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Scarface The World Is Yours

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Scarface: The World Is Yours takes you into a complicated world of excess and greed. You'll become Tony Montana, one of the most ruthless gangsters ever depicted on film. The original screenwriter has created an all-new storyline that authentically recreates the historical time period of the film, and gives you the chance to live out the events of the film -- or change them and create a new life story for the famous gangster.

  • Travel through the steamy violent streets of Miami to the Florida Keys & the Bahamas -- smuggling drugs, avoiding rivals and the DEA as they rebuild a fallen empire
  • Players will have both an aggressive and passive mode - negotiate business deals, intimidate those around them or escalate into a battle as they encounter a world full of seedy and dangerous characters
  • Experience the explosive personality of Tony as they wage battle against enemies attempting to do him harm
  • Use various motor vehicles and smuggle contraband to and from various locals with a variety of ocean and air vehicles
  • Shoot weapons from a variety of vehicles to eliminate enemies in hot pursuit

Customer Reviews:

  • Graphic violence , but not for under 18
    This is an awesome tribute to one of the perhaps most extreme and well made , specially regarding the script , movies ( by maestro O. Stone )ever. Just watching the Pacino dude in the game is just funny , not to mention his dialogues , the ways to increase his energy ( BALLS !!) , i.e. : by taunting drivers, passers-by , specially women , by using the chainsaw ( what follows is really too carnal , but still ... ) etc. The vocal substitute for the Pacino (aka Tony Montana ) character is indinstinguishable from the real Mr. AL , so that also ads to the game's authenticity and playability.It is similar to GTA , but the latter has no PAcino in it! To sum it up : recommended , but keep away from minors( or you will be dealing with the barrage of the foulest word in Spanglish!!! ). ...more info
  • best in its class
    Good: The graphics. The soundtrack. The mission design. The story and scripting.

    Great: the animation of the Montana sprite. The voice acting. The humor. The depth. The strategy and role playing elements. The controls, both in the vehicles and out. The options.

    Bad: no air vehicles or motorcycles. Mission progression is too linear and sometimes repetitive side missions are required to advance. Too many ananchronisms in the soundtrack and in the slang and fashion of the non player characters detract from the authenticity of the atmosphere (in other words, there shouldn't be any of this hip-hop junk going on in the eighties, though of course demographics would have made the temptation irresistable from a marketing standpoint). And the game is unoriginal; this is Grand Theft Also: Vice City, Scarface Edition.

    Bottom line: not without its flaws, but overall the best urban crime game or open world game yet made. Takes all the elements that work in such games and adds enough new elements that it can now be considered the definitive game in the genre. Will very predictably be attacked by a certain type of game reviewer, and the less said about that type, the better. If you are over 18 and own a Playstation 2, and have the least interest in the genre, you owe it to yourself to add Scarface to your collection, no rentals, no questions asked, automatic must-buy. This might be the last great game of this generation, at least until God of War 2 comes out......more info
  • Mobster/scarface fan
    this game is AMAZING. i literally play this game non-stop for four hours.(in a good way) this game is so fun and when you get to pimp out your mansion, it's great. you buy cool boats, and cool cars. great game...more info
  • really good game
    i love the game..its a mix of the godfather and GTA...if u liked the the godfather youll probably like this game...more info
  • scarface
    i found the product very affordable then the going price and it was delivered promptly....more info
  • scarface the world is yours
    I liked this game and ill tell you why, The graphics are really good and it has some cool music from the movie and that era. The language is a bit salty so dont let the little kids play or they to will sound like Tony. Overall i do recommend this to all who like the GTA , Godfather and such games. Enjoy and kill those cockeroaches man......more info
  • No Children Allowed When Playing!
    I ordered this as a gift for my son-in-law. It has lots of profanity. Must play when no children are around....more info
  • Worth the $$
    This was purchased for my son and he really does enjoy the game. He and his friends play it often. It has many different angles and it really holds their interest....more info
  • The World is Yours...and it can be boring
    "Scarface" should have been an excellent game and in some respects, it is. In other respects, it has quite a few shortcomings. The game is very similar to "Godfather" and "GTA" in the controls, look and overall feel to the game. The storyline picks up as a sequel to the movie and you play as Tony Montana, working your way back up the food chain and re-establishing yourself as drug lord. Many of the characters from the movie show up in the game and the story line is decent. Fans of the movie will enjoy seeing the parallels between the game and the film.

