep on my king-sized sleep number bed for an hour. Boo hoo.

    UPDATE::: Go to Hoover.com for cleaning solution for the H3030 FloorMate! It's the cheapest you can get anywhere and the shipping was super-fast!...more info
  • Don't Bother
    Pouring, measuring, cleaning out the dirty water and hair, using only the "right" cleaner....Too much work for something that doesn't live up to the expectations I had. Does not do a great job scrubbing dirt off the floor, it leaves behind water streak marks, and it does not do a good job of drying up the water. You also have to keep switching it back and forth-there are separate switches to mop, and dry. Works slowly... and boy is it heavy after ahwile, unless of course your goal is to give your arm a good workout! I'm also used to my cordless sweepers, I found having to work around the cord to mop the floors, (and plug it in and then unplug it for each room) used more effort than it's worth. For a hundred and forty dollars I expected much more!...more info
  • Useless
    Well I guess I'll be the thorn among the roses, but I am so disappointed w/ this machine that I could scream. And have many times. I don't use this machine to vacuum, since I already have a vacuum that does a better job, I only needed it as an alternative to scrubbing on hands & knees. It does a poor job of getting up the grime in the crevices of my vinyl floor (the grout brush is only somewhat helpful. The flat brush is useless.) And vacuuming up the dirty water is a tedius process. Half the time I end up wiping down the whole floor with an old towel. To me this is just another machine that sadly doesn't live up to its expensive promises. ...more info
    I have used the old style floormate since it came onto the market. My entire house is hard surfaced, I have dogs, parrots, cats AND 3 boys. This machine is a god send, if the doggie piddles, the baby spills or the salt leaves residue get the handy dandy floormate. Several reviewrers have commented about difficulty finding cleaning solution, I have used every cleaning solution you can think of in the machine and it is still working great. I use the machine so much, I have actually worn it out and absolutely will buy another. ...more info
  • Yes!
    I first saw my friend buy one and one day I walked in and I was like "What did you do to your kitchen?" It looked like she had brand new floors! After that I knew I had to get one for myself!

    I love this thing. It doesn't really reduce the time for cleaning my floors much because you have to move it slowly like you would a carpet shampoo machine, but it takes all the pain out of mopping and sweeping. For someone like me who has hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring throughout the entire home, this baby is an absolute must!

    I no longer have to sweat and pant and use elbow grease to mop my floors and constantly keep returning to the sink in order to rinse out the mop. I don't have to push dirt & lint around the floors anymore like I did with my swiffer Wet Jet.

    This thing picks up things my old broom and mop left behind. Hair, Lint, and Dust Bunnies are history, sucked conveniently into the dirt collection cup. No more piles of dirt to sweep up just waiting for children and dogs to step on. No more back-breaking mopping or searching for the missing dustpan. No more buckets & sinkfuls of dirty mop-water. Best of all, it cleans my floors better than my mop ever dreamed. With a mop you are really just rubbing the already filthy water around the floor after a while as well as leaving behind a soapy residue if you don't rinse. With the Floor Mate, you are using clean fresh water for every single square of tile or panel of wood. Gone is the scrubbing and "elbow grease" once required to get sticky dried-on messes up off the floor. Now all I do is a couple of extra passes or a minute or so of letting the brushes scrub the trouble spot with the floor mate and it's gone!

    The only thing I don't like about it is that it uses a lot of cleaning fluid which isn't cheap, and I have to refill and empty the tanks fairly frequently. But it sure beats constantly rinsing a dirty mop in a sinkful of Pine-Sol and water and going around bending with a broom and dustpan! There really is no comparison. If you hate sweeping and mopping because it is physically straining and tedious and have a large amount of hard floor space to clean, get this machine! It's well worth the investment.

    *Update* I have had my floormate for over a year now and I am still extremely satisfied with it. I use Mr. Clean in it now and have never had a problem. Also, make sure the little filter is properly attatched if the unit all the sudden stops sucking. I had that problem once and thought it was broken, only to find the filter hanging around my house one day and realized it was missing. It's so small you can forget to put it in. ...more info
  • Goodbye Mop
    To start out, I have 2 short haired dogs, 3 boys, and a husband who likes to work in the yard.
    This vacuum has been a life saver. I hate to mop because it hurts my back. With the amount of dirt that gets tracked into my house on a daily basis, I have to vacuum 3-4 times a week, if not more. The vacuum does a decent job of picking up the dirt, and the spin scrub feature usually gets the rest of the job done. After using the wet clean feature on this product you can literally walk on the floors 5 minutes after you wash them. Unlike the mop where it always took forever to dry.
    I am not a neat freak (and can't be with the amount of male traffic that goes through this house), but now that my 7 month old is scooting around on the floor I need to have the floors clean enough so that he doesn't eat the dirt on the floor. I can't believe how much dirt this thing picks up every time that I use it.
    I was skeptical of buying this product because of some of the reviews that I read, but I am glad that I did buy it. It does not leak at all like some of the reviews that I read. I have had this product for about 2 months now and I find myself actually enjoying to do the vacuuming (only somewhat, because who likes housework)!!!!!
    ...more info
  • I really like it!
    Ok, don't expect miracles. I will not clean away years of dirty grout...for that get a toothbrush and get to work. What it will do is keep the grout from getting that dirty! Since it sucks up the dirty water as you go, it won't lay in the grout. I've used mine in my new home and I've NEVER had dirty grout!

