Gaiam Abs Ball Workout Kit (Color May Vary)

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The Gaiam Abs Ball Kit is a great tool to strengthen your core and sculpt your abs. A Gaiam exclusive Kit! The unique two-handled ball is easy to grip and the weight is the recommended resistance for optimal torso-reshaping results. 8 pound ball. Made in China.

  • Strengthen your core with our exclusive Abs Ball Kit
  • The unique two-handled ball is easy to grip and the weight (8 lbs.) is the recommended resistance for optimal torso-reshaping results
  • Our 35-minute guided-workout DVD (included) features seven-time Iron Man? Triathlete
  • Jonathan Roche as he guides you through two 12-minute workouts (beginner and advanced) and teaches moves like the 3-Layered Crunch and Russian Twist to effectively chisel your torso

    "Our tester says: I have no concentration or discipline; this ball is so much fun you don't need concentration. It doesn't make me bored, and it gave me obvious results. There's more definition in my abs." - Women's Health & Fitness magazine

    The Gaiam Abs Ball Kit is a great tool to strengthen your core and sculpt your abs. This unique two-handled ball is easy to grip, and the weight (8 pounds) is the recommended resistance for optimal torso-reshaping results. The 35-minute guided-workout DVD, which is included in the kit, features seven-time Iron Man triathlete Jonathan Roche who will guide you through two 12-minute workouts (beginner and advanced) and teach you moves such as the "3-Layered Crunch" and "Russian Twist" to effectively chisel your torso.

    About Gaiam
    Gaiam was created as a lifestyle company with the vision that, given a choice, people would choose a lifestyle that is healthy and life enhancing, for themselves, their families and the Earth. The Gaiam lifestyle is a vote for individual health as well as the future sustainability of the Earth¡¯s resources. Gaiam strives to provide customers with alternatives to traditional products by offering natural, eco-friendly or healthy versions that compare with the style, quality and price of conventional products.

    Gaiam¡¯s goal is to become the trusted source and unifying brand for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) participants. They understand that the opportunity to affect people¡¯s lives with information and products is both a privilege and a responsibility. Gaiam believes in the concept of Conscious Commerce, the practice of making purchasing decisions based on personal values and beliefs. It takes into consideration all the aspects of our lives and the impact we have upon the planet. Research indicates this concept appeals to approximately 50 million people in the U.S. alone. Gaiam's strategy in delivering the distinctive quality for which they are known is to partner with experts in health/wellness, eco-living and personal development to develop proprietary products that meet our customers¡¯ needs with meaningful solutions.

    The name GAIAM is a fusion of the words Gaia (the name of Mother Earth from the Minoan civilization in ancient Crete), and I am reminds us that we are all interconnected with the Earth, the air and water, and very much a part of this living system that sustains us all.

    What's in the Box?
    Gaiam Abs Ball, workout DVD

  • Features:
    • Helps chisel your torso
    • Easy-to-grip eight-pound ball
    • Includes 35-minute workout DVD
    • Workouts led by Iron Man triathlete Jonathan Roche

    Customer Reviews:

    • Hmm...
      The ball is very oily and after a month it still has that oily smell and feel to it. I have a wooden floor and it leaves oily spots on the floor, which can be very slippery if you don't clean it right away.

      The workout dvd has a decent workout (the advanced one I'm talking about, they beginner's workout is hardly a challenge after a couple of times)....more info
    • Great supplemental tool!
      I bought this to supplement my workouts when I was rehabbing from a hockey injury. The dvd that was included has a good, easy-to-follow format and challenges your core. I started with the recommended exercises and then just incorporated those into my current workouts as I healed, especially the Russian Twists!
      If you're looking for something to melt away the pounds and define your abs, this would be by far the best tool to supplement your other efforts (hanging bar would be the first). By no means is the abs ball to replace a solid total-body workout and food intake adjustment (dare I say the dreaded "diet" word), but it will definitely help, especially if you haven't been exercising for a while and can't stand the idea of hundreds of crunches that hurt your lower back.
      I whole-heartedly recommend changing your "eating plan" to the Zone Diet (it's really NOT a diet) and workout following the CrossFit exercises at, those two combined will dramatically change your body shape and your strength exponentially in just a few weeks!! ...more info
    • love it!!!
      Just love my item. Works great!!!! The only thing negative about it is the smell. Sorry sounds funny, but it just has that rubbery smell. Besides that I love the Abs Ball. I recommend it to anyone....more info
    • Abs Ball
      Good product, the DVD that came with the ball is easy to follow and really helps you get started. I had no issues with the DVD playing unlike other reviews I have read. The only issue I had is the distinct petroleum smell of the ball so be aware of it if you plan to keep it inside your living space. I thought it might dissipate over time but it's still pretty strong. ...more info
    • DVD works fine, good suppliment to workouts
      Picked it up at Target. Everything worked fine out of the box. The DVD is well done and provides a good workout. I like to use it for ab work in between sets of other exercises. Resistance is great, and the handles make it a lot easier to use than normal medicine balls....more info
    • abs ball
      The video is poor quality. I ordered two ab balls and I had to return both of them....more info
    • Pretty good tool for toning abs
      When I first receive the item from Amazon, the DVD actually did not work, but after I contacted Gaiam, they sent me a replacement for no charge. So I give them a star for good service.

