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Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter Field maintainable the Hiker PRO includes extra features for higher performance and improved versatility. - Includes field maintenance kit with cleanable filter protector to extend cartridge life in challenging conditions - To clean filter protector simply swish it in the water - Quick-connect fittings permit easy installation and removal of input and output hoses - Lightweight and easy-to-use design makes this filter a great choice for all-around use - Filter physically removes particles protozoa and bacteria down to 0.3 microns in size including Giardia salmonella cryptosporidium and others - Glass-fiber element is pleated for increased surface area to handle silt and muddy water - Activated-carbon core adsorbs chemicals and pesticides to improve taste of water - Pre-filter at hose inlet filters to 150 microns removing larger contaminants before they reach the main filter to increase its life span - Quick-connect fittings allow direct attachment to drinking tube (1/4") of your hydration pack - Ergonomic pump handle is comfortable and easy to pump - Includes a carry sack and bottle adapter that fits most water bottles Specifications: - Weight 11 ounces - Dimensions 6.5 x 4 x 2.5 inches - Filter medium Pleated 0.3 micron glass-fiber/carbon core - Removes Protozoa and bacteria - Output 1 liters per minute - Pump strokes per liter 48 - Field cleanable Yes Mfg No: 8014531 Manufacturer: Katadyn Warranty: 1 year warranty

The best-selling Katadyn Hiker just got better with the Hiker Pro Microfilter. The lightweight and easy-to-use design make the Hiker/Hiker Pro the best choice for all-around use. The unique, pleated cartridge design provides fast and easy pumping, and it's convenient and handy for 1-2 persons while hiking or trekking. The Hiker Pro adds the following features to the original Hiker:

  • Removable filter protector extends cartridge life in challenging conditions
  • Quick connect fittings make installation and removal of input and output hoses easy
  • Allows direct attachment to drink tube (1/4" ID) of hydration
  • Additional hydration connector fitting for quick filling of hydration packs

Key Features:

  • Long lasting AntiClog pleated cartridge requires no maintenance or cleaning
  • Very large filter surface for fast output
  • Easy to use because of minimal resistance whilst pumping
  • Active carbon core reduces unpleasant tastes and odors from the water
  • Small pre-filter on in-hose protects filter cartridge life in turbid water
  • Compact design and easy operation--fits in any backpack or travel bag
  • Easy Fill Bottle Adaptor attaches directly to a drinking bottle

Activated carbon is used for its ability to reduce harmful organic and inorganic substances in the water. It removes unpleasant tastes, odors, chlorine, pesticides (lindane, DDT) and trihalomethanes (THMs). These substances adhere to the large surface area of the activated carbon. Activated carbon granulate cannot be regenerated.

Feature Detail:

  • Technology: AntiClog Technology with 0.3 micron glassfiber and activated carbon granulate
  • Output: ca. 1 liters/minute
  • Cartridge Capacity: Up to 750 l (depending on water quality)
  • Weight: ca. 310 g
  • Size: 7.6 x 16.5 x 6.1 cm (3 x 6.5 x 2.4 inches)
  • Includes: Prefilter, bottle adapter and carry bag

Why Treat Water?
A crystal-clear stream or lake usually contains microorganisms that can make you sick. Water contaminants like protozoa, bacteria and viruses, can cause serious illness. Optimize your travel preparation and use a portable drinking water system from Katadyn.

About Katadyn
Katadyn of Switzerland has been producing high quality portable water systems since 1928. Their history has been one of innovation and durability. Katadyn products are used by militaries, health organizations and outdoor adventurers world-wide. No other water system provides higher quality or longer lasting performance. Katadyn is the global leader in portable water treatment. With subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, France, and Singapore; Katadyn develops, produces and distributes high quality products which are used whenever safe drinking water isn't available--for travel, camping and humanitarian operations.