    I use mine about twice a week. It keeps my ceramic tiles spotless....and I have two kids and a dog and new construction(ie, not a lot of grass, just a lot of dirt and mud!)

    Why didn't I give it five stars? .....For five stars it would have to clean by itself!

    ...more info
  • It's great for the purpose we bought it
    We were very dissapointed in it's grout scrubbing ability but it wasnt the primary reason we bought it. It is absolutely wonderful for cleaning the floor were the puppy's house training pads are. It only takes minutes to setup and is easy to clean. I dont have to bend over and mop up the mess by hand. It does an ok job for a quicky vacumn but dont expect alot. The wet pickup does a good job however and the floor dries quickly....more info
  • Floormate
    It was defective and had to be returned for a replarment but it was done very easily. A new one was brought and the first one was picked up at the sane time by UPS...more info
  • It's Not a "Miracle", But It Works
    The Hoover Floor Mate does its what it's supposed to.
    It doesn't get into tight corners, clean grout that hasn't been touched in months, or have a free-floating suspension for uneven flooring, but it does a fair job of cleaning a hard wood floor and then sucking up the dirt and water so that the muck doesn't just get spread around.
    All in all, its effectiveness falls in somewhere between a mop and getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing. If you're like me, it'll replace a once or twice weekly mopping - in the process making that once monthly scrubbing of ick a bit easier.
    The Floor Mate's biggest drawback is the expensive and sometimes difficult to find (depending on your area) "recommended cleaning solution". They say that you can use any non-solvent based cleanser in its place, but I'm no chemist...and I'm pretty sure that most of the stuff under my sink is solvent based.
    A 1:2 or 1:1 white vinegar and water mixture with a few drops of essential oil has proven to do the trick for a fraction of the cost - and I get to chose what kind of mood I'm in.
    (Today, I'm in a Spearmint Mood! Next time, maybe orange or lavender :D )
    Note: I've used this mix on our POS laminate flooring...it's up to you if you want to try it on your hardwood....more info
  • Love the Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub
    The Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub does a great job.
    It sure beats cleaning the floor on my hands and knees.

    ...more info
  • Not worth it!
    I bought this hopeing for a miracle to clean my grout. I have a very pale pinkish porcelain tile in my kitchen with very light, almost white grout..(I did not choose this!) It cleaned my floor, but it did not clean the grout. I will have to still get on my hands and knees to scrub the grout. This is going back to the store...more info
  • It Works!
    This really does a good job on my ceramic tile and I have a lot of it. I dont use it to dry vacuum though because that's kind of a mess to clean out. I use my hoover vac that has a bag which is much easier to deal with. It takes about the same amount of time to mop but it's easier and the floor is dry in no time. I've only used it twice now but so far I'm really glad I got it....more info
  • Received as Advertised
    Received the product on time and as advertised. I would do business with them again. I did however have to email Popeil to provide shipping details which were then provided....more info
  • best hard wood floor cleaner
    I am very impressed with this vaccum. I wasn't sure before I purchased it, but I love it!! I have two large dogs and it picks up the dog hair. It is also great for cleaning up spills. Well worth the money!...more info
  • Disappointed
    When a friend raved about the used Floormate she had purchased at a garage sale, I decided to order a new one for myself. As I assembled it, I noticed a crack in the plastic on the main body of the unit, near where the nozzle clipped on. The piece of the plastic later broke off completely. At the nearest authorized service center, I found out that the part would take at least three weeks to arrive. So, instead I ended up returning it to Amazon and asking for a refund (the return process was very easy by the way and the refund promptly given). Never did have the opportunity to try it out. Haven't decided on whether I will try a similar product from another company. ...more info
  • Good way to clean the floor
    I got this product used, but I'm pretty happy with it. The cleaning solution was at Target for under $7, and since you mix 2 ounces with a quart of warm water, the bottle will last me a while.

    The machine did really well in the bathroom, even without the special hand tool accessories the newer models have. It sucked up dirt and cat hair without any problems.

    The dry vacuum setting is a bit particular, because really large debris will get blocked by the rubber squeegees on the bottom of the machine. The solution is to pop the vacuum up slightly and set it down on the large debris. That being said, I had no problem sucking up leaves, dirt, and other things tracked in from the yard.

    It doesn't do the greatest on really uneven floors. Our kitchen floor is linoleum on top of tile on top of something else, and it's hard to clean by hand. The floormate missed some areas by the fridge and the foyer, but I would have had the same problems scrubbing by hand.

    Despite these issues, it's a great tool. The dispensing and collecting containers don't leak, and the parts are easy to clean in the kitchen sink. They also don't seem to accumulate as much gross stuff as the floor mop did. And since it uses bristles instead of foam, it dries a lot faster than the sponge mops.

