Clarissa Explains It All - Season One
Clarissa Explains It All - Season One

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CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL focuses on the life of teenage Clarissa and her family, consisting of her annoying know-it-all younger brother, Ferguson, her eccentric health-conscious mother, Janet and her architect father, Marshall.

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't Wait.
    I loved this show on Nick; I can't wait for this to be on DVD an hoping for more classic Nick shows on DVD....more info
  • The Best Nickelodeon Classic Shows Ever!!!!
    I love Clarissa Explains It All it was one of my favote Nickelodeon shows growing up.This show was wholesome & entertaining for childern of all ages & espeically teens.They should have the other Nickelodeon Tv Classics on DVD is Alex Mack & Are You Afriad Of The Dark.And I love Melissa Joan Hart that she did a great job playing Clarissa.Thanks for having Clarissa on DVD.I HAVE TO GET IT!!!!...more info
  • Thank You God!
    Just the mere fact that Nick is releasing these classic shows makes me HAPPY! What would make me happier *hint hint to those at Paramount* is if Roundhouse, the Saturday Night Live for kids-teens, was released. I LOVED both of these shows, (and others such as Wild N Crazy Kids) and I was majorly disappointed when they cancelled each and every one of my favorite shows (or changed them beyond recognition ex:All That) and replaced them with shows that, I felt, were stupid. Please bring back the classics on DVD or at least start airing them on TV for a whole new generation to enjoy (doing both of the above would be even better)!...more info
  • very happy
    I was very pleased with this product and the seller. the dvds are in great condition and they were delivered very quickly. They are very nostalgic for me, definitely an 80's sit-com, but very cute. I would definitely buy from this seller again

    ...more info
  • Saturday Night Nick on DVD? The more the merrier.
    To all you young people,

    I watched this show as an adult under unusual cicumstances (don't ask). It was very good for something on cable in those days. The artistic style is totally a 1980's hangover, but the show moved quickly and was funny. The proving ground for Sabrina. I believe this DVD release is an experiment to see if this will sell on word of Internet alone. If you liked the old Nickelodeon shows and want to see more, put your money where your mouse is. If they release season two, don't be surprized if there's a Roman Meal commercial from 1981. Like I wrote, I was an Adult at the time....more info
  • Na Na NaNaNa Na
    All I have to say it's about time! This show was my first love (well besides You Can't Do That On Television) I grew up on the old school days of Nickelodeon.

    This is a great start to a wonderful Nick collection! This includes two disks and includes episodes: Clarissa's Revenge, School Picture, No T.V., Urge To Drive, Clarissa News Network, Haunted House, The Bully, New Addition, Brain Drain, Clarissa Makes A Cake, Parent's Who Say No, Cool Dad, & Sick Days.

    The only reason for 4 stars is I was *extremely* disappointed they didn't have the original credits in the early seasons. The one where she gets out of bed etc. Not to mention the small extra's such as: Melissa Joan Hart on MTV Cribs, & Nick Time Capsule (1991-1993). I hope in the following seasons we see more such as bloopers, interviews, and maybe some commentary or behind the scene's or information on the actors etc.

    However, this show is a timeless classic. I've always wanted to have a room, and dress like Clarissa when I was younger and in my teen years. The show has everything: A nice loving family - classy and fun Janet (Elizabeth Hess) and architect Marshall (Joe O'Connor) as Clarissa's loving parents. Ferguson (Jason Zimbler) is Clarissa's annoying and genius little brother. Not to mention Sam (Sean O'Neal), Clarissa's best friend and neighbor.

    The show has everything a teen and young girls can relate to. It's light hearted and has some fun educational messages. The chemistry of the cast is wonderful and they all help balance each other out. This is great for either the young adults or the entire family to enjoy.

