Leatherman 64010103K Micra Multitool

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Product Description

Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool Standard Stainless Steel Finish Clam Spring-action scissors and personal care features that fit on your key chain are just part of what makes the Micra truly unique. Ten useful tools are packed into this tiny lightweight Leatherman. Available in standard brushed stainless finish. Makes a superb gift. Features: - Scissors - Clip-Point Knife - Tweezers - Nail File / Cleaner - Flat Phillips Screwdriver - Extra Small Screwdriver - Medium Screwdriver - Bottle Opener - Ruler (Inch / Metric) - Lanyard Attachment Specifications: - Length: 2.5 in. - Weight: 50 grams Mfg No: 64010103K Manufacturer: Leatherman

Leatherman's Micra -- a Tiny Classic

The Leatherman Micra multitool is crafted from 100-percent stainless steel, engineered to the optimum hardness for each individual tool. At a mere 2-1/2 inches when folded closed, this wee masterpiece offers super-sharp spring-action scissors, along with nine additional personal-care features. It's just the right size for key rings or belt loops, so it's always right at hand for speedy access and quick fixes.

Don't let the size fool you. The Micra is tough, sturdy, and truly unique. Good things come in small packages, and this amazing little tool is no exception. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your personal style, or a standard brushed stainless steel finish (this model). This useful item makes a superb stocking stuffer, birthday surprise, or thoughtful present for any occasion.

The Micra comes in an assortment of colors to suit your personal style.

Tools Featured in this Model:

  • Scissors
  • Clip-point knife
  • Tweezers
  • Nail file / cleaner
  • Flat Phillips screwdriver
  • Extra small screwdriver
  • Medium screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Ruler (inch / metric)
  • Lanyard attachment

User Features

When using the scissors, you'll first grip the handles at the thicker ends and swing them open. At first you will notice a bit of resistance, due to the spring mechanism that controls the scissors. To close them, simply reverse the procedure.

To navigate the blades, just open the handles. Then it's easy to use the nail nick to rotate out a single blade. Once the blade is open, all you have to do is close both handles to take advantage of the Posi-Stop feature. Should a blade accidentally start to close, that blade will be stopped by the opposite handle -- for an added measure of strength and safety. For further stability, the Micra has two small tabs inside the handles that interlock when the handles are closed.

The Micra comes with a stainless steel split ring that will allow the tool to be attached to any key chain or lanyard. Or, if you prefer, the split ring can be completely removed and the fixed attachment point can be easily folded inside the tool.


All Leatherman products are covered by a 25-year limited warranty. If within 25 years from the purchase date of your genuine Leatherman tool you find any defect in material or workmanship, you can count on the manufacturer to make it right with fast warranty service. To obtain warranty service, return your tool to Leatherman Tool Group. Depending on the tool defect, they will decide whether to repair your tool or replace it with a product of equal or greater value. No variations, upgrades or refunds are offered.

The Leatherman Tool Group and its History of Quality

In 1975, Leatherman Tool Group founder Tim Leatherman was inspired by leaky pipes and a cranky car on a budget trip to Europe -- and thus the idea for his first pocket survival tool was conceived. Since then, Leatherman has become an internationally recognized company with hundreds of employees and a wide variety of durable, versatile, stylish products. Created with bold designs and truly rugged construction, Leatherman products are a perfect addition for tool kits, emergency sets, and glove compartments everywhere.