    I don't know if my floors would pass a military inspection, but it's an improvement over what they looked like before. I'd rather have a machine that can clean the 90% of the floors a couple times a month versus cleaning it 100% clean once a year....more info
  • Good bye mop!
    Despite many skeptical reviews I got sick and tired of all the scrubbing I have to do to keep up with the messes my 3 cats make, and decided to buy the Floormate 500, I wanted the 800 but was to impatient to order it online. Anyways, it works great at sucking up all the little pieces of litter that my cats leave all over the floor, my vacum always kicks the litter out the back. It is definatly designed for hard floors. As for the Mop function it is also great for me as I find most conventional mops to be designed for the very short, I break my back bending to clean all my floors and the spinscrub 500 is by far more ergonomic, it also really cleaned the floors I was amazed at just how dirty the water was, and I think this is better as it puts clean water and soap on the floor and sucks it up so you arn't just dipping back into a bucket of dirty water and spreading it around on the floor. I have one cat who pees allover the tile floor in his room and this machine made cleaning that room a 10 minute task when before it was an Hour chore scrubbing on my hands and knees. The drying function doesn't leave the floors totally dry but still much drier than when you mop them. Anyhow I think if you are looking for something to help save you time and back aches this is the way to go - I will never be able to own a mop again!!! One use of this machine and I feel spoiled. ...more info
  • so disappointed!
    I have been lusting after a hoover floormate since I moved into a house with linoleum near Seattle. The mud they track in is ridiculous and the dirt is so fine it leaves dust everywhere. I have two children with more on the way, and I hate sweeping and mopping. I finally bought a floormate hoping it would help. ON the first use it 1) barely sucked up anything 2) used the whole bottle of included fluid to clean the floors in two rooms 3) did a horrible job cleaning the paw prints my lab left and 4) took forever to streak dirt across my floors.
    Save your money and buy a new and better mop....more info
  • Pretty handy
    I got a Hoover Floormate Spinscrub about 6 months ago when we moved into a new house with all hard surface floors. The living areas and hall are sealed hardwood, the kitchen is linoleum and the bathrooms are tiled. In the long run, in my mind, it is somewhere between scrubbing and mopping. I still will use mop and bucket periodically in some places but for the most part this machine does the brunt of my floor cleaning duties. No, the dry vac isn't very effective on larger particles -- the edge of the squeegee sits awfully close to the floor -- but it does work well on finer bits of dust, soot and the stuff you find when you swiffer. The wet vac does work well however and I find myself using it on larger spills rather than a mop or towel.

    I like the convienence of the machine, it does a fine job for regular maintenence and quick touch ups, its less mess than dragging a mop and bucket throughout the entire house, and easier on my back too.

    On the other hand: It is awfully loud -- about vacuum cleaner loud but since you're cleaning hard surface floors, there's less to absorb the sound, it doesn't get edges well or corners at all. Some harder set in stains my need to be manually scrubbed at but then I find this is true with the traditional mop method. Doesn't do stairs.

    Overall I'm thrilled I have the machine but its not a miracle worker and some things still require a bit of elbow grease....more info
  • The greatest thing since sliced bread!
    This is the greatest invention since sliced bread. I have a house full of animals and people so my floor can get pretty dirty in a very short time. That's where this little wonder works its miracles.

    In the past I had to drag out the mop every time the dogs came in with mud on their feet. Now I pull out this easy to load and easy to clean machine. It's circular spinning brushes leave absolutely nothing behind. I have used it on both my kitchen and my sealed hardwood floors with spectacular results.

    I recently saw a commercial on TV, which claimed that the floormate leaves the floor completely dry. No it doesn't. It leaves a tiny film of moisture on the floor that dries so fast you might miss it. The mop left far more moisture than this machine does.

    This is a great machine, worth every penny. It works great, is easy to clean after you're finished, it's light and easily maneuverable, and makes life a whole lot easier when cleaning time comes. I love this machine and think you will love it too.

    ...more info
  • Defeated by a cheerio!
    I bought this vac yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon.

    The mopping feature works as promised. And it sucks up most of the water so that the floor dries very quickly. My floors looked great afterwards.

    However, the dry vac part royally sucks. I was hoping to get a unit that did the "sweeping" "brush and shovel" AND the "mopping" as promised.

    I chased my sons discarded cheerio around the kitchen for the whole of the sweep part of the cleaning process. The dry vac is really weak, it only picks up the smaller dust. Given that this is supposably an appliance designed for kitchen areas, you would think it could pick up something as small and as light weight as a cheerio.

    I chose this one over the flip it, because I read the flip it by Bissell actually blows the dry dirt away rather than picks it up. At least this one doesn't do that.