    Unlike "Godfather" or "GTA", the game is completely mission driven. You no longer have the ability to abandon a mission if you are being cut to ribbons. There is really no point in being able to explore the city as there is nothing to do or find. The voice acting is good and although Pacino is not on board, the actor sounds enough like him to be believable. The comments Tony makes are hysterical (and completely inappropriate) at times but there is a good bit of repetition. The music can be annoying but can also be turned off or you can set custom lists to avoid some of the REALLY bad songs. The controls are easy to learn and the graphics of the game are good, looking essentially like the GTA games with a bit less detail. The game can get repetitive as you continually purchase and sell drugs, trick out your mansion, etc. Overall, the game was a bit disappointing though and not worth the hype or the hefty price tag. Rent it or pick it up on clearance if you are a fan of the movie but I thought Godfather was actually a much better game. ...more info
  • Sooooo fun
    Ok I was hesitant I must say to purchase this game due to the abundance of haters leaving reviews. But when amazon decided to sell it for 25 dollars for a couple days I jumped on it. I must say this is my favorite game Ive played all year. My review is somewhat biased I will admit because I am a huge fan of the movie but I still loved it nonetheless. Creating a story of what would have happened if tony didnt die was brilliant and very well done. Whoever said that they hated this game cuz it didnt have freeplay is an idiot. Of course youre supposed to follow the story thats how games are supposed to work. Word of advice though do not buy this for your children unless you allowed them to see the movie because the violence and profanity is just as bad maybe worse but besides that its amazing....more info
  • Not as good as I thought
    I bought this game the day it came out. I had to have it. Boy was I disappointed. I have to say at first it was sick. I thought the storyline was really cool because I admire them creators trying something new. The first level was awesome, where you start out in Tony's mansion blasting your way to escape. Then the drug dealing and everything came in. Well, I stopped going so hard at this game only after a few hours of playing. For one, I was upset that Al Pacino didn't do the voice in this game. I thought that's why he wasn't in the Godfather! Whatever. Then I found out the game is very repetitive. Go buy drugs. Drive around. Sell drugs. Oh here's some rival gangs. Shoot 'em up. AND repeat. Then of course I found out what everyone else here is talking about. There's not much flexibility in this game. You have to play it mission by mission aside from the drug dealing, which as I said is just the same stuff over and over again. What's the point of making a video game's world so (seemingly) interactive and real, when you're not allowed to enjoy it? I'm so sorry to say this game is a LET DOWN. You want a real gangster classic movie-made-video game? THE GODFATHER. Can't f*ck with the Don, baby....more info
  • Happy with purchase
    The game was in good shape, a little scratched, but does not interfer with the game play. Would purchase from this buyer again....more info
  • Lovely
    Still a classic, al pacino is the man and always will be in my eyes...more info
  • Scarface:
    I liked Scarface the movie, but the game brings you deeper in depth and basically lets you do what you want, steal what you want, kill who you want and destroy what you want, the world is yours. Some people that are huge G.T.A. Vice City buffs say that Scarface copied the theme and storyline of Vice City and is just a remake of it, but on the other side, the people that say this have OBVIOUSLY never seen the movie and saw that it copies the movie, and also that Scarface did what Grand Theft Auto: Vice City did not do, and showed you what a real Gangster game is all about. How can you not love a game that is based on the best Hollywood gangster ever!? As Tony Montana you are a ruthless gangster, you live for yourself and you will kill anyone that tries to stop or even kill you, Montana don't put up with any B.S. and is a mean street thug. As Montana you can virtually get any weapon you want, make your choice. You can do missions, kill civilians, run from the Police, or just screw around and piss people off. If you liked the GTA collection, True Crime, The Getaway or Driver Parralel Lines then you will like Scarface 5 times more, I can assure you. I give Scarface a 4.5 out 5, the only thing holding it back from a perfect 5 is the dialouge, otherwise a really good gangster game, this one made 50 Cent Bulletproof look like a game for the whole family. If you don't already have it, then you need to add it to your collection!
    (Check Amazon, great prices! I saw one for only $1.57!...more info
  • doesn't beat GTA but,
    this game is soo cool!!!yes the voice actor for tony montana is cheesy,and it doesen't beat GTA.It's the brother of GTA.oh,and the kid who said"this game sucks cause it's too violent like GTA"YOU SUCK!!!!!!!...more info
  • GTA Through the Eyes of Tony
    I'm really surprised that I haven't heard about a lawsuit between the Grand Theft Auto folks and the producers of this game (Rockstar and Vivendi). Yes, it's that much alike. This game picks up where the move ends and it is now your job to rebuild Tony's empire. The controls are easy to learn, especially if you've played GTA. But, beware of the abundant F-bombs. This game is not for children. Unlike GTA, however, there are areas outside the mainland to explore. In comparison to the PS2 GTA titles (maybe with the exception of San Andreas), Scarface is better developed. You will find, too, Tony has more of a conscience than the characters of GTA....more info
  • Scarface The World Is Yours
    Wonderful Game but not for kids! I bought it for a 28 year old kid and he loves it..