  • Convenient filter for 1 to 2 persons while hiking or camping
  • Removable filter protector extends cartridge life in challenging conditions
  • Compact design and easy operation--fits in any backpack or travel bag
  • Allows direct attachment to drink tube (1/4" ID) of hydration
  • Additional hydration connector fitting for quick filling of hydration packs

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice and Small
    I took this filter on a trip to the boundary waters in MN and it worked great! It comes in a small zip up bag and fits easily into your backpack and you still will have plenty of room for your other items. We had one filter for a group of four and everyone was able to enjoy safe water. The water tasted great and had no bad chemical taste at all. It can fill 1 liter in about a minute of pumping. I like that it comes with an attachment to fit in a Nalgene bottle so you don't have to hold the hose. It also works great with a Camelbak backpack. You can attach the filter directly to the drinking hose and fill it up without having to take out the reservoir. ...more info
  • Good Product
    I bought this as a Christmas present and the weather has hindered us from using it yet. I still believe that it will be a great addition to our camping gear...more info
  • Excellent backpacking water purifier
    Backpacking with the scout troop in the Colorado back country, we see a bunch of different water filters. This is one of the easiest and fastest to use. The inlet line can be easily placed in a small stream, and the float adjusted so it doesn't sit on the bottom. It isn't very sensitive to being fully submerged, unlike some other filters. Even the younger boys have no trouble operating this one. You can easily fill up a 1-quart water bottle in less than a minute. It comes with a reasonable carrying bag, although some care must be taken to keep the inlet & outlet lines separate. Parts (e.g., replacement filters) are readily available from a variety of sporting-goods & camping stores....more info
  • I take this unit to Alaska
    on my yearly fishing trips - fantastic! It saves so much weight on the float planes to not have to bring bottled water. I also use it on float trips in the lower 48 - really saves weight and space as well as putting out a great finished product....more info
  • Priliminary review - Katadyn Hiker PRO
    I used this filter for the first time last week on a three day hike in the Great Smoky Moutains. I was filling 3-5 bottles at a time all weekend and this filter works extremely well. I had only one occasion when it became hard to pump on the upstroke, but just lightly knocking the strainer/weight at the end of the input line against a rock and rinsing in the creek cleared it.
    I thought the rate at which it filled the bottles was pretty reasonable and the water quality was excellent. Now, I've heard complaints that it pumps slow but...anyone who complains that it takes more than a minute or so to fill a liter bottle, might want to consider a new hobby as they are missing the point of hiking/backpacking. Take it eeeeasy!
    As far as weight is concerned, it's pretty light for the job it does. I don't know that it could be made much lighter without compromising durability. At any rate, I'm not an ultralighter,(my pack weighed 45+ lbs BEFORE we split the food for the hike this weekend), so I have no issue with the weight of the unit.
    I am disappointed that Katadyn does not include the o-rings in the field maintenance kit provided with the unit? Particularly since they ARE in the field maintenance kit that they sell separately. One of these o-rings fails in the field and you are SOL. What could it cost? Ten cents? C'mon Katadyn, toss those in for the price!
    The quick disconnects are a nice addition. I am concerned that, while there is a separate bag for the output hose to keep it from becoming contaminated while in the storage bag with the output hose and filter, the pig tail that you create for the output hose that has the quick disconnect on it is still attached to the filter and it IS exposed. Unless of course you remove it and bag it with the rest of the output hose, but then it kind of defeats the purpose of having the quick disconnect, yes?
    All in all this is a great filter and I would highly recommend it based on my initial experience.
    ...more info
  • Easy to use, good design
    This is what I take backpacking. It is relatively compact, and easy to use. The intake hose has a good filter, so you can use it even if the water has debris in it. Also it has a good weight and floater, so you have a good amount of control on where the end of the hose sits in the water. The internal filter is easy to remove and clean.

    I like that it has the adapter for a large mouth bottle. And it all comes in a bag, with a smaller bag to keep the "clean" hose separate from the "dirty" hose. All in all, it's a good design. I never had a problem with loss of suction. The pump handle is easy to operate, and it moves a good ammount of water with each push. It's not very heavy either.