    I am still debating as to if I am going to return the product or not. It did half of its job just fine, but I really did want something that swept as well, and thats what the product claims to do.
    ...more info
  • This item has a defect
    The product works well except for one manufacturer's defect. There is a float shut off in the waste water collection tank. The float is not heavy enough to due what it is supposed to do, ONLY SHUT THEEVICE OFF WHEN THE COLLECTION TANK BECOMES FULL. Instead, the float is often sucked up without the tank being full resulting in the device shutting itself off very frequently for no reason. If I were you I would consider another unit simply because Hoover has not been helpful at all in providing me with a replacement float that would easily remedy this known fault....more info
  • you get what you pay for
    Pros: attractive, easy to install, economical, easy to operate
    Cons: does not deliver as promised, not intuitive, loud

    I have a 20x14 kitchen with lino-vinyl floors. It is the most high-traffic area in the house and usually requires cleaning on my hands and knees with a scrub-brush, sponge and lots of water and soap. Needless to say, my floor wasn't getting cleaned too often. When I saw this product, I'll admit I had stars in my eyes. I wanted something as simple as my vacuum cleaner to do all the scrubbing for me. So, my husband picked me up one and I gave it a shot. It seemed promising that this would be a pleasant experience when I saw how easy it was to assemble.

    Then came the test...
    I read the instruction manual cover to cover and commenced my scrubbing journey. First was the dry vac. My usual practice is to sweep and "Swiff" the floor (or if I'm feeling particularly lazy, run my Oreck vacuum over the surface). The dry vac picked up a couple of crumbs and a lot of dust. Heavier crumbs and tidbits remained on the floor. It especially lacked effectiveness in the corners. I ended up having to drag out my Oreck anyway and go over the floor. Then, there was the wash. With the correct scrub brushes connected and machine unplugged, I proceeded to fill the wash tank with the fluid and water.

    Perhaps this was just misguided engineering but who ever designed the measuring cup was probably a high-wire artist in a previous life. The measuring cup is built into the wash-tank cap, though ergonomically designed it is not very level. So you can't just place the cap upside-down and fill it up with washer fluid. You have to hold the cap, attempting to keep it balanced and fill it at the same time. Small, petty thing but something the designer could perhaps correct in the future.

    I plugged the thing back in and turned on the washer. I started with a section of my floor that was fairly dirty but not anything that would require a hand-scrubbing. I ran over it a few times, squeezing solution out of the mechanism. The brushes were spinning but didn't seem to be doing anything. There was plenty of water on the floor after a few passes, so I know it was doing something. It scrubbed up a little more dirt but it took several passes to get a 2-day-old tomato-sauce stain over by my stove. Scuffmarks were a laugh. It didn't even make a dent. Several passes with this cleaner (where with a sponge it would probably take 2) left the scuffmarks untouched. I was halfway through my floor when I ran out of solution. So, I now know that the fluid that comes in a small 8 oz. bottle will run out very fast. So, I refilled and attempted to finish the rest of the kitchen. There was plenty of water everywhere, thus queuing me up for the next step, the wet vac.

    Wet Vac picked up practically nothing. 'Nuff said.