    Great shipping time also...more info
  • Good Old Raunchy Fun!
    I gave this to my boyfriend for his birthday and he loves it! It has all the car-stealing, shoot-em-dead craziness like GTA, only with the added touch of Tony Montana's charm.
    No matter what, this is definitely for 18+ people because of the cussing....more info
  • There is no way they could've replaced Al Pacino!
    I think this game sucks because it's to violent like Grand Theft Auto and maybe this game should not be played by younger kids. Also I want to say is that I think this game sucks because there is no other way they could've replaced Al Pacino I mean come on guys Pacino is only 66 years old and he may be a little bit old to be acting in this kind of stuff now. I mean he yes he did act in the Movie Scarface back in 1983 but now I guess aging is what matters now for original actors. Anyway I give this game a 1 out of 5!...more info
  • A great continuation of the film...
    ...well if you are a fan of the movie this is a no-brainer, you must get this game. The game picks up where the movie left off. At the end of the movie Tony gets shot from the back by one of Sozza'z hitmen and meets his demise. In the game you see the hitman coming towards you and you get to introduce him to your "lil' friend." From there the story begins. You have to start all the way from the bottom and work your way back to the top so you can find and destroy Sozza. If you like the GTA games this is pretty much the same style, except it controls much much better. You have to complete missions and make deals, buy properties, gain respect. I like the balls meter in which once it is filled you go on a rampage destroying everyone near your path. This game has great voice actiong from many of the old characters from the original, as well as new voices. Be warned though, this game is not for young children as it is extremely violent, and contains mature content. Definetely a worthy addition to any mature gamers library....more info
  • what liberty city stories should have been
    scarface should have been the next GTA game alot of ppl have compared the two and with good reason both are great games but scarface goes much farther with the badd lanuage so this game surely isnt for minors one reviewer said there no free roam in this game which i find to be wrong
    theres times when your surpose to met your girlfreind or have to buy a store front and i ran around making drugs deals and killing off gang members instead and do the missions when i feel like it but of course theres only so much u can do without doing a mission and moving on the cars are a little tricky to handle but once you get how they hangle youll find yourself doing amazing spin outs only bad thing i can think to say about this game is that tony doesnt jump he run walks and swim even shots behind himself while running away from a situation and that the grenade launcher really sucks your better off not using it unless you get the hang of how the grenade arches when its shot instead of going straight to its target so youll end up shooting over and just behind your target but scarface has great replay value i cant say enough bout how fun tis game is heres a example ..during one chase and shot scene i spun my car around and drove backwards while shooting the van in front of me via Mr and Mrs Smith style plus they have some of the coolest music ive heard in a game in a long while so get Scarface today or Tony will introduce you to his little freind...more info
  • Great Game
    This game is truly worth the wait. It really makes you feel like you are creating a drug empire and it is incredibly addicting. The gameplay is awesome the shooting mechanics work great much better than any of the GTA games. This is one of the funnest games to shoot people in and the chainsaw is really awesome. This probally the funnest open world game i have ever played to drive in. The cars handle great and are a blast to drive. The graphics look great and the particle effects are truly awesome. This is a must get game....more info
  • The best
    This is the best game ever! have played a lot of them but this one is the most fun, have already bought 2 of them. It is real to life. LOVE IT! If you loved the movie you will love this game.
    ...more info
  • Ultra Violent, Foul Mouthed Bloodbath for Kids!
    This game is so violent and disturbing that I had to get rid of it.
    No one under 17 should even watch it being played.
    Brutal....more info
  • Awesome
    The graphics on this game were awesome. Not ever a boring minute. Definately not a game for children!! Alot of language and sexual references. But overall the game was great!!...more info
  • Um, this game is just not very good
    Ever since the Mario and Sonic era, my favorite video games have been Sandbox games. Outside of the Smackdown vs Raw series, sandbox games are all that I play. Saint's Row and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (but not Grand Theft Auto IV, at all!) are some of my favorites. It's the closest thing video games have come to to virtual reality. Living in another world, doing things you could never get away with in real life. So, it has been my personal hunt to track down and play the very best sandboox games game developers have had to offer. Scarface isn't one of them.

    Where do I begin with this piece of junk game? Okay, on it's basic core level, it's not a bad game. It starts off real nice with an alternate reality version on Tony Montana escaping certain death towards the end of the movie. And then, it just goes downhill from there. On it's basic level, it's pretty similar to Grand Theft Auto III. However, there are a ton of minute things that just KILL any fun you otherwise would have with this title. I've clocked in about 12 hours or so in this game before writing this review. At this point, I've taken over all of Little Havana, and have accumulated close to a $1 million. But, I doubt things will pick up from this point. Let's break it down.

    The Story:
    It's okay, but very slow-paced, however. It takes forever to get things moving along. The story is good, considering it's a post-movie tale, and I think I'd prefer this over than just playing through the events of the movie up until the end. The one thing that sucks is the fact that Tony, in this game, is trying to kill Sosa, mainly to get his empire back and for revenge for him trying to kill him in his mansion. But anyone who's seen the movie already knows that Tony was sick of his empire towards the movie's end and that Sosa's hitmen got his sister killed. Now, I'd think, being that this is a game and sequel to the movie at the same time, Tony's main motive would be to build up his empire back so that he can avenge his sister, Gina. But, no, she isn't mentioned at all in this whole storyline! Tony just wants Sosa dead because he tried to kill him
    (and did, in the real thing.) Also, the particular hitman with the glasses who did him in, in the movie, doesn't show up at all, in the game, either. He seemed like he'd be a major threat.

