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It's the everyday home cleaning maintenance that people find most annoying. Yet every day we generate dirt. Here's a simple way to deal with it. Eureka Pronto acts as a lightweight stick vacuum to completely clean the hard floors in your home. Plus, with the push of a button, Pronto transforms into a powerful hand vacuum with a built in crevice tool, allowing you to reach everywhere. Pronto's cleaning ability increases with the 180 degree swivel head that lets you clean in, around and under anything in your home. Pronto combines a motorized brush roll with a cyclonic dust cup to increase its cleaning effectiveness. The cyclonic suction technology actually spins dust away from Pronto's two-filter system to help maintain suction power longer. And Pronto has two power settings. Choose between full power or, if someone is sleeping, select the quiet mode.
Emptying the dust cup has never been easier! Pronto's innovative design gives you three different ways to remove the dust without ever getting your hands dirty. You can remove the entire dust cup to clean the cup and filter, or simply snap open the front cover and tip out the dust. Also, the vacuum port allows you to vacuum clean the cup so you never have to touch the dust again. Pronto is always ready to clean, with a built in stand and no cord to worry about. You can even hang the charging station on the wall to save space in your home. Now you will never have to hide your elegant Pronto in the closet and it will always be charged and ready to give you a superior quick clean. Pronto lets you know when everything is running smoothly. When the brush roll is working, the blue brush roll indicator light will be illuminated. Powerful cyclonic suction with four-stage filtration; its no-bag technology saves money and hassle, too Permanent, removable dustbin is easy to empty without ever touching any dirt

Lightweight, sleek, and versatile, Electrolux's new Pronto Stick vacuum makes cleaning anything simple. With a special 2-in-1 feature, users can employ the Pronto as either an upright or opt to remove the nexus of the appliance for a handheld model. Equipped to tackle filthy carpets, stairs, upholstery, and hardwood floors alike, the vacuum further endears itself with an environmentally friendly bag-less format.

The vacuum extricates dirt away from floors by using a two-filter system with four stages of cyclonic suction. A motorized brush roll collects pet hair and dust while a built-in crevice tool address tight corners. The vacuum's head swivels up to 180 degrees for enhanced mobility. The vacuum offers two power settings, high power and quiet mode for times when others are sleeping. Debris collects in a large dust cup that can be emptied in three different ways. Cordless in design, the vacuum eliminates tangled cords while providing endless range of movement. A wall-mounted charging station accompanies the Pronto, allowing convenient storage while recharging. For the best results and safety, read all enclosed material prior to use. This item is covered by a two-year limited warranty. The vacuum measures 42 by 11 by 5 inches and weighs 12 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Multi-faceted vacuum cleaner from Electrolux for floors, carpets, and upholstered furniture
  • Operates as either hand-held or upright vacuum; vacuum head swivels 180 degrees for maneuverability
  • Offers high and quiet power settings for various needs; cordless unit charges in wall-mounted charger
  • Cyclonic suction uproots debris through filter into large dust cup; hands-free cup emptying
  • Vacuum measures 42 by 11 by 5 inches and weighs 12 pounds; limited 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Top of the line vacuum
    I've had this vacuum for over 2 years without any problems. In fact, it's become my main vacuum since I have hardwood floors and short carpets.

    It charges easily, the swivel head makes it very convenient, and the pullout hand vac is really easy to use and clean.

    Obviously this is not for big jobs or thick carpets.

    Also, I've never had a problem with the charge running out...never. I'm sure if you were to try to do your whole house that might happen, but this is meant as a quick cleaner upper....more info
  • Great for sweeping on hard floors, terrible for carpets or deep cleaning
    There are some things to like with this unit, but a lot that didn't work for me - which made this an over-priced broom that I returned.

    Good on hardwood or other hard surfaces for loose dirt

    Could not move in more than one direction on carpet (the convenient swivel head actually makes the unit too floppy and it won't move back and forth)
    Does not provide a deep clean

    I would recommend the unit for light sweeping situations in an all hard floor household. Of course, for the price, it's a really expensive broom.

    I would not recommend for household with pets, or carpets....more info
  • nice light and easy to use
    This is a very handy easy to use vacuum cleaner, I'm very happy with this purchase!...more info
    This product is a piece of junk, it has very little suction power. Not worth the price paid. Is there such a thing of negative stars?...more info
  • elec. vac
    this is the second i have purchased. i keep this one on the secon floor of my home. have another on the first floor. very happy with operation, it does the job....more info
  • Brought it back the same day
    I had reservations about purchasing this product due to the price but wanted an "old fashioned" electric broom and this came close...until I brought it home. After easy assembly I stood it upright and it fell. The broom does not stand up on it's own and it just falls to the floor. My mom had a Regina electric broom with a dirt cup that plugged into the wall....the greatest electric broom ever. Do not buy this product, even on sale....more info
  • Only good at first
    I was going to write a raving review of this vacuum cleaner recently because it always did a good job of picking up dust, crumbs, and hair off our tile and wood floors. BUT, after just three months, I am having similar troubles as other reviewers. The battery doesn't hold charge and the brush doesn't spin for more than 30 seconds. I imagine all the 5-star reviewers will regret their glowing remarks as soon as their machines do the same...just give them a few more months....more info
  • Great at first but dies slowly - overpriced for the value
    For the first 6 months it worked great, then for the next 6 months it worked good, then after that it worked OK and now it doesn't work at all. After 3 years of use (one year of good use) the battery won't charge anymore. Apparently the battery is NOT easily, or economically, replaceable. I paid the $100 so that I would have a good stick vacuum. Now I feel like I wasted my money....more info
  • Great on tile floors!!
    This vacuum is awesome on tile floors. Don't buy it expecting it to work on carpet because it does awful on carpet.
    I had one and the battery died so I had to purchase a new one and I seriously couldn't live without it in my tile filled house!...more info
  • Premature Death
    This started out as a decent vacuum. It is double the price of many others and therefore I expected better than average performance. It worked okay at first, but then the battery stopped holding a charge. I've replaced the batteries on other rechargeables before and decided to crack this unit open. The battery pack is a series of 6 proprietary Electrolux (EMX1600CsS / 6213) NiMH batteries - countless searches have not yielded an exact replacement but 1600mAh batteries with tabs only run ~$2 a piece! I called Electrolux with the hope of being able to purchase replacement batteries, however the only remedy Electrolux offered was to replace the entire dust buster insert for ~$50 (I didn't even ask about shipping). What a waste - I'm recycling the batteries and likely going to purchase the Dirt Devil M083424 based on all 5 star reviews....more info
  • Promising, but flawed for use on thick carpets
    This was my second attempt at purchasing a cordless vacuum. While much higher quality than than the Bissell GoVac, this unit is pretty disastrous on carpet. It works well on bare floors, but the swivel head goes out of control on our plush carpet.

    So, I tried to modify the unit, by drilling and inserting a pin to hold the swivel head straight on carpet. Why Electrolux didn't engineer this into the product is beyond me. It would have been so simple, and so effective.

    Anyway, BIG MISTAKE! I drilled a small hole, but neglected to note that the result drilled through the wiring, so now the unit doesn't work at all. Okay, I can't expect this to be covered under warranty. But my effort to repair the unit resulted in my discovering that parts are unavailable, and I can't figure out how to remove the head.

    I would rate this item five starts for use on bare floors only. It is well built. But for carpets, forget it!...more info
  • happiness
    With new 1100 sq ft of tile, I needed a cleaning tool with a long handle. The Pronto Stick is perfect, efficient and easy to use. I can do several rooms or a quick pick up whenever I need it. Emptying the lint and dirt it also a breeze....more info
  • great design but no suction
    I have tile throughout so I thought this would work well and make vacuuming a snap.
    Unfortunately, the suction is almost non existent. It will pick up small crumbs and pet hair in the first minute or two of use and then it is down hill. I have a golden retriever and the suction couldn't even handle the hair. Instead of sucking it in it just wound around the brushes.

    I love the design of this cordless rechargeable vacuum. It is light and sleek and the hand held tucked inside the vacuum is a great idea. Too bad it has so little suction and battery life. I returned mine after 3 days....more info
  • A flawed vacuum solution
    The good news is that the vacuum has good suction. The bad news is that it can't be used on anything but a thin carpet without the head grabbing on the carpet and folding over. Also, if you try to use the vacuum as a hand vacuum, you find it lacks any attachment to use it on various locations (even a flat surface). Finally, the way it plugs in for recharging is poorly designed and it's hard to get it to "seat" in the charger. The only reason it gets a "3" is the suction. The rest of the design is poor....more info
  • It's really good!
    I really like the lightweight design and suction. The only thing I wasn't happy with is the manner in which the suction head flips over when I am vacuuming under furniture and bedding. Those two things are the reason that I purchased it. It is really great on my hardwood floors and vinyl kitchen floors. Otherwise, I still recommend it as a great cleaning tool....more info
  • Works well for what it is.
    We have hardwood floors with a few low pile area rugs. This picks up everything I can see and I am able to do the first floor of my home - 24x32 feet - on one charge. It takes me less time than any other vacuum cleaner I have used since it is so light and easy to maneouver, and I don't have to deal with a power cord. I do have to empty it after each use but that doesn't bother me. I like that I can wash the filter rather than needing to buy new ones.

    I really like the feature of the removable hand vac. It is easier for me to use than the vacuum cleaner I had previously, which had the traditional hose with attachments that always fell out of their holders.

    I don't think I would want only this vacuum if my entire home was carpeted, if my carpet was very thick deep pile, if I had many pets, or if I couldn't vacuum daily. It works nicely for my situation though and is a decent price. And I'll admit I think it looks cool too ;)...more info
  • No good on carpet or hardwood
    I was excited about this product after reading the reviews. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. Mine didn't work well on hardwood or on the carpets. The only thing that seemed to work well was the "hand vac." Thank goodness Sam's Warehouse has a great return policy. I took it back. I'm now looking for something better....more info
    Why this vacuum has so many mixed reviews is beyond me. If you are looking for a sweeper for quick pick-up of the crumbs left behind after meals or to do a brief run-through on your floors to get up fuzz and tracked-in dirt, then this is the choice for you. The lighted recharging stand is a GREAT feature to make sure you've hooked it up to recharge properly. The removable hand-held vacuum is very handy for getting hard-to-reach crumbs in corners and even on top of the table! It doesn't have the capacity to clean your entire house or to do any heavy-duty vacuuming. If that's what you are looking for, then you're in the wrong price range. It is PERFECT for someone who wants to replace their broom and dust pan. ...more info
  • Good for hardwood floors
    I've been using my Pronto everyday for the past couple years to vacuum my 800 sq ft condo. I have 2 cats and lots of fur and litter to vacuum up daily. I only have hardwood floors, no carpet except for the doormats. This works great for my needs. It is super light, quiet, and easy to use. It doesn't feel so much like a chore with this light-weight vacuum. It's no super sucker and I still have my Oreck canister for when I want to do some deep cleaning under the couches and such. But for daily clean-ups, the Pronto makes it easy. ...more info
  • convienient but not so strong
    this product has a lot of great features and it's small size and integrated dustbuster are great. However, I find that I pass over the same dirt multiple time before it actually gets sucked up. Guess it's not going to be that strong when it's so small. ...more info
  • great for quick pick up but not as powerful as my dustbuster
    This is a great looking stick vacuum and I use it frequently to pick-up a small mess around the house. But do not buy this if you are looking for a vacuum to keep your whole house clean. It lacks the power of other stick vacuums. It really does look nice though!...more info
  • Good for decoration and not much else!
    This is such a great looking vacuum and the swivel action is really handy. The problem is -- IT DOESN'T PICK ANYTHING UP! It was such a disappointment. It can't handle small crumbs, a bit of dust, nothing! The dust buster part is adequate (hence the one star rating), but you have to hold the power button down the whole time you are using it -- a drag. I'm putting mine on Freecycle -- I wouldn't feel right charging anyone a dime for it!...more info
  • bad vacuum, BAD!
    oh - so bad.
    stopped working after 4 months - spinning mechanism stopped spinning and sucking mechanism stopped sucking. Took it apart and still couldn't get it to work. HUGE waste of money. ...more info
  • Phenomenal!
    I have had this product for approximately 6 months and don't know how I lived without it. It thoroughly cleans 7 large rooms (2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, office, and bathroom) plus stairs on a single charge. These rooms are all tile and hardwood. We have neither pets nor children, however the clear cup makes it easy to see the amount of hair, dust and dirt you wouldn't normally notice. The suction on the hand-held unit is very powerful, and has easily picked up heavy pieces of glass and clumps of dirt. This unit does NOT work well on carpet, especially of higher pile - but that's why I have a regular vacuum. This wasn't designed to replace your upright, but rather provide an excellent tool to accompany it. If your primary living areas, or heavily trafficked areas, are hardwood or tile, this is for you....more info
  • Takes the chore out of vacuuming!
    I don't have any carpet in my home: just hardwood floors, granite tile, and low-pile throw and area rugs. While I would think a deep pile carpet might need more suction power, this vacuum has suction power that is perfect for all of those. It gets everything: I get a full cup every time. I also have a cat, and it takes up all the pet hair, even off the couch. I love the metal mesh filter, because the dirt and hair come right off of it. The cordless aspect makes it so convenient to just grab it and do a little vacuuming. I never "dread the plug," so my floors are always clean. The hand vac and the swiveling head (it will fit around just about anything) are both incredibly convenient, too.

    I gave it four stars because the battery doesn't last through a very thorough cleaning of both the whole upstairs and downstairs of my house, but I just do each floor on a different day. In fact, I'm thinking of getting another one for downstairs, because the price is reasonable enough and it would be more convenient, anyway. Great vacuum....more info
  • Electrolux stick vacuum
    This is the best!!! I've had several stick vacuums and lightweight portable vacuums and hated them. This is great because you can remove the hand vacuum from the stick. The stick pivots easily to get into hard to reach areas....more info
  • only one half of the 2in1 really works
    We bought this for our 1300 sq ft apartment with concrete floors knowing that the demands on the vacuum would be minimal, as we only have a couple of area rugs. We needed something to prevent dust / fuzz from accumulating on the hard floors. It works well for that. The only complaint on that front is that it tends to get "lazier" as batteries wear out and does not pick up larger debris as well then.

    Turns out, though, using it as a stick vacuum on our rugs was a major disappointment - we thought it would at least do OKAY. Unfortunately, instead of picking up dirt, it even left some behind... So I had to detach the hand-held part, get on my knees and finish the job that way. Not exactly the amount of effort I was planning to expend on vacuuming.

