Hoover U6436-900 TurboPower Self-Propelled WindTunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

  • WindTunnel operation
  • Self-propelled in forward and reverse
  • On-board powered hand tool
  • Hoover cleaning performance rating = 30.0; 12 amp motor
  • 15-inch cleaning width
  • 31-foot power cord with quick cord release
  • Hard bag/check Bag indicator
  • Full width headlight illuminates dark corners
  • Brush roll on/off indicator
  • On-board Powered hand tool
  • Deluxe stretch hose extends up to 11' when using both wands and crevice tool
  • On-board Tool storage
  • Integrated, textured handle grip
  • Fingertip On/Off control
  • Long cord with Quick cord release
  • Carrying handle
  • Carpet height Adjustment for better cleaning effectiveness
  • Smoke see-through Agitator housing
  • Non-marking furniture guard
  • Dual edge groomers/ Dual brush edge cleaning - groomers loosen dust, dirt, and unsightly lint that collects along baseboards.
  • Three position Handle
  • Edge groomers on both sides clean right to the baseboard
  • Powerful tool suction with Automatic conversion
  • Check bag indicator
  • On-board tools include: Crevice Tool, Upholstery Nozzle, Dusting Brush and Two Wands
  • Features:
    • Self-propelled bagged upright vacuum cleaner with 12 amp motor and WindTunnel technology
    • 15-inch cleaning path; dual-edge groomers; variable height for carpets and bare floors
    • On-board crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, extension wands, and powered hand tool
    • Deluxe stretch hose; on/off brush-roll control; allergen filtration; headlight; carrying handle
    • Measures 13 by 15 by 43 inches; 2-year parts-and-labor warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • real nice vac
      This self propelled vac is a real powerhouse. Make sure you don't change the carpet settings unless the vac is locked in the upright. ( a repairman told me the self propelled could be damaged )

      Downside.. big and heavy..

      Thanks Hoover for good product!

      Always remember to check Amazon as they are pretty hard to beat.. Their checkout is real nice.....more info
    • Hoover Self Propelled Sweeper
      This sweeper was purchased to replace one like it that was several years older. At that time the Self-Propelled Sweeper cost over $400.00 now I got it for less than half of that! What a deal!
      At 60 years old I need a sweeper that almost runs by itself and does a great job too.
      ...more info
    • defective
      I purchased this vacuum form Amazon a year ago. It now deposit dirt into the attachment hose instead of the bag. It also produce a strange smell when it is operating. Since Wal-Mart now sells vacuum for $40. I don't even think it is worth my time to get this vacuum fixed. I am extremely disappointed by this product....more info
    • Buyer Beware!
      I purchased this vacuum cleaner in April of 08. I purchased a Hoover because the one I had was 20 yrs old and still kicking. I didn't use it right away because my old Hoover hadn't quite given up the ghost. I started using it in May and was very pleased. A few days ago I turned it on and noticed a burning smell. I thought a belt had broken. Since you have to use a screwdriver to get into this thing, and since it carries a nice warranty I decided to check for a local service center. Guess what? The closest service center is about 200 miles away. Also, if you want to call and speak to a person at the manufacturer, you have to pay for the call. The toll free number only sends you to the website and very politely informs you that if you want to talk to a person, it's a toll call. So forget the authorized service center, I just called a local repair and took the vacuum in, I assumed a new belt was all I needed. WRONG! THIS VACUUM CLEANER IS MADE ALMOST ENTIRELY OF PLASTIC! INCLUDING ALL THE MOVING PARTS. There is a plastic "clutch" that was burning. It cost me $50. to have this 10cent piece of plastic replaced. The Hoover Company couldn't even respond to my e-mail. So consider that 2 year guarantee they brag about as worthless. When I went into the local vacuum repair shop I was actually stunned to see about 25 of these vacuums lined up on the floor. He said they were all trade-ins and that they seem to work for about 6 months. "Disposable" products shouldn't cost $200. or more....more info
    • Bad deal for me
      I used this vacuum just twice when the beater bar froze. Problem was, the 30 day return to Amazon had expired because I went on extended vacation (I expressly bought from Amazon because of this and thought I would be better protected). They refused to help beyond answering my initial email to tell me they wouldn't help!

      From now on, I'll be purchasing items such as this from a local merchant (Wal*Mart) who will repair or replace.