    I can't tell whether they are better or worse than GTA: San Andreas, but they're not that good. Personally, graphics are the least important thing I find in a video game and San Andreas' graphics are horrible, but that game is the pinnacle of sandbox gaming, so that proves my point. However, the colors in this game just hurt my eyes. I don't know if Little Havana is really that much of an eyesore, but it hurts to watch. Note to anyone playing this game: adjust the settings on your TV to dark. You don't want bright contrast for this game.

    Music and Voices:
    I GUESS it's an alright soundtrack considering Sierra's budget for this game and how the 80's weren't exactly the GREATEST era for music, but that's just my opinion. I guess it's good for an 80's soundtrack that isn't Vice City's. Most of the songs are obsure 80's pop and Latin sounds, along with the Scarface Original Soundtrack, which let's be honest, isn't nearly as cool as the movie, itself. At least LL Cool J makes a stop for the game's soundtrack. There are some new and original songs in this as well, but they all have to be unlocked. From what I've heard, they try to emulate the 80's sound, but they rap and/or sing very modern, so it comes off sounding like modern day artists impersonating 80's tunes. And that's exactly what it is.

    The voice of Tony is alright, for what it's worth, but you can honestly tell it's not Pacino. For any of the time's he's not actually swearing, that is. There are a TON of celebrity cameos in this game. I'm guessing any famous person who loved the movie Scarface probably volunteered on their own to do a voice in this game, even if it's for some tiny bit part like one of Tony's mistresses or a street coke head. Ironically enough, many people, like Michael Rappaport and Lost's Daniel Dae Kim later on went to do voice acting in the far superior Saint's Row. Bam Margera, Vida Guerra, Diora Baird, Meagan Good, Cheech Marin, and Richard Roundtree are just a few minor celebrities who make a cameo voice in this game. Oh, and Mike Toreno from GTA himself, James Woods!

    Firing Controls:
    Pointing and shooting a gun at enemies is sort of a unique mix of auto-aiming and manual firing that I've never seen in another game before. Each weapon you use has it's own type of aiming radius for it that locks onto the body of an enemy. And you get a circle inside that radius to fine tune your shots for limb-specific damage. On paper, this sounds really innovative and cool, but not so much when you actually try it out. Now, if you shoot someone and don't move, it's not bad. But, the problem is, often times, you'll have to be shooting while ducking for cover and trying to avoid getting shot. Meaning, you'll have to shoot while moving. And this is where the aiming messes up. Because you fine-tune aiming and walk around the same way. So, often times, the game won't know whether you mean to walk or dodge shots, or if you're trying to blow someone's head off in the shot radius. It's problematic, but one of the least troublesome things in this game.

    Character Controls:
    By far, the WORST problem in this game. And specifially, it's the (non-)ability to run. Tony Montana can't run whatsoever in this game! When you try to run with him, you have, literally, only two seconds of sprint time with the guy. After that, you won't be able to run with him, AT ALL! Which will lead to death after death after death with him. Oh, and you also lose ALL your money and drugs when you die, so, that's fun, as well.The fact that running is pretty much impossible. And when you're about to die, it becomes even more impossible, as Tony limps in pain when he's hurt, so even if you did have maximum stamina, you STILL can't run when your health is low. So, even if you're literally just inches away from your armor-providing car, the fact that the dummy can't run will leave you dead against your window. And not only is effective running incapable, but you can only run in ONE direction! That direction, specifically being up on the control stick. Trying to go in any other direction will make Tony go back to his extremely slow, standard walking animation. So, you can only run in a straight line, and you can only run for less than four seconds. The inability to actually run will end up being your biggest handicap in this game, bar none. In fact, the game might actually be "Good" if they had just allowed you to run and just threw out the idea of 'stamina,' altogether.

    Oh, yeah. You also can't jump in this game, either. And if you can't jump, you also can't climb. So, yeah, there's a two-foot wall in front of me, but guess what? I'm going to have to walk 300 FEET down the street to get around it. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Fist fighting in this game is far better than GTA IV's slapfest, but it's still extremely limited. Basically, all you can do is shove someone and punch. There are counter moves and grab-em-by-the-collar combos, but basically it's either shove someone or punch them in a fight. Luckly, you won't have to fist fight very often. It's mostly only used to get information out of guys without killing them.

    Now, while it's technically not supposed to be used for running, there IS a way to actually have Tony be able to actually run. And that is if you have a weapon out and hold down L1 and the usual run button of X. This will put Tony in "duck and cover" mode, which is normally used to shield yourself, however, it is the only way you can get Tony to run for longer than three seconds, so if you decide to play this game, you better get used to this in times of heated shootouts.

    While the driving in this game may suck, it's nowhere nearly as bad as the driving controls in that utter-bomb called GTA IV. Most of the cars have poor handling and move very, very slowly, with only the "super cars" that you can buy in your garage (like the "Shark") being the exceptions to this rule. I don't hold the game makers, Sierra, against this, though. While Saint's Row may be the second best sandbox game out there, even their driving controls are bad. No non-racing game outside the PS2 Grand Theft Auto trilogy has really had decent car controls, in my opinion. And this game ain't no San Andreas.