    That said, the hand-held core of the vacuum works great and that alone makes me not regret the purchase. We were happy enough with the working of the engine and overall design that we ordered another Electrolux (the Harmony) to help out with the rugs and get under furniture. Fortunately we have enough room to store both ;)....more info
  • I love this thing!!!
    I hate to sweep! I do home daycare & I have a cat, I have to sweep so much that I wanted something to make the chore easier. This is great on my kitchen floors and even for cleaning up highchairs, I have even used it on the carpet. It will suck up cat food, large crumbs, paper and kitty litter. It isn't to take the place of your vacuum, but it sure does the broom. If you hate to sweep I assure you, you will love this too....more info
  • Great for quick cleanups
    I bought this stick vac to replace a swivel sweeper which replaced a hard to replace cordless stick vac Oreck. The Swivel Sweeper was horrible. What a nightmare, didn't pick up a thing.
    Then I saw the Electrolux. The color was hot but how would it perform?
    I missed my Oreck, it had a removable dust buster and it was cordless; perfect for messes caused by kids and husbands.
    The Electrolux also has a removable dust buster which I must say does quite a good job, especially since it has a built in crevice tool. Some people don't like that you must hold down the on button while you use the duster buster but I love it. The jobs for the duster buster are usually fast so I don't need to hold down the button too long.
    The full stick vac is superb on my carpet and on my floors.
    Its great for fast cleanups due to messes or just a quick clean up before an in-law visit.
    On floors it can get a little tricky to use, it may throw around the debris a bit before actually picking it up but like my title states its great for quick pickups. I would definitely not buy this as a one and only vacuum. This is perfect as a second vacuum for quick small jobs.
    A quick word on price.
    Amazon had the best price by far.
    Even after those 20% off coupons that all those chain stores may offer they still can't match Amazon.
    ...more info
  • Disappointment
    I had high hopes, but this has no power. Clogs instantly and then loses power after only a few pushes of the broom. Took it for "repair" and was told not to bother -- that there was nothing I could do and that it wasn't even really an Electrolux product. A waste of my time and money....more info
  • Handy, versatile vacuum!
    This is a great light weight vacuum. I have 2 dogs and this vacuum really comes in handy. It has good suction, it is easy to clean out the filter, and the charge really lasts. I originally purchased it to keep up on the pet hair, but then discovered how great it works on the hardwood steps! No more lugging my heavy vacuum up and down the steps. I highly recommend it!...more info
    It looks great. I was so excited. I would just whip it out and vacuum my floor and stick it back on its charging stand. No cord to dance around. What could be better? Well, first of all, the suction comes from basically a dust-buster, so don't expect to be able to pick anything up. The beater bar runs for about 30 seconds before it craps out and requires an overnight recharge. Electrolux, if you could make it do what it should I would pay triple the price. As it is, mine is sitting down at the Goodwill. ...more info
  • Bad Suction
    Doesn't even pick up tiny pieces of paper or large crumbs. Really bad suction. Picks up some pet hair....more info
  • Can't hold charge
    The vacuum can't hold charge. The manual recommends charging 10-12 hours (or something like that) prior to initial use. I charged mine for over 24 hours, used it for 5 minutes and it ran out of juice. I recharged it again and the same happened. The hand-held does a very good job vacuuming up dirt/dust but when attached to the stick the vacuuming ability is not as good. Returned the product because of the charging issue....more info
  • Great little vac
    I bought this for use in my kitchen (where our most frequently used entrance to the house is located), cleaning up cat litter, picking up minor debris that the dogs track in to the hardwoods. It has done exactly what I was hoping it would do. We have a large 3-story house with no carpeting and this works great for in-between vacuuming with my canister vac. I find it very effective on bothe hardwoods/tile and low-pile area rugs.
    I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was charged when I took it out of the box and have not had a single issue with it holding it's charge. I've used it most days for the month that I have owned it.
    The thin, swivel head is a great design. It allows one to get under radiators, around corners, right up against the baseboards, etc.
    My only complaint about the vac itself would be regarding the canister size that holds the dirt. It is relatively small and therefore needs to be emptied frequently if you use the machine with any regularity. I will say, though, that it may seem small because if you are using it in the upright stick function (rather than just the hand vac) you probably are picking up more debris than what you realize. Also, regarding the canister, be careful when emptying it. there is an inner filter and an outer filter. The inner one is the one that is replaceable. The outer one is made of a very fine wire mesh. When taking the canister apart to dump it, be careful not to pull by the outer canister or you will likely put a whole in the mesh (as I did).
    One other very small complaint would be the blue charging light on the charging cradle. It seems completly unnecessary (and wasteful) to have a light that is on all of the time if it doesn't tell you if it's charging vs fully charged.

    All-in-all, a great little household tool with a nifty design. ...more info
  • Terrible, Do not buy this.
    I'm a firm believer that Electrolux makes a good product. Hence why I bought this without my regular research. Initially the vaccum was good, but only for the first month. After not much use it started to lose power and never seemed to charge as well as it did for the first month. I tried everything in order to get it back to the same power that it first had - but it only got worse. Now, my electric toothbrush has more power and this is sitting in the trash barrel waiting for its fate at the landfill, where I'm sure it will find others. Save your 100$ and look for something else....more info
  • A++++
    BUY THIS!!!
    YOU WILL LOVE IT. ; )))...more info
  • doesn't suck
    bought this thinking it would quickly clean up my cats litter area.
    After going back and forth over the same spot, didn't pickup any litter.
    Very disappointed...more info
  • Hand-vac is the best part
    I bought this vacuum from Costco as a light-weight swivel vacuum to clean up hardwood floors (mostly after kids' meals and at the end of the day).

    While I was quite impressed with the hand-vacuum, especially the cordless feature, the actual vacuum does little more than push dirt around. With young kids, trying to pick up oatmeal, cheerios or anything visible, this vacuum did little more than kick the items around.

    I ended up only using the hand-vacuum to clean up after my swiffer. The hand-vac is great, but unfortunately the vacuum is little more than an expensive hand-vacuum. Fortunately Costco is willing to accept returns!...more info
  • Do not waste your time and money
    I am so sorry I did not read these reviews before buying this vaccum cleaner! It does a poor job even for light vacuuming. I have had charging problems like some other reviewers and my unit stop recharging at all after only two weeks and very few uses. The only solution provided by Electrolux warranty is to take this brand new unit to an authorized service dealer 25 miles away from my house. This has been an unfortunate experience....more info
  • Easy to Use and Effective
    I've owned one of these for 3 years and enjoy it so much in my kitchen that I bought a second one for my upstairs bathroom. It's great for floors. Lightweight and holds a charge a long time. It does need to be emptied often to keep the suction strong. Not a big deal considering its ease of use and portability....more info
  • Good for its size
    Not a whole lot of suction power but good for it's size. Very portable and quite stylish. Practical only when used for sucking in dust and dirt particles. Do not expect same results as full size vacuum cleaner....more info
  • mostly happy with this product
    It has pretty good suction, is lightweight, not that loud and we like using it much, much better than our regrettable full-sized Dust Devil bagless that cost about the same amount.

    I like that it comes with three washable dust collector filters. In our dusty house, we need to clean them after every use.

    My biggest complaint is that in a house with lots of pets, it takes no time before hair gets spun around the brush roll and it stops spinning. There is a little, plastic cover that needs to be removed with a screwdriver in order to take out the brush roll to clean it. The screwdriver slot is weirdly wide and shallow. The first time I took it apart, I managed to almost strip the screwdriver slot. An improvement would be a tool-free way to remove the brush roll.

    Another improvement I'd like to see is being able to empty it without removing the handheld dustbuster.

    And yes, after reading other reviews, I'll agree that the collector cup is pretty small but we've been using it in place of rather than in addition to, a full-house vacuum.

    Also, it would be nice if the button on the hand-held unit didn't need to be held down.

    Overall, I'm happy with this product and we're replacing our regular vacuum with an Electrolux cannister so this guy can be relegated back to the quick touch-up machine it's meant to be.

    ...more info
  • Poor suction
    Looks good
    Hand vac works well

    Horrible suction... wouldn't even vacuum up cheerios off a rug
    Tiny dust compartment...more info
  • great product
    This is great for quick clean-ups and small jobs. The suction is good for a cleaner of this size and much better than similar products that we've had. If you have pets, as we do, it's great for picking up hair and dirt that is tracked in without having to pull out the big vacuum. Bear in mind that this is not meant to work as a full size vac and I wouldn't recommend it for that purpose. Overall a great product and good value....more info
  • Save your money
    I've had this Elextrolux stick vacuum for almost a year now and it's been a total waste of money. It's pretty cute, that's about it. I have a small home with all wood or tile floors so I thought this would be ideal. When it was new, it sorta worked well. I guess I assumed no vacuum is like sweeping, so I thought it was a fine working vacuum. Well, that quickly changed. It does not want to pick up the smallest of particles, so suction has gone down the tubes. The rotating brush stopped rotating even when I kept the lower brush clean and free of tangled hair or whatever else. The filter is made of a material that is almost cloth, and no where in the manual does it say if you can wash or not, like you can the outer, plastic filter. Electrolux seems pretty elusive to have too much information on their Web site (which you have to dig to even find), so there was no extra info there. I tried cleaning my car with the -heavy- handheld device that pops out and it barely sucks some cloth fibers! Forget about sand or dirt, it won't pick that up. Often, the dirt it picks up, comes right out of the sucking tube if you happen to position it upside down, when off, as you maneuver around, no matter how empty of full the receptacle is. I assume you'd want a vacuum to actually clean - well, this won't do it, so please save your money and buy something that would at least last more than just a few months. Needless to say, I'm in the market for a new vacuum, probably a canister since I have no carpets or rugs. I've narrowed it down to the Dyson canister or the Miele Carina. I MIGHT look at the Electrolux bagless canister....more info
  • Excellent for Its Intended Use and MORE!
    I bought the Pronto Stick Vac yesterday, and so far, I'm highly impressed!

    Why I DID NOT buy this type of vacuum:

    For a second home
    As a main vacuum for either a house or an apartment
    For my carpeting (which I have very little of due to allergies)
    To be a powerhouse
    To expect it to do what my corded Kenmores can do

    Why I DID buy the Pronto:

    1. I wanted an all-in-one rechargeable stick-type vac and small handheld rechargeable vac- this one is both.
    2. I wanted something light enough to be easy on my aching back- this one is.
    3. I wanted a vacuum that I would not be ashamed to leave in plain sight-this one is space-age "hot"!
    4. I wanted a rechargeable that would pick up simple debris (crumbs, hair, spilled sugar, dust...etc.)- this one does.
    5. I wanted a trusted name- Electrolux is.
    6. I wanted a vac that could swivel and pivot to my heart's content- this one does...and beautifully!

    The Pronto is one of the quick 'picker uppers,' and expected to be used for that purpose. So far, it does this extremely well.

    Some users have had problems with clogging. The directions clearly state that it must be kept free from debris on the rollers and in the main hose. I will clean it after every few uses.

    I can't vouch for the length of time the battery will last, or how well the vac will work over time. Statistically, rechargeable vacs don't last nearly as long as their corded counterparts.

    UPDATE!!!! It's a few days later... I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!! I just used it on my 2 tiled bathroom floors for all the hair. It picked it all up in a heartbeat...and very well! Then I used it on my hardwood stairs...then under the king-sized bed (Pergo-type floor) for the dust bunny colonies!! Before I knew it, I vacummed all of my uncarpeted upstairs rooms AND and all of my uncarpeted downstairs! (it's a smallish house)
    FYI: The Pronto does not stand up on its own without the base. At first I thought it would be a problem for me, and I was ready to change my star rating, but it hasn't caused an issue at all!

    ONE CON: THAT I DIDN'T GET THIS VACUUM SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention how much I love it?? :o)

    ...more info
  • Great for hard floor clean-up
    Bought this for quick cleaning of our non-carpeted areas to pick-up dog hair and the grit that comes in the house on dog paws. Terrific design and performance and the little "port" where you can stick your regular vac nozzle to vacuum out the dust cup(hair cup for us) is a stroke of genius!...more info
  • Recommend
    After a long serious of small vacuum cleaners which have little suction and break easily, it was a relief to get this one. I had some trouble putting it together (but I am no good at such things), but it works really well, and better than any previously. No bags, no wires. We leave it charging on the wall to the basement. It emits a sci-fi looking blue light at night, which while disconcerting, is sort of pretty and works as a nightlight. Of course, you don't have to leave it plugged in. Anyway, I recommend it highly and would buy another when we have used this one to death....more info
  • Awful Electric Broom
    I purchased this vacuum because mine had died. I used it the first time and it was good, but I had to empty the canister very often! I went to vacuum on Sunday and it did not pick up anything and kept clogging up in the suction area. I purchased this on a Thursday and returned it on the following Sunday. I would highly not recommend this for anyone who loves an electric broom!...more info
  • I wanted to love this vacuum...
    I was looking for a cordless vacuum to clean my tile floor and hardwoods. I fell in love with the design of this vacuum...beautilful, with the detachable hand-held model to boot. I am, sadly, dissatisfied with the suction. There is so much debris left after vacuuming that I often take off the hand-held vacuum to pick up the piles left behind. All in all, it's an expensive Dust-Buster. (but a pretty one...)...more info
  • batteries lose charge capacity
    I've now owned two of these stick vacs. Both lost their ability to hold a charge within 9-11 months of daily use for about 20 minutes. I would not recommend purchasing one of these units. The shelf life is simply too limited. Get a Black and Decker and a quality battery pack that will keep recharging for years....more info
    Love this stick vac!!!! I wanted it for cleaning up messes on the carpeting from 3 young children. Works great for a quick pick up as well as keeping the carpet clean between vacuuming with the full size vacuum.

    I wouldn't recommend it if all you want to do is vacuum a hard surface floor. It will tend to push around the larger crumbs instead of suck them up. BUT you can get them with the hand held feature of this. It's great... I ditched my dust buster! ...more info
  • like the cleaner
    I had an oreck and this eletrolux has more power and better movability.
    Very pleased with it....more info
  • So far so good
    I got the Pronto yesterday, charged it last night, and used it the first time today. I am very pleased. It cleaned up kitty litter from the bathroom, debris from the kitchen floor, dirt from the area rugs, and dirt and an unbelievable amount of cat hair from the bamboo floor. Easy to move around and under things with the swivel head. Excellent job with edges.

    It seems as powerful as my 5-year-old Miele cannister which now I don't have to haul out of the closet.

    It is great to have it sitting in the charger ready to use. Can't wait to use it tomorrow.

    Minor complaints. I wish it stood up when it is not in the charger. When I removed the dirt cup, most of the dirt and debris came out easily into the trash, but I had to use a choptick to dislodge some clumps of cat hair that remained.

    I really like this product and am very glad I got it. I have seen the reviews that said it lost power after a short time, and I hope I won't have that experience. I will update this review....more info
  • Don't buy it
    Electrolux EL1000B Pronto Stick VacuumElectrolux Pronto 2-in-1 Stick Vac- EL1000AGrossly underpowered compared to Black & Decker. Clogged every few minutes. Doesn't clean well. Arrived minus parts....more info
  • Short life
    When this item first arrived, I loved it!! As someone else reported, it was less effective after a month. And it was downhill from there!! I did not use it often and it lasted just over a year. (it replaced an old 'Shark' that I had worn out over three years, on tile, rugs and carpet - used almost daily!)
    I used this Electrolux mainly on my tile floors, as it was difficult to use on area rugs and Berber carpet.
    The detachable portion of the vac was effective as a dust buster. It IS nice looking and fairly light. But, honestly, I expected more from Electrolux....more info
  • Only pretty to look at
    I bought this vac in Nov. for our NYC apt. which is mostly hardwood floors. It worked great for a month, but it could not keep up with the dust bunnies created by our 3 cats (2 long haired). The handheld worked great but on the stick, it kept shooting out litter and clogging up from the cat hair. The dust bin is too small to even do a typical NYC apt. and had to be emptied out frequently. I now use it as a 2nd vac since the cordless feature is nice. I think it would have been better if they made it into just a stick vac instead of the 2-in-1 feature because there is no suction in the stick. I recently bought a Hoover Flair as a replacement and it's great on my plush rugs and the hardwood floors. I definitely recommend the Hoover over this one....more info
  • Over priced, need DIY
    The designer is a low-level copy-cat. By adding a screen in addition to a filter, the design is supposed to take the advantage of cyclonic action for less chance to clog the filter and maintain good suction. However, the filter screen is way too dense, got blocked very quickly and destroy all the potential virtues of a cyclonic action design. The very similar Dirt Devil cordless stick has exactly the same design stupidity, but that one is at least not over priced. The solution is to drill 1 mm holes on the screen if you find this thing is no longer sucking after some use.