      :-(...more info
    • Simply the best
      I have owned 2 of these and for the price I paid on Amazon this is a phenomenal product.
      More suction and less problems. I use it for cleaning up sheet rock dust, saw dust, dirt and leaves along with more typical household carpet cleaning. Buy the extended hose and use the hepa-filter bags for fine dust work....more info
    • a bad purchase
      14 months young and broken. beater brush doesn't work, trouble with the on/off switch....just like all the other reviewers. ...more info
    • Best vacuum I've ever had
      I have had many different vacuums including a very expensive Oreck which I did not care for at all. This one, by far, is the best one I have ever had. It does a wonderful job of edge cleaning, not to mention overall suction is tops. The best part is how easy it is to push and pull. In fact, it sometimes gets away from me on the pull back and I have run over my own toes. How ridiculous is that! I have a one story home so I don't have to lift it, otherwise that would be the one dislike I would have about this vacuum. It is quite heavy. That is one reason why it is so surpisingly easy to push. The only improvement that could be made to this vacuum that would make life easier for me would be to have a recessible cord. I would highly recommend this vacuum....more info
    • Very Pleased!!! =)
      I upgraded my Hoover Windtunnel after over 4 years. Everthing worked great but I wanted a newer model and didn't care for the bagless and the dust mess when emptying, etc. Extremely happy with my upgrade!!! =) ...more info
      I bought this vacuum in September 2006 and it worked fine for about a year. It had good suction and the detatchable hose was easy to use on upholstery and stairs and other hard to reach spots. One immediate flaw was the placement of the bag - very hard to insert a new bag it came time to replace. However, like many others who have given this model a poor review, things started to not work after one year of use. First it was the self-propelling apparatus. Every time it was engaged, it made a horrible scretching sound, then finally stopped working altogether. Same for the carpet beater bar function... completely stopped working. I was very disappointed with the durability of the machine, especially that it could hold up to average use (I vacuum about 2 times a month, whether it needs it or not). Given the other repair stories about this machine, I doubt I will try to get it repaired, but will probably buy another vacuum. My mother has had an Electrolux for many years and it seems to keep on working for her, so perhaps I will try that brand as a replacement....more info
    • Very disappointed - DONT BUY
      We had a Hoover that died on us after 10 years. Since our old vacuum worked so well we bought this vacuum over two years ago. The first few months it worked very well but it fell apart in the first year. The power button doesn't work (won't shut off), the self propel button doesn't work, and the brushes won't spin on our new shag carpet. We are constantly repairing it. Don't buy!!!
      ...more info
    • Worked well until...........
      My husband bought me this vacuum locally because our older Windtunnel was not working as well as it had (pinpricks in the main hose from the kids leaving pins in the carpet and the plastic wands broke-chipped constantly). I loved the way it worked for the first couple of weeks, then the dirt finder light stopped changing. I contacted the company to see what the issue could be (if maybe I could fix something) and they were not helpful. Their suggestion was that maybe the wiring to the motor was messed up. I couldn't take it back because I could no longer find the receipt and I couldn't take it in for repair because I needed to use it during that time! Then last night I was vacuuming and there was this odd sound, black smoke came billowing out from the bottom,and a flash of electrical light came out of nowhere. I change the bag every 3 times I vacuum, and I am always pulling the plate off the bottom to clean out under the beater bar. We have only owned this vacuum since October 2006, and I would expect it to last longer than 15 months!!!!! I have taken very good care of the machine, always holding it by the carry handle on the back when going up and down stairs, and changed the bag frequently. What a pain! Now I have to go get a new vacuum. Don't waste your money on this one unless you're willing to baby it along....more info
    • World's Best Vaccuum
      I absolutely love this vacuum. I have bought three---one for me, one for my sister, and one for my daughter. It out performs any bagless or bagged vacuum you will ever use. I have had an Orek, and used a Rainbow, a KIrby, and a Dyson. Again, no comparison!...more info
    • parts missing
      New TurboPower self propelled was purchased to replace my older model. Good product history, but factory failed to include all tools. Amazon customer service was not much help. Seems that it is up to me to seek Hoover Distributor (40 miles from home) with all invoices for replacement tools. What a pain in the neck and further expense for me. The good deal here turns out to be NOT! ...more info
      I have never had a vacuum that had so many problems. I tossed this vacuum after just seven months. Belts constantly broke, operates very noisy, roller brush rattles, and on-off switch wouldn't turn off anymore (could only use the plug). Don't waste your money! This vacuum has horrible reviews. I had prior models that were not nearly as bad. I am done with Hoover and Windtunnel. Got a Eureka Boss for much less and its a far better machine. ...more info
    • Wonderful Vacuum
      1st let me say that I ordered this vacuum on a Sunday evening and had it on Tuesday with the free shipping. Wonderful!!!
      As for the vacuum it does a wonderful job. Picks up everything. Not overly loud. The roller brush works great on steps.

