Tasty Bite Entree, Jaipur Vegetables, 10-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

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  • Pack of 12 10-ounce boxes (total of 120 ounces)
  • Vegetables and cubes of paneer cheese simmered with cashew nuts, raisins, and Indian flavorings
  • All-natural; vegetarian; certified kosher; gluten-free
  • Fully cooked: just heat in microwave or on stove
  • Made in India

Customer Reviews:

  • So good, our 9-yr-old ate the peas! (and she hates peas!)
    What a winner! So glad I tried this based on the reviews. I was looking for something a little different to serve for dinner and love good Indian food. I love that this has healthy ingredients and is shelf stable. This one comes in a sealed silver pouch, so you can immerse it in boiling water for 5 minutes and it is ready to eat. I served this last night over some Casbah cous cous (another quick, easy item - I heat the water in the microwave to make the cous cous while the water boiled on the stove to heat the Jaipur Vegetables). In 5 minutes we had dinner - very hearty and satisfying together. The sauce is spicy in a good, Indian-food way. The amazing thing was when our picky 9-year-old actually wanted more of the peas in it (and usually she loathes peas!) Yes, it is that good!! With the cous cous, one package is perfect as a meal for 2. Or serve as a side dish (over rice or cous cous) along with a piece of chicken or fish. A terrific lunch also ( you can empty the pouch into a bowl and nuke it!); keep one in your desk at work. If you like Indian cuisine, I recommend Tasty Bite Jaipur Vegetables without hesitation....more info
  • great product
    great price on a delicious product. this is my favorite of the tasty bite entrees....more info
  • Could have tasted better...
    If you are an Indian, you are not gonna be excited about it. To their credit, the ingredients were very fresh. But the quantity can be just enough for one.

    Not sure I would buy again.

    ...more info
  • Yummy!
    It's a perfect single serving, and goes great with about a quarter cup of rice. It's spicy, but not overly so. Very good....more info
  • the best packaged India food.
    two words and both of them are "yum"

    The Jaipur vegetables are especially good because they work well with a vaariety of entrees...rice, noodles... go crazy and anoy your veagan friends by adding some curried chicken or fish...yum.

    Like all curries, it's a little high in percentage of fat, but overall calories are still low...more info
  • Yum!
    This one is REALLY good. Very creamy and spicy, tastes a little like it has peanut butter, it must be the sunflower oil and cashews. Very complex richness of flavors. This one does not have it's own box so you need a container to microwave it in, and I would bring along some rice to round it out -- though it's really good on it's own and still quite filling. ...more info
  • Taste pretty good but high saturated fat
    It tastes pretty good but beware of the high saturated fat (14-15%). Probably something that you can have once in a while but not every day....more info
  • Delicious. Had with go go rice thai flavor
    Just perfect. Light and filling. ...more info
  • my 4-yr old's fave veggies!
    My daughter loves Tasty Bite's Jaipur Vegetables. She calls the peas "yummy balls" and gets very excited when we have this for dinner. I mix in a bit of plain yogurt after it's been heated to cool the spices down and serve it with brown basmati rice. I like it, too, but she can actually eat an entire container herself. 5 stars because a kid-pleasing veggie deserves it....more info
  • vegetarian and kosher
    very excellent flavor. I gave my son a few packets, and he said that his 9-month-old grabbed some off his plate. A lttle spicy, but excellent over Jasmine rice....more info
  • the best packaged India food.
    two words and both of them are "yum"

    The Jaipur vegetables are especially good because they work well with a vaariety of entrees...rice, noodles... go crazy and anoy your veagan friends by adding some curried chicken or fish...yum.

    Like all curries, it's a little high in percentage of fat, but overall calories are still low...more info
  • Quick Indian Food Fix
    I've been buying this product in the store for a while, but buying it in bulk (12 at a time) lowered the price per package. It's average for microwavable Indian food, but it's a great protein fix (7 g per serving) when you also want something a bit spicy. Since it requires no refrigeration until opened, I keep it in my snack drawer at work....more info
  • I don't know Indian Food, But I Know What I Like!
    I have absolutely no experience with Indian food, but when I saw these entrees in a local discount store, I decided to try them, because I needed a quick dinner that night.

    I microwaved them for myself and my partner that night, and, hey, they were GOOD! We were both surprised that we liked the flavor of the cheese, peas, etc., considering that this was "prepared" food.