    The only point is 2 in 1; but for $100, I'd rather buy a Dirt Devil 14.4V stick for $50 and a very good $50 hand vacuum such as the Black&Deck PHV1800 or Shark SV736. Not only is the DD cheaper, it is also a much better design - it can stand up by itself. This Electrolux always falls down to the floor....more info
  • Beauty but limited brains
    This thing is gorgeous, as others have pointed out. It looks like a big piece of candy sitting in my dining room. And for the record I'm the male of the species, and straight [I swear]. The particular shade of pearlescent red and the overall aesthetic design are really cool. I even like the bluish lights on the charging stand that give me a nightlight for the whole room.

    Some minor engineering issues limit its functionality, though:
    1) Tiny reservoir for the dirt, most of which is occupied by a gigantic filter mechanism. If I wanted super-HEPA-filtration I'd get out the big vacuum for the whole room/house.
    2) Does not consistently pick up cheerio-sized objects [read: actual Cheerios (TM)] that my daughter leaves in the dining room. Sad because this was the primary reason for my purchase. It just pushes them around. For that I could just break out the plain old broom and dustpan. Eventually...after 3 or 4 passes it might pick them up, but pathetic.
    3) Agree somewhat with others that it's not good on carpet, but actually pretty good on high-face-weight stuff. It catches/hops on a cheapo rug I have that does similar tricks to my big vac. Outstanding and lovely on bare floors, though.
    4) Agree with many others that it's tricky to get it back on the charging stand. Especially if the stand is flat against the wall.

    The thing is so darned attractive, though, I'm keeping it. ...more info
  • Can't live without this!
    I bought this just to have a handy cordless vac with a long handle- I have a central vac and it's a bother to take out 30 feet of hose. I used to sweep and bend down to fill the dust pan, but not anymore. This vac is great on floors (kitchen) and very low cut-pile carpets. I wouldn't use it to pick up pet hair. I actually had the electrician put an outlet inside my pantry closet just to accomodate this new vac. I was amazed by how much it picked up- and it's easy to clean out. However, it is not a substitute for the central vac, it's a great supplement. ...more info
  • ATTENTION Pet Owners
    The hose connecting the suction head to the dust receptacle is a narrow, oblong, pleated plastic tube with a 45-degree turn in it (picture it). It is perfectly designed to be a dog-hair catcher. In order to use your vacuum consistently, you have to regurlarly turn this vacuum upside-down, fetch a screwdriver, unscrew this little tiny screw to get one end of the hose off, poke the screwdriver into this narrow crinkly hose and kind of tug at the dog hair clump until you can get it close enough to the opening to grab it with your fingers and pull it out chunk by chunk. Then when you've strewn all this dust and dog hair in the general area of the trash can, you have to reattach the hose by getting this little screw (did I mention it's tiny?) back into the tiny little hole. Whew. Then you can start by cleaning up the mess you just made. Does anyone still want to vacuum?

    Oh also, it's a good thing they have the "dustbuster" attached because you'll have to use it every time you come across a kibble your dog left behind or a Cheerio your toddler dropped. If you try to vacuum those things they just keep getting flung about by the rotor brush.

    Oh, this vacuum is no good on carpet unless you have that commercial type of really flat carpet. Not even berber.

    But I couldn't give it less than 3 stars because it does a great job on dusty hard floors, and it just looks so darn good! As a compromise, I clean hair ball danger zones with a broom, then "dustbust" the hair pile (thus bypassing that silly hose) and I use the stick vacuum in areas that don't have that much dog hair.

    I would not have chosen this vacuum had I known about the defect, but now that I have it, I can't bear to trade it in for an unsightly vacuum. And so I suffer...

    FYI: We have one labrador retriever and black stained-concrete floors with berber rugs thrown about.
    ...more info
  • Good on small dirt, not Cheerios.
    I was looking for a small, lightweight vac to replace sweeping up after my baby and preschooler eat. This vac is lightweight enough for my 4 year old to use, and does well on lightweight dirt, but doesn't pick up Cheerios or similar baby/child debris, which is the main thing I hoped to clean all the time. Using just the handheld has stronger suction, but it's easier just to sweep and dustpan after the little ones eat.

    It works so-so on our carpeted stairs. It does work well for cleaning around the plants, vacuuming the bed after sand gets on it, and tracked it dirt in the wood-floored entry. Being cordless means I use it more often than I would otherwise. The charge is long enough for quick pickups of a few rooms. For some strange reason they did design it so the handheld button has to be held down the whole time you're using it.

    The charging stand is handy, though it often takes me a little fiddling to get the vac in place. I find it easy to empty the cup when needed....more info
    I was always going around the house with my dust buster bending over vacuuming up dust bunnies, or sweeping the floors, collect a little pile of dirt/dust then getting the dust buster or dust pan. I finally decided to get a cordless sweeper and I am very happy I chose this one. It's very light weight, very maneuverable and does a great job picking up those dust bunnies! I also use it on the rugs and carpet for quick pick ups. This is not for heavy use, nor would I recommend it for vacuuming an entire room of carpet, but for those day to day dustings on tile or wood floors...can't be beat. Now, no bending over or sweeping than vacuuming, I take care of it all with this great vacuum. I love when I'm done vacuuming and clean out the cup to see how much it pick up...I'm always amazed at how much dust/dirt I get each time I use it....more info
  • I like it...
    I have only used this twice since I bought it but I like it a lot. Its light and easy to use. I can even bring it upstairs to use it in the room and bathroom. I used to only be able to use my regular and heavy vacuum downstairs. It is easy and light to maneuver. with just a turn of the wrist the vacuum responds quickly making it really easy to get to those tight corners. So far I love it..only worry is if the quality will last. I guess only time will tell....more info
  • AMAZING vacuum!
    Honestly, I have never written a review before, but this vacuum is amazing- everyone who is thinking about buying a floor vac should get this one! I have a large vacuum for the carpeted areas in my house, however with 2 dogs and a tile floor I found myself sweeping every day. This vacuum is perfect for picking up hair and dust. The smaller handheld is great for getting into heard to reach areas. We leave the vacuum out- so it is easily accessible and we find ourselves using it even when the floor is clean! This may sound crazy- but this vacuum even makes it fun to clean!! I have no complaints about the battery life or the quality. I would not recommend this for your only vacuum- if you have carpet. This is made best for tile or hardwood. ...more info
  • I Use Mine Every Day...
    I know we're not supposed to be glad when hubby gives us an appliance for our birthday, Valentine's Day, etc., but with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 4 cats, I spend a lot of time vacuuming my home. My full size vacuum is an old warhorse Kirby that does an excellent job but feels like it weighs 100 lbs. after dragging it up and down all of our stairs in our multi-level house. I'd had stick vacs before, and wasn't too thrilled with their performance, so I was a little skeptical when I first opened this birthday gift about 1 1/2 years ago. After using it a time or two, though, I was hooked. It does a great job on tile and wood floors, and a surprisingly good job even on carpet for quick pick ups. Of course this is not meant to be a whole-house vac - I still lug out the Kirby for deep cleaning - but it is a life-saver for everyday. I like it so much I bought one as a shower gift for my niece a few months ago, and she loves it too....more info
  • Don't buy
    I bought this unit back in June of 2007. I was happy with it for about a month and then slowly I noticed the unit was not longer picking up small light items like cheerios. Finally less than 6 months after owning it, the vacuum cleaner no longer picked up anything at all. I took it apart. All the dirt and dust are supposed to get stored in the cup that you empty. But to my surprise, behind a piece of foam that was right on top of the motor, was all this dust and dirt. As I took more, and more of the motor apart, I found more dust, even encased around the batteries. The motor turbine was totally caked in dust and could not move freely. After an hour, I got so angry at how dangerous this design was and how I thought it was going to catch on fire, I just threw it away. It wasn't even worth getting it repaired under warranty because the design was so bad. I live in a 600 square foot apartment. I am not cleaning up that much. I ended up buying a Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle which is corded, but works so well. And we are amazed each time at the amount of dirt and dust it picks up.
    ...more info
  • Powerful battery operated sweeper
    This little beauty was a pleasant surprise.It's good on bare floors as well as light carpeting.The charge lasts longer than one would expect.It has a powered brush and is light with a removeable hand vac.I'm a 66 year old man and have finally found true love.The only minus is that the dust reservoir doesn't hold much....more info
  • Very unhappy
    I bought this for the simple task to keep up with pet hair on my hardwood floors, and cat litter on ceramic floors. IT DOES NOT do the job. I am very dissatisfied and am trying to get a way to return it. Stay away from this product....more info
  • Couldn't be more pleased!!!!!
    This is one of the coolest products I have ever owned. I feel very strange getting this excited over a cleaning product but I have wood and tile floors and this has made cleaning my floors a breeze. It has really made me realize how much I was missing by sweeping my floors. I love it and will probably get a second for our basement even though this is very light. I have told all my friends about and even strangers on the plane on a recent trip. It's Great!!!!!...more info
  • Cordless is the way of the future!
    I live in an apt with hardwood floors and some floor rugs. This vacuum works very well and I have recommended it to everyone I know who uses a vacuum on hardwood floors. You get 2 for the price of 1 (Stick Vac + Hand Vac). It picks up lint, dust, hair, crumbs, loose threads, and bits of paper. It works on hardwood and on area rugs. I do not have wall to wall carpet so I can't speak for how well it can tackle that surface, but its suction power is very good. In my experience, the battery will last a good 20-30 minutes of nonstop work at near full power suction, which is pretty good for a quick cleanup job. Trust me, your job will be quick because YOU DON"T HAVE TO TURN IT OFF AND CHANGE WALL OUTLETS WHEN MOVING FROM ONE ROOM TO THE NEXT.

  • A piece of trash
    Electrolux should be ashamed to sell this piece of junk. It won't pick up anything. It makes the appropriate noises and it looks like it's picking things up but when you turn off the motor and lift up the unit, all the debris is still on the floor. A complete waste of money.
    The Shark, at 1/2 the price is a far better machine....more info
  • Don't get it!
    Great suction only if used as hand vacuum. Roller bar stopped working after 3 weeks @ using it only once a week. I only have a 8x11 area rug. The roller comes on sometimes and shuts down after pushing it over the rug about 6x. I don't have a dog and not trying to vacuum rocks or anything. Just regular use and it does not pick up as advertised. Buy something else!...more info
  • well-styled but needs to work better
    This is well-made and nice looking and a good weight, but it has to be emptied too often and doesn't really pick up all that well....more info
  • Clean Freaks fantasy vacuum
    I got this vacuum for Christmas 07 after bugging my husband about it for months.
    It lives up to everything I thought it would.
    It's ultra lite weight, the rollers work great, the hand-vac has a really good suction.
    If you have hardwood or laminate flooring this is a "must have"
    And I'm not sure if its a good or bad thing but its made me even more of a clean freak because its soo easy to use that I pretty much vacuum every day.
    Also its super easy to use your regular vacuum to suck out all the dirt from the cup area on the cordless.
    I highly recommend this purchase! ...more info
  • Works great!
    If you have numerous pets like I do this vacuum works great at picking up cat hair and cat litter. I was plesently surprised. Don't expect it to replace your main vac, put for light jobs it really does the trick-just buy it....more info
  • No power. Poor Product
    I just bought this for $80 at Costco and I just took it back after a week of use. I tried to convince myself that it was handy with the built in hand-vac, but neither unit has any measurable suction and it won't even stand up by itself when you're using the hand vac. When used as a floor stick vac, it just spins the brush and sends all the little particles flying everywhere since the suction is soor poor, so it takes like twice as long to pick anything up because now it's just scattered. I definitely did not like this unit. I'm going to buy another Dirt Devil Power Vac cordless. It was much much better than this. ...more info
  • owner
    This works just great. Very easy to use. It does a good clean job. Would buy one again.

    Dave...more info
  • Excellent Quick Hard Surface Vacuum
    I've owned this vacuum for a couple of years now and love it. So much that I've purchased one each for my mother, grandmother and sister. It's great for cleaning up after my small child eats or a quick run through of my whole first level of my house before company comes (or when they leave). My mom loves it for cleaning up after the cat litter. The head turns very smoothly and fits almost everywhere unlike a traditional vacuum. The battery lasts long enough for me to cover 4 rooms quickly. The manufacturer claims it can be used on carpet as well but I wouldn't recommend it for anything other then a hard surface....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought two Prontos, one for my daughter and one for me. They have great suction for a hand held and are so convenient. ...more info
  • Worst Small Vacuum
    This is the worst small vac I have ever owned. I had an full-size Electrolux that lasted me over 20 years. Based on this experience, I purchased the Pronto Stick Vacuum. It hardly picks up anything on hardwood floors unless I go over the crumb etc. several times. Who has the time to do this?????? I paid almost $100.00 for the Pronto. TOO MUCH. Will not recommend it to anyone. Back to searching for another less expensive vac if I can find one....more info
  • Not bad, not bad
    We have a lot of faux wood floors - almost the entire house. This is a great item for quick pick-ups after our 18-month old and I love it. It also does a great job of picking up that undetectable cat hair.

    Downside? Doesn't work very well on carpet - but since we only have a few rugs - it's not an issue. Also - if you just use the hand held I don't think it works really well because of the angle of the suction nosle so I just use it as a broom.

    Worth the purchase overall. (and nice red color)....more info
  • Totally Regret Buying This
    I bought this after reading many good reviews. This vacuum is terrible. So terrible that I won't even put it in my yard sale because I would feel guilty about charging somebody $1.00 for this junk. It constantly clogs up and has very little suction. Unclogging it is such a hassle. I've had this about six months, stop using it about five months ago and am throwing it away. Seriously, if you have a very clean house and just want to clean up next to nothing then maybe this is for you. However, if you buy it to actually clean up anything bigger than a piece of salt then you may be unhappy with this product....more info
  • Bad product
    I bought this product a few month ago. At first it seemed like a bargain, but i soon realized that it's a very poor quality product.
    The charger station stopped working yesterday (the contacts are very sensitive), therefore I cannot use the vacuum anymore.

    Next time I will invest 100$ more to get a good one. This one was a waste of money....more info
  • Great every day, light duty cleaner!
    This Electrolux Stick Vac is great for every day cleaning! Works great on hard floors and thin nap carpet! It does work for surface cleaning on heavier carpet (I have very dark carpet and this works great picking up light color lint and paper!) even though the Electrolux website does not say it is for carpet. It's nice looking and compact so I keep it plugged in against the wall. Grab it and go! Much easier to use than a broom and dustpan and my large vac! The initial 16 hour charge before I first used it made it last about five minutes or so, just long enough to clean most of my small house. After that it charged for at least 24 hours and the charge lasts much longer. The hand vac pops off easy to get tight corners and shelves then pops right back on again. The swivel head makes it easy to use and the filter and screen are easy to clean. Pull out the cup, separate the filter and screen, rub them clean- similar to your dryer filter- and shake the cup out and put them all back together, even simpler than it may sound! They can also be rinsed clean then I leave them setting out to dry while I'm at work. I like this so much I bought one as a Christmas gift for a friend, she likes her house neat but her jobs keep her on the run. This Electrolux EL1000B Stick Vac will make her life just a little easier!...more info
  • Great For Floors, not carpets
    I bought this stick vacuum last year and have loved it ever since. I have 4 dogs and hardwood floors. This is the best for quick cleanups. I am always amazed at how much it picks up, quickly and easily. I wouldn't recommend it as an alternative to a vacuum cleaner but more as an alternative to a broom and dustpan. It holds the charge beautifully even when I forget to replace it back in the charger. The filter is easy to clean. What I don't like is the routine to empty the debris. You will get your hands dirty emptying the receptacle and it doesn't come out of the holder easily. That being said, I still love the suction and the dependability. It was money well spent....more info
  • Floor brush stopped working after one day
    The brushes that rotate are four rows, two very soft brushes and two soft rubber, designed for floors and not carpet; but they stopped rotating after just one use. I tried cleaning and recharging it, but still, they didn't work. If that were the only problem I would have returned it for another one, but the dirt basket is extremely small. Much smaller than the already small hand held vacuums I have. I was really hoping this would work. I just wanted something that would pick up the crumbs from the baby and the dog hair in the kitchen, and occasional dry dog food pieces, without having to stoop over while vacuuming. So far I can't find anything that will pick up the dry dog food if it picks up the hair and vice versa, except the hand helds. At this point, price isn't even an option cause I'm still stooping to vacuum the kitchen floor every day....more info
  • stopped charging and working after 5 days
    Great concept, lousy product. After charging the vacuum for a full day, it worked great, but quickly filled up. I had to laugh that one way that the manual suggests to remove the contents is by using another vacuum. Anyway, after a few days of apparent charging (cool blue light is on when vacuum is sitting in its charging station), I pushed the power switch and ... nothing. Even the handy hand vac didn't work. Luckily, bought it at -- and prompty returned it to the local Target store (model: ErgoRapido).

