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Life isn't stagnant - it moves constantly. Wherever your life is going, the sleek, stylishly designed Tungsten E2 handheld from palmOne is the perfect handheld to take along for the ride. With a brighter, richer color screen, it brings your calendar, contacts, documents and presentations, photos and videos to life. Just as important, its flash memory keeps all that information safe even if you don't have time to recharge. There's even built-in Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity. Taking work to go? Create and edit Word and Excel documents, view PowerPoint presentations and PDF files. Easily sync your calendar and contacts from Outlook. And grab your MP3 tunes, too. It's one portable device you don't want to be without. Tungten E2 helps your life move where you want it to go. Read and draft email when you're out of the office with VersaMail application. Sync and send when you're back at your computer MultiMediaCard, SD and SDIO expansion-card compatible with built-in expansion slot. This enables storage of MP3 files for play. Also id your digital-camera uses SD memory for picture storage, your pictures can be easily transferred to the Tungsten E2 for display. Listen with headphones (sold separately) using the built-in stereo headphone jack Track appointments To Do Lists Calendar functions Long life rechargeable battery Includes Stylus, Power Adapter, Flip Cover

  • 320x320 Transflective TFT color display with touchscreen, supports more than 65,000 colors
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for connecting to compatible wireless devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and printers
  • Powerful, yet affordable, with 32 MB of memory (26 MB actual storage capacity)
  • Create and edit Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, and PowerPoint compatible files
  • Supports SD, SDIO and MultiMediaCard expansion-cards to add extra memory, features or content

Customer Reviews:

  • a newbie
    I'm new to using PDA's so I kinda over baught getting the tungsten E2. I basically use the notes, calendar, calc., and memo unctions. The rest of the functions I have no use for at the moment. So as far as what I do with it, everything does exactly what I need it to do. I will someday try uploading geocaching coordinates into it but until I get the ones I have stored into my GPS solved, I will continue to memorize them one by one as I look for them....more info
  • Palm Tungsten Handheld
    I have used Palm products for a number of years now, and have generally been satisfied with them. However, this handheld posed some problems. Most notably, it would not synchronize with the software from my previous Palm (a Z22) and trying to do so wiped out all the data on the Palm Desktop on my laptop. The Palm website was not of much help in retrieving any of this - I found it needlessly complicated. As a result, I ended up having to recreate my whole name/address data base manually. Not a fun experience....more info
  • Palm Tungsten review
    Great product! I love having documents at my fingertips anywhere I go without lugging a laptop around. I purchased it mainly for nursing school so I could have a drug book reference. I haven't downloaded the drug book yet....more info
  • Handy little device
    I got the Palm Tungsten for my wife to use. She really likes it.

    It's a handy little device to store her address book, with email. Keep track of appointments and make lists.

    She also uses it to sync with the home and work computers to transfer a few files.

    A good price on a great little organizer....more info
  • Good stuff
    The Tungsten E2 is an excellent PDA that has many apps available to increase your productivity and to entertain yourself. You never need be without a book, a Bible (I have 5 on mine), or crucial phone numbers and adresses. It backs up to the PC nicely and smoothly too....more info
  • Rats! Not as useful as earlier Tungsten E
    The Tungsten E 2 I bought to replace my nearly-shot Tungsten E, is a real disappointment. The PC software for it no longer shows color codes for categories in the calendar function. I.E. Without entering the "edit" function for an entry in the calendar, I (you) cannot tell what [Estate of John Doe], [Church volunteering], [Car Repairs], if any, category you have assigned to an entry.
    Sync software was/is buggy, and the search function within the calendar on the PDA doesn't show dates(!) - only the first few words of the entries.
    I'm bummed! This is my fourth, and probably last Palm product. Up until now I was a happy camper with their gear. Too bad....more info
  • Everything changes except Palm Tugsten E2
    I just got a new Palm Tungsten E2 and am thoroughly disgusted with it already. I use Windows Vista 64b and I now come to understand that my Windows system doesn't allow me to synchronize with the E2. There was absolutely no mention of this in any of the literature I read before buying. Nothing in the owner's manual either. So now I'm stuck with a device that I cannot synchronize with the PC. (2)When I tried to install the E2 in my PC, the PC(by HP) cycled endlessly (several hours). There was no ph. # to be found in the materials that came with the device, I finally called HP to solve it. To top it off, my previous E2 (about 2 years old) died unexpectedly, no obvious reason why (it was synchronized with an older PC). Well, I guess I'm a sucker for staying with Palm for the replacement.
    ...more info
  • Tried to Love It
    I've had a Palm 100 since 2001. It is still working, but I knew it would need to be replaced before long. While the 100 lacked many of the luxury features of the E2, it surpassed the E2 I received 7 months ago in ease of use and life span. I was very excited when I saw the color screen. The images are sharp and bright. I found extras that I did not have on the 100. I could put my SD card in the top and view all the pictures on it. Very nice when you can never think to carry pictures with you. However, the pictures are very slow to load. Another treat is that it is slim, came with a nice cover that was easy to move out of the way when I wanted to view it. The other WONDERFUL difference is it's rechargeable. I had to keep a close eye on the 100 because, if your battery ran too low, you lost everything. And, if you didn't change the batteries out quick enough (taking out the old and putting in the new) you would lose all your information again.