      Overall works great....more info
    • Wishful Thinking
      I spent quite a bit on this model simply because my previous vacuum was Hoover and gave great service for more than 5 years. New home, new vacuum finally. This thing worked ok for the first few months, after that, clicking in the roller. It took me several places to find someone to repair it. Most wouldn't touch it because of similar issues with the brand. Someone finally accepted it but the repair did not work.

      Tried getting Hoover to do something about it, they of course wouldn't hear of it. Their products are flawless if you haven't heard. Found one last place and they found the right belt. The problem went away for few more months and surprisingly, or not, it's back. Another belt issue? In my opinion, no, a product should work for at least a year with no issues.

      I don't believe the embedded dirt finder and I'm jaded on the Hoover brand. In an effort to create money, I mean a good product, they've used many plastic parts and a less than reliable cable to run the darn thing. I will endeavor to stay away from Hoover for a long time to come....more info
    • Windtunnel
      When the machine is working, it actually cleans very well. This is my 4th one in seven years. YES 4th one. Works great when first new, after that it is all DOWN hill from there. I should have bought stock in Hoover just to pay for them and all the repairs. I did a comparison with my sisters-in-laws (3) of them. 1 was a Kirby other was a elcrolux (sp) and the third was a Dyson. My one sil's Dyson has been hers for the past 5 years. She has no problems with it. I went with the Dyson DC18 and it does a FANTASTIC job. ...more info
    • Disappointed
      I've had this vacuum for over a year. It worked fine for six months or so, and since then there's been one problem after another. (Plus it's very heavy.) For the price, I would have expected greater reliability,...more info
    • hoover vacuum
      Really like this sweeper, second one I have owned, delegated older one to the basement!!...more info
    • Breaks quickly
      I purchased in Feb.07, read great reviews. I vacuum once a week and I don't have a very big house. Peices began falling out of the vacuum. It does not do well if you have tile and carpet and are changing from carpet to hard surface. It wouldn't lock into the cleaning method I wanted and would stop sucking. The clean light stopped working. I returned in July 07 and was given a brand new one. The 2nd new one broke in 6 weeks!...more info
    • Best Vacuum I've ever owned
      I've had this vacuum for a few months now. We have lots of pet hair and this vacuum picks it all up without any problems. The self propelled feature makes it effortless to use. It comes with a single HEPA filtration bag -- be sure when it's time to replace you use the same bag. I tried to less expensive bags and the the suction just isn't the same - plus they hold less, so the cost really is about the same. Great product....more info
    • Poor quality control
      This vacuum broke within several months after I bought it this spring--the on switch would not turn off. The manager of the store where I bought it said they had returned this model, as well. I will not buy Hoover vacuums again. This is the third Hoover vacuum cleaner that has been poorly made that I've bought in the past five years. One (a canister Hoover) had an attachment with a plastic connector that broke every six months, and I ordered replacement nozzles by the batch. Another was so loud we could not live with it and returned it. This one was heavy and did not even last five months. I think quality control at Hoover must not be what it used to be. I've switched to a Miele canister, which is great....more info
    • Miss the Light
      I thought it would have the light that tells me when the carpet is cleaned. My last windtunnel did, and I miss that. Other than that, it is working great....more info
    • Windtunnel- it's not just a vacuum, it's a vehicle
      We purchased the windtunnel vacuum when we decided that the acres of carpet in our basement family room needed more attention. We had the powerdrive function in a Hoover vacuum we received as a wedding gift 30 years ago and decided to persue that again. Amazon had the best price by far. The package arrived within a few days. After several anxious moments of the beater bar not working, something apparently snapped into place and now we are very pleased with our purchase - both from the Amazon price and the Hoover product. The power drive is what sells this product. If you haven't had one and you have lots of carpet, try it. It's not just a vacuum, it's a vehicle....more info
    • Good Product
      This vacuum picks up everything. It's as good as the torpedo vacuums we have had previously. It is easy to work and light enough to haul up the stairs. The bag seals up well, so we don't have the dust of bagless models. The beater bar and self propelled features work great. We like it....more info
    • A good, traditional vacuum
      My family has purchased Windtunnels for years and they have always proved to be a good vacuum overall. They are not the most reliable, but most problems are typical of an upright. Drive belt, bulb and occasional clogs.