    Game Layout:
    They way they have things set up in this game are horrible, crazy, and bad, all at the same time. For one thing, you can only save the game at banks, where Tony is to deposit his "dirty" money that he's gained. You'd think you'd be able to save at your actual mansion, right? But, no. Nothing happening, there. In fact, the mansion's only purpose is to "pimp it out" with gawdy and tacky furnishure, Scarface style. You can't even use the "Femme Fatale" mistresses you gain in the game for anything. They just stand around in your mansion, literally doing nothing. (They often complain about how they have nothing to do). No Hot Coffee or anything. You can't even use them on missions. Other than boosting your stats by a small amount and standing around, looking pretty, they are completely useless. Thay ARE pretty, though.

    Before you're allowed to save though, you must play the minigame to see how much of your hard-earned cash the bank will take a cut of. This minigame will be used all throughout the game and it never changes. It's the "stop in the closest to 12 in the edge of the clock without going over" minigame that they use in Baseball all the time to determine the power of a pitch. While it's incredibly easy to always land inbetween 11 and 12 every time, it does become a bit annoying in that this mingame is used in virtually everything that involves making deals with people. It's a lot harder to actually lose the minigame and stop somewhere low than it is to make a great deal by stopping at 11 o'clock. But like I said, EVERY time you need to make a game save, you'll be put through this interest cut minigame at the bank. And you'll need to save often if you want to keep your money.

    Everytime you die, you lose all the money you have on you, which is usually tens of thousands of dollars. The money you have on you, usually made through some illegal activity is called "dirty" money and the money you have tucked away safe at the bank is called "clean" money. If you die or get beat up or get arrested or make a bad deal, all the money you have on you is lost and gone forever. And often times, mostly through selling coke, it's easy to get a lot of money very very quickly. The only way to keep it safe is to spend it right away or put it in the bank (where you'll lose some of it by them). Not doing this will make all those missions and deals you've done pointless. Now, while I get the "realism" of bank interest percentages and being robbed after getting beat up or arrested, do any of these things really make a game more fun? No. Now, while I understand there having to be some consequences for losing, I just don't get why there are SO many ways you could lose your cash? And why there are so many ways you could easily die. Tony Montana does easily die in this game, by the way, with your health bar being a little penny and all.

    This brings me to Heat. Now, the way you escape the cops is to escape their multi-block radius of pursuit until you've gotten away. Now, if this sounds familiar, that's because Grand Theft Auto IV *blatantly* and shamefully ripped off this exact idea from this game. So much so that the graphics on the map are EXACTLY the same! There are two differences, though. In this game, you've got a time limit to your escape, which is really only like, 60 seconds. If you can't escape then, then you automatically lose and are arrested. Now, the time limit is annoying, but this wouldn't be so bad if the Miami in this game didn't have the most obtruse streets ever made! Very rarely will you come across any roads that just go straight up and down or left and right. The street design layout is even worse and harder to drive around than Las Venturas was in San Andreas. There will be many times when you come to a dead-end street or a street where you go "why can't I just drive through that?" or "climb over that?" This makes a simple thing like escaping the cops ten times harder.

    When it comes to doing illegal activities that the police haven't caught you for yet, Scarface: The World Is Yours has a more subtle way of making you a felon. Instead of a one-to-five or one-to-six Wanted Level, you have a Heat meter that climbs as you do more and more illegal activities in the open, that stays that way. I'm getting that this was done as Sierra's way to not copy GTA's Wanted Star format. The higher the Heat meter is, the more likely the cops are to try to arrest you. While there are a few other ways to lower your Heat, the main way will be bribing off Vice to lower your meter down. That's right, you have to once again PAY for something in this game! A small amount of Heat reduction will cost you around 5 grand, while a full bar will be upwards of around $20,000. So, needless to say, it's best you don't have a lot of Heat on you before you go into a highly illegal mission or side quest. _ Because the more Heat on you, the more likely you'll have to escape the cops' perimeter before sixty seconds are up.

    _ Heat also goes for rival gangs, as well, and the more Gang Heat you have, the faster and harder they'll try to kill you once they see you. Of course, if you're like me, you're not going to want to spend your hard-earned money paying off your enemies to not kill you! That's the p--sy's way out. With cops, you almost have no choice, but with gangs, why would you want to give them your money? You can also lower heat by Fast Talking cops or by selling coke to gang members who want to buy. Once again, that clock meter minigame will be involved. And if you fail with them, they'll try to kill you.

