Friedrich XQ08L10 8,000 BTU X-Star Room Air Conditioner with Programmable Cooling

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  • Choose A Different Friedrich!
    I own four different Friedrich air conditioners and all of them have, and continue to, serve me well. I just recently purchased the XQ08L10 X Star and I am not at all happy with it. Although properly sized for the space it is in, this air conditioner struggles to cool a room. This air conditioner, even at the high speed setting, does not circulate or handle, large amounts of air. This air conditioner when first turned on, takes three attempts before the compressor kicks in. Subsequent thermostat cycles are subject to three attempts to get the compressor to kick in. Each time the compressor is asked to come on, the room lights dim till the compressor cuts out. This happens three times, every time, before the compressor will kick in. I own and recommend Friedrich products but this model is not one of them!Stay away from this overpriced poor excuse of an air conditioner!...more info