  • Key-chain sized "Micra" multitool
  • Scissors, clip-point knife, tweezers, nail file/cleaner, flat Phillips screwdriver, extra small and medium screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler
  • 100 percent stainless steel
  • Includes lanyard attachment
  • 2-1/2 inches; 2.75 ounces; 25-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice tool, but I prefer my Swiss Army
    I like the quality, feel, and versatility of this tool, but after carrying it and my small Swiss Army knife around alternately, I found that I prefer the Swiss Army model. The Swiss Army is a little less in size and weight, it has a smoother profile, and opening a particular tool is a little quicker and easier. Personally, I find that I use the knife, scissors, or phillips/flat screwdriver blades about 98% of the times I pull it out of my pocket. The Leatherman is a cool tool, but I like the Swiss a little better....more info
  • nice gift and handy for everyday uses
    The new Squirt S4 is a nicer design (of tool locations) but the Micra supposedly has a superior scissors and I tend to agree with that. The Micra is a little longer than the Squirt and the twizzer on it is a much worse design. The knife blades are the same. The finger nail file is the same on both except the Squirt has a ruler (on the opposite side of the file). The phillips screwdriver is the same on both and I do not like the design. Instead of the crossed points it has a flat tip phillips. The bottle opener on the Micra also has a small flat-tip screwdriver. I don't like this design either. I prefer the Squirt's design of bottle opener and medium flat-tip screwdriver. On the Micra the medium flat-tip screwdriver is a stand-alone tool and on the Squirt S4 the small screwdriver is stand-alone (which I prefer). The stainless-steel body of the Micra is far more appealing and durable than the aluminum handles of the Squirt S4 which are easily dinged. In the end, I prefer the look of the stainless steel Micra but the overall design and tool components of the Squirt S4....more info
  • Never leave home without it.
    This is a great multi-tool at a great price and I never leave home without it....more info
  • It's the little things...
    I've owned this little tool for three years. (Almost lost it to TSA in a near miss at an airport.) It's been through the ringer with off-road wheeling repairs, household remodels, International travel and raising two children.

    Of all my favorite uses, cutting long straws down for my little one at restaurants has made it priceless. Little ones sit shorter at tables and have a hard time not tipping their drinks over trying to put a straw in their mouth. Trim off a few inches with the Micra and ta-da! No more spills, poked eyes or nostrils.

    But I digress... Because of it's size, it fits in little purse pockets such as credit card slots. It's easy to put in your pant's pockets when hiking or just out walking. The simple tools it comes with cover just about everything you might come across in daily life, unless you need a set of pliers.

    At the current Amazon half price sale during Black Friday 2008, I'm buying several for family and our vehicles. (Just toss it in the glove box.)...more info
  • Excellent tool
    I recently purchased a Micra, and overall I'd highly recommend it. I carry it with me everywhere and use it a lot more than I ever would have expected to. The scissors work well, which is a big plus.

    The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5, is because of the philips screwdriver. For most applications it will work well. In my case, though, I was expecting it to be a smaller sized screwdriver (I was hoping to use it on some electronic kits at my work). It's hard to describe, but the way it is designed the screwdriver is wider than it needs to be and makes it impossible to use on most smaller screws. I figure it's worth mentioning.

    Overall though, it's a nice tool and I'd buy it again....more info
  • This thing is pretty useless.
    I think I lost it, but I seriously don't mind. I'm not sure when useless scissors or a 1.5" knife would come in handy. ...more info
  • For those who want small multitool w/scissors instead of pliers
    It folds to roughly the size of 2 fingernail clippers side by side, and has scissors where larger multitools have pliers. It is the perfect multitool if you spend more time in an office than working on your engine.

    Have used in office environment for a couple months now and would highly recommend....more info
  • Better than a Squirt in some respects
    It has "Posi-Stop" feature where the other handle prevents tools from folding back onto your fingers while working. Squirt tools open from the outside but leaves fingers exposed especially to the razor sharp blade (convenience vs. safety). Incidentally, inside opening tools "feature" probably results in less gunk from pocket to collect on the tools since tools are covered by the handle. Also tool can be used as a 5" ruler by lining up both handles end to end unlike the teeny 1.5" ruler on the Squirt. All stainless steel to resist nicks and scratches unlike the aluminum handles on the Squirt that will show its age in no time. Lighter than a Squirt (1.75oz vs 2oz). Only issue is the tweezer which is too narrow for any serious work. But then again you won't ever lose it since its attached to the tool. Finally you can pick up a Micra for about half the price of a Squirt. You decide!