    Missions and Side Quests:
    The missions are standard GTA fare. However, the execution of how they're laid out is a bit frustrating. For example, in one of the delivery missions, you'll have to drive to a rendevous point, where someone will tell you to drive off to an arbitary point, where you'll get your delivery van, drop off deliveries at certain points, and then, will have to drive the delivery van back to a certain point, and meet the guy who set you up with the mission in order to fully complete it. And yes, you can fail the WHOLE thing if you don't go back and let the guy know you're finished doing the deliveries. Isn't that annoying and extremely redundant? What about you just meet the guy and get the truck at the same spot, and do the deliveries? Once you're finished, you COULD just call the guy on your 80's Satellite phone to let him know you're finished, but why is that so important to begin with? If you're done, you're done. Is a confirmation of finishing up really so important?

    There are three different menu screens in this game. One for when you pause that has options and all that, one you access by hitting L2, which is how you see the map, do missions, lower your Heat, or check on your Fronts, and a third screen for when you want to buy Exotics, which are henchmen, vechiles, or mansion furnishure. All these menus can be very confusing, especially when trying to remember what menu has what and all. Other than your main missions, there aren't too many "side quests." There are "Felix leads" which will help you find drug suppliers to buy coke from and a few other easy quick cash missions. But really, your main missions and drug supply are all you'll have to concern yourself with. There are three unlockable characters which will serve as your right-hand men, but only two of them actually help you. And if you consider the glitch of the Assassin missions NOT lowering your Cop Heat like they're supposed to, you really only have One useful employee, the Enforcer, who you can play as to take care of enemy gangs.

    The different targeting for each weapon is kind of cool, but other than that, there's nothing special to be said. What sucks is you only get three weapons to carry, at a time. That's right, only three! And until you unlock the Arms Dealer, firearms are hard to come by. What's even worse is how very confusing it is to have seperate gun menus from ammo menus. I mean, why can't you just buy more of the same gun to get more ammo, like in any OTHER sandbox shooter? Buying ammo completely seperate from buying your guns is not only needlessly frustrating, but it's also very annoying. It's not like buying the ammo seperate actually helps you save money or anything. In fact, the ammo is probably a lot MORE expensive than the actual gun, itself! Once again, it's all about the mun-ay. To illustrate how annoying this is, you can have three Micro SMG's in your Weapon Locker, but all of them can be ammoless (and more than likely, are) thus, defeating their purpose cause you didn't buy the ammo for them, as well, which is sold seperately! Also, having a Weapon Locker usually means having spare guns and ammo, all the time. But in this game, that doesn't really apply as it's main existence is only because you can only hold three guns at at time. And no, there's no option or unlockable of always having spare ammo or guns in your locker when you need it, like in Saint's Row's weapon stash. If you want spare ammo, you're gonna have to spend thousands of dollars getting it yourself, putting them in your Weapons Locker, and then, getting NEW guns because you just put the ones you had away! At least, though, they give you the option of getting your weapons out the back of the trunk of any car you currently own. This and being able to call for your car are probably the ONLY good ideas in this entire game that should be standard in other sandbox shooters. Weapons available to you in your car trunk. Being able to have your car delivered to you. Those all better be in Saint's Row 2!

    Cool Features:
    You can talk to people or have Tony curse at anytime in the game. Now, while I think a vital button like Circle could've had more important uses, (like, for RUNNING, for example!) the ability to talk to anyone in the game and have Tony say things relevant and specific to that person (instead of generic, reusable lines) is pretty cool. He can mack on any of the hot women of Miami, intimidate gang members, curse at bad drivers, or just give "advice" to any men passing by. You can also "pimp out" your mansion, if you're into that sort of thing. Maybe it's just me, but interior decorating doesn't exactly seem like the type of thing the people who would want to play this game would want to do. It's not like you exactly get "Sims 2" type of customization, either. The choices are pretty slim, and uninspired.

    The biggest thing about this game is Tony's Blind Rage ability. Throughout the game, every time Tony does something, uh... let's put it "manly" or "cool," it adds to his Balls meter. This comes from the "I only have my Balls and my Word" quote from the movie. Most of the time, this will come from Tony shouting or taunting someone as he kills them via the infamous "say hello to my little friend" scene from the movie. When you fill up your Balls meter, which is usually about 500 to 1,000 points or so (I haven't checked how much), he will have the ability to go into Blind Rage. When in Blind Rage, the player will go into first-person view, everything will slow down, Tony will be invincible, and every successful kill will gain Tony health. It's just too bad that this is one of the ONLY ways he can heal himself. And as cool as Blind Rage is, it's way too short. Maybe about ten seconds or less. I know it can be increased as you progress through the game, but no one really cares that far in. The problem is, often times, it'll be full and you won't need it. And the time it's most useful, during gang fights, it won't be as effective as it should be, and as you'd think it would be. It's main benefit is the gained health. Other than that, it's nothing an AK-47 can't just as easily achieve.

    I should also mention the "executions" you can do in the game, which are cool one-shot kills you can do on anyone if you happen to be within grabbing range. Of course, how often will you be able to get within a few feet of someone in a gun fight, though?