    Hey, but it looks really good. ...more info
  • Love this...
    A friend recommended the Pronto to me. I bought one and loved it, in fact, I bought two of them. We have a vacation home, and I just had to have one there as well! It is so light-weight and the pick-up strength is great for quick tidying up without dragging out the "big" vacuum cleaner. In fact, using the Pronto keeps me from having to use the "big" vacuum....more info
  • Greatest 2nd Vacuum Ever!!!
    I have had several dustbuster type of vacuums and this one is the best! I have had this for about a year now and had to write a review about how great it is.

    We have hardwood and low pile carpets all over the house. I can usually get through 3-4 rooms on a single charge. No bags to worry about buying. The rug nozzle gets right up to the edges. Then the vacuum pops out and the tip can extend to get in the hard to reach places. It does not work great on my high pile carpet, but on the berber and low pile area rugs it works great. I have a black and decker dust buster that I hardly use now, because it does not have nearly as much suction power as this electrolux.

    I looked for a long time before I bought another wimpy dustbuster and this one works great!!!

    ...more info
  • Great lightweight vaccuum
    My family has owned three cordless stick vacs (Electrolux, Eureka and Hoover brands) and the Electrolux Pronto is the best. The Hoover was light and had great mobility but suction was poor, not much better than a carpet sweeper. Eureka had much better suction and good battery life but could not fit into tight places. Electrolux has the best of everything with good suction, enough battery life to sweep up one floor of our house. The best feature is the removable hand vac - we can clean up between our couch cusions or along floor trim. We have two kids (3y.o. and 1y.o.) and this keeps all the crumbs and hair off the floor, we use it at least once per day. We bring out the canister vac for whole-house cleaning but the Electrolux cordless helps us keep the house neat on a day to day basis....more info
  • Hate vacuuming? Not with this!
    This vac makes quick cleanup on my tile & hardwood floors; quicker than sweeping!
    Cleaning carpet is also ok, but the higher the pile, the worse it performs; It has some spinning brushes, but they only work well with low pile carpet. It get the hairs up from the bathroom floor, and the crumbs from the kitchen with ease. The only problem is that the dust bin fills up quickly, so you may have to empty it once before the cleaning is done.
    The battery charge holds enough power to clean the entire house, about 10-15 minutes (but like I said above, you may have to empty the dust bin before the 15 minutes are up).
    I rarely use the hand-vac, because the pickup tool is too small to be productive. It's good for the car/furniture, though.

    All in all, my house would not be as clean as it is if I didn't have this vacuum.
    Even my wife uses it, and she HATES cleaning/vacuuming! Now that's something hard to pass up on! ...more info
  • Vacuuming is a breeze...
    We have had this vacuum for over a year now and this has got to be my all time favorite stick vacuum - hands down! Even my children find it fun to help clean up around the house. This vacuum gets used at least 2-3 times a day and especially after each meal. I'm a clean freak and having crumbs on the floor doesn't work for me!

    With no cord to get tangled up in chairs or around our kitchen island I can breeze over our hardwood & travertine tile floors and have the vacuuming done in no time at all! The removable, hand-held vacuum part is perfect for getting into those smaller spaces that the upright just can't reach. The battery charge seems to last forever even when we've forgotten to put it back on the charging stand. Another BIG plus is that you'll never have to replace the messy bags - this vacuum has a canister that you just remove and tip into the trash. PLUS... check out the price! There's no reason to pay more for a vacuum WITH A CORD & BAGS when you can clean up for under $100!!!

    This is a vacuum no household should be without. Tons of my friends and neighbors have now purchased this vacuum all based on my recommendation!...more info
  • Pronto Stick Vacumn.
    I have been using this cordless vacumn now for about a month and it is fantastic. It is easy to use, very good at getting in & out of tight corners and under tables - also easy to empty / clean.
    It is the ideal cleaner for 'imbetween cleanups' around the house when you dont want to get out the heavy duty cleaner. I have only used it on floors and think that it would not be so good on carpeted areas.
    All in all I would highly recommend it....more info
  • electrolux pronto
    excellent product for hard wood, tile & extremely short pile (outdoor) carpet, but it absolutely won't work on 'indoor' carpeting. very sturdy & very easy to use/clean & has the best hand vac i've ever used....more info
  • Terrible Product
    I returned this item as it was pretty much the worst vacuum I ever bought. I have a Bissell 3 way bagless which I love but I liked the idea of cordless and thought electrolux is supposed to make good products. Wrong! It is quite heavy - not compared to a full size vacuum but to any lightweight I have used this is by far the heaviest. It has virtually no suction, is terrible on wood floors and can't pick up any large crumbs. It hardly holds a charge at all. The compartment for dirt is tiny and is very difficult to empty. Finally, it has a very bright, very large blue light strip that let's you and anyone visiting know you are charging your vacuum. I had it in a closet and it looked like a spaceship had landed in there. Do not buy this - you will be disappointed....more info
  • Pronto Stick Vacuum
    A friend had recommended this product as she had been given one and really liked it. I think it's pretty good, up to par with the majority of this type vacuum. I find you have to go over an area more than once to draw some small particles into the unit, i.e., fern leaves, dry hydrangea petals, etc. and I had thought that it would be more powerful than it is. The description given in the product info, which said "cyclonic action", gives it more punch than I feel is warranted....more info
  • The Best!
    I could not live without this lightweight, inexpensive, efficient piece of equipment. I have purchased two more for my mother and mother-in-law for Christmas. You will not be disappointed!...more info
  • FANTASTIC on hardwood & tile floors!
    My house has almsot 2,000 sq ft of hardwood and tile flooring, and we have pets and cook a lot so there are always crumbs and dog hair on the floors! Using a regular vacuum cleaner was frustrating because I had to use the tube extender to really pick anything up, and my back always hurt by the time I finished. A dust mop or broom didn't require all that bending over, but they seemed to push more dirt into the air than anything else.

    Thus I finally broke down and spent the money on this nifty little Electrolux. And let me say ... it is TOTALLY WORTH IT. It works like a dream on bare floors (hardwood or tile). It easily picks up dirt, crumbs and dog/cat hair. I empty it every 3-4 times I use it, so there's plenty of capacity for dirt. The battery doesn't last forever, but it's plenty for getting around all our floors. It is SO light weight and maneuverable -- it can get into corners and around table legs very easily! And if you notice some crumbs on the counter while you're vacuuming the floor, you can just pop out the little dust-buster and suck it right up. I keep the vacuum sitting out on its charger all the time because it is honestly so pretty I don't mind people seeing it -- a first for a vacuum!

    Now the negatives: If you want to vaccum carpet, DON'T get this. It is clearly not made for carpet, especially anything with a deep pile. The only other negative I can think of beyond that is that the battery will probably wind down if you try to vacuum more than 1,500-2,000 sq ft at one time. So ... if you have a giant mansion, don't buy it. Or just buy two. ;-)

    One last thing ... this is the FIRST and ONLY vaccum my husband has ever willingly picked up! It is like a miracle. It's so convenient and easy to use, he will actually vacuum if he happens to see dirt on the floor. If you knew him, you'd be impressed too ... ha ha....more info
  • Worst vacuum I've ever owned....and there's been quite a few!
    I have a Eureka QuickUp vacuum I'm trying to replace (battery life is zero after about a year). I thought I would try to find something better even though the QuickUp (cordless) did a fairly nice job. I tried the Eureka Optima, and it blows all the dust and pet hair from the floor into the air, which has gotten impossible to deal with here in GA with the extremely dry air. I bought the electrolux "ergorapido" at another store with high hopes. It's going back. It has almost zero suction when using the floor vacuum; it gets all of its dirt using the rotating brush. One reviewer was absolutely correct about it being hard to push over carpet. It is! Depending on which direction you've got it going related to the pile of the carpet, it can be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to push, it just sort of bumps over the carpet. As well, I followed the directions and allowed it to charge at least 24 hours before first use and I only got about 15 minutes of cleaning time. And, I couldn't get all the pet hair out of the dust cup even after removing the top and trying to vacuum it out (the only thing that came out of the little vacuum hole in the dust cup was whatever was right there at the bottom. All the hair goes to the top).

    So....on to my next try!...more info
  • Brilliant 'additional' vacuum
    We went out to buy a straight cordless vac and came home with this. My wife was skeptical but now says it was an excellent decision. It won't replace our heavy-duty mains vac but as an adjunct to that it is brilliant. As a piece of industrial design it is excellent -- looks good and works extremely well.

    It sits in its cradle in the laundry ready to go. Instead of lugging out the big vac, running out the cord and plugging it in we just pick this one up and give any crumbs, fluff, or stuff the dogs have dragged in, a quick once over. Once a week of so the house gets its full vac, so this is a useful adjunct to, rather than a replacement of, a regular vac.

    When you need a conventional cordless vac for cleaning window ledges, desktops, &c., just unclip the motor part and away you go.

    You don't even have to empty it in the bin. Once a week, as you go past with the regular vac, just undo the little door on the front, apply the hose from the main vac and suck out any dust and rubbish. The rotating brush in the head is a big help for picking up fluff and threads.

    As an added bonus it functions as a sort of night-light - a couple of blue tubes are on when it's in the charging cradle. Some might think these are twee but they're a bit of fun....more info
  • Great for Light Clean-ups
    I've had a number of cordless vacuums over the years (I wish Bissel still made their Go-Vac). After buying a Swivel Sweeper (YUK) and being very disappointed, I saw this advertised in our Costco magazine. I bought one and have been pleased so far.

    It is more expensive than a lot of cordless vacuums but it had all the features I wanted and more.

    I really like that it has good suction and does a great job with quick clean-ups over carpet and linoleum (although not as good on the linoleum as the carpet). It has an easy to empty container and no bags. It has a really cool blue light (kinda like a night light) that shows it is charging. You can keep it on the charger all the time without ruining the battery and it is always fully charged.

    It's nice to have the mini vac built in but I haven't had a lot of use for it yet (my three year-old daughter likes to use the mini vac.)It has helped with car clean ups.

    The things that are not so great - there are two filters inside (actually a good thing too) that get easily clogged with dust. It's a good indication that the vacuum is picking up a lot but they need to be washed out somewhat regularly. Having to keep it near a plug with the cord showing is also hard especially if you do not have a "mud room" to store it in.

    It does not roll on the floor as smoothly as some smaller vacuums but does fit into fairly tight spaces.

    To unit does not just drop into the charger but has to be nudged slightly. Not a big issue.

    I have not had any problems with the battery and have not run it long enough to run the battery out. I can do a quick clean-up on most of our "living area" rugs without any problem.

    It is a little heavier than some cordless vacuums but this is not an issue with me.

    I would highly recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner
    I have never felt compelled to write an Amazon review before getting this vacuum cleaner. The Electrolux Pronto is fantastic! I would wholeheartedly recommend it for people with needs similar to mine. I have a toddler and an infant, and we have all hardwood floors. I use the Pronto daily after meals, and in "stick" mode it picks up 90% of the crumbs and dirt in the kitchen. For larger things, like the puffier goldfish crackers or chunks of bread, the handheld mode works fine. I have never had a problem with battery life. I have a huge first floor (1700 square feet), and I can vacuum the entire first floor with no loss of power. The dirt cup appears small, but I only have to empty it about once a week. The vacuum i also very light (I think it's only 6 pounds). That might be the best part--the power/lightness ratio is quite high. In fact, my 3-yr-old loves to use it.

    Also, the Pronto is attractive enough to keep in the corner of our kitchen, easily accessible at all times. Many visitors to our home have commented about it's appearance and have gone out and bought themselves Prontos later.

    I give it four stars because I kind of wish it would pick up the slightly puffier goldfish crackers and the chunks of bread/cookies in stick mode. ...more info
  • this vacuum sucks (not!)
    I may have an older model, because the description of this one claims that the vacuum has a motorized brush roll. Mine does not. We got this so that we would have a convenient lightweight sweeper to pick up small leaves, crumbs, and cat hair from the hard floors (and so we wouldn't have to haul the heavy upright up and down the stairs for light daily sweeping). I keep it on its charger in the front-hall closet, and I've never had a problem with it keeping its charge for an extended time. My problem with this vacuum is that once the brush roll gets filled with cat hair, the vacuum doesn't pick anything up. After 2 years with it, I don't even try to use it as an upright stick vac. Instead, I automatically detach the hand vac and use that alone to pick up fur and small debris from the floor--which means that I am stooped over to use it. I wouldn't buy another one of these; thus I am still on a mission to find a good lightweight, rechargeable stick vacuum (with or without a detachable hand vac) that has a motorized brush and enough power and suction to be a useful and convenient tool for light daily cleaning....more info
  • Perfect for our needs!
    I love this vacuum. I was looking for a product that made cleaning our bamboo floors easier -- sweeping was just not doing the trick, mostly because we kept putting it off. This vacuum sucks up all of the hair, lint, and nasties that magically accumulate on the ground after a couple of days with no problem. It is amazingly manueverable and a delight to use. (It never crossed my mind that I would ever say that a cleaning produt is a delight to use.)It is light and easy to move from room to room. We never use the broom or regular vacuum anymore. The battery doesn't last all that long before it begins to slow down, but I clean in short spurts anyway, so that doesn't bother me. Even my husband enjoys using it....more info
  • Look good works good ... NOT
    Me and my friend both got the same one. We thought it's pretty and it Electrolux (Sweden). Well it is not Sweden anymore =) I think it was made in Mexico.

    Well surprising it stopped working for both of us about a month or two after one year warranty had expired. The worst thing is that the small one works fine, but the big one doesn't. And it's always tempting to use the big one after you do something with the small one, but when you do use the big one, it is only pain and no pleasure at all.

    Now I'm looking for another one. I thought maybe ROOMBA? =)...more info
  • Vacuum
    I love this vacuum! I've been using it a couple of months. I vacuum the whole house and it keeps a charge. It's also good for quick pick-ups....more info
  • Cool Modern Vac
    This is great vac for light cleaning, especialy around the kitchen on wood and tile floors. If you want to do carpets get a bigger vacuum. We had one of those cheaper square sweep type unit, which broke after 6 months of use. You get your money's worth with this model...great build and finish. Looks very modern, so you don't mind leaving it out of the closet and on the charging stand. The stand itself is fairly sturdy and has a nice soft blue light along the sides which doubles as a night light. This light actually indicates that the vac is placed on the stand properly and charging. There's another light on the roller bar so you know the brush is spinning and not clogged. The movement on the head is surprisingly smooth, so you don't have to put much effort in manuevering it into tight spots. The smaller corner unit is great for the car and doing those hard to reach places. The tip actually extends an additional inch to allow you to reach under large appliances. It definitely picks up a lot of dust/dirt, so you will have to empty the bin after each use. It's better than having the suff left on the floor. Spend the few extra bucks and get this Electrolux!! ...more info
  • Very hard to use on carpets
    I purchased two of the Electrolux Pronto's: one for my mother and one for my wife. I gave it to my mother as a thank you for having my family stay with her. For one week, my mother, my wife and I used this vacuum. Having sold Electrolux vacuums door-to door in college, I had high hopes. I was suprised to find that the Electrolux that makes this unit is NOT the same Electrolux that makes the canister vacuums of fame (now called Aerus).

