Austin Air Healthmate Jr. Plus Air Purifier - White

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Product Description

The Home Air Purifiers for people with Chemical Sensitivity. Cleans a 700 sq.ft. room every 15 mins. Free shipping in the continental USA. For people with chemical sensitivity, the HealthMate Superblend contains an additional layer of filtration ( potassium iodine and zeolite ) to remove formaldehyde, ammonia, and other harmful chemicals. Carpets, wood paneling and furniture may be significant sources of chemicals. This is particularly true of new homes and offices.

  • For people with Chemical Sensitivity
  • Safe --- NO harmful ozone or ionization --- 5 Year Guarantee
  • Cleans 700 sq. ft. room --- 5 year money saving filter life.
Customer Reviews:
  • Filter for my art studio?
    I bought this air purifier for my art studio because it advertised the ability to filter out VOC's and can absorb gases for chemically sensitive people. As a painter with a poorly-ventilated studio that is next to other artists' studios, I needed something that would clear the air of painting fumes. So far, the filter has worked great. The air that comes out of it is clean, and I find it is powerful, given it's size. Once I accidentally left it on over the weekend on the first setting (because you can't hear it when it is on low) and my studio smelled and felt very clean.

    The downside is that it does not have a filter change indicator, leaving me clueless as to when the filters should be changed. I assume that if it is working in "dirtier" conditions than the next air filter, it would need changing more often than the stated filter change recommended in the manual. And be assured, the HEPA filter is expensive ($140) and needs to be changed yearly. The prefilters are cheaper ($10) and need to be changed more often.

    On its higher setting, it is not a quiet machine, but it is not loud either. It makes an almost inaudible hum with a distinct noise like wind passing through a small space, but it does not bother me -- in fact, I find it comforting. The noise is comparable to, if not less than, the Honeywell (I also own). The lesser two settings are very quiet.

    The other trivia fact about it that I didn't know until purchasing it is that the clean air that comes out is directed at a 45 degree angle up and sideways from the vent. I am not sure why it was designed to be that way. ...more info