      The self-propelled feature is a 'must-have' for plush carpet. Always a lot of suction power from the detachable hose for those odd jobs. I recently ordered an additional vacuum for a business....more info
      The only reason I gave this vacuum 2 stars was for the cleaning ability. When the machine is new, with brand new belts, the vacuum does a great job!

      After approximately one year, the vacuum will start going downhill. This is by far one the most repaired vacuums out there. This machine has a very bad design for the belts. It's a combination of two belts, on driving the agitator brush, the other driving the self-propelled. What happens is as soon as one belt goes bad, it causes the other to go bad.

      You will be having to replace the belts, at least once a year, if not more. One other problem is when customers pick up the machine by the handle (lets face it, this is the most convienent way to carry) it causes the self propelled actuator arm to break. There's too much tension on the arm, and it will rip the screw right out of the plastic actuator arm.

      You need to carry the machine with the carrying handle on the back of the vacuum to avoid this. There's not much you can do to avoid the belt changes, as it is a flawed design by Hoover.

      When the machine is working, it actually cleans very well. It is very heavy, so if you are carrying up and down stairs, this will be a concern of yours.
      ...more info
    • hoover self propelled
      Self propelled feature does not work properly. Very hard to push even though it is susposed to be self propelled. Carpet/Floor button does not work....more info
    • Best suck for the buck
      I'm very pleased with this purchase. I bought it for a friend who has a labrador that stays in the house, and this keeps all the doghair in the bag where it belongs. Great suction, easy to handle and at a price I could afford....more info
    • Unbelievable Cleaning
      This thing can really clean up. It is a little heavy to carry upstairs, but the self-propelled feature makes it run easily....more info
    • Disappointed after a year
      I have owned this vacuum a little over a year. Initially, the vacuum cleaner was great. I purchased it after reading consumer reviews. However, after two weeks, the plastic switch that changes the vacuum from carpet to bare floor broke--this was fixed for free at the vacuum cleaner shop where I purchased the item. Now that I am no longer under warranty, the on/off switch does not work and neither does the self-propelled switch. An employee at the vacuum cleaner shop says that happens frequently because the switches are plasitc and it's between 40 and 50 dollars to get it fixed. I asked why the Hoover Wind Tunnel is rated so high and he said it's because the motor is good. Needless to say, I am looking to purchase a different brand of vacuum cleaner. ...more info
    • Good Vacuum For The Money
      This vacuum does an excellent job of getting a rug clean. It has a very strong suction power which makes vacuuming things like area rugs even with the attachment tools a challenge. One needs to have both feet on the area rug or another other type of small rugs to hold them down so that they don't actually get sucked into the vacuum! There are some design flaws in this vacuum. The hose is located in the back. Anytime it is used with the attachments, the vacuum has a tendency to tip over. The carrying handle is also in the back behind the hose and the cord, making it difficult to use. This vacuum is difficult to handle on the stair because it is big and heavy. There is a special tool to use on the stairs, which works very well, but the extra long hose (not included - extra purchase) is needed, if this vacuum is used on the stairs. The extra long cord is nice. We have two dogs and two kids and this vacuum does an excellent job of cleaning up after them....more info
    • Windtunnel Vacuum
      This is a very good vacuum cleaner! The "self-propelled" feature is awesome, and saves "back pain." The hand-powered hand tool is a little mini vacuum, and works great on stairs. Definitely this product is worth the price....more info
    • Hoover turboPower bagged U6436-900
      We were very much delighted to receive the Hoover and it was a replacement for a older self propelled Hoover that was still in good working order. Really liked the close to wall on both sides as well as the additional width of the area it covers since our home has quite a bit of area to cover and we do have a dog that is a house dog, (Oh his name is, Dee-O-Gee too!) The hepa filtration works great with very adequate power to do our cleaning needs. I am the man in our house & as we both love to play and travel, yes I do my share of the vacuuming too, even here in Kentucky. Loved the seller, service and shippment time all so much.