    The fact that you can't jump, at all. Which also means you can't climb ledges or anything. It's also actually illegal to have your weapon out in any times other than a gunfight or mission that requires it. The police will hunt you down to death if they see you with it, and bad guys will hold their weapons out at you, ready to fire, if you go into any deals with it out. Come on! That is so realistically lame!

    Speaking of weapons, Tony can't use his weapon on anyone or anything that isn't recognized as a potential "threat" by the game. Even if it's some jerk who runs you over in his car. If he or she is not a "bad guy shooting at you" you can't do a thing to them.

    It's also just a bit annoying how everyone in sandbox games, particularly in those that take place before the mid 90's, have cell phones, including Scarface: The World Is Yours! I mean, I get it and all, but not even the filthy rich had cell phones back in the 80's! They were practally unheard of and barely even existed. It was so annoying that CJ had a cell phone in GTA: San Andreas. And yet, here they do the same thing in this game. It's like, can people REALLY not believe in a world that existed before mobile phones? It's so absurd and unrealistic that Tony Montana has a cell phone in this game! A car phone, maybe. Pay phones on every street corner would've made more sense. But a cell phone, honestly? That's modern-day bull crap, and everyone knows it!_

    _ And I can't forget to mention the mandatory tutorials they force you to do in this game. They're so frustrating! It's like, "I know how to press start and use a menu. WHY are you making me go through this long tutorial that I can't avoid or skip over in any way?" And of course, all of the tutorials are done in "practice" mode meaning that they don't count, so after being forced to do it by the game, you'll then have to do it AGAIN, for real in order for it to count! This comes up a LOT as there are a lot of things they want to teach you how to use in this game. And you can't skip any of them. It's also incredibly easy to get hit by a car. I mean, even at low speeds, they can really mess you up. And when you die, they have the subtle and classy "You F--ked Up" screen. This is while all your money is being subtracted from you, and more than likely you died due to a gaming flaw, NOT because you simply "F--ked Up" in the mission. How infuriating that screen is I cannot describe to you in words. It's like the game spitting in your face for you playing it.

    They almost KILL the legacy of Tony Montana with this game. Seeing him do things like waiting in line at the bank or calling someone to pick him up make him look weak and as normal as anyone else. Having him have to do certain things in this title make him look pretty tame, compared to the legacy Al Pacino portrayed him as in the original movie. After a while, you start to learn how to seperate the original Bad-A-- to this cheap, watered-down duplicate of him. This game had a LOT of potential and some proper game testing, and a little bit of tweaking could've made this game work. The game almost holds it's own better than other GTA clones out there, and is almost as good as the non-GTA sandbox games that are proven successes, such as Saint's Row. However, almost isn't good enough and this game just simply fails to entertain. There are too many glitches, problems, mistakes, or just stupid decisions to make this worthwhile. Not to mention how other than the every-other-word-being-a-curse-word vocabulary, this is a watered down version of Tony Montana. Rent it if you're a Scarface mega fan, but avoid at all costs, if you only slightly seemed curious. There are much better titles out there. ...more info
  • Just don't do it.
    This game is just not fun. The moves are so hard to do. There are way too many complicated things to do. Why can't shoot just be triangle, or hit be the circle etc. like most games? Ugh. Think we get rid of it as soon as possible....more info
  • Scarface: The World is Yours
    PLOT: in this quasi-sequel to the 1983 classic, "Scarface", you control the infamous drug lord Tony Montana as he survives the assault on his mansion, and attempts to rebuild his fallen empire.

    REVIEW: Unlike so many other Grand Theft Auto knock-offs, Scarface: The World is Yours actually has some substance to it. Not only does it effectively capture the gritty, tropical feel of the film, but it also manages to have a captivating storyline. If you didn't know, the game's script is written by the same man who wrote the great movies "American History X" and "Blow". The dialouge, much like the actual film's, is witty and incredibly conceived. In this game, you really feel like you are Tony Montana, and there's a great deal of power you think you get. You can "pimp out" your mansion, buy dozens of cars and boats, hire henchmen, buy a lot of stores to expand your empire, and do some dirty work for Felix Lead, Tony's drug-dealing buddy. The voicework is breathtaking, the best I've ever seen in a video game. Not even the most jaded Scarface fan will notice the absence of Al Pacino's voice as Tony Montana. However, Pacino did personally select the man who would do the voice, and it is unbelievable how much he sounds like him. The feeling of power is overwhelming, but in a good way. However, sometimes it becomes too much of a chore protecting your "fronts", or stores that you buy. The only major complaint I have involves the "Blind Rage Mode". You enter this after you acquire a certain amount of Balls points (which you get by taunting your victims and cutting people off in traffic). Some missions have you pitted against so many enemies at once, that you're as good as dead if you don't have enough Balls points. So this means that the rate you succesfully complete missions depends on if you happen to have so many Balls points. This can become irritating without using cheat codes. But, overall, this is a fantastic game that not only does justice to the Scarface film, but to its fans as well. Highly reccomended.