    EDIT: I've found a solution to the less than useful tweezers on the Micra. I took the removable tweezers from my Victorinox Classic (which was repalced by the Micra) and cut off the end just enough to fit within the built-in Micra tweezer. So now my micra tweezers basically act as a holder for the "new & improved" removable Classic tweezers. ;) I'll upload a pic when I can....more info
  • Handy tool
    It contains many helpful tools and it fits into your pocket for unexpected chores. It also makes a great gift. ...more info
  • Excellent non-work multi-tool
    If you don't work as a handyman or a tradesman, this may be the right multi-tool for you. It has the typical tools that a guy who doesn't use tools would need: Scissors, a bottle opener, a small knife, tweezers, and three screwdrivers (mini-flat, larger flat, and philips-head), and a fingernail cleaner/file.

    Having said that, if you work in the building trade (building or repairing) or any trade where you have to repair something, this tool will be almost completely useless to you, and you should definitely consider one of the larger Leatherman products....more info
  • Excellent
    This is a wonderful tool to have on your key chain or in your purse. You will use it for opening packages to picking up delicate objects with the tweezers. It is well made and would be a great gift for almost anyone. ...more info
  • Great little keychain helper
    This was my 1st Leatherman tool, got it for a Christmas present years ago & have always carried it on my "work" keys. It comes in handy here & there for minor things that come up during a regular day at work (I work in a school). I like it better than the mini Swiss Army knives I've had before because you don't have to worry about losing anything, I always seemed to lose the tweezers out of the Swiss Army knife. All the tools in this tool are really nice, good scissors & the knife blade holds a pretty good edge. If you're looking for a good little keychain that can help out here & there, go for the Micra....more info
  • Leatherman Micra
    Leatherman, need I say more ? Never without one. TSA has re-circulated many of my micra's ! ...more info
  • What's going on with Leatherman's these days?
    I am quite dissatisfied with the quality of the new Leatherman tools. I purchased two Leatherman Squirt S4's and the Leatherman Micra from Amazon recently and was surprised to see that all of them arrived scratched up(like it was used before). Some scratches were wide and deep enough to cause cuts on your hands when you use the tool. I purchased the Leatherman Charge XTi from another vendor, which was also not of high quality that Leatherman was once known for. I have owned the original Leatherman Wave since it first came out and have had no problems with it. It seems like the newer models are being mass produced without some type of quality control. Or maybe someone is repackaging used Leatherman tools and selling them as new...
    I will not be buying anymore Leatherman tools until they start making high quality multitools as they were once known for.
    If you want to buy one of these, either for yourself or as a gift, I would suggest you go to a store and look at it before you buy. Make sure there are no scratches or smeared letterings or any other problems...The ones I recieved were definitely not good enough to give as gifts....more info
  • Rats!!
    Mine have been confiscated three different times. Once by TSA, once by a Bouncer, and once by my mom and dad. I can't afford to buy anymore....more info
  • Overall, a good knife with a few glitches
    This is my second leatherman knife. I have had the juice leatherman for about 6 years. It and the micro are great knives. They are well constructed. The knives hold an edge. The tools are sturdy and actually work and I don't have to fear that when I use the various attachments that it will break. In addition, the micro fits nicely in the pocket in jeans for a pocket watch which I really like. I have two minor complaints about the micro. First, you have to completely open up the knife to get the knife blade out which is a hassle and I have cut myself doing with with the scissors (which are very sharp). Second, I find the ruler (one of the things I was excited about with the knife - I know, I must lead a boring life) is difficult to use. Again, you have to open the knife to use it and this can be awkward. Essentially, I have found the ruler to be worthless. Other than these two minor issues, it is a great knife and much better quality and construction than any of the competition. A great little knife, especially at this price....more info
  • Nice small multi-tool
    If your a handyman and like to always have some tools with you this is the perfect small multi-tool to carry when you are wearing dress slacks, save the big tools for when your wearing your jeans. ...more info
  • Best Little Multi-Tool I've Ever Owned
    For years, I used to carry around the "Swiss Army Classic SD" pocket knife, and was constantly frustrated by how useless it was-- the scissors were a joke (they were hard to use, and quickly became gummed), the knife was tiny, the tweezers and toothpick were often misplaced. So when it was confiscated by airport security, I went looking for a better alternative. Enter the Micra.