      Other than that, the workout is quick and simple, I haven't worked out in quite a while and within the 2 weeks that I started doing this workout, I'm noticing results already! It's not 6-pac overnight... but it's better than doing simple crunches.

      Also, since the workout is short, I've no reason to not do it in the morning!

      Give it a try if you're a lazy person like me who's always looking for excuses not to exercise!...more info
    • Ab Ball works well
      I have been satisfied with the ab workout I get with the ball. The dvd workouts are good starting point. I have added a few different moves in addition to the ones included in the advanced workout. I have noticed that my stomach is getting slimmer after about a month's worth of use approximately every other day....more info
    • Too much trouble
      The included DVD did not work. Amazon sent me a replacement kit but that DVD didn't work either. I returned them both. The I bought the kit from a Target store, and of course that DVD didn't work either! I sent a complaint to Gaiam by email and they sent me a working DVD without the need to return anything, plus a $10 coupon. The workout is good but not worth the trouble....more info
    • Feeling it.
      I received the product about 5-days after I ordered it (and I live in Hawaii). The product packaging was crazy--three nested boxes with air packets.

      The DVD worked and I did the workout for the first time yesterday. The exercise sequence made sense and was easy to do (beginner version). The only issue I had was that the handles weren't too comfortable in the plank position.

      I can't speak about results yet seeing as I did it for the first time yesterday, but I am feeling it in my abs today. It's effective and not time consuming. I feel like I've worked my abs as well with this product as I have during an hour-long pilates class (I took reformer classes for two years). I can't wait to try the advanced workout....more info
    • love it!!!
      Just love my item. Works great!!!! The only thing negative about it is the smell. Sorry sounds funny, but it just has that rubbery smell. Besides that I love the Abs Ball. I recommend it to anyone....more info
    • good ab tool
      I bought this ball for quick ab work-outs in the mornings before work. The beginner workout is plenty to get me going and tighten my abs. It's simple and compact enough to keep handy and not take a lot of time....more info
    • How can I write a review for this product? I haven't received the replacement yet!
      How can I write a review for this product? I haven't received the replacement yet! The one I initially received was dented! So annoying! It'll be a while before I order something through again....more info
    • great ball, lousy DVD
      I got the abs ball tonight and I'm very excited to use it for some variety (I usually do straight abs DVDs with no equipment). However, the free DVD is terrible:
      - the advanced routine feels like you're doing something, but the beginner one is a joke, so there's ultimately only 1 10-minute routine I can use with this ball. For $40 I would prefer to have a few routines I could alternate- hopefully they'll make a second DVD... (and the beginner/advanced routines repeat many of the exercises so I can't mix and match)
      - the guy leading the routine WOULD NOT SHUT UP. It's good to give information for beginners who might not know about back safety and that it's okay to start with fewer reps, but it interferred and drove me nuts: I frequently found myself waiting for him to finish talking so we could begin the exercise...more info
    • Toxic ball
      I haven't used it yet because the off-gassing of the ball's material makes me ill. Also, the smell/compounds transfer to one's skin.... Very disturbing. I'm not sure I'll keep it because of this. For such an "earthy" company, I'm surpirsed their products appear to have no regard for the environment and reduced VOC's. Perhap there is information available on the material. Right now, I feel like I neeed to leave it outside for a month or two. ...more info


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