Delta Force: Xtreme

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Product Description

Bringing back one of the first military shooter sims with specially optimized graphics engine and new game content, this game overhauls the original with new weather effects, new missions and online features, 25 co-op missions, integration of the NovaWorld STATS ranking system and over 20 multiplayer maps for 32-player online matches in five game types.


  • 20 Classic Delta Force missions across three campaigns
  • Additional new missions created especially for Delta Force: Reloaded
  • Over 25 classic and new Co-Op missions
  • STATS! For the first time, check your STATS online in NovaWorld hosted games
  • Over 20 multiplayer maps hosted through NovaWorld with support for up to 32 players online
  • Multiplayer game types include: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Team King of the Hill and more favorites

  • Over 60 levels of combat to test your CQB and long range engagement skills
  • Re-deploy in over 20 graphically enhanced single player missions
  • Take your friends into battle in over 20 co-operative missions
  • Over 20 multiplayer levels include; Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Team King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes
  • Play in games with up to 32 players online via NovaWorld with 6 multiplayer games to choose from

Customer Reviews:

  • its Delta Force, but is it Xtreme?
    [...]DFX as it is known, was the 3rd stand alone game released using the Blach Hawk Down graphics engine developed by Novalogic.
    the other release was Joint Operations (and its expansion pack- along with BHD's ex pack).

    as stated before DFX is a "remake" of the origional DF 1 game, its main trouble is, its trying to be an exact copy of DF1.
    novalogic players of the DF/ JO games are now use to a wide variety of weapons.
    DFX gives you the very short list from DF1.
    AI is just stupid to say the least, with enemy shooting at you from over the tops of hills. wjhen they can't see you, giving away their position.
    if they do decide to run at you, its in a dead straight line, they have no tactics what so ever.
    re-arming is done by the way of ammo packs, which can be found along the map. other DF games use armory's which allowed the player to alter weapons in the map depending on the conditions found while progressing through the map.
    DFX, only allows the player to change once they are dead.
    unlike JO, DFX reverts back to the respawn mode of earlier games in the DF series, sometimes leaving you running back to the action which can take minutes.
    there are the variety of vehicles, as found in JO, but unlike JO, most of these are non-drivable.
    health is replenished also using med-packs which are found in the map, other DF games allowed for other team mates to "med" you in game.
    DFX was designed as a beginners entry into FPS games, and it really does show.
    compair it to other titles out there, like COD4, Rainbow Vegas or Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter, and the gameplay, graphics and feel of the game is dated, old and just very very bad.

    the plus points, well, if you are new to fps's then it is very quick and easy to pick up. theres not much of a challenge here, but Novalogics online communities make up for the lack of anything in the game.
    squads for this and all DF games are all over the place, and as with all DF games, DFX comes with its own map editor (mission maker), and thanks to the community, there are thousands of maps for this game (and all DF games), which increase the life of this game 1000 times!

    unless you are new to FPS games or an avid DF/ Nova fan, then I would avoid this, especially at the price now being asked.
    it is no supprise that the price has gone up, just before DFX2 is released.
    if you really want to buy DFX, get DFX2, it is'nt much better, but the improvements in that are way better than DFX.
    my real advice would be to wait for DF: Angel Falls, which is the next big Novalogic title.
    DFX was little more than trying to get one last drop out of the BHD graphics engine, DFX2 is little more than a mod for DFX, DF:AF must be better than DFX.
    I'll put it this way, there are MANY FPS games better than DFX, there are very few, that are worse.
    [...]...more info
  • Delta Force Xtreme
    PERHAPS THE BEST 1st Person Shooter EVER. I have hosted Delta Force Land Warrior for over 5 years nightly, and thought nothing could beat it; BUT NovaLogic finally outdid themselves with Delta Force Xtreme, which TRULY LIVES UP TO IT'S NAME. This major sleeper at this price is a Way Cool Find. Poor advertising AND poorly stocked supplies of the game on their part, is the only reason it has not taken off like Hot Cakes. I host DFX every odd numbered night starting around 9:00 PM Pacific. My site is DC's--DM, drop in if you buy this DFX game....more info
  • Don't update the game.
    Game is great until you update. There is a jeep with a machine gun that you can capture in one of the games (Snow Fox) and use it to assist in playing the game. With the update the jeep is no longer available and when you shoot the 2 people in it the jeep blows up. Also with the update it takes more bazooka hits to knock out a tank (4 vs the original #3). The update didn't improve anything and I recommend against it. The game is fun though....more info
  • 1st person shooter
    DF Xtreme is an excellent 1st person shooter game. Nothing real fancy about the game's graphics though, a fairly basic graphics card is all you need. That doesn't mean that the game isn't FUN! LOTS of action, both in single play and especially multiplayer mode. Good selction of weapons as well as map editing for making your own scenarios....more info
  • Disappointing
    Concidering this game is an istallment of the great Delta Force series, Xtreme was a disappointing experiense. It does not carry the great selection of weapons and characters like it's predecessors, and the missions are rather boring. If you like Delta Force games, and want to keep liking them, STAY CLEAR of Delta Force Xtreme. It does not deserve to be compared to earlier Delta Force games....more info
  • nice!
    This game is fun! I loved the original Delta Force, so if you liked that you will probably like this too. They just ported all the missions and stuff to the Joint Ops engine---if you have ever played Joint Ops, all the gun models, etc. will look familiar. HUGE DRAW DISTANCES AND MAPS!!! even bigger than far cry. online play is fun, kinda like Joint Ops only without the control points. Graphics are pretty good, there is a nice water reflection effect. plays fine on my p4 2.5ghz, 512mb ram, geforce4mx.