    The machine is pretty loud considering that it doesn't do much. To be fair, I didn't bother to try it on the hardwood due to the very poor performance on the vinyl floor. To me, it is no better than mopping and sends me back so scrub with my bare hands again. What a shame because the concept is fantastic. Hoover and any other manufacturers have their work cut out for them. I am so incredibly disappointed in this product and will head back to Home Depot today to get my money back. ...more info
  • Love it !
    It took me a few trys to figure out how to use it. Read the directions carefully FIRST which I didnt do. I love this machine my floors have never been this clean. Easy clean up! I recommend highly for busy folks with alot of floor they would normaly have to scrub and mop. I dont have to nag the hubby to help me anymore.If you dont think it is sucking the water up then check your dirty water most likely if you have pets it suck up alot of hair - ALL OF IT- pull out the bottom part remove the stuff trapping the flow and put it back in for clear it should work great.I never even mess with the filter- if you need to then do it!I Also I use whatever cleaner I want on my tile floors- I have been using Lysol product however I feel this is user friendly to use whatever I choose. "not wax' i always vacuum first. Make sure to clean the clean dept. and the dirty water dept. after each use - I have cleaned mine in the dishwasher and it dries clean and dry. Otherwise dry using a paper towel never leave water- it will stink the next time you use it. As for grout if it is white you will alway have to fight that one.
    NO BACK -NECK ACHE WITH THIS !...more info
  • What a relief!
    I bought this having read all the reviews here and while I was a little skeptical about it, my doubts vanished rather quickly. After my 4 year old put it together, we filled the tank and started on my hardwood floors. 2 kids, 2 dogs and 1 cat are about as much as a floor can handle so you should know that this was the ultimate test. My floors were spotless! I honestly stood at various angles, got on my knees for a good inspection and it passed with flying colors. I have forever felt like a mop did nothing but smear the dirt around and let's face it. Sponges just hold on to bacteria. On to the tile...our "dog" room is somewhat small but takes a great deal of abuse. It's where they eat, sleep and where the cat's litter box is as well (ick x3) Again, the tile and grout were incredible. If seeing the floor isn't enough, seeing the tank water was all the evidence I needed. I don't use mine for a vacuum except when I plan to clean the floors but I will say that it has a powerful edge cleaner on it. It picked up everything on the floor that I could see. The tank is small but not too small...if it were bigger, it would be heavier so I'm not going to complain too loudly about it. The cord is extremely long and a retractable one would be nice. It's a pricey little machine but worth every penny. I don't know if I would make the investment if you don't have a log of flooring but if you do, this is the next best thing to a magic wand....more info
  • adequate cleaning - easier than hand scrubbing
    While I will admit nothing will clean a floor like getting down on your hands and knees with a scrub brush, I find the floormate to do a decent job and it is easy enough that you can do it weekly or even more often if you choose. The best feature is the ability to suck up the dirty water versus just spreading it around with a mop. When I empty my water it is dirty and brown and the floor didn't even look that bad. At least you know some dirt came off! I find it best if you use really hot water, go a little slower to give the water/cleaner time to loosen dirt in the deeper grooves. My biggest disappointment with this product is that the scrub brushes seem to barely skim the surface. I wish hoover would offer alternate brushes to be purchased separately that go a bit deeper. Overall, I would still rather use this product more frequently than try to scrub by hand. It makes cleaning the floor a bit more exciting!...more info
  • Dont' Buy
    After seeing the wonderful results in the commercial, the Hoover H3030 Floormate seemed to be the perfect floor cleaner. But when in the real world, it became quickly apparent that while it does all the things it shows on TV (dry and wet vacuum, spinning brush actions, it just can not handle real dirt and grime on a flat surface floor. At best it was like taking a wet mop over the floor, it gets up the loose dirt, but can not manage even mild dirt buildup. Also the machine quickly became plugged up when running the wet vacuum function, and I found after maybe 5 minutes or less of use, you had to stop and dump the tank, and refill with more cleaner solution. It's just not capable of doing real cleaning, more like a light mopping if anything. Bottom line, don't buy it....more info
  • Cool Hoover
    I love this machine. The vacum part does not work that great but it's not a problem to run my sweeper or a broom around the floor first. However I must say after using this machine the first time, I have the cleanest floor I've had since moving into this house 3 years ago. My vinyl is not smooth and regular mops just slide over the top.... with the brushes on my Floor-Mate they get down and dirty and dig that dirt out. It's even fun to use and I use it about every other week. It's also light enough for me to handle with my arthritis and back problems... I'm 65 years old. This is a wise investment if you want a clean floor....more info
  • Great tile cleaner
    Just got the H3030 for my birthday and tried it last night... thrilled with it. I have so much tile that I couldn't bear to use a mop anymore. Also have a 9-month old crawling all over the tile and a 4-year old messy eater. I couldn't believe how dirty the water was after this puppy cleaned my tile. Can't believe my baby was crawling all over that! I will be using this Hoover a lot (I'm sortof a clean freak).

    The only reason I am giving this a 4 rating is because the little float thingy that alerts the unit that your tank is full will stop the suction and it happens when the tank is NOT full. You have to turn the unit off for 10 seconds and turn it back on to get rolling again. That happened a little more often than I'd like.

    Also, the instructions don't mention how fast/slow to go over the floor. But you figure out pretty quick to go very slow and let the scrub brushes do their work.

    I really do LOVE this thing. What a great birthday gift from my husband! NO MORE MOPPING FOR ME! ...more info
  • floor mate floor cleaner
    I am a retired person. I find it difficult to get on my knees to scrub the floor. With this tool, my floor is cleaned very well with less than half the work. I am very pleased with the product itself and with Amazon. I am always pleased with the ease of use, reasonably priced items and fine delivery procedures. Dolores Hite...more info
  • hoover h3030 fm
    Used the Floor Mate within 2 days of receipt. It did a very good job on cleaning the grout in my kitchen and hallway. There was no need for me to get on my hands and knees to clean and dry the laundry room floor. Would highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Great tile cleaner
    Just got the H3030 for my birthday and tried it last night... thrilled with it. I have so much tile that I couldn't bear to use a mop anymore. Also have a 9-month old crawling all over the tile and a 4-year old messy eater. I couldn't believe how dirty the water was after this puppy cleaned my tile. Can't believe my baby was crawling all over that! I will be using this Hoover a lot (I'm sortof a clean freak).

    The only reason I am giving this a 4 rating is because the little float thingy that alerts the unit that your tank is full will stop the suction and it happens when the tank is NOT full. You have to turn the unit off for 10 seconds and turn it back on to get rolling again. That happened a little more often than I'd like.

    Also, the instructions don't mention how fast/slow to go over the floor. But you figure out pretty quick to go very slow and let the scrub brushes do their work.

    I really do LOVE this thing. What a great birthday gift from my husband! NO MORE MOPPING FOR ME!...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I bought the Hoover 500 and was very disappointed after one use!!!!