      Harold...more info
    • Hoover U6436-900 Turbo Self-Propelled
      I had a Hoover for twenty years prior to this purchase, which is why I decided to buy another. This model has great suction, so much so that scatter rugs are all but devoured and the smell of burning motor belts drifts through the air. Still, it does a good job. The small motorized attachment is just great for cat hair on furniture and window treatments.
      This unit is quite heavy, so the self-propelled feature is a must. It's too big to vacume under most furniture and the bed. The company I bought it from delivered the item in good shape and on time. They appear to stand behind their product, which is most appreciated by this on-line customer....more info
    • Can you say LOUD?
      After owning a Kirby for years but getting tired of how heavy it was dragging it up and downstairs we decided to try something lighter. This vacuum does clean well but holy cow it is loud. It's so loud it scares our dogs, birds, cat and my kids! It doesn't seem to matter if it's on carpeting or a wood floor. It's just loud and obnoxious. I just hate using it and won't buy another Hoover again. Get some ear plugs if you buy it....more info
    • Hoover U6436-900
      I have been a "Hoover" user for many years and totally rely on the credibility of the company. When my Hoover vacuum died after 20 years, I went to the department store, purchased the Hoover vacuum that met my needs, and once home learned I could barely move it. My mistake. After admitting I didn't have the capabilities I once had, I returned it to the store after one week and ordered this amazing Hoover U6436-900 vacuum from Amazon.com. It's so easy to propel, to carry and to empty the debris. I was embarrased to see how much soil remained in my carpets that I once thought were clean. I thought I had done my homework on line prior to the first purchase in the store, but once in hand, I learned I must have missed something. Researching again on line, I not only learned more about the vacuum, I learned that my trusty Amazon.com could be used for more than ordering books. I am one happy customer all around. Now if I could just train my new Hoover to clean while I'm reading, I'd be a happy old lady....more info
    • Unbelievable suction
      This is my second Hoover vacuum (same model). I recently purchased this unit because after 7 years the motor died. I took it to a repair shop who wanted to charge the same price to reapir it as the new one I bought on AMazon. The vacuum has super suction power. I absolutely love it. The hepa filter and bag system keeps all dust dirt trapped in the vacuum, not circulating through the air. I never had a vacuum with such power. The negative aspects of this vacuum are that it is heavy and the hose for the attachment tools is not "stretchy" enough. I sometimes knock over the vacuum. The best part is the self-propelled action. I would highly recommend this vacuum, it gets the carpets amazingly clean....more info
    • happy with purchase
      Very happy with this purchase. Haven't had any problems. Fast shipping.
      Overall good transaction.
      ...more info
    • Not good for bare floors
      Have had 2 great Hoovers in the past 7 years, but this one is terrible on wood floors. Does okay on carpet. The attachments are all convenient and easy to use.
      If you are buying to use on hard surfaces, I'd get something different. It won't even pick up a staple or grain of rice off the wood floor -- just not enough suction....more info
    • A great upright
      Wow! This is a great little vac. This was a housewarming gift for my daughter. When I saw the price, I just couldn't resist getting it for her new home. The best thing is...for this great low price...the vac is a HOOVER upright, has a nifty attachment for furniture, etc., and IT IS SELF-PROPELLED!!! Don't hesitate to get this one. While you're at it, check out the extended 20' hose attachment that you can buy too. It gives you the extension needed when using the tools, and you won't keep pulling the vacuum over....more info
    • Heavy . . . but "heavy" suction
      Although this vacuum cleaner is somewhat heavy to lift, it does a great job of cleaning, and the self-propel feature works well. So the only time the heavyness comes into play is when you need to lift it out of a cabinet or up stairs. No big problem!...more info
    • Good product
      So far we are quite pleased with our new Self Propelled Windtunnel Vacuum. It is our second one. We were pleased with the number of years the first one lasted, especially since we have always had dogs in the house and there is never a shortage of dog hair to be vacuumed....more info
    • Man's vacuum !
      This was the 2nd windtunnel I have owned (over the past 10 years). It has great power, and does a great job, I have 3 cats and 1 dog, oh, and 3 kids. I do all of the vacuuming in my house. Great power, and all the extra's. The only thing I see that is negitive about the vacuum, it's heavy and need a little extra muscle. My wife has used it, and that's her only complaint. I'm 6'1, 210 old jock, and it's not a problem, like a mild upper body workout ! I love it, and my sister has a Dyson, and it has half the power, and costs twice as much,what a great buy on Amazon !...more info
    • Just not the same
      I was in the market for a new vac & have had 2 of these with extreme delight in the past 16 years. This one came broken and much to my disappointment I will not get another one. The factory non-800 phone line would not send me another belt to fix the one I received(already broken). They only said send it back or take it 25 miles to the service center. I will be buying something else....more info
    • It is a beast! And doesn't work well, either.
      This thing weighs a ton and is NOT easy to carry up and down stairs even though it has a carry handle built into it.
      If it didn't have a self-propel feature, you wouldn't be able to push it!
      And it is very messy to empty the dirt cup. What's the point of all that hepa filtration if a cloud of dust escapes from the cup when emptying it?