    While I liked the swiveling head, my wife and mother found it hard to use. All of us found the Pronto VERY hard to push when using on carpets. We couldn't fixure out why it was so hard to push on carpets, but none the less... it was.

    Otherwise, it has a solid feel, the container is easy enough to empty, the battery life and power seemed fine for small pick up jobs and the removable hand vacuum was a hit with the ladies.

    If you have nothing but floors to vacuum, I would recommend this unit. If you have carpets, try something else.

    ...more info
  • amazing what it picks up, how long it runs
    Not a replacement for a ful size vac, but hugely convenient efficient and cute. I ordered an extra set of filters so I can rinse the used ones, but always have clean and dry ones ready to bust some dust. The swivewl head is a great design feature....more info
  • I love the fact that it has no cord.
    The only drawback that I have found is that the battery winds down before I am finished sometimes. It is really for quick touch ups, not big cleaning. And for that it is great. Sucks everything up, and goes everywhere without the __ cord. Nice looking too....more info
  • Good for hard surfaces poor on carpet
    We bought this for our children to use in the kitchen to vacuum up under the table. Problem is it will not pick up on carpet. Works great on hard flooring but carpet stops it cold. IF all you do is hardwood floors and the like then this is a nice tool but for anything else look to another product....more info
  • Sharon H
    I love this product. I purchased it especially to do quick clean ups on my braided rugs as you come in the door as well as to do in between sweeps. We have a cat that is long haired and he sheds alot. This works very well picking up his hair from the braided rugs and the laminate and hardwood floors. I really love it!...more info
  • Please, don't buy it!
    I bought this vacuum because I needed something for my hadrdwood floor and tile but I am so unhappy because first day of use, after battery has been charged as requested, I could not vacuum my entire living room .
    Then, I tried again other day and the same thing.
    Go to Target and get a US$39.00 vacuum for bare floor and you will be happier....more info
  • Perfect for what I use it for.
    I bought this unit for a specific purpose, that is to vacuum my carpet on a pontoon boat.To that end it works fantastic! The battery life is good for essentially being a hand held unit in a stick body with a brush. I also use it to do quick touch ups on my pergo floor and it works well even pulling up stuff from the edge of the wall easily. Nice build quality and quiet too....more info
  • Efficient and multi-purpose vacuum alternative
    The Pronto Stick vacuum is perfect for tile, wood, and low-cut carpets. The swivel head is well-designed and greatly enhances its maneuverability. We have a second home in the desert and find it perfect for keeping the sandy floors well under control. We also have one in our primary home and use it in between the house cleaner's visits. This model is extremely easy to clean and I use the hand-vac feature more than I thought I would. ...more info
  • Electrolux Pronto stick vacuum
    This little vacuum does a nice job for quick pick-ups. It doesn't have the suction of a full size upright, but I didn't expect it to, and it's adequate for dustballs, kitty litter, and other light work. I particularly like the 2-in-1 feature -- having a hand vac is, well, it's handy! The dirt cup is very small, and it would be better if the hand vac's power button didn't have to be pushed continuously, but these are minor inconveniences. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the Pronto....more info
  • A Fix For Problems!!
    Like many of you, when we first bought this product, it seemed like it had little or no suction. I was not happy . . . however, after carefully checking it over I found a "crimp" in the grey plastic hose that feeds from the brush part to the vacum. Once I opened the hoseway (with a pair of pliers. It now works GREAT! Check this hose!!...more info
  • electrolux stick vacuum
    Does the job for which it is intended though the battery life seems to be rather short. Have to keep well charged....more info
  • Beats a Dust buster
    This is a really handy vacuum for quick clean ups. It is handier than a dust buster and does a better job - plus no bending over. Great device....more info
  • Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum
    Love this handy vacuum. It stays charged and is easy to store in a corner out of the way. I leave it plugged in and sitting in its charger for a quick efficient clean up....more info
  • need more suction power
    I love the disign but vacuum cannot pick up all my dogs hair I have a little bissell ($20) value and it out performs Pronto....more info
  • It just doesn't hold up
    We've had this vacuum for a year. Initially it was passable, but over time this has become a major waste of money. I've had to open it up almost every day to remove clogs or jams in the spinning mechanism. It's gotten to the point where it's just not worth the effort and we are looking for a replacement. Extremely high priced for what you get. [and we were using only as an in-between regular vacuumings picker upper]...more info
  • The worst vacuum you can purchase
    I purchased this item with very high hopes that it would be a great idea to get a cordless vacuum that I could take anywhere in the house without plugging and unplugging. It lost its power within 3 months and even stopped picking hair from the floor. I would not recommend this product to anybody and have since returned it to the store and bought a different one....more info
  • Electrolux EL1000B Pronto Stick Vacuum
    This product is great. I have small children and I am constantly cleaning up crumbs and playdough. I liked it so much I purhased for my mother and mother-in-law....more info
  • This sucks! (like it's supposed to!)
    I love this little machine. It's light, it's handy, empties easily, it picks up nicely. I use it in my bird room every day, it gets up all that messy seed and the neat charging light provides a nightlight for the birds. I also have a second one in my kitchen to suck up whatever the dogs track in from the back yard.
    I suggest you buy one soon!...more info
  • Superior product
    My husband gave this to me for Christmas in 2006; I liked it so much I
    gave one to our daughter for her birthday this past March. It is a
    wonderful product; I use it almost everyday on bare floors, tile, and throw rugs. It also works well for quick pick ups on my better carpets.
    I love the swivel head.
    I had Eureka before, but this one is much better. ...more info
  • Great for light cleaning!!!
    I wanted a secondary vacuum cleaner so I wouldn't have to drag out my big corded canister vacuum every time I wanted to keep the kitchen floor and hardwood clean. This works perfect. I will say that it is not wonderful on carpet but will pick up small debris quickly. My floors have never been cleaner - I like to walk barefoot around the house and HATE it when I step on crumbs (I have a toddler so there are always crumbs everywhere!). I especially love to use it after dinner - I keep it in our laundry room and once we have cleaned up, I bring it out to get everything off the floor. The rotating head works great. The charge lasts about an hour but again, it is used for light cleaning - not full in depth cleaning of your house. You have to understand that before you buy it. I have had it for over a month now and use it every day and have not had a problem w/ suction at all. You do have to empty it after a few uses but I don't find that to be a problem at all.
    The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is that it does not pick up some larger debris but I don't mind it too much.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful easy to use quick cleanup vacuum
    I love this vacuum, I have lots of hardwood floors, 2 dogs, 3 kids and 2 cats. It does a great job at cleaning up the animal hair and kids messes.I love the fact that it is cordless, so I can just grab it and go. The charge lasts for a long time and it has excellent suction. I have tried quite a few different models and they all lacked in suction. The removeable dust buster is ok, you do have to hold down the button the entire time you use it. Thats my only gripe. I am getting a second one for my upstairs also. It is a very handy product....more info
  • Let Down by Electrolux!
    I too am very disappointed in the performance of this vacuum. I own a higher priced Electrolux and my entire family (sisters, mother, aunts, cousins) own Electrolux vacuums. I thought I would receive the same performance from this model but I was sorely disappointed. The charge barely lasts long enough to vacuum the first floor of my home, and it has terrible suction power on tiles and worse on area rugs. I expected more from a name like Electrolux. I will probably give this to my cleaning lady and go out to buy another brand with better suction!!!...more info
  • Vacuum
    Maybe I expect too much because it's Electrolux, but this thing is a little bit of a let down for me. I wanted a cordless to keep my floors (hardwood & tile) picked up between my Saturday vacuumings. It seems like it should do so much better than it does. It does suck up a lot...you have the empty the cup a lot, but still, I find myself having to move, say, a bread crumb that fell on the floor, away from baseboard for example, because even though there is suction and even a rotating brush, it still doesn't have quite enough to pick that up w/out help. It does look nice and it's very easy to clean. You can remove the little rotating brush to clean it which I thought was nice, but the suction.... probably because it is a cordless. Although I threw a 'Shark' in the trash for failing me in that department, too, and it was corded. It seems that once these small vacs have been used once or twice and the filters get dirty, they are never the same again. In the case of my Shark, even new filters didn't help. I have higher hopes for this one, but we will see. I'm afraid to try cleaning my car with the handvac part. And it doesn't stand up on it's own. You must lean it against something...that may be typical for a stick vac, though..I don't know. I hesitate to even give it 3 stars... 2 1/2 maybe. It's probaby me... I want it to work like my $700 canister Eletrolux. Is that too much to ask? :-)...more info
  • Works well for the most part
    I've been using the Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum everyday to pick up crumbs, sand and cat hair and it works well for small particles, but it doesn't pick up Cheerios or dried cat food very well. ...more info
  • Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum
    Best cleaning product I ever purchased. It works great and saves me 50% of my weekly vacuuming time. It does fill quickly, which means it is doing its job! Could not be happier with the product or with Amazon....more info
  • Works Great
    This unit works great!!! Only thing I wish is that it had a bit larger filter. Otherwise I highly recommend it....more info
  • Electrolux EL 1000B Pronto Stick Vacuum
    Works great on solid surface floors...Does not work on rugs with even the smallest pile. The hand vacuum requires user to hold on switch "on" during entire vacuum...that is a pain...Works better than a broom....more info
  • Electrolux Pronto Get an A+
    I love this vacuum. You will never find a stick vac with the power of a full sized vacuum. Nevertheless, this does a great job on my wood floors and tile. Being 8 1/2 months pregnant, I can appreciate the light weight and convenience of no cord to bend down and plug in. It is very pleasing to the eye (the color and clean lines--not bulky), and the base can be mounted on the wall or stand on the floor. Doesn't take up much room. Great purchase....more info
  • not that great
    I bought this for daily dust pick-up on hardwood floors, I have a dog. Although the cordless feature is a wonderful thing, the vacuum has some major problems: the container is too tiny and very messy and complicated to emty, you get dust all over your hands and inhale it also. The rotating brush is useless because its not a carpet vacuum (not enough power) and dog hairs get caught in it and after a while it gets stuck and stops rotating. but you can take it out, which I did, and still it has not enough suction for dust, it takes off one layer of dust but the floors still look dirty as if you never vacuumed, then you go over it with a regular vacuum (mine is a cheap bissell) and the floor shines. Might be better if they had sweepers or squeegee on the edges of the head. I returned it....more info
  • Not too great vacuum
    Bought this as a gift for my daughter. She immediately had a piece of the vacuum break off. She called Electrolux & they said they would send her a replacement but never have done so. Wouldn't recommend due to poor quality & poor service!...more info
  • The little vac which made my life easier!!!
    After trying several stick vacs, I find the Pronto to be the best. It has a lot of suction, & the long pet hair does not get tangled around the beater bar. It is very easy to maneuver. While moving along, if the head of the stick vac does not fit into a spot which needs cleaning, just use the hand vac and the problem is solved, ex: behind the toilet. No suction is lost because the hand vac is the actual motor. The vac can charge while setting securely in the stand on the floor, (it does not have to lean against anything), or it can charge while hanging on the wall. The price is excellent, in retail stores & other web sights, it sells for much more....more info
  • Great Vacuum. Could be Better
    This vacuum works great! I don't personally like the hand-vac because my '95 upright vacuum's hose has more suction. It has no on/off button-you have to hold it. But, the other part of the vaccum is great!!! It is great at picking up my cat hair. It is the best ever when we move an appliance for the first time in how long and we don't want to think about bending down to get closer to that thing!!! It picks up everything and when we do bend down, we aren't disgusted because of cob webs, etc. It's GONE. I do wish, however, that the brushes on the bottom didn't need cleaned as often and that the air filter didn't need to be cleaned so often-I always use my air compressor to blow out the dust. Yes, you have to remember that this is for hard floors and that the hand-held too, is only for daily cleaning. Not good for cars! I'd go back to my full-sized upright hose!!!...more info
  • quite useful
    I absolutely love this floor vacuum. It has never run out of battery power while I was vacuuming and there's no dragging the cord around or switching it from plug to plug. It IS NOT for anything but hardwood/ceramic floors though except maybe with the hand held vacuum. I did have a problem to begin with with the charger. Just work with it. I do have it sitting on the floor and not on the wall though. I think it was probably meant to be hung. Hold the charger with your foot to steady it while you drop the vacuum on it. You'll be glad you have it. It makes doing your floors a little easier.

    I almost forgot to mention the power. It does a great job picking up between the tiles and in corners. I would buy it again....more info
  • great for hardwood/laminates, no more swiffing!
    picks up all the pet hair, dust bunnies and cat litter on my hardwood and laminate floors, no problem. the head also pivots very easily with a 270 degree range, which helps a lot when vacuuming around furniture. i find i have to use the hand vac part (has a handy "crevice tool" though) to get stuff out of corners and along edges, but it is a stick vac so this seems about right to me. a minor drawback is that it doesn't stand up on its own, so it is hard to switch between push and hand vac. still, i'll be getting rid of my swiffer!...more info
  • Good Stick Vacuum
    This is a great product. Only thing I wish is that it had an on off switch instead of a button you have to hold down to make run.

    Other then that great for kitchen, bathroom etc....more info
  • hits the spot in cramped urban life
    I hate buying more crap to fill up my tiny NYC apartment, but this was a fantastic buy. I occupy 400 sq. feet of hardwood floors and dust always. My place now feels consistently clean. The floor vacuum works brilliantly on hardwood floors, and my girlfriend, who has smaller hands, loves the hand vac.

    I only wished this had HEPA filtering, but a consultation on the allergy website still had this highly rated for small spaces, and I think it's fine.

    One point no one's mentioned in the ratings: the blue light on the stand is fairly bright, although pretty. I'm not sure if I like it or not, though it does add to the general high quality of the product. (I'm very impressed at the general design and construction of this, too--far better than I had anticipated.)

    This is the first vacuum I've ever owned, and until I move into some grand mansion, it'll we be the only one. I'm a picky maximizer of a buyer, and the research paid off this time.

    Happy as a clam.