    First off, Amazon's price is a bit high... I've seen these ranging from $10-15 at local stores. Be that as it may, the Micra is a great tool to keep in your pocket-- small, compact, and highly useful. The scissors are bigger and much easier to use, the screwdriver has saved me a few times (although to be fair, there is very little leverage to be gained from such a tiny driver).

    My only major knock is that the tools open from the INSIDE of the micra, which can be a hassle. Other than that, it's a great tool to have in your pocket for emergencies....more info
  • Best tool kit you can ever have
    Leatherman has great products available but Micra is just the one everyone should have. Primarily because it is small enough to be used as a key-chain and good enough to be used as a tool on several small occasions.

    For bigger knives you probably need a case and need a place to hook it up or keep it, but since micra can be used a part of key chain there is no storage issue.

    I got Leatherman micra as a gift from my girlfriend several years ago and I thought it won't be very useful since it is so small. But I am surprised that I almost use it everyday for small daily activities.

    I recommend this product as an item to own or to gift as well. ...more info
  • sled
    Leatherman 64010103K Micra Multitool
    I bought a couple of these for Christmas gifts. They were well received by the men I gave them to. I had bought a similar one with pliers at the end a few years ago for my daughter. She keeps it on her key chain and gets a great deal of use out of it. ...more info
  • A size and utility sweet spot
    This product is not good because it is the best knife, tweezers, screwdriver or can-opener, but that it is small and compact enough to fit on a keychain, while retaining a certain level of usefulness. The scissors are quite good and are precise enough for removing hang-nails and strong enough to cut through wires with ease....more info
  • Almost perfect for everyday utility
    I had always carried a small Swiss pocket knife on my keyring, but found myself carrying and using a full size leatherman on the weekends. During the week, when a suit was the uniform of order, a larger leatherman just doesn't look the part. :) So I looked for smaller options. I needed something with a scissors since I cut loose threads, price tags, etc most often. The swiss knives I always found to be a bit too tiny for my large hands and with their small fold out scissors I often wrecklessly just ripped off tags or tried to pull threads instead of fumbling for the scissor. With the leatherman micra, I find myself joyously whipping it open since the scissors are it's primacy function. They have very strong jaws and easily cut through most anything - tags, cardboard, even the occassional speaker wire. The other accessories are useful as well, and are much easier to grip and unfold than the smaller Swiss knives. Knifepoint is exceptionally sharp! The only 2 things I would improve are as follows: 1. Include a small phillips bit. The flathead for phillips screws is...well..counterproductive at best. The very point of the phillips head is limited slip so no flat bit will do the job right. 2. While this sounds odd based on my large hands, it's a bit too big to be ideal. Don't get me wrong, it's not too big, but it took me a few days to get used to being aware that it was in my pockets. And since it's a little heavier (but also sturdier) it tends to bang about a bit when on the keyring and the keys in the ignition. Overall a great product, just a couple of minor tweaks to make this small tool perfect for true everyday use....more info
  • Perfect Size
    I own a full-size Leatherman but wanted something I could have on me at all times. The Micra is perfect for just that....more info
  • Great compact tool
    I just bought one of these for my father and had one myself and think it is a great tool. I use my regular size Leatherman all the time and this one is just as useful because you can take it with you everywhere you go. I keep mine on my key chain. Anyway, if you've had a Leatherman before or seen one, this is just like the rest of them except smaller and folds up just the same. Instead of pliers you get a small pair of sissors which work very well. There is also some small screw driver heads and a pair of tweezers which come in handy. ...more info
  • Great keychain accessory!
    I got this as a replacement for the Micra my boyfriend had taken away while checking in at the airport. He forgot he had his keys in his pocket and meant to leave them at home with his dad so he could move his car. His old micra he had for over 6 years and the blades/scissors needed to be sharpened badly.