      I was having mechanical problems with it after 3 years, so I bought a new vacuum recently, and found out that my new Bissell sucks up TONS more dirt than this one ever did. It made me realize that a heavier "smarter" vaccuum didn't mean it could do a better job.

      ...more info
    • Great Hoover vacuum
      This vacuum works great. It has good suction and cleans the carpet well. The attached hose could stand to be longer....more info
    • This is a GREAT vacuum
      This vacuum rocks! We have had it only for two days and it does a great job our apartment has never been cleaner. Two people plus two Alaskan Malamutes we have never been so clean.

      FYI all we have are wood floors and there are no missing pieces.

      The Powered Hand Turbine Tool is perfect for furniture - no dog hair!...more info
    • Damaged my hard wood floors
      I don't see that anybody else complained about this, but I think it's worth mentioning. I used it on my hard wood floors, on the correct setting... and it immediately chomped out two big chunks of hard wood flooring!! I basically screamed and picked it up as fast as I could. It was too late. I checked everything on it, and it seemed fine. It continued to work great on carpet, but I wasn't dumb enough to try it on the hardwood floors again. Maybe it was a random defect, but if you have nice hardwood floors, or like them without chunks missing I wouldn't take my chances with this one. The hand tool is a great idea, but hair and gunk gets wrapped around the spinners and it stops working. I tried cleaning it out, but it didn't seem to help. ...more info
    • Outstanding
      I am very happy with the Hoover Self-Propelled vacuum that I purchased. I had the same one before and it finally quit. I need a self-propelled vacuum since I have a lot of trouble wih my hand strength....more info
    • Windtunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum
      The vacuum has good power. It picks up things really well. It is great on dog-hair.

      Unfortunately we have had troubles with the belt coming off a few times. And I don't know why, but if we plug it into certain outlets we blow the circuit breaker. That didn't happen with our old vacuum.

      Overall we are satisfied....more info
    • You cannot go wrong with a Hoover Vaccum cleaner!
      In 47 years this is my 3rd Hoover Vacuum Cleaner. They are reliable, easy to use and exceed their description. The fact that it powers itself is only one of its good features. It's good in your back and your shoulders and it's so powerful that it leaves even old carpets looking as new. I read a few reviews where people didn't like this machine. To these people all have to say is: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Most probably the vacuum cleaner is not working to their expectations because they are doing something wrong. The first Hoover I had I purchased in the early 70's and is still working. The second one was purchased in the 80's, my maid broke it a couple of years ago. In spite of my warnings she was putting it away by lifting it the wrong way and it disangaged the power motor, braking it. Being so old it would have been too expensive to fix it. Hoovers are heavy vacuuns and you need that selfpower to make vacuuming easdier. It lasted over 20 years. I had purchased it to use it on the second floor of the house we had at that time, I had one on each floor. The first one, is still useable but showing its age, I gave to my mother after we moved to a one story home. I got it back after she die 10 years ago. That's the one I was using until I bought this one, my third one. I am very familiar with Hoovers and wouldn't even think of buying another brand. I also own a Hoover floor cleaner and I use it lot on my ceramic tile floors. This Hoover U6436-900 TurboPower Self Propelled Windtunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum is the best of the three I have had. There's a lot of new technology on it but Hoover's standards are still there. I strongly recomend it.
      Nancy in Florida...more info
    • Terrific Upright Vacuum
      We originally got this vacuum 3 years ago from a local hospital based asthma program my family was involved with. Upon completion of the program, each family received this vacuum, which at the time was selling for around $350. My daughter had/has allergies and fairly severe asthma issues. This vacuum was a life-saver! The suction is phenomenal, and the filters let very little, if any, allergens and dust back into the air. I can even vacuum while she is in the room without setting off her asthma! I have used this vacuum every single day.....usually more than once per day, since we got it, and it is just now starting to fall apart. The suction is still terrific, and it still cleans extremely well, but the handle no longer stays in the upright position (I broke the latch) and the extension tubes are cracked and broken (again, from my over-use and abuse). For the money, I truly feel that this is one of the best uprights on the market. The small beater head brush attachment is fairly pathetic, but that is really my only complaint. This vacuum has a super long cord, which is WONDERFUL, as I can do my entire first floor without having to move the plug. Over-all, I LOVE this vacuum, and have just ordered another to replace the first......so happy the price has come down!!...more info
    • Awful
      I am writing this review as I look to replace this awful vacuum cleaner.
      I bought this 1 1/2 years ago on the Consumer Reports recommendation. I was going to buy a dyson, but CR gave it a pretty average review, and gave this one a best buy. It was terrible from the get-go, and expensive, about $350, and I should have returned it right away. I had a Eureka that lasted for years before it finally gave out.
      The belts fall off at least once a month. The bag takes 8 months to fill....not a great testiment to its power. It's heavy, and plastic pieces have broken off of it, so that I can't wrap the cord in any meaningful way. Now the brush isn't spinning, and the vacuum is picking up nothing.
      I'm done trying to coddle this piece of junk, and can't wait to put it in the trash....more info
    • self-propelled Hoover Windtunnel
      This is my second Hoover self-propelled Windtunnel. I'm a senior citizen and like the self-propulsion. It makes vacuuming much easier....more info
    • Positively Awesome!!!
      I'm 67 and am disabled. One of my Dr.'s told me that the worst jobs on your back was making a bed and vacuuming. This vacuum is amazing. Self Propelled is the way to go. I did a room and can still stand up! Super Saver shipping time was fantastic. I am completely satisfied. Thank you Hoover for a vacuum I can handle. If it wears like my last Hoover I'll be happy....more info
    • Excellent Vaccum!
      We love this vaccum. We had a previous Selfpropelled windtunnel that lasted about 7 years. Awesome perfomance. Highly recommended. ...more info
    • Disappointing in the long run
      We have bought two Hoover Self-propelled Windtunnel vacuums in the past four years. The fact that we bought two attests to our overall satisfaction with the product. However, the second vacuum confirmed our experience with the first: they don't last very long.