    And most assuredly a favorite classic Nickelodeon show!...more info
  • Great Blast from the Past
    I remember enjoying this show back in the day but I had forgotten that it is actually a well written and acted show that provides a good laugh. I really was pleased to watch this again years later and still enjoy it quite a bit....more info
  • My Favorite Show
    All I can say is just Wow!!! This used to be my favorite show. I see that many old shows are being repeated all over the cable e.g. full house, boy meets world, but the Nick shows are not being repeated. I could only find 4 episodes on videocasttes, which was good, but I wanted the entire show. I actually tried to find people who may have recorded it and were willing to send me a copy over message boards. But anyway, now I at least have the first season. I hope Nick releases the rest of the three seasons....more info
  • Good to look back
    was ecstatic that this show is available in dvd as it was my favorite when i was younger. and only in amazon! i hope they have the rest of the seasons available as well....more info
  • There Is A God
    Current and future releases from this new Rewind Collection that Nickelodeon is releasing deserves its own locked and lighted display case that will stand about 10 feet tall in the rooms of many people who just can't grow up (just like me) and can't let Classic Nickelodeon go.

    I encourage everybody that ever watched and loved these shows to buy them as soon as they are released because if they sell well, (according to Nickelodeon is going to release other shows (beginning with Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Salute Your Shorts and You Can't Do That On Television). Other future releases I'm personally hoping for will be Welcome Freshmen, Hey Dude, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, All That (the original cast), Kenan & Kel, well, you Get The Picture (that show too!)

    To put it simply, I would personally spend all of my life savings and risk not being able to go to work for a month because I have no gas from the money I spent on every show that ever aired on Nickelodeon (up to Figure It Out), after that, nothing does it for me.

    Yep, Clarissa's coming to DVD. So, let's all wait until May 17th (which is now 2 very long months away) for this beautiful piece of angel exalted glory to be released.

    And so, we wait......more info
  • Great memories!
    I'm watching it as I type this and thoroughly enjoying myself. I watched this show growing up and I am tickled to see it again. I really wish they'd release all the seasons! I guess I should just be grateful that season 1 made it onto DVD. If you watched this show and loved it then, definitely get it because it's such a treat to watch it again....more info
  • Clarrisa Explains It All Dvd Season One
    Fun collection of episodes from one of Nickelodeon's best shows. Melissa Joan Hart did an excellent job portraying Clarissa. The show had a wit and irony about it that I loved. Also loved the way Clarissa dressed, her unique fashion sense and how she dealt with all the problems she had as a teenager in a funny way that gave advice at the same time. Theres 2 disks in this set-
    Disc One Season One
    1.Clarissa's Revenge- Ferguson brings Clarissa's training bra to school. Clarissa plots to get revenge with Sam's help.
    2.School Picture- Clarissa wants to express herself and her individuality but her mother wants her to dress more conservative or ( dweeby) for picture day.
    3.No TV- Mother Janet makes a( no tv for the week ) rule. Rest of family stoops to desperate measures to catch a glimpse of their favorite TV show.
    4.Urge To Drive- To earn money to buy a used car clarrisa takes to selling Christmas Cards in July.
    5.Clarissa network news- Clarissa wants to be the next Jane Pauley. Mom is having a life crisis.
    6.Haunted House- Clarissa's aunt is visiting and she pretends the house is haunted hoping her aunt will leave early. Turns out Aunt is a fan of the supernatural.
    7.The Bully- Ferguson is being nice and has Clarissa very concerned.

    Disc Two
    1.New Edition- Clarissas parents want to have another baby. Ferguson and Clarissa hatch a plot to convince their parents it would be a bad idea.
    2.Brain Drain- Ferguson scores high on an IQ test and convinces himself he's a genius. Now hes out to conquer the game show world!
    3.Clarissa makes a cake- Clarissa and Sam set out to bake a cake for the parents anniversery. Watch Out!
    4.Parents who say No- Clarissa wants to get a job at the local carnival but mom and dad think she is not mature enough yet. When they finally give in, Clarissa wishes they hadn't!
    5.Cool Dad- Clarissa teaches dad how to be ( hip ) for her school's career night.
    6.Sick Days- Clarissa dosent want to be in the boring school pageant so she fakes being sick. But when the pageant gets revamped she wants in. Too late, now that she's really ill.