    The new one is great and works like a charm. I think I might get him a sharpener down the road when it starts to get dull gain. ...more info
  • Handy, don't leave home without it!
    I needed the scissors. Could never find a pair at work when I needed them and was always whipping out my big knife to try and cut things with. I've got the big multitool too by Gerber, the switch pliers, which I absolutely love and use it alot as well. But this little guy fits. It fits my pants, it fits for cutting, slicing, and cleaning my fingernails. And the tweezers have been incredibly handy. The knife blade; I chuckled when I first saw how small it is, but the joke was on me, this little blade is sharp and so far has stood up to boxes at work better than my pocketblade, which I've begun to carry less often not needing the extra weight in my pocket. I agree with some other reviewers in that it would be nice if the tools opened out from the side while closed, but it's well worth the inconvience using this little guy. The price is right, and the tool if you get it, you'll wonder how you ever managed to live without it. ...more info
  • Excellent value
    Although most people should probably spring for the Wave this is very good for the price and it conveniently goes on a key chain....more info
  • Great urban keychain multitool
    For a multitool that fits comfortably on a keychain without adding much bulk, this leatherman offers a delightfully wide range of useful features. Unlike similar and larger tools I've owned, this is easy to open, snapping in place like it was anxious to be used. The primary feature, the scissors, are surprisingly large and easier to use than scissors found on other models. I find myself reaching for this tool more frequently than I thought, using the scissors, knife, or screwdriver almost daily. My only complaint is that none of the features are offered externally; you have to open the tool completely to access anything. For daily urban use, I cannot recommend a better multitool to keep handy...more info
  • Great Multitool
    I use the Leatherman Micra almost everyday. It's something that I just got to have. I lost mine which I had for 5 years and went a couple of weeks without one, and it was pretty frustrating. The quality of the product is great. For 5 years, it never got loose or felt any wear and tear. I've had cheap imitations, but broke in a couple of uses. I recommend this to anyone, I promise you won't be disappointed.

    ...more info
  • What else would you expect from a Leatherman tool?
    This multi-tool is extremely compact, very sturdy, and its individual tools are so versatile that I can bring this out for anything from some moderately heavy-duty applications to tiny pocket watch repairs....more info
  • Comes in so handy!
    I bought this as a Gold Box Deal thinking I might not really need, but it has come in so handy so far. I am glad I got it ! Is indeed a gem for the price! ...more info
  • Get one!
    Great idea! I keep one in my camera bag. It really comes in handy for family trips....more info
  • An incredibly handy tool!
    I got this for Christmas a few years back, and it's served me faithfully since.

    Leatherman is a local company (I live in Washington State, Leatherman is in Oegon), and they make excellent products backed by lifetime warranties. I've never owned Leatherman products before I got the Micra, and I am very impressed!

    This is one of the handiest tools I've ever owned or used. I've owned Swiss-Army knives for 15 years, and they are handy, but for its size, the Micra is handier! My Swiss Champ (made by Victorinox) comes close, but it's so bulky that I don't carry it around much anymore. I take this instead.

    It's got a lot of features in a tiny package. The 10 tools are stored in or on the handles. You get scissors, a nail cleaner, file, micro flat-blade and philips screwdrivers, tweezers, a large flat blade screw driver, a small knife blade, and a ruler on the sides of the handles.

    The great thing about this tool, is all the tools are useful, and they work! The scissors work great for small chores, as do the knife blade, file, and other tools. The Micra is constructed of stainless steel inside and out. It's sturdy, and well built, which is common with leatherman's products. The knife blade holds its edge well, and is easily sharpened.

    The only problem I've had with it was the scissors. They got dull (you cannot sharpen them, so don't try) so I sent it back to Leatherman and they sent me a replacement. No questions asked. How's that for customer service?