      Over the course of three years, we had the first vacuum repaired four times. In each case it was because of wear and tear on the beater bar driving belt and the machinery that make the beater bar turn. I learned that I had to do regular maintenance on the beater bar to remove accumulated fibers wrapped around the bar. In the course of the maintenance, I discovered that the Hoover's internal construction is almost completely plastic. This is fine generally, but means that parts that experience a lot of friction (like where the beater bar and the body come together) degrade pretty quickly. Finally, the cost of repairs exceeded the cost of a new vacuum and we got a new one.

      Our experience with the second was even more disappointing than the first. We bought the second just a year ago for around $220 and already it is in the shop for a $90 repair. We are not going to buy another Hoover.

      A word to the wise: the carpet height adjustment is the key. If you have low or flat carpets, don't set the carpet height adjustment to "low". Set it to medium. I've been advised that the "low" setting is actually for hard floors. Setting the carpet height to "low" on a low carpet puts too much stress on the beater bar mechanism and will give the maintenance nightmares I've described above....more info
    • Great performance, but louder than most uprights
      I agree with most other reviews for this product; this vacuum is a top performer and is easy to push. The vacuum is a bit heavy and noisy, however. The consumer magazine that rated this vacuum highly noted it was quite noisy. It is certainly louder than my old Kennmore. The good news is that it does a much better job of cleaning than my old machine.

      I also noticed that the new version of this vacuum rated poorly for emissions due to a change in bag and/or filter. With the HEPA filter and high-quality bags, my model does just fine.
      I have used this vacuum for about a year now, and the belts are still in excellent condition.
      Make sure and use the "Carry Handle" on the back rather than the push/pull handle for lifting (up stairs, etc.). Putting heavy pressure on the push/pull handle will eventually cause problems with the self-propel mechanism (broken cable or idler arm, premature failure of main drive). I belive the owner's manual speaks to this fact, but who reads those things, anyway? Now, you have been warned. Mine took about 11 months to finally fail after toting it up and down stairs by using the handle.
      A nice feature of this vacuum is that the agitator automatically stops turning when the back is locked in the "up" position. Makes switching from vacuum to sweeper very fast and easy.

      All said and done, this is a quality product. Take care of it and it will serve you well. If you are sensitive about noise, however, there may be better choices....more info
    • Best Vacuum I've ever purchased
      To be honest, I've only used it once, but it was a breeze. My wife, on the other hand, raves about this vacuum. This is our third vacuum we've purchased in the last five years, and it's the first one we're happy with.

