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Chant is a new marketing niche in the alternative music scene, and swings from albums of straight recitations to a glut of electronica mantra CDs. A group like Rasa turns chants into cinematic excursions. Singer Donna DeLory recasts chants as pop hooks and Krishna Das growls them into guttural ruminations. But the German singer Deva Premal was doing the mantra thing long before it became a commercialized trend.

On Dakshina, Premal, along with her partner, guitarist Miten, converts chants into serene, almost easy-listening refrains. Premal has a warm alto that she deploys on rhythm-free chorales of Enyaesque vocal layers to downtempo, world-beat grooves. With her chants harmonized and repeated into infinity, the effect can be like an ocean surface. It's constantly flowing and in motion, but doesn't have a lot of focus. But on songs like "Guru Rinpoche Mantra" or "Homage to Krishna," a wave rises and carries you down its face in a slo-mo free fall. Premal keeps it mostly acoustic, filling in ornamental lines with acoustic guitar, tamboura, and bansuri flutes. Only the orchestral strings occasionally get in the way. Her previous albums have often been sappy in their new age aspirations, but on Dakshina, she's more naked, stripping her sound down to a deeper emotional core. --John Diliberto

Mantras are rapidly becoming the music of choice for people seeking solace in sound, and Deva Premal, dubbed by one reviewer as "the Enya of mantra," is the voice they're turning to. With close to 400,000 CDs sold worldwide and a buzz of interest from ardent fans ranging from yogis, therapists and alternative health practitioners to Cher and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Deva Premal and her partner Miten have achieved a huge degree of recognition in the blossoming niche world of yoga music.

Deva Premal's music is driven by a simple yet elegant vision: "everybody with a voice can sing, and everyone with a breath in their body can experience their divinity...we share with others the healing power of music, and the bliss that it brings." The phenomenon of her groundswell of listeners is living proof that mantras are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

Featuring Deva Premal's transcendent voice layered in a chorus of lush harmonies, Dakshina is a celebration of the divine, perfect for yoga and relaxation.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dakshina
    So relaxing. Her voice is so beautiful! I can't wait to try other cd's by her....more info
  • dakshina
    Beautiful, beautiful chanting, well recorded and well produced. Every track transcends one into a peaceful state of consciousness. ...more info
  • Pure Beauty
    I was sceptical at first but it definitely grows on me after each listening. Brahma-Nandam, in particular, in pure beauty. I noticed this album was dedicated to the Osho, with whom Deva has been in touch since she was eleven (!). Strange coincidence, I ordered some of his books before knowing that......more info
  • wonderful
    This is a wonderful CD, for yoga practice or just to leasten- it is very relaxing. I really recommend it....more info
  • Wonderful CD
    This is hands down the best CD I have purchased in a long time. It's made up entirely of mantras, sung in original Sanskrit. Deva Premal is a very gifted artist. I truly can't recommend this CD enough - you won't be dissapointed!...more info
  • Perpetual Bliss
    This musical experience will have you floating on a cloud. and may I just say WOWSERS! This is so very healing to the mind and emotions. It is nearly addictive. The audio quality/production is superb. being a musician I am very picky when it comes to music. And I fully endorse this cd. It has all the power of moving melodies along with subtle touches like someone knew just what I wanted to hear. If you are a fan of sanskrit chant you will love this and even if you are unfamiliar with chant this will turn you on. ...more info
  • a little disappointed.
    deva is good, but still looking for the best from her & Miten.--lu...more info
  • The best one yet!!
    Go on, click the add to cart button.... You know you want to.... You owe it to yourself... Treat yourself.... Your soul will thank you!! And your ears too!...more info
  • raw sweetness
    I liked "Love is Space" but I like this much better. I couldn't use the former for Yoga because it didn't fit a practice by following along with the sequencing of the asanas. Dakshina is great for yoga and although it is only an hour long it is good for my short practice days. Also when I am sad about something I want to go to my mat with this cd because it calms and soothes me and brings me to a quiet place. I love the rawness of her voice and soul. Peace to you and me....more info
  • Really Beautifull!
    If you like mantras and Hindu culture you will love this cd.
    It's very good if you need moments of peace and meditation....more info
  • Dakshina
    CD arrived with perfect condition. I like all music come from this CD. It was great purchase from amazon.com....more info
  • dakshina
    It is a perfect CD for me when I am doing my relaxation an yoga. I am 73 years old and I do not like the modern music....more info
  • Gorgeous
    This music will wrap you in beauty. This is my most favorite of Deva Premal's cds. There are no translations of the mantras, as in her earlier cds, but the exquisite presentation and layered harmonies more than make up for that. Definitely worth having for yoga, meditation, cleaning house, driving, calming children :) and centering one's self right smack dab in the middle of the fact that you are alive!...more info
  • You will never get tired of any of Dakshina: Calming & Envigorating
    I can and have listened to Deva Premal's Dakshina all day long on more than one occasion. It calms and elevates my heart and mind, soothing troubled and angry thoughts. Another interesting thing about this CD is that it complements mental work very nicely. I have used it when addressing problems in database design and I assure you I find myself able to focus better and work longer while listening to it. Deva Premal's voice and the instrumentation on this CD are a presence that can either take center stage, charm, and reward your attention or sublimate itself into an atmosphere that sustains and nourishes as necessary. ...more info
  • This is my all time favorite!!
    This is the best CD to use while doing Reiki. I use it in my Reiki business all the time. She is amazing!!! ...more info
  • Dakshina
    I have listened to all of Deva Premal and Miten's CDs daily for the past two years. Dakshina is simply the best! I put it on first thing in the morning following meditation and listen to it for hours. She touches the depths of my Being. Track 4 brings tears frequently, as it pulls my heartstrings in gratitude for the One in all. Patiently anticipating her next masterpiece!...more info
  • blissful ambience
    I wasn't sure I would like this so much. It's beautiful to read to, work to, or bask in it's glow. I'm looking forward to other recordings by Deva premal....more info
  • Enchanting
    Of the four albums I now own of this enchanting singer, Dakshina is my favorite. Deva Premal's voice is mesmerizing and profoundly calming....more info
  • I play this album several times everyday
    It is like Deva Premal is making love thru her music. Perfect. ...more info
  • Does not disappoint
    Another beautiful offering from Deva Premal. The songs flow together and build upon each other for an uplifting yoga and meditation session. I had the pleasure of seeing her and Mitten at the Midwest Yoga Conference. Her music is her meditation and is always an inspiration. My favorite is still the Essence so check that out as well! ...more info
  • I would give it 10 stars if possible ~
    I have several other Cds by Deva and Miten. I actually spent 3 days with them at a workshop this past April before purchasing this CD, heard some Dakshina music, and was moved to purchase the CD. Well, wow. I have made this a part of my morning meditation practice, and have shared this music with everyone I know. Several of my yoga instructors used this music during a yoga class, and the class was transformed !
    Listening to the mantras combined with Deva's haunting voice is truly a blissful experience. It will elevate you and fill you....more info
  • Setting us free of all unnecessary baggage
    deva premal and Mitem have been around for quite some time and have become household staples. Mantras have been around for millennia and also a part of life for many.

    I have several deva premal albums so I am familiar with her style and voice. I bought this album for the second track "Om Namah Shivaya." I have several other renditions from professionals and armatures but none have that deva quality.

    I received an added plus with track number seven "Homage to Krishna"; this has traditional sound and cold make excellent background music to many movies.

    In the long run after a long day's work and a long drive home it is nice to gear down and either verge-out or take time to contemplate the ethereal. And who better to take you there than deva premal?
    ...more info


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