    When I began using the E2, I noticed that I had to touch the stylus under the item in order to highlight it. I'm very flexible so I adapted to these dyslexic positions. One area that never quite seemed to work smoothly was synchronizing. Before, my 100 synched beautifully. For the last 7 months, each time I tried to synch, I had to load the program first. Then I would end up with doubled-up tasks. It was frustrating to have to go back in and delete all the duplications.

    Two days ago, I stopped the car to look up an address. When I returned to my car, I noticed my E2 was in the street. I picked it up and it didn't come on. To make a long story short, I've been upset with myself until I came to see about buying another one. After reading several of the reviews, I knew my Palm had fizzled without any help from me. Many of the issues others had had, I did too. Now I've decided it would not be a wise way for me to spend my money. I'll have to look into other brands. I appreciate all of those who took the time to review the E2. You've helped me make a better decision.
    ...more info
  • Old, but useful
    I totally recommend Palm Tungsten E2 for those user who like to have all information safely at hand. A Palm device can easily backup all your info in your PC while you're carrying it on the go. You can have memos, spreadsheets, jot notes, contacts, appointments, shopping list, task list and much more accessible with your fingers, just like a touch smartphone. By the way, it's worth mentioning, if you're planning to buy a smartphone, you should wait a little more for Palm Pre WebOS. But, if you want a desktop companion, you'll be pleased with Palm Tungsten E2. Old, but faithful.


    Trajano Lima
    Palm User since 1999
    1999 Palm m100 + PPK
    2005 Palm m515
    2005 Palm m100 (2nd season)
    2006 Palm Zire 72 silver
    2007 Palm Z22
    2008 Palm Tungsten E2
    2009 Palm Pre WebOS (longing for coming up)...more info
  • Good product
    I bought this for my wife for Christmas. She works in a hospital and there are a few medical programs she wanted to load on it and use for her job. We downloaded and installed them and she loves it. She also loves that she can keep track of contacts and her schedule too. As a business tool or for any "on-the-go" person I would reccomend this product.

    My only complaint was with the cable you use to sync it to your PC. It was easy to attach it to the unit but VERY hard to disconnect. I thought I was going to break something when I first disconnected it. The FAQ on their web site said it is like that when it is new and eventually breaks in. I hope that "break" is not the operative word here. After a couple of days I decided to skip the cable thing and buy a USB bluetooth adapter and have it sync up via bluetooth thus skipping the mechanical (cable to PDA) connection. The adapter (Rocketfish USB bluetooth adapter) cost $19.00 and my wife loves the convenience of not having to hook it up. Another plus of the adapter was it was cheaper than the cradles sold for this unit.

