IQAir AM GC Air Cleaner Post-Filter Sleeves

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IQAir has a 40-years' experience and technological capability providing the highest caliber solutions. IQAir supplies professional grade products for medical & commercial sectors, homes and offices, applying the same principles for all customers.

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  • Covers up to 900 sq. ft. The IQAir model AM GC is an advanced air cleaning device for control of ammonia, amines, ammonia-based odors and particulates. Other GC models specialize in controlling other contaminants.
  • IQAir's guarantee is simple: they guarantee that every HealthPro captures and retains at least 99.97% of all particles equal to or larger than 0.3 microns and at least 99% of all particles smaller than 0.3 microns.
  • Each unit certified at the factory. Most powerful fan in its class. Advanced gas & odor removal. Remote control. Six fan speeds. Integrated timer. Ultra quiet design. Low energy consumption. Made in Switzerland. Elegant and stylish European design.
  • 5-year warranty. Filter Life: Pre-Filter 6-18 months (filter life is dependant on the operating environment)

 Customer Reviews:

  • 'Off-gassing' never dissipated...
    Unfortunately, after using our IQ Air GC MultiGas for several weeks, we had to return it to the store, because we could not withstand the constant 'off-gassing' smell. (It did not dissipate as much as they claimed it would.) I can handle most odors and smells. But this odor gave both me and my daughter headaches, made our eyes sting, and our lungs burn. (I noted though, that it did not bother the rest of our family.) When I called the IQ Air company, (they have excellent product support,) they told me that it was the normal smell that all HEPA filters have. However, my Austin-air never had such an odor problem, and it is also an HEPA filter. When I researched it further, I discovered that their gas phase filter media uses Potassium Permanganate, which according to its MSDS sheet, is a highly volatile substance that is known to irritate the lungs. Potassium permanganate also produces manganese, a metal which has other negative health problems associated with it, especially with long-term use. As this potassium permanganate is said to have no smell, I can only guess that this is what may have triggered our problems. (As a side note, I would also caution its use in a place where large volumes of hydrogen peroxide is used, as this substance is known to react with the potassium permanganate -according to it's MSDS.)

    When we ran it for several hours before using the room, (and left it off for about fifteen minutes before using the room,) IT WORKED EXCEPTIONALLY WELL AT REMOVING GASEOUS OR PARTICULATE MATTER in the air. (Our county has one of the worst air quality ratings in the nation, and we live by a place that works with radioactive/toxic substances, so we wanted something that could remove tough pollutants.) It was able to handle our larger 2-room area without a problem, even with our extra high vaulted ceiling. We would have kept it for these reasons alone, but we really needed a filter that we could use all the time, even when we are in the room.

    The filters were easy to assemble and/or replace. I would caution that you assemble the charcoal/permanganate canisters outside, or at least have a window open, and insert them into the IQ Air, using a protective sheet of some kind underneath it all, as no matter how careful you are, it tends to get black dust (that is hard to remove,) on anything it touches. (You also might want to use a dust mask of some kind, so you don't breathe in this dust.)

    It could be set to six different settings, the first one could barely be heard at all, and the last one we found difficult to talk over, if we were standing right next to it. It managed to filter the air incredibly fast, even on the lowest setting.

    Be aware that its depth is about fifteen inches squared, and it is as high as the average table. (36" high.) They state that the unit MUST have AT LEAST one foot clearance all the way around it, which limited the number of places where we could use it. The air intake is at the very bottom of the unit, (where the arch is,) which means that if you place it on a carpet, your carpet could act like a partial pre-filter and become soiled over time. We placed a three foot square chair mat underneath it to avoid this problem.

    The IQ Air company stands by its product 100%; they authorized our return without argument and refunded ALL of our money.

    Bottom line, if you can handle the odd 'medicinal' odor of their HEPA filters, then this air purifier is worth the cost. ...more info
  • It's the best value despise the high price.
    Although I don't have chemical sensitivity problem, I am very sensitive to certain smells. Certain food like becon smell drives me crazy to the point I can't sleep. I've tried everything. I had five cans of air fresheners around the 928 sq.ft. apartment on top of the two heated scent oils. I had two TrueAir units in the kitchen that I ran 24/7. These just didn't work for me. After an exhausive research on air cleaners and filtrations, I finally gritted my teeth and bought this expensive IQAir because it had 12 lbs of activated carbon filter.

    As soon as we got it, We tested the thing out right away by cooking spicy Italian suasage for dinner. We dragged the unit into the kitchen and let it run at the highest fan speed for a few hours. By the time we went to bed, the smell was gone. It used to take a few days with two TrueAirs to get rid of the smells. We dragged the thing back to the bedroom and let it run at the lowest setting the whole night to test out the HEPA pre-filter. The next morning my husband woke up without a stuffy nose.

    - It works exactly as advertised.

    - It kills odors completely. If you have a very sensitive nose, you'll know what it means.

    - HEPA pre-filter. Allergy anyone?

    - The fan is very quiet. The lowest two settings is hardly noticable. Even at the highest setting, the fan hums rather than blasts.

    - It is programmable. We can set it to run a few hours before we get home from work. That helps prolong the filter life. You can program the dust load, fine dust load, and gas load and it automatically calculate the filters' lives for you. So, if you live in a less dusty area, your filters last longer. It'll tell you exactly when to change the filters.

    - It is a solid machine. No flimsy parts.

    - It covers 900 sq.ft. One unit is enough to cover an entire apartment.

    - The caster wheels work fine on a hard surface floor. They don't move effectively on carpetted floor. I found it easier to half lift, half drag the unit between the kitchen and the bedroom. Because the heavy carbon filters are on the top part of the unit, this thing is top-heavy. When you drag it and the wheels got stuck, it tends to tip over.

    An update on the caster wheels: One of the wheels finally broke off from being dragged while it got stuck in the carpet. I emailed the customer support and a set of replacement wheels arrived in a week. I only needed one, but they sent me a set of 4 free of charge.

    - The assembly instruction sucks. It doesn't show you how to put the carbon filters together. You pretty much have to guess what goes where. Don't wear light clothes when you assemble the carbon filters. I got carbon dust all over me. Since the carbon powder is very fine, some of it got loose during shipping. Imagine a bag of flour on the supermarket shelf. Except it's black.

    - When you unpack the carbon filters, be sure to wipe them really good with damp paper towel. Do not use a cloth towel unless you plan to throw the towel away. Of course, the instruction doesn't tell you this. (It doesn't tell you anything, actually.) I figured that out on the second filter.

    - Neither one of us has chemical sensitivity so we can't test that feature. However, I notice that the Clorox smell doesn't linger on for half a day the day I do laundry like it did before....more info