    A great addition to any glove box, purse, junk drawer, tool box, pocket or key ring. ...more info
  • Excellent Tool
    This is an excellent tool. It is robust and has many functionalities. It is good to have on your car, or to carry with you on hiking or outdoor trips. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I have had one of these on my key chain for 10 years and use it frequently - especially the scissors. It is awesome....more info
  • Nice little tool
    It's a great little tool that fits in your pocket. The philips head screwdriver is less that great, however. It didn't fit anything I tried it on well enough to do the job. Other parts work well....more info
  • Cool stuff
    I'm a big fan os leather man.... it couldnt be better, to get home and have my box waiting for me.
    In this rushy life, it's good to have this service that saves us time. Tks....more info
  • Leatherman Micra
    This lightweight keychain size tool is one of the most usefull multitools I've ever had. The main feature of this is the sizzors. It's easy to get to and great for opening those plastic wrapped items. The only thing I've never used is the can opener. The Micra I purchased at this time was for a gift. I give them to my good friends. I've been carrying mine for over two years, and have one on all my keychains. The workmanship is very good compaired to similar units I have seen. Everything fits together and works well. Amazon has the best price....more info
  • awesome, very handy tool
    I recently lost one of these given to me on my birthday. I ordered another one almost immediately. It comes so handy on so many occasions: camping, opening boxes and letters, cutting, etc. I would always keep it as my key chain. Just remember to put it in your check-in luggage when you fly -- that is how I lost my previous one! Also, the knife is very sharp which is great, just have to be careful cutting stuff with it :)...more info
  • Christmas Gift
    I purchased three of these tools as Christmas gifts and the guys were thrilled. You can't go wrong with a leatherman. And the deal I got through Amazon.com was too good to pass up. ...more info
  • More useful than I would have ever thought
    I recommend this product to everyone... yes everyone. I got this for free as a package deal with another product and I didn't think I'd ever use it. It has certainly paid itself and the other product off, having a knife/scissors/screwdriver in your pocket is always useful. Mine just recently got confiscated at an airport (due to forgetfulness), and I know now more than ever how much I used it. I will buy another shortly....more info
  • a last minute Christmas gift for my son
    I ordered the little mini leatherman tool for my son for Christmas , and he loved it, he said, it was small enough to be carried in his pocket while he was at work. I knew that he loved the larger leatherman, and took a chance that he would like this smaller version. I was right. ...more info
  • Micra vs Squirt
    I used both the Micra and the Squirt. Right now I have the Squirt attached to my keys for about 3 years and it is still going strong. I have the "S4" version with the scissors instead of pliers. When I saw that someone said the Micra was a better value, I had to come to the defense of the Squirt. Take it from someone who knows, the Squirt far surpasses the value of the Micra. I had gone through 2 Micras before I found the Squirt.

    --Scissors Spring--
    Micra - After a month or two it was so gummed up that the scissors would stay shut and would not open on their own. This was the main reason I went through them so fast.
    Squirt - Still springing after years, much more force behind this one.

    --Scissors Grip--
    Micra - When doing some serious cutting (or using the pliers), the sharp metal frame and tools will start to slice into your hand.
    Squirt - Thicker frame to house the tools on the outside lessens so it will not hurt your hand.

    Micra - Start to flake and chip off after a month or so. (If you had to get one, get the stainless steel finish)
    Squirt - Storm gray paint has scratched off but no big flakes like the Micra. The paint is bound to go through some serious wear and tear when on a keychain so some scratches are to be expected.

    Micra - Small
    Squirt - Smaller

    If you were thinking of getting the Micra, spend the extra 5 bucks and get a knife that is 5 times better....more info
  • Always with me
    This little gem does so many things you have to get used to reminding yourself, "Oh yeah, I can do that" and reach for your pocket. Multiple screwdrivers, scissors, a file, knife, ruler, straightedge, bottle-opener, tweezers (and has been used as a tiny hammer).

    Obviously there are bigger multi-tools that do more, but the great thing about this one is that the size is almost like you are not carrying anything. It won't wear out your pockets, or make you look like you are are carrying a small soft drink in your pants.

    With Leatherman, quality is never an issue. My only criticism is that there is only one knife blade, and it's not well marked and I don't always come out with it on the first try (something I can easily fix with an etching tool). Still . . . solidly a 5 star mini multi-tool.

    ...more info
  • Husband impressed in spite of himself
    I got this for my engineer of a husband last year for Christmas. He has been impressed, it goes in his pocket everyday now. Great value. Very useful....more info
  • Leatherman Multitool
    This is an essential for me. It is compact, I wear it on my belt, I use it many times a day. I can do nearly all small maintenance tasks with this tool. For me it is an essential, not a luxury....more info
  • great little tool
    This is a great tool if you dont wont to carry around a large leatherman. I use it all the time. The scissors are real sharp and durable. I have bought three of these Micra leathermans over the past two years. One as a gift and two for myself....more info


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