    ...more info
  • Worth every penny!
    I was looking for a vacuum for my hardwood and tile when I found the electrolux. Initially, it was a little more than I wanted to spend but in the end, based on other reviews, I decided to give it a shot. I love the swivel head, I love that there is no cord andmy husband loves the mini vac that comes with it. Because the vacuum is charged and not on a cord it is so nice and easy to pull out all the time, my house has never been cleaner....more info
  • Best handheld vac I ever purchased
    This cordless vacuum is by far the best I've ever bought, and I've had a few!
    The suction power is comparable to a regular upright vacuum, and the removable handheld is easy to remove and use separately. The only thing I found difficult with this machine, was the wall mounting. It seems the manufacturer didn't take baseboards into consideration when mounting it. Nevertheless, it is an excellent product and worth the money spent....more info
  • Excellent stick broom
    Great pickup for a small vacuum. Very easy to maneuver. Owns up to the Electrolux name. I sometimes go through my whole house with it-rugs and hardwood-the pop off small attachment is great for corners and quick pickups. My grandchildren love to use it....more info
  • You will love this vacuum
    I was very skeptical of this compact lightweight unit. I did not think this would be powerful enough for my very thick carpet. Plus I hate to get out my existing heavy vacuum, plug it in, vacuum upstairs, on the stairs and then unplug it, take it downstairs, re-plug it back in and finish vacuuming. Well after using this one, it makes vacuuming so much more pleasurable and easy. I enjoy vacuuming much more and now do it more often then before....more info
  • Great for a while
    Initially, this was perfect for a quick daily vacuum of my kitchen and high-traffic areas. So beautiful, too! After about 6 months of use, however, it has lost most of it's suction and is practically useless....more info
  • Lemon Vacuum - Worked well, twice....
    My wife and I purchased this vacuum in January 2007. We were using it to pick up pet hair and dust on our hardwood floors. After two uses, TWO!, the brush component on the vacuum's brush no longer functioned. We have a friend that loves theirs, but for us it was a lemon. We recommend you look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Good for hardwood floors
    I love this little vacuum - with a dog, cat and kids it makes sweeping the hardwood floors a breeze. Do not work well on carpet, even the area rugs. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I'm glad I didn't give up on finding a functional cordless stick vacuum after my experience with the Shark version, which now sits in the basement. This solidly built vacuum does a great job on bare floors and short-napped carpet. It is particularly good for zapping pet hair dust bunnies roaming around on my hardwood floors. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for bare floors
    I live in a large loft with mostly hardwood floors, and wanted something cordless for basic vacuuming. The Pronto does a great job picking up dustballs, lint etc. I was concerned with the rotating brush bar and hoped that it would not scatter things around rather than sucking them up - but to my surprise, it picks up larger particulate on the floor as well. The rotating brush bar is designed nicely with rubbery blades and bristes as opposed to nylon brushes which would bend out of shape over time. The battery life is surprisingly good - so you have plenty of time to cover a good size area (my loft is 1080 sq ft, and the Pronto has more than enough power to cover this area). I also purchased the Dyson handheld, and was extremely disappointed with battery life - it did not last long enough to vacuum the rugs in my Mazda 3 (a smallish compact sedan). When popped out of the stick, the handheld Electrolux covered the whole car, and had power to spare. The dust cup has a 2 stage filter, and cleans easily. Only small design flaw is that when using in hand held mode, the switch does not stay permanent in "on" position - you have to keep pressure on the button. Otherwise the design of this unit is great. Highly recommended!!...more info
  • use caution
    This is NOT the Electrolux that you've know for quality. The owner of Eureka (some European company) bought the name Electrolux some years ago and the change is just taking effect. The Electrolux that you've known for quality is now Aerus. The name Electrolux may still be with Aerus name but it is required to be smaller than Aerus by agreement. The name was purchased to dupe American buyers...its just an Eureka

    ...more info
  • What could be better?
    NOTHING! It's pretty rare that I would bother to take time out to rate a product but I saw this puppy in a department store and was ready to buy it on the spot. They were out of it so I bought it on line and saved a few bucks as well.

    It really works great and is put together well. It's the only Xmass present my wife didn't return so I think that says it all!...more info
  • Electrolux EL1000A Pronto Stick Vacuum
    This little vac is very handy for small clean up! My only complaint would be that I wish it had more capacity. Seems like I spend more time emptying it than I do actually vacuuming....more info
  • It's a Stick Vacuum, Folks!
    It's a stick vacuum -- it's a product designed for quick pick-ups, not for deep cleaning -- so anyone purchasing it for anything other than quick pick-ups is going to be disappointed.

    That being said, it's a great product. It works very well on hard floors (wood and tile) and works okay on carpets for things like stray threads, etc.

    The suction is fine -- what the problem is (and I don't think it's a real problem) that the beater bar rotates in one direction, so it will only sweep up crumbs when the vac is moving forward. If you sweep backward, it will push the crumbs back. It's not a suction issue.

    I love the fact that it is nice enough looking to keep in the kitchen and that it doesn't need to be mounted on the wall (like the Eureka Boss Lite -- which is also an excellent stick vac). The dual filter arrangement is excellent as well -- cuts down on having to clean the inside filter.

    Overall, I liked it so much that I purchased one for a friend....more info
  • hard to handle
    pros: It's fairly light. Works well on hardwood floors or linoleum floors. Nice to have the hand vacum attached to it.
    cons: It doesn't work well on carpets. The nozzle swirls too much and hard to handle. It does not stand by itself except when you charge it on the cradle. The suction is week.
    Overall, it's a handy product when vacuming bread crumbs after each meal but not for the whole room....more info
  • Electrolux EL1000A Pronto Stick Vacumm
    The perfect little vacuum. Easy to store and has plenty of power. Easy to empty, as well. Very Satisfied....more info
  • Great idea, but lacks performance
    I guess its just difficult to get enough power and suction from a cordless vacuum. Its great on tile, but not really effective on carpet. Its lightweight and handy to operate, but I also found that the brush portion tends to "double-back" and buckle-up when you attempt to pull the vacuum back towards you while vacuuming. It works best while going in a straight line forward, but not to pull backwards (especially on carpted area)....more info
  • Absolutely worthless as a vacuum, but beautiful as artwork!!
    The suction when using the cordless 'hand-held' part is so low, it's almost useless. When using the entire vacuum sweeper together, it has almost no suction. But it is one beautifully-designed product!!

    I finally gave up and bought a $150 Dyson cordless vacuum which has plenty of suction, and I'm soooo happy. This Electrolux is so pretty, but won't suction-up anything.

    The Dyson itself is strange, looks like a Science Fiction Ray-Gun, but has a Lithium-Ion battery providing plenty of suction -- but only for 5 or 6 minutes at a time, then needs a few hours to recharge.

    But works for me, I need to run around the edges of our house sucking-up cat & dog hair, which I do each morning -- between major vacuuming with our larger normal machine.

    Hope this helps. Electrolux blew it producing this product....more info
  • BUY THIS ONE !!!!!
    This is the second one I have purchased. The first purchase was for myself. Lots of power for dog fur, lint, outdoor debris tracked in, crumbs, everything! Also loved its light weight. I have arthritis and lightness was a must. This IS light. The biggest selling feature is the swivel head. Goes around corners by itself. You don't have to play back and forth, banging your furniture to get to what you want to pick up. My Mom tested it and loved it so I purchased one for her for Christmas. She also feels the same as I. After searching the internet for many hours, this vac is the only one with a swivel head, lightweight, and can REALLY do the job!...more info
  • EL1000A Pronto Stick Vacuum
    This is great on hardwood floors and tile, not so great for carpet. Mine did clog up in the hose that goes from the base to the handle, it has large ridges in it that collected fuzz. Now I just stick to the hardwood & tile floors. I would buy this again and I use it every day in the dining room & kitchen....more info
  • Excellent little stick vac
    I have hardwood floor in my kitchen, dining, and entryway and I have 2 dogs and 3 cats. This thing is great for quick cleanup! I have to vacuum a few times a week and this vac is perfect because it is lighweight and sucks up all the pet fur! The suction does last the entire time I need it for, but I can hear it start to drain once I get to the end of cleaning. I love that it is cordless because I have such a huge area to clean and I don't have to worry about getting a cord wrapped around things. Also very easy to carry to the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms to use. I wish it were a little bit easier to empty, but I am very adverse to touching the filter to get the fur and dust off of it. My husband thinks this is the best thing ever and will now even vacuum on his own (occasionally!)...more info
  • Beautifully-enginnered, but needs improvements
    Seems like most reviewers like their Pronto as much as I do. I have a few suggestions though. When assembling this for the 1st time, its internal cord is way too rigid & hard to tug in, that's totally unnecessary. They could've made it more flexible. Also, this thing canNOT stand on its own unless it's on its stand! It also seems to have problems in sucking up solid/heavy metallic beads, these beads keep falling back down. It's dust bin is a lil' small. It's texture is very slippery so hang on tight to it while moving it from room to room. But this idea is great & it looks very European....more info
  • \Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum
    Wonderful handy tool. When I had a larger house, I would have had this in at least two locations. EFS...more info
  • Perfect Hard Surface Vacuum - LOVE IT!
    I L-O-V-E this vacuum - it has replaced my broom and makes cleaning a breeze! I bought it for all my hard surface flooring, not for carpet. I was very skeptical about a cordless unit and concerned that it wouldn't be strong enough to suck up all the dirt. But it does the job very well, it's lightweight, easy to maneuver, and I love the fact that it has a removeable handheld unit for other jobs. ...more info
  • Awesome for small studios and floors w/o carpets
    The title basically says it all. I live in a small studio with pergo flooring. Even with such a small place I'd let dust collect because it'd be an annoying chore to sweep and/or mop thoroughly. This little vacuum can't mop, but it has definitely made my life a lot easier.

    About once a week all I have to do is quickly go over the floors and use the detachable hand unit to get the corners, windows and other hard to get places. I use the stronger setting for my little floor rugs. The swivel head makes it a breeze to maneuver around quickly, and the vacuum "lies down" flat to get under the bed. Cleaning the filter is easy too.

    It's worth the money for these reasons alone, but on top of that it looks good and is pretty quiet. Perfect for small apartments and studios....more info
  • worthless vac.
  • Works for the Price
    Having a vacuum was a top priority for me and my husband this past month. Being newlyweds we were looking for something nice, easy and not too hard on the budget. My mother-in-law had her Electrolux vacuum out and was telling me it was easy to clean and use. My husband and I decided to purchase this vacuum a few days later after that visit. Our house has all hardwood flooring but there is a patch of carpet in our entryway.

    It is easy to assemble without the instructions, however they are recommended to read for safety. The graphics are easy to understand too, if you don't want to read.

    It works well on the hardwood and our carpet is light enough in density that it works well there too.

    It is very light in weight - I don't have to maneuver a clunky canister behind me, nor have a lot of extensions to worry about. It is vaccum bag free - there isn't an expense for those anymore. It is small enough and pretty enough to store out in the living room or pantry.

    Electrolux is easy to clean by removing the dust covers, tapping the dirt into the trash and rinsing in warm water. I remove the dirt with a napkin or paper towel from the filters.

    It is not an overly loud vacuum like commercial ones and has two speeds. I've vaccumed at 12 in the morning without any complaints.

    I love the hand vac as it can get me to places that I can't normally reach. The crevice nozzle is great when you think you have to go on your hands and knees and don't want to. You can just extend the hand vac with the crevice nozzle and suck up the crumbs under the counter space with ease. It's also great for going along the corners and getting rid of cobwebs, not to mention vacuuming your car.

    I do have to go over spots a few times on our area rugs to pick up lint. The vac is meant for hardwood floors. I can do my whole house on one vacuum charge but the rugs take the life out of it quicker.

    The charging station has a pretty blue light that tells you when the vacuum is charging. It took me awhile to place the vacuum correctly on the station. You have to position it just above and carefully slide it down so it clicks in place.

    I wish it could stand up on its own.

    It seems like the hand vac has more juice (suction power) in it than the vacuum as a whole - (at least in mine). I can always tell when it starts running out of power as the noise becomes softer.

    Regardless of the cons, I am happy with this vacuum. It has saved us money and the cleaning woes of sweeping every room in the house. It is a good investment for us as our first vacuum. It will be the only vacuum we have for a long time. ...more info
  • Works Very Well
    I love this vacuum! It has good suction for the job it's meant for, like light pick up on hardwood floors. The charge lasts longer than most and it's very attractive. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't work very well on carpets. ...more info
  • Quick Cleanup Vacuum
    A lightweight easy to use spot cleanup machine. I wanted to be able to have a vacuum that would clean up cat/dog hair and tracked in dirt from pets on tile flooring with rugs. While not as powerful as a regular vacuum cleaner it is ideal for quick pick up inbetween regular cleaning. I was absolutely amazed at the amount of fur and debris it picks up and it is so easy to use with no cords to mess with. This is an ideal machine if you have pets. It also does a fair job on carpet and rugs although that runs down the battery life quickly....more info
  • Does a great job on hard surfaces
    I bought this after overhearing a woman at Target telling a friend how great it was on her hardwoods. My whole first floor is mostly wood and I've had terrible luck w/Shark brand, Dirt Devils,DustBusters, etc. This one is great. It holds a charge for a long time, has a fantastic pivoting head that gets into every corner,has great suction (gets up cat litter, cat food w/o a problem), light weight, good looking, moves quickly and easily, doesn't scratch, debris empties easily, the little hand-held removes easily and works great in my car, etc. On throw rugs it only removes about 70% of the debris. Wouldn't recommend it for heavy duty carpet cleaning. ...more info
  • pronto stick vac
    terrific little vacuum that you can carry around the house - does the whole 1st floor on one charge, takes up hardly any space at all!...more info
  • Everything I expected !!
    This unit is excellent for between major cleanups with a carpet vaccuum or hard floor vaccuum. Does a good job on dog hair. Easy to use and I love the "dirt duster" feature. I do wish that it would stand up by itself and that it had a larger capacity for debris/hair. Overall, very satisfied!...more info
  • very lite duty vacum
    it does what I want, pick up small trash and dog hair from the floor....more info
  • This is just what I need.
    I'm very pleased with my Pronto Stick. I live in a small house with tile floors and a few small throw rugs. The vacuum cleans everything. I like the detachable dust buster. I use it on cushions, woodwork, and corners. I think the two-speed feature is very good because it seems to save power and it picks up everything. The only time I put it in high is to clean the rugs. Because the Pronto Stick is easy to use and conveniently hides behind a door for recharging, I pull it out whenever there's something to clean up. With my previous little cannister, I'm afraid I let small floor cleaning tasks go because it was annoying to drag it out and assemble it for just a few minutes' job. My house is cleaner because the Pronto Stick is easy to store and use. The filters appear to do a good job. (I'd know if they didn't because I'm very allergic.) I haven't tried to replace them because the vacuum is only a few weeks old. I've always looked to Electrolux for quality and I think they've done it again, this time in an inexpensive model....more info
  • Love it!!!
    This little pronto is worth the money. I have owned cordless sweepers before, but this is a keeper. I have dogs, birds, grandchildren...all who make messes. The pronto sucks up even the finest bird seed and dog hair. I have bought three so far, one for my home, one for my cottage and one as a gift for my daughter in law....more info
  • Great for hardwood and tile floors...
    I have a 900 sq ft condo that is all hardwood and tile. This unit is great. I was skeptical at first reading some of the other reviews, but the unit has turned out to be great.