    Also contains Special Features of Melissa John Hart on MTV Show Cribs. A Nick Time Capsule. 1991-1993. Full screen format/ Dolby Digital.

    Overall cool collection of episodes. Highly Recomended.
    I also recomended Pete & Pete Season One....more info
  • Excellent set, with a few surprises.
    Needless to say, this was a smart show for kids back in the good days of Nickelodeon when they had more live-action shows before Nicktoons took over. All 13 original episodes are present and in great quality.

    Now for the surprises. When this set first came out a few weeks ago, we all assumed that the original opening sequence was still not intact, based on a quick preview of the DVDs. But then once you watch everything more closely, you'll find that the last episode on the set ("Sick Days") has the ORIGINAL opening intact! Nickelodeon deleted this sequence in around 1993 and replaced it with the one we all know where she repeatedly attempts to write her name on the screen. It was never seen again until now when they released the show on DVD. It might have been unintentional, but we can call this as somewhat of an "easter egg."

    Another surprise is that Nickelodeon included a handful of their early 1990s Nick ID promo shorts (those 10 second clips they used to play before a show would start). Amazing Nickelodeon thought of that idea. With these surprises and releasing the "Nick Rewind" line of DVDs, there may be hope for more! Lets all get together in a circle, hold hands, bend our heads and close our eyes, and pray for future releases of Nick classics like You Can't Do That on Television, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark, etc....more info
  • Ruined by MTV Cribs
    "Clarissa Explains it All" is one of the bright spots in my memory of television past. It somehow matched the youthful innocence of "Leave It To Beaver" or "The Brady Bunch" in a contemporary form that did not seem like it could ever appear dated or a worthy object of mocking laughter, like Beaver and The Bunch are today.

    Watching it again years later, the episodes stand up very well. I had great fun watching them. The only thing that really "dates" them are the cheesy computer graphics, but the show is still as charming and hilarious as it ever was. Ferg-breath was still really, really annoying, and it was a special treat to see Marshall rap and dance--something I'd missed the first time around on Nickelodeon.

    Unfortunately, the special features caused me to crash and burn during this trip down memory lane, for me at least. The MTV Cribs feature had no place in this series, in my opinion, because Clarissa is a character that developed over 5 seasons, and she is not the same thing as Melissa Joan Hart. Watching a much older Hart prance around her mansion, showing a penchant for Hollywood excess, parties and booze (she mentions her love of gin enough times to warrant an AA meeting or two), completely ruined the charm of Clarissa's character for me. No matter how hard I try to keep them separate, I just couldn't forget that this dull Hollywood brat was the same person who once brought a brilliant, clever and genuinely interesting girl named Clarissa to life. If the woman who created Clarissa could not even retain some of her character's finer qualities, how am I as a viewer supposed to retain my appreciation for Clarissa Explains It All? Was it all just a way for Hart to purchase a mansion and party her way to oblivion? I thought Clarissa stood for something much more, and better than that.

    The DVD also forces four previews on the viewer, which couldn't be more annoying. I didn't purchase advertisements; I purchased a collection of television episodes.

    If you liked "Clarissa Explains It All", you will love this DVD, obviously. If you do buy it, beware of the cribs feature, however, if you have any interest in maintaining the legend of Clarissa in your memory. There's nothing worse than spending time with a pleasant memory of a good friend from your youth, only to have all those great feelings destroyed by the reality of who that person really was.

    5 stars for the episodes. 0 stars for the DVD because of the forced previews and MTV Cribs feature....more info
  • Finally!!! :)
    Yay, Nickelodeon is finally bending to my whim!! Having grown up in the 90's, I think I saw every episode of Clarissa ever made more than once. I love all the Nickelodeon shows of that time and I am so glad that they are not going to be lost in oblivion. I know I sound like a dork, but I will be totally reliving my childhood, which is what every wavering college student needs to do every once and a while :)...more info
  • Wish I could give this TEN stars!!
    It is so awesome that Nickelodeon is launching this DVD series. I think it will be a great way to satisfy the classic Nick lovers such as myself.

