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Jaws is a new kind of 3rd-person adventure, where you become the deadly ocean predator from the classic movies. Driven mad by low-frequency radio waves, you'll eliminate the oil drilling crews and equipment responsible for the frenzy-causing emissions. Armed with 3000 teeth and powered by 5000 pounds of muscle, you will hunt down and annihilate your enemies in an accurate undersea world. Over 25 points of disconnection, allowing characters and objects to be torn apart by Jaws, piece by piece Follow story-based missions, enounter side missions or roam the island area causing havoc

  • Players take control of the Great White Shark, with themes and locations from the original JAWS films
  • 10 detailed, destructible environments with 20 missions full of intense action
  • Face fearsome arena bosses including killer whales, powerful boats and more
  • See your victims before they know you're coming and target lock on enemies from afar with Shark Vision
  • Perform stunning underwater, surface and air attacks & unleash real-time damage on intelligent enemies, vehicles and structures

Customer Reviews:

  • Ever dream of being a man eating shark and repeatedly terrorizing tourists and commercial fisherman?
    Jaws is a very surprising game. Within the package is a mixed bag of excellent animations and graphics for Jaws with some very low res and low poly graphics for the humans and other targets. The gameplay similarly follows this trend some nice and some really bad features, notably easy to control mechanics and straight forward missions like "kill the lifeguards" with more head scratching objectives involving a FPS favorite -exploding barrels-.

    Jaws has a surprisingly fresh and unique story where you take the role of the man eating lone wolf master of the ocean. At the outset you are eating people, fish, head butting and generally wreaking havoc. Once you are done with the intro you get captured and the real game starts.

    The story also begins to unfold, a semi charming tale of corrupt corporate greed and environmental ruin.

    Who can save the ocean from corporate greed, pollution and the generally filthy and degrading habits of humans? Why the original man eating movie star, Jaws!.

    Surprisingly its the story and missions which keep this game going. If not for the objectives and cutscenes, the game would be a mindless killing affair.

    Despite the highly unrealistic premise of a giant fish rallying against Big Oil and pollution moguls, it is just that story that gives you a reason to be interested in Jaws.

    This story is wrapped around a simple game mechanic of eating, getting hungry or damaged, and eating again to restore health. It can be quick fun to ignore side missions and story missions and simply rampage and kill jet skiers, swimmers, fisherman, kayackers, water skiers etc... but without the story these actions can start to feel very samey.

    The story is what drives you to different locations, day/night, settings and objectives. Inside a "sea world" type park, roaming the beachfront, or existing in suspiciously sterile man made environments, these are your interlocking playgrounds of blood.

    Toss in a very light RPG feature of upgrading stats and "moves" , the developers have taken the budget game to the next level.

    A great license, some diligent varied mission design saves the game from what could have been a complete disaster. From noshing on life guards to destroying environmentally unsound commercial fishing boats, the game really has you doing a bit of everything. Even the dreaded "find a key card to open lock" generic missions.

    - Great sense of speed and destruction with Jaws
    - Lots of missions and side missions to keep busy
    - Over the top bloody humor
    - Kill humans, destroy piers, sink boats, battle Orcas, other sharks, squid
    - Humorous and well done "story" mode
    - lots of hidden collectibles
    - constant challenge to stay alive
    - lots of "moves" snap things in half, play baseball w/ your power tail
    - Find a key card? A shark w/ a key card? Actually a quite funny solution to the challenge