    To sum up: I think this is a very good product for anoyone who really needs a PDA. I also reccomend dropping the cable and going with a bluetooth to sync it up. ...more info
  • Very Nice Palm
    I purchased this Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld for my wife. She LOVES it. Shes is not in any way savy w/anything tecnical. But she figured out how to use. Best of all no "Fee" charged to use each month. ...more info
  • Do not buy
    I ignored the comments on Amazon and on the Palm blog about battery problems. I went ahead and purchased the E2--the battery will not hold a charge overnight. I am thankful that Amazon took this back. No more Palms for me....more info
  • Buyer beware
    No where on the box does it say that this product is not compatible with XP Media Center. Only after not being able to install the software and drilling down into the Palm support site do you find that out. The box simply states it is compatible with "Windows XP" Their support is really lacking....more info
    I am a Palm Pilot user from WAY back when they first came out. I have used them at work and play and have, until now, had no mechanical issues with any of the four different ones I have used (Palm I, Palm III, Palm IIIc,and M515). The ONLY reason I purchased a Tungsten E2 is because I spilled water on my M515 and it died (ya think). The touch screen on the Tungsten E2 I received has yet to work properly. I touch it in one spot, the pointer clicks somewhere else and you have to be very alert to find it sometimes. Based on others reviews, I have not tried to have it fixed because I have little, if any, patience with faulty mechanical devices.

    I am currently trying to find something to replace the E2 because it has fallen into the black hole in my bedroom where all things lost go to hide. The only reason I have for "needing" a PDA is for the games. I am retired and I like having specific mind tickling games to entertain myself with and to make sure that what brain cells I have left are still semi-working....more info
  • Not an improvement
    After my Tungsten E fried during a simultaneous syncronization-and-power-failure, I replaced it with the Tungsten E2. I don't use all the features, mostly the organizer functions. I found two problems right away: The syncronization cable plug is lousy (it won't stay plugged in!), and the writing cell doesn't work as well (meaning speed and accuracy) -- as my old Tungsten E. I'll eventually replace it with something else, especially since I can't find any replacement accessories in Washington state stores. ...more info
  • What they don't tell you & poor quality control
    You may want to think twice about purchasing this if you have a 64 bit operating system (like Vista). It will not sync with 64 bit Vista with the supplied cable, you end up having to use Bluetooth (which in my case meant another purchase and another delay). Also, the quality control at the factory seems to be questionable. The unit I received had a built in battery which would not take a charge. Once the factory charge ran out, it was totally dead and was impossible to recharge (I followed the directions EXACTLY). The first support person I talked to was very nice but the "trickle charge" he suggested did not work. The second person was almost impossible to understand but in the end I ended up having to send the unit back. So much for my wife's birthday present being on time....more info
  • Horrid
    How sad is this.

    I've been using my E2 for school work and keeping track of my schedule and after using it for several months, it died. It only works for a few minutes after charging or resetting the device, and if you turn it off(it won't let you keep it on indefinetly) after ten minutes you won't get it to turn on. Even after replacing the battery this problem didn't go away.

    What to do?
    Chuck it...more info
  • Healthy Assist
    The Palm E2 is used mostly with a program to help diabetics. The program used helps calculate the carbs that will be consumed which helps the diabetic calculate how much insulin is needed to cover what is going to be eaten. This program has been used for several years with much success. It is wonderful because the Palm is easy to carry in a pocket. Thanks!...more info
  • Wonderful Product!
    This is my second Palm (with my first being the Palm E). Because I prefer a device separate from a cell phone and music and game devices, the Palm is a wonderful product! I use it to maintain all of my personal and business appointments, to play games, and to listen to music. I may be outdated in terms of not preferring more advanced hand-held devices, but this product is easy to use, easy to carry, fits easily in my purse, and has a reasonably long battery life before needing to be recharged. I am not disappointed with the E2 at all!...more info
  • Excellent PDA
    Excellent equipment. Great features, expecially the capability of importing and updating files like Word and Excel....more info
  • It does what is supposed to do - it is not a laptop or a phone
    I enjoyed my E and used it daily for 2 years without exception. Then when the E2 came out ... without some much as a glance at the user manual I bought one. With the brighter screen, the bluetooth keyboard & 1G memory card, I am a very "happy camper". I use it as a business journal, address book, expense report recorder & appointment calender. In addition, I use the media section for product references using both the video & still photos of my products. The entertainment value of the MP3 player is just a peraonal side benefit for me.