    This was a good introduction to Indian cuisine, and now I'm ready to try other flavors of this brand. After that, maybe an Indian restaurant? ;)...more info
  • Good Stuff in a Small Package
    Being a vegetarian and recently becoming aware that I am allergic to soy, I have had to really scrounge around for healthy, tasty and easily prepared foods. The Tasty Bite line of Indian foods are literally some of the best Indian food I have ever tasted. There are Indian resturaunts that do not prepare their foods as well. These dishes come in a pouch that is tightly sealed, do not need refrigeration, have a long shelf life (but because of the way the food is sealed there is no need for unhealthy preservatives), can be poured into a bowl and microwaved for 2 mins tops, have very basic/simple ingredients and the ingredient list does not read like a chemistry class assignment. They are kosher and most of the line is vegetarian (not vegan, though). The flavor is second to none! I have at least two of these dishes a week for either lunch or dinner usually serving them with jasmine or basmati rice or quinoa [...].

    They can be a bit expensive, but its worth buying a few for a treat if you are on a budget. Healthy, tasty, Indian fast-food... can't beat it with a stick!

    ** Addendum ** Dec 26, 2007: Most of the Tasty Bite Line is Vegan! Check em' out! They're delicious!!...more info
  • Everyone loves this
    5 of us have tried this "Jaipur vegetables", and all 5 of us love it. So full of flavor for something that comes out of a box.

    A single package is definitely enough to feed 2 people when served with rice, and I have stretched it to 3 for a smaller meal. That makes this a really good value for something so easy and tasty. Very highly recommended, I'm going to order more eventually myself.

    I have not tried any other Tatsy Bite item as of this writing so I can't compare to the others. I might try the eggplant or spinach one next....more info
  • Tasty Bites
    I love this... it is my favorite of all Tasty Bites! I never get tired of it! Great Flavor!...more info
  • Not that great
    This item has plenty of vegetables, but for some reason, doesn't taste great. When I bought this item, I was looking forward to have more of "paneer", or Indian cottage cheese, but there are hardly any cubes of paneer in this dish. So, the image of this dish shown on cover is pretty misleading. This dish is primarily made of beans, peas, carrots and some very hard potatoes. This dish is more expensive than some other packed Indian food on sale and frankly, the price of dish is not at all reasonable. ...more info
  • It's Very Good
    I do like this entree very much. It has a little heat. I would give it 5 stars if it had some type of legume in it to give it more protein and fiber. I added a little chopped cilantro and served the Jaipur Vegetables over brown rice. Very tasty! ...more info
  • tasty but too much fat
    It s delicious but too much fat not my favorite meal.It s not really healthy for our hearts , i guess ?...any cute female doctor on amazon.com and looking for buying grocery on amazon please tell me this. Thanks alot....more info
  • I never get tired of this one! The best Tasty Bite meal out there
    This Tasty Bite meal has paneer soft cheese cubes, raisins, cashews, carrots and peas in a delicious yellow curry sauce. It is vegetarian. It would probably be good with rice or something, but unlike many of the other Tasty Bites, this one is actually fine as a stand-alone as well. It also isn't too heavy on the onions and garlic, so you can eat this before a meeting with no fear of bad breath....more info
  • Great Quick Dish
    This stuff is great for an on the run meal or quick dinner. For those nights when you get home late and want something quick, this stuff works great on rice. Its actually somewhat healthy, pretty tastey and filling. Also if you need a quick meal for work, you can take some rice, mix it together, microwave, and have an instant lunch. That it better than most frozen meals and way cheaper....more info
  • One of my favorites
    One of my favorites. As good as it gets ... for what it is (prepackaged Indian food). The flavor is authentic, but mild on the spice and preparation is easy. Enjoy with basmati rice. I highly recommend adding chopped fresh coriander (cilantro). ...more info
  • not bad
    good quick dinner. ok alone or w/kashi crackers, potatoes or sweet potatoes. I don't use rice but would guess its good w/that as well....more info
  • Delicious- one of the best Tasty Bites!
    The only concern is the amount of fat- even though it is difficult to stop eating this delicious curry, you may want to eat only half of the package as the package suggests....more info
  • Surprisingly good!
    I've tried several other Tasty Bite entrees and was disappointed by all. This one, however, I look forward to buying again. I think the main difference is the sauce, which is spicy and flavorful--something the others were lacking. It's not restaurant quality (as to be expected), but for a reasonably priced boxed meal, it's definitely worth trying. ...more info
  • Tasty Bite is aptly named
    This was really yummy, mildly spicy so that I could add hot sauce as needed, and actually it was good hot or cold. I love this stuff with brown basmati rice cooked in my rice cooker, but I also like it with whole-grain crackers when I just don't feel like cooking....more info
  • Absolutely Delicious
    I absolutely love the Tasty Bite Jaipur Vegetables. I have tried many of the Tasty Bite and Kitchens of India products. All are worth eating, but the Jaipur Vegetables are superb. But keep in mind that the product is not especially healthy since it is loaded with fat and sodium. ...more info


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