    - While jaws looks and moves great, the rest of the graphics suffer from
    -- Very short/poor draw distance
    -- fogging ....underwater?
    -- Low def human graphics
    -- Camera gets in the way often
    -- lots of little glitches, like clipping, control issues
    -- Stealth attack not very stealthy
    -- Annoying respawning enemies like "feed inducing" underwater robots
    -- sometimes opaque solutions to mission objectives
    -- Control issues can cause some side missions to be frustrating
    -- Since when did sharks become sentient and aware of corporate greed?
    -- Laughably simple human AI
    -- piranhas are very annoying
    -- not nearly enough boss and mini boss types...more info
  • Jaws Unleashed
    This is the first and only game that allows you to play as the shark.A masterpeice in my opinion.I love sharks so when I heard this game was coming out it was a must have.In this game you play as Jaws and the game takes place 30 years after the movie but the freeroam is the fun part of the game.Not only that you can eat,kill and dismember people several ways.You can rip off heads,arms,legs and cut the torsoe in half.There is even a lot of blood in the water when you do this.When cutting the person in half you see intestines floating in the water as well.If you do it carefully you can take a person and rip an arm or leg off and watch them swim yell and try to get away.The game software is smart to.You can injure or kill a person and throw them to sharks and crocodiles and they will attack it and eat it.Sometimes they will even attack you and try to get it away from you.There also a move that allows you to take the person and bob them in the water with blood coming out of their mouth then you jump and the whole body is dismembered.You also have the tailwhip which also does extreme damage.Not only do you have your choice of swimmers to attack but also kiakers,jetskiers,divers,boaters etc.You can also damage boats,docks and sometimes even buildings.Not only can you attack people but the many animals in this game like bull sharks,mako sharks,porbeagle sharks,tiger sharks,oceanic whitetip sharks,octopus,killer whales(Note these are in open ocean south in the southwest part of the map these killer whales are easy to kill compared to the one in storymode)dolphins,whale sharks,salt water crocodiles,walruses,elephant seals,seasnakes,leapord seals,seals and a lot of other animals and species of fish.You will only find the crocodiles at open ocean west in the occasious canals.They hang out at the bridges and they will attack you sometimes as many as 5 at a time but their too easy to kill,you can just cut them in half and eat them.I actually ripped a womans leg off without killing her and spit her out,she was screaming then about 4 crocs attacked her and she screamed even louder.The canals by the way are in the freshwater river.The Occasious Canals are in the Southeastern part of the map at open ocean West.There are also various Jellyfish in this game in different locations the deadliest ones are at Open Ocean West close to the save mark on the map.Their in big groups and can take your health down very quickly

    Once you beat the story part of the game that place becomes unlocked in freeroam with the exception of the last mission.There are also some freeroam places that arn't in the story like.

    1)Fishermans Isle You can eat off of a dead blue whale here and there is some challenges as well.Location Open Ocean South near the beaches on the East side of the map.It is marked on the map.

    2)Occasious Canals This is were the Salt Water Crocs hang out.Location Open Ocean West in the Southeast corner of the map.

    3)The Deep Sea Caves These are really deep and the deeper you go the darker it gets.

    4)The Island in the Southeast part of Open Ocean South I forget the name of the island but there are many dolphins and the walruses are here to.Also close to the current to strong line you can see the blue or sperm whale.

    5)Cable Junction at Open Ocean East this is one of the movie locations.

    The storymode has you destroying stuff or causing explosions but they also feature the two formitable bosses that can kill you.The Killer Whale in the 2nd mission when your trying to escape SeaWorld can take you in it's mouth twirl you around and jump up in the air with you.The killer whale is as strong as and big as you are and it's bigger then it's free roaming cousins.With this predator it's a good idea to level up your moves and eat dolphins and people when you have a chance to so you can upgrade your health.Once beating the orca a cutscene shows you jumping in the air with it and cutting it in half.

    2)The Giant Squid is in the Deep mission.He is much bigger then you and can even swallow and eat you.The object here is to dodge his attacks and rip off his tentacles then followup by taking out his eyes.

    Points of interest
    You have to beat the killer whale in Seaworld to open up freeroam.

    When you first start the game you don't have much health you can upgrade it in the second level.

    You can open up a lot of movie clips in the bonus section by finding tin cans.

    Once all license plates are found you can open all levels.

    Mermaids,skeletons etc offer bonus points.

    There are a lot of sukin ships.

    Some animals are hard to see such as sea snakes and seahorses at Open Ocean East.Cutting on sharkvision will help you see them.Seasnakes by the way are close to the compass on the map at open ocean east as are the seahorses and whale sharks.

    Swimmers are only at Open Ocean South

    No Surfers

    No Dog is in freeroam.The only place you see the dog is at the doggone challenge at open ocean east.

    No night The Dead of Night story mission is the only way you attack swimmers at night.The dead of night free roam mission is in daylight.

    Camera issues

    Framerate Drops especially with bubbles.

    The game doesn't let you play as other sharks like the tiger,bull etc.This should have been a bonus feature.

    The tiger sharks are too small.

