AccuFitness AccuMeasure FatTrack Gold Body Fat Caliper. Fat Track Gold Digital Body Fat Caliper New (Inclues Myotape)

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Product Description

Product Description The FatTrack GOLD is a new configuration of the successful FatTrack II, with a MyoTape Body Tape Measure added for extra measurement capability. The FatTrack GOLD Digital Body Fat Caliper with MyoTape enables a user to measure (AND TRACK) body fat % by oneself - easily and accurately. Recommended by Men's Journal, Muscular Development, Oxygen, Physical, Shape, Ironman, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Max Sports & Fitness, American Health and Fitness, IDEA Personal Trainer, and Natural Muscle magazines. Also recommended by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, the FatTrack II meets the stringent requirements of weightlifters, bodybuilders, and powerlifters. Whether you are in the Body-for-LIFE challenge, a competitive lifter, personal trainer, or just trying to monitor your body fat to maintain great health, the FatTrack II gives you the do-it-yourself ease and accuracy expected from expensive medical devices. Each FatTrack GOLD product includes: A FatTrack II Digital Skinfold Caliper, Myotape Body Tape Measure, user manual with instructions, FREE copy of "Improve Your Measuring Skill," with practical pointers for getting the best measurement readings and valuable information on ideal weight and muscle.

  • With User Guide and Tips for Obtaining the Most Accurate Body Fat Measurements!
  • Measure your Body Fat Percentage: by yourself, in seconds and with superior clinical accuracy.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not a bad deal
    The digital caliper is nice but you can collect the same data in the same amount of time with a manual caliper and chart. The Myotape is convenient for doing your own accurate measurements. ...more info
  • Only thing usable was the tape
    The measuring tape was great. The caliper itself is not user friendly, you need a second person to help out, and each time I pinch my skin I get a different reading, better off using one of the electrical scales, might not be accurate but better than this torture....more info
  • Worked great, but then it broke
    Worked great, seemed really awesome but then it started blinking and making crazy noises and I would have to take out the battery just to make it stop. Now I'm on Amazon looking to buy another one.. grumble, grumble...more info
  • Myotape and Caliper
    This is a great way to keep track of your weight loss. The myotape gives you the exact measurements, very good! ...more info
  • Who's Fat?
    A little hard to take consistent readings but that's probably b/c it's hard to pinch the fat the right way. With practice though it gets easier. Key is consistency with the how/where you take the readings. Well worth the cost....more info
  • It may have been good if it arrived
    I never had the pleasure to use this device since it never arrived and the vendor made little effort to send me a new one. It arrived at a different location, in a different state, but the seller refused to send me another and made me file a claim for refund through Amazon which was very annoying....more info
  • Works, but not consistently
    I am not experienced at using body fat calipers, so I am having trouble getting consistent results. I got 17% and 21% in two different measurements back to back. ...more info
  • Cheap and effective
    This was the cheapest body fat caliper measuring system I could find. It seems to be accurate and is easy to use. I feel I get much better results than the body fat measuring scale I was using....more info
  • Not a Bad Gadget
    This probably isn't as good as the high-end body fat measurement devices, but for the price, it's pretty good. You kind of have to practice with it a few times to get consistent measurements, and the tricep measurement can be tricky if you're doing it yourself (I hold my arm up so the fat/skin is easier to reach), but all in all the total body fat is really close to my trainer's measurements, and he uses one of those expensive calipers. It also holds data for up to 3 people....more info
  • It does what it is supposed to.
    I like this product a lot. The only real problem I have had is that the measurements can vary greatly each time unless you are very careful. The measurements goes off of the amount of pressured applied and when it reaches the right pressure before you set the caliper you could get false result.

    The measuring tape is awesome, it makes measuring arms, legs and waists a snap. I use this more than the caliper....more info
  • Cheap Price, Cheap Performance
    Before I begin this review I have to get this out there, this is my first body fat measuring unit I have used and It is possible that I'm not utilizing it the correct way. That being said, I read the manual and pamphlet that came with the unit over and over again and looked up as much information as I could online to find out how to get a consistent and accurate reading. So far I have used a ruler to measure from the same spot as much as possible and my readings still can vary 10% give or take. I feel like my readings fluctuate less the more I use it, but I don't really think they're all that accurate, just more of a point of reference. I guess you could say that I feel like I "got what I paid for" from this thing. I don't see many other appealing alternatives out there in this price range, so maybe this is the best you can get for $30. Be prepared to be frustrated in the begin using this thing, because you have to figure out how hard to squeeze the caliper and when to push the button that takes the measurement, this can be tricky. The measuring tape included with the unit is very useful however....more info
  • Good for a few times of use
    Very Cheaply built product, I actually bought two and now I don't have neither of them because they brook after a few times of use and were thrown away....more info


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