    Sync-ig with OutLook was great with the E, but has not work as well for me since I use a different email server now. I do miss not being able to do that. With the latest update of Documents To Go I am extremely pleade to be able to bring PDA document with me for client references.

    1) the larger screen is easier to read than a smartphone. 2) with the portable keyboard it is easier to input & update than a smartphone ... I just can't type with my thumbs. 3) I can reference materials at the same time I am talking on the phone much eaier than a smartphone.

    ...more info
  • Bought as replacement to Vx - what a bitter disappointment
    I used Palm Vx (replacing broken & lost devices with used ones) for close to a decade, not wishing to replace a model I was very happy with.

    Upon realizing I would be unable to replace my dying Vx with another, I went to buy a new Palm to replace it, and chose a Tungsten E2 on the spot for it's price.


    * USB sync, which I think is more convenient than the Vx cradle.

    * Ability to play music, fun for my daily bus trips.

    * Color screen, larger & SD expandable memory, etc.

    * All the good applications which made me buy a Palm to begin with. The most important are the calender & contacts applications, as well as various games downloaded from the Internet & expenses.


    * For me, the worst con is the interface's translation to Hebrew (by Harel) is just useable, compared to the perfect Vx interface translation (by Calanit).

    Beside a Hebrew font & right-to-left writing, just about nothing works right. The contacts application left-justifies everything, the calender application has hours on the left sides and days progressing from left to right, and the expenses application doesn't list the local currency.

    * The battery can't be charged via USB.

    This introduces the need for another cable, a transformator, as well as a need to change he transformator's socket connection when travelling to other countries.

    * Bugs. Search is limited to eight results, though the interface makes the impression it would bring more results. Expenses has a bug for telephone expenses - it locks out the payment method & currency pull-downs on empty, and displays junk currency in the list.

    Based on previous reviews, it appears Palm is not only aware of those problems, but has no intention of fixing them - neither in devices already manufactured nor in the future.

    I bought the E2 blind - just walked into a shop, and bought a new Palm - based on my good experience with the Vx. That was a stupid thing to do, as the lemon I've got proves. When I replace the E2, it would not be with a Palm....more info
  • Don't get an E2 - they self destruct
    I had a seven year old m500 whose battery, and replacement battery, bit the dust. I've had Palms since the Palm III days. They've worked just fine, although dropping one and breaking a screen has never been pleasant.

    However, the two E2's I've had show all the signs of rotten engineering. The first one ran for 85 days - then, the digitizer went nuts. Horizontal lines drawn across the screen went up, down, sideways, and you name it. The effect was especially notable on the writing area: the "menu" button could not be touched and the "home" button was, effectively, displaced to the very bottom of the screen. Digitizer calibration did not succeed, although, if, in the calibration attempt, one touches points offset from the correct points, a calibration would "succeed" - but the distortion on the touchscreen was obvious.

    I called Palm support and they sent me a new one. Here it is, three months later, and the new Palm has started doing the exact same thing.

    A search of the web shows hundreds upon hundreds of complaints about digitizer malfunctions on the E2. The old palms didn't do this. I therefore conclude that Palm made a severe design mistake; they get $150 for "repairs" after warranty; the warranty has been shortened up, obviously to get that $150; freeware and costware "solutions" to the problem are cropping up; and the company hasn't publicly recognized the problem.

    Don't buy this thing. It's designed bad, from the start. I hate to say this, but I'm never buying a Palm again.

    Ken Becker
    ...more info
  • Extremely satisfied
    All suppliers should function like this one. Product arrived on time, in perfect condition, fully supported by vendor, full follow up. I'd buy anything this vendor sells.