    I highly recommend Jaws Unleashed for a great freeroaming shark game.I hope there will be a sequel soon....more info
  • I can't believe how much I underestimated this game
    I was hesitant to buy it for my kids , but I did against my wifes wishes. We gave it to the oldest for Easter and I have been up til midnight every day since playing it myself, laughing out loud and yelling at the TV . There is no better bargain out there for the price it sells at. ...more info
    Jaws is screaming bloody good fun. It is not designed to be one of the best graphically looking games of all time, or even the most intelligent, but it has bags of surreal murderous mayhem to offer and not since `Manhunt' has there been anything quite as violent as it. I am very surprised that it doesn't have an M for Mature rating for the console although the PC box does. I think the RP rating is a very low rating. The game features bodily dismemberment quite literally as people are chewed up into bags of blood with their body parts floating about. They bawl gargling and try to swim to surface missing a leg. The fun you have with this game in the first few days makes it absolutely a must have. If you own a PS2 or XBOX or a PC get JAWS UNLEASHED, especially if you are fan of the movie. How can anyone refuse to play as a great white monching up swimmers and divers? The shark movements are great because you can increase your shark attributes as the game progresses. You can stealth kill swimmers, jump up onto boats, catch people in mid air, drag them under water, torture them, play with them chomp them up into a bloody mess and then go on a free run and do it all again. The story is totally different from the movie but it does include themes very similar to all four films. There are many levels which do require some brains to work out how to solve certain puzzles. In fact I was surprised by how much this game did have to offer considering that it look like a low-entry level console game. It is far from it! This is a fully charged arcade thrill kill with more gore than you would have anticipated. It has you laughing loud at the outrageous things you can do with the shark. You have never played anything like this before, not will you again. And remember this should have been an M rating as the PC box states. The shark is literally tearing people up quite graphically. ...more info
  • Birthday gift
    I order this item the day before a birthday and selected next day shipping. To my surpise and delight it was delivered the next day by noon as advertise. Simple amazing!...more info
  • too short, but great fun
    We howled with laughter. It's bloody and so much fun. Brilliant concept: You are the shark and you are unleashed to destroy everyone and everything. You get bigger and nastier as you go. It's very silly and certainly worth 20 bucks. Sequel, please....more info
  • Jaws Unleashed
    PROS: great shark animations, highly destructable enviroments, tons of swimmers and boats to tear up, interesting missions, action-packed, never gets boring or tedious

    CONS: clunky controls, camera can work against you sometimes, some bad textures and sub-par graphics

    In Jaws Unleashed, you take control of a great white shark, who is seeking revenge on the people of Amity Island. Taking place 30 years after the first film, Amity Island has now become a hugely popular tourist site. Radio waves from the equipment is causing the shark population to go crazy and violent. And you know what this means...pure fun! This game is a blast to play! Destroying docks, ripping people limb by limb, and wreaking absolute havoc has never been so fun! However, some camera and control problems hinder this game from being great, and that's a shame, because this has some potential. With a little bit of tweaking, this could become one of the best PS2 games to date. But alas, what we have is a slightly sub-par, yet highly entertaining, action game which probably won't turn many heads. If you're a fan of the films, or are looking for a good, gory action game...then definately pick this one up!

    OVERALL: 3/5

    ...more info
  • Bloody brilliant!
    I thought this game was hilarious, fun, but also hard sometimes. I beat the game, but that required an online walkthrough for a couple parts. Anyways, this game is great because you can go around and eat people, dogs, sharks, and even alligators. You also have special destructive moves like body slamming boats, whipping your tail, and a barrel-roll. My favorite is either shooting a person from your mouth and eating them in mid air or wacking a person with your tail into the air and their bodies explode. It's violent, fun, and has a somewhat decent story line/game play. I wouldn't pay over $20 for it, but if you want a fun game with not bad graphics and where you can wreak havoc everywhere you go, then go buy this game or at least rent it....more info
  • Hubby loved it!
    It took a little getting used to, but now hubby's got the knack of flipping people out of the water and tail whipping them into oblivion in a cloud of red mist. Some of the challenges take a little working out, but what fun would it be if it was EASY! All in all, I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Awesome Game!!!!!
    This game is one of the best games i have ever played. I think the graphics are great and it is sooo fun, I mean how can being a 30 foot shark, eating people right off thier boats and chucking them high in the air not be fun right. I mean some levels are pretty hard but i just looked on google.ca and and typed in how to beat... (whatever level it is)on jaws unleashed and click on the second one i think and there is this guide and it tells exactly how to beat that level. Its true. Im on the last level. And if you don't want to go with the story mode missions you can just swim around and destroy people's boats and of course eat them afterwards, and there are side missions you can do... a lot of them too. Anyways buy this game and if you are a big Jaws fan then don't hesitate and buy it. No questions asked. You will love it.