    Gameplay: 4/5... fun, but kinda outdated
    Graphics: 5/5... good, not as good as half life 2, but these maps are HUGE so that is to be expected
    Sound: 3/5... eh its ok
    AI: 3/5... pretty simple, but they can aim. not much different from the AI in the original Delta force actually.
    Online & Mulitplayer: 5/5... good gameplay rather like Joint Ops, plus you can play all the missions in co-op mode. YAY!

    Overall: 4/5... Defintley worth the money at only 20 bucks...more info
  • excellent remake!!!
    I played the original Delta Force years ago and I really liked it. I love this one!! It's a reload of the original but it does come with a few downers. Getting extra health and ammo is easy just look for the red and blue boxes on your gps or map. There are extra missions and this one is challenging but not too challenging or you might have to work to hard to play the game lol! It does need save points and a few more health power ups since bad guys come from out of nowhere and wax you. You can't assume you've cleared a part of the map or territory or you'll get waxed. For anyone into FPS I very highly recommend this one!!!! Besides needing save points it could also use a few more weapons. There is a mp5sd3 but no mission truly allows it.

    Chad S...more info
  • Good Game But Too Short
    Though this game is very fun to play, it is also very short (20 single player missions). But the multiplayer is also fun. This game is short because the company didnt spend too much time on this. If you loved delta force 1, you will love this even more. If you just want to play the single player missions then you should rent this game. There also might be an expansion for it. Anyways deffinetly try this game out....more info
  • A chance to re-live a fond gaming experience.
    Delta Force: XTreme is a re-make of the excellent original "Delta Force", which was released in 1998. They've pulled the best levels out of the original game and ported them over to NovaLogic's latest graphic's engine, along with adding some more levels. And the results are amazing! From the moment I was plopped into Mission one (the same Mission One from the original game), I was in heaven. I hadn't played the game since 98, so the nostalgia I felt was palpable. It was so fun to be able to play through that very familiar level with the superb graphics, which bear a strong resemblance to the FarCry graphics, only with even longer draw-distances. And if you can see a place, you can go there. You can travel for miles out of your way if you want to. Truly open-ended.

    I liken the gameplay to Operation Flashpoint. It's pretty difficult and there doesn't appear to be a way to save your game. However, it does give you the option if you are killed, to re-start the level with full ammo and the enemies you've killed already dead. But that felt kinda like cheating. I'd have preferred a save-anywhere scheme, or at the very least, a couple of save points would help. As it is, it's very difficult, which adds to the tension. I kinda actaully like it that way really, since it forces me to be careful, however the option to choose a save scheme would be appreciated for those who can't live without it.

    Enemies appear in droves, and come from all over at the sound of gunfire. You're best off to lie down in prone position and try to pick them off. However, I have not yet found a way to get more ammo. There is no manual with this game. One mission I started with 300 rounds, and that's it baby. I couldn't grab more from fallen enemies or find any anywhere. By pure luck, I finished the mission as my ammo meter reached zero. There may be a way to get ammo that I don't know about, but I haven't found it.

    I haven't tried multiplayer yet. Though I am greatly looking forward to playing the 25 included co-op levels with my brother over NovaWorld. The last time we did that was when Delta Force: Land Warrior came out, and that was a blast. At the time, we loved NovaWorld. It was stable, and I'm amazed to see it's still around after all these years.

    NovaLogic has been around a long time too. They've been making great games since I bought my first computer. Not many game companies are left from that era, and it's a testament to their dedication to all their games, both old and new. Nothing is abandoned. If you're a fan of an old NovaLogic game, there's still help and support on their website for you....more info