Replacement Bosch Compact/Formula Canister Bags (Type G)

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Quantity: 5 Bosch vacuum cleaner bags microfilteration by Environcare Fits replaces ;BOSCH Super TEX Dust Bag BBZ51AFG1U Type G Models: all models using Bosch type G vacuum bags and BSA2 series canister vacuums.This are replacement kind by Environcare.

Customer Reviews:
  • Bosch knows how to design
    If you are reading about this product you must already own a Bosch vacuum cleaner so you know how great it works already. I love that when you take the bag out, the little cardboard piece slides over the hole so dust and dirt don't go "poof" on your already clean carpet. It's very easy to reinstall too. Just slide it in place and close the cover; not like some that you have to try to force the hole in the new bag over the hose and you never quite know if it's on there securely. Love Bosch....more info
  • Great alternative to original bags
    I've been using this for a couple of week and see absolutely no difference from the original ones, other than they are much cheaper. I ordered them from GoVacuum and they were promptly delivered. Will be using these from now on....more info
  • Good replacement
    So far these replacement bags work fine and I haven't had any issues. Compared to the price of the Bosch brand bags, definitely a much better deal. ...more info
  • EnviroCare Bosch Type G Vacuum Bags
    I've been using these bags for the past few years with my Bosch canister. I have not run into the problems mentioned below about stalling out the vacuum. Granted these bags don't work as well as the original Bosch bags--the seal isn't as great, and the closing mechanism for when you remove the full bag isn't as good as the original. However, given the difference in price between these and the Bosch brand, the EnviroCare ones certainly work good enough. Now if someone would only make a cheaper replacement HEPA filter......more info
  • Why so expensive?
    I bought the good set of vacuum bags from Amazon retailer last year. Cloth type for $5 per set of 5. Now what the heck? They are $20? I bought these cheap paper bags because none of the brick and mortar stores carry Bosch. Buy the way. Don't buy a Bosch vacuum. No bags, no service. Good vacuum but no service. as for these bags.... You get what you pay for. ...more info
  • Don't be lured by the cheaper price!
    I've spent the last half hour with steam coming out my ears because of this waste of money. I have a Bosch vacuum, brand new, and it works like a dream with the Bosch bags. These bags, however, cause my vacuum to shut off indiscriminately... and no matter what I do it won't come back on. Until I walk away for 10 minutes and then it'll turn back on. I'm guessing it's the crappy seal on the bags, I've tried replacing them with an empty bag, tried changing plugs, everything... these bags suck. Or rather, I wish they did....more info
  • Good deal
    There is nothing really to say. You just need this vacuum bags when you have a Bosch vacuum. The seller had a really good deal and delivered very promptly without any hassle....more info