Original Little Sprout Miracle Baby Hair Detangler

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Product Description

An absolute MUST for long and curly hair! The Original Little Sprout is the only complete professional hair & skin care line for babies & up. Feels Fresh & Clean No Sticky Residue Easy Comb Solution Conditions & Protects DMDM & EDTA Free Long Lasting Protects delicate baby hair from environmental aggressors such as wind, heat, cold and pollution Enjoy the finest natural baby hair & skin care with The Original Little Sprout.

  • Feels Fresh & Clean
  • No Sticky Residue
  • Easy Comb Solution
  • Conditions & Protects
  • DMDM & EDTA Free

Customer Reviews:

  • Best product out there
    This is one of the best products out there I have a 5 yr old girl with a VERY tender head and I can actually brush her hair without the major fight that normaly happens. Not only does it work well BUT I love that it is hormone disrupters and can help repel lice and insects. I use the shampoo conditioner and this. they all smell great and work really well!!!
    ...more info
  • The only detangler you will ever buy
    Once you buys this detangler, you will never go without it, nor will you buy another. I buy 2-3 at a time just to make sure I don't run out! For kids with long hair (or any basically), it is a must, unless you want to continue having hair brushing fights with them every morning. I also like it because it doesn't have any toxic ingredients, and that is becoming more and more important....more info
  • IT WORKS!!!
    I have tried EVERY natural hair detangler on the market, and after using half of the bottle on my duaghter's fine hair it would finally be approchable to comb/brush through. The Original Little Sprout's detangler works in less than four mists!!! WE LOVE IT, and won't live without it!!!! ...more info
  • Strong Odor
    I bought this product for my daughter and it does make it easy to comb out tangles and it does make her hair shiny and cuts down on fly aways, but, it smell so terrible! The smell is so strong and perfumey it gives me a headache so I would assume it does the same for my little one. I would be a repeat customer but not with this scent!...more info
  • Can't Live Without It!
    I am a TOUGH critic of hair detanglers. My daughter has long hair which needs real help. Have tried everything. Finally tried this stuff & am totally satisfied. It costs more than others but I don't care... It works. No more crying in the morning. It REALLY losens up tough tangles so combing is easy, it's a miracle alright. LOVE this baby line, all of their stuff is natural. When you get it you will be telling all your friends too. ...more info
  • What a product!
    Upon receipt of this product, I was surprised/disappointed that it was so small. I have been using this product for close to a year for my thick and long hair (adult, not child) without needing to purchase a new bottle. I'm extremely pleased with this product, would VERY highly recommend it to others. Pleasantly mild, almost nonexistent scent and small amount of product required to get results makes this a steal. ...more info
  • it's o...k...
    the real *miracle* is that they got me to pay $14 for this product. won't happen again.

    the stuff is fine. not sticky and smells nice. however, after using this stuff up in a week, i'm getting the same results by mixing water with some detangling conditioner in a spray bottle. i happened to use paul mitchell, but i'm sure any other product would work as well....more info
  • Those Parisian Ingredients Make a difference!
    Stay at home mother with endless schedule of activities for my children....who has an interest and concern about the unregulated chemicals found in most hair products for children.

    I am an avid shopper of The Original Little Sprout and I was fortunate to receive an advance sample and all I can say is "Wow"!

    This product conditioned as well as detangled my daughter's hair. I lost track of how many mom's in our children's ballet class asked me what I was doing different with Francesca's hair. I can only say, if you have children whose hair has ever been a struggle to work with...you absolutely must try this...I've told everyone in our ballet class, music class, mom's club and bunco group, so now I wanted to pass this on to you!...more info
  • Best detangler on the market
    We have tried every detangler out there and this one has won the test. It's amazing. Sam...more info
    I use this on my daughters very fine hair that is prone to tangles. Generally I put it on after bath, comb out and it makes a world of difference the next day. Instead of waking up with a rats nest in her hair she wakes up w/ nice smooth soft hair. Love it!...more info


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