    Like all camping gear, be sure and test it at home before you take it on a trip!

    ...more info
  • Hard to pump
    After 4 days on the Appalachian Trail, this filter became very hard to pump. It worked for my entire 7 day trip, but I was worried it might fail before I could return to civilization. Other hikers on the trail recommended the MSR filter b/c of the ceramic filter it used...I dont know...I can't provide a long-term review, but I would definitely carry a spare filter if you have the Hiker Pro.

    PS...the water tasted great out of this filter:)...more info
  • Works great!, Recommend!!
    Best priced filter, was going to buy from REI, best price was here. Remember when using for the first time to rinse through to clean off the filter carbon dust! Enjoy!...more info
  • not built to withstand the environment
    i purchased this filter in the spring, and have been section hiking the AT and the connecticut Blue Trail system since, i always carried the filter even for a quick day hike and was glad to have it on several occasions. however after filtering about 30 gallons of water (accumulatively) it became very difficult to pump, so i replaced the cartidge and gave the entire unit a good cleaning the next time i used it was on a 4 day section of the AT and the handle broke off on the first pump after looking at it for a few minutes i was able to figure out that the handle had been breaking for quite some time and that was the reason the pumping got more difficult and the plastic continued to weaken until it finally broke. i contacted the company and found out that i could not replace the handle so i returned it to the store, and purchased a lever style filter that was completely rebuildable. this is a great filter and works well except it apparently only has a 1 year life span so if you would like to buy a new flter every year then this is the one for you! but if you want a filter that is desgined to last multiple lifetimes and be completely rebuildable then keep looking, dont even consider this filter, no stop, im serious i can see you, your thinking how bad can it be, but trust me its that bad!...more info
  • Virtually indestructable
    I have the Hiker, purchased a few years ago. It's essentially the same filter, just previous model. I've hiked over 200 miles with this little bad-boy. It's a little slow to pump, but I think all hand-held, lightweight filters are that way. The think I like the most is the filter is almost indestructable. I've dropped a bunch of times, and it's been thrown into my bag with no worries. HIGHLY recommended.

    Only note of caution is to be sure to follow Katadyn's suggestion method of cleaning after use (which requires flush with bleach or other). If you don't do this, you risk microbies growing... which happened to me once... bad diarreah, you don't want it! So be sure to clean out the "proper" way after use....more info
  • A definate must-have
    This filter is everything that it promises to be. It is easy to setup and use, and has a great flow rate. The carying case fits everything: the pump, the lines, and all the accessories. The direct Camelback attachment fits securely and is especially useful. The filter was not put to any kind of test on this trip (the river was very clean), but given that it uses active carbon, i have no doubts in its abilities. ...more info
  • 4-Star trying to be a 5
    Katadyn has a history of making very good products. To say that this rises from hiker to hiker pro makes the buyer think they should spend the extra money and move up to the next level. That is not the case. The basic units are the same, you just get more junk with the pro. The extra screen on the pro is flimsy at best, removal is difficult, and I don,t expect it to last long. KISS, buy the hiker and avoid the junk. ;)...more info
  • bottom valve broke before I got to use it camping
    If you make something for camping make it sturdy, The valve began to leak and finally just broke on this filter before I got it out of the testing phase, I thank god I wasn't out camping where I would have been in the middle of nowhere without water because this plastic valve broke. Not sturdy at all, it's a risk, don't trust this thing for serious camping....more info
  • Filtered hundreds of gallons over 8 years = THE filter to buy.
    My first one broke after 8 years of use and the replacement is identical if not a little better. I have seen and used others on the trail and for the most part they are a joke. Fast, durable, relatively lightweight. Too bad it doesn't have a carbon filter integrated with the bottle adapter like the PUR version (katadyn took them over) but other than that minor (and heavy) omission...it rocks, I love it, everyone uses it, buy it now, don't look back.
    BTW: If you want ultralightweight, go with the new water tablets. It takes an hour long soak in complete darkness but you shave a pound off your pack....more info
  • Water tastes so bad you cannot drink it!
    I took this to Africa for a month and only got water that tasted so bad that no one would drink it. Ever try to find bottled water in the middle of Serengeti National Park? How about finding a replacement filter out amongst the Maasai?