    The "float" in the recovery tank is too light!!!! Movement of the unit during "wet/pick-up mode" causes the "float" to get stuck in the closed position. This causes the engine to roar louder and shut off as if the collection tank is full of dirty water. This is not necessarily the case. This can occur even after 1 minute of use. (the float is an object in the collection/recovery tank that automatically shuts off the suction/engine when full of dirty water). I have previously owned the older model of this hard floor cleaner and NEVER had this problem. I called Hoover to inform them of this problem. They stated that they have heard this complaint before, however they fail to mention this in the owners manual. (I informed them to go to "Amazon.com" to read the reviews on this model.) They said I could bring it to be checked out at one of the service centers but I declined. I owned the hoover 500 for less than 24 hours and refuse to put money into a brand new product. I returned it back to the store the very next day and purchased the Hoover 800 model. I have read good reviews on this model and so far I have been happy. (I wish I had read the reviews on the Hoover 500 prior to purchasing it!) The Hoover 800 does cost more but it does not have the same problems as the Hoover 500. It also has other attachments. ...more info
  • Disappointed in Hoover
    I recently purchased a Hoover Floormate 500 from Amazon.com. Opened the box, assembled the unit and got ready to scrub. After about 10 minutes, it started to lose suction. Checked all of the connections, filter, etc. Turned it on and it started again. So I called the Hoover customer service phone number and was told to recheck everything I had just checked. Turned the machine on while the representative was on the floor and within seconds, she heard the change in sound and knew it had lost suction again. After a lengthy wait, I was told that they would contact me with a decision on what to do with the unit. She could not say when, however.

    Brand new unit, fresh out of the box, first time I used it and a wet floor... I am extremely disappointed in Hoover's service and quality control....more info
  • Good, but don't expect miracles. Good scrubbing, but weak dry vac.
    Nothing is going to get your floor as clean as good ol' handwashing on your hands and knees. But who is willing to do that anymore? This machine is a reasonable tradeoff between convenience and efficiency.

    It really will scrub sealed floors clean. Don't expect to save much time over traditional mopping, though. You must slooooowly push and pull it several times over a spot to really get it clean. Stubborn or ground in stains may require a second or third wash. And it's impossible to fully clean edges or corners.

    A couple items are worth mentioning. First, the dry vac mode is extremely weak. I could not get it to suck up a simple peppercorn or corn flake! Pre-sweeping with a broom or other bare floor vac is a must.

    Secondly, Hoover recommends only using their special floor cleaner with the machine, which I find annoying, expensive and hard to find. I emailed them about this, and they said I could also use vinegar and water, which is too mild in my opinion. I felt daring and have used other floor cleaners in the machine without any problem. However, I would avoid using pine, orange, bleach, or ammonia based cleaners -- as the instructions specifically mention not to use "solvent" based cleansers.

    So overall, a solid product. Just be realistic in your expectations of what it can do....more info
  • It works as a mop
    I not going to say that this product doesn't work it does but as a mop, is practical but doesn't clean the grout of tile floors, and thats whay I boought it in the first place, I like to see the grout clean and the only form is with a brush and your own hands. On laminated floors doesn't work either, it cleans but spray the water all around. If you are going to uset as a mop is ok. ...more info
  • I will never mop again!
    I have had this machine 3 weeks and here are my thoughts:

    1. If the water tank is full, the suction stops. The mechanism controlling this is a bit touchy and will shut off suction even when the tank isn't full. Then you have to turn the machine off, wait for the lever to fall back and turn it back on. This is very annoying!
    2. Corners are virtually impossible to clean with this machine. However, the same is true with a mop.

    1. The dry suction is really great and picks up pretty much everything, even chunks of food, hair, etc.
    2. The floors get super clean! With a mop you are just swishing around dirty water...not so with this. A lot less water is used also.
    3. The wet suction does a great job drying the floors.
    4. The cleaner that comes with the machine has a very mild scent.
    5. The wet suction is wonderful for spills. I have two small boys and have used it just for that several times already.

    Overall the machine is very easy to use and I feel my floors are much cleaner than they were. ...more info
  • Mop-No-More!
    And don't sweep either! This product saves me so much time, I tell my husband how much I love it every single time I clean the floors. It sweeps and mops all at once. My floor is MUCH cleaner than a mop could ever get it. And the squeege/suction leaves hardly any moisture on the floor so it is dry within a couple of minutes.
    I've used regular household cleaning products, including Lysol, regular ammonia and Murphy's Oil soap (for wood floors) with equal success.

    Advice to hoover: larger reservoirs and lower profile and handle angle for cleaning in tight places....more info
  • This is a crappy product
    I bought this unit from Home Depot for $179.00. I did not have any problems to assemble the unit because the assembly instruction is quite clear. However, the good about this Unit ends here. When I started to turn on the power and to wash my kitchen, the unit seems to wash fine. However, when I turned the knob to the Wet Pickup mode, the unit engine suddenly roared louder after 1 minute and stopped sucking up the dirty water. I checked the recovery tank, and the bottom for any obstructed objects to the suction input. Everything was clear. I turned off the unit and then it all happened again in 1 minutes. After I kept trying to turn on / off the unit, and reading the manual, I finally found out what happened. What caused the unit to stop working in the wet pickup mode is the float in the recovery tank. The float is too light and the tank is not wide enough so that when I moved the unit back and forth to wash the floor, the float swung with the unit movement. When it swung up, the suction sucked it to the closed position. I turned off the unit to make the float fell back to the open position and tried again. This time I moved the unit slowly and gently. To my surprise, the float swung up and the unit sucked it up to the closed position. Since I bought this unit on Sunday, I had to wait till next Monday to talk to Hoover customer rep. After I described my problem, they instructed me to checked their web site for the closest repair center where their tech rep can performed more diagnosis. I felt that I was dumb enough to spend $179.00 for a crappy products that did not work out of the box. Besides, this is not my first FloorMate. This is my THIRD FloorMate. My previous FM all broke after a year. So I simpley decided to return this defect unit back to Home Depot.