      Powerful enough to pick up all our pine needles from our Christmas tree, and the self-propelled feature is amazing, you really just walk around behind it. More like keeping up with the vacuum than pushing it.

      We liked the product so much that we bought a second one for my mother-in-law, and she hasn't stopped thanking us. She has two boxers, and it has no problem picking up all the dog hair and keeping her sane.

      The attachments are easy to use as well, and still provide enough suction with the detachable hose to easily clean between cushions on the couch or behind the television.

      Buy with confidence, this is a great vacuum....more info
    • great cleaner
      Picks up dog hair very well, the hand power tool works well on throw rugs as there is too much suction when using the vacuum itself. The only problem is the short extension hose, it really should come with another longer extension hose. We really do like the lighter weight of this one as apposed to to the heavy older Hoover we had. Love the self-propelled feature. Like the way it fits under furniture and like the on board tools....more info
    • Hoover
      I LOVE this vaccum BUT I guess I received a Lemon this time. Or maybe the fire that was comming out of it was a new item that I didn't know about lol. Now if Amzon will just give me credit I will be a happy person....more info
    • Best Vacuum I Have EVER Owned
      ...And I've owned at LEAST ten in my lifetime. My last vacuum was also a Hoover and it did a pretty decent job but it was moving on six or seven years old and I noticed it was not doing as good of a job as it used to do. So, having read in CR about the TurboPower Self-Propelled Bagged (IVE HAD BAGLESS...THEY SUCK...and I don't mean in the GOOD way they're supposed to suck)... I bought this 7600. Now, in the interim, we got a yellow lab puppy. I got the puppy last Christmas, and then we purchased the 7600 this past June, just at the same time the pup started MAJOR spring shedding . You cannot believe how this vacuum sucked up EVERYTHING. I took one pass in the house when I first got the vacuum, with an empty bag, and when I was finished with ONE ROOM the bag was half full of hair, dust, and dirt. I emptied the bag four times before I finished the entire house. The next time I vacuumed, maybe ten days later, the same thing again, maybe I emptied it twice. I can remember with the old one that I changed the bag every three or four WEEKS.

      You cannot go wrong with this vacuum. It's not that heavy (although I personally believe a heavy vac is a better vac); it does the job beyond belief, your carpets spell good, and its QUIET for an upright.

      ...more info
    • Just As Good As Ever
      I recently bought the Hoover Windtunnel U6436-900 (TurboPower 7600) to replace my old Hoover Windtunnel U6445-920 (Mach 6.9) which was "giving up the ghost" after 6 years of flawless service. I could have had the old vacuum fixed for less than half of what the new one cost, but I decided to turn back the clock and invest in a new vacuum.

      The new U6436 is almost exactly the same as my old Hoover except that it stores tools on the back of the vacuum and now has room up front for the power attachment. Hoover Windtunnel is definitely as loud as ever too. That's because it's actually doing something. It's amazing how much suction these vacuums have when the bag is empty. By the time the bag is full, I estimate that suction decreases by 25%...which is still more than adequate by the way.

      I compared the U6436 side-by-side with the Eureka TheBoss 4870GZ that my inlaws have. The Hoover beats the Eureka pretty solidly in power and ease of push thanks to the self propel feature. It really glides along like it is on iceskates or something...almost effortless. Since the Hoover costs 33% more, this is to be expected. The Eureka is quieter, and that's about it.

      The product manual that came with the U6436 indicates that it has a 2 year warranty. I've seen conflicting reports on this on various other sites, but it is definitely 2 years...

      A famous consumer magazine ranks this vacuum near the top, and I agree. I have owned Hoover Windtunnel for quite awhile now, and they are reliable and do a great job. The bags are cheap too, usually around $7-$8 for 3 of them.

      In short, I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
    • Excellent
      Hey All I tried the new Baggless Hoover self propelled and It went right back to the store. This one is the best! I have two labs and it picks up all their hair, I couldnt ask for more!!!
      Th carpet pile just lifted up and lookes brand new:) So go for it, it is surely worth the money. Oh and it glides on the lowest setting as if it is on ice:)...more info
    • Great Sucking Power
      It was good to see Hoover finally use the same hose for both the main vacuum and the attachments. Powerful, easy to use. Our other Hoover was great when using the main vacuum, but had little sucking power when the attachments were used. A GREAT improvement. We are HAPPY with it!...more info