Friedrich US12B30A Uni-fit Wall Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Thru-the-wall cooling and heating units are ideal in situations when units must be installed flush with an exterior wall. These units are installed thru-the-wall and can be mounted flush with the exterior wall to avoid any unsightly protrusions. Friedrich's new Uni-Fit has been designed to easily replace older, less efficient thru-the-wall models. The universal chassis installs in many competitive sleeves with included accessories. Chassis and sleeves are even sold and shipped separately to accommodate both new construction and replacement situations. The Uni-Fit is quiet and energy efficient with EERs up to 10.0. Thru-the-Wall air conditioners mount flush with exterior wall for a sleek appearance, as well as unobstructed window views. Thru-the-wall units may be installed higher or lower on a wall for optimal placement, and can handle thick walls installations where side fins must be avoided.

Customer Reviews:
    Either i have purchased a lemon or this model is entirely too noisey.
    I have 500+ square ft. and this model has the recommended btu output (11700), however this still does not place the unit far enough away so as not to be a noisey industrial like disturbance....more info