    Here is my summary


    - compared to previous generation of FloorMates, this SpinScrub engine looks nicer. The engine is quieter.

    - I liked the Dry Pickup / Wash / Wet Pickup modes. On my previous FloorMate, I simulated the wash mode by unhook the nozzle to wash and then insert the nozzle back to suck up the dirty water. Dry Pickup / Wash / Wet Pickup modes really help cleaning a big area quicker.


    - The Clean Solution tank is small. Hoover should make this bigger.

    - The Recovery Tank is too big but it can only hold dirty water about 1 1/2 of the clean solution tank. So you have to dump it twice per every three clean solution fill-ups. I wished that Hoover could make this tank to hold enough water so I can dump the dirty water once every two clean solution fill-ups.

    - The folding handle is not that useful. It reduces the hight but it takes more space in the folding position.


    - compared to the previous FM, the recovery tank is narrower and the float cannot weight down father. Any slight movement when the unit in the wet pickup mode put it in the close position and shut off the suction. Because of this, I suspected that the spinscrub cannot hold more dirty water than the previous FM.

    - The manual says it clearly: "Before you return this unit to the store, call us first". I did call them first, but they did not seem know how to help.

    Recommended: DO NOT CONSIDER THIS MODEL. The Hoover H3030 FloorMate SpinScrub 500 Floor Cleaner

    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I've had the floormate for nearly a year and am finally sending it to the dump where it belongs. It is flimsy and poorly constructed. Every part of it that can clog does; consequently its suction is practically worthless after just a few passes. I can sweep and mop my entire house in the same amount of time as it takes to wrestle with this thing. Save your money and electricity- mopping is not really that hard. ...more info
  • Read and follow the directions
    I bought this machine after a bit of research. We have a large amount of tile floors in our home. I have been using the Swifter wetjet which works pretty good, but some how I did not feel like it was really cleaning my floors. Well, my first use of the product did not go very well, I was ready to junk the product and put in back in the box. I used the cleaner and my floors were soaking wet, I had to use a towel to dry up the floors. Needless to say I was not happy with all of this additional work.

    Then I thought maybe its me, the designers of the product intended to make my life easier not harder. I plugged in the machine and tried it again. Well, I found out that firstly I was dumping too much water on the floor (trigger happy) and that all that was needed was one push of the trigger that released a small amount of water, which only appeared as a film of water on the floor. Very similar to amount of water on the floor ejected by the Swifter. The water film was so minimal due to the brushing action that you do not see much water. Once I got the hang of the product, I was totally impressed, really easy to use, cleaned up the floor quite well and dried quickly.

    My down fall was that I did not really read the instructions, just breezed through it, which explains my intial experience. Once again overall good product if you want to clean your hardfloors and the proof is reflected in the dirty water.
    ...more info
  • Better than a mop!
    This machine works great. I have a new puppy who pees and poops all over the tile floor. This machine does wonders to clean the floor. It doesn't leave a sticky residue like a mop or swiffer products, and sucks up all of the dirt, water and even dog hair! The vaccum part works fine, the scrubbers work great and the machine picks up the dirty water just fine. WONDERFUL. Moms of kids or puppy moms...invest!...more info
  • Love this machine!!!
    I think this machine is the greatest. I think it's way easier, quicker and cleaner than mopping. They make hoover floormate cleaner that works great on any type of floors even wood. I highly recommend this to everyone. Make sure you don't get the bottom of the line model it doesn't have spinning brushes and they are what make the machine so great!!...more info
    I have a large home with ceramic tile. I have been using the floor mate for 3 years now and can't say anything bad about it. I don't think there is a better way to clean hard floors and have such great results. The only things that I have had to replace have been the squeegee and filter. ...more info
  • Good machine
    Just bought it today and used it right away (floors needed scrubbing real bad). It assembles very quick. You really don't even need the instructions. I did have to look at the instructions to figure out which of the two brushes were for the lino/vinyl floor. I used it on my linoleum kitchen and laundry room floors. It took a few minutes to get used to. You can't use this thing like you would when you vacuum. You have to go slow and let the scrubbers do their work. Just let the machine rest on its own weight and it does the job. The water in my tank turned so black I couldn't believe it. You don't have to keep checking to see if the pickup tank is filled. The machine will change sound when the tank is full. And to think I've just been pushing that dirt around with a mop! Since I have a very large kitchen and laundry room (over 600 sq ft combined), I had to fill the cleaning tank several times and empty the pickup tank several times. A house with an average sized kitchen should get by with only filling and emptying the tanks once. It comes with two scrubbers, one for vinyl/lino and one for floors with grouting. This machine is not for hardwood floors because you are using water on the floors. I had no problems with the suction picking up the water. The machine only puts out water when you hit the trigger. It left the floor virtually dry as I used it. I could walk on it immediately. I read the reviews on the model 3000 and 3060 and the 3030 seems to have fixed those problems. Nothing on the market will get your lino/tiles clean as the day they were laid down. So, if that's what you're expecting, I think you'll be disappointed in any floor scrubber. My lino is about 14 years old. When I bought this house 3 years ago, I had a pro steam clean the floor and this scrubber does about the same job. Of course the floor is 3 years older now. Until I put down new floors, this machine will make life a lot easier. The folding handle is a good option to help you store it. No complaints. Can't give it a 5 star rating because I don't know how reliable it will be. Instead of dreading mopping the floors, now I'll happily use this machine. It cut my time well over in half and I didn't have to stress my back using a mop. Did I mention I'm a guy, 6'2" stay-at-home dad! Try finding a mop for me:-) Now my 8-month old can crawl on a clean floor and my 5 year old can keep up her food experiments with gravity. It even passed the wife test....more info
  • Do not buy this machine!
    I purchased the FloorMate SpinScrub to clean my hardwood floors. The machine itself does an ok job if you are in a hurry. However, the cleaner you are supposed to use with this machine has been discontinued (per customer service at Hoover). They have no cleaner to replace the Old English formula that was designed for use in their machine. If you have hardwood floors do not buy this machine. To make matters worse, when you purchase this machine it includes a sample of the Old English floor cleaner that has been discontinued. They should remove these from the market for false advertising. The FloorMate is only good for floors other than hardwood....more info
  • Great Machine
    The hoover picks up a surprising amount of dirt from the floor. A huge improvement over the mop and bucket routine or the swiffer jet.