    BUY THIS GAME AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • okay
    Got this for my nephew, he seems to like it pretty well. If you don't want your child playing anything with a lot of blood, don't get this one....more info
  • A new way to look at Jaws
    This game rocks out loud!!! I have seen all the Jaws movies, but this vidio game is another world. This game is very graphic, but just being Jaws makes this game a 3 star overall.You can knok people off of boats and into the water then you can drag them down and do what ever you want to them. In the begining of this game you need to destroy a marina and a gas station that are over water. Then later in the game you get into Sea Wold and kill a giant killer whale. This game not just rocks it RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • An enigmatic pleasure of a game!
    Blood and destruction everywhere! Just when you thought it was safe to finally shelf the PS2, out comes JAWS UNLEASHED. This game is perhaps one of the biggest enigmas to come out of the video game industry. Despite the fact that Jaws Unleashed is a greatest hits title (which might surprise some, myself included), this game is still quite an undiscovered gem in the gaming universe. If you're willing to add something strange and fresh to your PS2 library and have a few bucks to spare, Jaws is a terrific choice.

    As I browsed the PS2 section in my local electronics store looking for a new game to play, I decided on Jaws Unleashed. There was something about it: it's an old classic movie.. adapted to a game? What?? I chose this game over other more popular titles like Devil May Cry, God Hand, Burn Out, and Kingdom Hearts. RPGs, fighters, FPS, platformers, sports... Jaws doesn't really qualify under any specific genre. I mean, you play as a shark whose purpose is to wreak havoc to everyone and anything. It set it apart from all the other games being sold around it.

    The game is just hilarious. You know you're in for something different when you see a shark taking a bite out of a killer whale on the back cover. Created by the same developers behind the Ecco the Dolphin series, Jaws is that series' evil incarnation. As Ecco, you play a lovable hero. As Jaws, you play a godless killing machine. You could tell the developers let themselves loose when making this title, evident in such bonus games like biting a girl swimmer to bang her against a yellow buoy within 20 seconds. It had me and my friends laughing. When was the last a game did that?

    This is certainly not an A+ game, because the control can get frustrating and the camera needs major tweaking. However, in a video game world dominated by Final Fantasies, Legend of Zeldas, Halos, and those never-ending EA Sports franchises, Jaws Unleashed is a different yet welcome title. If you played Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (which I also liked), Jaws Unleashed is similar in style and execution, but more sinister and fun. Jaws is not a must-buy title, but it certainly won't hurt to sink your teeth into it. Enjoy!
    ...more info
  • dont waste your money
    dont buy this game , it a waste of money and time ...more info
  • This game was so & so
    Well, I am a big Jaws fan. They made 4 movies of it. Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3, Jaws the Revenge which I guess is Jaws 4. There was already a Jaws game for NES where you're the human, I guess Cheif Brody, trying to kill the shark. Then when I heard a new Jaws game was coming out for PS2, XBOX, & PC I ran out and bought it the first day it came out, and I was really excited when I heard you could be the shark eating the humans. But, I shouldn't have gottin too exicted because this game was kinda weird. I knew this game had nothing to do with the first one, while the NES version was. This game took place during the 3rd movie. But back to the game. The control was kinda ockward. I mean move the analog stick up,the shrak goes down. R1 or L1 is to bite, I havn't played it in a while, so I guess L1 & R1 is original for doing soemthing like that. The blood & gore gave me a good feeling. And I like destroying boats. Well, I havn't gotin that far in the game. I saw a video on Gamespot.com where the shark rips this Killer Whale in half. I wanted to get that far but I couldn't. I'm stuck on the part where you're in that aqurium. Well, that's all I have to say about this game. I wouldn't play the game if I were you, honestly, but go see the movies if you didn't already. It's a little bloody but it will give you a good feeling after watching it. Or you could have nightmares for a few weeks. ...more info
  • very good adaptation of the movie concept--
    Like all horror movie icons, Jaws the Shark has become a pop-culture anti-hero of sorts since the first film arrived in theaters in 1975. Since video-game technology first began to advance significantly in the late 80's, there have been a handful of shark-hunting games, including one based on JAWS for the original Nintento system. But finally, in 2006 for 21st century game-systems Majesco/Universal come out with "Jaws Unleashed"-- where you, the player, get to control the titular creature, a great white shark that's nearly unstoppable.

    The story-based plot involves a return to the New England community of Amity Island, first seen in the first Jaws movie. Some 30 years after the events of the first movie, big industry, including an oil rig and an aquarium park, now mark the landscape. Fatefully, a great white shark happens upon the scene, and when it is captured, all havoc breaks loose.

