Miele TYPE FJM Intensive Clean PLUS Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Product Description

The layered special fabric of this dustbag has many advantages: 20% longer suction performance. 15% improved filtration. Impact foil preventing sharp-edged objects, such as pine needles, glass and sand from penetrating the bag. Automatic dustbag closure for hygienic removal and disposal. Bags TYPE F/J/M Intensive Clean Miele Dustbags Fits models 200-500 Series and S4 Galaxy Series Canister Vacuums. Miele Type F J & M- This is the new bag that replaces FJ& M bags. Fits all Miele vacs that previously took F bags, J bags, or M bags. Box includes 5 bags, 1 Dust Compartment, & 1 Super Air Clean Filter.

  • Original Miele Canister Vacuum Bags
  • Package includes 5 Intensive clean bags, one motor filter, and one super air clean filter.
  • Fits models 200,300,500 Series and S4000 series Galaxy Series Canister Vacuums.
  • Impact foil preventing sharp-edged objects, such as pine needles, glass and sand from penetrating the bag
  • Automatic dustbag closure for hygienic removal and disposal
Customer Reviews:
  • not the real McCoy
    This product is an EnviroCare Technologies product -- not Miele. The mechanism that attaches it to the vacuum is made of sturdy cardboard, not like the Miele which is made of plastic. But it does hold the bag securely in place and the bag works well. I haven't had any problems with its performance....more info
  • it is not a miele product
    The description of these bags was misleading - they are NOT manufactured by Miele. About two days after submitting and receiving a confirmation on my order I received a rather strange call from an Indian gentleman in Maryland telling me that they were not Miele bags, but were actually 'knock-offs' that work just as well. He asked me if I would still like the bags shipped to me. I went ahead with the shipment - the bags are definitely a poorer quality - but seem to be working fine. The boxes were not wrapped/packaged professionally - instead the box containing the bags was wrapped in packing tape and was partially torn open....more info
  • Expensive Bags for an Expensive Vacuum, But Worth It
    I wish the Miele projects were less expensive, but because they are so high quality I'm willing to pay the extra money....more info
    Factory Direct - Charge for shipping and handling on this light weight package was $49.00!...more info
  • Cadillac bags
    You don't have a lot of choice on which brand or type of bag to buy when you own a Miele vacuum cleaner. This bag is like the Cadillac of vacuum bags, nothing at all like your typical paper bag for other vacuum cleaners. It's so soft and strong. In a pinch, I have emptied out the bag and reused it many times before it ripped. ...more info
  • super clean vac bag
    this is a very well made bag. It has good capacity and keeps the dust in the bag even when almost full. Pricey, but worth it. ...more info