    Bruce W. Marcus...more info
  • Palm Tungsten E2
    Received this product in good shape , everything so far is up and running. I use this in Real Estate for my appointments, calculate but mostly to open up lockboxes while showing clients around some homes that we preview....more info
  • T-E2 - some problems
    1 major problem: When I tried hot syncing the data from my old T-E2 to my new T-E2, there was not enough memory to tranfer all the data. On my old E2, I still had memory left. I suspect this was related to the new OS and some programs not included on my 1st E2. I ended up deleting the least important programs; but even with that approach, I don't have much memory left for new application. Also, on some application, scrolling up or down using the slider and arrows on the right side is difficult....more info
  • Owned for 3 years. Satisfied
    I purchased one of these for my wife in August 2005. Until that time she had made do with untold numbers of paper calendars, address books and post it notes and was always complaining about losing track of the kids' activities. I introduced her to Outlook as a way of keeping track, and the E2 as a way of taking it with her. It was a match made in heaven.

    With the high number of negative reviews concerning reliability I decided to pay for an extended warranty; didn't need it. It does seem quality is an issue with this device so it's something to consider, however if it survives the 1st year it seems reliable.

    She's carried the thing for 3 years in her purse and uses it constantly. It receives pretty heavy abuse being knocked around in that bottomless pit and left overnight in cold cars and during the day in hot cars.

    It gets heavy use with "e-books" (sorry amazon, but who needs "kindle"?); the plating from the scroll key is worn.

    She's a nurse and has since augmented the E2 with additional memory to hold a pharmaceutical database.

    She has since gotten a dell laptop and now uses bluetooth to synchronize the E2 with her PC (vista home premium). This works well, although bluetooth is a little slow for transferring the 12mb or so when the pharmacy database updates.

    The thing keeps on working.

    My antique Handspring Visor Edge (palm's main competitor in 2001) just croaked after 7 years, the E2 will be my replacement. (I like PCs but have no need for one in my pocket) ...more info
  • Not reliable
    While this has all the right features, there are two big problems. First, these palms only last 18 months or so. Then freezes beyond repair. Second, whenever it is on, there is an annoying, constant high pitched buzz. I do not recommend this product....more info
  • Palm
    This is the third one that I have purchased and I think that they are great....more info
  • does not worth the money!
    I had problems with my PDA the first day I received it.
    When I called the customer service guy in India, he tried different things to try to solve the weak connection problems(which made it unable to syn) but nothing worked. After 3 years, I am not even able to turn off this PDA. When I tried to push the start/off button on the top right corner or the button at the bottom middle, nothing will happen. It is just a big waste of my battery and money!...more info
  • Bought it as a gift
    I bought this as gift for my wife years ago. She never got around to using it and now it's probably buried under a pile of other useless electronic devices.

    I now have an iPhone which is much more fun. My wife may want that instead.

    I guess I should've considered the need for this Palm device before buying it....more info
  • BGF Administrative Assistant
    This is my third palm - the last two have been Tungsten E. They meet many of my organizational needs and is small and easy to carry with me. I only wish that the screen lasted longer than 2 years....more info
  • Poor Desktop Software
    Palm's desktop software has steadily deteriorated over the years. When you download the latest software, it doesn't save your data from the prior version. It simply wipes it out. So make sure to sync before upgrading, or you will lose data from a simple upgrade. Second, the save feature on the latest software (Version 6.2.2) takes a full ten seconds, using a Windows Vista operating system. This is completely unacceptable, since the machine is locked up for the full ten seconds while the Palm software processes. Third, the font on the desktop software is very small, and cannot be adjusted. Fourth, syncing can be a nightmare. It just not easy, even when you are not trying to sync with a third party software. All in all, Palm used to be a great company; however, I get the impression that it just doesn't care about its customers anymore. ...more info
  • Great gizmo
    I acquired one of these devices last month after my Zire22 Palm Pilot gave up the ghost. The latter no longer synchronizes, and I can't afford not to have a backup of thousands of contacts, not to mention my calendar.

    So far, the item is fantastic.

    Having said that, I would not recommend paying full retail for any Palm Pilot. The manufacturer's warranty, even if the item is new, lasts only a year. And all too often, quirky electronic items like this die within two years.

    So I got mine used, on eBay for a mere $82, including shipping.

    The Palm One Tungsten E2 is larger than the Zire 22, and heavier. It fits more snugly into the Palm Pilot leather case. It also has an electrical charging adapter and a slightly different sync cord than the lighter weight model. In addition, the Tungsten E2 allows for blue-tooth and/or infrared synchronization.