    There is both free-roam play available in the game and goal-specific "Episodes" as well. In free-roam, Jaws swims in the waters around Amity Island, eating ocean creatures for health as well as, yes, attacking sea-faring humans in their boats. "Episodes" require Jaws to meet a specific checkpoint or goal, while avoiding death from the likes of not only humans and their weapons, but occasionally other sea creatures like rays, squid, and killer whales (even schools of piranha!)

    This is a game with very good graphics, especially when the shark travels underwater, encountering the various forms of sea life. The Challenge Stunts vary in difficulty, allowing Jaws to pull several fantastic feats. bonus points can be picked up by eating junk like license plates!

    the bosses can be a little frustrating, as is the fact that, well, sharks don't swim backwards, so there is no "reverse" throttle, as such, so in tight areas, especially those with dead ends, players may find themselves unduly stuck--- for a sequel, the game producers may do well to include a "reverse" feature-- it might be scientifically unsound, but hey, so is hurling barrels and the other preternatural stunts Jaws pulls off here (which add a surreal quality to the game).

    As this game was released with the PS3 around the corner, sequel possibilities are debatable-- still, upgraded for the next-gen systems, a JAWS-based game could be even more "immersing" than this (pun intended).

    Grade: B+...more info
  • It does bite! And hard!
    I have been a jaws fan for years and couldn't pass up another addition to my little collection. As many have already said, the gameplay is great! It's a bloody good time! The only complaint I have is that there are not enough ability upgrades. But hey, it's pretty good as it is.

    It's a must buy whether you will really bite anyone or not. Because just swimming around is fun and the ocean life(could have used more species, and more whales!) is great.

    The whalesharks and orcas could have been bigger for wow-factor but hey, you are playing a rather big shark... But still...

    I love sharks immensely and the shark moves pretty realistically. I love to show my friends my little "documentaries." The great white searches for it's next meal, ect ect. lol Enjoy!

    Oh yeah, and I saw it in the store first time and the cashier wanted my ID and unfortunatley I forgot it so I sent my illegal spanish friend in and HE GOT IT! lol just had to share......more info
  • Chaos and Destruction!!!!
    This is so fun!! It is great to destroy ships, docks, and eat people. It is a good balance between the mayhem, puzzles, and free-roaming. The graphics are really good and the game itself is simple to play. Highly recommended if you want to be very destructive!!...more info
  • fun but it was 2 short
    i liked this but in about 2 weeks and beat it (played about an hour each day) i thought it was lots of fun though. the way jaws moves is like how a real shark move. so i say the graphics were pretty good. i thoght the levels were 2 easy and 2 short but over all its a good game.

    so i say if you liked any of the jaws movies you should buy it
    o ya the game isnt based on any of the movies so dont buy for that reason ...more info
  • boring after a few minutes, repetitive, glitches...
    Not as shhort as these reviwers will make you think ("it's SOOOO short", YEAH RIGHT), very bloody and gory, you can tear people apart into little pieces and then eat them, The camera sucks at times, graphics are pretty good but could've been better, Worth the used & new price but don't buy this new. Honestly, it's not what it was hyped uo to be: at times you will want to play this so damn bad, you'd give money to play it, but then after 15/20 minutes you'd be like "Damn did i really ever want to play this" because it gets so boring and repetitive. All that's fun is freestyle but when there's only 10 different kind of boats in the whole ocean and each boat has a maximum of 2(count) people, and the people say the same lines OVER AND OVER it does get boring pretty quickly.

    the m rating does deserve to be here however since jaws is a shark and sharks naturally eat people this game should be okay for anyone 14 and older. It is gory but it's not like Grand theft Auto where you just go and kill random people for no reason (PARENTS)

    buy it used if you can.