    It has enough power to run through a cleaning of the entire condo without issue. Not sure how it is on the carpet side, but overall I am very happy with the performance....more info
  • Great for what we need it for!
    I bought this as a tool I could use to give a quick clean up, rather than having to break out the big vacuum. For that purpose, it's great.
    For the kitchen, bathrooms, and the hardwood floors and woven rug (no pile), it does a terrific job. Easy to maneuver, very lightweight. Picks up hair, kitty litter, crumbs, bits of grass, dirt, dust bunnies with no problem.
    On the carpeted areas of our house, it's not as powerful. It picks up surface dirt, but it definitely doesn't take care of ground-in dirt or hair that's really wrapped around the carpet fibers. Since that's not why we bought it, that doesn't bother me, but it might be something to keep in mind....more info
    This cannot serve as the only vaccum cleaner in your house, but as a quick cleaning tool for the kitchen,etc. It is great. It is super lightweight so easy to lug around. Has the handheld feature which is super convenient for small places. I love it....more info
  • Electrolux Pronto
    Design and ergonomics: Sleek and nice looking machine, thought went into the design, like a quick clean out feature, using a standard vacuum. Battery seems to last, not like many of the other machines I have had in the past, that die after a minute or two. Functionality: Works well for a stick. Good for quick clean-ups it is not a powerhouse, but it was not designed to be one. The best quick broom I have had....more info
  • fine design
    I have not been able to use the Pronto much yet, but am very impressed with the quality of materials, overall design (both functionality and aesthetics), and performance. It fits a nice niche for me, allowing quick cleanup of kitchen and family room, and I have used the hand attachment to vacuum my car with excellent results. So far, I'd give it a great review....more info
  • Sanity Saver for mom of four!
    I bought this for my mother-in-law after I received one for Christmas. I LOVE THIS VACUUM! It has recieved some bad reviews because it was a dustbuster on a stick and had no power. . . DUH?! What did they think they were buying?! It is dustbuster on a stick that has power and style! I was tired of pulling out the broom, dragging out the corded stick vac, and breaking my back with the dustbuster. And every other rechargable vac was so ugly I didn't even like to look at it in our laundry room. Well - Voila! The Electrolux Pronto! It's tucked in my dining room corner ready to use after my four little munchkins (7,5,2, and 1) devour their snacks and meals. I use it to touch up in our carpeted living room around the coffee table and couch. And it's the only vac that doesn't have hard bristles on the brush that scratch up hardwoods. Another reason I hated the other stick vacs - you could just hear them grinding your floor! Anyway, this vac is quiet, efficient, easy to clean and is terrific for quick pickups. Looking for more power? Buy a Dyson! By the way - My mother-in-law loves me! She goes on and on about how much she loves her new vacuum! Just remember - this is for quick pickups - not the deep down dirt!...more info
  • Well Satisified
    The Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum has met all expectations for quick clean ups. It is harder to use on rugs than smooth surfaces, because it wants to drag somewhat, but not enough to cause a problem. Would definitely buy the product again....more info
  • Pretty Good So far
    I am very satisfied with this vaccum so far. It does have quite a but of power for a stick vaccum and the filter system seems to work better than others I have used in the past. The cloth filter has a another "screen" filter that it fits into, which makes both filters easier to clean. I use this vaccum mainly for cat litter on carpet and wood floors. It works great, and the fact that the vaccum comes apart to use as a hand vac works very well in this situation -- I find that it makes it a lot easier to get the litter in hard to reach places like around the litterbox....more info
  • Delivered as explained
    Got my vacuum on time and as explained. Total about 12 days due to ground shipping. Never had a problem with the transaction. ...more info
  • AWESOME Floor Vacuum
    After reading many reviews on this product I thought I would go ahead and give it a try. Let me tell you, it's one heck of a vacuum! The deep red color is great looking. It's very light and easy to handle. While it's on the charging base, a pretty blue bright light glows letting you know it's charging. The head swivels back and forth while your going up under tables, chairs...etc. The dust buster feature is great too. We use it in tight places. The filter is easy to change and doesn't make a mess at all. I mainly use this vacuum for my kitchen linoleum floor. Since I have 3 kids, this vacuum stays busy picking up crumbs. It definitely has enough power to satisfy me. I DO NOT recommend this vacuum for thick carpet or a main vacuum for household. It's basically a broome with power!! Again, I'm very pleased with my Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum and I recommend it to anyone that's looking for a quick picker upper....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I have to say that vacuuming is one of my least favorite things to do. However, I have a dog and need to be able to pick up dog hair off of wood floors and rugs. This vacuum works wonders on wood floors and will pick up anything quickly. On the two rugs we have it works very well on the very tightly woven one but barely works on the thicker one. I would not recommend this vacuum for thick rugs or carpets but highly recommend it for wood floors or low rugs. It is also easy to empty....more info
  • love love this product
    Well besides nice to look at it works so great and it's quiet..I could have it always charging without worrying about burning out due to over charging!! everything is right there when you do the floors or rugs or the corners & sofas with the handheld attachment which you could use to do the car rugs and seats!! ...more info
  • Pronto Stick
    This is the handiest vacuum I've ever owned. I highly recommend this as a second floor cleaner. Throw away your dirt devil it has it covered....more info
  • Don't waste your money...
    This vacuum is sleek and modern in appearance and it has a really cool blue charging light that acts as a nightlight. It is so attractive, that one can leave it out as a decor piece on its handy charger. Another plus is that it is cordless and has a dustbuster option. The only bad thing about this vacuum is that it DOES NOT VACUUM ANYTHING. It will not pick up anything at all on carpet unless you run it over and over and over again and even then you might have to pick it up with your hand. It does not pick up litter. It picks up a little hair on tile, but then it gets clogged and stuck and does not get sucked up. I cannot say that this vacuum sucks--because it just does not suck up anything. There is no suction. The only thing that is worth anything is the dustbuster option. That has some suction for very light spills and the car. But you have to hold the button down and that is annoying. I actually have had to do my entire room with the dustbuster out of desperation. I needed to vacuum and that was my only option. This vacuum is worthless and should be avoided at all costs.
    Beware...do not buy this vacuum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • No carpet
    Based on the reviews here I ordered this and was truly disappointed. We have mostly wood floors with area rugs and although it was okay on the wood floors to vacuum the area rugs were impossible...the head kept flipping and I would have to use it backwards. We tried to use the hand-held portion and it wouldn't pick up anything. We have since returned it and thought I should write just to let others know of my experience....more info
  • Love it!
    This just zips around the kitchen and picks up all the crumbs and anything that our son tracks in from the outside! It's perfect! I wouldn't use it for anything heavy duty - as some other users have tried - it's a recharagable little broom for goodness sake! This is the epitome of zippy vacuums for the light, top layer of dirt. I did a lot of research before choosing the Pronto and am very pleased with my purchase. ...more info
  • It is what it is
    This is not a vacuum to do any major vacuuming. This is a "You're coming over now?" vacuum for quickly getting up the top layer. It is good for pet hair and kitty litter quick pick-ups and spilled flour and such. Look at the amps and wattage- it is not that powerful, but it is cordless and you can grab it and scoot around quickly. I left this thing during Katrina and came back without electricity. Still had its charge, and I was able to feel sort of normal vacuuming. My Dustbuster had lost its charge. Bottom line: Know what you are buying. It is just an electric broom that looks pretty cool. It is powerful enough, but it ain't your old Electrolux. I have had it about a year and feel it was worth the price- I use it everyday....more info
  • Elextrolux Crap
    this is the worst piece of junk for a vaccum cleaner i have ever seen... it is not worth 1 cent. it will not work on carpet even though the advertizment states it does... the two hind wheels are so small they are worthlese... there are no front wheels.. the pick up power is lacking. I can not believe any engineer could be so stupid to design such a piece of crap and if anyone buy this item they are not going to be pleased. As for return or talk to Amazon forget it... it have tried and tried to contract amazon and get a return lable to no avail. ...more info
  • My New Best Friend!
    Since purchasing the Electrolux Pronto, I have been absolutely thrilled with it! I am an admitted clean freak, and this little vacuum makes life much easier and tidier. I use it on low speed for my tile and wood flooring, and then on high speed for my carpeting. I can easily zip through and freshen up my whole house on one battery charge. With our home up for sale now, the Pronto is invaluable in keeping my home touched up and ready to show at a moments notice. Another quality Electrolux product!!

    Pros: Well built, long charge life, strong and continual suction, easy to empty and clean.
    Cons: None found yet....more info
    I aoplogize in advance for sloppy writing. I had my doubts when I was buying it - especially about the battery life. I've now owned the vacuum for 6 months and absolutely love it. I have a one bedroom apartment and this vacuum is much easier to use than the bulky canister or upright vacuums. Vacuuming is an effortless task - I keep it one the base at all times, pick it up, vacuum and put it right back. I was concerned about the suction power initially becasue some vacuums tend to loose it with time. Not this one. You should not be comparing it with the power of other compact vacuums becasue unlike others it has a motorized brush, significantly increasing it "pick up" power - it picks up everything, even on low power setting (I can't speak about pet hair because I don't have pets.). I works equally well on hardwood floors as well as on some area rugs. I'm not sure if it would work equally well on all carpet floors. The quality is outstanding in my opinion, especially compared to other stick vacuums. The swivel brush makes it very easy to go around furniture. It's a little heavier than regular stick vacuums - but it's not a problem for my me or my wife (even my 5yr son seems to get a hang of vacuuming his room with this one). The motorized brush is very easy to clean. The brush itself comes out and you can get all the hair and stuff right out. The pull out handheld vacuum works just as great (I wish they had a longer crevice tool - but that's a very minor problem). Taking dirt out is extremely easy - the dust bin comes right out - empty it in the garbage bag. You do need to get your hands in there ocasionally because of it's "twister" type design (that adds suction power and ensurs not dust falls out) - but still much easier than cleaning any other vacuum I have owned. It does not have any attachments - but I realized that the attachemtns on all other vacuums were almost never used and just took up space because in most cases you would never really need them. I really can't think of one flaw. Initial comparison with other stick vacuums can make it seem a bit pricey - but you are really comaring apples and oranges. This vacuum, in my opinion, has no equivalents in the market - and I've done a lot of searching before buying it. Most importantly - it made my life som much easier. Now we can vacuum every (although I should not take much credit becasue my wife does most of it, although I vaacuum about once a week, partly becasue I just love using it..) and it's so, so easy. If you have $99 to spend on a household product I could not pick a better product. Now that I have used it for six months I will probably get it for someone as a gift. I've read reviews on Amazon about cheap design - what are these people talking about?? Have they seen other stick vacuums?? People are talking about loss of suction power - don;t be lazy, take out the motorised brush and get all the hair out, this is why they made it removable. People talked about small dust cup - how large do you really need it?? I can vacuum a large one bedroom apt. twic before cleaning it (and it only takes 10 seconds or so). People talked about battery life being short - again probably improver use. YOu are supposed to leave it on the base at ALL times. If you disconnect the base from the power - the battery will drain completely and then you will have to recharge it again. The more times you let the battery completely drain - the shorter you will make it's life time. If you are really concerned liek I was - buy additional insurance (I bought a 2 year extended warranty, probably wasted $15 because I don't think I'll ever use it). My final verdict - stop reading the review, buy the vacuum, save your closet space and make your life easier. Enjoy!...more info
  • Love it.
    I have always liked Electrolux, even though they are kind of pricey. I bought this to keep up with pet hair on hardwood floors. It's great -- stays charged as long as I need it to and is very effective in getting all the hair from the wood floors. It is not as good on carpet and rugs, though, but that is not what I bought for....more info
  • Very Little Suction Power
    We purchased this vacuum because my wife liked the light-weight design. However, the suction is absolutely awful. If I try to pick up shreads of paper that didn't make it into the trash bag when I empty the paper shredder, it pushes them around a little but doesn't suck them up. (By the way, it's a criss-cross shreader, so the longest pieces are less than 1".) It does a so-so job on the tile in our kitchen, but even when I remove the hand-held piece and try to vacuum dirt or pebbles out of the car it struggles. Please don't plan on making this your main vacuum....more info
  • Worked well in the beginning
    I've had this product for about 7 months. I bought it for the hard floor surfaces in our house because I figured I would use it more than the electric type broom I own since it's cordless and easy it grab. It worked really well for the first few months. It would pick up pet hair and small crumbs with ease. Then it started clogging up and wouldn't pick up at all. I took it to a local repair place since it was under warranty and they showed me how to remove the piece at the bottom to clean it out so the beater type bar would start to rotate again. Well, that helped initially and now another month later, it won't pick up anything even though the beater type bar is rotating just fine. I'm betting a lot of the reviewers have only had their stick vacuum for a short time since most of them are so positive about it as I was initially loving this vacuum, but I can't recommend it now....more info
  • Perfect for quick pick ups
    Instead of lugging out the heavy-duty vacuum, this is the perfect solution for quick pick ups. I love it for picking up after the pets and for crumbs on the kitchen floor. Because it has a revolving brush, it works great on low carpets too. It's convenient to grab, light to handle, and has enough vacuuming power to be effective. The big plus -- no cords! ...more info
  • Electrolux Stick Vacuum
    I like this vacuum but I was a bit disappointed with the small size of the dirt cup and when it gets just a bit of dirt in the cup, it does not pick-up as well....more info
  • This one is great!
    Yes, it is really good for quick pickups, but do not expect to replace your full size vacuum cleaner. It is not cheap for a stick but it is also not made cheap, it is solidly built and the product design is excellent, I really like how different parts come off either for cleaning or replacement if and when they are needed. Excellent job on hard floors and great on carpets. We expect this to last a few years (with kids taking turns) unlike the other stick wireless vacuums we tried before.

    Oh yeah, it looks really cool!...more info
  • manly vacuuming
    Aside from what I feel about the device (and I love it), it makes my husband vacuum at least twice a day. In my book, that's a plus..........more info
  • Love my Pronto
    I use my Pronto mainly to pick up crumbs and dust off of my tile kitchen floor. It does the job beautifully even picking up unpopped popcorn. I have also used it to pick up lint from carpeted areas and that works well too. I like the fact that I can leave it plugged in all the time and that as it is cordless, I can take it anywhere. The hand held portion is also very handy and I am very pleased with the over all performance.
    ...more info
  • Not for dog owners
    I bought this vacuum for quick clean ups.
    After using it twice it was jammed from spinning with dog food and clogged with dog hair.
    It was difficult to open and empty, non of my kids can do it themselves.
    The hair was literally stuck on the filter.
    It was a waste of money....more info
  • Perfect For Hard Floors
    I needed a light, upright, battery powered vacuum for hardwood floors. This product did not dissapoint. Have used it for about a month and cannot find a single flaw. An added bonus, its two violet charging lights illuminate the floor at night....more info
  • Great for Hard Floors - Beats a Swifter
    I bought this for my wife. She collects vacuum cleaners like I collect pocket knives. So, when she says she likes a vacuum, it must be good. She wanted it for bare floors to take the place of her Swifter - which she loves. Well, she loves this vacuum just as much and it is better at picking up dog hair and grit. She likes how the "dust buster like" section pops out and she likes the feature for using a vacuum to clean out the cannister. We have had no problems with batteries as some have mentioned.

    Electrolux has a hit - very well engineered,...more info
  • Great accessory for a two dog house!
    This little vac is fantastic! I tried out a demonstrator at a department store and was so impressed that I bought it to keep up with dog hair between regular vac & wash floor cleanings. It is lightweight, has great suction (even on flat weave runners) and the best part - it is cordless & flexible and goes anywhere, easily. It is so convenient to use and does such a great job that I bought 2 more on Amazon (at a considerable savings over the dept. store)...one for upstairs and one as a gift. Highly recommended....more info
  • It sucks alright but not like a vac should--
    I wanted a hard broom for Christmas, and got this thing. Capacity on the bagless system is nil, definitely not made for high traffic debris. I find it hard to empty the container, and the capacity is maybe a fourth of an old-fashioned dustpan. The swivel head is way to flexible, flops around on low-nap carpet like a flounder. Doesn't seem to clean well on hard floors or carpet. I hate it! It will soon be in the basement with the old Kirby....more info
  • Great little vacuum
    This vacuum is not only cute, it is easy to use. Does a great job on my Persian rug and wood floor without having to use two different pieces of equipment (e.g., broom and vacuum) or changing any settings. Simply stated, I think it's great....more info
  • Does the trick for small jobs
    I've had this thing for about a month. I bought it to pick up the kitty litter that my cats track out of the box, so I use it daily or every other day. It is exactly what I was looking for - light enough so that I don't mind using it often, and enough suction for light jobs. Predictably, it has a bit of a problem on my high-pile carpet, but it cleans everything else almost as well as my behemoth canister vac. It is not meant for deep cleaning, but is great for a superficial sweep. My only beef with it is that you have to keep pressing the power button on the hand vacuum while you're using it. As long as you empty this thing often, the suction will be fine. And it's beautiful to boot....more info
  • So far, so good
    I've only had this pronto about a month, but so far I really like it. It's great for daily light cleaning. I LOVE that it is cordless, the best feature, and the main reason I bought it. I paid around $99 but got $50 off with opening an Amazon credit card... a great deal....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    Reviewer: LCI Fan (Florida) - See all my reviews
    I purchased an Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum based on the glowing reviews I had read on Amazon.com. It was a bit pricey for its category ($99.00 at the time) but I had just had all of my carpet replaced with hardwood and believed that if it is as wonderful as the reviewers said, it was worth the investment.

    What a HUGE disappointment!

    It will pick up dust bunnies and dog hair (sometimes) but nothing else. I ran over a loose sequin five times and finally gave up and picked it up. If you can get it to pick up small leaves or scraps of paper, be prepared to take the thing apart to unclog it.

    I thought the vacuum I received must surely be defective and returned it, only to find the one I received in its place was equally lame.