    This is an awesome set. It's so great to be able to see Clarissa Explains It All again and what makes it even better is that I can watch the episodes whenever I want. this is highly recommended for every Clarissa fan.

    And for the reviewer who asked about the Nick Time Capsule, it's an awesome collection of old Nickelodeon promos that aired between the years 1991 and 1993. There's nine of them all together on this one. I hope there will be more Time Capsules on future releases. I'm especially hoping if they release "You Can't Do That On Television" that they'll include a Time Capsule that has some promos from Nick's "silver ball" logo days from the early 80's. I'd also love to see those classic mid to late 80's promos as well.

    Keep 'em comin,' Nickelodeon!...more info
  • Here It Is
    On Saturday nights in the '90s, I was about 7-10. For these three years that stick out in my memory, I used to watch SNICKelodeon, with All That! Are You Afraid of The Dark? and many more classics! The weekday was just as great. We had Alex Mack, Allen Strange, and, of course, Clarissa! I only faintly remember this show, but I remember it was something great! I hope to buy more classics in this NICKELODEON REWIND collection, and hope Nick doesn't screw it up like they have their network! If $30(With S/H) is too high, try eBay. Presale auctions are still going on, and there's always a chance Amazon goes out of stock, making you wait longer for this....more info
  • A good start..........
    To a great series of classic Nick shows. It's very exciting news for people who grew up and loved nick in it's best years.
    Lets just hope that they get to Are you Afraid of the Dark, Alex Mack, All That, and Rocko's Modern Life(My favorite show of all time!!!)
    The episodes were okay, but I have to give credit because it is the shows first season and it gets better.
    I loved the Nick time capsule. I totally remembered most of them(the disco dogs is one)
    So yeah, great episodes and great quality.Nickelodeon, keep them coming!!!
    Can't wait to buy Pete and Pete!!!...more info
  • We want More Seasons!
    Bring us all the seasons! This show is good and I want to see more. My sister liked this show and so do I. I just want more of it!
    ...more info
  • A Great way to go down memory lane!
    As many have commented before me, I was a huge Clarissa fan. I wanted her cool room, her cool parents, and her bravado to do as she wanted fashion wise. I just wanted to be just like her.

    So when I found out that this was coming out on dvd, I can't wait to own future collections of Nick Rewind series.

    The package is pretty good. I only own one other t.v show by season (Punky) so i'm not sure if the packaging is standard. Two dvd's in two seperate cases in a less then sturdy box. But hey, you shouldn't just be buying this for the case.. right?

    The presentation was great quality, surprisingly. I did not like the forced preview's and tried to get to the main menu, but alas you have to sit though them if you want to get to the episodes. The real gem (aside from the episodes themselves) was the time capsule. I sat my siblings down and made them watch them actually and they couldnt believe that they could remember them.
    The MTV cribs was out of place, as someone has said before me. I dont know why they thought we would want to see Melissa Joan Hart go on about her love of Gin and Shirley Temple. It's far removed from Clarissa herself and thus.. not exactly meant to be in this collection.