    In the best case scenario, if this item lasts at lest as long as the first one did, it will more than pay for itself. At this point, I can't live without automated reminders of appointments and chores, as alas, I don't have a secretary or assistant.

    Aren't electronic devices wonderful?...more info
  • Best electronic that organizes my life
    I love this product. I organize my schedule everyday. I use it for nursing school; medicine drugs, diseases, and more information that I could get in 2 seconds. This product has improved my life for the best....more info
  • Happy
    I'm very happy with my purchase and was even surprised to receive a free cover for it. I wasn't expecting that. It works great, received it fast, and I'm very happy with it! Thanks!...more info
  • Palm Pilot
    I am very satisfied with the product although I believe the user instructions could be printed rather than found on the computer....more info
    I purchases this item in November, it is now January and after 2 weeks at Palm repairs it still does not work!!

    I am soo upset, and I do not know who to complain to. Palm repair has all foreign speaking personal who can only read from a preprinted script and cannot understand "please transfer me to someone who speaks english"

    I am out lots of money and no way to get a working pda!

    I have no idea why I am writing this, no one cares. I will not get a message from someone to offer assistance on how to get one that actually works.

    Oh well - happy new year I guess....more info
  • Compre tecnologia, de faccil y rapido acceso
    Este es un producto que aunque no es nuevo sigue vigente por su calidad. Es de fail y rapido manejo, un dise?o comodo portatil y no pesa.Ideal para llevar notas agendas, gastos,calculadora y programas de medicina.
    Su bateria rinde por varios dias. Puedo escuchar musica y almacenar fotos
    Gisela llorente...more info
  • review for tungsten organizer
    very pleased with the product. It was 'just like new' as described at a very reasonable price...more info
  • Getting it installed was not half the fun, but my palm is great anyway
    Installing the software on my computer was not as easy as it appeared. I wished that this palm like the older version it replaced, my palm IIIxe, came with a hard copy of the owner's manual. When I did get it working, I liked the large screen, easy to read, clear displays, ease of synchronizing data and the re:chargeable feature. I no longer have to buy giant packs of batteries from Costco to keep this unit running. Maybe I will even recoup the cost of the palm by savings on batteries. ...more info
  • I don't recommend this one
    I have an old Palm Zire that I have used for several years. It does nothing fancy, but it is totally dependable. I ordered the new Palm Tungsten E2 for the really nice screen and other amenities. Here's the good and the bad.
    The bad first:
    The cable that hooked the new Palm to the computer connected, but would not disconnect. The software was messy.
    The good:
    I kept my old Palm Zire and reinstalled its software and am back in business.
    I returned the new Palm and Amazon, as always, was most cooperative.
    I gave the tungsten one star bacause the screen was really nice. I can't vouch for anything else because I never had the chance to use it.
    Don't purchase this Palm....more info
  • Absolute piece of junk
    Warning, this is a compete waste of money! First off, if your Palm has a problem after the warranty, there is zero customer service. You will be relegated to the forums where other pathetic owners trade ideas on how to fix this electronic piece of junk. Your sync conduits will get screwed up and you'll get messages saying your "note pad" is the wrong program (of course it's a Palm program but it and your Palm desktop won't speak the same language anymore). You'll go to the palm support website where you will search for answers using the search function but the site doesn't go anywhere unless you start at Google, and your search results in a Palm support page addressing your problem. There Palm will offer you "support" downloads like the "PIMS update". Well I just downloaded it and now my Tungsten E2 just keeps trying to turn itself on. Forums will advise you to perform a "hard reset" which isn't working. These items are a nightmare. ...more info
  • Worst gift ever
    Last Christmas I received a brand new Tungsten E2 as a present. I mainly just wanted a device to help me stay organized, keep contact info and maybe some pictures in. I used my new Palm about 20 times before it just stopped turning on. I called tech support, who told me to charge it (which I had already done for 2 days!) and to call back in another 2 days. I followed their advice, as well as trying a hard re-set, and called back when it still didn't turn on. In my second call with them, they told me I could send it in and for $149.00 + tax, they would fix it for me!! I can buy a new one for that!

