Maytag M7DH45B2A 45 Pint Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Backed by a 5-Year Carry-In Parts and Labor Warranty from Maytag, this energy star qualified dehumidifier will remove 45 pints of water per day.

  • Full 5-Year Carry-In Parts and Labor Warranty (from Maytag)
  • Quiet operation with sleek, stylish design
  • Auto restart - automatically resumes operation after power outage
  • Actual vs. Set-Humidity read-out
  • Low temperature operation (down to 42 degrees)
Customer Reviews:
  • Never again, Maytag
    I have owned this dehumidifier for two years. It has been serviced 4 times. Currently, the part it needs is on backorder and I will be without this unit for another six months. Maytag customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with!...more info
  • It works well and it's good for the price
    I was seriously looking to get the Comfort-Aire dehumidifier @ $329. This dehumidifier was $189, almost half the price. I don't have any experience with the Comfort-Aire, it may be worth the extra $150 but I thought I'd give the Maytag a try first.

    I own a Whirlpool basement 65 pint as well. The Maytag is much better in terms of construction and ergonomics. The water bucket is much larger, it also has an integrated carry handle and pouring it is simple and more exacting. You pour it rather than dumping over a bucket and hoping to shake out all of the water that does't make it out of a poorly located hole in the Whirlpool.

    The Maytag has a filter that's easily serviced.

    The one thing that for me makes this a 4 and not a 5 is the digital humistats ability or inability to accurately display the humidity level accurately. This was of great concern to me but it's error is on the high side so it will keep working and not shut off prematurely.

    The digital display is nice and clear. You can toggle from air tempurature to humidity level. The humidity level measuring is in 5 degree increments and it's sensitivity to those is off toward the high side. I own several Oregon Scientific humidity measuring instruments and I leave one in the room with the dehumidifier so I can double check and compare the measurments.

    I'll set the dehumidifier at 45% for instance. The dehumidifier shows along side the actual room humidity in 5 percent increments. Let's say it's running, I set it at 45% it shows the room humidity actually at 50% yet my own gauge shows the room as being at 43%. It might actually be closer to 46% but the dehumidifier won't display 46%, it will display 50% until it gets down to 45%. I've had the humidity down to 38% on my gauge and it's read 40% on the dehumidifier, that's closer.

    What I'm seeing is inacuracies in multiple ways. 1 - humisats unless very expensive can be 5-10% inaccurate. So if it's inaccurate and only displays in 5% increments then depending on what side of the scale the air actually is on the display could appear way way off to the point of seeming useless, that's why I have a backup gauge.

    In light of this I think the Comfort-Aires humistat is displayed in 1% increments, that might justify the higher price tag.

    I've gotten by with the inacuracy of the Maytag and it hasn't made it less effective but maybe less efficient in terms of when it goes off and on with the sensitivity of 1% readings. I just keep looking at my own gauge and make my own adjustments based on those reading. it's been fine overall....more info