    I'm glad I made this purchase definetly. Please go ahead and order it. The more popular the better chance of future collections!...more info
  • brings back memories
    if only they would release the other seasons! this is such a great dvd set for the classic nick generation!...more info
  • My favorite show of all time
    I loved this show starring the best actress ever "Clarista Flockheart". She really does explain it all. Her brother is a lot like that one guy from Love and Marriage "Bud". The acting in these short films is suppperb. The critics that were hard on these films were just jealous that they didn't come up with this ingenius idea. I'm surprised Clarista never went on to making anything better than that Bewitched show on TGIF with all the talking cats. It was a trip, but not as revolutionary as these fine films....more info
  • YES!! About TIME!!
    I was SOOO excited to see they had started to bring shows like this and Pete and Pete to DVD. I would give ANYTHING for shows like Hey Dude, Salute your Shorts, Rockos Modern Life, the Old Doug! Originals! Man, I miss my younger days =(...more info
  • quick review to add 5 stars
    i love clarissa explains it all! it is a hillarious teenager t.v. show! i think anyone would love it! melissa j. hart is a good actress in this....more info
  • good show
    I loved this show growing up. It's nice to be able to unwind while watching a show to remind you of being younger...I hope they come out with the rest of the series on dvd. She is my generation's Lizzie McGuire (which, I admit I watched and liked). She dresses quirky, but she has the self esteem to not care what other people like.

    Upon viewing this season, I noticed Clarissa's family had 4 different chairs at their kitchen table! I thought it started with Friends......more info
  • No Way, No Season Two?!
    I will sleep on the sidewalk in front of Nickelodeon studios. I would give anything, ANYTHING, to have Clarissa back! It's not fair to bring out one season of a show, remind me how much I loved it, and then not follow up. Ridiculous.
    So, anyway, sometimes you look back at childhood shows and you think, man. That was really lame. (I think that whenever I revisit Saved By the Bell. I love it, but it's lame.) Clarissa though, is super wonderful and totally stands the test of time. And I'm so in love with Melissa Joan Hart again!...more info
  • Paramount Does Good With Nickelodean Classic!!!
    Forget everything that you've seen on Nickelodean in the last six or seven years, and take a remarkable journey into what Nick used to be: a classic sitcom. Memories stand in my mind of a happier time, when "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" was still showing new episodes and Lori Beth was still hitting the cocunts and giving us Vital Information on "All That." And somewhere in this brain of mine, I remember "Clarissa." A show about nothing that became a something in short time. This first season introduces us to the Darling family and, like most first season's, it starts off rocky but smoothes on through the next few years. Now, I can say "Clarissa" was not my all time favorite show, but the reason I am excited about this set is because it shows what might be in the not-so-distant future. However, on the whole, I think Paramount (our new-found leader in this TV-On-DVD obsessed world) has presented a great set that is easy to use and presents everything in a nice, orderly fashion. The mini-cases, which are now customary in these DVD sets, show descriptions for the episodes and features, and while the menus may be devoid of motion or special effects, they present to us the DVD's contents in a way that makes it easy to use. All in all, this set is a box of anticipation for what
    Paramount's <-Rewind Collection my be sending our way in the future. ...more info
  • Great! You got to buy this1!!! Clarissa is the best!
    Clarissa Explains It All is a great show! I love the dvd! It has her on cribs while she was filming/doing or after Sabrina! Her house looks great! And she has a huge pool w/ waterfall! She loves art! The picture quilty is awsome contrary to what others has reported! It has 13 eps from the 1st season! She looks sooo young lol I was sooo excited when i saw these in the mail yesterday! This a 2 disc dvd set! disc 2 has a picture of clarissa and freg on it. disc 1 has a picture of clarissa laying on her bed. rated g by canadian home video. Also it has the Nick Time capsle on disc 2! It is sooo great! It has about 10 old nickelodeon ads/shorts with the nick logo at the end. Please go out and buy this dvd! Its 18.00 in most online and real stores! Thats i way better price then i got lol i paid 25. So u can say u got it cheap/on sale and its a great show with great extras!!! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT lol...more info
  • Good to look back
    was ecstatic that this show is available in dvd as it was my favorite when i was younger. and only in amazon! i hope they have the rest of the seasons available as well....more info
  • Classic Nick shows coming to DVD!!!
    As a teen in the 90's I loved loved loved Nick shows. This show, Pete and Pete, and Roundhouse are some of my all time favorite shows. They need to release all the classic nick shows from the 90's so they can be enjoyed again. I am buying this and PeteX2 as soon as they come out....more info


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