    not terrible, but i'd recommend that if you were to get the choice of any 1 game for free, Choose another. ...more info
  • Jaws Unleashed not for Australia!
    It would probably be a good product but it can't be played in Australia. Had to return the game....more info
  • This game was so & so
    Well, I am a big Jaws fan. They made 4 movies of it. Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3, Jaws the Revenge which I guess is Jaws 4. There was already a Jaws game for NES where you're the human, I guess Cheif Brody, trying to kill the shark. Then when I heard a new Jaws game was coming out for PS2, XBOX, & PC I ran out and bought it the first day it came out, and I was really excited when I heard you could be the shark eating the humans. But, I shouldn't have gottin too exicted because this game was kinda weird. I knew this game had nothing to do with the first one, while the NES version was. This game took place during the 3rd movie. But back to the game. The control was kinda ockward. I mean move the analog stick up,the shrak goes down. R1 or L1 is to bite, I havn't played it in a while, so I guess L1 & R1 is original for doing soemthing like that. The blood & gore gave me a good feeling. And I like destroying boats. Well, I havn't gotin that far in the game. I saw a video on Gamespot.com where the shark rips this Killer Whale in half. I wanted to get that far but I couldn't. I'm stuck on the part where you're in that aqurium. Well, that's all I have to say about this game. I wouldn't play the game if I were you, honestly, but go see the movies if you didn't already. It's a little bloody but it will give you a good feeling after watching it. Or you could have nightmares for a few weeks. ...more info
  • MUCH better than expected! pure fun!
    Being a big fan of the film and also completely obsessed with great White Sharks, I had to have this game. And the best part is, YOU ARE THE SHARK!

    After reading some bad reviews, I was disappointed and convinced it was going to be pretty simplistic and boring after a day of playing it. Well, I was completely wrong. This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played on PS2. I think it's much better than what many people have made it out to be.

    Jaws has multiple options for his attacks. Biting, Charging, tail whips, grabbing and throwing victims in the air and chomping them on their way down. Victims are torn apart and dismembered in a violent way that makes for pure enjoyment. Oh yea, maybe not a game for young kids. You will also battle other sharks, Killer whales, dolphins and any other sea creatures that get in your way or try to mess with you. Jaws can charge out of the water into the air for spectacular leaping attacks and destruction!

    There are 11 main story line missions, and 32 "side missions". Everything from destroying ships dumping pollution, attacking swimmers, scuba divers, water skiers, kayakers, jet skis, shark cages and fisherman. Biting and blowing up oil rigs, police boats and Cost Guard ships as well. Collecting license plates, treasure chests, tin cans and other miscellaneous items along the way for extra points. Using collected points to upgrade the sharks skill level ( strength, speed, accuracy ) makes the game get even better. Some side missions can be simple like finding a certain amount of car tires in a given amount of time, but others are much more challenging and involved. Some involve grabbing an explosive barrel in your mouth and then launching it at boats and power facilities to destroy and sink them. Controls may be tricky at first, but when you master them, attacking victims and objects becomes quite bloody and enjoyable! You can also switch from first and second person camera view. There is also "shark vision" which when turned on, will illuminate objects of interest. This can be very helpful during many parts of the game.

    While game play is somewhat limited to attacking and destroying things, it never seems to get dull. There was so much more to this game than I was led to believe from the bad online reviews. Graphics are a somewhat of a mix. The only bad graphics seem to be some cut scenes. Some of the graphics in the scenes are so bad I can't understand why the skimped on them they way they did. Yet most areas of the game are very well done. There is a large underwater mining facility with tunnels and control rooms that looks fantastic and detailed. Everything underwater looks great. Good sound too! Overall, I think the graphics are great and the sharks movement is smooth and VERY life like. 360 degree swimming and motions.

    Like I said, this is one of the most addictive and fun games I have ever played. Maybe that's partially because of my fascination with sharks and love of the movie. But Jaws unleashed provides excellent game play that had me smiling the whole time I was tearing victims apart and causing chaos. I say give it a chance and see for yourself, you'll be hooked. ...more info
  • I can't seem to finish the first level!
    Well, damn, this game sure looked and sounded like fun. Too bad I can't seem to make it past level 1. There are (supposedly) 9 "level tutorials" that you're supposed to swim up to that tell you how to do certain things. They appear as beams of light underwater. I've gotten 7 of the 9, but I've searched all over the area and I can't find the last 2! Most of the action in this first level takes place in a bottle-neck where you're surrounded by sea walls. Try to swim out of the bottle-neck and into the open ocean and you run into a powerful current that forces you back into the bottle-neck. I spent nearly an hour combing every inch of the place looking for those last 2 remaining turtorials which I assume you must find to complete the level, but I can't find them anywhere!

    From what I've read of the other reviews, other people seem to have advanced further in the game. Am I the only person on the planet incapable of finishing the first level? Why of all the games that have had strategy walk-through books printed for them did this have to not be one of them? Why do they have to make games like this, where they look like they'll be really awsome but then you've barely started playing and you run into a wall that you just can't figure out how to bypass? I feel like I just wasted my money buying this damn thing! ...more info


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