    It does take a long time to get the floors clean. I would have designed the machine with much harder brushes and an ability to brush harder at particular spots. Also this does not reach corners well. Reconfiguring the nozzle and the brush should increase the reach of the product.

    Overall a deifnnite buy though is a bit overpriced....more info
  • Waste of time
    I got this machine this morning. Basically you have to clean your floor 3 times - 1: vacuum, 2: wash, 3: dry. This (if it actually vacuumed properly!) would take me 3 times as long! Poor design, VERY heavy. Stay away from this product....more info
  • Very good floor cleaner
    I have an earlier model of the FloorMate, which I've owned for about 3 years now. I have ceramic tile floors on the entire first floor of my house, so this cleaner has been a huge time saver for me. Tile floors are pretty indestructible, but they're not self cleaning. The FloorMate really makes quick work of an otherwise nasty and time-consuming job. And as another reviewer pointed out, you'll be amazed at the dirt the FloorMate will pick up from floors you thought were already clean. Another thing I really like is the fact that it sucks the water off the floor right away - my floors are always in use (busy household, lots of little feet), so I can't afford to wait half an hour for the floor to dry. With this feature they're dry in about 5 minutes.

    So why only 4 stars? I knocked off a star because the machine doesn't do as stellar a job on the grout as I would like (that may be fixed with this newer model). It cleans grout well enough , but I still have to pre-treat sometimes. I also don't think the dry vacuum feature is as good as my regular vacuum cleaner - but it's still okay for a quick pickup. If you have pets (as I do), you'll probably want something like a Dyson anyway, just to deal with all the pet hair.

    All in all, the FloorMate is a very good floor cleaner and I highly recommend it. I'm by no means a clean freak, mainly because I just don't enjoy housework (who does?). If you're like me and you want clean floors without a lot of work, you'll really like this cleaner....more info
  • FloorMate is an Interesting Vaccum!
    I've had my FloorMate for about a year now. Generally, I like it. The dirty water that it sucks up will just amaze you. I've let friends and family use it and the amount of dirt it sucks up always amazes them (and that's after they say they've mopped the floor). The cord is super long, which can be a minor "problem", but I'd rather have a long cord than a short one. You do have to empty the reservoirs frequently. I usually do both at the same time. When the solution runs out, it's time to also empty the reservoir cup. I like the fact that it sucks up the dirty water, rather than using a regular mop and just relocating the dirt around the floor. One major negative thing, though, is that it can't get into hard to reach areas and nooks and crannies. In that respect, a mop is better. The angle of the mop is limited so it's difficult to get into hard to reach areas (e.g., under a baby grand piano, etc.). The handle sometimes gives me a blister. But perhaps it's the way I hold it. After my Hoover cleaning solution ran out I tried using Kirkland's (Costco) multi-purpose cleaner with the proper dilution proportion. It works MUCH better than Hoover's cleaner. The floor feels super clean. All in all, I like the vacuum. If Hoover could improve on the maximum angle of the vacuum, I would like it even more....more info
  • Nice machine
    I purchased this item based on good reviews on Target's website. I have wood laminate flooring and this machine is great for my floors. It works great in all modes and the mode I love is that is sucks up the dirty water solution....more info