    I bought the Electrolux to replace a Eureka Boss Vacuum that no longer held a charge (For which I only paid $39.00). Eureka had a much better product that would pick up just about anything. I'm going to pull the old one out of the closet and see if I can get a replacement battery.

    Bottom line - this is a fair dust buster but a poor stick vacuum. ...more info
  • attractive incompetence
    I was initially thrilled with this purchase: great design, swivel head, easy to maneuver. But it has NO suction whatsoever. It first looks as though it picks up dirt, then the same dirt reappears elsewhere on my floor. The roller brush constantly stops rolling, even though it's not doing any heavy-duty pick-ups. And the spot where I keep this stick vac is surrounded by debris, which seems to have fallen out of the thing! Save your money on this one!...more info
    After having experience with a eureka boss cordless vac and loving the convenience ( but not loving pluging the charger prong up the weenie hole in the vac, which took longer than the vacuuming did), and wanting the flexability of a removable hand-held unit to do the car and such, my searches finially brought me around to the pronto. The features seemed to be what I was looking for, Amazons' price was great and FREE SHIPPING!

    My first very pleasant surprise came when I opened the box and instead of the acceptable tho plasticy looking pimento colored appliance I thought I was buying from the photo on the box and other photos I had seen of it, I was presented with an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS rich copper thing-BREATHTAKING!

    A few moments later and she was in her charging stand- so EASY and those blue lights- WOWWOW!

    As you can see my love affair began early and I have not been dissapointed since. The suction is very acceptable- in fact I am always amazed at the amount of 'fur' in the thing from my nearly hairless dog, and I have never run the charge out. The mechanisms are posative and not 'sloppy', emptying is easy and clean, and most of all it's FUN TO USE!

    I love the way the dirt spins in the cup and that I can SEE when it's full instead of opening it just to find out. I love the swivel head. I love the built-in nozzel on the hand-held. In every respect it shows care and thoughtfulness in it's design. This is something I don't find often, which is what prompted me to write this review (my one and only)!

    This unit and others like it are essentially nothing but a 'dust buster on a stick' and can't be expected to perform like anything else. I wouldn't use a bread knife to saw down a tree, either. But for my money, this units' combination of features and good looks can't be beat.
    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I bought this vacuum with low expectations but I have to say it's one of the worst purchase's I've made in my life for the simple reason it does not work. Seeing the 5 star reviews on here really shakes my confidence in reading reviews on internet web sites, I mean who are these people and how can they give a 5 star rating to a vacuum that has no suction and therefore picks up nothing! Only buy this if you like moving dirt from one place to another on your floor....more info
  • Glorified dust buster
    I would not recommend this product as a vacuum cleaner. We've owned it for several months now, as a "second vacuum" in our holiday home for light vacuuming jobs (We have a cleaner who comes over with her heavy duty vacuum cleaner to clean the house). Although I have had no charging problems like some other reviewers - the charge seems to last a reasonably long time - the suction on this thing is awful. It does not work on bare floors or rugs and does a very superficial cleaning job of carpets. It can't seem to pick up anything even the size of a bread crumb or a dead fly. I've had to take the dustbuster attachment off and use that if I want to collect anything (and the Black and Decker dustbuster works way better). Also, filter gets clogged and dirty very easily, so maybe that affects its suction, but I don't want to spend my time constantly emptying the thing, if I just want to do a light vacuuming over some bare floors.

    It is light and pretty, and the cordless feature is great, but it's performance is sadly lacking. We're giving up and buying an Eureka....more info
  • We were unsure, but we're SO glad we tried this!

    We just moved into our first two-story house and needed a vacuum that would solve two issues:

    1) We needed a vacuum that would work well on stairs--something that was light enough and that also had enough suction (we tried using our full-size vacuum and it was a laughable effort).

    2) We had quite a bit more vinyl, hardwood, and tile in the new house, and even though our old vacuum has a "hard floor" setting, it just didn't cut it.


    We also had conditions for the purchase: We wanted to keep the cost under $100 and we wanted to buy it from Lowe's (if possible) to take advantage of their "12 months free financing" offer (having a new house, we have lots of stuff to buy). We had seen this model before and sort of laughed at it--although its modern style appealed to us, it didn't look powerful enough to do anything. So, it was off to epinions.


    Reading the reviews scared us. I mean, we wanted this mainly for stairs and hard floors, but we also wanted it for quick carpet jobs (plus our stairs were carpeted)...and the ratings for use on carpet weren't promising. We probably researched vacuums for over an hour, but I kept coming back to this one. Eventually we agreed we'd get it and try it, because we could always take it back.


    We brought it home and put it together as the pieces came out of the box. My husband kept saying "Shouldn't there be directions?" but it didn't seem he really needed them, as we didn't find them [at the bottom of the box] until after the entire unit was put together, was placed on the base unit, and was plugged into the wall! So, I'd say it's easy to put together.


    I'd suggest buying this at night as we did, so you just put it on the base and go to bed...otherwise, the temptation to use it might be too much to bear. (I'm sure using it before it is fully charged wouldn't be detrimental, but I like following the directions.)


    My husband used it before I woke up and boy, was I upset! I had wanted to be there for the maiden voyage! I asked what he thought and he just sort of looked a little downtrodden or disappointed and said "Maybe you should go try it." Uh oh. I was worried. So I ran it across the vinyl floor and...WOW. Just, wow. It was so smooth! Same with the tile in the kitchen. I looked at my husband and said "This is pretty cool!" And he agreed, saying he had wanted me to experience the coolness without being forewarned! Awwww. But, there wasn't much left to clean downstairs, as he'd done the whole floor! I did try just a bit on the carpet and wasn't thrilled--it was very hard to push. I reminded myself it wasn't really meant for carpet, but went to the stairs anyway.


    And let me say it worked much better than I anticipated! It worked better on the stairs than on my trial swipe on the carpet because I was more horizontal than vertical. It's MUCH easier to use when you're vacuuming out in front of you (i.e. the step is horizontally across from you) as opposed to vacuuming the carpet from a normal position (i.e. when you're standing vertically above it). The entire stairwell took a matter of minutes. There were a few small things it didn't pick up (towards the crevices) but I just flicked the small piece into the path of the vacuum and it was no problem.


    I then quickly made a few passes in the bedroom to get some cat hair globs and it picked them up no problem (the key was keeping the vacuum/handle at a bit of an angle so it travelled better over the carpet). Then, we had the major test. Our cats get hairballs and one has a sensitive stomach, so (skip ahead a sentence if you're at all squeamish) we often have piles of hairball/vomit to clean up. (Now, this doesn't really have to do with the actual review, but it's background for what I vacuumed up.) When it happens, we put baking soda on it (which is supposed to stop the acids from staining the carpet and make it easier to clean when it's all dried up). So, I tried to clean up one of these, um, piles: about a 4" square of baking soda with some lumps in it. Well, as you can imagine, it didn't work the best--a full-size vacuum would still be best. But, it did much better than I anticipated. I did have to make probably twice as many passes as I would have had to make with a regular vacuum...but if I didn't want to run and get the vacuum or I was feeling lazy, it would be a possible solution. It did a fairly good job of getting all the powder up, as well. Again, I wouldn't suggest doing this on a regular basis (and we won't) but it was a good test of the suction power of this vacuum.


    We had emptied the cup before I started my tests. It was very easy--just snap the dustbuster off the vacuum, take the cover off, and dump the bits in the garbage. I was very surprised at how full the cup was after just doing the stairs, a few swipes in my bedroom, and the vomit pile. The floors really hadn't looked that dirty.


    We are keeping this vacuum. It easily passes the test for the two main uses we wanted it for: hard floors and stairs--anything else is a bonus. It's just amazing on hard floors and as an added extra, it's fun to use! I highly recommend this vacuum.


    The only thing I had trouble with (and maybe it's just me) is that it took me about four tries to get it back on the stand. I had thought it would just be a slide it in easily kind of thing, but I just couldn't get it hooked. I had to actually look where it hooked and pay special attention to it--and then it snapped right on no problem. Over time it has gotten easier to get on the stand, but sometimes it still takes me a few tries....more info
  • You need to know this before you buy a Pronto!
    A single charge will only last you about 5 min. on high speed. Even after 3 min. it starts to lose power and does not work as well. This product is over priced for what you get. To make matters worse, it takes about 12-16 hours to completely charge it. It works fine when it is charged for really light duty jobs. But be quick, you only have a few min. at full power.

    I also bought a Dirt Devel Extreme Power Cordless (14.4 volt) and the charge will last about 20 min....more info
  • Pronto stick - sticks
    I got my Pronto Stick a few weeks ago. It seems to work fine on hard wood and ceramic floors. It sticks when used on carpets. It is also not practical for people with long haired pets. The roller sticks easily and requires frequent disassembly and cleaning. It's lightweight and easy, given it's battery operated. But, again, this vacuum is NOT for big jobs!...more info
  • Very Handy In Both Configurations
    I've had the Pronto for several weeks now and have enjoyed it. I have hardwoods in the office where it is used with a few area rugs and it works great. It probably wouldn't be up to carpeting. Has been able to do four rooms and the hallway that connects them on one charge repeatedly. Has clogged once, but may have been user error, as the problem hasn't re-occurred. Don't understand the purpose of the blue glow on the charging base, but it does look cool. Overall would recommend heartily....more info
  • It was defective
    The item was defective and could not be charged. Main frustration was not being able to contact a service rep who maybe could have advised how to fix it. It was returned. The return procedure was handled nicely, thanks.

    Joe Bollinger...more info
  • Great little Vacuum
    I was impressed as to how well it works. It's not heavy and moves easily across the floor. Was not that good on my area rugs, but was not not the main reason I bought it for. Also, the collection cup could be a little bigger, but enough about the cons. This unit is a plus, especially if you have a dog or cat that sheds. Just got it last week, so hopefully it will last. The price was the cheapest I found anywhere, so I hope it lasts me since my previous one lasted almost 5 years, but only cost me half as much. I was sold on the Electrolux brand....hopefully these little ones live up to the reputation of the original ones. Gave it 4 stars because nothing is ever perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Otherwise, a must have....more info
  • Hate the chore of vacuuming? ...then this one is for you!
    I can't belief I'm writing a review for a vacuum cleaner, but this little thing is so fantastic I had to. Let's keep it short: It's got a beautiful design and color that does not need to be hidden away in a closet; it's almost weightless, cordless, handles like a champ around all corners; plus, the suction power is amazing (almost as good as my $300 Hoover) and the battery life is more than sufficient for a quick sweep.
    I hate vacuuming, but this little wonder makes it bearable. Now I can keep my house free of pet hairs and dust without having to pull out that 50 pound torture device called Hoover. I can only recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone who hates vacuuming....more info
  • Great buy
    I bought this product primarily to clean my hardwood floors. The soft bristles on the brush of this vaccuum make it ideal for this purpose. In addition, I always receive compliments on owning such a stylish looking vaccuum. It works great. No problems at all. Its light for a cordless vaccuum. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a hard surface cleaner. Amazon had the best price. ...more info
  • fab vac
    We have a cat & hardwood floors and this vaccuum has made cleaning up so effortless! We especially love the removable handheld. The construction is wonderful and it swivels nicely. It's also extremely easy to clean. Most importantly... the price is fabulous!...more info
  • Excellent value
    I have sampled 2 other floor sweepers, one claiming to pick up bolts, but they do not compare to the convenience and power of the Pronto. If you have pets, and need a quick clean-up, it does quite a good job on pet hair on carpet and hardwood floors.
    This is truly a good buy for the price!...more info
  • Electrolux EL1000A Pronto Stick Vacuum
    This is a replacement for a different brand of cordless vacuum. It is great! It has the flexibility of using the whole thing or just the hand held section with equal ease. The blue light on the charging unit allows you to be confident that it will always be fully charged when you are ready to use it. It has a much better suction ability than the previous one I was using. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Some Disappointment
    The product works very well on hard surfaces e.g., wood, tile, etc.
    We have found it deficient on carpeting in that it will not "pull back" as a normal vacum will. Our carpeting is what I would call a very low knap, not shag or anything approaching it. ...more info
  • Great Lite Weight Vacuum
    My wife really enjoys using this vacuum. Lite-weight, always handy in
    our laundry room and no cord to bother her. We have had this vacuum a few weeks and thus far it has exceeded our expectations. Easy to empty and clean, too. We have even vacuumed outdoor debris off the dogs with it.

    Hope it turns out to be as reliable as it is convenient....more info
  • this thing rocks!!
    Ok, i have been on a vacuum quest for a while now. I finally broke down and bought a Dyson for those "heavy days" but some stuff is just not a big enough deal to justify busting out the Dyson...i have a lot of hard floors (tile), so i get a ton of dust bunnies, etc. I also tend to get a ton of dead bugs on the floor, in the tracks of the sliding doors, etc.

    I have had small dust busters, but they are a pain---the cord, emptying the bag, and them trying to include a beater-bar in the nozzle makes them too wide for tight jobs. I also tried the Black and Decker battery stick vac and even a good old fashioned manual 'sweeper' like they use in restaurants---did i mention i have been on a quest?

    i first saw this electrolux at sharper image---i went up, played with it, read the poop sheet etc and decided to try to get one, but cheaper :-) a web search led me to Amazon and the price including free shipping killed everyone else.

    it got here in only a couple of days (inspite of me choosing cheap slow boat shipping) Well folks, this thing has changed my life!!!! i leave it plugged in in the corner of my living room near my front door....it looks cool with blue glow lights in the charging stand.

    When i first got it i did a major dust bunny round up---all the accumpulated dead bugs, etc. I was not prepared for how much i would use the hand vac part of the thing---just grab it and start sucking up those little critters---i have almost become obsessed---from a place looking like a pill bug cemetary to nary a spec on on surface!

    It is manuverable, reasonably powerful (remember i have the dyson waiting in the wings if i need to suck the fibers out of the carpet), good looking (really!) and a joy to use and have around---and i have not EVEN taken it out to detail the car rugs!

    I had had it few days before i actually opened the owners manual--i mean, what coudl there possible be to learn!? Well, in truth i learned nothing operationally, but i read something very much lacking in modern instruction books--and that was a pride of design and manufacture---it seems all the features i really liked were not an accident, but the result of focus group study and specific design to meet the needs and desires of the vacuuming consumer...it was a pleasure to read it and make me enjoy the experience of owning it that much better.

    I know this is long and sounds like an ad or hypnoticaly induced love fest with it----but it is not--i genuinely like this thing and am glad to share my experience----GO GET ONE! you will not be disapointed!

    -mark fossilfule@gmail.com...more info
  • cheaply made plastic breaks easily
    I received the vacuum with the box in very bad condition. When I opened the box, broken pieces of plastic were all over. The plastic part that holds the main tubing for dirt collection broke off. Cheap plastic was used coupled with bad design. It did not appear that even in good condition, the part would hold the stress of daily use. Don't buy. Returned mine....more info
  • Electrolux-clean sweep
    Great job and good suction for such a small tool. Easy to handle--makes it tempting to use in place of vacuum but so far, the charging doesn't last long enough to do more than just small jobs. Excellent product in the short term--will have to see about longevity...more info
  • Best Vacuum of its Kind!!
    I have tried a few cordless stick vacs and none of them can hold a candle to this Electrolux. It actually picks up dog hair, food, leaves, and dirt. The charge lasts long enough for me to make a quick daily pass of the first floor of my home. I use it on vinyl floors, tile, hard wood, small scatter rugs, and even my oriental carpet. It's not meant for heavy duty cleaning, but great for kitchen floors and daily sprucing up. I like the little crevice tool on the removable "dustbuster" style vac. A neat extra feature! Amazon's price beat Sharper Image by $20.

    If you're looking for a cordless stick vac for light daily cleaning, this is the one to buy!...more info