    LETTER GRADE: B+...more info
  • I Love This Game!
    This game is awesome. I love it. It's as cool as the movie....more info
  • Single Minded, Mature and Fun
    Scarface is based on the classic movie starring Al Pacino. In this game, Tony Montana didn't die at the end of the movie. Instead, he has to rebuild his empire piece by piece - and he is VERY angry.

    The movie was classic for its over the top violence and fury. You need to be aware that this game is rated M for Mature - and it most definitely earns that rating. There is non stop swearing throughout the game, and a great deal of slaughter. If you thought the Grand Theft Auto games were bad, this takes it a step beyond.

    It's definitely intriguing to have a Cuban themed world around you, rather than the stereotypical Italian or ghetto worlds that many other games provide. There is a sense of style generated by a lot of the scenes here, and the dialogue and action is quite involving.

    They did a great job with the graphics, although I have to admit that the incredible detail of the Grand Theft Auto series has really spoiled me. If I see a location, I want to be able to go explore it. The Scarface designers only made certain parts of each map playable, and erected invisible force fields everywhere else to prevent you from going there. Those bug me to no end :) Surely they could have spent an extra few weeks in development to let me wander around that area, even if I didn't find anything. It would make the game seem more "real", and my choices more my own.

    Also, it would be nice to have things other to do than just mow down enemies. I like games that offer a variety of tasks, but this isn't one of them. If you get tired of the non-stop violence, you have to pop another game into the console in order to relax a bit before you go back to the game.

    Still, the game is great fun, and as long as you accept the mature rating and one-track gameplay....more info
  • Another Great Game From A Great Movie
    This game has many great features. From the Blind Rage mode, to exhilarating shootouts, this is definitely a great game from a great movie. Although, I must warn some people that it can become boring if you play it too much at once. But after a slight break from it, you'll be begging to play again. This game has great graphics, and is very realistic.
    Some people will love this game, and some people will hate it. It can be repetitive at times, but that shouldn't stop anyone from wanting to complete it. This game can also be fairly challenging. Far too many video games are easy now, and are able to be beaten with a few hours. But one man versus 50 or 100 can be a fairly difficult task. It can be frustrating to new gamers to die so many times within the game, but that's part of what makes it fun. Easy games are boring. This game is one of the best and a must have for all Al Pacino/Scarface fans....more info
  • disappointing!
    I was so excited to see this game come out- I loved the Godfather, and From Russia with Love, and the hype surrounding this game was incredible. The actual game, however, was incredibly disappointing. The driving controls, especially compared to the driving controls in The Godfather, are AWFUL. I was having so much trouble driving I kept looking through the handbook to see if I was doing something wrong, but from what I saw I was using the controller the way I was supposed to. Most of the missions involve driving, under a specific time limit, and with these awful controls, I gave up early- way too frustrating. The musical play list that you get to control was fun, but I would have liked more free-roaming like in the Godfather. I was also looking forward to hearing everyone's voices that were in the opening credits- Dale Earnhardt Jr??? But since I have almost totally given up on it now, I guess I won't get to hear their voice acting talent. Does anyone know if they plan to re-release this on the xbox 360? Maybe some of the control issues could be worked out before then. This game had so much potential that right now it is not living up to....more info
  • its very great game ever!!!!!! never too boring game!!!!!!
    its very good game and play alike be crime.. since great game from godfather too.. i like both of games.. ...more info
  • He Loves It!
    I bought this game for my boyfriend and he loves it!!! Everyday he tells me how much fun it is to play...and I should know, everytime we talk he's always playing it! =) ...more info
  • for all those Pacino Fans! this is Quake Meets GodFather meets GTA!
    Folks, anyone been waiting to witness PACINO style violence, this is it. I just got this game and it rocks! i need to sleep! i haven't slept in 24 hours! its too cool! all RAGE all the time and heavy "tommy gun" like gun.

    The fact the game takes place after the movie ended, is incredible! the only reason i gave it a 4 because i thought they could have borrowed more camera movement and direction from GTA or the God father engines.

    The graphics and backgrounds are stunning. I spent a good time on the ocean and beautiful oceans of yester Florida Coast. ...more info
  • say hello to my little friend
    I bought this game as a Father's Day gift for my husband. I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it was watching him play it while imitating Scarface's voice. he got a kick out of it too....more info
  • Live the movie....well not really
    Scarface: The World is Yours is the latest game to attempt to cash in on the success of the GTA series. While most games that have tried to do this have failed misreably, there have been a few that have managed to do it right. Is Scarface one of those games? Well yes and no. The game allows you to freeroam but there is very little to do in the city which makes the freeroaming system almost broken. There are a few side missions but that's it. The missions themselves are relatively fun to play and driving around the city dealing cocaine never really gets old. Also it can be fun buying new assets and pimping up your mansion. Overall Scarface fans and action games would be wise to give this a try....more info
  • Scarface The World Is Yours
    Wow! This is a great ride. The graphic are awesome! This game definetly keeps your interest and has twists and turns everywhere! This is fun you don't want to miss!...more info
  • Great Game!
    If you like Grand Theft Auto & completing missions this game is for you!...more info


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