    Their customer support is also severely lacking, for several reasons:
    1) After 90 days, you have to pay to talk to tech support.
    2) I was disconnected 5 times during my initial call with them and had to keep calling back and waiting in the queue. I spent a total of almost an hour and a half calling back and waiting on the phone for a phone call that lasted less than 5 minutes.

    I would not recommend this (or any!) Palm products and highly advise anyone considering it NOT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! It is awful!...more info
  • nice but can't use
    I purchased the Palm Tungsten E2 handheld to replace one that I had for years and it finally wore out. When I tried to download the cd that came with the tungsten it couldn't complete the download, it isn't compatable with microsoft vista. The software had not been updated for vista....more info
  • Fantastic Organizer!
    I love the Palm Tungsten E2. This is my second one. The first was a refurbished Tungsten. My only complaint is that the battery didn't last too long and it was difficult if not impossible to change unless you had the skill and tools to solder it. However, I liked it enough to purchase the E2 which has a replaceable battery. I refer to this device as "my other gray matter" as it has the capacity to store a great deal of information thus eliminating a lot of paper clutter.
    Marilyn...more info
  • Tungston Palm Pilot
    Gosh, didn't know I hadn't reviewed this one. I have had for about two years and still use it today. Love it!!! It has been great switch for me from the big "daytimer" I used to carry around to this that can fit in my purse if I need it to. I am now ready for a phone that has a palm pilot in it. But can't find this on my plan that isn't a blackberry phone. One day!...more info
  • It's my 4th and last Palm
    Discouraged lower-level user here. I wanted a PDA, not a phone, so I got 4th PDA since 1998--a Tungsten E2. Since nobody in my town retails them any more, bought online (great Amazon service.)Still can't get E2 to sync with Outlook. I'm willing to settle for syncing with Palm Desktop Software, have read blogs, tried several fixes, still no joy. Lack of support seems a deal-breaker. MS Vista doesn't support online Help in Palm Desktop Software. You need Google to find help on Palm's web site. Trying to avoid spending $50 more for 3rd party patch just to make it do the basic deal: be my handheld, and get backed up....more info
  • TungstenE2
    I'm a previous user of tungsten E. When my battery died and I needed to replace the battery or buy a new product, I chose to buy the TX because of the added features. I had problems with the application software for TX virtually from the start. So I returned it for an E2. I have not had a problem from the moment I took it out of the box. I sacrificed some desirable features but it's more important to me that I have a reliable access to my data. I'm now a happy camper....more info
  • tungsten palm
    piece of junk. I bought this...returned the first one as it malfunctioned the first month. Now I have the second one 3 months later and out of the return period and it is dead again and I am stuck with it and getting no response....more info
  • So disappointed.....
    I have been a palm consumer ever since the oldest clie models and have always had pretty good luck. Buy one device, use it happily until it finally gets old and dies. I don't have unreasonable expectations for "life expectancy" of a device I use many times per day. However, I bought this model about 11 months ago and had problems right from the get-go. Within a month, the touchscreen was losing sensitivity and was not aligned right, meaning you sort of had to guess where to tap to actually pull up a certain thing. Tech support not helpful, but still under warranty so was replaced with a "remanufactured" device. (I won't even talk about how that process left me without a device for about three weeks...) Replacement device actually malfunctioned in EXACTLY the same way within one month. So frustrating to see that palm is manufacturing crap and then not taking responsibility when it fails. Especially because I tried to switch to a HP device - which functioned beautifully - and I couldn't get used to the different platform. What happened to my beloved palms??? So disappointed.......more info
  • Pleased with entire purchase
    I was very pleased with the entire purchase process and with the Palm Tungsten itself. Although it is an older technology, it perfectly meets the needs of my teenage granddaughter who wanted something to keep a calendar, read E-books, play a few simple games and listen to Mp3 music. The setup and syncronozation process went flawlessly and the company which supplied the product (GuaranteedTech)also sent some e-mails containing up-to-date information and web links to free downloads etc. ...more info


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