    It took two people to work: one to pump and the other to hold the bottles so that they did not keep falling over. Very awkward to use! It needs some design work and serious quality control testing!...more info
  • Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter
    This is an excellent product and is perfect for backpacking. It arrived extremely quickly and was in perfect condition -- and was very reasonably priced. I am very pleased with the transaction....more info
  • Great filter for weight conscience trippers
    I used my Hiker filter in a recent trip to the Boundary Waters and it worked flawlessly. The water was the best tasting water I have ever had through a filter. It tasted better than the bottled water that I buy. It was easy to pump and is small enough to keep in my fanny (survival) pack....more info
  • quick and easy
    just used for first time this past week on a five day hike. very quick fill rate and ease of use make this a great choice for the hiker or camper in you. ...more info
  • Confidence that can make your trip!
    Of the many products for treating water this is by far my favorite!
    I live in Indiana so the places were I often Paddle or backpack are in or around current or former farming areas. that means "cooties" aren't the only things I am concerned with ingesting.
    This filter also removes whats called "agricultural particulates" witch are pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc.. I am very pleased with the ease of use and care of this filter. The speed with witch I can treat several gallons of water is simply amazing! I often travel With my dog "Bodhi" so I need to treat a lot of water quickly, as he is not the patient type. I also don't have to worry about the long term effects of iodine treatments on his or my body. If you want a lightweight, portable, and reliable way to treat your agua this is your tool!...more info
  • Katadyn Hiker PRO Filter Review
    Purchased the Katadyn Hiker PRO several weeks ago for use on the AT - Harper's Ferry to Caledonia State Park trip. The PRO quick connect feature makes the filter extremely easy to use. Pumps very fast and converted some other trip members who were using a MSR pump, which pumped much slower and required more effort. The unit pumped water from multiple sources for 5 days - no ill effects, supplied 6 people, lightweight, fast and easy to setup and breakdown. Need I say more?...more info
  • Pumpalicious
    To my liberal-arts mind, the filtering ability of this pump is nothing short of a miracle; I am tempted to try a reverse Christ and turn wine into water. Dare me....more info
  • Don't Drink The Water.... Without It.
    This is why I got it.

    1.) It's lightweight and small
    2.) It purifies water reliably and easily
    3.) It has different sized output devices, one being a water bottle nozzle
    4.) It purifies up to 300 liters of water with one filter in optimum conditions...more info
  • excellent product
    I started using the Hiker Pro three years ago and have so far hiked the A.T. to Erwin, Tn., the entire Benton McKay trail and the Suwanee section of the Florida trail. Also, took my kayak from White Springs Fl to the Gulf of Mexico (170) miles and used the filter on all trips. The only problem I ever had was in North Georgia I was pumping and the handle broke off. I was able to use the needle nose pliers in my tiny multi-tool to grab the pump shaft until I arrived at Wesser N.C. and the Natahala Outdoor Center GAVE me a replacement handle. (What a great bunch of people!!!) Will be back on the A.T. in October and will have the Hiker Pro with me. ...more info
  • Amazing what can I say!!!
    Well this product is just.....WOW!!! I filtered water from a creek that was just gross, the water was nasty looking and every thing about it just turned me away but I gave it a try just to put it to the ultimate test. I filtered the water once and tasted it. The water was clear, fresh and tasted real good. Katadyn really knows what they are doing, just amazing!!!...more info
  • Works great
    Used this for the first time on a two day hike at Albert Pike in Western Arkansas. Worked like a charm with no problems at all. Make sure you flush out the charcoal at home before you use it for the first time, or you will have a mess in your water bottle. ...more info


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